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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 29, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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>> hello, and welcome to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz in new york, john siegenthaler is off tonight. chaos and casualties. a helicopter crashes into a crowd he bar in scotland. the help survivors performed moments after it happened. disputed air space. warning, u.s. aircraft if they fly between china and japan. an 85-year-old american what north korea says he has confessed to. was supposed to be bug free, now the government says it's still not ready.
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>> and we begin this friday with a rescue effort going on right now in glasgow scotland. a police helicopter crashed into a crowded bar tonight. and there are reports of at least three people have been killed and many others hurt or trapped. police say rescuers have made contact with people trapped inside and are working to stabilize the building. late friday night the klutha pub in central glasgow was packed. people were listening to a small band. >> there was smoke and we were joking the band made the roof come down. >> a police helicopter had crashed onto the roof. >> it started coming down more, people started screaming and the whole pub filled with dust, you couldn't see anything, you couldn't breathe, every time you
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took a breath you were kind of coating your mouth. >> emergency crews rushed to the scene, people formed a human chain to pass those injured. >> here's the door, come here, we're helping each other out. >> it's too early to tell how many people are dead or how many are hurt. rescue workers are still looking for people inside. >> british prime minister david cameron says his thoughts are with those who wering injured. a disputed area in the east china sea. warning to observe new restrictions by beijing. china asks to be informed if any fly through the area. japan though is refusing to abide by the new rules. in response china has been flexing its military muscle.
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stephanie cowan has the new easy. >> the skies over the sincacu islands, are incredibly busy. japanese aircraft are also taking what they call routine patrols over the islands. and i think the danger is, there could be some confrontation or accident if the number of planes flying over the area continue. they say they are not back down from chinese threats, japan is going to set up a familiarity base, they have one already, and they will send in a second aircraft in the new year. clearly, while you can argue that the chinese are being
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clearly provocative, the japanese and the americans are not going to back down. >> our stephanie cowan in tokyo. more on the controversy and the islands on the center of them all. >> jets like these over the east china sea, they have started patrolling a defense air zone, declared by china, that declares that anyone who wants to fly in the area has to notify china first. china and japan don't even agree on the name of the islands. the new air zone is a long standing dispute over the islands. the surrounding waters are said to be rich in oil that's why china, taiwan and japan have all claimed them. >> generally speaking it's a problem that the air defense zone was set over our nation's territory. also kc our issue shows that
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being china declared the sinkaku islands as their territory. this is not acceptable. >> china's establishment of the air zone targets no particular 61 and will not bridz tension to the regional situation. >> but the defense zone has the u.s. worried. under its treaty obligations the u.s. is required to come to jam an's defense if it's attacked. analysts warn one wrong move could deal to a political confrontation. >> most important is to not do anything if it is seen into a confrontation. right now the japanese self defense forces and the u.s. army has to think of the best scenario to avoid any provocation towards china. >> they'll have a chance for monday when vice president joe
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biden touches down for a visit. reinforced with the president's new national security strategy. the white house plans to release the document early next year. the last strategy from 2010 addressed terrorism and winding down the war in iraq. >> north korea confirms it's holding american merrill newman. the news agency he said the veteran killed people during the war. says he apologized for hostile acts during that conflict. detained the 85-year-old-year-old, was pulled off a plane as he was about to leave. protestors camping out on the ground, asking the military to help them topple the prime minister. live from bangkok.
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scott what's happening there today? >> jonathan, well, yes, it is actually the next day here, saturday, now that army headquarters sowption if you will took place on friday. we were there right after it happened. it was quite an interesting scene. obviously this is the military head of this country. it is kind of a bold move, they presented pooh letter to the head of the army, essentially asking him one question, are you with us the protestors or are you with the government? later on a couple of days later the army said, we are for all people of thailand. they the army represent all the people of this country. the today we are seeing less protesting on the streetsd if you will, the protest oars are
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yelling in a sports stadium near here. alumni from that university, we're not sure if there is any kind of confrontation. we're at the democracy headquarters right in the center of bangkok. you hear speeches going on, it's not that massive movement? but some protestin protesting g, jonathan. >> if the president, why are the security forcers and inning her renewal? >> this is a very interesting thing. the prime minister, the democratically elected prime minister, they have offered to sit down with the leaders of this antigovernment, the one thing they've stead is they
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won't sit down and negotiate with the prime ministers they view as club and instead the protestors presented an idea of an unplected people's council, the prime minister said, that wouldn't be constitutional. you have a standoff, we believe this is a corrupt government, we want them out of power. the democrats saying, let's not do so, so we're at a bit of a stale meat if you wrl. protest erst froers and there'sf negotiation going on within her government what the next steps will be. are. >> your government allowed them to quample out on the grounds to earmt headquarters?
