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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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we'll see you next time. ♪ >> hello welcome to al jazeera america i'm johnathan betz. the u.s. is pushing north korea to release an 85-year-old american veteran. he is being held for war crimes. >> today was the day to fix and the obama administration says they will get the job done. >> in thailand the government supporters are calling off their protest after battles with the prime minister turned deadly. >> and a push for small businesses to get a piece of the holiday shopping card. ♪
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just hours ago north korea released a video of an american veteran confessing to deck aith old war crimes. eighty-five-year-old mee merrill newman has been held by that country for months given his advanced age and health conditions we urge you to release in newman so he can return home an reunited with his family. >> 85-year-old merrill newman was about to leave north korea after a ten-day tour in october we he was arrested. he is now on tv talking about trading guerrilla's 60 years ago. >> they attacked a communication system and killed three innocent operators and they laid the munition supply and using explosives obtained from attacking the mine and they attacked the kpa and harassing
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operations of the rear base ten times. >> the statement that contained oddly constructed statements and grammatical errors saying that newman had met with soldiers that he trained during the war. i asked my guy to help me look for families and relatives living in dp committee and i gave their addresses to the guide in the hotel. >> the confession was recorded on november 9th but there was no direct connection to newman to confirm the details. one korea watcher says the timing of the east are is very odd. >> it's created problems is the united states exactly at the time -- it's created some problems towards industry exactly at the time that the north korean government is serious about threatening
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foreign fourths in nort tourist. >> let's turn to jis jim walsh. i asked what north korea may do next with the veteran. the goothe good news is when yoa public confession that sets it up for him to be released. >> he is 5 years ol 85 years ola history of health and heart problems. >> obviously the confolks he britisconfession hewrote he read he go not write. he didn't know about hostile policy and that is a north korean government phrase. if i could many home soon to the united states that is a strong indication that he will be released.
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>> a lot of people are grabbing onto that saying "if i come home to the united states". that tells a lot right there, right? >> it's both the line and stepping back. it's also the fact that there is a public confession. we have not heard anything from kenneth bayh another american who was seized and sadly and unfortunately there is a history of americans who have ended up being captured and imprisoned for one reason or another. sometimes they are missionaries and so many people wandered over the border. this is surprising to have someone who is on a legitimate tour goo group and being snatchd off the plane at the last minute. that is what is strange about this. also at a time frankly north korea has been signaling for the last six months they want to have better relations and be a on a peace offensive and in contrast you want to remember johnathan we had the nic missile
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tote antest and the nuclear toa. toast -- test. it's a bunch of confusion for people trying to analyze north coree havkorea's behavior. >> a lot of americans go to that country in tour groups and leave without any problems. >> including veterans. mentthe answer is i don't know. i have to say that. teasit's my professional obliga. north korea is the least known country in the world. there are political trends going on which makes it a moving target about which we don't know much. >> what can the u.s. do at this point or maybe not even do to try to ensure that mr. newman does come home? my guess is they will be either quiet or someone will reach out or we'll do the bill richardson
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jimmy carter model and i know bill richardson well where there is a third party that goes to north korea on a humanitarian mix and he is released with mr. bayh and mr. merrell as well. >> today was the day was supposed to be fixed. >> the administration says the site should work for most people. >> we are on track to have a significantly different user experience by the end of this month. that was our commitment. >> the goal is to have the site handle 50,000 users at once. the obama administration says 90% of users can now create an account. at the sign up center in
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virginia people enrolled without any problems. >> it was really fast this morning. i did forget my password but i was able to recover it quickly. and it was great the helper, diana was able to help me to select a plan that was best for my need. >> tech experts have been working around the clock for five weeks to fix that website. >> the white house is claiming success the problem thee thes he taken a toll on the president. >> it started with the promise of affordable healthcare. >> through the market place you can get health insurance for what may be the equivalent of your cell phone bill. >> technical failures turned into political disasters. launched on octobeoctober 1st. immediately people faced long waits and broken we website lins
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and a host of problems. a lot of information i had to letore-enter or verify. >> i apologize. i'm accountable to you for fixing these problems and i'm committed to earning your confidence back by fix being the site. >> adding to the embarrassment as she testified the website crashed again. the president himself issued apologies and made promises. we did fumble the ball on it and what i am going to do is ensure we get it fixed. >> by the end of this month i will ensure it's working the way it's supposed to. november 30th is when the government said they will have it pe functioning. the website can now handle 50,000 users at one time. and the error rate was down to less than 1% on october 29th.
