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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 22, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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♪ welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories we are following for you. [ bells chiming ] >> a nation remembers the life and times of john fritz gerald kennedy, 50 years after his assassination. this on a day when two people are killed during violent clashes in egypt. and a major storm moving across the northeast that could impact your holiday travel plans. ♪ it has been exactly 50 years
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now since president john f. kennedy was pronounced dead by doctors at parkview memorial hospital in dallas. crowds of mourners have been paying their respects at arlington national cemetery. and for the first time since the assassination, the city of dallas holding a memorial at dealey plaza, the scene of the shooting itself. the place with heidi zhou castro is live now. heidi a solemn dais specially when the bells rang. >> absolutely. sdel, here the moment of silence followed by the bells was an emotional moment. the major of dallas saying that the sky as it rained was weeping with them. 50 years after president kennedy was assassinated here just steps
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from where i am standing by lee harvey oswald. but this was about the life pa -- and legacy of john f. kennedy. a committee of 25 people from dallas put on this event funded completely by private donations. >> you, lord have lifted us up from the horrible tragedy enacted in this place from the cruel suffering that was born on this hill, from the shock and horror that gripped our nation, and from the year when we has citizens of this city suffered and were implicated by the gunshot by one man. >> certainly a mournful experience here in dallas,
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remembering the 50th anniversary, including the mayor addressing the crowd about the reputation that dallas unfortunately gained as a result of that assassination, becoming known as the city of hate, and now coming full circle 50 years later in an effort of redemption. let's take a listen. >> hope and hatred collided right here in dallas. we watched the nightmarish reality that in our front yard, our president had been taken from us. taken from his family, taken from the world. >> now today's ceremony was abridged because of this weather, a somber yet fitting scene for the backdrop of a tragedy that happened 50 years ago. dell? >> heidi zhou castro joining us from dallas. thank you very much. not everyone who wanted to see
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the event at dealey plaza could actually fit so the city set up scenes around the area to watch the event. what was the scene like there? >> this was clearly not the place to be here. at its peak there were less than a hundred people there. and as rain came down, people started to leave. clearly those that didn't have a ticket said forget it, i'm going to go watch it on tv inside. it's interesting here in dallas, there are still a lot of people with a connection to this day 50 years ago. i talked to a woman who new lee harvey as oswald. her grandmother ran a boardinghouse where oswald stayed. she gave us a tour of that house and shared her memories. pat hal knew him when she was 11. she will and her brothers saw
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lee harvey oswald almost every day for six weeks. this house hasn't changed much in 50 years. >> the dining room table and all of that is original. and this is his room. >> reporter: just 5 by 14, space for a twin bed, night stand, wardrobe closet and a dresser. >> he played ball out in the front yard with my brothers a lot. with me being a girl, we didn't play, but he was just very -- it was a quiet, soft-spoken man. >> reporter: a couple of weeks before the kennedy assassination hal says oswald did something she will never forget. her brothers had gotten into a physical fight in the front
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yard. >> lee got up off of the porch, broke them up, set them on the stairs and sat down between them, and he looked at them, and he says i want to tell you two something, and he says this is important. he says you are brothers. you need to take care of each other, and you need to love each other, and never do anything that would harm another human being. >> reporter: after the assassination -- >> well, my grandma was absolutely ashamed and embarrassed that she had such a person living here. >> reporter: the fbi quickly came and got what he had at her grandmothers. >> they took everything out of the drawers, anything in the night stand. they dumped it on the bed, grabbed the corners of the sheets, pulled it all together and walked out the door.
