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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 27, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> this is al jazeera america. this is tony harris with a look at today's top stories. americans are on the move. millions headed out for their thanksgiving celebration. and another delay for the affordable care act. this time it involved small businesses. it will be a double holiday for some, and early hanukkah began tonight at sunset. thanksgiving get way in full swing. highways across the united states are crowded as people slowly make their way to their
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holiday destinations. triple-a estimate 16 million hit the roads today. another $2 million are flying. this is the number of flights. kevin told me a moment ago, 9900 flights are in the air right now over the united states. some of them are facing delays because of a storm dumping storm in buffalo like these pictures. that storm hitting the east coast is affecting travel all around the country. we have several reports. but first here is kevin with a great look at holiday winter. >> reporter: that's right, toniy. we've been watching this for days, and and the good news down here towards the south. we've seen snow coming down. it didn't last very long. it wasn't cold enough. they're looking at delays up to the northeast. we'll get to those later in the show. but we're going to be seeing rain throughout the rest of the night. it's begin to go clear on the south moving to the north.
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boston, portland maine. look at all the snow coming off the great lakes. a major problem. especially on the roads. >> kevin, thank you. so how is the weather impacting air travel? we're joined now from new york's laguardia airport, jennifer? >> reporter: tony, here in new york at laguardia new yor a, it's good news. really, a very good news story. check-ins are going smoothly. an everywhere you go mr. is personnel if you need any help. helping travelers who may not be familiar with traveling, or traveling with family here at the airport. very smooth sailing so far. we talked with passengers earlier and asked them if they were worried about the weather. >> no, not really. >> no, we're fine.
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>> so far no problems. just grabbed my ticket here, and we'll see how the line is for the safety security. so far no problems. >> reporter: and security here also going very, very smoothly. i talked to the representative. tsa here. he said they have operated ex-at expediting security here. passengers are going through special security procedures where they don't have to take off their shoes, their coats, take liquids out of their bags. that has helped to move things a lot. the average wait has been five minutes. i've walked around the airport, certainly not a lot of waiting time, very good news, but still security on this day some interesting questions for some of the officials. >> i have not hurd of turkeys, but turkeys are okay to bring. we prefer you bring them frozen.
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and so do the airlines, but you can bring a turkey on board. >> no turkeys here. i've seen a lot of families with pets. one tsa official did say that some airlines did wave their change fees him some people may have flown last night. some are flying tomorrow. and they won't have the weather to contend with. >> five minute wait times at security. that's unheard of. jennifer glass at laguardia with an update at the roads. diane estherbrook along the expressway. diane, how are things looking at the roads? >> reporter: you know, tony, you wouldn't believe that this is the heaviest traveled day of the year as they say, as triple-a says. there is hardly any traffic on the kennedy. thithis is gridlock because its
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commuter time. but that's not to say that there aren't other problems across the country especially out east. there is an emergency in effect in maryland. vermont, new hampshire, rhode island are seeing heavy rains. now, if you are out on the highways planning to go out on the highways over the next few days, triple-a offers this advice. okay, triple-a is saying they're expecting to come to the aid of 320,000 people over the next few days. for things like dead batteries and low--going out and not having a lot gas in their cars and potentially being out in very cold temperatures.
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check your gas, be careful before you hit the highway. >> sure, sure, check your gas tank. take along water. be careful with that because it could freeze. blankets, and just. just take some supplies. here's what i want to ask you diane. it looks as though it sounds as though fewer people are traveling this year. is that the case or is it my imagination? >> reporter: now, it's not your imagination. it is the case. i think they were talking, triple-a were saying 1.5% fewer people traveling this year than last year, and they attribute that to the economy. gas prices are lower, so you would expect people traveling. but people are worried about their jobs and the economy, so they're staying put. >> diane estherbrook. thank you. and sitting around the airport can be a real drag, right?
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but we have a look at how you can actually track how your airport is doing in realtime. >> reporter: well, tony, if you have time on your hands you can go to slight radar and see all the flights over the united states, over 8,000 airplanes right now. the brown ones will have a five-minute delay. the yellow are on time and this one, for example, went out of newark. that one is scheduled about an hour delay going towards cleveland. and you can also check out this site. flight, and you'll see this is a misery map. everything that is in red there are flights delayed or canceled, and you'll notice if we start at this morning at 5:00 a.m. we're going to duck over here. you'll see the misery increases like the new york city airports.
