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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 24, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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check check check >> hello welcome to al jazeera america, i'm jonathan betz live in new york. >> u.s. defend the iran nuclear agreement. president obama tries to calm israel after their prime minister calls a mistake. polls close in honduras - right now a tight race with no winner. >> afghan president refuses to give his okay to the elders agreement to keep american sold yours through. and a storm pushing through
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the east coast of america. >> the world's reaction to the iran nuclear deal is mixed - from distrust in congress to l kel -- celebrations in iran. hundreds of cheering supporters welcomed home the foreign minister, calling him the ambassador of peace. libby casey joins us from washington d.c. with the latest. what's the reaction been like on capitol hill. >> just as it has been globally. it's mixed with vocal critics voicing concerns that iran would see this as a loosening of sanctions, without making sacrifices and would take advantage of this moment. those supporting president obama, and the diplomatic efforts say it's a landmark
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moment that had to be reached. the next six months will be revealing. secretary of state john kerry says the 6-month agreement buys time to hammer out a comprehensive deal that will roll back the program, not just halt it. >> now the hard part begins, the evidence to get the comprehensive agreement, requiring enormous steps in terms of verification, transparency. we know this. we will work together, and start today. we'll continue the effort out of geneva. >> secretary of state john kerry, a long-time veteran of the u.s. senate anticipated push-back from lawmakers who didn't have a seat at the table, and who are weighing their open legislation. >> i would caution the president from overselling the deal. it is not a full dismantling of
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the program. that would be an historical deal. when friends and allies are in the region opposed to it. i would caution. >> house speaker john boehner says the deal is met with healthy skepticism. both the white house and congress want a deal barring iran from creating a nuclear weapon. the question is whether that goal will be achieved. as diplomacy is pursued the threat of america's military must be in play. >> our policy is that iran should not have a nuclear arms capability. that continues to be the poly. the military option as scrair said is on the table and needs to be on the table. we need to make sure iran does
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not move forward. it's a marginal improvement. >> a freeze is not enough for two democrats who put out statements saying they expect the senate to put forward sanctions next month. >> senators are bob menened ez senate of the foreign relations committee and chuck shooumer. they have concerns over iran's right to enrich. should it be allowed to have that. that's a key question the iran, u.s. and other countries - different opinions. >> is it possible congress could impose more sanctions on iran. >> the house passed sanctions in july. the senate didn't take it out, president obama asking for them to wait to see how this played out. we saw conversations as to
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whether the senate should come in and address the question of sanctions. they'd like to put sanctions on the table, vote on that. if iran does not live up to the pledges it made, sanctions would kick in. this is seen as a tool. a bit of a club to make sure that iran keeps true to the agreements hammered out in geneva. >> thank you libby casey. >> in iran crowds cheered the news of a deal. hundreds greeted negotiators as they arrived home. more from the reaction from tehran. >> is it a good or bad deal? it depend who you speak to in iran. most agree any deal is worth it. iranians what results. >> it's shameful the u.s. glams to be concerned about human rights. if a government is against ner why punish people for it.
