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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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>> hello, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz live in new york. working holiday. it's happening more than ever. the pressure it puts on families and why parents volunteer to do it any. plus... >> macey stores open for the first time in 155 years and shoppers are pouring in. >> behind bars - why egypt says two dozen young women are a threat to the government and the outrage it's causing on cairo streets. talks of complaints ignored, and how rain may have played a part
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in the chaos, in brazil's world cup venue. >> happy thanksgiving. we hope you had a great day. families across the country are celebrating with friends and loved one, some bundled up to face 30 degree weather. others are shopping, taking advantage of extended store hours. major retailers like kmart opened early. some are taking time to volunteer, giving to those in need. shopping seemed to crowd into a lot of people's holiday. men are not waiting until black friday. now we call it black thursday. jennifer glass is at macy's. what have you seen so far tonight? >> macy's opened its doors for the first time in 155 years, shoppers flooded in. they came in huge numbers, and
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it's supercrowded. we were in there earlier tonight. it's wall to wall people on every floor. they are trying to manage people on and off the escalators. we talked to a couple of shoppers. including a number of women that can't do this in their home state. >> we are from massachusetts, the stores will not open on thanksgiving. there's no way. we think it's different. but, you know what, when in new york, do as new york does. it's different. i mean, it feels odd, it doesn't feel like thanksgiving , but we are not home either. >> so, you know, a lot of shoppers were torn when we asked them what do you think it's like shopping on thanksgiving. should macy's be open. a lot of shoppers were in there because the parade. we were from outside of town. we met new yorkers that had had
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their thanksgiving dinner. it was okay. macy's opened at 8:00 pm. that was not the case across the country. retailers opened earlier. i think for many people, it interrupted their thanksgiving holiday, especially if you had to go work. >> do people feel like the deals are better today on thanksgiving than they will be tomorrow on black friday. >> a lot of shoppers came out tonight. it's cold here in harold square. they were here for the bargains. they are better from tonight. and then the deal changes. that's macy's trying to get shoppers in the door this holiday shopping season, shorter than it would because it falls so late. we have seen thanksgiving bargains.
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electronics are cheaper. the idea is to get those incidentives, to get shoppers in the stores as early as possible. >> there's general backlash against this. boycotts against stores. what about the stores that are choosing not to open on this holiday. >> that's right, a couple of stores see that as a marketing idea. costco is trying to portray itself as a family store, saying it will not open on the holiday. it's a family holiday, to different itself from other stores. i guess costcos is so big it's not a problem. it's a decision they made. if the number of shoppers inside is an indication here. it's a gamble that macies made with their brand to open on thanksgiving. it paid off, because the store is packed. >> black thursday it is. no more black friday.
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jennifer glass live at new york's macey's flagship store. >> black friday gets the attention. cyber monday is just as important. last year americans spent 2 billion on cyber monday, which has seen double digit sales increases. on the go consumers are using mobile devices to score the best deals. retailers are spending big money on apps. >> what they are going now, because of instant gratification and technology, they are offering text messaging coupons when the client goes into the store. >> retailers are recognising that consumers have a great deal of technology in their hand. they can shop whether they are at work, or at home. >> half of the consumers are expected to do some holiday
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shopping. >> many lost everything they own. some of the victims still find reason to be thankful this year. the up to of washington, illinois suffered a direct hit. their spirits stand strong. rows has their story. >> jamieson wagner and his familiar from attending service here when the tornado came through. >> those of us in the room, in the shelter were quiet, we were praying. >> their home among 1500 flattened by tornados. being back in the church puts it in perspective. >> our faith is strengthening us. we have a lot of friends that love us. >> 1200, many that lost their homes - coincidentally 1200 pounds of turkey was donated. the church has put together
