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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 25, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> and this is al jazeera america live from new york city i'm tony harris with a look at today's top stories. >> new information just released on the deadly new town school shooting. >> growing anger over concessions made to restrain iran's nuclear program. a a deadly winter storm threatens holiday plans for millions of people. ♪ >> it has been nearly one year since a lone gunman walked into a elementary school and opened fire. now new details have been released from the massacre that
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left 2 20 school children dead. john what does the report reveal? >> the report was released within the last hour on the website of connecticut criminal justice division. it conclude a number of things. i put together a graphic of what i think are the three key points. beginning with the fact that accord being ting the to to ther the gunman actedded alone. there is the conclusion on the screen lanza acted alone. we are looking at the police response time on december 14th last year. according to the report the incident began at 9:30 in the morning at 9:35:39 the police received the first 911 call. the first officer was on the scene at sandy hook elementary school four minutes later. according to the report six
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minutes later the officers entered the building for the first time. and the report tells us in fewer than 1 11 minutes adam lanza had carry the out his murderous reign. that is the main conclusion of the report. we are hearing that for the first time from somebody in authority. >> and john does the report hint at a motive of the shooting. >> the report says there is no clear motive and the report goes on to say we may never know what the motive is. the report does reveal an interesting insight into the mind-set offe adam lan. a. lanza. he had mental issues and it's not clear on how much it impacted the crime. we know he had an oka obsessionh
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mass killing and the columbine mass shooting in colorado. >> he had owe had ahe had a vasf newspapers where the articles dealt with killing children. when they went to his house where he previously had killed his mother before driving to the school. there was a computer and it was smashed up. and there was questions whether the police would get information off the hard drive. they have been unable to get the information off the hard drive. and they have been up able to d- unable to do so in what has been a year. >> sanctions relief for curbing their nuclear program. some don't think iran will live up to it's end of the short term deal. president obama responded to kritdicit
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critics during a speech. it's not the right thing for our security. >> the european union says it could relax sanctions as early as next month. both sides have to reach a long term deal that is may we are talking about. here are the key points to the deal. iran will stop enriching u rainm to 5% and 22% uranium will be neutraneutralized and some are september keskeptical that irant live up to the bargain. that appearance by president obama in san francisco a few moaptsmoments ago is interestin. not only is the president on the west coast on a fund raising swing for the midterm elections in 2014 s. bu 2014, but he begag
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about iran he started off by saying i di have done what i sa. and it's an interesting context and frame of reference that the president used but you are right. it's a question of trust here in washington and another interesting aspect of that is when the president says tough talk might work politically. >> it's no not only domestic criticism i i he is facing. the president israel is continuing with his criticism and he calls this a horrible mistake. it's criticism in the united states and the threat of sanctions passed by congress has the whrows concerned. white house concerned. there is trust and north korea has duped the united states for years and that is what president obama spoke to minutes ago. >> if iran ceases this
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opportunity and chooses to join the global community then we can begin to chip away at the mistrust that has exited for many, many years between our two nations. northern of thanone of that is e easy. huge challenges remain. we cannot close the door on diplomacy. we cannot commitment ou ourselvs to an end else cycle of conflict. that is why they have been framing this as a six month easing of sanctions to see if iran is sincere. there are those in congress that are influential members that are not just republicans. bob corker is the top of the foreign relations committee and here is what he says about the deal. it looks like we agree they'll be enriching for commercial purpose down the road. i think you will see on capital
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a bipartisan issue. this administration is long on announcements but short on follow through. and i think there is a lot of concern. >> so president obama hosted the senators before the deal was pull oputwas onthe table harry t he wants to see sanctions strengthened but he will allow the six month grace period you mentioned may as the date the p 5 plus 1 is going to see if iran is sincere. it might be beneficial to keep the foot on the accelerator. appreciate it. mike viqueira from the white house. >> in the past 48 hours we have heard a lot about uranium enrichment and what does that mean and how does it slow iran's nuclear program.
