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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2013 10:00am-11:01am EST

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>> this i is a of al jazeera oft thougthese are the top stories a historic growth or hi historic mistake of zplcht th the now clw hnatiuk faux out of zblcht we have the latest from london.
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capping the salaries of the top chief executives. >> and violence breaks out as thousands gather for a second day of government protest in the ukraine. >> i'm andy gallagher at the pecan street project. a cutting edge community that studies how we use and abuse power. they say this is the neighborhood of the future. >> but first it's been called a historic deal aimed at preventing iran from building a nuclear weapon. hours after the top diplomat shook hands in geneva there was a less than positive response from israel and saudi arabia. the israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu called it a historic mistake. mike hanna from jerusalem. a grim faced prime minister
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condemning the deal in the strongest of terms. >> what was concluded in geneva last night is not a historic agreement. it's a historic mistake. it's not made the world a safer place. like the agreement with north korea in 2005 this agreement has made the world a much more dangerous place. >> the exact opposite had been argued in i geneva when the deal was negotiated early in the morning. >> it will make you our partnern the region safer. it will make our ally israel, safer. >> it is important that we all of us see the opportunity to end an unnecessary crisis and open new horizons based on respect
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for the rights of the iranian people, and the removal of any doubts about the exclusively peaceful nature of iran's nuclear pro glam. program. >> as part of the deal iran has agreed to stop all uranium enrichment of 5%. iran agrees to hold progress on the enrichment capacity and to cap it's stockpile of low enriched uranium. and iran will allow increased inspections of their nuclear sites. in return they will get limited sanctions relief. all parties in geneva insist this deal is a first step in a process that is intended to build trust. it's a phase that will last-for-six months. after then a question of sanctions will then be reviewed.
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but the mood in israel, that is six months too long. >> in a moment you will speak to patty in washington, d.c. first let's go to jeruselem to mike hanna. mike, some call this a historically positive deal and some others like israel call it a historic bad deal. why is israel against it? and if they don't like it, what can they do about it? >> netanyahu has been consistently opposed wit with al with iran. it's not just any deal it was opposed to, i it was any deal tt does not involve the complete dismantling of ey iran's nuclear ability. secretary of state john kerry has been here on a number of occasions in recent months. he has been briefing net anay nu
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with what has been discussed. they want to make sure that iran is not able to make any weapons of a nuclear capacity. but netanyahu continues to insist that iran poses to be a threat to israel. in fact it threatens it's existence. what can it do? it can isolate itself from the western allies in particular position it may have people that agree with it in the middle east such as saudi arabia and those in the gulf. israel finds itself on it's own an some observers ar argue stroy that israel can take n union unl action from it's western allies on this particular issue that will not happen. >> many thanks to you mike in
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jeruselem. let's go to washington, d.c. and patty joins us live from there. we heard the reaction from jeruselem not very positive. any reaction from washington so far? >> what is shocking is how members of congress say this is a good deal. we are hearing them echoing the comments. they wanted additional sanctions. and president obama weighed in and stopped that from happening. now what are they going to do now there is aroun there there . if they do the priz president wd have to veto it. that would set up a music fight between the administration and the pro israeli lobby apec. whether they choose choose to pt
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now or in five months that remains to be seen. >> on a personal level there has been much criticism of president obama's presidency. this deal rescues it doesn't it? diplomatically anyway. >> we'll wait and see how it turns out. it is possibly legacy shaping. we were told that the president tolsaid to work behind the scen. but it does seem that the president is making somewhat of a public break with it's traditional ally israel. we are told that in the associated press that israel was not told until about two months ago. the president is setting up for a fight but he knows this could be his legacy if he pulls this off. what we are hearing from members of congress they don't think he is going to. many of them believe this is
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iran trying to delay. i think it's important for the word to understand the narrative here in the u.s. when the u.s. talks to iran's nuclear program they usually refer to it as a nuclear weapons program. there is a belief in the united states that they are closer to developing the nuclear weapon that any reports would lead you to believe. >> thank you, patty. >> let's go to afghanistan of president hamid karzai has told a gathering of tribal leaders it's called a jirga he needs more time before signing a security agreement with the u.s. a number suggested that he sign the pact. it would allow troops to stay on in afghanistan past next year.