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they hurt us for 34 years. >> under the deal. the p5+1 agreed to suspend limited sanctions, allow the purchase of iranian oil up to 100 million barrels a day, helping in the medical field. >> after lifting the anxiouses people can buy things easier because prices will go down and people would not be under pressure. i have children abroad studying. i should send money to them. the price of u.s. currency dropped. >> the deal will provide $7 billion in sanction relief, it's not much compared to what iran lost. $80 billion in oil alone since the start of last year. >> if in the coming months united states tries to cheat iran or twist the deal in a way
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in which it makes it hurtful, that could hurt the deal. if pleasing iran is a task, it may not happen. the president is not the only one pleased with the talks. the supreme leader is too. ayatollah khamenei's voice is the most important here when it comes to foreign policy. he applauded the talks and the negotiating team. it may be his joys that is the only thing that can silence hardliners and giving this a chance of succeeding. >> we'll talk to two exerts in the week ahead segment later. >> four years after a coup
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ousted a honduras leader his wife is looking to take over. people in honduras are desperate for change, with a fragile economy and rising violence. >> al jazeera correspondent jones us live on the phone. are we closer to hear the results of the election? >> officially the tribunal came out and said they won't have official results until 9:00 pm local. that's 10am on the east coast. we don't have essential results, but we have exit polling coming out. we have to be careful of numbers coming from honduras exit polls, they show that the national party candidate, juan orlando hernandez is leading xiomara castro del zelaya, the former first lady by six points - these are exit poll, not final
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results. they were released 7:00 pm local 8 o'clock east coast. the electoral tribunal will release results at 9:00 pm local, 10:00 pm on the east coast. >> many people assume that s. >> -- seamoro. >> the last polls showed that they were neck and neck. but the results are stronger showing. it's not clear where this will go. i'd like to point out that the libre party are on the pr offensive. her husband is about to speak to the media. they'll have their version of what happened. they have their own polling. they'll try to get some of the momentum back in that meeting, surely, because we won't know
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until 9:00 pm local what really are the projections from the official results. >> can you talk about how the election process is going. have we violence? does it seem to be a fair election process? >> according to the top election observer with the organization, what he witnessed and volunteered witness was a clean vote. it was calm and tranquil, as he said. we are not hearing reports of political violence, of some tricks at the polls, but it's early days. we may hear reports later. it's a small country. information doesn't always travel as fast here as in other places in the world. >> with the race so tight is there concern there may be violence after the results are announced. >> there's concern that there might be some sort of division, some sort of disagreement
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because these parties have been polling closely for so long. we may see that members of parties disagree with that. they may call the members to show support for the point of view. we can't say we are predicting violence. we don't have any sense to do that. we have seen an orderly election. we'll have a lot of disagreement of the numbers throughout the evening and on monday. >> it is a big night in honduras, without question. in pakistan protests intensified against american drone strikes. for two days protesters have blocked nato supply routes into afghanistan. trucks were searched and drivers roughed up. the latest drone attack killed
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six on friday. egypt requires demonstrators to have police permission to gather. officers have the right to use force. it was called a blow to political freedom. turning to afghanistan - tribal leaders voted to keep american soldiers in the country beyond 2014, when nato forces are set to leave. in a twist hamid karzai now says he needs more time to sign the agreement. we explain why. >> this was meant to be a day of agreement. many left, feeling more confused than ever. the loya jirga, a gatsering of afghan representatives was overwhelmingly in favour of the security pact in the u.s. and want it signed immediately. that was in reference to president hamid karzai's announcement thursday that he won't sign the deal until after elections. on sunday he stuck to his position that he needed more
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time to get a better deal from washington. that didn't satisfy the head of the jirga and the drama on stage played out live on tv. >> translation: i want to repeat aga aamericans a -- again americans cannot go into a house. they can't go into our houses. it's not a case of them sitting in their bases and then we have a war in our country. this is historical. >> translation: whatever the president is saying is right. americans do not have any right to enter afghan houses. they have given that in writing and promised. a super power cannot break their promise. if they do, we are ready to protest. >> translation: sir, no protests. terminating the bilateral - they have to promise they are not
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killing afghans in their houses. they have to do that. >> translation: okay, all right. then sign this. >> translation: if they break the promise, we know what to do. trance >> translation: no, sign it, if you don't sign it we'll be upset and leave. sign it so we settle the issue. >> hamid karzai's opposition says it's about control of the elections. >> it's not about the articles in the bilateral agreement, including security or jurisdiction. he mentioned part of it in his inauguration speech. he linked the sing of the bilateral elections.