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johnathajohnathan betz is here k it down. >> it starts were putting are uranium in a sen centrifuge andt is called enren enrichment. it's expensive and takes a lot of time and it's out of reach for many countries. iran has been working on it for decades. the deal allows them to enrich uranium but only in small doses. that is enough for nuclear power but not a bomb. iran had enriched a lot of uranium to 20%. that is close to having enough for a bomb and perhaps just even a few months away. iran has agreed to get rid of or dilute the stockpile. that sets them back by months
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but iran can keep the centre s e centrifuges. and as a reward for all of this, $7 billion worth of sanctions will be lifted. it keeps iran for the moment from getting closer to a bomb. >> johnathan, appreciate it, thank you. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been critical of the iran nuclear deal. he has called it a hi historic mistake. britain's foreign secretary has warned not to do anything to undermind the deal. we have more on the israeli reaction. nick, good to speak to you. first of all why is the israeli prime minister, give us some context on this, wh why is he
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calling this a historic mistake. >> tony this is interesting. the world the rest of the world is calling it a historic break through. the one country that is calling it a historic mistake is the u.s.' biggest ally in the region. israel has opposed iran for decades and has opposed this deal loudly even to the extent it's risking it's relationship with the u.s. to do so. for years iran has threatened to destroy israel. >> we cannot and will not allow regime that calls for the destruction of israel to achieve the means of this goal. we'll not allow iran to have a nuclear weapons capability. >> the deal signed in geneva h e
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iran has mis missiles that can h here and downtown jerusalem and outside of the pliment parliamet building it's unacceptable. america is safe at home. the first nuke is going to hit here. ninthehere. the. >> the sanctions are working. it's to redouble intelligence efforts and keep up the pressure. top israeli officals are flying to washington and the congressional allies are -- >> i have crafted legislation to hold the international community's feet to the fire over the next six months to ensure that this interim deal is not the norm. israeli goawe will not be able e
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greater inspection and greater knowledge and greater restrainltrestrainltd andrestra. >> israel is skeptical and it will do whatever it can to undermind a deal with a country that israel views as a mortal enemy. >> the one other reason that israel is so upset is that obama had secret talks in oman. obama did not tell israel about that and presented this deal as a done deal and that is one reason that not netanyahu has reacted so strongly. >> thanks so much, nick. >> today was the first day of trading after a deal was reached to curb iran's nuclear program. the stocks were up. the do dow is up 7 points today.
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it was up 40 points at one point during the day but lost ground as the day wore on. joining me from washington, d.c. it's patricia dejeniro good to see you, patricia. >> what do you in general think of the deal and the to and fr. froing of the deal and the other parts of the world namely israel. >> i think the deal was a break through it's high time we took time to get milestones in place and get some movement here. this is it a international deal most international players understand the stakese stakes ad here. it's better to have movement forward and to get iran to a place under which the guidelines
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of the non-pro life yaitio non-n agreement is basically structured and this deal gets them back to almost that place i think we should look at this as an opportunity for better stablity and better peace. and parties are talking which is much more sustainable than lobbing bombs at each other. >> let's look at the skepticism. do you think that iran will back out of the deal opposed to what it will gain in compliance. >> i think it will take less initiative. they have put in good per am pas and iran has said thoug they wod stop working on certain facilities and iraq is one of
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them and that is a greater concern to israel. they have stopped working period there now. they are going down to 5% and they have sanctions lifted from them they are positive movements. they want to move formed on -- forward on this. trust is an issue that has been very, very difficult for both parties since the early 70s based on mes american actions ad iranian action reactions to thoe actions. we have to understand that there are two paramedics paramedics pe mistrust full. getting the negotiations underway chips at that and gets us to moi move forward in a pose way. >> let me ask this. does israel believe to it's core
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that this is a historic mistake or is it playing a necessary role here of really holding iran's feet to the fire on this is there. the? i think iran is happy that the prime minister of israel is upset about this. it gives them a reason to have gained a little traction. that could be a positive for all of us around b and an initiativn to say hey we have made some movement. and despiet despietd what desp s have said. i don't think eye e iran i irant threat. they are very, very conservative. as a nation whole the israelis would like to move forward and