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thanksgiving meals for years. organising this one in the face of the worst tornado the down has seen was a whirl wind of its own. it made us aware of the needs of people that surround us. whether they live on the other side of town, across the world or across the street. >> do you guys want to get set up to do that. >> vicky is like a drill sergeant organising the food. she reveals a soft side, talking about those that lost everything. >> i have a home, they don't. this was a dining hall. we decided to deck it out to really have a nice thanksgiving day. they need good memories. >> for family like the wagner, this helped them forget what put them here. >> the church is delivering food. unused food will go to area food
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banks. here is a reason the church itself is thankful. the tornado missed the building by 50 yards. >> at the white house, the president reminded the country to be thankful for american troops. >> we give thankful to them so we can say what we want. >> he thanked servicemen. the first family enjoyed a low-key family, after blessing the family, having dinner at the white house, surrounded by close friends and family. >> it's a lean thanksgiving for families relying on food stamps. >> stephanie boswell has more. >> what you doing? you not play that tune? >> mercedes brown raced her
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grandchildren since her daughter was murdered. when her grandchildren moved in she got two jobs. still, she says, it's tough to put food on the table, especially around the holidays. this year she had to ask for help. >> everything i have on the table and that i have, that i cooked is through the food bank. i thank them. i wasn't going to have a thanksgiving. >> brown says it's her first time using a food pantry. gail runs the outreach in new orleans. >> i experienced an increase in new clients, clients who have or are using the food bank for the first time. at the start of the month an increase in programs ran out because congress failed to renew it. it affected 50 million
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americans. >> more families are in need because of the recent cuts. they are reliant on food pantries and other organizations to make ends meet. >> this food pantry helped about 200 new participants. she expects the number to go up as more people like mercedes brown come for help. >> it's the blessing to have the smell of thanksgiving with the aroma. you can smell thanksgiving through everyone. you know it is because everyone is cooking. >> brown knows the days ahead will be difficult. she is truly thankful. >> many americans are spending the holiday trying to give back. as al jazeera's juan carlos molina reports the need for volunteers lasts long after the holidays. >> thousands of homeless people
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come to places like this in michigan to get a hot meal. >> you have people taking time out away from their families helping people who don't have anything going on for themselves. >> peter ortees had been living on the street when someone from the mission gave him a chance to get back on his feet. >> every day or night you could come around here. james macklin spent 20 years with the mission working or the organization that took him in. at one time i was a taker. >> i don't have nick ols or dimes. >> macklin says it's volunteers like jasmine who comes here, who makes it possible. >> when i found they did the feast i thought this is something i belong at. >> jasmine bought her boyfriend
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and others. for one friend ricky, his first volunteering experience was an emotional one. >> i didn't think it would happen. i'm seeing faces and they are hungry. >> here at the mission in new york city. they have 600 volunteers preparing meals for the homeless. >> the outpouring of support is overwhelming. they had to turn away volunteers. the mission sees a waive of donations. the need for organizations like their's is constant. >> we serve 365 days of the year. thank you for coming to thanksgiving. let's think about helping out the rest of the year. >> it's a message that many organizations like the bowery mission want people to hear.
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>> the weather that went through the past week was deadly at times and caused problems in terms of delays. across the united states right now we are dealing with calm conditions. we have know. we'll talk about that. let's go up to the north-east. in the next couple of days, the snow will increase, and most of new england will see a dusting. up to the northern states we'll see one to two numbers of. main we are seeing eight numbers of of snow as the weekend progresses. a lot of people travelling to the south. it could be seeing snow on the highways. be careful of that. the other big story is the temperatures dropping across the south-east. they are down to 35 degrees. birmingham is down to 30. so below freezing. we have freeze warnings in effect along the coastal regions.
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last night it was from texas, and over to florida. they have reduced. it will be a major problem for the morning. >> okay. thank you. there is much more ahead on al jazeera america. >> egypt in turmoil. protests triggered by young women behind bars, a crime they are convicted of next. and a bitcoin treasure buried under a landfill. a story of a would-be millionaire if only he backed up his hard drive. >> i wish my wife a merry christmas and happy holidays in denver colorado.