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>> he believes hamid karzai wants americans to support a nomination of his choosing. hamid karzai's moves put him in the lead on this security pact for some time yet. a large winter storm is rolling through the south and west sparking winter storm warnings. half an inch of snow in oklahoma. sleet and rain causing accidents for people trying to get an early start. >> a similar story in texas. 300 flights were cancelled at dallas, fort worth. people told to call ahead if flying into or out of that area. >> the north-east - 4-5 centimetres of snow covering areas south of buffalo tonight. . arctic air blasting through
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parts of the northern area, the great lakes. we have all the snow and the gusty winds. it was the winds that brought the powerful wind gust and damage into parts of the north-east. early this morning wind gusts 40-50 miles per hour brought in all the reports and damage. around new york, up towards parts of vermont and connecticut - trees down, powerlines down and a cold win. we move on from this, looking at what it feels like outside - this is basically taking your wind speeds and the gusts, factoring them in to where the temperatures are. arctic wind feels like it's below zero. texas and oklahoma - we are getting the ice and freezing rain. it's a little more spotty. through the day tomorrow, the showers will track, continuing through parts of central texas and an area moving up into
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arkansas. >> they are the spots with ice areas. ice is accumulating across arkansas, and parts of tennessee as the storm system moves up the east coast. it will drop areas of freezing rain and across the carolinas. further inland, the closer to the atlantic the warmer the area will be. it will moderate the temperatures. as we work into wednesday, it's looking like it will be more heavy rain at times along the east coast. further inland we have the risk of ice accumulating. we'll keep monitoring the forecast, showing you what the probabilities are and how they change thought the day. >> american veterans are returning from the battlefields with dreams of opening their own business. still ahead - details on a loan
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to get them started. plus electric cars are king of the road in a texas neighbourhood. what is believed to be the most energy efficient street in the country - next.
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o o s ssses
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welcome back. as the war in afghanistan winds down, thousands of american soldiers will return home, looking for work. skills on the battlefield don't always work in the office. some veterans are taking range of low-interest loans to start their own business. morgan radford has more. >> with days left. employees are in high gear, melting, decorating and packing up goodies to send to customers across the country. >> i worked since i was four. >> joe took over the business from his father, a former broker
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at jpmorgan. they have something else in common. both are veterans. >> i was in the second armoured calvary. >> joe attended west point. he spent two years in iraq. he always knew he wanted to take over the family business. he didn't have the golden ticket. >> it costs about $300,000 to open a chocolate store with the inventory and the liability insurances and machinery and getting everything up and going. a lot of vets don't have that saved. >> major whaly found vet loan advantage. it offers commercial real estate loans with long-term low interest rates, rates that most commercial banks can't compete with. more then 7,000 loans worth
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4.8 million were given to veterans. the goal to increase lending by 5% every year for five years. the unemployment rate for post 9/11 vaet rans was 10%, leaving 246,000 out of the work. >> leadership, understanding of operational excellence. self-discipline, adapting to changing circumstances. those are skills learnt in the military, leading to success as a small business owner. the 20 year fixed rate low-interest loan provide working capital that whaly couldn't have gotten at a bank. >> this machine is the machine that the $50,000 loan that new york pvc got me for being a veteran. into what's more, vets seem to hire vets. with an $850,000 loan chocolate
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works expanded to three retail stores with 23 employees, and they told 23 fran clchises and plans to take another loan to keep expanding. >> ross is here with the sport. big upset in college basketball. we'll go freaking with the louisville cardinals. they won 22 straight games. carlo linea pulled off an upupset. marcus with a career high. the tar hills handing cards a first lose. 93-84 the final. cardinals deal to term with
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peroso. he was suspended for 50 games. the cards decided to give him a 4-year deal worth $52 mill yog. he's a proven power hitting short stop. >> it was a family affair in st louis, the rams, chris long faced kyle long who played for the bears. those are howie long's kids. boys being boys. chris went after his younger brother. chris tried to break things up. big brother had the last laugh. chris long and the rams won it. >> we'll have more on the busy day in the nfl, including a comeback by the san diego superchargers. >> see you then. >> texas community claims to be an energy efficient in the world - heating, lighting and cars in austin powered by alternative energy.
