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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EST

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>> offline. was supposed to be bug freebie -- free by the weekend. why it is still not ready >> north korea - why it is holding an 83-year-old veteran. what he confessed to >> an aircraft crashes into a crowded barn in scotland. what survivors did moments after it happened. hello. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford live in new york. the barack obama administration
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has taken the health care website offline to make repairs. this, after it was supposed to be glitch-freebie saturday.'s insurance application and enrolment systems are unavailable. the obama administration hopes the overnight repairs will have the site up and running in a few short hours. pinks randall pinkston looks at the political fallout. >> house speaker john boehner continued to say in a statement, "the president bit off more than he could chew." the democrats are having a hard time defending it. >> disappointment - we'll have to get past it. the overall project is too important to allow ourselves to be discouraged. >> health and human services fell short of its goal.
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instead of 500,000 signing up, only 106,000 got covage. most of that on state exchanges, not federal sites. insurance takes effect it 1 january, but the deadline for first payment was moved from december 1st to december 23rdrd. one thing that stayed the same, the last day to enrol was march 31st. president obama demanded a fix which the weekend. >> november 30th does not represent a relaunch of it is not a magical date. there'll be times after the 30th when the site does not perform optimally. work will continue to make further improvements. >> friday morning the agency set out this tweet saying,
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"on-december 1st will handle 50,000 users at the same time, and 800,000 users a day. if that happens it will be a huge improvement over what users were experiencing last month. >> the white house says was designed to handle 50,000 users all at once and it will reach that capacity by the weekend. >> u.s. air carriers are advised to follow china's orders when passing over the china sea. china claims the zone is their property. a state department spokeswoman says the u.s. is concerned about china's declaration. >> north korea confirms it is holding merrill newman. they claimed he killed innocent people and violated north korea's dignity. he apologised for hostile acts. merrill newman was detained a month ago. he was visiting as a tourist but was pulled off his plane as he
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was about to leave. >> antigovernment protesters in thailand are planning to seize more government offices. thaksin shinawatra is living in exile to avoid charges. protesters aimed to take control of all state ministries, and say sunday will be their victory day. >> more than 2.2 million refugees have fled syria and taken refuge in neighbouring countries. according to the united nations refugee agency lebanon hosts the most refugees with more than 800,000, follow said by turkey, jordan, iraq and egypt. many have been living in tents and face another freezing winter
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ahead of them. we have this report from a camp in jordan. >> for 18 months the refugees here weathered scorching heat, sandstorms and snow storms. the only shelter - a plastic tent. another freezing winter is coming, so for this family these trailers could not arrive soon enough. >> in the winter the rain caused floods, tents collapsed and floated with belongings. if a tent was connect to electricity, when it rains, it caught fire. i can't describe our suffering. >> the people who have been here longest are the first to get a trailer. there's a lot of frustration when they are given out. there are strict rules to prevent people who get their trailer from taking advantage of their good fortune. in the past refugees that left would sell the trailers for
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hundreds of dollars for those living in tents. refugees have to sign contracts promising not to trade camp property. this man has been in the camp for a years. those getting trailer replacement have been living in tents for a year and a half. each trailer costs,$2,500. replacing tents cost $35 million. thousands are waiting for a trailer. around 3,000 families live in tents like these. the u.n. refugee agency says the hope is to replace the tents with trailers by january, before the weather is cold. refugees are getting thermal blankets before the temperature sets in. winter clothing and shoes are given to vulnerable - children under the age of five. there's not enough money to
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provide everything. >> we weren't prepared for the crisis to last so much longer. it took the donors, not by surprise, but saying, "let me see if i have more money." the refugees have no idea when they can return to their country. if the funding is not delivered, they could suffer for more summers and winters. >> the camp is home to more than 100,000 refugees. police in ukraine cracked down on hundreds of protesters calling for closer ties with the european union. >> there you have it. about 10,000 protesters showed up. some carrying signs saying, "ukraine is europe." they called on the minister to resign after
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suspending trading if the e.u. the prime minister said he made the decision after facing pressure from russia. >> rescue operations under way in scotland. a police helicopter crashed into the roof of a crowded bar in glasgow. there are reports of numerous casualties. the number is unknown. some of the injured have been taken to hospitals. others are trapped inside. it was chaos as the bar filled with smoke and screams. people formed a human chain to get survivors out. >> it looks like we are facing technical difficulties, david cameron tweeted, "my thoughts are with everyone affected by the crash in glasgow", now the
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weather. >> it is chilly outside to start the day, especially further north. as we talk about north dakota to minnesota. temperatures single digits. we had temperatures below zero, and we set records over thanksgiving. as we look at the start to the day, there's snow showers and flurries. not amounting to much accumulation, but helps it feel chill i don't remember -- chillier when you see the flakes in the air. we have an ice jam in the river in michigan. this is causing problems. the ice is stopping water movement, and instead it's rising, flooding some yards. there has been stable conditions when it comes to water levels on the river, but we are bracing ourselves. there's a potential it could get worse. looking at the temperatures in the north-east - 20, single digits. in central new york there's temperatures in the single
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digits, it's cold to start your day. as we get going in the pacific north-west, we won't be as cold to start out. levels all the way up to 6,000 felt. all the rain coming down. 4-6 numbers of rain fall in the central cascades. we are watching for a passengers of flooding. and, of course, the olympic pennsylvania. otherwise the air will be cleaned up, and the winter storm watch as the plume of moisture points to the north-west, dropping temperatures. getting into sunday, that'll be the wet stormy day with wind, and snow piling in the mountains. travel time best as we get into saturday. sunday it will be wetter, rainier, and the snow stretching across all the mountains of the
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north-west. >> protesters gathered outside of walmart. >> plus, why a plan to move the u.s. embassy at the vatican is coming under fire.