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ing well, actually they didn't camp out there. they were allowed in, the army allowed them in and three were in almost an most of the protests had some music had some food and then left after the two hours. where they have been for nights and nights there, that was kind of a show for us that they were able to fet in this very high pro file to information and then quickly left. as far as how they have been able to occupy places around the city, that's because the prime ministers has been very firm in saying that her police, her army will not use is forts to remove these protestors. in 2010 about 90, see this kind of kind hoond treatment by the law enforcement here in the
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city,.jonathan. >> scott hideler, thank you. >> you putting the stuffing away and the turkey down and the extra cranberry sauce into the fridge again because it's cold outside. you probably want to cuddle up with that hot turkey sandwich, on the leftovers from yesterday. we are going to stay dry, as we look into what's going on in minneapolis. burr it's cold. arctic air first shot is going to come out of the northwest. as we seize that happen, watching conditions, right now it's expected to be rainfall, a little rain at that time, with little now the conditions there staying mild enough for just rain, and it will become heavier and heavier and heavier.
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as we go into the next day ahead. temperatures, this is expr definite a cool story. we were 20 to 30° below normal. we're anywhere from 5 to 8 degrees below normal. we've kept all the ice and snow going in the rivers and we have an ice jam creating a flood wash in central michigan. potential for more flooding? but here is the storm hitting the pacific northwest and i'll have details on when to expect lowland snow, thank you. >> the fixes to troubled website, officials will temporarily shut it down. randall pinkston has more on the
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low level of expectations. >> the republicans have criticized it from the beginning. on wednesday, house speaker john boehner continued in a statement saying, the president bit off more than he can chew with his health care law. the democrats are having a hard time defending it. >> disappointment, we'll just have to get past it because the overall project is just too important to allow ourselves to be discouraged. >> in october that first month of enrollment, health and human services fell miserably short of its goal. instead of a are expected 50 500,000 enrolling, only 106,000 got enrolled from individual state ares.
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>> powm pressed for fix by saturday yet health and human services isn't promising perfection. >> to be sure, it is not a magical date. there will be times after november 30th when the site like any website does not perform optimally. our work will continue into december and beyond to make further improvements. >> friday morning the agency accenaccentuating the positive,f that happens, it will be a huge improvement over what users were experiencing last month. >> and moments before the government announced the health care website will be down for maintenance, i spoke to louise
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madnofski. >> people are still tripping up the identity verification stage, the insurers are still getting information that is flawed. this could be exacerbated by the volume of people coming to the site. >> are these little problems or will most people be able to log on to the website and actually buy insurance? >> the best way to explain is these problems are often hidden but they are real problems and hard to fix. the vast majority of people may be still getting tripped up by the problems. >> what does the administration say about the failure to enroll? >> the delay of the small business exchange prioritizing getting the site working better for individuals. that said what happened with the small business exchange is clearly the sort of worst case
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scenario for what could happen to the individual exchanges. where the administration says we can't get the site to work, people can continue to buy from their insurers and agents and brokers as they have before, they can apply for tax credits in the future, but fundamental, comparison-shopping the hope to change the market. >> can the white house announce new fixes, news problems but new fixes, new network provider, switching the data provider, the timing is interesting, they're going to do all the work behind the scenes. >> the data switching is a real issue, it was an issue with before the launch on october 1st. the reliability of the site is still uncertain. it's going to take them much more time to actually perfect, it's going to get worse before it gets better and it's going ostay some time. there's more ahead an al
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jazeera america. black friday, 2013 is just about over. what the numbers are predicting about this shopping season. and syrians are doing whatever they can to are prepare for the harsh winter ahead. are and cops subdue protesters who are angry with the president in egypt.
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>> every sunday night al jazeera america brings you controversial... >> both parties are owned by the corporations. >> ..entertaining >> it's fun to play with ideas. >> ...thought provoking >> get your damn education. >> ...surprising >> oh, absolutely! >> ...exclusive one-on-one interviews with the most interesting people of our time.