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andy gallagher has more. >> this doesn't look like a revolutionary neighbourhood, but the peakan street project drastically aims to change the way we live. changes that residents are aware of. >> half of our energy costs are covered by solar panels. >> he moved here and says his commitment to the environmental goes beyond the financial. >> i say it's not about saving money, but the planet. >> we like that we are less of a burden on the infrastructure of the world. >> pekin street is about more than cheeper utility bills. information from these homes is gathered in mine ute detail. it has the potential to change the way we use energy. it's called big data and terabytes of information are processed to understand how
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residents use and abuse energy. it's that push that makes this a smart grid. without willing participants it's little more than an active exercise. >> if you have a revolution, you may want to invite the people. if we are going to change the way energy is used and viewed in this country, we'll have to make it innocentliable for people. >> pekin street managed to find plenty of volunteers and the community is expanding. for some it's a change that can't come soon enough. >> sometimes you are accused of being the tree hugger. it's nice to have a tree to hug. come and join us. it's frustrating that you have to buck the system to do the right thing. >> pekin street is an experiment a study in how things could look in years to cox. these beyond the project believe
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they are building a foundation for the future. >> clean and green. there's more ahead, including a controversial diplomatic deal on iran's nuclear program. can iran be trusted. we talk about that next. and the incoming mayor decides the fate of the stop and frisk. how one man is fighting it in the classroom.
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. welcome back to jom al jazeera america, i'm jonathan betz with the top storesies. nasty weather sparks warnings in the south and west. half an inch of snow in oklahoma causing accidents for people getting a start on thanksgiving trips. extensive flight delays in texas. polls are closed in honduras's elections, initial results expected soon, but are likely to be disputed. looks to be a tight race. front runners are juan orlando
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hernandez from the ruling party and xiomara castro del zelaya. >> tribal leaders in afghanistan vote to keep american soldiers behind 2014, when nato is set to leave. hamid karzai is refusing to sign the agreement until after next year's presidential election in april. >> it is sunday night, time to a look at the week ahead. iran's nuclear deal will dominate discussions in the u.s. and overseas. we talk to expert guests. patty culhane explains, first, the terms of this agreement. >> the handshakes and hugs marking the agreement headed for the history books. the spin begins as each side claims victory. >> translation: it has been written clearly in the text of this agreement that iran will continue the enrichment. i announce that will continue in the same way as before. >> the agreement says iran will
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continue to enrich uranium as it has been, but only up to 5%, in exchange for $7 billion in sanctions relief. the agreements spell out the end goal of future talks, that iran will have a right to nuclear energy. john kerry went out of his way to stress it doesn't mean what it south like. >> any country has the right to a peaceful nuclear program, that there is the right. but a peaceful nuclear progran does not mean you have the right to enrich. >> his words to calm the fears and anger of israel. benyamin netanyahu outraged. he want iran stripped of nuclear capability. >> israel is not bound by this agreement. we cannot and will not allow a regime that calls for the destruction of israel to obtain the means to achieve this goal.
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we will not allow iran to have a nuclear weapons capability. >> his allies in the u.s. congress expressing out rage, promising they may pass sanctions on iran even if the president will not. >> you'll see a bipartisan effort to make sure this is not the final agreement. people know this administration is strong on announcelets, long on announcements, but short on follow through. >> allies and members of congress shout out of the first negotiations vow it will not happen again. they want demands met even if they don't have a seat at the table. >> as patty noted iran's nuclear deal is getting pushed back from capitol hill. president obama urged congress not to impose sanctions on iran. internationally we are waiting to see if the agreement will get
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support from other counties, benyamin netanyahu calls it an historic mistake. hassan rouhani in iran has to sell the plan to his own people and hardliners opposing any cooperation with the west. >> a former iranian presidential candidate joins us, and an assistant secretary of state overseeing middle east policy during the regan administration. >> ambassador, what were your thoughts when you realised that after decades of a stalemate, that the united states reached a deal with iran? >> well, it's taken a first step with iran. the deal that was publicised is a good first step, i think. it sort of outlines a lot of work that has do be done in the next several months, six months, in order to get started on a comprehensive solution with all problems connected with the
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program. >> you're optimistic that iran will tollo through. >> i don't think they will have gone this far without seriousness on their part to follow through. they have their critics as the statement said, before we started, within iran. we have a good many critics in the states. and certainly in israel and saudi arabia you have critics saying the americans have to do something stupid. i go back to what j.f.k. said. never be afraid to negotiate. >> you've been involved with iranian poll sticks. do you know iran is serious, it does not want a nuclear weaponism. >> i don't think iran wants a nuclear weapon. it certainly wants a peaceful nuclear energy. i think they also at the same time made a mistake way earlier
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to even commit themselves to this technology and process. >> why do you say that was a mistake. >> i think iran should have known the revolutionary government could not do what it is doing - against the u.s., israel. there's no relationship. it was tough. i think the public underestimated the resistance from our side to its nuclear technology development. >> do you think when they start the program they had the intention of creating nuclear weapons. >> no, i think they wanted nuclear energy. they didn't thing this much resistance would exist. they think it would be an easy thing to do. this was the right within the mtv. there was no problem. this particular technology is not like building a car.