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now down to the wire the white house pr campain. tweeting this video of a parent encouraging their son to sign up for coverage. obamacare has a long way to go to catch up. in october just over 100,000 people managed to pick up health plans. that is one-fifth of the number that the obamaed a statio adminn had projected. >> it's morning now into in thad and government supporters have decided to end their protest. this safer nighttim is after nit battles. two were killed and dozens were hurt it's stiring fears of instability. wayne hayes joins us live from bangkok. what do we expect to happen today.
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>> they say they will keep that today on sunday. and by doing that they say they will be continue their attack on government buildings we have loud speakers and police speakers inside o of government house and they are both shouting at each other preparing for what could be an attempt by this anti-government grou group to go inside of the ghos government he to seize it. there is violence in one area. a big group of pro government the red shirts and outside close tooclosed to the stadium there s an anti-government group. what started off as scuffles continued into gun battles that continued saturday night and
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into sunday. two people dead and p more injured. the concern is that even though the blow government group has dispursed from their area for the most part the violence could continue and spread around the capital city. >> also wayne there is talk about the anti-government protestors toppling the government there, is that still a concern. >> thertherethe government in pr and the prime minister for talks for the sake of the country and for the sake of the tha eu6789ie to five away out of this crisis. this has been going on in thailand now for many years. and it's a cyclic thing.
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and we are seeing another repeat. there is a chance it could end in further violence. >> as you have been covering these protests have you seen the movement grow in recent days? do you feel they are growing more momentum? they've been sealing off the government facilities and making it difficult for workers to go into the government facilities. and they are shutting down the government facilities and ministries and things like that. the red shirts have said they wanted to get a large crowd in there to show the support for the administration and that is what they did on saturday inside of the stadium. as you mentioned they are gone now. while there is hope that this could diffuse the situation in
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that area. it may also involve in the anti-government groups and they are taking a big step and they are perhaps winning this battle to end the government. >> you also spoke with the prime minister recently. >> one, how concerned is she and what is she tuning to try to call many thcalmthe anger there? >> very concerned. she comes from a long line of politicians. >> you could say what this battle is all about the he was ousted in the coup in 2006 and living in self-imposed exile. the government is trying to get him back by passing amnesty laws and that is what made these people upset they feel the government is trying to write --
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even deedeep down even though st admit it there is a movement coming out on the streets and what is she tuning to en doing ? she is relying on the police to stop the protestors from getting into the government buildings. >> very tense days in thailand. >> vice president joe biden will spend next week in china. easing tensions betwee over thet china sea. cheap floridchina declared a dee over the area th. american airlines is complying with the governmen new rules. however the u.s. government itself has not accepted the new procedure and neither will two
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major japanese airlines. >> in egypt voting has begun on a constitution critics are worried it will further bolster the army's rules. the interim president has a month to call for a public vote on a new constitution. egypt has elections next year. >> if theres is any turkey left you want to pack it up and head home. the roadways are loo looking god right now. >> especially for the west. rain has hit wester western wasn light now. in higher el arbitratio elevati. and it's at 6000 feet. >> we'll have re heavy rain andt will change to snow in montana rockies and we get towards the east coast we have the snow
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coming down from the great lakes heading farther east. the outlook is soggy in the west you can see it along the canadian border. i said precipitation and it's going to be rain and snow too. slushy snow in the mountain passes. it's going to change to heavy just snow as we head into the work week. it's just snow around the great lakes. moving into parts of maine. we have a snow advisory for parts of mairc maine. coming up i will give you details of how many feet will be coming up in the west. good for the skiers. early numbers for the holiday shopping seen are in. it seems retailers opening on thanksgiving may have pushed up sales. the research from shopper track shows people spent $10 billion
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on black friday. a 13% drop. when you combine thanksgiving and black friday spending went up by over 2%. >> a weekend of consumption extended from black friday to today, small business saturday. so customers can focus on mum and pop stores. the president played his part, shopping at a local book store. kilmeny duchardt has more on whether small business promotion works. >> small business saturday started in 2010 by american express and has done a couple of things for businesses. it offered them free advertising, and also it lured amex customers into stores, who get a $10 credit on their credit card bill by shopping locally at the stores that register and sign up for it. i'm here in lower mann hatton. i'm at a children's boutique.
