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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 25, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>> this is al jazeera. welcome to the news hour, i'm sammy zadan in doha. these are the top stories. >> this is a mission of hope. >> it's time to talk. the u.n. sets a date for peace negotiations to end the fighting in syria. demonstrators storm government buildings in bangkok as antigovernment protests begin in thailand. militia in libya nine people
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are killed. >> i'm barbara sara in london with news from europe. thousands protests on the streets of ukraine. stepping into history, the chances to buy one of the original staircases from the eiffel tower. >> well, a date has been set now. international peace conference to end the fighting in syria is scheduled for january the 22nd. the u.n. hopes it will bring the syrian deposit to the negotiations table for the first time. this is how the u.n. secretary osecretarygeneral.
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>> the aspirations of all the syrian people, which guarantees safety and protection to all communities in syria. >> well, the u.n. ais arab leage lachtar brahimi: >> very important role in forming the delegation. but i have always said that the delegation has to be -- has to be credible and representative tiff aas possible. >> not all the people who want to come to geneva will be able to come. but they should know that this is not an event. this is a process. and in this process, i'm sure that everybody who wants to participate in rebuilding what i call the new republic of syria
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will be able to do so in the course of the process. >> van hoder is standing by for us in beirut the lebanese capital. thrashing out the details of those talks. so david what happens between now and january the 22nd? >> sammy the next most important date is december the 20th, when there will be another tripartite meeting like there was today. mediated by lachtar brahimi. this is the last planned meeting before the conference starts on january the 22nd and they have an awful lot to sort out. are iran and saudi arabia going to come to these talks? because they are so important players in this conflict. and diplomats here have been telling me that they might well attend. bull they'll attend as observers. they'll be in meetings around
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the actual peace negotiations. then there's also the question of who exactly is going to come from the opposition groups. the problem is, not those who want to come here won't be able to attend. the problem is those who don't want to come at all and refuse to attend. that is a huge problem for the dploaxghts to sort -- diplomats to sort out. and then of course there is the whole question of the syrian delegation, who is going to be part of that. will it have the power to make the concessions that are needed to make these peace talks a success as the u.n. secretary uy ban ki-moon said. this is an opportunity to stop a war that has dragged on for so long with such destruction, sammy. >> who comes and who doesn't come will determine whether or not geneva 2 will be a second,
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will it not? >> it most certainly will. this is as the secretary of state john kerry said, the best opportunity to actually form a transitional government which is part of the essential agreements in geneva 1. that's what they've got to try to do and they don't have much time to try to get that together. but i think setting a date like january the 22nd has meant that the whole diplomatic focus will now be on that date. this is the time when all the arm-twisting will go on both on the russian side as far as the syrian government is concerned and the american side as far as the opposition groups are concerned. but at the moment that mission of hope that ban ki-moon talked about is a forlorn hope. i think many of the diplomats are treading some difficult diplomatic waters. >> david, thank you so much from geneva, let's take it to the
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lebanese front, who might be joining the party on january the 22nd. what have we been hearing from some of the major factions on the ground in syria who actually have the guns? how do they feel about this? >> well, we managed to speak to a number of commanders in the islam ick front, a major groupingi,groups, will keep basr al-assad in power, the armed groups on the ground have set repeatedly time and time again, first of all the main opposition says does not represent him and second we don't want any sort of deal with the bashar government. this is the heart of the problem. these are the people who hold sway on the ground. these are the people with the guns. but at the end of the day, we have to remember something: the syrian conflict there are a
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number of players. not just the government and not just the opposition. both sides are supported by regional and international players. that's the key. they will influence the parties on the ground. we do know that the two main players, iran and saudi arabia, it's not clear if they will attend the conference. there is a long standing rivalry between these two countries. if they sit in geneva and agree on a solution to the syria crisis then these two powers hold sway on the actors on the ground. >> notwithstanding that happening, what does the syrian government think at the time be coming to geneva to do, negotiate the post-asset syria? >> definitely not sammy. the syrian government believes it's going to good evening not to hand over power. actually what does the geneva communique say?
