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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 29, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz . heavy imposed deade nation's
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>> if you'rmany saying that the president has bitten off more than it can chew. and the democrats are having a hard time defending it. >> disappointment will have to get past it because the over all project is just too important to allow us to be discouraged.
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>> in october that first month of enrollment, instead of 500,000 people signed up, 106,000 signed up. one thing that has stayed the same. lat day to enroll is march 31st. president obama pressed for fix of the website by saturday, yet they're not promising perfection. >> to be clear, novembe november 30th does not bring a relaunch. it is not a magical date. there will be times when this site like many website, does not
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perform optimally. >> reporter: aaccentuating the positive, on december 1st it will be able to handle 50,000 users at the same time, and 800,000 users per day. >> big improvement, and we will be able to log on to the site. we'll see if it works. thank you, randall. the administration said the site a faster and youers will face fewer errors. kathleen is h sebelius has some, to shop the website during off peak times and don't be afraid to comparison shop to get the best deal. we will gather to the health policy reporter for the wall street journey, she's in
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washington tonight. they said it won't be perfect, do you think it will be largely problem free. >> what we're hearing some of the front-end problems have been fixed so the site looks better, the pages load faster, some of the back end problems the administration has acknowledged there are still problems. they're still tripping up the identity page. these are problems that could be exacerbated by a volume of people come together site. >> will most people be able to log onto the website and buy insurance? >> the best way to think about these problems is that they're hidden to a large number of people. but they're very real problems and hard to fix. the vast majority of people may see a better using experience on this site. what remains to be seen is whether a good number of people are still getting tripped up by the back end problem. >> what do you make of the recent announcement that small business owners will be unable
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to enroll online because of these problems? >> well, the administration tried to point this to as a good thing. they were getting the site to work bet for individuals. the administration said people can continue to buy from their insurers, agents and broker and apply for tax credits afterwards. but they won't be able to comparison shop online which the hope was to change the market. >> the white house hopes to announce these fixes, the new network provider and they'll be switching the data center. they'll do all this work on the scene, so do you think it will slow down progress? >> the data center shifting is a good issue. it was in the works before october 1st. the host has been problematic
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and the reliability of the site is unconcern. it will take many months more to effect the site. it could get worse before it gets better. >> do you think the white house is putting this scandal behind them as they turn the corner, or will this snowball. >> there are a many who think this represents the turning of a corner. the reason why the november 30th deadline was important, why they had to set a deadline even though there was a risk they might not hit was the fact that they did reach this point, they needed to keep at bay many senate democrats who were earlier this month and last month who were pushing for changes, waiving the individual mandate for a year. >> that's my next question, we had oh these deadlines signing
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up for the insurance. do you think there is any kind of movement on the deadlines. >> the administration has clarified that people, if they buy coverage before march 51st won't face a penalty. the earliest date that you can have coverage you have to sign up january 31st. but the penalty was about to kick in and they moved to highlight the six week extension, what it tells you is because of the problems people were having signing up for the site. >> hopefully those problems are fixed by tomorrow. louise with the wall street journal, thank you for your time tonight. an escalation between china and america's ally japan. china set fighters jets over the east china sea. the zone contains a set of
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island claimed by china and japan. china said that jets would have to register to fly over that area. >> china declared the same seneca could you island and if they were their territories. this is unacceptable to japan. >> this issue will be taken up by vice president joe biden when he touches down. 21 women from sent to prison. the egyptian court sent the women to prison for up to 11 years. they said the pardon would come once all appeals were exhausted, and that could take months. iran will wind down it's nuclear program by january. they made the announcement today
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one of the six measures agreed to in geneva last week. and the program is peaceful. the west is worried that iran will build nuclear weapons. they will meet next month to discuss next steps. the afghan president is lashing out at the obama administration afte after a droe strike killed a child. the attacks show that the american forces do not respect the lives and security of people of afghanistan or the loya jirga decision. for years people are being killed and our houses being destroyed under the pre-texas of the war on terror. the strike comes at a delicate time during the two countries. apologize to hamid karzai. the u.s. wants karzai to sign a deal that would keep u.s. troops
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in afghanistan after 2014. karzai i still has demands. machine guns, blood, drugs. there are thousands of violent online videos like this one illustrating mexican music, glorifying drug lords. >> this is the most popular right now. >> reporter: even here in new york's largely latino neighborhood of east harlem, 2,000 miles from the border, it sells. more than 100,000 people have been murdered there since 2008. according to mexico's national institute for statistics. as the murders become more