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with me is stephanie cruz. four years you guys have been here at this location. four years you guys participated in this program. how has it worked for you? >> it's been great. people come in, using the american express card, getting the savings. you have an additional 15% off. free incentives and gifts which people love. >> social media is a big part of this. how much do you rely on social media for advertising? >> we rely on it a lot. it helps us get closer to customers, let them know what is in and out, you know. >> despite the fact that a lot of local businesses find the benefit in using the program, other small businesses don't like the fact that american express is son -- sponsoring it,
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saying american express takes some of the profits away by charging the high swipe fees. regardless, a lot say it's done a lot for the advertising and bringing in new customers. in 2012 on small business saturday, $5.5 billion in revenue was generated from that day alone. >> busy shopping weekend without question. we have a lot more ahead on al jazeera america. including a shocker on grid iron. the number one team suffers of the first loss. plus. >> i'm between the dominican republic and haiti where tensions are escalating over an immigration crisis.
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>> hundreds of thousands of people in the dominican republic may be stripped of citizenship and sent to haiti, as a result
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of a controversial court ruling involving undocumented migrants. >> on approach to the border going from the dominican republic into haiti, it's calm and picture everything. as you get closer, it's busier and noisier. cross-border businesses fuel the economy of both countries. the existence and money they generate is under threat. anyone born to undocumented migrants in 1929 may not be eligible even if born in the country. haitian advocate groups say haitian migrants have been deported - a claim denied by dominic initialses. >> translation: the dominicans have not launched deportation of anyone. if you are found in an illegal condition, we will deport them.
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>> the determination to thwart the law could cause dissent. this 21-year-old was born in the dominican republic. her father is dominican, her mather haitian. she does not have citizenship. she's at risk of being deported to haiti, a country she's never been to. >> translation: my life, people is here. despite them saying i'm from there, it would be like a different world. >> when violence broke out in a tiny village in the south village of the dominican republic, the level of animosity between dom cans and hatians went to a new level. according to dominicans, two haitian men robbed and killed an elderly couple and disappeared. an angry group killed two other
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hatians across the border. the attacks escalated hostilities, and combined with the dominican ruling, it could see the relationship deteariate further. >> translation: my language is from here, my knowledge, style, koulture. all of it. the other side, without knowing anybody. what will i do, who will i be. >> an uneasy, uncertainly search for identity on both sides of the border. >> earlier i spoke with christian and he said tensions eased. >> in the aftermath of the earth wake the dominican republic reached out and provided a great deal of assistance for haiti.