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understand they need to live in this neighborhood and figure outweighoutways to do that withg conassistanconstantly under thr. >> what do you think of the announcement and what is remotely possible over the talks. with syria? >> yeah with syria. >> we can get people at the table and it's the time to get both parties at the table and hash out things. i like the initiative there are no preconditions it givings people ream an room and get somh tempers going and get some issues on the table. >> it cuts out the al qaeda element or the terrorist element which we want to get cut out of these negotiations and limit their power and mitigate that and get the parties to move forward on some kind of is a semblance cease fire and lull in
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fighting and deciding what kind of govern governance structure y want to develop. assad is not going to give up easily. but again when we get to the table we can layout initiatives and layout milestones and layout our grievances. >> patricia thank you so much. >> boy i had to tell you this story. this is an important one over the next few days much of the country is already cleaning up the mess left behind by a major winter storm. it brought a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain to many states the winter weather has been blamed for a number o number of accidents. the storm is heading east and could, could really complicate
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the thanksgiving ge getaway. meteorologist dave warren is tracking all of this for us. he is here now with where we are now and the days ahead. >> what we are going to look at are temperatures. they will be key for the next few days. the storm will be developing across the gulf and moving up the east coast. the temperatures are the key now. they have climbed above freezing and now in little rock 34, and oklahoma city is it at 35° and still seeing a little mix here with the radar coming down. the area has shrunk quite a quit this is where the storm will intensify across the south. >> the temperatures are cold ahead of it but it's bringing up warm air. the rain-snow line is being pushed well inland. we sa can see that by the compur forecast here. this rain-snow area is over west virginia and parts of western
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virginia, but look at how the rain-snow line moves up it's intensify being and bringing warm air with it. rain-snow like in ohio and western pennsylvania and heavy rain tuesday evening and wednesday and there is rain and low clouds and steady rain will have a big impact on travel delays and along i-81 corridor we have winter weather with freezing rain this is tuesday and wednesday. zblerchltwe'll look at the thanksgiving forecast when we come back. >> the gues desperate search for survivors. to. >> a marine credited of saving a woman's life by breaking her fall. >> and a series of four indictments in the infamous
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sexual assault case in ste stubinville 450e high ohio tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story next only on al jazeera america
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>> new developments in connection with a hig ohio teene case. >> the attorney general announced four stubenville school employees have been charged. what do we know about these charges and who is being charg charged? >> well, tony, it's a stubenville school district
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superintendent high school princple and two coaches that have been indicted in this case. they face a long list of chargs including obstruction of justice and contributing to underaged drinking. >> these charges are of a result of a week's long investigation as to whether these adults knew the 2012 rape allegation involving two high school football players and a drunken 16-year-old girl. the ohio state attorney addressed the media and talked about the case and the importance of getting to the truth and those that new what happened accountable. >> the message from this grand jury of citizens of this food county is this. this community is rect rectifyie problems. this community is taking charge. this community is fixing things. this community is holding people
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accountable. >> this is a case that garnered national attention. there was a video and photo that surfaced on-line of this attack on this young lady. and there are those no the in te comowchbility thacommunity thate other people involved and they needed to be held accountable. these adults that have been charged in the latest case could face anywhere between a month in jail or years. >> thank you. sew. >> i have to at th tell you it't much. the do dow is finishing up anotr tick higher that is enough to set and all time high. and the nasdaq is across 4000 for the first time since thedot