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gruesome, bodies decapitated, so does entertainment. narco business is booming as shown in a documentary. [♪ singing ] >> these kids see this drug war failing, and they see these kingpins running around. they've become the new robin hood. they've become the new stars in the u.s. and mexico. >> reporter: he's documented the explosion of violence in the border city of juarez, making it the murder capitol of the world at the time. now he's turning a critical eye on narco culture. >> i don't embrace it. i think the drug wards are the
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cancer of mexico, and to some degree, of the u.s. the music has been banned in mexico, and it has made it more popular. >> popularity that has stretched to the u.s. >> commander is one of the most popular right now. there is a whole bunch playing, all of this something very popular and very mexican. something that you wanted to dance right away. >> reporter: in spite of the band playing on radio stations there are youtube videos that rack up 20 million views a piece. and as long as the drug war continues, schwartz says the music will keep up with the brutality. kate kilpatrick, al jazeera, new york.
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>> meteorologist: there is a chill in the air as we've got cold air that has settled across thest side of the united states and to the west it may be a little bit more on the mild side. but you've got a major storm heading in. current temperatures as we look at them in the 30s. that is a cold 30s as we move into parts of michigan especially. this is where we have an ice jam that's developed. all that ice and snow just gets solid where it's at. the river starts to rise up and it can't go anywhere. water tha that is not frozen rus out and goes into people's yards. we're going to monitor this situation because it can push to the north and cause more flooding farther north. michigan had the two record low temperatures this morning. they were bought at negative negative-eight degrees.
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and oh, yeah, it's cold out there all right. we're go to have a blast of arctic care coming back through the pacific northwest. first we'll have warmer weather and as the storm moves in, significant rainfall. with all that rain in the mountains with the snow levels are not necessarily low yet, yet. well, that's going to come down in the streams and rivers. so we've got flood concerns that will be popping up for western washington and oregon and a little band of preparation moving across, that's freezing rain for you. freezing rain advisory from the northeast from spokane to cheney. we'll talk more about the big storm. when it's going to hit. how much wind comes in. >> a lot of peopleouts, still to come on al jazeera america. black friday in full swing. and the early numbers are coming in tonight with retailers already reporting about the start of the holiday shopping
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season. also not everyone is shopping. protesters gathered outside of wal-marts across the country. that's ahead. to your money real. to your money real. real money with ali velshi real money with ali velshi next next on al jazeera america on al jazeera america
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>> well, the black friday frenzy is upon us. millions of machines are spending the day after thanksgiving shopping either in stores or online. the excitement actually turned violent for some. in illinois police shot a suspected shoplifter as he tried to drive away. he dragged a police officer with his car, so another officer fired at the suspect, but the suspect and the officer should be okay. workers are demanding higher wages and better treatment. for more on those protests, we have more from committee. >> reporter: it's quite now but it was fairly raucous earlier on today. an about a hundred protesters gathered outside of walmart to
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show how much they made last year. but then walmart fired back saying look who is protesting. among the protesters are three actual employees of walmart. they gathered to block the street and ten were arrested. one of them arrested was an walmart employee who said he was proud to do it. >> like i said, i know i'm going to be retaliated against tonight when i go in, but it doesn't matter. i'm 45 years old, everybody else has a living wage, we need one, too. we stood out and fought with everyone from the chicago police and fire departments when they needed raises they got them. we stood with them. we would love for them to stand with us. this is working. it's not for me. it's for my workers. and workers across the country. >> reporter: those protesters say most of them were members of
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various union groups around chicago. the spokeswoman from walmart said we are doing things right. we offer wages that are comparable to other big box stores around the country. they offer generous health benefits and 401k and generous bonuses as well, discounts at the store. the main point that walmart is trying to get across, the main strength is they promote from within. if you start at the bottom you'll get promoted up. 160,000 at walmart got promoted last year. that's their counter argument to what the protesters were talking about today. >> andy there with the protest over but shoppers are still out in full force. , etc. learn to john terret. we spent friday with shoppers,
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how are you doing out there? >> i'm doing fine. i'm collecting bargains, and it seems to most of us in the mall that america is changing a little bit, really. we saw all these chain stores nationwide. we saw is it of them opening at 6:00 and 8:00 on thanksgiving itself, and there were those who did i wasn't the holiday interrupted, but it was just the opposite. it was attended all across the country. families went out after their turkey dinner together to shop in the malls. so it does look as if it's going to be different to row back from this one. we shall see. let's talk about the sort of big numbers that we have available to us. the early numbers. these are pretty raw, o on jona. you get an idea.