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we were energised and thought tensions may have turned a corner and things were starting to look up. it's been disappointing to see the last year or so, the shift back to zeno phobia where dominicans were blaming hatians for things which may not be their problems. >> what has the government down to ease the tensions here? >> well, they have not been doing enough in our estimation. they are saying that this constitutional court ruling which could strip haitian or dominicans of their citizenship is legal. our view is that it is not. the government has put forward a plan to regularise irregular migrants and our colleagues on the ground in the dominican
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republic think some parts of the plan have merit, but should not be applied to citizens. it's a plan to regularise migrants. but the it dominican republic are throwing in people who were born there, whose parents were born there, but now in danger of losing their citizenship because their grandparents were from haiti as migrant workers to work in the sugar cane fields. >> it was number one alabama versus number four auburn. what a finish. >> it was the game of the season living up to the height. tiger fans will remember this forever. the game was tied at 28 with one second left. barack obama taking a 57-yard
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field goal. chris david hauls it in. looky here. there's no way he'll return it 100 yards. time expires and let the celebrations begin. >> 34-28 is the final. today the seminoles put a hurt on florida, 37-7. jamesin winston down from three touchdown pass, number three, ohio state holding off michigan in a thriller of the ball game, extending a winning streak to 24 straight games. how about the duke football program. yes, ranked number 24, beating north carolina 27-25 and will play florida state in the a.c.c. title game. the big news, auburn shocks
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alabama. whelm have a report later. >> they escaped the war, but we'll have to make it through winter. stories ahead. >> lawlessness in mexico. people forming their own groups to face the cartels.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz with the headlines. white house is urging north korea to release an elderly veteran, coming after a video tape was supposedly released by merrill newman, apologising for old war crimes. swedish officials were allowed to visit him today. >> by midnight tonight the obama administration says most of the glitches plaguing will be pitched. including in the upgrade is the ability for 50,000 users to log in at the same time.
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>> government supporters in thailand decided to end the counter process after street battles between government supporters and opponents left two dead and dozens hurt. >> syrians are bracing for another winter, the third since the civil war begone. the country's refugee crisis is growing more serious. more than 2.2 million fled the violence in neighbouring countries. half of those are children. now the refugees are preparing for the difficult winter months. many of the camps are in iraq. imran khan brings us more. >> it's early morning and the women in the camp prepare food. they have been cooking outdoors since the summer. it will have to end. winter has come and with it plunging temperatures and heavy rain. um yasir wonders what she'll do when it's too cold to cook outside. >> i made a special effort to cook every friday, a small
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treat. with the rains we will not be able to do this. this small treat will be taken away from us. >> preparations to get the camp ready are under way. yousef mahmoud says things are on track but there's a long way to go. >> there'll be challenges, but we'll support the community. >> there's a difference between a camp being ready for winter and the reality of living there. despite harsh conditions around the corner, children find a way to smile and have fun. these children take advantage of mild weather before the winter comes. it almost doesn't matter how well prepared the camp is for winter.
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the one thing that the children and residents of the camp wants is the one thing the aid agencies can't give them. that's a safe passage back to a peaceful syria. >> the return to syria is a distant dream. there are more pressing things to worry about. >> translation: 10 days ago it rained. the camp was flooded, my tent was flooded. winter is coming i'm scared how bad it will get. >> with the u.n. agencies facing a funding crisis, the camp is needing much. what happens next, as they say here, is up to god. >> and from iraq to lebanon, our special coverage continues there with this report from al jazeera's zeina khodr. >> we are at a tenth settlement
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in lebanon. they dropped the landscape along the border with syria. people live in miserable conditions. they may be safe and may have to face the violence. they are warning of the danger to come. in this region temperatures dropped to below zero. people barely have anything much the grouped is mud and the plastic sheetings do not provide any shelter when rain - when the rain starts. and just look around. just a few weeks ago there was rain, and the whole area was flooded. people here are worried. they are calling on the international community to help them. the international community can only do so much. the lebanese government can only do so much. they have to deal with economic problems. in is how people live, four to five families in one tent. people are talking about their
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children suffering from res -- respiratory problems, pneumonia. miserable conditions in the next few days and weeks. it will be below zero. people have nothing to protect them from the new threat. >> grim conditions. we are joined via skype by simon from unicef. >> help us understand what unicef is facing as it tries to help children in the refugee camps. >> if you permit me to remind ourselves of how this - the sale of this refugee crisis has grown in the past year. i was looking back at the figures for the 1st of the december, a number of registered syrian refugees, on 1 december,
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around 400,000 at that time. today as you mentioned earlier, there's well over 2.2 million refugees, syrian refugees registered around the region. the true figure is probably close to three. in the face of the enormous increase in the scale of the problem, there's an enormous mobilisation by the agencies at which unicef is one. our focus is on the children. it's on ensuring that that have enough warm winter clothing and blankets to see them through what will be a harsh winter and trying to find ways of keeping them occupied, getting as many children as possible into a form of learning inside refugee camps or host communities. >> do you have enough supplies? do you feel like you can help the children in need.