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by multiple consent. -- in by mutual consent. we want bashar al-assad to hand over authority. well this is not what the regime thinks. in fact the foreign minister said, if we are coming to geneva and think we will hand them the keys to damascus they are dreaming. it is strong mill tailor, it has the upper hand, yes, it lost a few towns here and there but the control is still in the syrian government and more important, the government is particularly more stronger, iran being a major supporter of the syrian regime so very confident. it is not clear, we've heard syrian officials say time and time again, this is a decision the syrian people will take. we'll decide the future of our country. in fact president bashar al-assad has said, who will we talk to on the table? does this opposition actually control the ground, so a lot of
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obstacles ahead. but we have to be clear, the international community is determined to push forward. the u.n. announcing a date, making it very clear, they are going to push forward because they feel there is no other position. >> thank you very much. zena. introducing laws in bangkok as antigovernment demonstrators occupy government buildings. thousands have been demonstrate be for and against the government in bangkok and the biggest mass really since 2010. in a moment we'll hear from scott heidler, on the outskirts of the capital. but first veronica pedrosa. >> this is what's become of thailand command center for the economy.
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one of the most successful in the region. demonstrators occupied the finance ministry. they're from a loose coalition trying to force the government out. they went in, even though they were warned, police would try to take back control of the building. >> these are the biggest anti-government demonstrations in three years. some estimates place the crowd at around 70,000. others at several hundred thousand. soon, the crowds fanned out to several strategic locations. tv channels owned by the government and the military were targeted as were the police headquarters. bangkok governor's party supports the protests but he said he would try to keep the city moving smoothly. >> it is my duty and the duty of bangkok to -- to make life as normal as possible. >> nevertheless, there were tense moments through the day.
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a german journalist was beaten up by the crowd when one of the former mps at the rally pointed him out to be a political enemy. the protestors soon arrived at government house where the protesters holt control. this looks like a government under siege. the ministry of finance occupied by thousands of protesters as you can see and more and more keep pouring into the street. >> asked demonstrators not to occupy government buildings but the mood in the streets was unforgiving. surrounded by security guards, former deputy prime ministers, called on protestors to stay at the finance ministry overnight and take over more buildings. thousands more protestors joined the crowd when they heard about the occupation. it is yin lok sinimot's most
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dangerous protest so far. on the outskirts of bangkok. >> opposition protestors on the streets of bangkok even occupied some government offices, the pro-government supporters here, the red shirts are on a football stadium on the outskirts of bangkok. the support base is from the rural area so a lot of them came in on sunday, came to the stadium have spent the night monday evening just before sunset. more are still coming in. they say they want to stay here in this one location because they want to avoid any kind of is violence confrontation who support the opposition who are against this government. they are here to support the prime minister, yin luk. and her brother we have heard his name several times, he is in exile. they say they are going to stay
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in this stadium just as long as those protestors are on the streets of bangkok. there have been two explosions in the iraqi capital, at least 25 people have been killed and 35 others wounded. imran khan is on the line. >> the type of attack this evening although not rare, is unusual for baghdad. there are multiple bombings go off in suburban areas or in the outskirts. but such essential area is very unusual. that means that the bombers were able to get those parts car bombs through but a number of checkpoints there are a number of concerns there for the iraqi government already. now, nobody has claimed responsibility for this so far. but judging by the type attack
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and the neighborhood it's been in, it's likely that this would be an attack by al qaeda and its affiliates and one group certainly that may well be responsible, certainly responsible for most of these bombings calling itself the islamic state. talking earl your about syria, one of the reasons the bombings are taking place with such number here in baghdad is because the iraqi government here is very close to the iranian government, who in turn support the syrian government, so we're seeing a big movement of those armed troops from syria into iraq to try to put pressure on the iraqi government here. >> thanks so much, imran khan there. adolescent cases of hiv spike in subsaharan africa.