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let's look at protests at walmart and around the country. walmart tells us between 6:00 in the evening and 10:00 yesterday evening they made $10 million cash registered transactions. 10 million right across the country. let's hear from the walmart president ceo bill simon, he says that the walmart was simply reacting to what their customers want. >> customers are challenged, and that's why we were out in a big and exciting way on black friday to try to help them make ends meet so that our customers could have a great christmas with their families. >> reporter: and we've other figures that will be of interest. macy's tells us they have 15,000 people outside of their store herald square at 8:00. these mayys numbers cannot be confirmed. wand then further figures, we're told online shopping is ahead by
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18% as of now. roughly $127 per item is what people are paying, $1 million being spent by the end of the day online. and the national retail federation say 97 million people will be shopping by the end of the day, 140 million by the end of this weekend. this is all done, remember, in order to kick start the holiday shopping season. plus the ongoing struggling economy after the 2008 financial collapse. you know, so far it seems to have worked. >> has there been a lot of chaotic events? a lot of violence at that store openings? we usually see these on black friday? what are you hearing from the country on that? >> reporter: i should say nothing here. we're at bay shore. it's a terrific mall. they've just spent millions of dollars updating the store and
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it has been fine. there are reports coming around the country of pretty severe violence. we have pictures of this in a kohl's department store in romeoville, illinois, and an alleged shoplifter came out of the shop and tried to drag a police officer in a car. he was then shot in the car and the officein the arm.the suspecs taken to the hospital. they are fine. in california and virginia there were reports of pushing and shoving, that sort of thing. this is the fifth anniversary of the day that a man died in valley parade, the walmart here on long island, where we are now. if you remember that was during the door buster days when they would open the doors at
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5:00 a.m. he charged in to get the best bargain they could, and this boor man was a security guard and he was trampled to death. >> john terrett. thank you for that. i spoke to an retail industry adviser about black friday to see if retailers are benefiting. >> reporter: smart retailers are smart to think about that. macy's herald square which historically opened yesterday, with payroll and all that, i don't know how many retailers will receive the benefit of that. you know, black friday is turning into 50 shades of gray in more ways than one. it's morphing into one gray season. >> you worry about the morphing
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of 50 shades of gray that it might kill the buzz, the enthusiasm of those who wake up, go out friday morning and go out to the small and shop. >> just like your business, you're on 24/hour news cycle, we're now on a 24-hour shopping cycle. we can do it when we want to. if your inbox is anything like mine, you've been spammed with 60% off. so we are pea training the consumer to wait for that best deal. and we know there will always be something coming up. the savvy consumer will wait towards the end of the season rather than rushing out for black friday. >> on wall street the winning streak is over. the dow losing ten points, the first time since last sunday. blue chips didn't set a new
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all-time high. the s&p 500 failed to add to the record it set two days ago. the dow and the nasdaq are up for the week and the month. an it employee discovered a glitch that would cause nexus phones. google's galaxy nexus, the nexus 4 and the nexus 5. >> okay, we have the headlines, lindsay vaughn is diagnose doir now. >> reporter: yes, tiger woods girlfriend is doing better, lindsay vaughn, back on her skis and doing some runs today. the vaughn did three super g
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runs which means they're super steep. they had her surgically repaired last week and she is hoping to compete next week in alberta, canada, and setting her sights on sochi, russia, which is 69 days away. arkansas took a 27-21 lead. with the minute left in the ballgame, look here. the freshman sets up big time a rainbow connection. and jennings first touchdown pass of his career would rally back to stun the razorbacks 31-27. now the biggest college football game on planet earth this season tomorrow at 3:30 eastern time. it's number one alabama versus number four auburn. the last time both teams were ranked in the top five heading into the iron bowl, jonathan was not even born yet.
