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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2013 11:00am-11:31am EST

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smu's... [ music ] welcome to al jazeera america. i am richelle carey. here are the stories we are following for you: the deal is done. a first step, nuclear agreement with iran. not everyone is happy, though. >> this agreement has made the world a much more dangerous place. >> a warning from one of the united states's closest allies. election day for hondurans casting votes for change. the u.s. and five other world powers announced a landmark deal today temporarily freezing iran's nuclear program.
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the six-month agreement in exchange for some relief from sanctions is the most significant compromise between the u.s. and iran since the 1979 iranian revolution. president obama hailed the agreement as the most significant and tangible progress of a diplomatic campaign. >> today that xloema diplomacy opened up a new path that we can verify iran's nuclear program is peaceful and it cannot build a nuclear weapon. >> let's bring in white house correspondent mike viqueira. mike, six months, that's the extent of this deal. what are world leaders hoping will happen during that time? >> reporter: at the end of that time, they are hoping they can come to a larger deal that will prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon. they have instittuted steps that they believe will present iran from turning the corner. they call it "a breakout" to
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take the uranium and plutonium and turning it into a nuclear weapon. under the provisions of this deal, they would halt enrichment of uranium above five %. they would dilute at a time uranium they have 20% and make that inoperable. there will be no additional 7 triv fuse. that a great deal of criticism. many people who are against this deal called it a sucker's deal believe the centrifuges would have to be destroyed in an interim deal. there is something called a heavy water reactor that could produce plutonium at a place called iraq within iran and within the provisions of this deal, that facility will not be brought online. secretary john kerry made the rounds of some sunday shows this morning. what he was trying to emphasize was there are very intrusive inspections now that will be going on over the course of the
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in connection six months as these powers try to negotiate a more comprehensive deal. >> we do that with eyes absolutely wide open. we have no illusions. you don't -- you don't do this on the basis of somebody's statements to you. you do it on the basis of actions that can be verified and, moreover, we have kept the basic architecture of the sanctions as staying in place there is very little relief. we are convinced over the next few months we will really be able to put to the test what iran's intentions are >> reporter: that is the issue here in washington this morning. already, republican senators on both sides of the aisle and bothsized of the capitol, republicans in the house as well, including some democrats say that they want tougher sanctions, that sanctions are what brought iran to thetable to begin with, but the problem is, is those were international sanctions and many believe at the end of the six months, many
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of the united states international partners are not going to want to go back regardless of the outcome or lack thereof with talks with iran. so, it's fraught with possibilities, with peril really and the administration certainly out on a limb here, richelle. >> mike, the israelis are not happy about this. briefly off the top of our newscast, we heard from benjamin netanyahu, a prime minter who is not happy about this. mike, stay with us while mike hannah reports on that angle from jerusalem. >> there was no celebration in israel's corridors of power. a grim faced prime minister con deeming the deal in the strongest of terms. >> what was reached last night in geneva is not a historic agreement. it's a haistoric mistake. the today, the world became a much more dangerous place because it made a significant step in obtaining the most dangerous weapons in the world. >> the exact opposite had been
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argued in geneva when the deal was reached in the early hours of the morning. negotiators insisting it offered the promise of peace not threat. >> it will make our partners in the region safer. it will make our ally, israel, safer. >> it is important that all of us see the opportunity to end an unnecessary crisis and open new horizons based on respect for the rights of iranian people and removal of any doubts about the exclusively peaceful nature of iran's nuclear program. >> iran has agreed to stop all uranium enrichment to about 5% and will neutralized it's stockpile of enriched uranium
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and to cap it's stock pile of low enriched iraniam. there will be no advancement of the iraq reactor and it will allow increased inspections of sites. it will get limited sanctions relief. all parties in geneva insist this deal is just a first step in a process intended to build trust. it's a phase that will last for six months. after which, the question of sanctions will once again be reviewed. but the mood in israel, that is six months too long. mike hanna, al jazeera in west jersey mike, what now with so much space between two countries that are such strong allies, the u.s. and israel? what now? >> the spin from the administration is there isn't any daylight between the u.s. and israel. don't let your eyes deceive you. we have heard strong and out
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spoken criticism, not only over the course of the last 12 or 24 hours from benjamin netanyahu but over the course of of last month as this deal is starting to take shape. stopping and starting. the administration emphasizing the end goal is the same between the united states and israel and that is to prevent iran from preventing a nuclear weapon. there is tactical differences in how to go about that. you know, israel and many of its allies here in washington and oddly enough, saudi arabia, another ally of the united states. they are together on this issue. they simply believe that it does not go far enough, this interim step, to destroying the enriched uranium already stockpiled within iran. the 7 triv fuse we talked about are still in existence. they do not believe it goes far enough to present iran from turning that corner and breaking out its existing stock piles. it's weapons grade and ultimately developing a nuclear bomb. >> mike, reports are coming out
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about how far within the obama administration went out having secret meetings for quite some time. tell us what you know about that. >> well, it was very interesting story really. administration officials concerned it on a conference call last night. the associated press reporting that the united states is back channelling this. with iran, they were sitting down together over the course of the last several months. overtures were made as recently as march or as long ago as march of this year. but these one-on-one talks, these secret talks that evidently took place in oman, which is, of course, just across the straits of hormuz. but terrible secret talks, top officials at the whitehouse, assistant to joe biden, vice president, top official at the state department, largely laying out the framework to what was agreed upon in geneva last night
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we should point out the same officials say president obama will be calling prime minister netanyahu to hash all of this out today. richelle? >> it's going to be quite a conversation >> reporter: they all are. >> all right, mike viqueira live at the whitehouse. mike, thank you so much? >> all right. >> and action was, the spiritual leader they have responded positively to the deal. grunted powers have recognized iran's nuclear rights the islamic republic of iran enjoys this right and this right has been granted to all of the signatories. >> some iranians, however, say they had hoped for greater sanction relief.