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this is a serious technology, and that - there is all kinds of use for it, and the u.s. and israel and others who are not friendly with iran will not just simply sit back and say okay, you build the technology as if you are building cars. >> do you see it the same way. do you think iran is serious when it says it does not want a nuclear weapon. >> i don't think it needs one. the supreme guide said repeatedly it would be anti-islamic to have such weapons. i take that as a sincere statement. >> what do you think will happen over the next six months. do you think iran will go further in dismantling its nuclear program. >> it's already been mapped out, the movement to stop the progress at the iraq reactor to start getting rid of the 20%
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enriched uranium that they have, and to accept the caps that we talked about in geneva. >> the big question is do you think that iran can be trusted. >> i'll go back. >> we'll give you a chance. >> we tried a lack of diplomacy with iran. now is a good moment. >> a promising first step. do you think iran can be trusted, that they can continue forward, giving the united states more concessions? >> i am not sure of more concessions. i know that you can trust this government. i mean, let me put it this way. in iran you have two levels of administration. the revolutionary level, controlled by ayatollah khamenei, the revolutionary man with his revolutionary guard and everything else, and then you have executive branch where mr hassan rouhani is president of and mr mohammad javad zarif
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is foreign minister of. the level of administration has two different views of international revelations with the u.s. with israel and so on. the group that is in the forefront of this movement to basically dismantle much of iran's nuclear program is obviously at the executive level, not at the top. >> my big question for you is they need to do more dismantling. do you think iran will do it, because it's a short-term deal? >> no, i think iran is looking for a symbolic nuclear technology, and enrichment process. as i said - remember this, iran has put billions and billions of dollars on - in this - you know facility. believe me, iran must have built is 100 bombs, each costing $5 billion plus.
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it's a huge one. they don't know what to do with the investment. >> i want to play sound from president president obama. he's obviously trying to cool temperatures, let's listen in. >> ultimately only diplomacy can bring about a durable solution to the challenge posed. as president and commander-in-chief i will do what is necessary to prevent iran obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> ambassador, do you feel like president obama is - has a tough road ahead of him? >> sure. >> explain how? >> well, the mistrust on both sides is very longstanding with 30 years more - 34 years have gone by, that's as long as i spend in the u.s. government. that's a long time for me. but certain patterns of thought have taken root.