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>> you're listening because you want to see what's going to happen. >> i want to know what works what do you know works? >> conversations you won't find anywhere else. >> talk to al jazeera. >> only on al jazeera america. >> oh my! >> well thanksgiving proved to be a boon for online retailers. $1 billion in sales, 18% increase since last year. the average on order was $127. police used pepper spray to
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control a black friday crowd at walmart, in west texas. young boy was knocked unchon shus but not hurt. protests across the country, as walmart workers demanded better wages and conditions. andy rosen has that story. obviously, we don't have the andy rosen story, we're trying to get it for you, could not get it in time. more stories, ross shimabuku, thanksgiving you got to take football, so let's take a pause for that.
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ross, that all important sports animation. >> let's follow the bouncing ball, jonathan, final four, championship game in the nic tipoff. let's head out to madison square garden in new york. all eyes were on freshman, racked up 19 points for the blue devils, wait for it. while alan gordon the other freshman sensation, but the arizona newbie, the wildcats, would down the dukeies, arizona improves to 7-0 on the southbound. college football on the gridiron, lsu favored by 24 points against ark arkansas, the razorbacks, pig sooie.
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stun the razor backs, 31-27. the biggest game on planet earth, number 1 alabama versus number 4 auburn. the winner of this game aka the iron bowl has gone on to win the bcs national championship game in each of the last four years. that appears the same again this season. we'll have more, plus an epic shootout between fresno state and san jose state. >> hopefully we'll have our show together. thanks ross. nearly 2.2 million have fled syria. refugees are flooding into turkey jordan iraq and lep lebanon by the millions. many have spent months in
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makeshift tents. now that it's winter life is about to get tougher. imron con reports. >> winter's come and with it plunging temperatures and heavy rain. this woman wonders what she will do when it's too cold to cook outside. >> i make a special effort to cook every friday a small treat to try help forget where we are. but with the rains we won't be able to do this much longer. even this small treat will be taken away from us. >> preparations to get this camp ready for winter are well underway. preparations are done so make sure the camp doesn't flood. although things are on track, there is still a long way to go.
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>> of course there are challenges like any other program but we are going to support the international agencies, for the winter. >> but there's a huge difference between a camp being ready for winter and the reality of having to actually live there. despite the hard winter conditions just around the corner however, children find a way to smile and have fun. these children are taking advantage of the relatively mild winter before the severe winter actually comes. but it doesn't matter how well this camp is prepared for winter. the one thing these children and every resident of this camp wants, is the one thing the aid agencies can't give them, safe passage and return to syria. >> but return to syria is a distant dream. there are more pressing things to happen about. >> translator: ten days ago i.t. rained. the whole camp was flooded. my tent was flooded. my children couldn't walk anywhere.
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winter is coming and i'm scared of how bad things will get. >> with the u.n. agencies facing a funding crisis and the arrival of winter, this camp is ready technically for the winter. but that's scant comfort. imran khan, the kurdish region of northern iran. >> gaining popular on both sides of the border. al jazeera's kate kirkpatrick explains why. >> machine guns, blood, drugs. there are thousands of violent online videos like this one, illustrating traditional mexican music, with lyrics. >> we have no nortenos and.
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>> along with the violence in mexico. more than 100,000 people have been murdered there since 2008, according to mexico's national institute for statistics. as the mersdz become more gruesome, so does the entertainment. that arnarco culture is booming as shown in the recent video that ivideo, narko cultur. >> they have become the new
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robin hood, the new stars, eluded the systems of both united states and mexico. >> he has documented the explosion of violence in the border city of juarez, where more than 3600 people were killed in 2011 alone. making it the murder capital of the world. now he's turning a critical culture of the narco culture. >> the cancer of the mexico and to some degree, the cancer of the u.s. the music has been banned in mexico and it's made it more popular. >> popularity that stretches to the unite u.s. >> one of the most popular right now, we have vandes and roberto tapia. there have been a whole bunch that have been playing. something very popular, very mexican. something that you wanted to
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dance right away. >> in spite of the ban pad on playing narco carridos, as long as the drug war continues, schwartz says the music will keep up with the brutality. kate kilpatrick, al jazeera new york. a group of women will be pardon he in egypt but it may be months before they are set free.
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>> and welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz and tonight's top story. a helicopter crashed into a pub in glasgow. emergency workers are still working to rescue people trapped in the rubble.