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al jazeera zohira lenny. >> most iranians are unhappy about this deal in terms of what we are getting, sanctions reef leave is limited. it's just the first step they will offer somewhere around $7,000,000,000 in frozen iranian assets. they have around $100,000,000,000 and has lost around $80,000,000,000. this is from 2012 just in oil revenue. this $7,000,000,000 is a very, very small amount of money and small change according to iranians. the president is happy. the iranian government seems quite pleased. even the supreme leader given his approval not to these negotiations but this final deal and perhaps that's the most important word here in iran, what the supreme leader says and that might go some way in appeasing hard liners who are
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critical of negotiating with the p5 plus 1 powers. it's the first step. still months to see what happen. >> joining me live, manager of reaching critical will, the disarmament program of the women's international league for peace and freedom. they monitor a wide range of disarmament negotiations. good to talk to you. we appreciate it. is is this a deal with any teeth as you see it? >> he is good for ran. relieve sanction and a way for them to restore trust in the international community. it's very good for the u.s. and its allies. it basically caps their limits
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the current stom piles and requires them to deleted the uranium and allows for more inspections. it's a win-with w win situation and i think probably the best deal that could be achieved today. >> should there be a continued thaw in relation between the u.s.? what type of effect do you think that could have on relations with syria, on the war with syria and the region as a hole? it's difficult to say. it is also positive when come n diplomacy wins. we have seen a long history of disagreement can between the u.s. and iran. it's the first step forward in changing that by lateral nature much regular relations they have have. >> that's a war going on there.
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it's a different situation. there was a time when you don't one would have thought for the past 30 years the u.s. and iran when they are there that seems to be so interconnected. >> absolutely. it's extremely positive. i think that those that criticize this deal today between iran and the u.s. are most likely people that weren't so interested in a deal from the beginning. this is truly a sign that diplomacy works. it's an effective method of solving problems and we don't know what's going to happen after six months, of course, but this is potentially a way of restoring trust in that method. >> one thing that still is not clear that seems to be particularly ambiguous is the red line about whether or not has the right to enrich iranium. that has not been dealt with. do you anticipate that being dealt with down the road?
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>> absolutely. i think there is a sentence in this agreement that says that the future negotiations after the six months will discuss this issue. it's a very diplomatic maneuver when there is still agreement is to use constructive ambiguity in a way to use language that means that interpretations can still very allegations. iran has the right to nuclear energy. it does not mean enriched iran yam. this language they have used in the current agreement today means this is something you can continue discussion about. one of the main problems with this technology is that nuclear energy and weapons are based upon technology. if you have the right to produce nuclear energy, there is always this chance that it might be turned into a weapon initially. it's mainly about not so much the teg nothing but retoring
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trust and the intent that this is peaceful uses. >> okay. that's a big mountain to climb for sure. reaching critical well. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> iran's key ally. certain i can't spoken out on a nuclear deal. the news, calling it a historic agreement. one of the largest oil fields. control of the field means control of most of syria's usable oil reserves. debate, more than 2000 afghan elders are backing a deal to keep u.s. boots on the ground beyond 2014. a report. scandal and argument continued.
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decision makers. a gathering is expected to decide on sunday. if it would approve a security agreement with the u.s. presidents hamid karzai is sticking to his position. he won't sign the agreement until after presidential e elections next year. >> ckarzi doesn't have the righ to say these words. this is a big mistake. whatever we want from them and whatever karzai wants from them, it has been accepted. he wants to delay the agreement. this is not for the benefit of afghanistan. this is the detriment of afghanistan. >> in the busy markets of the capital, people are worried about their future if the agreement isn't signed. >> the pakistanis and iraniz and we make america our enemy. we should develop a stable
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future. some believe karzai is worried about his legacy. he doesn't want to be remembered as a president who was intimidated by foreigners. they, however, point out the country should come first. >> we should do an historic thing he should sign it, we are ready to sacrifice it they beat an effigy of u.s. president bara barack obama administration and sent a clear message. >> we do not want the presidents of any american forces or their alneys our holly land. we want the invaders to withdraw from our country without any conditions. we recognize whoever signs this
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agreement as a national traitor. >> coming days will show more news. they must wait to hear what decisions are being made on their behalf, decisions that could change the future of their country. jane ferguson, al jazeera, kabul, afghanistan. >> chilly forecasts and elections in hon dueras. a live report is coming up on that next.