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>> clashes erupted in cairo leaving one student dead. they were showing support for 21 egyptian women, some as young as 15, sent to gaol for 11 years. their crime - protesting without
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permission. >> dominic kane spoke to one woman. >> this woman looks through her 19-year-old daughter's bedroom. she should have been attending university. instead she is starting an 11-year prison sentence. she has been conshiennious and drew and sketched. the idea of her conviction was like a body blow. >> translation: when we heard the verdict, it was shocking, unjust. my daughter told me, "mum, i'm 19. after 11 years when i get out, i'll be 30 years old." you can't imagine how much hurt those words caused me. >> she was one of 21 women and girls found guilty of thuggery,
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illegal gathering and damage of property. they formed a human chain during protests against the military led government several weeks ago. >> mcmoud is a lawyer representing the women and girls. he believes the case has been poll ittizized and the facts show his clients are innocent. >> translation: there's no evidence at all in the papers from the lawsuit of my clients. from the moment they were arrested until the judge announced the verdict. there's not an eyewitness saying the women committed the crime. >> human rights groups condemned the trial and sentences. and said egypt must do away with laws and punishments reflective of old egypt. >> this is from an old law of the 1923. we as human right watch and
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others consider restrictive. >> this is seen in the framework of restrictions imposed on the right of people to protest in a country that for the first three years changed a lot of things. >> in recent weeks the government and the courts clamped down on protests. over a week ago 12 students from the alasar university were gaoled for 17 years for attempting to storm the headquarters of the institution. this week has seen the imposition of a new law regulating protest, drawing w e widespread criticism. the government says it will implement a law protecting the rights of the sfit zens and the
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protesters. >> the sentences given to the students shocked many, leading them to question of independence of the judiciary. >> china sent war planes into the disputed ablaze in the east china sea. the area is over a croup of islands. it might take one tiny miscalculation or a tiny misunderstanding, and these islands could become the center of a large international conflict. to the japanese they are the senkakku islands. to the chinese the diaoyu island. now, thanks to china's unilateral introduction to an air defense zone, they added they are the most talked about islands in asia. politics at home have a lot to
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do with it. >> china, japan and korea are facing domestic issues. they want to divert people's attentions to security and diplomatic matters. these countries want to find another issue they can qualify about. >> china's decision to impose control over the airspace upset japan and sea. >> the u.s. argues that it's the u.s. that is most annoyed. >> the adiz was introduced by the united states after japan's defeat in the second warld war, to secure japan's safety. this is a u.s. invention. the u.s. is more sensitive to this than japan. on the streets of tokyo, there is concern. >> translation: i can't understand why anyone would do
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this. if you don't know what your neighbour is thinking, it's a reason to be afraid >> translation: my feelings of misjust, anxiety and nervousness increased. >> the islands were never more than a footnote until a u.n. survey, suggesting there could be large oil deposits beneath the seabed around them. getting taiwan and china interested. now, with so many countries involved, a small misstep could have serious consequences for peace in the region. >> it's that miscalculation that vice president joe biden hopes can be avoided when he visits the region next week. with oil deposits yet to be proven, the islands hold little real value. it could be a high-stakes confrontation over nothing. >> a union leader says safety
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complaints were ignored before an accident in one of brazil's world cup stadiums. two workers were killed. it's supposed to host the opening of the 2014 world cup. the main construction company denies claims. work was behind schedule. a local official said it won't affect the opening match. investigators are looking into what caused the crane to topple. >> all righty. ross is here with sport. what is going on with jason kidd. >> basically he tried to have a little spill. he's in trouble. in his first year as head coach for the brisbane nets he made a mistake. he intentionally spilled a drink to cause a stoppage of plain. he was hoping to call play, but it didn't work because the nets lost the game.