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newark has had more than 20 cancellations. cancellations towards the chicago area and atlanta, and some delays as well in the d.c. airport. people are tweeting about their delays. this one is in orlando international airport. and joely said there are three canceled flights, 22 delays. he pictured this man just looking at the boards. and also this tweet, a lot of people will get this one. two people soaking up six charger sockets at my flight. outlet hogging should be illeg illegal. flight delay. ryan white down in nashville, they told us to get here two ours early, and there go. he got there at 4:00 a.m. >> cool your jets, so to speak. let me see if i can set up a tweet chat, a little google hang
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on while i'm at the airport. to tell us about the weather and how it might impact the travel plans the road and the air, here is kevin. >> meteorologist: this could have been so much worse. it's bad already, but the area of low pressure, all of this would have been snow instead of rain. we know that would have been misery for many people. this is what it looks like right now. we notice how the rain pushes up to main. the cold air is coming in. the freezing line is pushing down towards new york. that's at issue. you can see all the snow back here. this is what we're dealing with. mostly arrival delays. laguardia, washington, 35. it's really philadelphia. the arrival delay delays are ovo hours. boston not an issue yet, but they're getting the back end of it.
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as we go towards the evening i wouldn't be surprised if boston would get it worse on their delays. this is what we're dealing with on the highways. it's pennsylvania as well as new york that we think it's going to be the worse on the highways. they've been seeing snow for more than 24 hours now in some locations. this is what we're dealing with in terms of watches and warnings. new england, they've actually reduced some of those watches in that area with flooding mostly now affecting parts of vermont. temperatures in new york are 40. tomorrow coarse the macy's parade, everyone is going to be watching. is it going to be the winds? the real field temperature because of the winds will feel like 15 degrees. if you're out there watching the parade you'll definitely want to bundle up. things are getting better in virginia, and we're see a lot of snow here. this is what we're looking for, the next busy day for traveling
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is sunday. for new york, 43 degrees, partly cloudy. many places on the coast are looking just fine. >> thank you. it is the annual presidential turkey pardon, but with a bit of a twist. president obama pardoned two birds, caramel and popcorn. but only one gets to be the national thanksgiving turkey. and this year americans got to vote, and the winner is popcorn. carmel, we understand took it's loss in noble stride, as did the president in this important event. >> the office of the presidency, the most powerful position in the world brings with it many awesome and somber responsibilities, this is not one of them. generally thinking thanksgiving is a bad day to be a turkey, especially in a house with two dogs. >> in new york plans for tomorrow's macy thanksgiving day
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parade up in the air. windy weather could ground 16 of those giant balloons. john st. erret has been tracking for us. john in the moment as we speak right now with everything on track for tomorrow? >> yes, oh, nice of you to ask, tony. it's not pouring with rain, raining cats and dogs along with this giant snoopy and his friend who is up there that you can't see but i can. all of these other balloons on 77th street. yes, i think so. i'm going to stick my neck out. we just had mayor bloomberg here a moment ago. he thinks the forecast is going to be fine. he says it's going to be okay. there are several roots where they check the winds. they can higher the balloons, lower the balloons. and the forecast is okay according to the meteorological service. this is the storm that slammed in the midwest earlier in the week. the problem is the winds, you're experiencing a gust right now
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and these balloons move when there is a gust. the problem is there are laws in new york if there is a constant win more than 23 mph or gusts of more than 34 mph, then these big boys can't go up. so the they're fairly optimistic. the mayor is optimistic. they're all keeping their fingers crossed. the take away is there will be a show tomorrow, but will the big balloons go up. we have surprised guests to meet. you like this? >> yes. >> this is sarah, and this is caitlin, and this is olivia, and sarah and caitlin come from new jersey, which is just where we are right now. olivia comes from north carolina. we'll find out what they think about standing here in the pouring rain. first of all, sarah, what is your favorite balloon. >> obviously i like the affleck one. >> why? >> i like the duck.
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>> what's the catchphrase? >> aff-flec! >> what's your favorite balloon? >> snoopy. >> he's so cute. he's right behind us. who is that one on the top? >> i don't know. >> it's woodstock. it's woodstock up there. olivia, what is your favorite balloon? >> i like the spongebob balloon. >> this is the first time this spongebob has been here. last year's spongebob she had to destroy him, this is a new one. what do you think about coming to the macy's thanksgiving parade, and what do you think about being out hire in the pouring rain. >> one, it's exciting to see all the people. and it's really fun out here. >> olivia and caitlin, sarah, thank you very much. a very happy thanksgiving to you and your families. thank you for coming on. we really appreciate it. three girls in the crowd with me. and we'll be back later. >> that's terrific. >> and i'm hoping the rain will have stopped by then.