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till ahead: what's causing more cases in the 81. and in sport, england's go from bad to worse as one of the kid players flies home. be here for all the details. >> let's get some news from europe now. thousands of people have staged antigovernment protests in the cities of kiev in ukraine, key pablght with the european union. the president victor yenkovich insists it was forced by economic necessity. we're going to cross live to 96 spicer but shortly here is his report. >> the protestors wanted to take
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their case personally to the government. the police weren't taking any chances. and so the standoff turned into an impromptu rally with a happy weight speaker. vatali plechco pleading the case for closer european ties. >> more than 20 years, we had hope to make changes in our country. to be modern country. with good economy. with good laws. but nothing change. exactly the same time in another country, who has exactly the same star position, from czech republic, sloa va slovav republ. >> the government appears to be taking position against oirption leaders, rerouting their claims, for instance, the government was
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unable to former prime minister temeshenko. >> what our government is doing at the moment is horrible and we feel ashamed. that's why we're standing here to show them that we disagree and we ask to the values of the european union and i personally, uindianukraineian values. >> eastbound though government has announced it's giving up on signing the deal the foreign minister says he will attend the summit where it was to be signed on friday adding more confusion in the capitol where at night fall more and more people came to stand in the square after their day's work to say yes to europe. >> the latest now from life for us in the kiev. tell us what more do we know about this news that's broken in the past what, half hour or show, ushenko has started a
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hunger strike. >> timo shenko let it be known through her lawyer that she was going on an unlimited hunger strike, until from behind bars, seems to be setting the agenda here. she's already made it clear that she doesn't want her release from jail to be a condition for ukraine signing this association agreement. that was a condition that the european union was insisting upon because they saw her jailing as an example of political justice, an example of the current president trying to eliminate a political rival. in a statement today he said he was going to continue on the european path, that nobody could take away the european dream for
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the ukrainian people, he didn't talk at all about temoshenko, to protect jobs and pensions in this country, probably alluding to the russian pressure he's been under these past weeks. >> nick, thank you for that. earlier i spoke to dimitri babich who is a reporter, i asked him about the perspective going on in ukraine. >> the majority of russians think that ukraine should not burn its bridges with russia, not to buy ukraine from europe forever. the suggestion is that russia and ukraine form a common market and then be integrated into the european union together. it will not be able to compete on the european market if it
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goes by itself. >> do you think it's wise to have links to both east and west? >> free trade zone with eu that means the european goods would flood the russian market. the border is very porous. the eu members like with finland or with poland, even,to so basically the reason why russia was so opposed to ukraine's having a free trade zone with the eu was also largely economic. i think this problem could be solved if, indeed, eu representatives, ukrainian representatives and russian government set together and found a formula that would solve the problem. but unfortunately this is not feasible now politically, because the eu since 2003
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insists that it's either us or russia. ukraine has to choose. that's primarily the message from the eu commissioners, only later it was only the message from russia. it is either us or the eu in the short perspective. >> the uk is going to cap the cost of short term high interest loans, the so-called payday loans. with prices rising faster than wages, many find themselves at a credit limit or too late to have banks loan them money. the popular borrowing option online, katherine stansel has more. >> they target the most vulnerable people, payday loan companies that offer a financial fix at steep prices. shorm term lenders have seen their business rise but the government wants to curb their interest rates to help payday
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loan customers from getting into severe debt. >> the whole idea scarce me a fair bit. it's on every street, on the internet, takes 30 minutes or so to get an agreement for a loan of 5 grand or something. seems to be open to anybody. >> companies like wonga and quick quid have been flourishing with some banks charging up to 550% a year. >> i might find it difficult to make ends meet until my next paycheck so i would apply for yet another loan and so begins the vicious cycle of high-cost borrowing. >> consumer groups welcome the government's decision to curb interest rates. >> with an overall cap of the cost of taking out a payday loan is definitely a positive step. be clear this needs to be wider than just the interest rate on the loan but also to cover the
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fees and charges as well. >> as a whole the payday loan industry in britain is estimated over $3.2 billion between 2011 and 2012. that corresponds to more than 7.4 million loans. curbing interest rates is not a new idea. 14 members of the european union have some form of a cap on interest rates. other countries have a lot in place making it illegal to exploit the financially disadvantaged. payday lenders have opposed the limit, they say it will negatively affect the ability of credit for those who need it. >> we already voluntarily cap the number of times you can extend the loan and there is a cap on the fees and interest for people in financial difficulty. >> the new law is expected to come into effect next year. the first step in easing the pressure on those who feel they have no choice but to use short term lenders to pay their bills. katherine stansill london.