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>> police used pepper spray to control a black friday crowd at a west texas walmart. a crowd started running towards a display as the sale kicked off. police started using pepper spray. shoppers are coughing, wiping their eyes. meanwhile there were protests across the country as walmart workers demanded better wages and conditions. we have this report. >> 1500 protests against walmart were registered in cities across the group. the protestors used black friday as a platform, a way to tell
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shoppers that it doesn't pay its workers enough. in chicago, in the 11 months he's worked at this store, he has only made about 16,000. >> this is what we ask for. we want respect, and we want it now. only a handful of the protestors here work at walmart. the rest members of various unions or church groups. walmart says they are here to stir the pot. >> if they were supporting the message they wouldn't pay $50 gift cards to come out and join the protests. it's a tactic from the opposition to try to make this seem news worthy. organizers of the protest denied people are paid to demonstrate. they are there to discourage other companies. the protesters want it gown they are not earning enough. linda says her pay check doesn't
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cover the bills. >> they made about $17 billion in profit itself. they are in a position to help their associates, and if they feel saving money and living better is a logo, they should think about having their employees live better. we put them where they are at. >> others blocked the streets. police arrested them, issuing citations for obstruction of property. . >> worth it? ishesz . >> yes, it was. >> it's a job. people are working, whether you make $20,000 or $30,000. it's a job. >> bird is determined to speak out. >> it's not for me, it's my workers, co-worker and workers across the country. >> the company has publicly touted to promote people, moving some employees from lower to
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higher paying jobs. an employee defended the company. >> it's a great company to work for. i started when i was 18, working for the $5.50 an hour in minnesota in 1992. i went on to grow into a district level leader with them and manage the electronics part of their business. >> protests have not affected sales, which are shaping up to be a record breaker for the company. >> if you own a google nexus phone, watch out. you may be pray to cyber attacks. an employee discovered a glitch forcing phones it reboot or lose internet connectivity when attackers send a serious of s m.s. message to your phone. phones at risk are: >> criticism at the vatican. the obama administration decided to move its vatican embassy to the u.s. diplomatic complex in
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rome. not everyone is happy about that. former u.s. envoys say the move is a downgrade in u.s.-vatican ties. it will save $1.4 million and allow for increased security since the embassy has its own entrance. >> hundreds of thousands of veterans live in poverty. many soldiers actively serving have a hard time making ends meet. we have a story of a colorado woman affording the little extras during the holiday season. >> sometimes even the strongest need a little help. an army private's salary starting at $18,000 a year doesn't go far. so these two soldiers came to this warehouse armed with a shopping list of stuff they can't afford. they don't have enough money.
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you have an e 4 or a private with a couple of kids. >> it's the only civilian nonprofit operating on an army post. kelly started it in 1991 when she was astonished to see soldiers returning from war to poverty. >> this is the school room with backpacks and supplies to the kids. >> all of this is donated from companies throughout colorado and the united states. this redistribution center outside of denver is where the warriors warehouse collects donations. >> we have meat product we purchase and hand out to our families. we give a month's worth of food. volunteers are vietnam vets, who know what it's like to come home with a broken spirit. >> every day we do this we find more guys in need of help. >> it'll be worse, because they are coming --. >> $2.8 million in donations
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last year, it's hard to keep up with the demand. >> we start out with this many, the first six months, and it's grown to almost double. >> the warriors warehouse is open to struggling stateside soldiers below the rank of sergeant, making less than $30,000. kelly has not forgotten those far away on the front lines. >> there's no space in this room. it's mobbed with 1700 gift boxes donated from a local church. all will be packed up and shipped to troops overseas. >> i'm passionate to make sure that these guys give enough freedom that we give it back to them. they are americans, and they are my heroes. >> as americans prepare to show their gratitude, the servicemen and women can say thanks to those that serve in this massive mission at home. >> we appreciate it, thank you.