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we are going to demand that there's good faith movement on their part and they on their part will say, "what's coming to us?" the president last night and the fact sheet out of the white house emphasiseded great gains we expected to be made. they will demand evidence that we are ready to move on lifting sanctions down the road. >> when israel says it's a historic mistake, do they not have a point? >> no, we have a lot to gain, and israel has a lot to gain if there's a health relationship. >> i think the ambassador is right. iran has given up a lot. i mean, it is... >> have they, a lot say they haven't. >> the enrichment is making the
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centrifuges one-fifth and one-third >> but they can enrich uranium in small doses. >> but they will never be enough... >> to make a bomb? >> even fuel nuclear reactors for energy purpose since that is the problem. iran's nuclear technology has been reduced in this deal goes to something i call really nom nal or symbolic. in return, iran is getting what? iran is getting $7 million-$$8 million in terms of sanctions. it's peanuts. for a country like iran it's e peanuts. iran's economy is huge. what iran is getting in return for what it is getting, honest,
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is very little. very little. this is a great deal for american, a great deal for israel. if i was israel i would take it and make sure it gets implemented. that's what israel has to do. that it gets implemented. >> why is israel so outspoken against us. what does it have to gain by complaining at this point. >> i think it's had good reason to be nervous about iran. the statements out of iranian leadership has been very harsh and hostile. personally i don't think iran had the intention to launch a war against israel to use a nuclear bomb. >> despite everything they said. the hostility. is it worth risking that. urksz i think it's time for the israelis to support testing, pushing to get the implementation of the agreement. the other road is so negative
8:43 pm
to - which could end up in another regional war. we don't need it israel don't need it. >> it's an historic first step. richard murrie, and ambassador thank you for being in. >> it's a busy nfl sunday. all the halts next.
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. welcome back. new york city's controversial stop and frisk is making headlines again. one man says he's been subjected to the policy twice, he's taking action.
8:46 pm
caitlan ford caught up with him. >> for days after being stopped by police in his brooklyn neighbourhood, this man felt powerless. >> they basically jumped out of the car, four larm officers, were yelling, "get on the wall", and to me it was very bizarre experience because i hadn't done anything, if i didn't have id or produce it, i would be going to gaol. they said to me, "next time a cop tells you to do something, you do it." i remember that ringing in my ear. >> the experience changed him. >> i felt very frustrated, i was angry. i really - you know, i didn't know what to do. i had pent-up frustration sitting inside. the best way to do something was to get involved in the community. >> he started to teach know your right workshops.
8:47 pm
the young people asked us not to show their faces. >> you have to take control of situation by asking, "am i being stopped? am i being arrested", >> stop and frisk allows an officer to stop and check a person they believe has committed a crime or is about to commit a crime. >> according to nypz half a million from stop and frisk in 12. only one in 10 was arrested or summoned to court. the rest were released without charges. >> a survey of the public school classroom shows the experience was nothing new. >> who in this room has been stopped by police officers? >> it happened in my freshman year. when i came to the school we had half days. we used to get out early, i would stop and i searched my
8:48 pm
book. i didn't know what to do at this time. >> the workshop focuses on teaching teams, without making the situation worse. >> by stating clearly look, i understand you're asking questions. i don't consent to you searching or questioning me. what you are doing is letting me know there's a limit to how far this will go. >> when he has asserted his rights. police let him go on his way. how long the stop and frisk will last is unclear. it was ruled unconstitutional. but was over turned. >> alice waters is getting involved in the school lunch fight, saying children need healthier options and schools need to get out of the fast-food culture. here is bit of the conversation
8:49 pm
with david shuster. >> in my plan it would look like a stimulus plan. you would put the money to the buying of food, and educating children. right in the public school system with a criteria for the buying. when you did that you'd give the money directly to local people that were farming. that would be the first thing. then the parents wouldn't have to worry what their children were reading in school. then, of course, the children would grow up with a different set of fall use. >> what do you say to those people that say it sounds great, but it sounds like a nanny state, that the government knows better than individual families, and it's their responsibility to teach kids what to pick and choose from their school
8:50 pm
lunches. >> i think the fast food culture is what has been educating everyone. it's difficult to get out of that prison, if you will, of fast food culture. i mean, they have told us food should be fast, cheap and easy. that's not the case. >> you can watch the rest of that conversation 10:00 pm eastern here an al jazeera america. >> ross is back with the big wrap up from sunday in the nfl. >> time to cowboy up. cowboys against the giants in a showdown. both teams trying to prove they are play-off contenders. they don't care for one another. both teams needed to keep pace.