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protestors say she's a puppet for her brother, the ousted former prime minister,. u.s. air carriers abroad to notify china of any air travel across the east china sea. a state department spokesperson says the u.s. remains concerned about china's declared air space. and earlier today i spokes to jen wahl, a national security analyst about the mounting tensions between u.s. and china. >> the defense zone is not a no fly zone, they are not going to shoot planes down. what they're trying to do is
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insist you notify us, create a condition where people think about it as their islands. i don't see anything bad happening now but this is a real issue. if these disputes between all these islands between all these countries continue for years to come, then you could have a war over this if this isn't resolved. >> if no one is taking this seriously, why did china do it? >> i think they take it seriously, the issue is serious but i don't expel violence or conflict to break out. two reasons it is serious, these islands have strategic value, national interest at stake. it's knot simply -- many of these are just a bunch of rocks. but if you own the rocks then you own what's the water around them. and you hone what's under them. so that means is sea lanes, the minerals, the oil, all of that goes with owning a tiny bit of rock in the middle of the ocean.
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so those are of strategic value. if it was only that, jonathan, people would find ways to negotiate agreement. >> right. >> but the other thing that is more difficult to resolve that is the emotional, political, historic thing, it's great to be patriotic but it's not great if that spills over into insulting other countries, devaluing other countries, and we have stuff that goes on, south korea says stuff about china and china says stuff about the others. that's a very ugly thing but not grown, that people worry about for the future. back at home, police used pepper spray, on black friday sale, shoppers can be seen
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coughing and wiping their eyes. as walmart worker workers worker wages and working conditions. >> according to the website, our walmart, the protesters use black friday as their platform. the company that turns a nearly $16 billion last year, doesn't pay his workers enough. he's only made about $16,000. >> we asked for we want respect and we want it now. >> only a handful of the protest protesters actually work at walmart. >> there were walmart workers
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who actually join the protest, to make it seem more news worthy. >> they deny that people are being paid to demonstrate but they are there to help discourage other companies to help their lead. protesters say they don't earn enough. linda says her paycheck isn't enough to cover all her bills. >> they maid last year just 17 billion in profit itself. if they feel that saving money and living better is one of their logos then they should be looking at having their employees live better because we're the ones that put them where they're at. >> she joined eight others in blocking the streets and after about ten minutes, the police arrested all of them. >> was it worth it? >> yes, it was, i will probably do it again. >> some walmart workers were not
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sympathetic. >> it's a job. whether you're making 50,000 a year or 30,000, it's a job people! >> rob says he'll continue to speak out. >> it's for my workers and workers imrooses the country. >> moving some people from hoar to higher paying jobs. in befl, washington, a former employee defended the company. >> it was a great job, i worked for $5.50 in 1992, managed the trorchtion part of their business. >> walmart says the protests have not are affected the black friday sales, which turned out to be a record for the year. >> millions shopped on line and
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in local stores trying to grab black friday deals. john terrett is live. >> it doesn't appear that the movement is changing because all of those pro tests about ruining the family holiday, millions of people turned out in the evening of thanksgiving to take the entire family shopping ahead of time. we are told from walmart that 10 million cash register transactions took place, around 11 or so national chains opened, including macy's that tells us there were 15,000 people outside their store in compared to 11,000 last year. seems the nation has got the mood to shop on t-day.
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the west feel south shore mall, this is -- westfield south shore mall, susan johnson, the number of feet you've had through? >> we're up 12 to 15%, which is a great accomplishment. >> how about sales, how are the major names you have in this mall doing at the end of black friday? >> we have four anchor stores, serious, lord and taylor j.c. penney. macy's came to us first and said, we are going to open the doors at 8:00 a.m. >> you told me lord and taylor offered have incentives.