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>> let's go back to doha. >> thanks so much barbara. many. the number living with hiv in subsaharan africa has doubled. two million between the ages of 10 and 19 are living with hiv. the majority are young women. between 2005 and 2012, hiv-related deaths among adolescents rose by 50%, even though global numbers of hiv-related deaths fell by 30%. the report says the increase is because young people are not given priority in national hiv plans, there is inadequate accessible treatment and a lack of support, it says. it also estimates that in the 15 to 24 age bracket only 20% of young men and 15% of young women know their hiv status.
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gottfreiz hernshell joingll jois live from new york. good to have you with us. the good reason is why have adolescents been left out of national hiv policies? >> well, indeed as you said, they are vulnerable to hiv infections for various reasons. hasn't been given priority to hiv adolescents, a number of factors in many parts of the world that make them more vulnerable. one of them in subsa heisaharana that are very vulnerable, there are men who have sex with men, transgender women in many parts of the world and there are also
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young people, adolescents, that undergo sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. these are the factors that increase the risk and vulnerability for these young people. >> for all these reasons and more it seems obvious to me that the age group 15 to 24yeerlsz 24-year-olds, what's gone wrong with national policies that they just haven't seen the importance of targeting that age group? >> well, i think there has been a lot of attention on adults and there's also been, which is very positive, increasing emphasis on pediatric infections and avoiding mother to child transmission and we have seen very positive trends in addressing these age groups. specifically we have seen a very substantial reduction of children who get i in in facted
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through mother to child transmission. we have seen a number of lifesaving treatments. but this childhood to adulthood wasn't sufficiently addressed. that's why for world aids day launching for the first time these guidelines for testing and counseling treatment and care for adolescents with hiv. >> all right, now subsaharan africa isn't the easiest place in the world to launch a health care program. what can be done to bring those rates down? >> well, clearly again for adolescents what needs to happen is that services need to be tailored to the needs of adolescents and often this is not the case. one example of a barrier that's been dreafd in the guidance -- addressed in the guidance is
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often peer guidance is needed for young people to get guidance. possibly, lower the age for where parental consent is needed. south africa to give you an example has just done that. and they are now allowing young people, aadolescents to get tested without parental consent at the age of 12 years. so increasing is trafficness of services, but looking at the laws that constitute additional barriers for accessing additional services. we are recommending ways of involving young people even in the design of the services. in providing peer support for young people. moving beyond, to community based organizations, all of these are ways of enhancing the likelihood that young people
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will get tested and if indeed they are hiv-positive can access treatment as needed. and that should obviously help to keep them healthy and alive but also as we know treatment is a good prevention measure to reduce the number of new infections. >> thanks for your input doctor. to claim victory there can only be one winner. still ahead this news hour, we'll be live in honduras which presidential candidate has edged out in front. and in sport, bad times for broobrooklyn. the latest news from the nba coming up.
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>> tell us exactly what is behind this story. >> from more sources around the world. >> the situation has intensified here at the border. >> start every morning, every day, 5am to 9 eastern with al jazeera america.
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(vo) al jazeera america we understand that every news story begins and ends with people. >> the efforts are focused on rescuing stranded residents. (vo) we pursue that story beyond the headline, past the spokesperson, to the streets. >> thousands of riot police deployed across the capitol. (vo) we put all of our global resources behind every story. >> it is a scene of utter devastation. (vo) and follow it no matter where it leads, all the way to you. al jazeera america. take a new look at news.
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>> welcome back. recap the headlines on al jazeera now. u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon is calling the syria peace talks a ray of hope. will take place on january 22nd.
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thailand's prime minister has called, the biggest since 2010. in ukraine police have clashed with demonstrators in the capital kiev for a second day. it follows the government's decision not to sign a trade deal with the european union after pressure from russia. returning to our top story now and the announcement of a date for proposed peace talks on ending the war in syria. getting the talks off the ground could prove very difficult though. there are a number of factors and groups that could scuffle the whoa process. -- whole process. what about bashar al-assad? the opposition syrian national congress says he shouldn't be involved. the is it just the snc, what is about islamic groups?