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>> reporter: hall says she wants $500,000 for a home that ordinarily might not fetch a hundred thousand dollars. but she says, hey, i'm not just selling a house. i'm selling history. she would like to see it become a museum or bed and breakfast. so far no serious offers. and that home is a popular stop on the jfk trolly tour. while we were there, we saw it stop by about three times. pat hall also told me things got worse after the assassination, not only was her grandmother embarrassed, but she got death threats. dell? >> thank you very much. it is day three of talks in geneva concerning iran's nuclear
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program. iran's foreign minister saying there was room for optimism. the two main areas of contention are iran's insistence that it has a right to nuclear enrichment, and a heavy water reaction that is now being built. now to afghanistan where a large group of able to elders are still reviewing a deal with the us. afghan president urging the elders to approve the pact, but he says he wants his successor to sign off on the deal. the afghan leader wants to wait. does the white house want to wait as well? >> absolutely not. just to review, the president, president obama, wrote a letter to president karzai saying that -- congratulating him actually on a deal on what american forces are going to look like, how many, where they will be stationed after the end of the american combat roelt at
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the end of 2014. shortly after that, karzai speaking to the council of elders out there afghanistan, he said he wants to wait. he recommended that they do approve it, but wait until afghan election in the spring. that presents a whole host of problems for the united states. it is going to take a year to decide where to position american forces, how to potion the american forces, where they are going to be staying, providing all of the lodge igsices. here is what jay carney said a little bit earlier. >> the negotiations over the bilateral security agreement look place over a long period of time. many, many issues were discussed, negotiated and resolved with president karzai and other afghan leaders. and the text that we have now agreed upon, and which is being presented, we believe it
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represents a good faith negotiated agreement, and it is our final offer. >> final offer, that's it. we'll see what hamid karzai says. they haven'ted specified the exact number of forces that would say hereinafter gan, talk between 10 and 15,000 however. >> mike thank you very much. we turn now to egypt where protests turned violent. at least two people have been killed, 1500 injured in the clashes taking place across the country. hoda abdel hamid has the full story. >> reporter: there were several protests across the country on this friday, as it usually happens on friday since the ousting of morsi. here in cairo there were two standoffs that lasted a few hours. the first happened as protesters were tried to head to the
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epicenter of the sit-in in the city for those who do support president morsi held for several weeks throughout the summer until security forces disbursed them. protesters were trying to reach that area, security forces fired tear gas to push them back, and then sealed off that intersection. the second standoff happened around the dormitory of a university. students there have been holding daily protests for the past week, and just two days ago, actually security forces stormed that same dormitory. there were clashes, and one student had died. the students there today tried to get out of the -- the gates of the dormitory. they were met again with tear gas and pushed back into the dormitory. they are calling for the return of legitimacy, and calling for
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the ousting of the [ inaudible ] who in their view has enabled the military leaders of this country to overthrow mow hamid morsi. >> hoda abdel hamid joining us from cairo. in latvia, rescuers are still searching for those after the roof of a supermarket collapsed. at least 35 others have been injured. the supermarket filled with shoppers. firefighters also trapped when a second part of the roof collapsed. latvia's governor has now declared three days of mourning. less than a week to go before thanksgiving and a nay jor nor'easter would be dropping. >> yes, dell. the track very uncertain, but a lot of the computer forecasts are hinting at a potentially
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major nor'easter developing. this would be the general track up the east coast. here are the potential impacts. looks like wednesday could be the big day with travel delays, heavy rain across the east, and maybe rain mixing with snow. by thursday it really intensifies. and now you are getting this gusty wind. so if you are planning on traveling, be aware of the latest forecast. we'll continue to monitor the situation. typhoon haiyan has now become the deadliest national disaster in the history of the philippines. many of the dead have been buried in mass graves. the good news is that aid is pouring in from all over the world. and there is more information now on a developing
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story coming out of north korea, the state department con officialing that north korea has detained a u.s. citizen. he was reportedly taken off of a plane after his nine-day trip to north korea. he has not been in contact with anyone since then. but today his wife lee asked the government to release her husband. the family has been working with the state department and the swedish embassy to secure the release of the veteran. north korea has not made any public comments about holding him. coming up next on al jazeera america, people won't forget where they were own the day they found out that jfk had died. we'll give you a time line when we come back.
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>> we find the fault lines that run through communities. >> the shooting happened about 30 minutes ago. >> companies... >> the remains of the fire are still everywhere here. >> the powers that be at home and around the world... >> not only do they not get compensation but you don't even have to explain why? >> well thats exactly what i said. >> we question authority. >> so you said we could get access... >> that's enough! >> ... and those affected. >> investigative journalism at it's toughest. on november 21st, 1963, john f. kennedy and his wife jackie flew to texas.
