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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 1, 2013 11:00am-11:31am EST

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here are the stories we are following for i you. a train derailed in new york city and injuring 63 and killing four. >> demonstrators try to take control of the thai government headquarters. >> we begin with a breaking news out of the bronx. >> where a metro north train passenger train derailed earlier this morning.
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ffdny is reporting four fatalities. these are live pictures for you. the emergency vehicles are on the scene but most of the injured has already been taken to area hospital. right now the fdny are saying there are 63 reported injuries. of those 63 h 63, he is 11 willl condition. what ca can you add to this. the police and fire department officals are coming and going. we know this investigation is ongoing in determining what has happenedmenhappened. i just want to point out a
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couple of other things in the last update received. three of the -- i'm sorry, three of the four fatalities were thrown out of the train is what they have said. and one was actually found inside of the car. they did mention too the metro north, if you picture this insite of thinsite ofinside of . there is three seats and two seats. and obviously some of these have over turned. they did say they have had to cut some o of these passengers t of the train. and whether they got trapped under the seat or not i'm not sure. that is what we do know. and also somebody asked police commissioner kelly if there was any possibility that somebody could be still trapped under the train. he said they haven't ruled that out. he didn't think so. they have combed the area several times the nypd and other
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respondenters havresponders hava several times. he believes they got everyone. he didn't confirm or deny that there is a point that there still could be somebody under the train. i think they'll be looking at these cars very carefully. >> iit seemed he had to leave te possibility of that. it's been difficult to nail down how many people were on this train because people get on the train and get off the train. they have not had a manifesto on trains like this. it's not like it's plane. exactly. >> exactly. it's a lot harder to track. they said more than 100 and we know that 63 that were sen 63 wo hospital and four fatalities. and 11 people seriously injured as i mentioned to you this
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morning one eye witness that lived up on the hill was really frightened when she heard the train go by and all of the commotion because her daughter was to be on the m metro north train going to the city to grand central. there are a lot of people trying to make contact. they have asked people to call 311 if they are having a hard time finding their family. that woman was thank fulful thar daughter was not on that train. she heard it and looked at the situation and saw a lot of the rescue efforts that was happening. >> she was one of the lucky ones that her loved one was not on that train. we are going to play some sound an amazing story from sole one - some woonesomeone that was on tn
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she is actually okay. she survived the ordeal. >> i was sitting on the train and not paying attention to anything in particular and then the train felt a little more sideways and then when i looked up it was going off the track. i was in a lucky car i was in the one that landed 90 degrees sideways and no one was hurt and we all got out okay. i didn't realize the state of the other cars until i got out and i could see everybody. >> she described herself as being in "the lucky car". fortunately no one in the car she was in bass killed. was killed. you were reporting on the fact that there was one car in particular that all of the fatalities were in this one particular car. >> right. they did tell us that all of the four fa fatalities happened in e first two cars.
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how those were divided i'm not exactly sure. but, you know, as we can see and as we have been looking at the whole day, these are protes prey badly beat up cars on their side. i'm sewer tha sure that this won "the lucky car" is really also counting her blessings today. >> i'm sure she is. great reporting all morning. morgan radford has been reporting from the scene and morgan, tell me about this advantage point that you have been able to get. >> richelle, i'm literally crouched inside of the window of this woman's apartment. she has an incredible view you will not see anywhere else. i'm going to ask our photographer zoom in here you see the train turned over. this is the first car it
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appears. you can see the fire car gathering, i'm not sure if they are around something rite now. >> you can see inside of the door of the train. you can see how close to the river. this train hit this curve too quickly and the first car derailed and caused the second and third car to tip over. you are getting numbers that are updated on fat fatalities and injuries right here. >> morgan did she hear this or see this? tell me more about what her witness account is. right. >> right, she allowed us inside of her home. she heard something and thought it was a plane crash. she declined to be on camera right now. she was nice enough to let me in her home and give us this
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astonishing view for al jazeera america. >> that is probably going to be her view for quite a few days to come as the investigation is just beginning. morgan radford live from the scene. the govenor held a press conference where he confirmed the fatalities and the crash. >> four people last thei lost ts today right after thanksgiving during the holiday season. they are in our thoughts and prayers and their families have not yet been notified. we are getting reaction from some of the passengers on the train. one passenger spoke about the incident moments ago. >> well when we got here naturally it was a traumatic scene. we had people in cars and we had to use some of our air bags to lift portions of the train we had to use cutting equipment. and as the gofe govenor said to reiterate. we have four da fatalities and 3
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injuries. >> obviously that was the fire chief that you actually heard. he was on the scene along with the fire commissioner. let's return to the scene with kilminamane. >> >> hi richelle i'm so close to the scene herement. herhere.the fire department offe wheeling some equipment on a stretcher out of the scene there. therthere is still police comind going. they have moved the media up the hill. american red cross is driving in as we speak and also some more police are filler a filtering i. we know they are still trying to evaluate what has happened here. i actually earlier walked to the
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other, what we are seeing are the images of the four cars. i walked around the hill to the other side and saw other cars in the back half of that laying on their sides. and everything is completely off the tracks. so, it really just looks like a scene out of a holida hollywood, these train derailless. derailm. it's a sharp curve jumpin judgim that. we heard from other passengers they felt the train was going very quickly. inot sure if that played in the factor or not. >> a lot of these commuters ride the train everyday. that eye witness spoke earlier too that she noticed a little bit that the train felt it was tipping.