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now kidd is going to lose 50 grand. cheaters never win. dallas cowboys were running wild against the oakland raiders. the murray racking up football points. the cowboys rallying back from a deficit. dallas sitting pretty in first place with a 7 and 5 record. the detroit lines haven't won a thanksgiving day game since 2003. happy times are here again. matt stafford had a monster game against the packers. the lions spanked the packers. as for green bay, aaron rodgers expected back next week. >> see you later in the show. it's easy to throw something out by mistake, we have done it. a british man threw away an old
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col purt worth $7 million. >> somewhere under this rubbish in this huge public landfill site lies $7.5 million in bit coins, on a computer hard drive belonging to this man. james howl three it out by mistake. >> i'm devastated. when i realised what i had done it was an oh my god moment. >> he mined the coins on his computer. the process of generating bit coins in the first place and he forgot about them. since then the value has gone up. on thursday is hit $1,000 a coin. jails had 7,500 of them. the private cipto graphic key, without which it was worthless was, you guessed it, on the hard drive. >> from the first time i come
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across bitcoin i few it would be a good investment and the next big thing. deficiting, really. >> the bit coin was considered the play thing of computer experts and had a shady image. more and more companies are accepting it. a u.s. congressional committee said such currencies have a legitimate roll, makes hi moment of absence mindedness embarrassing and expensive. >> by the way, he stopped mining bitcoin when his girlfriend complained that his laptop was too noisy. >> too close for comfort. it's the end of the role for the comet of the century, a lesson for scientists. black friday sales mean a holiday cut short for retail workers. we talk to those sacrificing
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family time. >> i'm located here in afghanistan. i'm a staff sergeant. i wish my family and friends back home a happy holidays. i want to give a shout out to my students at sherwood midland high
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. welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz with the top stories. >> egypt arrests a prominent activist for insighting protests. protests continued to support 21 women sentenced to 11 years under a new law. a student was killed in the clash. >> tensions are growing over ireland and the east china sea. china sent in war plains in an area that china and japan claims. vice president joe biden heads to asia on sunday to resolve the dispute. the balloon flew in the 87th
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macy's parade. high winds -- stores on thanksgiving means workers missing holidays with families. erica pitzi reports on resistance among some workers. a proud and loving family of two girls, ty riley looks forward to the time with his two girls. >> i meet with my family, mother, father, aunts, cousins, we seat, we fall sleep, we seat some more. >> this year he is thankful because the new york retailer he works for pc richard and son is closed for thanksgiving. proud of that fact the company is airing a commercial. >> at pc richmond and son we believing thanksgiving should be spent at home. >> 33 million are expected to hit the stores.
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that's why macey says it's opening its stores for the first time ever. trisha kress is working her first. >> it's not like forced labour. >> some workers feel force the to work. they are are urging shoppers to boycott shoppers. michelle in pennsylvania posted that she quit her retail management job saying the shopping thing has gone too far. >> kmart is not knew to the line-up of retailers open for the holidays. this year the stores will be open for 48 straight hours between thanksgiving thursday and black friday. it will take a lot of workers to keep things up and running. employers say they'll do what they con to make it worth it. they are paying time and a half. walmart is boosting discount from 20 to 25% and providing a
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full meal to workers. >> you can't beat that. can't beat free money and food. >> brian williams will not get anything from his security guard job, but he makes more money. >> i'm getting holiday pay for me and my family. >> ty says you cannot put a price tag on family time. >> i can't imagine my family being somewhere and i can't be there because i have to work. that's a day you are supposed to be with your family. >> with this little one waiting for daddy at home who can blame him. >> one pizza hut manager rebebed against the thifg -- rebelled against the thanksgiving work day. he said the franchise opener
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forced him to retine. his story went viral. the company offered to rehire him. the location opened. tony said he's not doing back. >> why can't we be the companies that stands up and cares about employees, there's only two days that people cann spent with their family. >> pizza hut said in a statement: >> restaurants, franchise manager says he offered rohr his job back, but rohr says the incident was the last straw. >> despite backlash plenty of shops decided to open. kmart welcomed shoppers at 6 o'clock. others, are opening ahead of the
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midnight start. analyst expect sales to be up 4% compared to last. it's not agreement. >> katherine barrett joins us from a best buy near seattle. what was it like when the doors flung open in. >> it was hard to tell who was more excited. the crowd that waited for four hours in the cold, some camping overnight. they were ready to get inside into the warm and get the bargains that they came for. we were inside before the door busters. the managers and the staff from pumped, hi fiving, snapping snapshots of their own. this is their make or break kick off to their most important sales season of the year. >> remember speed and accuracy, we have to do it all again. >> it was good.