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how to involve iran is another question. it's not signed up to the geneva conference but backing through hezbollah fighters. how to stop in the first place and get everyone just around that negotiating table. i'm joined now live from washington by theodore katuf. good to have you with us. why has it been possible to set adate now, suddenly? have key powers like the u.s. russia perhaps even iran after sunday's agreement have they suddenly found a little bit more common ground over syria? >> well, the details will come out. but the russians i think having done sau assad in my opinion a t favor by having the chemical weapons removed from syria, given assad an insurance policy
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he's needed, to geneva. the u.s. and its friends of syria group probably found it much more difficult to get the snc to agree to come particularly since so many of the groups you mentioned, the islam ickic, the new islamic frt the nusra front have said oppose id it and will in the respect any decisions coming out of it. >> can you have a successful geneva 2 conference without participation or at least the blessing of those very groups you mentioned which let's not forget have the guns on the ground? >> i don't see how. and moreover, we have to recognize too that while assad may well send a delegation, he is not going to -- he and his family are not going to
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relinquish power as the opposition demands in any transition period. and i don't see the russians pushing him to relinquish power any time soon. >> so is it not possible that some deal can be worked out between world powers, maybe you know, you as russia let go of your backing for assad in the coming era in return for a focus on fighting groups that russia considers and iran considers to be threats to their interests and frankly what the u.s. calls at well terrorism. >> i think far down the road, that could actually be a scenario that might work. where the army would be allowed to stay largely intact but assad and his family in closest henchmen would leave and join -- they would then join with the opposition that was not calling for a califate in syria and
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iraq, to fight the most extreme elements that both russia and let's not kid ourselves the west never want to see come to power in syria. >> that's further down the road. what happens in the meantime? we supposedly got geneva talks going on in january. >> if they come off. and that's a big if, in my opinion. i cannot see them accomplishingful other than perhaps dealing with some of the more pressing humanitarian issues. i mean syria is a humanitarian disaster and all of its neighbors are suffering as well from ref refugee inflow and the like. getting help for places that haven't been receiving food and medical attention and the like, allow women and children to come out and get to a safer area. i think this is more for the
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prestige of russia, the united states, and the powers that went to geneva 1 to say, we're doing something, than it is a realistic plan to actually settle this conflict which i don't think can be settled right now. >> all right, thanks so much. theodore katuf there. former president is calling for his supporters to take to the streets. the rule party's candidate is in the lead, hernandez as the edge over xiomara castro. with more than half the votes counted. turnout is high for millions of honduranns voting. she's hoping to become the first female president of honduras,
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hernandez who backed the forced removal of the president in 2009 is promising more soldiers and more police on the street. honduras has the highest murder rate in the world. castro has promised more soldiers deployed to the borders to combat drug trafficking. adam rainey joins us live from the honore honduran capital, tegucigalpa. where is this going to go adam, to the street? >> well, the first choice that this campaign has is a recowcht. but as you just mentioned, manuel zolia, the former president who was ousted in a coup in 2009, he is holding a press conference and speaking for about the last half hour.
1:40 pm
he has said the tribunal has been manipulated, suggesting that the same people behind this manipulation is behind the coup. he has fiery comments he is saying at this press conference. he is saying this could have impacted hundreds of thousands of votes. if that was the case, that would be enough to swing an election of a country of 8 million people. whether these people will heed this call or not is really unclear. we haven't seen any protests here, well into monday, more than 15 hours after the election was held. we're not seeing protests yet. there are several hundred people in that room mainly supporters of zolia and his wife, xiomara castro. what he is saying, he doesn't have any faith in this supreme electoral tribunal, what he is saying is the only recourse they have is pressure. >> it sounds like a messy election, i wonder if that means
1:41 pm
a big role or continued big role for security forces in the country and in the state. >> well, if it goes down this path with juan he orlando hernaz being in control, his mantra is one soldier on every corner. they have positive things to say if these policy plans of juan orlando hernandez. this party is a much more conservative party than the libre party of xiomara castro and her husband. the organizations of american states and the u.s. ambassador have all said so far the process has been very clean here in honduras, i just wanted to point that out. >> what does it mean to the left if castro doesn't win?