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come highs of 2000. >> and the iran nuclear deal is pulling energy prices lower. oil is falling 7 7 5 cents just over 95 dlo 95. >> a barrel. and unleaded gag gasoline dropp. and that may mean an increased supply of crude. joining me now from chicago is kevin kerr he is a futures market ex-pert expert and presif kerr international. good to see you. >> what are your thoughts on the iran nuclear deal and how it may impact the oil and gas prices. >> tony, this is good news. it's moving in positive direction. there is conflict the saudis and israelis don't like the deal at all. we have plenty of crude anyway. supplies from iran will not come
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back on-line for at least six months and when they do it will be a million baife barrels a da. that is not much in the overall steam oscenescheme of things. today's gesture could be short lived. we could see the prices ratch rt back up. >> is there a potential down side to that the deal won't go through and could there be a basbacklash on the market. >> we are seeing a lot of sound bites about it if iran coughs the wrong way the deal is over and we could go back to harsher sanctions this is a day-to-day thing to see if they can adhere to it. with their track record it's not likely they will. >> on the topic of oil prices and we saw oil prices fall and
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we are seeing gas prices inch up for the first time in two months i think. what is going on here? >> right, we always get this question. why are gas prices going up when crude is going down. the prices of crude oil come down and it takes a while for the refinery to absorb that savings. and the refineries paid a lot for the crude that they are making glass ou gas out of righ. if we see lower prices in crude it should be reflecket reflect e gas prices. >> kevin, appreciate it. kevin kerr is he r he i he is as executive and president of the
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kerr international. thank you, kevin. >> michael leaves us here with your sports le headlines. zblyou can't believe the bad luk on derek rose. >> for the second time in a span of 17 17 months a knee injury s sidelining him for another season. he went to surgery for a torn cartilage in his right knee. rose was out of the playoffs last year and all of the last season. a full recovery could take six months. kobe bryant signed an extension with the lakers today. the deal will keep him in purple and gold for a 20th season and remain the league's highest paid player. he is earning $30 million for this season. he has yet to play a game this season after tearing his achilles ten don' tendon in apr.
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>> johnny peraulta signs a contract with the cardinals. he had .333 with a home run and four doubles in ten playoff games for the tigers. >> coming up later we'll talk about how the n.f.l. schedule impacted the race for the playoffs. >> a young photographer on a mission. the spotlight she is shining on portland e. orego, oregon. >> and the growing huma humanitn crisis. the impact on the kids. ♪
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it's not the right thing for america security. some lawmakers are opposed to the agreement. >> a winter storm has left eight people dead in the u.s. snow and ice is causing delays at airports around the country. >> the storm will slow thanksgiving travel plans. >> the authorities in connecticut have closed the case on the sandy hook elementary school shooting the shooter acted along and may never know his motivation. 20 children and six teachers were killed in the massacre.
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>> the nation has bee been torn apart from the under ending war. and for those that have yet to leave their home in syria the send can't come soon enough. >> the next diplomatic date in there whole process is december the 20th when he will mediate another meeting here between the russians and the americans it to make sure they get the agenda correct for the peace conference here in geneva on january 22n january 22nd. they have so many problems to over come. will saudi arabia attend and will iran attend. what will be the makeup of the groups and many have said they have no intention of coming to geneva. and that is going to take a lot of diplomatic maneuvering behind the scenes to make it a credible and useful number of people
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there to make progress in the peace talks. all of the parties involved must have vision and leadership to make this a success. >> to make sure that the war that has dragged on for so long now actually comes to an end. those are difficult diplomatic waurst. waters. they have so much to do and laying on the table before the negotiations start. that was updates on the effort effortsbleffortsbring to the th. >> and now to the children of syria impacted by the civil war. >> it's 1:00 on wednesday afternoon in a district of da mags cuss. dasmascus. one local activist is asking children what it's like living here. >> when we were at school piles
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of dead bodies were brought in everyday we used to see them being prepared for burial. >> as they continue to toll tell their story, this happened. a sthe shell hits the area. it's a snapshot of what it's like on the ground. political bicker has time but many living here do not. half of syrians are dependent on foreign aid to survive. six and a half million are displaced and two million have fletfled syria. and 100,000 people have been killed and a new report by the oxford research group says at least 11,000 are children. today these children survived. al jazeera managed to track them down in the syrian capital.
