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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 13, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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>> good evening everyone. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in morning. high school shootings new details tonight on what happened inside the colorado high school and what authorities are learning about the shooter. the sounds of violence. a new technology helping police track gun fire and solve crimes. >> that protects on everything. >> nelson mandela the family man in the words of his grandson. the northeast braces for a major winter storm, up to a foot of snow is expected in some plagues. -- places. >> and a kinky controversy, how
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a musical is changing how some people think. >> we begin tonight with the high school shooting in centennial, colorado tonight and we're learning more information about the shooting and the victim. the shooting happened at arapaho high school, the student was carl pearson, shot one students then turned the gun on himself. arapaho hi is only shortly from aurora, colorado, where students were killed in a movie theater s
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conference with the sheriff, let's learn more about what had he to say. >> there may have been some controversy or some disagreement between the teacher and the student that we know was the sheert. -- shooter. and we believe his motive may have been a reaction to the
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disagreement or that confrontation. >> the first thing that many people thought about when they , this area of colorado has been the crucible of the debate over gun violence. the only blessing people are talking about today is this did not turn out to be a mass event. one thing we did learn when the shooter came into the school on the west entrance there were 65 to 80 students in that immediate area close enough to see and hear him as he came into the school and began shooting. scenes of relief as parents we're reunite wednesday their children. -- were reunited which with their children. what they asaw and heard. >> running towards where the shots happened, we heard more shots and everyone got up and
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went into the street. >> just after 12:30 in the afternoon. the school was evacuated, students running outs with hands in the air. police patting them down one by one as other officers swept the building. more than 2200 students attend arapaho hi, only eight miles from columbine. its was something that ran be through everyone's mind. >> scared, really squared. we moved here right after columbine. is was really nervous. >> each one of those parents ind rather terrifying fact is there were two insendary -- i in inin
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cendiari . >> paul beban in centennial, colorado, thank you. when parents learned of the shooting they rushed to the high school to see if their children were okay. >> this morning i was with my prayer group and we were praying to keep evil out of the schools. and it happens. >> my husband has been trying call me to let me know there was a shooting here. just luckily my daughter had texted me already. so i was relieved to know she was at least safe at the time. >> scared to death. scared. we moved here right before columbine so i was really nervous. >> parents are showing up going crazy, we could just not get
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ahold of our kids. i've got two kids in the school and ubl lots of -- obviously lots of friends with kids. we were telling them who we found and didn't find. it was crazy. >> best thing ever that she's okay and her friends are okay. i'm good. >> it just keeps happening. it's unfortunate, whatever the situation is, this poor person who took his own life must have been just so fraught with something. >> unfortunately for residents of colorado mass shootings isn't new. ago at the
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aurora shooting. people saying, i can't believe this has happened again. the community is deaf stated. >> what sort of support do they need right now? >> well, they need one another. so the parents, the children, the staff, the faculty, they really need to lean on one-- a traumatic event like this. >> you know obviously this brings up other shootings not just in colorado but all across the country. we're at the anniversary of newtown, connecticut where i live. and i know the impact that it had on the state of connecticut at that time. it brings back memories for parents and kids. do you have any advice o that ce
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advice of getting back into a going to protect you. you are reassure them. especially young children if they're aware of the news, might have nightmares, so again we're reassuring kids, letting them get that extra hug, but let them take the lead in the pace of what they want to discuss. >> you spent some time out in colorado so can you imagine when
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the aurora theater when that tragedy happened last summer. in my class of about 25 students i asked them how many of you which are there or knew someone who was there and almost we havd these tragedies in the past, we will survive and come out strong. >> peggy norwood thank you for your advice. >> thank you john. >> this weekend marks a year since the shooting at newtown, how difficult that can be. in illinois, enhanced security
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and lock down drills have been mandatory since 2005. usher carashi has more from chicago. >> in niles, illinois security is taken extremely seriously. before gaining entry visitors enter a secure vestibule where they must present identification at this window. using what is called the raptor security system, an instant background check is performed, cross referencing against the national sex offender registry. in addition, in case of a problem, a bullet resistant shield can be pulled down and a panic button directly informs police. >> they added this new entrance, more secure entrance. formerly, the entrance to the school was stairs and -- up stairs, no assurance our be
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visitors would go where they were supposed to go. >> it's all part of a $5 million upgrade of their security system. in 2005 illinois passed the school safety drill act that requires schools to perform annual lock down drills, earlier this month the lake school are put their plans into action when there was report of a student with a gun coming to class. >> the school immediately launched their code red lock down procedures, students huddled in classrooms for hours and eventually evacuated without incident. 13-year-old schuyler was in the school at the time. >> i was finding relief there was no shooting, no guns involved. i was just very thankful that the school handled the so well and i was able to get out safely.