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the year 1971. tomorrow's match up is so big that we're live in auburn, and we'll have a live report later. >> you're calling me out, but you're not calling yourself out. >> reporter: i was in dippers. >> okay, still to come, an up rising in thailand is intensif intensifying. why protesters say the prime minister must go, head. plus more people around the world are living longer with h.i.v. till ahead new advances made in fighting that virus. journalism review. journalism review. and the daily beast says: and the daily beast says: >> quality journalists >> quality journalists once again on the air once again on the air is a beautiful thing is a beautiful thing to behold. to behold. >> al jazeera america,
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>> al jazeera america, there's more to it. there's more to it.
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>> i'm jonathan betz. tech experts have a few hours left to fix healthcare dot gospel. the obama administration has set
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a midnight deadline. now getting enough young people to set. it's participation is critical to keep premiums in check. china has set a group of fighter jets over a group of islands that both japan and china claim. 14 women were sentenced 11 years in prison. the pardon would only come after the entire appeals goes through process, than could take months. protesters briefly stormed the grounds of army headquarters demanding the military held them topple the prime minister. many believe th thailand's prime
6:32 pm
minister is only a mouth piece for the leader that was ousted in a coup. >> reporter: coming complete with traditional dancing, and the usual rallying cries from the stage. the leaders echoing their counter parts in bangkok. >> i'm sure the government has no more than thee days left. they must return the pow to the people. >> protesters have set up outside of the headquarters of the local administration. many of the staff are also protesting while others are working else where. >> the situation can be controlled. protesters have gathered at city hall and i'm working at home because i don't want to confront them. >> the numbers are low but they don't see that as a sign that the protest is losing momentum.
6:33 pm
many from the south have traveled to bangkok to take part of the protesting there. >> for now there is a festival atmosphere at the rally site but the message is clear. they won't leave until the government is gone. a changing of the guard in pakistan as sharif takes over as commander. the military sometimes led to the overthrow of political leaders. al jazeera has more on the mixed legacy. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: all this in honor of the country's most powerful
6:34 pm
man, general kayani oversaw the parade for raheel sharif. he took over from general musha raf. keani would travel to meet his men who were fighting and dieing in large numbers. military analysts say this led kani as to what he saw as the true enemy of the nation. >> today we are faced with internal as well as external challenges. the problems are internal battle front cause tension an and a grt threat. >> he didn't name india, a country it has fought three wars
6:35 pm
with as it's only threat. in 2009 the taliban had taken over the north region. under his super the taliban was driven back to the remote tribal areas about kayani's popularity quickly sank. is it ended in a strike of u.s. forces that killed 24 soldiers. between those two crises was kayani's biggest perceived failing, the osama bin laden break. not because they failed to find the world's most wanted man but because the raid was launched on pakistani soil without pakistani knowledge. still pakistani army chief never managed to give the americans what they wanted decisive acti
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action. in may pakistan held elections. the fact that kayani never tried to lead a coup against the government helped his reputation to a degree. while ayani is able to retire with some grace, he leaves behind him some unfinished business. al jazeera, islamabad. >> and the obama administration's decision to move it's vatican embassy in rome is drawing criticism. some say the move down grades the u.s.-vatican ties, but the move will save $1.4 million a year. there will be no decrease in
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staff. more than 33 million people worldwide are infected with h.i.v. in the 90s it was considered a death sentence. now medical breakthroughs might reverse that. we have more on the drugs that are saving lives. >> reporter: a regular at this h.i.v. clinic outside o. he contracted the h.i.v. virus ten years ago. now with the right set of drugs he's able to maintain his heal health. >> many people didn't live this long. >> in south africa h.i.v. drugs have halved new infection in the last four years. now less one in 20 catch the virus from their mother. that's a huge advance from
6:38 pm
earlier treatments. here it is, the h.i.v. virus and these stalks play a very important role of how it works. when it comes in contact with a cell, in this case a red blood cell, it would attach and invade the cell. here's where the viral drugs. they effectively disabled virus' stalks so it cannot detach or invade the cell. and the patient's immune system is able to recover. >> providing they keep taking the drugs, the virus is kept at bay. stop taking them, and it returns in force. globally $1.2 billion a year is spent on h.i.v. research, now there are almost 300 30 differet drugs to treat the virus. the drugs are more affordable and accessible, especially for those in poor countries. >> it's been pretty michiga mir.