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>> they offered 30 to 66%, plus $20 off for any purchase $50 or more. so that's wonderful. >> normally, you would be opening the doors for most of the night,. >> a little lull after 6:00 a.m. or 8:00 a.m. we had begun to pick up, and they calmer in and through the rest of the day we saw a steady increase in traffic which is the opposite of last year. >> do you think at a that there is something that has changed within the country? i think the mood is forshopping often thanksgiving evening. something seems to have altered. >> if that's based on the specialty shops we'll definitely be open 8:00 a.m. next year. >> before we leave you we must tell you wright out around the
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country there was some reports of voins and in las vegas we are told and in several parts of virginia as well, this is the fifth anniversary of the security guard being trampled to death at valley stream, not far from here and the killing of two men in toys "r" us, but fight the little bit of violence around the 61 seems to be very different, very upbeat and i think again game changing. we want to move over to egypt where the interim are president has propositioned to pardon 23 young women. the presidential pardon would
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come once the appeals were not exhausted and that could take pos in. in ukraine. police in riot gear surrounded protestors on ukraine's square, their anger comes after the ukrainian president made a sharp turn towards joining the european union. al jazeera's david slat esksr has more. >> ukraine's president victor janakovich, trilateral talks in
11:42 pm
in his country in the next year. >> there should be no trilateral format. the times of limited sornity are hoafer in europe. >> in kiev, yunokovich supporters shot their support for his position, to retain ties to russia. >> there are reasons why the document wasn't signed. we don't want to be brought to our niece, we are a proud people. >> we need to finish our old reforms first and only then can we great into urine and match their standards. >> this is the proyanakovich reporters, they are all $ear $1a
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day expenses. only a few hundred pleerts away from the presidential rally, the protest erst were pledging to, president y yanokovich has on hand. >> it depends on being whafns wt happens next. in. >> the pro-european rallies are excepted through the weekend. the students say they well continue their protests next week. >> the decision, is drawing
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criticism. five former u.s. envoys is a down grade in u.s. vatican ties, state department says it will be completed ahead of schedule. part 2 of our album from mitch, two top team led the team to victory.
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determining using some sort of subjective interpretation of their policy as to whether or not your particular report was actually abusive, because if it doesn't contain language that specifically threatens you directly or is targeted towards you specifically, they may not consider it abuse. they may consider it offensive. and in that case they just recommend that you block that person. >> i don't want to minimise this, because i mean, there's some really horrible things that are on line, and it's not - it's not just twitter, what has happened through social media and the anonymity of the net is that you see websites, hate-filled websites targetting all sorts of groups, popping up. there has been a huge number of those that exist as well.
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>> start with one issue education... gun control... the gap between rich and poor... job creation... climate change... tax policy... the economy... iran... healthcare... ad guests on all sides of the debate. >> this is a right we should all have... >> it's just the way it is... >> there's something seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america judge all righty our friend ross is back. the big game, auburn versus
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alabama. >> less than 24 hours away. it's as good as it gets. for the first time since 1975, the two teams are ranked in the top 5. our michael eaves is in auburn and he talked to brandon from >> well randy, so much significance in terms of this winner going on. you don't need records when you get auburn and alabama because this game is so important? the are auburn players are trying, everybody is saying it's the biggest game ever in this rivalry. they rarely meet as top 5 or even top 10 teams, they're both on these huge winning streaks, it is incredible, not only
11:48 pm
auburn perhaps gets an sec championship, trying to are dethrone a dynasty of sorts, there are so many dynamics, over on the alabama side on the western side of the state that's one but also the championship implications have never been experienced before. >> let's talk about the game itself, the rushing offense of auburn best in the sec, second in the nation, against the defense in the sec, 91 rushing yards a game this season, something has to give in that mashup. >> yes it does. they played a georgia team, second in the sec right behind alabama and they rushed for 400 yards. auburn has been on a terrific
11:49 pm
run, over 400 yards a game. auburn with their pace offense, they run up tempo, it's going to be very, very hard for auburn to keep up. auburn might start slow but they'll be able to ramp up abo. >> tietiotigers, last time aubun the iron bowl, they were led by cam newton who also won the heisman. to really put a stamp on the final resume to win a heisman before he leaves tuscaloosa? >> you saw with johnny manziel last season, this was his heisman moment. this is a season where he could have that. he might not get to new york but if he has a big game, especially what's going on with jamie
11:50 pm
swenson and johnny manziel, a. j. mckaren can do this in an atmosphere i don't think he has faced before. >> thank you for your insight. first time in his career he's done that and the stage will not be bigger than tomorrow right here at jordan haire stadium in auburn. expecting 150,000 fans on campus, even though the stadium seats 80,000. liesk report on al jazeera america. 10 and 0 bulldogs airing it out against san jose state. raise your hands if you're sure. derek carr threw six touchdowns
11:51 pm
in the first half, but his opponent also threw sick touchdowns in the first half. 547 yards and six tuppedz. ran for another score believe it or not as san jose state would go on to win this shoot out, handing fresno state their first defeat of the season. arizona hoops it up against number 6 duke in the championship game of the tipoff. let's head out to madison square garden. jabari parker, racked up 19 opinions, that kid is some kind of special. aaron gordon, ten points, came down big in the stretch, five players scoring in double figures will go on to win this matchup. 72-66. wildcats improve to 7 and 0 on
11:52 pm
the season. >> mitch albom talks about problems with communication, david shuster with part 2 of the interview. >> we live in a society where we don't really talk to each other that much. i mean we have more phones than ever before and one of the devices i use in the book i we'vweave through the book, i sw how he invented the phone out of love. he was trying to teach his deaf wife how to speak, and it was this device that was supposed to measure her vocal vibrations and it got turned into the telephone. that very first conversation, he says come here i want to see you. that was the first sentence ever spoken on a telephone, he just invented a device that kept folks from seeing each other.