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jorge. >> after the injur jirga's threr support behind the bilateral agreement saying they wanted it signed and implemented as soon as possible. their president hamid karzai took to the stage and rei had rd his stance. he wanted more time to better negotiate a deal for afghanistans from the americans of they wanted them to prove america could bring stablity and peace to afghanistan. he wants to put more prs pressun the pakistanis to stop harr harg across the border from afghanistan. he told the jirga tha that. at the end of the day hamid
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karzai left the jirga hall and said he needed more time and he would sign this when he was happy with it. he said afghanistan could get a better deal from america. he wouldn't say if he would sign it by the end of the year or by the elections next april. people here are left guessing what and when will be signed. it's likely that any negotiations that continue between washington, d.c. and the presidential palace are going to be friendly. >> tens of thousands of anti-government protestors have amassed in ban coul bancok. 2if the bill passed it could hae allowed the prime minister to return from exile. we have this update from bangkok. >> the organizers called it a mangmajor at that battle day.
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hundreds of thousands of people heard their call. they are saying there are four to eight kilometres of shoulder-to-shoulder crowds who turned up to encourage the ouster. what triggered the demonstration in particular over the last couple of weeks is the failure to push through a bill that has been declared unconstitutional by a court to make the whole of the senate elected representatives. zplrchghtthe other big issue wae amnesty that may have cleared the way for the brother of the current prime minister, the former prime minister to return to the country. >> still to come on this news hour from doha and london. four years after castro's husband was forced from power,
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we'll tell you why she may become this country's next president. >> we will tell you about the man who destroyed england's batting. we'll have that and the rest of the sports in the news hour. ♪ >> switzerland has voted against capping the salaries of wealthy chief executives. julia mcdonald has more from our european news center, julie. >> steven, thank you. top salaries would have been limited t. sixty six people voted against the measure. >> in the country of big banks and big business curbing the wages of the top bosses in switzerland is a contentious issue. the youth wing of the social democrats brought the so-called
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one to well i tflt twelve law. the swiss voters rejected the proposal. >> the issue that we could see of limiting high salaries is the most important executives of a company would not simply work in switzerland anymore. they'll go abroad and that is no good. they'll find ways to get secondary benefits in their jobs anyway. like a car or housing. >> capping salary hase has beent topic in other countries. but in switzerland anger took hold this year when an outgoing executive was paid $80 million. the damage was done to the traditional swiss relationship of trust between the business and the public. critics argued it would make
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switzerland less appealing and competitive to foreign investors. if they fall and so too will tax revenue. after this referendum there are votes to come on switzerland's minimum wage and a tax hike for wealthy foreigners. key issues from a country that prides itself as being the most business friendly in the world. >> supporters are staging a second day of pro toas protest . the iit would have paved the war the jailed opposition leader. nick spicer from kiev. >> they started under the statue of the russian poa at th russia. last week's events must once again live under russian influence.
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until last thursday it looked like ukraine was going to sign a sociaassociation agreement with europe. but eu leaders wanted this woman freed from jail first. in a surprise move the government refused and broke off talks with europe and pledging closer ties with moscow. the government has betrayed the ukrainian people. and many want the president to resign and talks to resume immediately. >> we are a european nation and maybe the government doesn't think so but we think so. >> russia is outdated. it represents the past. i don't want to live in a country where one man decides. i want to live in a country where the people make the decisions. >> since the end of the soviet union 23 years ago ukraine has come under intense pressure to tighten the links. moscow cut off gas supplies
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during wintertime. and beginning last summer began to impoase impose trade barriert cost the country millions of dollars. russian money is thought to have financed a counter demonstration on sunday. according to the polls pro europe have the majority opinion. they want to clean up the country i in both politics and d religion. >> let's go live to nick. , hihi, nick what is the latest. >> the demonstrators have left europe square to go protest outside of the office building. they will return later in the evening. whether this whole protest continues in the days to come. it's hard to predict because
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ukraine politics can be the orange revolution forcing a rerun of a presidential election that was tainted by corruption. could that happen again? it's 23,40 not clear. if you talk to the demonstrators are disillusioned. the premier took the wind out of our sails by making it appear that ukraine was going to join europe and then at the last minute deciding not to do so. there by deprivatization the opposition or the people in favor of joining europe from the benefit of that momentum. in the coming days or weeks we'll see how people are on the street and they are in the tens of thousands. there is nothing major at this point. the next decision for the president who could organize this stunning about-face last thursday play well be the next presidential election in 2015. thank you for joining us live from kiev in the ukraine