1:42 pm
>> well, it's really not clear, because xiomara castro and her husband although they have become these very popular leftist let's call them leaders, they don't have a history of being part of this movement. a center right party by any international standards, when he was leading that party, leading the country, he started to introduce more social programs, wants to increase the minimum wage for many poor workers and that started to break some of his bonds with the business community and ended up aligning himself internationally with hugo chavez. we are not seeing a lot of support from the left and latin america. hearing nothing out of venezuela from nicholas madura, the president there, former president who passed away hugo
1:43 pm
chavez, was a big supporter. he put on twitter he tweeted that he had just received congratulations from daniel orteg ah a, a former revolution, we're not seeing a lot of love from the left for the zolia and castro family and not seeing much more than them calling people to protest here in honduras. >> thanks so much. adam rainey there. still to come, sport, head of the champions league clash against marseilles, details coming up.
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is damaged by ice, used to keep it cold during transit. but this device could .change all that. it's called the organ care system, or... heart in a box. it works by hooking up the heart to this machine. it pumps it full of warm blood, and a formula containing a proprietary mix of nutrients. >> it's warm, >> it's warm, it's beating... it's functioning, it's just functioning as if it's in your body. >> doctors are also seeing promising results, using the organ care system on other organs, such as lungs. >> for more information on this, and other techknow stories. visit our website at don't miss techknow, sundays 7:30et / 4:30pt on al jazeera america
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>> welcome back. the libyan army has launched an offensive in the eastern city of benghazi. >> libya's special forces move into an area of benghazi controlled by the armed group alsharia. stopped a man at a checkpoint and reportedly beat him up. that prompted government troops to retaliate. >> a group from ansa al sharia fired, we arrived from another location and we found them hiding in a house wearing military uniforms. there were dead people and others wounded including a young girl. >> the army warned people to stay at home but some residents
1:46 pm
were caught up in the fighting. the injured were taken to jala hospital. there's been an urgent appeal for blood donors, the government is struggling to contain the various militias that are controlling libya. it is forced to disband or join the army by the end of the year. >> we call on all sides to exercise strength and to opt for dialogue. we support the clearing of benghazi and other libyan cities of any armed presence and we also call on leaders to try and reach a state of calm and stability. >> after talks in london on sunday libya's prime minister said a great deal had been done to get rid of the militias. but this suggests a lot more work needs to be done. intafnt walker asebastian walke.
1:47 pm
sylvio berlusconi, new evidence proves that he didn't do anything wrong. the senate is due to vote in two days' time about whether he should be removed from office. now, how much would you pay for an iconic piece of pairsian history? well -- parissian history? well, someone has decided part of the eiffel tower ask worth a cool several million dollars. paul brennan reports. >> since its construction in 1889, more than 250 million visitors have climbed its staircases and risen in its lifts. it remains to this day the highest structure in paris, recognizable worldwide as the
1:48 pm
symbol of the french capital and a pioneering example of art and engineering combined. the chance to own an original section of the eiffel tower was something very special indeed. >> it was the invention of the iron structure so a lot of houses batiments have been made because of this structure. it was artistic l and engineered both. >> son-in-law on the landing below, a section of those same steps remains on display. halfway up the tower even today. but valuing such unique objects is always difficult. in october this year a violin reputedly played on the titanic went for $1.7 million on the auction. at the smaller end of the scale a small section of the berlin wall can be had for $50.
1:49 pm
a person bought portion of the london bridge and rebuilt it in his home. >> i think it is a very beautiful object because it is not just a part of the eiffel tower it is also a staircase, it is also sculpture. it is also wrought iron. this object is plenty of things. >> i wouldn't mind buying a piece of the eiffel tower because it has historical and sentimental value. >> other sections are on public display near the statute of liberty in new york and in the yoshi collection in japan. the new owner of this section has joined an exclusive club. >> painted this battle ship gray and slightly ruing at the edges this staircase doesn't really convey the full romance and majesty of the eiffel tower. but to look at it this way is sort of missing the point.