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>> we were riding our bikes and we saw the activist. he said, i want to film you. when he was filming the shell landed. we didn't get hurt my mother started crying. my mother also cried. many ask the question if political pressure paves the way for a safe visit for the inspectors why can't the same be done for the medical aid that the people of syria need. >> president obama spoke in san francisco today about the country's immigration laws. he urge the republicans in congress to stop standing in the way of reform and talked about a bill he hopes could make changs for the future. >> it addresses the key issues that needs to be addressed. it would strengthen our borst bd it will modernize our
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immigration system and so we eliminate the backlog of family vises is isvisas and make it eo attract pa entrepreneurs to ourm beyond our borders. >> the president said reform needs to be done through laws and it's impossible to do alone. >> stop deportation. stop deportation. stop deporetion. deportation. don't worry about it guys. >> stop deportation. these guys don't need to go. let me finish. you can stay there. let mlet me -- [applause] hold on a second.
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so i respect the passion of these young people. because they feel deeply about the concerns for their families. >> the obama administration has conduct the a record number of deportations. it's a city known for it's diversity in art, music and ideas, but portland, oregon is known as being the whitest major city in north america. 70% of portland is white. >> twenty-seven-year-old photographer is in downtown portland looking for something hard to find. >> here we go. black faces. and i was wondering if i could take your picture and if you would be interested. >> sweet. >> the memphis, tennessee native had no idea that portland was
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the whitest place in america. only 6% are black. recently she began ca capturinge images of the rare black faces. as part of a photo essay she calls the black portlanders. >> what do you get out of the project? the main thing is a sense of connection. porportland is white by design. it not only excluded blacks from moving here but wrote the exclusion in the constitution. before the civil war the oregonians adopted exclusion laws that made it illegal for a black person to come to and live in oregon. >> the lawse laws were repealed7 but the legacy continues on. you don't have the context that you have in larger places. >> there are few obvious signs
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of black culture in port landla. where have they gone? many have moved to the suburbs replaced by white families looking for affordable housing in the city. steven green grew up here. he owns a restaurant in a area where a decade ago plaqu blackse refused loans. and so while these black touristses in philadelphia were so shocked by the few black faces they made a game of it. if we see one black person it would be like one and then we see another 3, so it would be four. >> and as of now i'm at one and a half two. we are not doing well. >> they would move here in a heart beat. the neighborhood, the art scene
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and the opportunity. it's what she sees in her photography collection. an opportunity to showcase the small but present black culture in portland. >> a train derailment in brazil devastates that area. and other news that are making head linings. -- head linings. headlines. rescue workers are combing through debris after a train derailed it smashed into houses in the southeast part of brazil. >> the family of a man being held in north korea is speaking out. his wife says the detainment must be part of a mirs misunderstanding.
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>> he was a korea war veteran and wanted to return to the place he fought. >> michelle is to come out with her memoir in the spring. it will tell the full story of her being kidnapped by ariel castro. >> police are calling a marine a hero for saving the life of a woman who jumped 60 feet after the radars game. authorities say she would have died immediately had it not been-for-the mabeen-for-for thee her fall. he was taken to hospital. >> an australian family set the guinness world record for having the most christmas lights attached to their property. half a million bulbs. the family takes donations from
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people that go see their lit home in the australian capital and that money is given to charity. >> is that is terrific. >> some nation neighbors don't . >> would you want that power bill? >> there is a power company there that is donating the electricity. >> that is cool. well set it to music and that would be awesome. >> they do have that. >> they do. let's add that to it next time at six. 6:00. >> still ahead on the al jazeera america. fighting mother nature. the story of a border island disappearing for the people that call it home. >> and first the big weekend on the turf as the noistle n.f.l. s towards the big damages. michael eaves has that next.