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>> security president palm tim have implemented security protocols in hundreds of districts including lake zürich. >> there are only two times we know that our procedures work. during an emergency which is an unfortunate time to find out they don't. and during drills and as a result they are ready. >> it is a tough balance say educators between making the place safe and a learning environment. >> we are always looking at better ways to make our students safe, because we know when they're safe, they're going to learn. >> it's a procedure they don't want to put into action. usher careshi, al jazeera. >> new england could see more than afoot of snow. the winter storm warning starts tomorrow and rebecca stevenson
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has been watching all of that. rebecca. >> yes, john, we are expecting to see the snow totals go up quickly. in fact we are expecting to see about 14 inches of snow in new england 50 time we get into sunday evening. snow heavy at times in illinois, chicago will wake up with two to four inches. just south of chicago we are expecting six to eight inches of snowfall. temperatures dropping and wind chills in places like minneapolis or chicago, you need that type of moisture to come up. we've got that now. heading a little further north we're going ohave problems with ice in virginia and also west virginia where we could get potentially a 10th of an inch of ice accumulating. the snow will continue to
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increase into new jersey and into manhattan, about one to two inches expected in new york city. higher amounts near the great lakes, where eight to ten inches will fall around the great lakes acknowledge ontario where we already have two feet on the ground. john. >> all right rebecca. reuters is reporting that an earthquake is shaking buildings in tokyo, we don't have any information beyond that, but we'll bring it to you in the broadcast. later on, detecting earthquakes is helping l police fight crime. and the grandson of nelson mandela talks about how his life has changed forever because of him.
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>> a sheriff in colorado says a student armed with a shotgun may have been seeking revenge when
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he started shooting in a denver school that day. the teacher had learned of the threat and already left the building. the shooter shoot himself. the u.s. has pioneered an acoustic system that can pin points the shooting and where it occurs. jacob ward has the story. >> in many ways oakland, california is the perfect place to live. it's warm and beautiful here. are it's an hour from the pacific, three and a half hours from yosemite. but like many other places in the country, this city is plagued with the sound of gun fire, as many as eight shootings a day. not only is gun fire per you vasive, it's very loud.
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police know about gun fire, shot spotter is one of several companies selling such a system. the technology is born out of earthquake detection which has also been adapted by the u.s. military to stop sniemers. the company installs microphones in communities inflicted with voyages. the system can triangulate the shooter. the system may also reveal just how inaccurate our understanding of gun violence is in this country. official estimates are based to 911 calls, but most gun fire doesn't result in either outcome. >> unfortunately when somebody fires a gun, people call 911 only 20% of the time. the first challenge four out of five times nobody knows it
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happens exeb except the person o pulls the trigger. the gun fire on the exorn he will shoot up the house of the person who's competing with him on the drug territory on the other corner. >> while the drug be estimate is based on 911 calls. shot spotter's data suggests such incidence may be 80% more frequent with perhaps 2550 times the rounds fired. >> i think if the american population knew just how many shooting incidents there are, in which bullets are flying through air, and little kids are listening to gun fire, five, ten, 15 times a night, i think the reaction about the gun debate would be a little different. not necessarily about legal weapons but about the persistent nightly use of illegal weapons,
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if we measured this accurately we could do what the old business maxim is, you can manage what can you measure, you can't manage what you can't measure. >> whether acoustic detection helps police catch criminal. may simply be revealing once and for all just how many guns are being fired. >> jake ward joins us now from san francisco. jake is this technolog automatii automatic or something else, track the movement of a shooter, if someone pulls the trigger multiple times, the software can show which dir car, perhaps running. treating
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these children for ptsd 100,000 mourners turned out to pay their respects to nelson
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mandela. several hundred people managed to break through police barriers and storm the union buildings today where his body was lying in state. pushing pass ples -- past pleas, some singing and dancing as they made their way to the buildings. shortly after mandela was released from prison, his grandson ndaba moved in with him. both his parents had died from aids. he was a mentor to him. >> probably the most famous street in the country. >> why? >> it is the only place with two peace laureates winners, bishop tuity and nelson mandela, my grandfather. >> where are we now? >> the first house that my grandfather stayed in during the
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times of the uprising in soweto. >> how do you feel? >> i feel good, it brings back bittersweet memories i guess. >> why bittersweet? >> i experienced, we were poor when we were living here. i remember nights having dinner which was just rice and tomato sauce. >> really? >> both my parents were alcoholics. so i remember some you know abuse happening between my parents, it was -- it was a broken home you know. >> and did all that change when your grandfather came out of jail? >> not immediately but i did move in with my grandfather just before he became president in 1983. i was scared of him -- >> why? >> everybody revered had the man and he was larger than life already, even before i saw him. so at first i was very scared. and he was just a discipline
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disciplinarian. i wasn't comfortable to ask him questions at that time, unless something came up on a school jt proor something. i remember being scared of him, being a disciplinarian. my grandfather is my mentor, my father-figure. my hero. my provider. my protector, my everything. >> so this is where it all happened. what are we walking into now? was this the main room? >> this was the kitchen area as can you see. but when i lived here, i think they're trying to restore it as to how it used to originally be. when you walked in it was
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literally a kitchen like here. bedroom over there. and a lounge over there basically. that was pretty much it. >> so these are all photos of your grandfather and of your fame. >> yes. >> is there picture of your father over there? >> yes. over there. >> so nda brvega you mentioned this is your -- ndaba you mentioned this was a personal fight against aids. why was that for him? >> because my parents died of hiv and aids. my mother was the first who contracted it. my father contracted it, he died of hiv, aids, we had a conversation together at home, as to what we are going osay. one family members, nurse, said
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hiv doesn't kill you, it kills your immune system. so he didn't die of aids. my grandfather says no, we are going to say aids killed him we have to fight. >> what are you going to say about your grandfather? >> i'm very anxious, this week has been very trying, challenging emotionally and physically and mentally. i just want us to give him a i have honorable sendoff. >> and if there are anything ugh could say to him today, what would it be? >> i would say granddad, you have inspired us, you have led us. and i want you to know that we'll continue your legacy. as you have shown us how.