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>> there'll be gaps, but if you like, providing physical needs, it's relatively easy. the supplies, blankets, warm jackets. there are gaps. where the real need is is in providing spaces where children can learn. there we have enormous needs. some of them - some of which are because of the lack of funding, so we have an enormous task on our hands to mobilise the resources we need over the coming months. to get more and more children into school, it's not just a place for learning, but a protected space. one of the things we know about the crisis is how vulnerable children are. anything to overcome the vulnerability, get children safe, and start to heel. >> how concerned are you with the approaching winter. ? i know you say it's easy to hand out blankets, but there has
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to be a lot of fear about the approaching winter. >> sure, and we have learnt lessons from the past two winters. the reporter from lebanon - that was telling. lebanon is a particular source of concern because you have - instead of - unlike in jordan, where you have is a large camp that can be managed as a scale, in lebanon the situation is quite different. you have hundreds of small tenth settlements, informal scattered all over the country, it's hard to provide the basic needs, things like sanitation and drainage in those places. where the rain comes, we will see pretty grim scenes with these - the kind of places that your reporter mentioned. they'll become quickly, you know, difficult places in which to live. we are doing everything we can to support local authorities,
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try to help ensure that those basic issues regarding drainage and sanitation - that they are addressed. that is critical, of course, to prevent the spread of disease. >> it is grim conditions without question. it will be a difficult winter. thank you simon in jordan. thank you for your time. >> in parts of mexico the police cannot be trusted. after years of violence and lawlessness some form their own groups to face the cartels. we have more from mexico. >> on patrol with community police. these men used to be farmers, mechanics and construction workers before they picked up a gun. like jose who after being kidnapped, black mailed. they decided enough was enough
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>> translation: this is because instead of helping us, the knights templar can kill us. >> hundreds of men ignore the government's demand to lay down their gun and are threatening to wipe occupant the cartel themselves. most of the mens took up arms over n seven months ago. they did it to protect their families, because the government wasn't able to. >> the cartel is fighting back. these days gun battles between the self-appointed and community police and drug gangs are a daily occurrence. this firefight filmed ex-cleasively by the network are a graphic sign that lawlessness is spreading in the troubled state. every day there are new reports
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that more and more towns are taking the law in their own hands rather than waiting for the government. another sign that the crisis is worsening. taking refuge and waiting until either the state or the community of police can restore the police. even this, who tries to comfort those taking shelter, admits he has more faith in defense than the military. >> the government should protect the people. if you ask me as a citizen, i say i support the uprising. i can no longer tolerate the criminals. >> with popular support for men like hosa, it's unlikely the self-defence groups will back down. al jazeera made several attempts to speak to officials within the
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mexican government. none responded to our request. >> recovery crews continued to search for survivors after a helicopter crashed into a crowded bar in scotland. at least 120 people were packed inside the pub, attending a concert when the chopper slammed into the roof. eight were killed. dozens injured. tim friend has more. >> the scale of the disaster is emerging. this was a friday night out on the town that turned to horror as debris, choking dust and rubble crashed down on more than 100 people. it's known that the three on board the police helicopter were among the dead. >> this is a complex and kangaroo rescue operation. it will not be a quick operation. it's a complicated and, spread, dangerous scene. i pay tribute to those people from the emergency services working in and around the scope. >> many were trapped.