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thank you. >> i will have plenty more later in the program including. >> the bones of the first pope are about to go on public display for the first time are they really those of st. peter? scientists are not convinced. ♪ >> hohon durrhonduras is goin ge polls. whoever wins will have a tough road ahead. the country is described as the murder capital of the world. it has a weak economy and considerable drug related violence. let's go to adam he joins me live from the honduran capital. adam tell us more about this process and how it works. >> well from many perspectives and many images you see it looks
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like an election you would see anywhere else in the world. we are at a polling station and people are lining up to vote. we have assurances that the voting is going to be free and fair. it's taking place against the back drop of a very different kind of place. this is four years after the coup as you mentioned. we have soldiers out in the streets in many cities trying to protect communities against raging drug violence. there is a country where corruptions and oppression is common. we have attacks against political bein activists and ats against judges it's not clear if you call this a functioning democracy if you take that all into account. a day before this vote you had a representative from the leftist party and has castro running for president. she is the wife of the former president who was ousted in a coup. their party saying they received
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intimidation visits from government officals questioning their ye credentials of international supporters. we have a process that is near a democracy but it's taking place in a place where the institutions are not delivering democracy to it's people. >> so what you described is there are many hurdles for hon durhondurans to cross. do people have faith in the system or indeed in the vote? what is interesting, we are hearing that it may have a record turn out. people are excited to take part in the election. the last open election since the coup. in 2009 they boycotted that licks and they didn't prement candidates. we have a crowded field eight candidates and four of them may have a chance to win. the fact that you have this
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party is nothing new to the hon durhondurrhondurans. after the announcement was made on saturday you have the top electoral official sitting sandwiches by the head of police and the army chief ensuring that the country would be a free and fair vote. they will securit secure the voh thousands of police officers across the country. something pretty rare voting in democracy. we are excited and people are hopeful that we have a big turn out anturnout. >> many thanks adam. >> egyptian students are demonstrating outside of a number of yrt university in supt of mohamed mor morsi.
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it's been a hundred days since security forces stormed the mosque in the capital. >> turkey's foreign minister has spoken about the expulsion of the ambassador. he spoke exclusively on how the continuing tensions would affect the relations between the two countries. >> our policies of egypt were clear and will continue to be so. our statements against the military coup is not because we are supporting one group against another one. this one is because of our respect to the choice of the egyptian people. because the election in 2002 was the only free and fair election with multicandidates in the history of egypt and it's the egyptian people's choice that president mor morsi was elected
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president of there are a lot of reports coming from different countries regarding the deal struck by the united states and iran. a historic deal by all means. what is your stance on it? i know you are flying out to iran later on on monday. what is turkey's stance in regard to this break through. >> in turkey we are encouraging this agreement and we are happy and we congratulate for this agreement. as you know from the very beginning of the crisis they tried to continue to resolve this crisis. in 2010 they signed a private agreement based on the request of 2 plus 5, 1. at that time there was no enrich. enrichment and iran would not continue on with enrichment. and today sowt such a deal is
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progress. >> syria and obviously the crisis still goes on there. there is word that that the united nations arab league will finally announce a date for the geneva two conference later tomorrow. do you think it will make any difference? >> we support genoa 2 and we hope it will be a successful effort. and based on the princples of london meeting of the core group, where the basic principles are the it should noe an open process there should be a new transitional governing party and those with a official roll with syria and the both side of government will represent two delegations.
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>> sunni muslim groups have closed all mosques for 24 hours. it's in protest for the lack of protection of sue any' any sunnn the area. >> a mosque's closed door is not just unusual u in iraq it's a political statement. simply put it means enough i is enough and the government needs to act. the sunni endowment office has taken this step in a protest of what they see as a war against them. >> car bomb attacks happen regularly here. and so many characters have been murdered in what the group says is a targeted attack against them. the mosques leader is angry. we shutdown the mosques because our clerics have been killed and our mosques attacked. in the past month the scholars
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and professors have also been killed. we have always pleaded with the government and told them this cub is under sectarian violence. sectarian violence is on the rise and peel in iraq are worried that they are shutting down the mosques and will further heighten tension. >> we believe the su sunni xwhot has bee -- community has been persecuted. how do h we know they won't be killed in the neighbourhoods they are there to protect. when i go to a mosque and it's closed i feel those armed groups have succeeded in their agenda. >> iraq's government has acted mindfully. we will be heading to annual oua all out war if something is not
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done soon. >> they have not shutdown the mosques because they came under extreme political measure not to do soy. unless the security situation improves drastically they will shutdown the mosques. you are watching the news hour from doha. still to come from al jazeera, making a case for independence, the scottish government looks at separation from the uk again. >> the philippines is inspired by the supporting triumph following the devastation of higtyphoon haiyan. details coming up.