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>> have a look at this the heidleberg project. some of these hopes were
4:45 pm
destroyed by fire. some fear arson is to plame. blame. >> four suspicious fires in five weeks the heidleberg project director jeniene whitfield is it sure about it. >> i believe this has everything to do with a young person in this community. over the last 27 years he has used paint and plywood and sale salvaged objects to turn this neighborhood into a work of art. what started out as a paint job-for-his grandfather's house covers empty lots and abandons houses on heidleberg street. geiten is too upset about the fires to talk about them on the camera. but his confron confrontation wa neighborhood man breaking into a
4:46 pm
car has led to the fires. we have affected the lives of many young people in the community and some we are not. some we are interfering with their activity, if you understand what i am saying. they don't want that. >> people come from all over the world to see the heidleberg project. the fires have rekindled the tension and the support. >> i wanted to come out before everything was gone. that is why i decided to come out and actually city what was e whawhat was going on. for how code i cold it was todae is a fair amount of people here. >> it's a crying shame. it's a wonderful place to walk around. it's a commentary on our 20th century and i think it's important and we should preserve it. supporters have volunteered for night patrols and given money for andeur security camerases.
4:47 pm
the slow response type times bye police and the fire department the buildings remain in danger. >> for some these are junk piles but for others it's a bloom of activity for the neighborhood. the arson attacks won't change any of that. and the art is again rising from the ashes. david hawkins al jazeera, detroit ♪ >> michael eaves is here with the day in sports. it was a terrific game but. >> it was a terrific ending. >> it was a little sloppy. >> it took a while to get where it needed to be and it ended kind of funky. that is also true. >> that was my analysis of the game. last night's clash between the patriots and broncos was not to be another epic battle. it had the potential of building the best team in.
4:48 pm
afc. the proble broncos came in withp ranked offense. and denver jumped over the patriots and eventually a 24-0 lead. it was such a commanding position a lot of people turned off the teup a tube. >> they took a
4:49 pm
and then we would be back in the game which ended up happening. we found away to get back in it and then took the lead and then you know, had some chances we we we could have had a bigger lead. we learn from those things and try to get better. >> we had some mistakes and when you make mistakes it's hard to beat good teams on the road. anita depending on the your perspective either denver or new england you could spin last night's game a multitude of ways. >> what did we learn from this come back from new england. >> the biggest thing we le leard you need a quarterback that can play in the sub zero temperatures. especially this yoir. the super bowl is being held in
4:50 pm
new york/new jersey. peyton manning is 3-and-7 in games he has played in freezing temperatures below 32°. we saw tom brady really excel and be the better quarterback last night. that is going to be important when the super bowl is going to be played here in new york/new jersey in february. >> the broncos go to kansas this weekend. how crucial is it for denver to beat the chiefs for a second time in three weeks. it's extremely crucial. they are playing not only to win the division but i believe the patriots will have the number one seed. kansas city and ze denver is playing for the no. 2 side. 2 seed and basedded on how funky that game was last night, do you think peyton manning wants to go back to new innin england to take ony and the patriots?
4:51 pm
it's crucial that they sweep threp on stunned. on -- ste them on sunday. >> how important is it for seattle to have advantage. >> i believe that seattle seahawks will win the super bowl this year. they are the best team. we have not seen then unleash harry yet. and this is the most difficult venue to play at in the n.f.l. their decibel lev reaches six decibels higher than a jet engine. >> of the cowboys win over the giants puts dallas atop 6top ofe nfc east. sand is this division the cowboys to lose. >> i wouldn't go that far. believe it or not i think the eagles are the better team here ?r.t yoyouhave michael vick whot this week he said as great as nick is playing he should remain
4:52 pm
the starting quarterback. nick foles continuing to be the quarterback. week 17, mark my word, that game is going to be win it and you are in it coming out of the nfc east. >> the division games coming down to the final weeks of the season to determine who is going to be in the playoffs. >> thank you. >> after the weekend we still don't know the questions or the answers. we have to wait until the last weekend to see who gets in and who don't. that was good stuff. kind of funky last night. >> a swath of the nation preparing for a holiday travel nightmare. dave warren has the details next. >> but first a small communities war with water along the louisiana coast.
