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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 8, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EST

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boots on the ground - hundreds of french troops sent to the central african republic to help stop the deadly violence. >> frozen solid - major american cities at a standstill as an ice storm drifts across the country. >> his spirit and yours - as a family we commit ourselves to uphold and be guided by the prepared to die for >> nelson mandela's family share their grief as the world mourns. president obama and the first lady will travel to south africa for nelson mandela's memorial
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service next week. >> hello, welcome no al jazeera america, i'm morgan radford live from new york city. reinforcements on the town in trying to end the violence. nearly 400 people have been killed in the fighting in the past three days. france is dispatching more than 1,000 troops and the african union plans to double its forces. 10,000 have fled the capital. officials ordered everyone off the streets of bangui. for the latest on the crisis we start in bangui. a warning - you may find some of these images disturbing. >> french soldiers on food patrol in bangui. this is new to the city and welcomeded by men. they are here to reassure people enough to open up shops.
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at the moment there's no food or medicine. there's little the french can do about the growing sectarian violence between muslims and christians. >> translation: we muslims have been here for 200 years. they are killing us every day. anti-balaka christians killed more than 200. >> this is where many christiansar sheltering, close to the bangui airport under the application of french and african forces. there'll be another 2,500 african soldiers here. they'll head to different parts of the country where hundreds of thousands of people have lost their home. too late for the people in this hospital. it was evacuated after an attack by the fighters from the mainly muslim seleka group. o the hospital is completely empty. it used to treat hundreds of
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people. what happened on friday night and in the early hours of saturday was horrific. seleka forces went inside and dragged out injured people, killing at least 10. nine months ago the rebel group seleka marched into bangui, bringing thousands of foreign fighters. the man that led the rebellion is holed up in this military base and will not accept the power is slipping away. how can you continue to call yourself head of state of a country that you have absolutely no control over? >> it's too much to say i have no control. i control my men. the men i can't control are not my men. there is school settling after 10 years. all the crimes committed which he has not yet answered for.
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>> anti-balaka include members of the army. al jazeera learnt that they are outside bangui, waiting for reinforcements. people here are waiting for the next big battle. >> this time around the french and afghan forces have a chance at preventing more bloodshed. >> the french president says it will tough to keep the president of central african republic in place given the counter crisis. francis promised to provide logistical support. that promise made during a summit of leaders in paris. jacky rowland has more. >> at the end of the 2-day summit the french took the opportunity of having so many african leaders under one use to stay on and talk about the subject of the central african
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republic. the headline of that was a decision to increase the african force to 6,000 troops, and there were plans for the troops to disarm rebels to get the militia ir bases and get the armed nto men off the street. in the longer term there are plans to work on religious intraventions. there are 1600 french troops in the central african republic. now, france has already engaged in mali in africa - 3,000 troops there. 1600 in the central african republic. france says it wants, in the longer term, to turn over african policing to african peacekeeping forces. france is involved for some time
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to come. the goal is to disarm rebel groups, paving the way for elections in 2015. >> many are on the streets in ukraine as protests continue. thousands occupy independence square. the protests from sparked by the government not wanting economic ties with europe. protesters fight for ukraine's financial future, china a bringing in the cash. a billion man is spending billions to boost a port to boost trade between ukraine and china. >> sevastopol has been the home of russia's black sea fleet since the time of catherine the great. the ukrainian president viktor yanukovych gave the kremlin an extension to the lease on their base until 2042, soon after his
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election, but got little in return. beijing's money looks set to transform the prospects of the city. the chinese investment will provide a life line for the battered ukraine can economy. $3 billion is being provided to bolster sevastopol's ports. twice that will be used to update crimean. >> trade between europe and china have to travel around the whole of europe. when this port is constructed ships can go straight across the black sea. the ukrainian company is
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sandwiched between its warships and russias, but has been building a profitable business exporting steel and grain. they've been battling recession in the world market and at home. the commercial director is optimistic about the future, despite the political turmoil in kiev. >> translation: as the grain and coal production grose in the future in you grain, we believe the investment in the port is necessary to match the trend in these sebbing tors. >> president viktor yanukovych has brought home an important prize. it sends a message to the european union and russia, that they are not the only players in this town. >> the chinese businessman made headlines with plans to build a