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>> u.s. troops are set to receive a 1% pay increase on january 1st. >> [ ♪ music ] >> music a celebrates drug violence. a documentary sheds light on so-called narko music.
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>> it's a kind of music that for some is hard to hear. songs of drugs and ruthless violence. it's a music that's gaining popularity on both sides of the u.s./mexico boarder. we explain why. [ ♪ music ] >> machine gun, drugs, blood. there are thousands of online video like this, illustrating narco, mexican music that glorifies drug lords and
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cultures. >> we have narco curers. >> here, 2,000 miles from the mexican border narco music swells. more than 100,000 people have been murdered here since 2008, according to mexico's national institute for statistics. as the murders are more gruesome, with bodies decapitated, so does the entertainment. narco culture is booming, as shown in the documentary. [ singing ] >> these kids see the drug - this drug war failing and see
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the kingpins running around. they are the new robin hood, the new stars. alluding the system. >> this is a war photographer. he documented the explosion of violence in the border cities, where more than 3600 were killed in 2010 alone, making it the murder capital of the world. he's turning a critical eye on new yorko culture. >> i don't approach it. i think it's a cancer of mexico and the u.s. if we want to change what these kids think, we have to change reality. the music has been banned in mexico, making it more popular. >> popularity that stretches to the u.s. >> it's popular right now. this is a bunch that are
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playing. these are very popular, very mexican, something that you want to dance to. >> in spite of ban in playing on mexican radio station, there are youtube videos racking up 20 million views a piece. as long as the drug wars continue, the music will keep up with the brutality. >> mexico had 3,622 murders. experts blame drugs. some say the drug trade is fuelled by the american market for them. >> thousands of hatians are protesting what they say is american political interference. police blocked protesters from reaching the u.s. embassy in porta prince. it helped to bring haitian president to power.
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hatians are angry over the cost of living, government corruption and the delay of local elections. his popularity reaches indonesia. al jazeera spoke to the man many believe will be indonesia's next president. >> he's down to earth, but not very literate. he's treated as a rock star, giving health care and education to the poor. he is a hero to many. >> translation: i'm happy he has made school a lot cheaper. really happy. compared to others that have sat there. he has made a difference for poor people. >> while previous governors spent much time in the office.
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he travels to office, slum areas and river banks every day. his main concern is to close the gap between the rich and poor, because he knows what it's like to be poor. >> when i was a small boy, from the age of two years old until 12, i live in the riverbank. with the condition that - with not good conditions. a lot of garbage. >> now he is governing a city of 10 million people with major traffic congestion, flooding and poverty. he is optimistic he can fix the problems. >> translation: the leader has to go to the people and listen to them. be near to the people and touch their hands, their skin, listen
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to their needs and make a policy based on that. >> going to the people meanings taking a bysicle to work. with the new leadership style the governor has won over many. they hope he'll bring change. before he can join the election next year, it will be a bumpy ride. despite his popularity, the political party has not announced a candidacy for political elections in 2014. some doubt his capacity to run a company as large as indonesia. >> we don't know what his vision is for indonesia for the future. he's never mentioned anything about that. we see the practical measures. to become a president, he needs
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more than that. >> the governor himself leaves it up to others to decide if he should leave indonesia, he says he has enough on his plate solving problems in jakarta, whilst also trying to enjoy his favourite music. >> check out the music of the the mayor is known to love loud rock music and owns a base guitar signed by heavy metal band mettalica >> a comet thought to have been scorched may be out there. astronomers thought comet isom had disintegrated. it may have survived after all. earth lings can catch a glimpse
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next month. i'm morgan radford. thank you for watching al jazeera america. see you again in a few short hours, at 4am eastern. reta dot com.comis the eses in the house. we'll talk about entrepreneur ship and social media. ♪ o lisa fletcher is away. omar what is our on-line community saying they'rjazzed about alexus being here. we have all kinds of people that want to pick his brain. how to turn web being into reae


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