11:43 pm
one eyewitness said it was pan dam ownium. another talked of an horrific scene. >> a huge plume of smoke, a huge bang. you could hear people screaming. girls were standing next to me, to one side. they were - i could hear them screaming. they came towards me. they were screaming because of a friend rather than anything happening to them. >> during the day investigators have been trying to discover why the police helicopter plunged out of the sky crashing on to the pub roof. >> i was about 50 yards from the pub when the explosion happened and a cloud of smoke above the pub. i ran to the front of the pub. i knew something serious occurred. >> at one point those who'd escaped from the pub formed a human chain. hours after the crash emergency
11:44 pm
services were searching the wreckage for survivors. >> when i arrived at the pub there was people pouring out of the pub and dust seemed to be coming up from nowhere. out the roof, out the door, up from the ground, the dust. there was no panic and it was quiet. >> a large area of glasgow city center was cordoned off as more than 30 was rushed to hospital. 14 was seriously hurt. scotland's first minister alex salmond described it as a sad day. >> the star of a highest earning franchise died. his publicist concerns paul walker was killed in a car crash. he's famous for a starring role in the "fast and furious" films, 40 years omed. >> coming up on al jazeera
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america. a collective in dy brings relieve to women overcoming the disease. bsh
11:46 pm
>> well, december 1st is world's
11:47 pm
aids day. the theme has already launched in australia. this year's theme is zero, zero discrimination. one in five now h.i.v. cases in the u.s. are women. as part of our series tom ackerman looks on how the community can help those with the disease. >> walk through the door of the d.c. collective and you see party dresses made from female condoms, bright contrasts to a display in a far corner. room. they are memorial cards for the many black women that have become victims to aids, in washington. >> survivors who gathered, most infected after unprotected sex testify for the bitter lessons they've learnt. >> five years i knew him. he knew he was infected. he didn't give me the
11:48 pm
opportunity or the choice to say yes or no. >> lessons on dealing with denial and fears of rejection. >> a lot of people do. you feel loo you are good >> kimberley wanted her face concealed because her school-aged children don't know she's h.i.v. positive. >> i don't want no kids taking them down. they are doing fine. >> the virus need not condemn you. this grandmother was diagnosed 20 years ago. >> people take wrong choices. it doesn't mean that's the person you are going to be for the rest of your life. you can be a productive person without shame. >> i refuse to let someone hold me hostage. you don't care about how others feel. >> the virus is serious but not the only challenge that women at the collective deal with.
11:49 pm
there's domestic abuse, child care and other issues. >> women don't come with, "i'm h.i.v. positive, help me." it's like an onion. >> for debbie, h-i-v no longer stand for a curse. >> i used to call it hell in a vial, now it's heaven in view. >> a view to a day when the virus is concurred. >> so i can't fess, i don't get too fired up about football games. i must say the ending with alabama and auburn - urn ream. >> the sports headline is a national headline. the game of the season between number one and number four lived up to all the hype. the tigers shot the two-time defending champ wrongs. it was quite a scene. michael eaves was there in the
11:50 pm
middle of the madness. >> 78 times the iron bowl has been played between australian urn and alabama. only one time before was the stakes as high. both ranked in the top five, hopeful of a title. you can make an argument about the greatest iron ball. this one had a dramatic finish in iron ball history. >> here we go. >> 56 yarder. it does not have the legs. chris davis takes it to the back of the end zone. running it to the 10, 15, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50. there goes davis. auburn is going to win the football game. auburn is going to win the football game. he ran the miss field back 109 yards. they are not going to keep them off the field tonight. holy cow. >> of course, everybody will remember the final play of this
11:51 pm
game, and people are calling it one more second. because they have the prayer at jordan hair at auburn this season. there are few facts that need to be talked about. alabama actually gave auburn several chances to win the game with two misfield goals, one blocked. one more second, sending out a freshman to attempt a 56 yard field goal, but not prepared for the chance of a long return by the auburn tigers. speaking of auburn, now they give themselves a chance to go to a title game. they have the championship game in atlanta. if they win, ohio loses and florida - the tigers could go to the b.c. s title game trying to win a second national chaxionship. >> all right. here is how it went down. in the third quarter auburn had to rally back from a deficit. they tied things up in a