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$40 million canal in nicaragua. >> a car bomb attack on a police station in columbia killed eight. it happened in a town south-east of bogota. police believe farc are behind the attack. the blast destroyed the police station and other buildings. farc leaders and columbian officials are engaged in peace talks in cuba, trying to end a 50 year war that has taken more than 200,000 lives. >> president obama said the pursuit of a long-standing deal with iran to monitor olympic weapons is as likely to fail as it is to succeed. >> iran has agreed to temporarily roll back the enrichment of uranium and is used to generate nuclear energy. we have to not constantly assume that it's not possible for iran,
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like any country to change over time. it may not be likely. if you ask me what is the likelihood that we arrive at the end state that i was describing earlier - i wouldn't say that it's more than 50/50. we have to try. >> iran, the u.s. and five other world powers will meet in the coming days to discuss implementing a 6-month agreement on tehran's nuclear program. >> after leaving much of the country in a deep freeze, wintry weather is expected to hit the coast. dallas recorded its coldest day in more than 20 years. heidi jo-castro has more. >> 75,000 people are without power in the dallas area, not because of precipitation or snow, but stuff like this - the
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tree limbs are encrusted with ice. they are weighing down the tree limbs, causing stuff like this, big limbs falling on tower lines, resulting in 30,000 power outages saturday alone. this neighbourhood has been without power since 1am thrs. people are desperate trying to get the power supplier to restore their power. 4200 people on the ground actively trying to restore power with 500 support groups coming in from outer state, places as far as florida, such is the need to restore power. the roads are slick with ice. earlier, saturdy early morning, we saw a driver who hit a patch of ice on the freeway, wept over a bridge and sadly landed in the full court. it took police four hours to pull the driver out. the driver inside was dead.
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as for other travel getting into dallas has been rough. many flights have been cancelled. many thousands spending the night at dfw. it remains to be seen how many will call the airport home tonight. >> a powerful storm brought a lot of power to the mountains of utah and colorado. even in california, where there has been record low temperatures. all the cold air will continue to bring snow to the mountains. this picture a beautiful shot. agreed powder. it's causing a different problem as we go into the roadways of the u.s. what we are looking at is something unique. california does not often get a freeze morning. that's what we have.
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parts of amadou haya sanoga -- san francisco, not under the warning, but around it is. wind chill warnings are in effect for the pacific north waste, even the treasure valley and snake valley of idaho. >> here is the centre of low pressure. it will dive across texas, oklahoma and head to the north-east. what happens is you have the polar cold air up to the north creating the snow. chicago will get a couple of inches of snow. then you head to the south of the system. you have a mix of ice and rain from the overnight hours from kentucky to the virginias and pennsylvania. we'll watch the storm closely for 48 hours.
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the ice storm warning will impact northern louisiana, and into parts of mississippi. see the hot pink area, indicating the most likely spot of ice accumulation. it's not just there. it heads through the morning, late into the day, into north carolina even. ice accumulations. roadways are going to be downright dangerous for a period of time to sunday. we'll head to the north carolina. a rain-snow mix. winter storm advisories are out for the amount of snow coming through. the most likely spot to get icy accumulations are highlighted, impacting through peninsula. we'll get a shot of snow in the manhattan boston area. it will be mixed with a bit of rain. our forecast for sunday, snow, around iowa, hard hit and into minnesota. >> sea expands the air defense
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zone, adding zones towards china and japan. >> a new wrinkle when plying for l healthcare. how you apply could matter. >> people all around the world continue to pay tribute to nelson mandela. you are looking at live pictures early sunday morning. there they are, inside the church where they are preparing to bury the african father.
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. south africa begins a week of mourning for nelson mandela. nick schifrin has more from johannesburg. >> it's well into sunday morning. there's a few dye hards to my left on the street. this street played a huge part in nelson mandela's life and in
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the part of apartheid. so many came out to honour his struggles. >> this street hosted apartheid's battle. outside nelson mandela's old house the bands played songs. ice-cream sellers hocked in two languages. >> and in a quiet corner this man thanked nelson mandela by teaching a different fight. he was a champ. now he coaches kids to box, because nelson mandela asked him. >> it's healthy. he said i must do this job. that's why i gave my life to the children. >> nelson mandela urged him to help his community, encouraging the kids to take their anger out on the ring, not the streets. >> i wouldn't be alive today if not for him.