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>> j.t. that was traffic fun te. john terrett out there with snoopy. mohammed sarif, some conservative lawmakers are opposed to the agreement concerning iran's nuclear program but it does have wide public support easing of sanctions if iran rolls back its nuclear program. meanwhile, they're calling for a cease-fire in syria and turkey's top diplomat agrees. the announcement is an unusually call for both sides since iran supports the syrian regime and turkey backs the pebbles. >> reporter: they have called for a cease-fire in syria. he made those comments with his turkish counterpart on a two day trip because of an economic
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meeting. they said the crisis in syria needs to end soon. all parties need to work together. that includes turkey. iran is backing the syrian government and calling for elections to be held not for the removal of bashar al-assad as president of syria, turkey on the other hand is backing the syrian rebels for the overthrow of bashar al-assad and the humanitarian and refugee crisis spilling over into turkey's border. but for once they have become bitter regarding this issue in syria and other issues. for once these two sides agree. what is happening on the ground of syria could tell a different story. >> protesters in bangkok say they want their prime minister to step down. the protest has run for four straight days now and we have
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this story from bangkok. >> reporter: it is not tense, it is rather festive and rather loud. they have a lot of whistles, and it's added a new measure of pain to cover these processes, i must say. there is been very clear instructions from the leaders there are not to be any weapons possessed by protesters. given that, anything could happen, violence could break out at any time. they are security guards that are dressed in black who are not slow to react if they see threats, and they are very careful to protect the leader, who has been issued with an arrest warrant for rebellion because of his activities over the last few days. >> in pakistan, taking action against u.s. drone strikes.
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the group said it has revealed the names of top two c.i.a. agents in pakistan. party leaders say they want the agents to be tried. last week five people were killed when a drone strike hit a seminary. three are pleased to be afghan parties they are joined by other pakistan leaders who see the drone strikes as attacks on the country's sovereignty. the prime minister of latvia has resigned over the disastrous collapse over the supermarket roof collapse last week. the collapse in riga, the capitol, was the worst disaster since latvia declared its independence from the soviet union in 1991. how migrant workers are seeking better working conditions one business at a time.
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>> al jazeera america is the >> al jazeera america is the only news channel that brings only news channel that brings you live news at the top of you live news at the top of every hour. every hour. >> here are the headlines at >> here are the headlines at this hour. this hour. >> only on al jazeera america. >> only on al jazeera america.
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>> migrant workers have long battled exploitation and poor working conditions while some things have changed the fight goes on as the reports the coalition of tomato workers in florida are focusing their efforts on those who buy the fruit they pick. >> reporter: their day begins in the dark. they arrive in the southwestern part the state. here they wait more run down school buses to take them to the farm. once then there they'll earn $0.50 of each bucket they pick. but it wasn't always this way. a decade ago farmers exploited them, and not just financially. >> abusive. >> i saw directly how supervisors would treat and
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mistreat women as if they were trash. >> reporter: but here in the fields tomato vines were not the only thing taking root. workers organized the ciw. initially the workers lobbied their bosses for better wages and working conditions. when they didn't get anywhere they took their demands to the top of the supply chain. the fast-food restaurants and grocery stores. they call it the fair food campaign. their boycotts so far have convinced 11 companies including mcdonald's and whole foods to sign on. these companies pay farmer an additional $0.01 puerto may toes. the game changer was when farmers joined the program in 2010. since then an additional $11 million a year has gone into the pockets of 30,000 tomato workers. now they're targeting wendy's.