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starting from 4 o'clock in the afternoon. i got what i want. >> it looks different. >> we had to have the thanksgiving dinner delivered to us this year. >> for some, this annual shopping spree is an annual tradition. >> we're having issues here. we'll let you go. thanks for the live report. crazy black thursday now. retail expert phil wahba spoke to us about what stores are doing to protect customers after stampedes and violence. >> what walmart has done is they have a bracelet system for items that are popular. that guarantees them a spot later. it's like buying a justin bieber
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ticket sale. >> if we are having black friday on thursday, and sometimes the friday before, is black friday relevant? >> it's relevant, but not as definitive a day. it's the anchor, we should consider this a black friday week. it's starting today and cyber monday will be the biggest online sales day of the year. a come store put out an estimate that it will be the first store to have 2 billion in the united states. you have to look at it as an appeared. the 5-day weekend is something that can help you gauge the overall season. >> the trend is more people will shop online. >> more are shopping online. if you are macy's. you are using the store to get people interested in what you have to sell. the shoppers will either go on to the website or job in the stores. are you sighing the focus from
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retailers shipmenting from black friday to cyber monday. >> no, it's part of it. it's meant to be... >> to add to it and hopefully from somebody else. get people to shop, monday when back at the desks they can continue to shop on their web side. >> thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> happy thanksgiving to him. once billed as the comet of the century. comet ison was no match for the sun. astronomers hoped for a streak across the sky. with me from fort myers is a professor of physics. thanks for being with us today. >> pleasure to be with you.
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>> the comet didn't make it past the sun. a disappointment for scientists. >> a little disappointing, yes. there is still some interest, because the comet is believing a little unusually after its close brush with the sun. there's remnant comet left. >> why did this comet get so much attention. what made this so special. >> this comet was special because we were hoping that it would become very bright and so bright it would be easily visible by many around the world in the pre-dawn sky. it was interesting for scientists. we thought it would help us understand about the origin of >> how can seeing this comment shoot past the earth and the sun, help us understand the
11:39 pm
origins of the solar system. how do they learn from that. >> since the comet is a remnant from the era. the composition of the kem et and the structure reflect the conditions that were prevalent in the material from which our solar system formed. if you understand the composition of the various minerals and understand how they are put together, you can work backwards and figure out what was going on in the 4.5 million years ago when all the planets were formed. >> obviously the comet didn't make it, it was burnt up in the sun. were scientists able to learn something from it? >> there has been a lot of data obtained in the last several weeks by many of my colleagues in the astronomical community. understanding the composition and the behaviour of the comet.
11:40 pm
scientifically it turned out to be nice. we are also still hoping. there's a slime chance that we'll get more data in the next few weeks, as what is left of the comet comes around. >> how rare was the comet. we call it the comet of the century, is there hope another may pass by, that may be as productive for as tron omers. >> there's that home, yes. the comet on its first trip, passing close to the sun, that's something that we haven't seen in 50 years. obviously our eighty to discover and study comments improved in the last 50 years. we are hoping we won't have to wait 50 more years, it's up to the universe. we are watching it. >> it's putting on a show. thank you for your time today. >> still ahead in sports.
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plenty of football. ross shimabuku has the highlights. a controversy over new york city residents. >> it's like a puzzle. it's part of the puzzle, the birds. >> what's going on here. turkeys off the table and running on the streets. >> i'm from wyoming, wishing a warm holiday wish and merry christmas from afghanistan. special love to my husband jim and son joseph.