11:52 pm
touchdown pass. aj mccarron in his own end zone. looky here. any way you want to say it, you can kiss him goodbye, a 99 yard touchdown pass. that tie was up 28-21. at that point ut think the game is over. mike marshall pulls a rabbit out of his hat. at this point you're thinking overtime, right. >> bama one second left. a field goal for the rein. the rest is history. >> alabama calls. "i can't believe", chris davis with a miracle. let's head back to auburn as michael eaves discusses the victory with yahoo sports
11:53 pm
columnist pat ford. >> dramatic may be an understatement. i'm here with pat, sports columnist for yahoo sports. we were talking about the build up. no one expected it type of finish. what does it say about the competitive nature of the rivalry. >> it's a unique rivalry. ohio mission is a great rivalry. this, the intensity, the passion and the drama is unlike any i have seen. i've never seep a game like that. >> what does this do to the national b.c. s picture. >> it will be mayhem. trying to decide there are going to be a lot of people saying that auburn is going to go ahead. the buck eyes will go crazy saying, "we've beaten everybody, we don't have a loss. we are in the toughest league, we deserve to be there." the pol
11:54 pm
ticking will be intense. >> i was speaking to a columnist earlier. this is without the dramatic finish, if they lost. >> this has to be the most devastating lose of nick savens career, because what was at stake, what they had and lost. his decision to kick the field goal and giving them a chance to run it back, it will weigh on him. >> we had the prayer at jordan hair. the leading favourite for the nickname for this is one more second. >> that's a great one. they will talk about this game for as long as people talk about football in the state of alabama, which is forever. >> now the game next week. if they live up to this, they've got a pretty good scene. >> the scene of the big house in michigan, fight. >> michigan and ohio don't
11:55 pm
really care for one another. punches were being thrown. if you are in a fight they were saying, unlike the michigan game. three players were ejected. marcus hore had to leave the big house. mum will not be happy with sun. no, no, no. the bucks are number three in the nation. brax tonne miller, down the pipe to jeff herman. with 32 ticks left, big blue rallies back. michigan down by one. head coach rolling the dice, going for two and the victory. not happening. ohio holding out. the buckeyes are definitely in the championship picture. >> we run the ball really well. >> what was it like when you watched michigan on the
11:56 pm
conversion. >> i don't blame the coach, it was a great call. we ended it right there or the game. it's a classic rivalry. >> how do you describe carlisle's performance. >> if there was a better back in the america, he's as good a back as i have been around. >> auburn beats alabama, and now the tigers face mississippi. the tigers in the fcc championship game. >> rebecca back next with weather.
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>> after the cluster of ice, snow, arctic temperatures that many drove through, then we had a break. that break is about to be over as rain is moving into the north-west. we have stronger areas of - well, i shouldn't say stronger areas. rain can't be strong, but it can be heavy and come in fast and hard and into the mountains, as it does with a high snow level. it will go into the rivers and streams. the central cascades has a flood watch. otherwise it will be a soggy day across sunday for western
11:59 pm
washington, and we'll see the wet snow stretching to montana. we have a warning of freezing rain to the north-east corner of montana. there'll be soggy wet mountains. as we get in late this afternoon the winds pick up. it will pull arctic air from monday into tuesday. it will be all the way down to arizona. we have a punch coming in here. temperatures overnight in the 20s, around the northern mid part of the atlantic states and temperatures tomorrow not much warmer. mild initially tomorrow. the cold air doesn't come in until we get into tuesday. that's when we'll feel it. moisture coming in, do be aware there'll be a lot of waters on the roadways.
12:00 am
and winds will increase for the west. this is al jazeera america, i'm jonathan betz with your top storesies. it's midnight, december 1st on the east coast. that means the deadline to fix the troubled healthcare website. it should now work. >> reuters reports thailand's prime minister had to be escorted out of a compound broken into by antigovernment protesters. police fired tear gas at the demonstrators in new clashes, after night-time street battles left two dead and dozens


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