11:53 pm
now we have all these phones but don't speak to each other. we text we instagram. that's what these people in this little town find so magical. they're hearing the voices of people. not text, it's not called the first text from heaven. it's voice. >> what detroit is going through with the bankruptcy what do you sense is the spirit of detroit these days? >> i wish someone would come out and spend a little bit more time than what we call the fly-by journalism, you find a guy who is out of work, you shoot a couple of shots of abandoned houses and call it a day and talk about the death of the rust belt city. that's not the spirit of detroit, a sense that we will be okay. people are moving into doubt,
11:54 pm
there's a young arts class that's taken over all sections of it. the city that's 84% black has just elected a white mayor. and you talk about racial tensions in detroit. we suffer from our geography and a laziness in the media sometimes to sort of fit something into a mold that was precast. detroit is not a precast city, we're like everything else, we're changing. i think we're changing for the better. if you talk to the citizens from here there's a sense that detroit has actually bottomed out and on its way back in a real way. >> what's your next book going to be about? >> believe it or not, i'm setting a book in the music world. i was a musician long before i was a writer and i've never written about it. i know more about music and musical history more than anything i know even sports. and i came up with a story
11:55 pm
that's somewhat magical and lessons i guess i'm best known for in it. but it kind of covers the last half centuries, the character that weaves through it. maybe it will be the first book i write that has a sound track. >> mitch albom, mitch, thanks so much for coming on al jazeera america. we appreciate it. >> i appreciate it too. happy holidays to everyone. >> finally, the christmas tree arrived in washington today. first allocated michelle obama and her two daughters came to see the tree. we hope that everyone is having a great holiday. are back with weather next.
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>> and now, a techknow minute...
11:57 pm
>> after all the snow, the ice, the freezing rain, now we have a couple of days to relax and enjoy some quiet weather. in fact for thanksgiving day,
11:58 pm
almost all of the united states was pretty quiet. which is fairly unique considering it's not often we get thanksgiving and hanukkah the first day together. we have that nice weather and now we're bracing ourselves. of course we are bracing ourselves. storm coming into western washington, not pushing in until sunday. but saturday looks like the best long distance traveling driving home so we've got some areas of rape that have developed around western washington but the ultimate heavy rain hit really comes in on sunday and that's why there's a flood watch in effect. good news is, a lot of the wind coming in late sunday into early monday will help clear out the air quality and then we have that winter storm watch in place from montana to idaho. we'll get a good dumping of snow about two feet in the mountains at we get into monday, as that
11:59 pm
plume of moisture rides in, it's going to focus that moisture into western washington first but down to monday afternoon, then it's going to take its way to california. so even california you're going to get some hit of rainfall. and the arctic blast, into monday, that brings in the risk little bit of snow around washington upon monday night. we'll watch that forecast. in the meantime, we'll have the rainfall in several spots and note that we have spots along the way, florida, georgia, south carolina, and we're going to get snow a little band developing across the great lakes, mainly the upper band of mimp but the -- michigan. but soggy wet sunday and so it's going to be rain in mountain passes.
12:00 am
>> welcome to al jazeera america, i'm jonathan betz with tonight's top stories. more hiccups for president obama's website. the portions of the website are taken down for maintenance. workers are still trying to free people from the glasgow pub, a number of people are dead but they are not releasing any of the details. north korea confirms it is holding american merrill newman, state department says he killed people in the vietnam war and


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