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>> watch out, you have competition. special sweet-field fried
11:44 pm
doughnuts are sold on hanukah. they are perfect for thanks-giveka. >> on this thanksgiving the israelis are thankful for doughnuts. they have been made the same way for 60 years. first, round the doughful throw it in the fire. that squirts in the filling. >> tastes like heaven. >> sold on hanukah. a jewish holiday celebrating a celebration. religious israelis walk away with bags of them. for the secular, a source of sweetness. >> the oil lasts eight days. we eat a lot of foods that have a lot of oil. >> and sugar doesn't hurt
11:45 pm
either. >> it's the best doug nut. >> times are changing and the simple sugar tops has been upgraded. welcome to the shop and 18 varieties. look at all the flavours. there's chocolate. jelly. white chocolate, custody ard, and my favourite ferre rst oche chocolate. >> the flavour explosion is a sign of a changing iing rail. >> israel is a lot more cosmopolitan. >> america's exporting of doughnuts. >> it's another country of the united states. >> israelis are eyeing the american holiday. it lead to some mash ups.
11:46 pm
>> thanks giveka is that what you call it? >> no matter which holiday we celebrate, we are thankful for the same things. >> what are you thankful for? >> it goes to show to give thanks we don't need a turkey. sometimes all we need is a dough nut. >> isn't that the truth. all you need is a dough nut. >> i would love to have one. we were supposed to have mack and cheese. roughate it. and four slices of pumpkin pie. >> pittsburg steelers. remember the beginning of the season they dropped the first four games. everyone is like there is no way they'll make the play offs. way. they had to man up against
11:47 pm
ravens. michael phelps in the house. phelps is back in the pool and thinking about an olympic comeback. from one champion to the other, jo flacco to torrey smith. ben ross's company gets it together. big ben buying time, steps up in the pocket, finds sanders. jonathan on the dance floor. they were within striking distance. the game coming down to the wire with a minute left. steelers down by eight. ross burger in the end zone. steelers forcing overtime. what do you have for me. lays it out to sanders. sanders could not haul it in. incomplete. that's all she wrote. baltimore winning a mail bitter. ravens improved 6 and 6. in dallas the cowboys having
11:48 pm
issues against the raiders. terence williams. you have to be kidding me. tosses the piggy. raiders jumped out to 7-0. buckle up. rashad jennings runs into the camera man. he's okay. the cowboys down by 14 points, but tony romeo and company - they anyhow up. tying it up for 21. the cowboys playing smash-mouth football. demarco murray powering in. how about them cowboys. they go on to win 31-24. >> obviously when you fumble the opening kick off and they return for a touch down it's not good. i thought our team tried to respond. it was important after the win to come back and put a couple together. i was proud of the guys and their ability to concentrate in
11:49 pm
a tough situation, being where we were. teens can go one of two ways. i was proud of the guys. >> the packers haven't won a game. lions gave it away. burnett scooped up the mack and cheese. packers out to a 10-3 lead. the lions got their boogie on. jeremy ross, detroit tying it up at 10. matt stafford finding his favourite target, finding the big fellow. megatron taking it 20 yards to the happy place. stafford scored a trifecta with three touchdowns. >> packers winning 40-10. the good news for green bay.
11:50 pm
aaron rodgers expected back. >> obviously coming off a loss, playing a team in our subdivision that is talented. coming out and getting away we needed to do it. talked about it for the three games we had. making mistakes earlier. we had enough time to correct them. we do things the way we are supposed to and taught. we'll be fine. >> good news for the denver broncos. john fox, head coach, heading back to work. he was recovering at his home in charlotte. fox is in den have and the plan is to have him in the coach's box. in his absence the broncos are 2 and 1 under interim head coach jack del rio. >> we had the leader return to say hello. invited him to see us so we all didn't have to go over to his
11:51 pm
house. i thought that would be a break for his wife robyn because we are excited to have him back. he talked about how proud he is of what we are doing. >> for some college football side dash. mack and cheese. texas tech getting a trick against texas. fake. ryan, the punter showing off his wheels. anyway way you want to say it. the punter takes it 51 yards to the house. she's shooshing me. don't mess with texas. takes mccoy. that 47 yard connection gave texas a 10-7 lead. later in the second joe bergeerror scampers in. texas win it big.