6:39 pm
i think we've made transition from where there are three our four drugs being used a point where there are 30 drugs and people throughout the world are being treated. >> reporter: they hope to give thincrease those given the anti-viral drug by 2015. giving those infected bif by h.. a better and longer life and help prevent the spread of the virus. >> more than 25 million people worldwide have died of a.i.d.s. but h.i.v. treatments in poor countries has increased 10 fold since 2002. and new infections in the united
6:40 pm
states has fallen 60% since the height of the infection. >> more and more men and women are returning from battle unable to forward the basics. a colorado woman found a way to help. >> reporter: sometimes even the strongest need help. the private's salary, $18,000, sometimes doesn't go far. they come armed with a shopping list of things they can't afford. >> they don't have enough money to go around. you have an e-4 or private with a couple of kids, and then things are expensive. >> it's the only civilian non-profit of its kind in the entire country that operates on an army post. kelly started it in 1991 when she was astonished to see soldiers returning from warheading straight into poverty. >> this is our school room with backpacks and school supplies
6:41 pm
and things for the kids. >> all of this is donated donatm companies throughout colorado and the united states. this redistribution center outside of denver is where the warrior's warehouse collects its donations. >> we have a lot of meat product and that type of stuff that we purchase and then hand out to our families. we give them months of food. >> her volunteers are vietnam vets who know all too well what it's like to come home with a broken spirit. >> we're finding more and more in need. >> its getting worse as more come back. >> reporter: it's hard to keep up with the exploding demand. >> we start off with this many the first year, the first six months we were here and then it's grown almost double. >> reporter: the warriors warehouse is only open to struggling stateside soldiers who less than sergeant, but she
6:42 pm
has not forgotten those far away on the front lines. there is no space left in this room. this place is mobbed with over 1700 gift boxes donated from a local church. all of these will be packed up and shipped out to troops serving overseas to get to them by the december holidays. >> i'm passionate enough to make sure that thee guys who gave us our freedom, that we give them back to them. they're americans and they're my heroes. >> reporter: so as americans prepare to show their gratitude this holiday season these service men and women can say thanks to those who serve in this massive mission at home. al jazeera, colorado springs. >> serving those who serve. well still ahead on al jazeera america technology is helping many shoppers become more savvy. how more brick and mortar stores are turning to apps. one game that we'll be watching,
6:43 pm
alabama versus auburn. we have a a live report from auburn next in sports. rates this stuff get rates this stuff get complicated. complicated. but don't worry. but don't worry. i'm here to take the fear out of i'm here to take the fear out of finance. finance. every night on my show i break every night on my show i break down confusing financial speak down confusing financial speak and make it real. and make it real. determining using some sort of determining using some sort of subjective interpretation of subjective interpretation of their policy as to whether or their policy as to whether or not your particular report was not your particular report was actually abusive, because if it actually abusive, because if it doesn't contain language that doesn't contain language that specifically threatens you specifically threatens you directly or is targeted towards directly or is targeted towards you specifically, they may not you specifically, they may not consider it abuse. consider it abuse. they may consider it offensive. they may consider it offensive. and in that case they just
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and in that case they just recommend that you block that recommend that you block that person. person. >> i don't want to minimise >> i don't want to minimise this, because i mean, there's this, because i mean, there's some really horrible things that some really horrible things that are on are on line, and it's not - it's line, and it's not - it's not just twitter, what has not just twitter, what has happened through social media happened through social media and the anonymity of the net is and the anonymity of the net is that you see websites, that you see websites, hate-filled websites hate-filled websites targetting targetting all sorts of groups, popping up. all sorts of groups, popping up. there has been a huge number of there has been a huge number of those that exist as well. those that exist as well. >> every sunday night, >> every sunday night, al jazeera america presents... al jazeera america presents... gripping films from the world's gripping films from the world's top documentary directors. top documentary directors. >> this is just the beginning of >> this is just the beginning of something much bigger. something much bigger. >> next sunday: do the math. >> next sunday: do the math. >> these companies are a rogue >> these companies are a rogue force. force. >> one environmentalist says >> one environmentalist says fossil fuels equal disaster. fossil fuels equal disaster. will his movement add up to will his movement add up to change? change? >> we will fight it together. >> we will fight it together.