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have to explain why? >> well thats exactly what i said. >> we question authority. >> so you said we could get access... >> that's enough! >> ... and those affected. >> investigative journalism at it's toughest. >> al jazeera america is the only news channel that brings you live news at the top of every hour. >> here are the headlines at this hour. >> only on al jazeera america.
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debate. and a host willing to ask the tough questions and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5pm et / 2pm pt only on al jazeera america
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>> you are watching al jazeera i'm steven cole. time to remind you of the word's top stories. i rairan has made a historic deo scale back their nuclear program. israel's prime minister called it a historic mistake. iran has six months to prove
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it's program is peaceful. >> hamid karzai has told try trl leaders that he needs more time to sign a agreement. the jirga recommend that he sign the pact without delay. >> several thousands of pro and anti-government protestors have gathered in bangkok. they arisit started after the df anaan amnesty bill. >> the vatican has unveiled some bone fragments that have been said to be from the first pope, st. peter. let's get more detail from julie london. the bones were found under the basilica. phil was in the room for the unveiling. >> krowth i crowds in the vatican for sunday mass, that is not
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unusual but this is. the bones of the first ever pope. blessed here by the man that took the role on 2000 years later. this urn contains what is believed to be the remains of st. peter said to be crucified in the year 64 a.d. they have been wrapped in silver and gold clot. cloth but there o dna evidence and the feet are missing. that is why there is some septembeskepticism. we can up sur be sure that the s under the basilica but we can't say anything about the data. >> if the scientia science can'm it it's all a matter of faith to me.
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all of the evidence says they are st. pieters bu peters but it want to plooef you won't. believe you wouldn't. >> the church got their audience and. for catholics it's about one issue, faith. perhaps these are not the bones of st. peter for those gathered here that doesn't matter. here today science will not be getting a look in. phil labelle al jazeera at the vatican. >> scotland could become an independent country on march 24, 2016 if the yes vote wins in next year's referendum. the date is one of the key issues addressed in the scottish government's blu blueprint for independence which will be published on tuesday.
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there on the scottish border could be affected by scottish independence. lawrence lee made the journey. the patriotic song used to say and the british empire was built in portsmouth. with the imperial faitdin fadine government has announced that the ship building should stop in portsmouth. suddenly portsmouth's workers find themselves in political gain. zbrrchghts. >> i think what the government is doing is saying to the people in scotland, look we can put some money your way but if you vote for independence we'll take iit all out. i don't think it's a bribe i think it's blackmail. >> up until now the english have
10:35 am
no say of what is happening in the united kingdom. the news of ship building jobs being lost here has brought to the surface a surprising as suspecaspectof the national deb. the scottish nationalists have yet to convince. a large number of english people are supportive of scotland's independence on the argument that the england economy would be better without them. you think that the country would be damaged by scotland's independence. this is th is a border town. england's most northerly out post. they have changed hands 14 times through the century. zbl>>tsd between thbetween the e
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scots. >> it's left a lot of people feeling nervous. people no where scot scotland id it blow advis provide employment opportunities and there are businesses that operate on both sides of the border and there is a depea dependence in this area. >> they say they'll be better off without scotland. >> i think people worry about that. >> in reality they won't be the only places in england whose future will be shaped by a vote in which they have no say. lawrence lee al jazeera, you can watch my documentary scotland the bria brave looking at all oe issues of scottish independent. independent -- independence. in syria there are reports of
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heavy fighting in eastern dasmascus. as rebels try to break a debate. he has been unde under siege fox months and cutting off rebels and weapons supplies and food to local residents. >> let's go back to our top story. as gerald looks at the signs behind iran's nuclear program. >> the deal on iran's nuclear program is rooted in science. revolving around the element you're uranium. it's 99.3% of you uranium and 0% of uranium 235. it's the specific 235 that can be turned into energy and nuclear weapons. to do so it has to go through a program called enrichment.