11:52 pm
41-6 is the finalist. we are on a sugar high. >> more pies waiting for us. >> one part of new york city it's a case of too much turkey. find out why the foul are running wild next. >> i'm sergeant mike faulkner deployed at camp bavtion. i'd like to send a shout out to family and friends at home. i miss you and love you.
11:53 pm
11:54 pm
>> i'm a staff sergeant in sving. i want to say hello to my friends and family in kansas. happy holidays. love you all, see you soon. >> it's the word of the day and the focus of many of you in the kitchen. it is turkey day. the bird is the staple. it's not the only time of year it's eaten. americans consume more than 219 million turkeys. granted 46 million become our dinner. the average weight is 16 pounds. that's a lot of bird.
11:55 pm
>> benjamin franklin said the bird was a bird of courage. franklin referred to wild turkeys. wild turkeys faced extinction. they made a comeback. >> they have been known as the birds americans can't live without. or live with in the case of this beach front town. turkeys, wild ones roam free in staten island. >> they roam in front of your windshield. it can hut and that creates a problem. >> they poop over the place. a lot of people are afraid of them. especially kids. >> some people are more concerned about what will happen to their feathered friends. >> i'm an animal lover, i think they should be able to go somewhere that they should run around and be free. >> the u.s. department of
11:56 pm
agriculture located or killed the majority of the turkeys. a proposal to donate the turkeys is on hold until the meat can be tested. wild turkeys are almost pets. >> there are more than 7 million nation wi. >> this flock called the area home for a decade. it was one woman, she had 10 turkeys, and one day, for unknown reasons she left them. the 10 grew into about 100 over a 10 year period and kind of made this area their home. >> heather and other activists came together to try to find a solution, creating a turkey
11:57 pm
national park. >> we built a fake park on staten island. the deal was my colleagues and i were a group of artists and activists. we decided we wanted to see if we could design a projected that could act in the community. too try to start a dialogue with the city, how it would get involvement to fix the relationship. >> it's a relationship that can't be seen to end soon. >> this is a part of the staten island. something that - it's like a puzzle. it's part of the puzzle, the birds. >> the fate of the turkeys is far from clear. some hope they'll stick around after thanksgiving. >> hello, one more time. a lot of team have been out there shopping now.
11:58 pm
tomorrow is going be another big shopping day across the united states. what we are dealing with since getting through the week with all of the storms, look at the satellite, at the radar, we are talking about snow showers. that's it in terms of weather. so what we'll see is cloudy conditions for almost 80%. united states. we are going to be dealing with one place that's having rain, that is southern californiaful there's an area of low pressure. you can see the low. showers are not going to be hard. sore southern california it's unusual. it will only last till friday. by the time we getto saturday and sunday. beautiful temperatures. >> we have a big change that is about to happen in the north-west. it's been nice for the last week in seattle. unfortunately it will not last too much longer.
11:59 pm
the rain is coming in friday, saturday and sunday. the temperatures are dropping. by the time we get to the end of the week and next week. up to the north is low pressure, and a cold front that is sinking to the south. this area of low pressure and air mass is one of the cold es we have had this season. it will spur off other storms that we will see next week. towards the south-east the cold temperatures, they are dealing with them tonight. temperatures are going below. memphis is close, going below freezing. new orleans, you are at 37. temperatures tomorrow morning look like this, savannah, beautiful city. you are going to get cold. that's a look at the weather. have a great evening everyone.
12:00 am
. welcome to al jazeera america, i'm jonathan betz with tonight's headlines. more than a dozen major retailers opened their doors, pushing black friday into thursday. kmart started sales 6am thanksgiving giving some a jump start. tens of thousands of retail workers had to spend the holiday at work >> pizza hut offered to reinstate a man fired for not making staff work on thanksgiving. he said he did not want his job back >> an earthquake in iran kills


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