1:50 pm
because the magic of assenting and descenting these stairs is to know you are standing in the steps of gustav eiffel himself. forts back to sami -- now it's back to sami in doha. >> jonathan trants has left the touring squad due to a stress related illness. scoring just 10 and 9 runs add england slumped to a defeat. australian batsman, kay 3 of action, the english cricket ball, says he will take a break from cricket and take no further part on the tour. >> has been suffering from a
1:51 pm
stress-related condition for quite a while. he has always managed it very successfully and he's been a brilliant international batsman for england and hopefully will continue to be a brilliant and expansive batsman for gland. but he needs time away from this for a while. he needs time with his family. he needs time to reassess and spend some quiet time with his family. >> jonathan trot isn't the first high level sportsman to suffer from a stress related injury, or to pull out of tour for such a reason. marcus had to leave 2006 that eventually ended his international career. former.england footballer had the stress of alcohol, detained under the mental health act.
1:52 pm
darryl strawberry suffered for depression and drug addiction. spent time in prison for drug possession,. even contemplated suicide in 2004. well, sebastian vestil has been reflecting on his record breaking season, four time world champion brazil grand prix, and equaled one of his heros. sebastian vettel's dominant season ended with another victory but began u uncharacteristically, normal service was resumed with bell regaining the lead, a lead he wouldn't lose for the rest of the race. it gave him a ninth consecutive race win.
1:53 pm
a record equaled by ascari 16 years as. bested his hero michael shoemacher. >> since the summer break to win every race is unbelievable. the car has been phenomenal, just kept getting better. i think today was a very interesting race and obviously the last lapse very difficult with with the rains baw you could see it was coming, it was very difficult to judge but yeah for sure. extremely proud. >> the race also marked the end of vettel's team mate, the australian driver finished second. weber finishing with 9 wins and 250 starts. >> it was a very good finish with my career, with a good fight for a lot of folks i enjoyed during my career, sid,
1:54 pm
fernando, all in the window for the last five or six years. >> his replacement at red bull will be his compatriot ricardo. vettel no doubt planning for world title number 5. >> well on tuesday the pent ultimatpentultimateing match, hw familiar faces joining them in training. ahead of that match thierry henri, and a group that also includes last year's runners up dorfman. brooklyn nets poor nba season continues.
1:55 pm
their loss to the detroit pistons on sunday made it five defeats in a row. halfway to this game, nets players were being booed at the barkley center. final, 109 to 97. more on our website, check out that's it for this time. >> building full of hate shape the culture of india. some are close to collapse after decades of neglect. >> it's business as usual at the front door of ancient history. this was the summer palace of india's last emperor. local resident aru sharma has watched it lose its luster. >> people build their houses on top of it. other government has been more careful but the damage has
1:56 pm
already been done. >> zofir mahel is one of dozens of ancient sites in nu delhi but across the nation's capital small but important movements are underway, to save what's left. >> in search of space and inspiration, some local artists set up their studios within these ruins. that was about five years ago. it was followed by the redevelopment of hoscas village into april entertainment hub. >> whatever you are seeing around all these distortions and destruction happening in india is all because of corruption. >> tomb is one of new delhi's most historic tombs, everything is being restored using traditional techniques.
1:57 pm
>> to make this relevant local communities must benefit. >> what has already been deemed historically relevant is perhaps the easy part. every monument protected, many more go unnoticed. >> isn't a formal archaeological site, for instance, the court adin the old city is totally unprotected for the law and that's a very unusual situation. >> the patch this security guard patrols gets smaller every day. without a big conservation effort, this may crumble around him, according to modern india's redevelopment drive. >> that brings us to the end of this al jazeera news hour. but stay with us, we'll be back with another full bulletin of news coming up in just a couple
1:58 pm
of minutes.
1:59 pm
determining using some sort of subjective interpretation of their policy as to whether or not your particular report was actually abusive, because if it doesn't contain language that specifically threatens you directly or is targeted towards you specifically, they may not consider it abuse. they may consider it offensive. and in that case they just recommend that you block that person. >> i don't want to minimise this, because i mean, there's some really horrible things that are on line, and it's not - it's not just twitter, what has happened through social media and the anonymity of the net is that you see websites, hate-filled websites targetting all sorts of groups, popping up. there has been a huge number of
2:00 pm
those that exist as well. >> hello and welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories we're following for you. the deal with iran, israel wants to talk it over with the united states. a major wirpt storm headed towards the nation's busiest travel corridor at the worst possible time, thanksgiving.


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