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it's enough to fuel nuclear powered reactsors. reactors. iran enriches to 3 and a half percent. at the moment it has 6 00 kilograms of this type of enriched uranium. it has a stockpile of 200-kilo gras200-kilograms of 20% uraniu. that raises concerns and that could be easily converted into weapons greated material. in the deal iran has agreed to curb their nuclear activities for six months. >> it's the first pull in more than ten years iran will stop enriching the uranium beyond 5%. the negotiat negoitators have tl workout what happenings. the important thing for iran is the enrichment program will remain active. in the word of the president
10:39 am
iran's right to enrichment has been recognized. >> gary joins me now on skype from new york. >> a historic agreement with the world powerses. the six world powers, garry relief from krip ol'ing sanctions for six months. is this a win-win deal? >> this is a absolutely a win-win deal. i would say tes it's exactly the same for israel and saudi arabia. if they actually care about iran's nuclear capability and that is really what their concern is, this is the best news that they have had in better than a dick aid. that that whole effort that the iran nuclear system is coming unvery, very significant control. >> why such a negative reaction in jeruselem. netanyahu says it's a historic
10:40 am
mistake and a bad deal. his likely ally saudi arabia is talking about acquiring nuclear weapons of their own. a very negative reaction. >> yes, well, you have to realize that the real concern here goes beyond the nuclear issue and it goes to one of competitive influence. they believe if iran resol resos their nuclear fight with the west which it is in the process of doing, that iran would have a ferry happened to operate on the political and economic sign. at least. i think they city iran as a rival and they don't want to see that happen. they liked the situation when the united states had a gun pointed at the eastbound of the regime. when that gum is moved they have to deal with iran them thelts td
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i think they are frightened of that. >> the reason for the reaction is it would change the deal or the political dynamics in the region. would it for example have any impact on syria? >> i think not directly. >> i'm talking about particular particularly thparticularly thef fighting in syria. >> basically what has changed is that the united states in particular and some other european countries can now talk to iran in a more direct way. we have seen more communication between the united states and iran in the last three weeks that much we have had in the last 34 years. i think the position to talk to iran about syria but i don't think this deal will have a direct effect on syria one way or the other. >> i reid somewher read somewhen kerry said there was no enrichment deal and others say
10:42 am
there is an enrichment deal up to 5%. and if so that deal is how we define the hard line. >> that was a crucial part of the arrangement. the introduction to the agreement which is now available on-line, does indicate that iran would be free to persue it's right under the mvp. >> it doesn't specifically say enrichment. basically what they have done is this is a diplomatic way, iran could say all right we have been recognizing any rights spi specifically. but it comes out with the same thing. iran is left with the ability to continue to enrich and that is simply a fact. you can call it a right or not. that is the real difference. it's a diplomatic seclusion and
10:43 am
a diplomatic way of dealing with the agreement. gary in new york. many thanks for joining us. >> still to come on al jazeera. some sport. a bit of football of course. manchester city against to the totenham. and hopefully all of the sporting action coming up. ♪
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>> welcome bac >> welcome back. in india doctors say a test
10:45 am
using vinegar could saves thousands of lives. according to the world health organization more than half of the patients die. the cheap examination using vinegar could save 70,00 70,000s a year. >> one out of every four women with cervical cancer is indian. it's this shocking government figure that pushed i-po ichbleds government to find a cure to the tits sees. tits -- disease. culturally women in india have no concept of going to healthcare or screening. this is something, it will be a crying shame if a disease is
10:46 am
going to give you early warnings for 12 to 18 years and we did nothing about it. >> cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women. mortality rates can be reduced with regular screenings. >> deaths have been cut by 80% due to pap smears and routine checkups. >> the research found that a common everyday product was just as effective in detectinger is scrercervical cancer. >> with a paper. >> apap smear you have totake id by a pathologist. the main thing about vin fa vinr
10:47 am
it's fast, cheap and as effective as a pap smear. it could have spared her trauma and pain. it took her five years to get tested again after abnormal cells were detected in her cervix. by then the cancer had spread and she needed a his toe re hys. >> i tried and that is why i foot rid of the disease. doctors cannot cure you. they are opening it to reach to all communities in india. it's up to them to believe in the power of prevention. >> an exhausting rugby match in dublin. here is robin with the other news. >> that detail is coming up. but one place to start at the momentum. we have man city producing one of the arguely performances in
10:48 am
the city here. a clash after 13 seconds and it was 2-nil and it was turn into his own net and then sergio took over squirting either side of half time. he to the on the score she was and eventually winning. they go up to fourth. >> they return to the lying and pete avan te avanti early on. in the box bruno slapped home the resulting penalty to make it 1-0. he scored twice to secure a 3-nil victory. back to you on the cricket