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consider this: the news of the day plus so much more. >> we begin with the government shutdown. >> answers to the questions no one else will ask. >> it seems like they can't agree to anything in washington no matter what. >> antonio mora, award winning and hard hitting. >> we've heard you talk about the history of suicide in your family. >> there's no status quo, just the bottom line. >> but, what about buying shares in a professional athlete? >> welcome back. voters in honduras go to the poles today, the wife of tsince coup, they have seen a rise in human rights violations. organized crime and murder. whoever wins takes charge of one
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of latin america's biggest economies and highest crime rates. live from the capitol, adam, how is this election process being carried out? >> it's being carried out as we e e elections. in the middle of the capital and polling station line this. rallies are packed with excited supporters. campaign jingles, this is all taking place as you said. it's a backdrop of a country failing millions of its citizens, democratic institutions. they could say they are institutions that are in crisis.
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they are saying people intimidating their international supporters. this country is stuck in this crisis. a country suffer from a lot of problems. >> adam, it sounds like you are describing a process that perhaps a lot of people don't really have a lot of faith in. how long are the polls open? >> they are going to be open throughout the day. they opened at 7:00 a.m. local. they will close probably around 5:00 p.m. supposed to close around 4. they let it go on until 5:00. that's about 6:00 p.m. eastern
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time in the u.s. despite we have a lot of excitement. you have some estimates that might have a record turnout. it will definitely have a higher turnout than the last election in 2009 after the crew when many sat out and boycotted the election. hon duerages. they are skeptical of the government that that government office may not maintain a free and fair count. this divided country. we have candidacies running extremely tight lease say the national party, candidates, a lot of cash at his disposal, the head of the congress. you will have people and his main rivals party. they say we have internal
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information we are going to win. we may see an ongoing process going to be interesting. that's for sure. adam, keep us posted in hon duersas. thank you. tens of thousands protest in thailand's capitol on sunday. protesters in bai bangkok amid allegations things are controlled by her brother. this is the most significant as soon as blood rallies in 2010. ukrainians took to the streets to scrap a trade treaty with the european union. kiev pulled back from the deal last week. some say ukraine buckled under pressure from moscow. the kremlin wants them to join a union and threatened to retaliate if it went ahead with the eu deal.
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let's check in for more on we think. >> thanks. it's a cold morning to say the least across the northeast. we have lake effect and i wiam telling you it's chilly out there. look at temperatures. albany at 18 degrees. cleveland at 23. temperatures about 20 to 25 degrees belong where they should be this year. winds playing a role, pushing from out of the north, making it feel like temperatures are in the single did i knowits. a few clouds across the area earlier this morning. as the run rose what a beautiful day. a chilly day. none, to say the very least. we climb to a high of 30 today. a low of 23 back in work on monday on 37. elsewhere, it's chilly across
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the country. if you want heat head to miami. a cold day in terms of weather, really our focus is across new mexico. snow came down heavily. we are talking being several inches of snow last night. take a look at the visibility. very poor, awful road conditions. it was just very bad last night, and you can see this car stuck on the roadways last night. back to the map, this is what we are concerned about, freezing rain along i-40, along i-20, i-30 in oklahoma city. if you are traveling, please use precaution. >> next, on al jazeera america, a holy relic of the catholic church for the first time. start with one issue. add guests from all sides of the
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debate and a host. ask the tough questions. you will get the inside story. ray suarez hosts inside stories, only on al jazeera america. power of the people until we restore our fr
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>> welcome back to al jazeera
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america. i am richelle carey. let's look at the headlights. a light-night agreement seals a 6-month deal to limit iran's nuclear program. critics attacking the plan saying iran could followed in the steps of north korea. afghanistan's council of elders approves troops in the region after 2014. hamid karzai says he will not sign it until after the country's election. for the first time ever, the vatican plans to put bones believed to be of saint peter on sdpai. they were discovered under saint peter's church in the 1940s. they have been kept in an urn in the pope's private chapel. pope francis prayed over these bones. the vatican's year-long celebration. thank you for watching avshingsz america. i am richelle carey. al-jazerra
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i am richelle carey. the global news media. this time, we're doing something different. we're going to talk about a man who coined a phrase we often repeat but seldom stop to explain. you may have never heard of marshall mcluhan, a canadian professor of literature turned high priest of media theory, but you're probably familiar with his most widely quoted adage - 'the medium is the message'. in the 1960s, long before anybody had a facebook page, posted their whereabouts on twitter, uploaded images on youtube or exposed government secron


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