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it was part of a campaign swing of sorts. san antonio was their first stop then fort worth, but the next day is the day that changed history, randall pinkston reports. >> we are still the keystone. >> reporter: at this breakfast, president john f. kennedy spoke of the future for his country. >> we'll continue to do as we have done in the past, our duty. >> bule frazier drove lee harvey oswald to work. he placed a long package in the back seat. curtain rods he said. at 11:35 am air force one landed in dallas. >> the usual welcoming
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committee. >> reporter: a crowd of 2,000 greeted president and mrs. kennedy at the airport. >> mrs. kennedy dressed in a favorite of hers, a pink suit that would soon become a symbol of our quiet courage and profound grief. it was a sunny day so the secret service removed the car's bubble top. just before noon an estimated 150,000 cheering spectators craned for a look at the president and the first lady, traveling towards an intersection with tragedy. no secret service agents were in their car at the request of president kennedy, who told his detail -- >> if i didn't get out and shake hands with the people, i couldn't get elected dog catcher. i don't want the age engineers riding on the back of the car. >> reporter: seconds before -- >> mr. connelly turned to the president and said mr. president you certainly be can't say
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dallas doesn't love you. >> reporter: and then the gunshots that changed history. [ gunfire ] >> it appears as though something has happened. >> >> reporter: agent hill jumps on the trunk. 30 minutes later, doctors at parkland conceded they could not save the president. >> from dallas, texas, the flash, president kennedy died at 2:00 eastern standard time, some 3 38 minutes ago. >> reporter: the death of president kennedy was the first assassination reported on networks none stop. >> a dallas newed man happened
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to look up at about the fifth or sixth floor and saw the gun being pulled back in. >> after oswald left the depository he made his way home and grabbed a pistol. he crossed paths with a police officer who stopped oswald for questioning. he killed the officer and ran away. nearly 9d 0 minutes later, oswald was arrested for murdering police officer tipet, then when police traced the rifle to oswald, he was accused of assassinating the president. flying back to washington with her husband's body, mrs. kennedy witnessed vice president lyndon johnson assume leadership of the nation. >> this is a sad time for all people. we have suffered a loss that cannot be weighed. >> reporter: then two days after
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the assassination, another shock on live television -- [ gunfire ] >> -- nightclub owner jack ruby shot and killed oswald. in washington memorial services began, and american's mourned their slain commander in chief. randall pinkston, al jazeera.
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♪ welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. here are today's headlines. in egypt two people are dead and 15 others injured in nationwide classes after muslim brotherhood protesters took to the streets. mohammed morsi was removed from office in july after millions took to the streets calling for
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him to step down. the death toll from typhoon haiyan has now passed 5,000. many of the dead have been buried in mass graves. this day 50 years ago has we have been reporting was a dark chapter in american history, and the people of dallas were forever changed by the assassination of president kennedy in 1963. his death also marring the reputation of dallas, texas for years to come. and alan fisher reports the city is now trying to reclaim its good name. messages of love across dallas in 65 locations, an attempt to escape the shadow of one of america's darkest days and the skilling of a president. school children, amateur artists, even prisoners, more than 20,000 people in total asked to contribute to redefine
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the world view of a place. >> the connection will never be erased. we intend for the love project to change that narrative a little bit, so that in the scope of talking about that, the world knows within dallas there were thousands and thousands and thousands of people who live that love and compassion thrive here. >> reporter: now they are trying to make dealey plaza look more like 1963. for so long the city tried to ignore, to forget the day john f. kennedy came to town. and a dream, an i deal, a hope was ended. at one point the city discussed knocking down the building where oswald fired. here behind glass the place where he fired the shots. now a museum lets people learn
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about the event of 50 years ago. this is an important moment for the city of dallas. it is an opportunity for the city to share with the world itself -- its respect of president kennedy and need to memorialize this tragic event. >> reporter: in 1963 dallas was extremely conservative and deeply religious. now it's a different time and dallas is a different place. >> this growth changed the way the city is. huge influx in terms of immigration into dallas, a change in culture, a change in its politics. it used to be a totally republican city, a poetally republican county. now it's basically a totally democratic-lead county. >> for many the assassination of john f. kennedy defined a generation. dallas is determined it won't
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define a city. alan fisher, al jazeera, dallas, texas. ♪ i'm dave warren, we'll start in the southern plains where we're talking about first the freezing rain, then the arctic blast, then the potential for easter. there is a lot going on right now. this pink color indicating we're getting some warmer air that may freeze before it hits the ground as sleet or freeze when it hits the ground. all you need is a little coating of ice and you will get freezing temperatures there. a rainy and ray say in dallas. this area below freezing you could see the rain falling and freezing on contact. that's the area of concern now. there's warm air here across the southeast, even as far up as
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philadelphia and new york, temperatures into the 50s. some very cold arctic air. there is a little thin line. and that is the very cold arctic air. we will talk about this arctic blast this weekend. now the outlook for this weekend, talking about the great lakes, getting lake effect snows by saturday. there is this cold arctic air. the temperatures drop and the winds will pick up. sunday it moves across the mid-atlantic in the northeast, some very cold air there. high-pressure and low-pressure, you can getting wind chills. this is what it would feel like. that is this weekend both saturday and sunday. see that temperature drop in chicago. 29 down to 26. lows in the teens. wind chills below zero. 40s and upper 30s monday and
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tuesday in the midwest. but wind chills easily down to about zero in new york. wednesday ho with some rain coming in, and that's when we'll watch how this nor'easter could effect travel. dell? >> dave warren thank you very much. it is one of the most enduring mysteries of that day, what happened to that iconic pink suit that jackie kennedy wore. it is being held at the national archives out of public view. at the kennedy family's request it won't be seen in public until the year 2103 and only with their approval. we want to thank you for watching al jazeera america. "people in power" is next. as we go we want to remind you this is the eternal flame that
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burning at arlington national cemetery.


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