10:49 am
quickly. australia had beaten england. they could only manage 18 179. the next takes place inne adelaide. >> back to football. owooo conner faces and the the . they are 11th at the table for the moment. >> and cricket two national nashmatches to update you oochb. it's going down to the wire and their 248 by five and they lead another 4-7b done. 4 done. 47 done. they are scoring 218 of the 50
10:50 am
overs. and they are defending so far. south africa is 1 131.6. jasoit was the home of adam scott who won the event. the fourth round 66 helping him finish at third. this is the eagle to first set him on his way. not to be out done. they grabbed an eagle on the sixth hole. he lost six relatives i in the philippines. he has his first win in three years. >> and another international sports star is bringing hope to the survivors to the philippine title. he will have a well a welterwein
10:51 am
and as richard nicholson now reports. >> the refresh your couldn't have basketball greater, without a wintd for two years he didn't just go into his well at the beat title foyting for his career but also for the people from his homeland who are still reeling from the typhoon earlier this month tacloban tea was one of the hardest hit areas and despite what happened nothing was going to stop locals for cheering on their favorite son. >> thousands have gathered to watch the fight in the astrodome stadium. and when the action started the packman didn't disappoint. the 3 34-year-old claimed what appeared t to be a effortless right shall virktry. when they said they won by a unanimous decision here is the reaction. when there is fighting you
10:52 am
forget something that is happening mere. if you don't feel tha that i'm n there you will be very happy. >> his win has given strength and confidence to the people and helps us to forget the terrible things that happened here. everything doesn't seem so bad now. >> he was a commons in the philippines and has a difficult time to recovery. the wind has brought hope to misomillions of his country men. australia has been looking at the pro prospect of mayweathr sometime in the fewer. fewer -- future. >> i think he boxes very well an uses his feet well. he doesn't move very much with his legs. >> i think he may have blown up
10:53 am
and doesn't move like he used to. gl>>ts we all want to see if bob can make it i'm sure he will. to rugby union news new zealand has been taking on ireland in dublin the all blacks having to go through the entire year. ire land looking shocked. looking food for it as well. they claude their way black into the second half. zblo>>t they managed to score a converted friday in the final seconds and deny island the first ever victory against the blacks. 24-2 i22. >> the trailblazers have had their second win. it was not an easy thing. glrchghts a truck us blocks out in the fowrtd councilor.
10:54 am
portland mathews and williams hit the showers early along with golden state dream. they did elementary schools ar hools pe are are are arment ar ar are are are ar they ha had a 101. >> bad news for the bulls. he will need surgery and is out indefinitely. >> a scan showed a m a men menis tear. >> the boston bruins beat the hurricanes 3-2 on saturday. the maple leafs were also in action they took on the washington capitals with a lead 1-0 into the third before ovechkin grabbed an equalizer. the game had to be decided and
10:55 am
in a shoot-out. and lupul scored the winner, 2-1 is the score. >> we'll have the day's latest sports stories updated on the website ae al >> that is your sports. >> lovely. >> what if thi there was a neighborhood that only used solar energy zpl>>t for one fory in texas that is not an uncommon sight. >> this does 23,409 look like a revolutionary neighborhood. the pecan street 2345eubd want to change the way that we live. >> they are thhe moved his solaa several years ago and his commitment to the environment
10:56 am
goes beyond financial. >> i tell people it's not about saving money it's about saving the planet. we like the fact that we are less of a bur burden on the wor. >> pecan street is not gathered in minute detail. it's a pick tawer that emerges from soef r so muc so much info. they call it big data, at the bites are shown how residents meet and abeuses ?r>>ts without willing participants it's little more than and being democrat a o exercise. exercise. >> if he wweif we are going to e way we have i.
10:57 am
>> for some that changed it can't come soon enough. sometimes you are accused of being the tre tree hugger and w, it's nice to have a tree to hug. go ahead and join us. >> it's frustrating and you have to bumping the street. for now pecan street is an experiment. for those behind the project fiferlly believe they are building a foundation for the future. >> the top story for this news hour from doha is that a deal has been struck which president obama has described as an important first step that would prevent iran from building a nea nuclear weapon. fomore news on that on our website. there it is the front page. the home page. there is mr. net anay mr. netans
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it a bad deal.
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smu's... [ music ] welcome to al jazeera america. i am richelle carey. here are the stories we are following for you: the deal is done. a first step, nuclear agreement with iran. not everyone is happy, though. >> this agreement has made the world a much more dangerous place. >> a warning from one of the united states's closest allies. election day for hondurans casting votes for change. the u.s. and five other world powers announced a landmark deal today temporarily freezing


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