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they refused our request for a comment but the ciw told them because of their high standards they already pay a premium to their florida suppliers. >> it's not wendy's responsibility for the workers and their environment, where they're being employed. >> wendy's needs to think about the image they want to spread to the public. >> reporter: the ciw is patient. it took a four-year long boycott for taco bell to fine on to the fair food program. a new era is here. >> for the first time in the agricultural industry things are changing. in fact, the coalition of workers says it's already reversed decades of declining wages in the tomato industry. al jazeera, florida. >> it has been six years of boon
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for america's corn belt, but now farmers are bracing themselves for tougher times ahead. ali velshi will have more on that at the top of the hour for his program at 7:00 eastern. >> reporter: let's talk about he corn. corn farmers are bracing for a tough 2014. the epa proposed cutting the amount of corn-based ethanol blended into gasoline that americans use to fuel up at the pump. a fuel like that will likely push the price of corn down further and hurt farmers' bottom line. in the past six years corn farmers benefited from rising food exports to developing and emerging countries, low interest rates, and the government-backed drive to produce biofuels. an unprecedented million acres of u.s. farmland is now planted with corn, and farmers just harvested their biggest corn
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crop ever. but that glut in the grain market already corn price versus fallen from a peak that topped $7 a bushel in 2012 to half of that now. corn and grain prices shot up in part because of a drought. drought or not the downward trend is clear. up until now farmers have been able to depend on a system of direct payments from the federal government that act as a safety net. in the new farm bill currently before congress, crop insurance programs that give them the direct payments would help keep prices stable for farmers. but they're at logger heads over cuts to food stamps, which are part of the farm bill, and they're holding the entire bill hostage to that dispute. lawmakers need to get a new bill passed before the current farm bill expires. but congress has gone home for thanksgiving out a vote. and if it drags out to new
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year's day, america's farmers will have one more headache to deal with in 2014. tony? >> jessica is here with a look at sports headlines and one of the top teams in the nfl is some hot water. >> reporter: yes, the nfl suspended seattle seahawks walter thurmond for the team's next four games violating the league's substance abuse policy and fellow cornerback brendan browner will join him on that list, however it may be for a full year. the wide receiver called his teammates selfish. the fan in seattle, you're affecting way more than yourself. i feel like that was a selfish move on both guys parts. thurmond can return to the seasoseason finale when they're ranked second in the nfl. in auburn and alabama getting
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set for showcase showdown in the iron bowl which will no doubt feel like a bowl game with both teams coming in ranked at the top five. auburn sits at number four and 10 and 1. the winner grabs a spot in the scc title game but the victory could lead to a spot in another title game as well. we'll have full coverage for you in auburn. i'm jessica taff, we'll be back later in the program. >> where does your fish come from? it's more important than you think. that and more next.
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power power of the people until we restore of the people until we restore our freedoms and rights. our freedoms and rights.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. here is a look at our top stories. obama administration has vice president joe biden headed to beijing to back japan in the
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discussion between china and japan. two construction workers were killed in brazil. the stadium will house th the tournaments and brings real concerns if brazil will be ready for the world cup. small businesses can still purchase coverage through other means, this comes just before the deadline to fix problems with . and mike viqueira has more on this. he's at the white house for us. how about this timing heading into the holidays, and we get this dump of bad news from the administration. >> reporter: yeah, that's right oh out of the standard public relations playbook here in washington. bad news before the weekend. something that is more significant was dumped out into the news environment, and that
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is a delay in the employer mandate to supply a health insurance to its employees. this is not the quite the catastrophe that the launched two months old has been. all the frustration and anger that people are feeling as they try to get enrolled in healthcare. something that they're going to have to do. if you're a small businessman you're not compelled to supply or offer healthcare coverage to your employees. if you want that, the idea is you could go online and shop around, find a policy, be eligible for tax credits to make it affordable for you. but they could not get that together. with everything else that is going on and all the around the clock work they're trying to do to get up, they could not turn their answers and do this as well for small businesses. but these small business owners can go directly to insurance
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agents if they want information or shop for policies for their employees. >> delays in a couple of areas of this law, there are some important deadlines coming up into next year, correct? >> reporter: it's part and parcel of what we're talking about. . let's talk about what is supposed to happen this weekend. with all the controversy, disaster and debacle. those are the people inside the administration, the republicans are calling to scrap the whole thing. the quote/unquote vast majority of people who go on healthcare would have able to have a good experience and have success. that comes up on saturday. there are several deadlines coming up. march 31st, the most significant, everybody is going to have to have insurance heading into april 1st. >> appreciate it. mike viqueira at the white house. so during the holidays some