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i want to show them how much they can do in life. nelson mandela loved boxes and considered it an outlet for anger and stress. he trained here. today it is the soweto ymca. >> i'll get a job. >> what kind of job? >> educating people. >> it is a rather modern area today. >> it was hard times. >> thanks to nelson mandela. >> thanks to nelson mandela. >> thanks to nelson mandela south africa's fight it kept mostly inside the ring. >> right here all of this. this is the equipment that nelson mandela wants to use. outback the security guard shows
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equipment that nelson mandela used. memories of a boxer that shows a different fight and why. >> president obama arrives in south africa on tuesday for what has been called the african funeral. 100,000 people are expected to attend the memorial attendance in johannesburg. part of nelson mandela's mandate was his willingness to forgive. one of his former guards said he couldn't help but become close. nelson mandela was my prisoner. he was my friend. like a father to me. he was someone you could look up to. i will miss him as a country and i will miss his voice. >> that was christo brand, nelson mandela's prison guard for 12 years, until his release in 1990. >> tsangses heating up over disputed islands in the east chaina sea. sea is expanding its zone to
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overlap one by china. it covers a rock off the southern coast. let's bring in harry fawcett. ing itself over the s way of disputed islands and china? >> certainly in the first instance it is a very direct response to china's own extension of its air definition zone on november the 23rd. that extent overlaps south korea's air defense zone, as well as japan's and -- japan's one. over what china called senkakku islands, and japan called diaoyu island. there is an area which includes an undersea reef. there is a south korean research station that's been built on that. it has a south korean helipad
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and is under de facto south korean control. because of an accident in history in 1951 when the americans drew the air defense zone, it didn't include the area or two other south korean isds which are not under dispute. this is really an opportunity for south korea to right what many here were surprised to see was the current situation and extend the zone further south, allowing greater ease of military operation within the zone by sea. the south korean government making it clear that it's doing things in a different way. it's saying that it consulted with its neighbours and the u.s. and is doing things in a regularised way. >> thank you for joining us, hy fawcett. >> it's known as the day of infamy. 72 years ago this weekend pearl harbour was attacked.
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400 japanese planes i attacked the u.s. fleet in hawaii pushing the u.s. into world war ii. thousands gathered at pearl harbour, including 70 world war ii veterans and survivors. it overlooked a memorial for the uss "arizona." that battleship sang during the attack, killing nearly 1200 killman. >> a potentially major breakthrough in a fight against cancer. doctors in new orleans say an experimental treatment could mean a cure for leukaemia. it's a gene therapy altering white blood cells so it can attack cancer cells. doctors say the success rate is stunning. >> officials are discouraing people from submitting paper applications for health care. they are worried they won't be processed in time. people need to enrol by
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december 23rd for coverage to start in the new year. >> no tobacco or smoke or smell. why some are pushing to have electronic cigarettes regulated.
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>> in los angeles the city council is considering new regulations for electronic cigarettes. they are a safer and less intrusive alternative to smoking. north dakota, new jersey and utah regulate them like tobacco. la may be next. brian rooney reports. >> electronic is popular, that's all this store cells. no tobacco or smoke. it's called vaiping. >> it's a step in a smarter direction in comparison to tobacco. >> raymond padilla says it was a smart move for him.
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>> i tried patches, gum - ecigarettes are the only thing that worked for me. >> e-cigarettes don't have the tar but can deliver nicotine and the active ingredients of marijuana if you want. they are catching on with kids. >> intuitively these are nicotine delivery systems with dozens of other chemicals. the odds that this is a harmless activity and harmless to those taking in the second-hand vapours, i think are small. >> the los angeles city council just passed a law that requires a licence to sell the cigarettes, and ban sales on the streets in kiosks and vending machines. it's to discourage sales to minors. e-cigarettes are marketed to young people. especially in flavours like bubble gum and cotton candy. >> regulations is catching up with electronic cigarettes. three states are treating them
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like cigarettes. 100 cities, los angeles among onic cigarettes. los angeles is considering another bill banning the use of ecigarettes in places where tobacco is limited. the "the los angeles times" said there's not enough evidence of harm to restrict them, saying fear is not a good basis for regulation, research is. >> until there is more conclusive research, government agencies should be wary of overreacting. it's not an overreaction. >> we don't know what the dangers of using them might be. we wanted to err on the side of caution. adam phramany says it's good to keep them away from kids. we are trying to help people get off tobacco product. >> free-wheeling days may be
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over as government agencies take a look at what is coming out of that device. >> retail sales of e-cigarettes are expected to double to 1.7 billion. that's still a fraction. $80 billion a year that traditional secrets bring in. people in washington state are celebrating a unique anniversary. they gathered in seattle to mark a year since the state law legalized marijuana. naturally the party took place in a tent since smoking pot on the street is not allowed. washington and colorado are the only u.s. states where recreation and marijuana use is legal. i'm morgan radford. thank you for joining us. i look forward to seeing you at 4am eastern. before you go, let's show you some live pictures of johannesburg, where the world is converging on south africa to
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honour the man they call south africa's father - that would be nelson mandela. back at 4am.


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