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people can definitely feel the difference when they are on autopilot and they commute all the time even if they are not looking up. their accounts will be certainly a key part of the investigation and we'll talk moor more about e investigation. we are talking to tawte todd cun the phone. people are speculating on how fast the train was going and that is something they'll be able to nail down right away, correct. >> perhaps not right away. there are black boxes on the train and it's not clear if the speed data would be accurate for the time of the accident. real. really. >> this is the history of these devices sometimes they have accurate data and sometimes they don't until the ntsb has a chance to examine those boxes i am not going to speculate if they will have all of the information they need to answer
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those questions. >> even if they don't have it in the black boxes they may be able to reconstruct the accident given the evidence on the tracks right now to determine how fast the cashe cars had to be going o derail the way they did. >> it seemed like the police commissioner ray kelly said that there was one train operator and three train conductors. does that sound right? do i have the terminology right? >> well that is a question i had in my own head. i don't know what they mean by a conductor. i am assuming tha at that condur are the people taking the tickets and such. and if that is the terminology they're using you have several people to deal with several cars full of passengers when it comes to tickets and that sor sort of
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thing. and at least one person driving the train. unlike aircraft trains are typically driven by one person at a time. >> when you say driven what does that really mean in mo modern technology when you say driving the train. again it depends on the train. there are some trains, let's say the stanle subway trains the moe modern trains in the last 20 years or so, you may not have an operator in the train. it happens in the modern systems not in the older systems. but typically for the commuter train or subway train you would have a single operator per train or per train car. >> the ntsb is going to be on the scene within 45 minutes. they are supposed to be there about noon. this type of investigation, when
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you look at how huge the scene is. when you lon look look at the consequences and the aftermath of what happened, is it fair that this type of investigation could take months and months. >> it would be fair to say that. typically their accident investigations for trains or aircraft or other modes of transport that they do cover, it takes them several months or more. and given the severity of this. i was looking at recent studies they did it has not past been several months or over a year before they have a report on it. i don't expect them to have a definitive account within the next few weeks. however with all of the fact fal data the speed and how many people were on board will come out quickly. in a matter of days or weeks we'll have that basic base infon what happened and the extent of
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the damage the wh. the why questions will take longer to answer. todd curtis our transportation contributor your expertise has been so needed this morning. needed because we have been talking about what you see here. the train derailment of the hudson live the metro north rail. four people lost their lives as a result of what you see here. we are expecting another press done for instancconference somes morning. wwe know the ntsb will be here o start the investigation here. the what and why of the train derailment in bronx, new york. keep it on al jazeera.
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i'm john seigenthaler, and here's a look at the headlines... >> al jazeera america, there's more to it.
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>> i'm phil torezz, coming up next on techknow. >> hike! >> america's favorite sport is under fire. >> now, that impact simulated 100 g's of acceleration in your brain. >> it's the opponent no player can see. >> so the system is showing real-time impact. >> can science prevent concussions? >> i did my job and just had to sacrifice my brain to do it.