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>> al jazeera america presents: >> al jazeera america presents: do the math. do the math. >> well thanksgiving was a boon for retailers online. early data shows the holiday generated $1 billion in sales. that's an 18% increase over last year. other data shows the average online order was $127. and brick and mortar stores want to cash in on that online sales boon to get more buyers retailers are taking advantage of mobile shopping apps. we have more. >> let your smart phone be your guide. this year shoppers may be browsing in stores but they're harnessing mobile apps to hunt
6:46 pm
for the best deal, red laser, no more socks and shop kick can help shoppers get gift-giving ideas and get money-saving coupons. managements predict ecommerce sales will hit $80 billion and a lot of that shopping will be done on shop phones and tap lest. a locreating shopping experiencs that are on par with what you get in the store. there is on taunt to learn more about the product, watching demo videos of what the product does and how it works. >> reporter: nearly half of back friday purchases will be made on mobile devices. >> we're seeing great growth in the internet business. we've seen double digit growth over the last ten years.
6:47 pm
>> some other popular shopping apps. retail me not, price grabber and shop it to me. shop it to me are you doing holiday shopping? >> reporter: online, of course. that way we can stay home and watch football. my apologies to all the fans of ohio state, michigan, and the grandaddy of all games between number one alabama versus number four auburn. this iron bowl match up is so big our michael eaves is kicking it live in auburn. what is the atmosphere like out there? there has been so much hype and hoopla rathering this showdown. >> reporter: this is something
6:48 pm
that happens in this part of the country every other year. odd number years they play here and the even number years they play in tuscaloosa. now the city of auburn, alabama, the population is only 56,000 people and most of the people in this community have a relationship with the university. that's why it's a big deal. one full week before the game was scheduled to be played, hundreds, i mean multiple of hundreds rvs came and parked their trucks and buses early just to have a spot for tomorrow. they've never done that in the history of this rivalry. bus so 67 much is at stake, they let the fans in early. you can feel it walking around. a lot of people are super hyped for this game tomorrow afternoon. >> now history says the winner of this game has done very well in terms of the national championship picture. what is the significance of this game? >> reporter: well, you know, since 1971 you never had a
6:49 pm
bigger iron bowl than this. to have two teams in the top five, and the winner of this game, not only wins the sec championship, but if alabama wins and wins next week, they're in the bcs title game hand down. auburn has a chancen to do the same thing because they would have beaten the number one team tomorrow, and the . now if florida state wins tomorrow, they will also be in the title game. these two wins would not be as good as the auburn-alabama wins. >> what you think will be the key match up between alabama and auburn. >> reporter: this one is going to be won on the ground.
6:50 pm
the tigers have the best rushing offense in of the sec and second best in the entire country. they've scored four rushing touchdowns in each of their last six games. and alabama is the best defense, so whoever wins that rushing game, according to both sides that's where this game is going to be won here at jordan stadium. >> we'll see you at 8:00. staying in the sec there was a monster match up between number 17 an17 lsu and arkansas. the razorbacks were hanging tough all you arkansas fans. woo! but lsu down, and freshman
6:51 pm
throwing his first career touchdown pass. arkansas had had one last chance. and tigers are all over it. lsu wins a they willer 37-21. after weeks suffering a nasty crash and tearing her ligament in her right knee, lindsay vaughn was back on the streets. the 29-year-old vaughn said three super g runs and her right knee which she injured last week felt pretty good. she hopes to compete in calbert aalberta,canada, and hopes to bi moscow in 69 days. >> stay with us. weather is next. and many thought a broke up after a pressure with the sun. now the comet that simply won't go away. we'll talk to an expert next.