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travelers prefer renting an apartment or a house rather than stating at a hospital. it is a business that has become increasingly popular and profitable, and it's one lawmakers' a couple of lawmakers are trying to regulate that industry. it is really huge right now. let's hear more been that. >> reporter: a newly formeed att very casscformedadvocacy group. they held a meeting here in new york to strategize and create awareness to something that is hush-hush. >> dave can tell a little bit about each person who has stayed at his brooklyn apartment over the last three years. he rents out one of his bedrooms for $75 a night through short term rental sites like air b & b. >> if you want to stay at a
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hotel, that's a whole different experience. but staying at someone's home let's you know what it's like to live in the city. >> reporter: there are locations to choose from. prices range from as low as $20 a night for a shared room in queens to more than $1,000 for an entire loft in trendy soho. the host can accept or reject a request. air b & b handles the exchange and takes a cut of the action. >> would you say it supplements your income? >> i would say it's most of my income. >> some new yorkers have made a business of it, in rare cases making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and oftentimes they are a breaking the law. new york for bids most rentals for less than 30 days unless the host is in the unit at that time. and since they're demanding that ab & b hand over names from the last three years. david and hundreds of other new yorkers met with air b & b
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to discuss the challenge ahead. >> it's important to protect your users and our hosts. this is a fight whether we're going to turn over people who use air b abandon b over to the government of new york, and we're not. >> reporter: they say they're targeting the people who they say are illegally running hotels and. and not paying hotel taxes. air b & b offered to collect the taxes but by law it's not allowed to. >> do your neighbors say anything to you? >> um, no, because i don't say anything to my neighbors about what they do in their house. >> nobody complains? >> no, no one complains. >> reporter: but that's not always the case. some neighbors don't appreciate the steady flow of strangers. one building owner went so far as hiring a private detective and setting up hidden cameras.
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he said he caught a tenant renting her one bedroom for more than $200 a night. the proof was enough to evict her. >> really, it's illegal: it's a liability for a landlord. that i'm liable if anything happens to one of these illegal tenants. third, i'm responsible for the safety and quiet enjoyment of the tenants in my building, and i can't do that with a short lease, short term stay. >> reporter: each state has a stake in the fight. and the it will be watched what happens in new york by the country. >> reporter: they said they only want information on the people who are not present while they rent it out. that is not apply to david who stays there while his tenants
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are there. >> i spoke with al jazeera legal contributor jamie floyd about the challenge ahead for air b & b. have a listen. >> what the attorney general is saying we're not targeting the little guy who wants to occasionally-- >> you don't believe that, do you? >> i don't believe the a.g.? >> you don't believe that the a.d. doesn't want everybody or just the big fish? >> what he says is he wants the person who has turned this into a commercial enterprise. >> it is lucrative for some people. >> and those some peoples say look, what i do with my home, my property, even if it's becoming a commercial property, is my business. >> what is the problem with that? is there something to that argument? it is my home. >> well, it is. home is home, and business is business. and we have zones. we have zones for a reason. we have commercial zoning. we have residential zoning. we have hotel zoning. testifand we have b & b zoning.
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and we have laws that were passed in 2010, laws that are at issue here. and things change if people in communities start to rent out over a long period of time. >> it's the holiday season, lots of grocery shopping and big meals. where does it all come from? talk about seafood. 85% of the world's fisheries are being harvested at capacity. who are in decline. two-thirds of fish populations are in bad shape. and the population of large fish including swordfish and cod has fallen by as much as 90%. quite simply put scientists warn we're removing the ocean faster than they can reproduce. so what can you do? >> reporter: the start of the
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crab season in in francisco. it technically runs through next summer, but most of the hauls for this week' shellfish sell in the first month. popular demand outpacing supply. eating sustainbly and locally is at the heart of bay area culture but when it comes to seafood. it's hard to know exactly where their fish come from. in a new california law this year limits the number of crabs which fishing boats may set. one strategy to give the species a chance to mature and restock its numbers. restaurant owners and wholesalers worry about assumption that fish something a limitless resource. he helped develop one of the most sustainable trout around fed on algae than chicken by-products. he's now producing 200,000 pounds a year and hopes to con vicinity more farms to
6:40 pm
try it. >> the oceans are in trouble. there is no question about that. there are huge cooperations that are stock piling tuna right now in freezers and putting it away for the day when there are no tuna. >> reporter: martin reed takes another approach to the sustainable seafood business. connecting fishermen to consumers online. >> eat lower on the food chain. lower fish or species tend to be low center contaminants and sardines, anchovies squids, oysters, clams, mussels. >> reporter: fishing trollers leave dead zones behind. >> i put two kids thon planet. i have to leave it better than i found it. the ocean is our life. without it we're not here. >> reporter: crabs and will be
6:41 pm
certificates especially from u.s. fisheries remain in good shape. at least here in california the law to limit traps will curb the scramble for crabs. we can act now to save the sees. >> coming up on al jazeera america, what's believed to be the oldest buddhist shrine is unearthed. >> and getting $0.10 a pound. you can hang on for a while. down confusing financial speak down confusing financial speak and make it real. and make it real.