4:53 pm
>> for years families that have
4:54 pm
called the barrier island along the louisiana coast are watching it disappear. rob the other wrighrobert wrighe island where the land is washing away and little relief being offered. the coastal we wetlands of the f of mexico. over the past 88 joy 8 80 yee coastline is disappearing. a barrier fishing island on the front lines of the any hurricane that strikes louisiana. one very narrow road skims across the water. about 25 families live here. most descended from native
4:55 pm
americans and french settlers. father rock natquin spent his life here. >> it was full of trees and we could walk in the trees and hunt birds and everything. >> but that has changed radically. >> all of the marshes going all the way down to the gulf is just like yo what you see here i., w, water, water. >> especially after a storm. a half century ago fwase it wase miles wide and ten miles long. today it's only a quarter mile wide and two miles long. and the deep waters they get closerrer every year. that is a real problem for us the gulf of mexico is getting closer to the communities. >> recently congress approved a waters resources bill but it
4:56 pm
left out louisiana's federal flood protection plan. to guard against future damage from industrial development and protect the marshland from hurricane storm surges. the army core ofenin of engineee now at a even greater risk. >> it's very important. it's our only natural defense we have. without those we have to build much stronger and much more extensive levy systems around our communities. over the years the oil and gas companies have dredged canals through the marshes. >> allowing salt water from the gulf to invade. environmentalists say that eroded the land and changed the eco-system. it's not just a small the one shoreline area it's pervasive across the entire louisiana coast.
4:57 pm
father wants to live out his life on the only island that he has every known. >> i told them that this island is worth saving. if it's not saved wei we are leg a barrier island wash away. >> where do we draw the line? if we let one community go where is the line drawn along the coast? >> as they await it's fate, several parrishs have filed lawsuits in court demanding that the oil and gas companies restore the coast that is disappearing ♪ >> i'm meteorologist dave warren we are going to get right into the forecast here because a large storm will impact much of the southeast and the mid atlantic states over the next few days. it looks like it's just a lot of
4:58 pm
rain here. this is 4:00 tuesdays and starting to see the storm develop sa along the gulf coast. we'll see a mix along virginia and west virginia but rain to thtothe south. going forward the rain will continue to develop and slowly work it's way up the coast. as it continues to develop and move up the coast it will impact much of the area and affect the region moving up. with the rain coming down and the low clouds in place throughout tuesday and wednesday, it looks like it will impact the travel delays as we are starting to ce see low clous and rain coming down. it looks like the travel delays will be tuition an tuesday and s we look at the map. as it moves up the coast the rain-snow line will be with it. in west, pennsylvania and new york and that looks to be four to six inches of snow.
4:59 pm
the rain coming down from washington, d.c. and philadelphia and new york on tuesday and wengs wednesday will impact the travel delays. that is the big case there. it moves up the coast and you are starting to see the rain come down. the rain-snow line on tuesday evening and going int into wedny it will stay to the north. by thursday as the storm intensifies the rain and snow are go on the but the wind picks up and bringing cold air for thanksgiving. a look at the headlines is coming up. this is al jazeera america i'm tony harris live from new york. >> not by much but we have
5:00 pm
another record from wall streit. street. it's set another all time high the 42nd this year. >> president obama is trying to get support from a tentative deal with iran. mr. obama says talking tough is the easy thing to do politically. but it's not the right thing for america's security. some lawmakers are opposed to the agreement. >> a winter storm has lift eight people dead and and snow and ice is causing


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