8:51 pm
looky here. victor cruz, stripped, mugged into jeff heats. rumbling 50 yards to give dallas a 7-0 lead. in the third tony romal with a touchdown 199 - do i hear 200? yes. cowboys in control. up 21-6. eli manning buying time. me finds louis murray. giants 2-point conversion tying it up. tony roma connecting on two critical tries. roma was jacked. we have a shot of dan bailey from 35 yards out. how about them cowboys, they win 24-21. they are tied for first with the eagles. as for the giants, they drop to four and seven. >> our mind says we have to win
8:52 pm
five. we have five left. we have to win every one. that's the only way to get a chance. we don't know if it will be good enough. it's the only way. next we have washington. we have to go there and find a way to win. >> we lost a game. we were excited about winning, it's gone. >> indianapolis - some weeks they look unstoppable other weeks they are terrible. the cardinals defense harassed. >> int in for the team. cardinals coach gets revenge against his old team. >> all right. i love it when caro linea nujent
8:53 pm
does the superman celebration. winners of six straight games. cam, cox and to mike wallace, hauling it in for the 53 yard connection. cam and the panthers would rally back. superman is in the building. scampering in for the score. panthers down 16-13, with under a minute to go. cam newton on third, hitting greg ol sop. panthers win a thriller. >> i think again offence was not always the smartest bump. we do silly things. these guys, they came out in the second half. they are resilient. the offensive line pulling it
8:54 pm
together. gave us time. we were able to run the ball. it gave us a chance to win. there were eight changes between the chief and charges. in the fourth san diego philip rivers. green - he sees a lot of green in front of him. doo san diego back on top. casey retakes a lead 38-34, kansas si - cry me a river - philip rivers hooks up. rivers through for 392 yards, and three touch downs. they go on to win. 41-38. casey dropped two straight games. a rematch against pace and manning and the broncos. >> it was a tough loss,
8:55 pm
obviously, a lot of points scored on both sides ending up with the ball. we didn't do enough as a team. it stings. it's all for naut. >> st louis rams. check out - the rookie changeses direction. he has kiddy up. olson is uber fast. rams with a lead. keep an eye on the spot shadow, going over kyle. they are busy getting into a fight. talk about brotherly love. that's how we long. chris breaks up the fight, tellingize brother what the heck are you thinking. that conversation at thanksgiving will be interested. mum is not happy. chris would go on to win with the rams 42-21. detroit getting a boogie on.
8:56 pm
>> later stamford to ped grew. he also threw four interceptions. detroit nursing a lead. in the fourth mike glennon guess up. how about those buckan ears losing the first eight games. three straight with a 24-21 victory. the nightcaps saving the best till last. >> the collosal showdown. >> rebecca has weather next.
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. we have areas of ice accumulating in central texas and oklahoma with freezing rain. reports of a quarter of an inch to half an inch of ice glazing over tree limbs, easily we can see powerlines and slippery roads. we are continuing to clean this in spots overnight. in fact, even if this starts to break up and fall apart in the area of southern oklahoma, we'll see an increase after midnight so we have been watching this specific area through the overnight hours, even into parts of arkansas river. you have to be careful of icing on the roads. black ice so dangerous, you hit it and you are spinning off the
8:59 pm
side. don't go faster than you would want to go right into a ditch. that's what i would say. do that if you are in the east, north east. 10s-20s. it's gold outside as arctic air pushes in. the winds may be easiering but the winter problems are not. temperatures - 40 in billings, mid 40s for billings, i swear you'll see drying weather but, in fact, much of the pacific north-west will have the weather. it will be winter like as this area of low pressure spinning counterclockwise around new mexico. that will move - mousture moving across arkansas. that's up the coast for our travel forecast - rain near the
9:00 pm
atlantic, inland snow this week. . >> i'm jonathan betz with the top stories. >> joy in iran although the world's reaction to the iran nuclear deal is mixed. the foreign minister welcomed being called the ambassador of peace. benyamin netanyahu called the deal historic mistake. after intense debate tribal leaders voted to keep american soldiers behind 2014, when nato forces are set to leave. president hamid karzai is refusing to s


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