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>> so how about this. the cost of the classic cranberry side dish on the thanksgiving dinner table is down because a huge crop was
6:44 pm
harvested and has driven prices lower. great for consumers like you and me, perhaps. but not for the independent growers. we have reports from the cranberry bogs of the washington coast where some farmers are looking for new ways to literally stay afloat. >> reporter: a sparkling fall day perfect for a hip-deep harvest. cranberry bogs are crudded. berries corralled on the surfaced and loaded into a loading machine. most will be pressed into sauce and juice, but there are too many berries this year and prices farmers can command are dropping. >> cost is $0.30 a pound to grow cranberries. at $0.10, you can hang on for how long. >> it's a half billion dollar
6:45 pm
industry across north america. growers who belong to the huge corporative ocean spray should be okay. payment is spread over time. smaller independent farmers could take a holiday hit. they're trying to find alternatives, and there are only so manches out there. >> future unfiltered juice from washington's organic cranberry operation. >> it is pretty. it is good. >> this is three years in business. >> we are the farmers. we also produce our juice. we do all of our own distribution, sales, and marketing. >> part of the young couple's survival strategy is a narrow target market. they sell to bars and restaurant. the tart, unsweetened juice is mixed into high end cocktails.
6:46 pm
they hope to expand and stay out of the cranberry mainstream. >> there are a con of cranberries that are produced here and they don't stay here 37 but for growers who aren't able to find a new niche or buyers overseas, 2013 could be a bitter harvest. >> these smaller farmers, 5, 10, 20 acres, the salt of the earth in here's rural communities, and there are hundreds of them out there, and they will be hurt a lot. >> reporter: the shake out might last several years and farms in oregon and massachusetts could be particularly hard hit. al jazeera. >> boy t has been a big "newsweek" for the nba. we have more in sports.
6:47 pm
>> no shortage of drama. derrick rose, he is now going to miss another entire season following his latest knee surgery. and then kobe bryant has to play defense in regards to his big contract extense. any time lebron james returns to cleveland we're all reminded of the decision. our john henry talks about the latest from the association. >> the a cleveland cavaliers are not doing themselves any favors. they have the worst numbers. they have a new coach who trying to find his way there. it doesn't look like an appealing deal. then keep this in mind. by the time the game starts it will be 50 degrees less there man miami. his kids won't want to go back to cleveland any time soon
6:48 pm
except summertime. you see in lebron's mind, the owner chewing him out, the fans burning his jersey. why would you go to another rebuilding situation. i don't see this happening. except maybe at the end of th os career. i expect pat reilly keeping him for a long, long time. >> kobe bryant signs a deal that extends his time with the lakers. >> i don't think kobe needs to do that. the owner has 50/50 on the bri, the basketball related income. they did well on this lockout. the players certainly are taking their cut. but if there is one guy, lebron included that no one should point a finger at, it's kobe bryant. the nba has made a lot of money on kobe bryant. every team has made money on
6:49 pm
kobe bryant. i've never been to a laker game that was empty that he played in. he is the biggest ambassador across the world. nba's popularity in a lot of ways is because of kobe bryant. he should not have to defend himself. it's a ridiculous thing for him to do because he is still the face of the nba even with lebron, it's still kobe's world and he deserves every penny he's getting. >> with that new contract he's doing pretty well. who is a question, who is in worse shape, the nets, the knicks or derrick rose? >> well typically i would say the nets or the knicks, and they play in the toilet bowl next week in new york. but look, man, i really feel bad for derrick rose. he just got back, and you wonder if he was overwhen statin overch
6:50 pm
this knee because of the other injury. you don't know when he'll be back. and mentally, what is it going to do to him? this jeer is not as serious as the last one but it's a major injury none the alsoless. i think the nba world feels bad for derrick rose. let's hope that when he does come back this is something that a year or two from now we see as a thing in the past. we definitely all want to see derrick rose back the way he used to be. >> no toilet bowl here. alabama and auburn lock horns for the iron bowl. there is way more at stake than bragging rights. not only can one team punk their tickets, but both of these top five schools have visions for playing for a national title. >> i don't think it makes it a big game at all. i think it's another saturday. i think that's the biggest thing our team needs to realize. i mean, every game is just like
6:51 pm