6:52 pm
>> and now a techknow minute... >> and now a techknow minute...
6:53 pm
>> mission incomplete. last minute technical glitch
6:54 pm
scrubs the rocket launch. in the last minute count down engineers aborted the lift off. it's better to be paranoid than wrong and the launch may be r rescheduled in days. there is a bright spot in space. it turns out the comet may still be out there. scientists lost sight of comet as it slingshot across the sun. it's nucleus may still be intact. if it comes back it will be visible to the naked eye next month. what happened when it collided with the sun? that's what scientists want to figure out. we'll talk to a smart man, howell at hopkins university. what is going on. >> it has been confusing, we
6:55 pm
which willebewildering. i was hoping to see fireworks from this comet but we didn't see anything. it was boring. >> what do you think happened? do you think the comet survived the sin slingshot around the su? >> yes, we're all just assuming that the poor comet had fragmented completely and disappeared and the sun was scattering it to the ends of the solar system, but a few hours later several hours later when the comet was predicted to be seen by another satellite, the soho satellite, something was there. it looked very much like a
6:56 pm
comet. it still had a couple of beautiful tails. but it may still be tricking us. that bust should have survived even if the comet broke up, we're still not sure, we'll find out in the next few days as people continue to observe the comet whether whether or not there is a remaining nucleus left. we'll need that in order to put on a display in the next couple of weeks. >> that's why they called this the comet of the century. as it came around the son later this month it will put on a big show. what are the chances that we'll still see that big light show? >> personally, my expectations are low. i think the comet did fragment, and we're seeing the remnant dust. but i'm going to keep my eyes peeled. i have hubble observations for
6:57 pm
december 18th. i want that thing to be there. >> really? >> and a lot of people are in the same boat. the observing circumstances from the earth are actually better in december than they were prior to the comet plunging to the near sun. just a little, say a few hundred meter portions fragments is still there, we would still be very happy and we would put on a very nice display. but you have to be careful. i would wait for the sun to not look directly to the sun. it has to be before sunrise. look on the eastern horizon and you might be in for a treat with a beautiful long tail. >> these boogers are hard to track, and it looks like it will live to see another day. hal weaver from johns hopkins
6:58 pm
university. thank you for your time today. >> thank you. >> meteorologist: a few light snow showers around the great lakes. over all great travel weather if you're headed home. if you're not headed home to the weekend you're going to want to watch the west coast. big storms coming in as we get through sunday and into monday: first i want to note at area of low pressure that is tracking away from the cal coast. what's happening is that it sent rain showers up to san diego and los angeles, and the rain showers are taking off now. what we're left with for the remainder of the afternoon are qualities, and there is great danger here walking long the beachesish and a sneaker wave could come up. it's n not in the normal curve f
6:59 pm
these waves coming and going. and in the meantime if that low tracks along california we have moisture and a large storm to sweep in to the pacific northwest, into the cascades before the snow level gets too low. ohwe'll start to see this impact on sunday. if you need to travel through the mountain passes the best time is today or tomorrow. the snow will then be sweeping through. the outlook will be the increase of rainfall on sunday and then it's going to take time. a blast of arctic car air on mo. that will drop our snow levels
7:00 pm
down close to sea level for seattle. >> you're al jazeera america, i'm jonathan betz with tonight's top stories. the roll out of an improved is getting off to a bad start. now government officials say the site will be down for extended maintenance. no one will be able to log on from 9:00 p.m. friday until 8:00 a.m. saturday eastern time. the obama administration had promised it would have the glitches fixed by november 30th. more a thousand protesters urging everybody to join the campaign to topple the prime minister. it propsed to break the gates at the


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