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taken to the streets in kiev. they have escalated and they are demanding a new election and the impeachment of the press ar president. the recent clashes have turned violent. >> clashes between rival factions on the streets of kiev have broken out on sunday as the country face as growing political crisis. >> the mass of demonstrateors ae calling for the impeachment of the president. they are in their thousands in independent square. the symbolic part of ukrainian
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protest. they are angry at the government's refusal to sign a trade deal with the european union. the president says he can't afford to sacrifice economic ties with russia, but he is now under increasing pressure from gropro europeans. throughout the night the protestors prepared for another confrontation with riot police. saturday my thought was the europe and country and sunday we are leaves into solidarity country. >> it's sad because i want my children to live in a free country, you know. >> my eyes are full of tears. it's sad. i wanted my country to become better. >> the move against the pro europe protestors was brutal and swift on saturday in a predawn
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raid by the riot police in independent square. the crowd were dispursed and some of whom were still sleeping and beete beaten and dragged ale ground. the kiev police chief has since submitted his resignation. now they are back in independent square and this time they say they will not be moved. tim friend al jazeera. these are live pictures of protestors standing their ground and clashing with police we'll continue to monitor that situation on al jazeera. >> in thailand the leader of the anti-government protest has met with the leaders and refused to back down. they took control of the state broadcaster and forced the prime minister to take refuge i in a
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police compound. up until yesterday they had remained peaceful . >> food marks the 21 year of world aids day. we take a closer look at the struggle to contain aids and talk to a man living with the disease. >> for 18 years bobby has been living with hiv. >> it's a ritual everyday. i'm pretty used to it by now. >> he says because of advances in treatment his future looks good. >> hiv is not a death sentence but a life sentence. we have a life and we concern ourselves with living and not dying. >> the outlook was bleaker for people diagnosed with hiv in the 11980s. back in 1991 magic johnson was
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diagnosed with hiv. >> now when people are diagnosed they can live a near normal life opiniospan. one million americans are said to be diagnosed with hiv. >> these days there is a hiv test that people can buy at their local pharmacy and use at home. it shows results in less than half an hour. advocates are hoping that it will reach 20% of americans that don't know yet they are infected. despite advances like these challenges remain. >> it's daymargmarginalized. it includes gay men and women of color and transgender people that inject drugs.
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>> blacks makeup nearly half of the americans living with hiv hispanics 1:5. bobby says he contracted the virus by abusing drugs and sharing dirty needles. getting treatment was tough at first because he was homeless. >> it was hard t worrying about going to the doctor when you were worried about your food being eaten by a mouse when you were away. >> he says living with the virus is no longer necessarily a war for surviv survival it's still s to help others fight. >> and hiv continues to be a major public health issue. according to the world health organization 35 million people are infected were the virus. it's the world's leading
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infectious killer having claimed more than 36 million lives. there is more to come on al jazeera america, keep it here. ♪
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>> welcome back, live pictures of the aftermath of the train derailment of the hudson line. in a half hour the ntsb will be at the scene of the deadly train derailment. >> the obama administration says is encountering fewer problems. and it's working most of the time president obama set a saturday deadline for fixes to the site. they have a new feature that alerts people when traffic is low and enables you to navigate the site with fewer delays. >> if a consumer comes to the
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site and it's at capacity they will leave their e-mail and then they'll get a a an e-mail when o come back to the site. >> this morning the former senator santorum said the site still need a lot of work. >> the information coming out of the back end to the insurance companies is still garbage. it's undecipher and. and it's requiring them on a case by case basis have someone go because there is misinformation and tripl tripli. you think you signed up but i may have not yo but the insurane company ma may not have the gatt thadata toput you in the system. >> they can handle 50,000 users at a time and 8000 user 800,000a
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day. >> a few lake effect snow showers falling over the new york straigh state through way. throughway. as we track into the afternoon and the evening hours. we have an area of low pressure system pushing towards the east. some of it is a mix of rain and snow. you can see the line here. up new york state and through new england. we wan want to use precautions s many people are traveling home today in the southeast it will be a beautiful day filled with sunshine toronto coming in at 37 and philadelphia at 43°. but by the end of the day it will reich a high. a comfortable day heading back home on i-10.
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we have a storm in the pacific northwest that is going to bring a great deal of rain and also some snow. we'll keep you updated on that as the day progresses. >> we do continue to follow the breaking story of the day still developing in the bronx. where this train derailed. this is the hudson line the metro north train it took off from poughkeepsie headed to grand central station in manhattan. we don't know how much people wer -- howmany people were on b. what we d do know four people lt their living and 63 people injured and 11 critical. this train was going around a curve when this happened. we know that the train operator was injured. we do not know seriously. what the train operator knows was key to the investigation. we know that the ntsb will be on the scene shortly at the top of the hour. we'll have another update at the
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top of the hour of this deadly train derailment in the bronx, new york. keep it >> hello, you're at the listening "post." this week, the nuclear deal with tehran and how it's playing out in the media in iran and in the u.s. we speak with geremi scahill about dirty wars. the world's highest paid news photographer. a jury in new york made sure of that. and don't stop believing. >> you can love harry.


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