this during our season, and it has been so far. when you're undefeated, and the next in your way the other team that is trying to take what you've worked for. if you lose that game, then your dreams or your goal of reaching the national championships are probably over. >> talk about playing it cool. 49ers fans get a francisco treat. michael crabtree was activated from list. the 26-year-old who set career highs in nearly every category will be a welcome site for colin kaepernick and company. they ranked dead last in passing yards. sánchez said he expects to be the jet starter in 2014. that sounds crazy considering
6:52 pm
the controversy, but gangrene has had trouble on center and he might be the jet's best option at this point. >> it's been awesome. today is eight weeks since having surgery. i feel better than ever. that's the plan. i'm lucky to have that. it's been fun. >> you'll notice mark sánchez has the hat over there. he has the cornrows. he lost a bet so he has the hat
6:53 pm
on. no more locks flailing. >> thank you. this thanksgiving views across the country will be celebrating hanukkah at the same time. the national menorah in washington, d.c. was lit this evening as the holiday began. hanukkah is falling unusually early this year. the tradition honors the eight days that a small amount of oil burned in the temple of jerusalem after surviving an attack in biblical times. and because that have double holiday, some are calling it thanks givika. >> hanukkah has always been a celebration of family, food, and blessings. >> i'll have a dozen of those, please, and also those cute little dreidel cookies in. but this year the jewish festival of lights has given the young musician something extra to sing about. ♪ than thanksgiving
6:54 pm
♪ thanksgiving ♪ latka and turkey hanukkah coincides with thanksgiving for the first time since the 1880s. they're calling i calling it tht will giving kkah. and wise says his bakery usually sells 40,000 donuts during the celebration. >> now that hanukkah came out with thanksgiving, he expects sales to be even bigger. rye pumpkin buy and the cookies. >> it's a symbol, this once in a lifetime event. it's fitting because it was created by a nine-year-old named
6:55 pm
asher. >> they made the first using a 3d printer. they have now sold thousands. but not everyone completely embraces the holiday mash up. >> i don't love the term thanks township givigthanksgivikkah. i'm really excited to be celebrating hanukkah with thanksgiving. >> it's a once in a lifetime experience for many people here. >> definitely a really exciting time for american jews because we get to celebrate both our heritage in the best way possible. my family is going to eat tons of latkas, and tons of turkey. we're all going to come together specifically for this double-whammy of holidays. >> a holiday many here are eagle
6:56 pm
for celebrate. even once in thousands of years. al jazeera, new york. >> when we come back kevin has got your national forecast, and what you can expect on the drive to grandma's house. for thanksgiving dinner. stay with us--yum. >> coming up on "real money." corn on the farm, 2014 may spell trouble for american farmers. more corn, less ethanol. and costco figuring out what customers need before they need it. and a strategy involving one woman, three ships, and five months of planning. all that and more on "real money."
6:57 pm
>> and now, a techknow minute... >> and now, a techknow minute...
6:58 pm
>> meteorologist: so here we go. more bad weather in store for the northeast is what we're looking at right now. the rain is ending for south carolina, north carolina. they saw some snow earlier today. of course, it didn't last. thit's just a little too warm there. we're seeing the delays getting
6:59 pm
worse up towards boston. you can see the heavy rain moving up towards that area. behind the system we still have the snow. now it's not falling in great amounts. but it's still falling nonetheless across most of the area. we also are dealing with lake affect snow. that's the big problem there. east of the lake. that's where we're going to be seeing eight, 10, 12 inches. tomorrow things will clear out and we're still dealing with the weather pattern. you can see the area of high pressure and we have this pressure graded that is extremely tight. everyone is concerned for this mason day parade up here. my opinion, i think it's going to go. i think it's going to be windy and will get much better towards the afternoon. we'll be looking at that. that's a look at your national weather. everybody have a great evening.
7:00 pm
>> this is al jazeera america live from new york. i'm tony harris with a look at your top stories. vice president joe biden who heads to beijing next week will be discussing the dispute over the islands both china and japan are claiming. china raised tensions over the weekend when it said it was setting up an air defense zone. two workers were killed in a construction accident at a world cup stadium. police say parts of the sa sao paulo stadium that will host of the world cup tournaments next year collapsed.


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