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we'll uphold those values and morals and principles that you have taught us and above all, i want you to know that we will miss you dearly. >> morgan radford with nelson mandela's grandson. later on, a film maker talks about his final be photoshoot with nelson mandela. secretary of state john kerry says he's hopeful that a peace deal will be reached between israelis and palestinians. he visited the region this week and said a peace deal will be wrapped up, a release deal is part that renewed negotiations. according to kerry, both sides are working on ways to approach the issue.
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we'll take a look, on a tarmac in jordan, dribbling a soccer ball around, enjoying quiet time while his plain refuels in the background. a school shooting again, a student opens fire at a hul high school just miles from columbine. nchtsd aon the eve of college football's biggest award, questions arise for the front runner in the race for the heisman trophy. weekdays at 5pm et / 2pm pt only on al jazeera america
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. afternoon earthquake with a strength of 5.5 on thebe buried.
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thousands broke through barriers, about 5,000 are expected to attend his state funeral on sunday. forecasters, expect five inches of snow in new england. a sheriff in colorado says 18-year-old carl petersen was looking for his teacher, a 15-year-old girl was shot, in critical condition tonight, police say the gunman then fatally shot himself. >> i believe the shooter knew that deputy sheriffs were immediately about to engage him
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and i believe that that shooter took his life because he knew that he had been found. >> arapaho high school is less than ten miles away from columbine, the cite of another shooting in 2009. students say the day's events bl happened so quickly, the shooter is dead and another is fighting for her life. 12:33, the suspects entered the school with a shotgun. >> i saw the kid run -- it was just -- he saw me kind of did like that and he just kept running. >> we realized that it was like a gunshot so we all dove into the corner and they came on the intercom and said it was locked down stay where you are. >> the gunman immediately asked for the location of a
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individuals specific teacher and he many identified that teacher by name. >> i thought it was a drill until we heard the gun shots. >> one student confronted the have shooter and there was a shot. >> this girl came down hall and said help me help me there is shooting. >> the shooter is dead as a result of self-inflicted shot. glks gun shots and parents racing to the school and unspeak sabl horror. going scared to death. -- voices of the students talking about how they fled the street. ingsing the standing right here in front of a starbucks where at
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least one beings student told us she and her friends ended up leaving, motte of them left out the back, who being were frisked by the officers. we learn more that happened after the shooter beings confronted between 65 and 80 students who could hear and see the shots being fired. there was no shootout between the shooter and officers on the scene. apparently not too long after making it into the school and looking for the teacher he did inflict that fatal gunshot wound. what we plernt a little more this afternoon and this evening that the press conference was about what the shooter's goal was, what his target was in the school. i asked th the sheriff this eveg if he knew who was the intended
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target? >> i'm not going to mention that, we know the teacher, we have engaged but it's not appropriate for me to have that discussion. very frankly, the teacher as i indicatorred, based on his alsoe coach ap's name, according to reports was tracy murphy. it's not clear what the past confrontation was, but the sheriff did tell us that they are asking more information from friends and carl
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pearson would have come to the school today. rljohn. >> thank you, there is no link between newtown, connecticut and tomorrow's memorial for newtown, connecticut. judge john terrett reports. >> the question, how many people have been killed sint newtown is difficult. using twitter they compiled one of the most comprehensive lists of people killed by gunsings this past year. they predict as of today roughly 11,610 people have been killed by gun homicide. bltion the newtown issue pushed for new gun measures?
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knowledge five times more lobbying money than they did last year before seant looks. but be is 12,000 was chump changes l considering lobbying spending for government peek, feechtion, much of that probablying meteorologic rent to passing laws in a leverage act niche passed at least one gun law since the beings newtown massacre. period of time 1700 state gun bills introduced, 109 were signed into law. 70 of those enacted laws loosened gun restrictions. just 39, tightened restrictions. most were approved in states that is is, there was a flurry
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of talk about restricting gun use in an effort to reduce gun use in people around the cuj. but the data shows different, that the number ever laws vm have been expand rather than restrict the rights of gun orders. >> john tishtd reporting, is he early reports said he was on a business trip, but this trip the associated press, was twail a yoor for the cia. the straight departments had is the the randall pingston has more. >> it's almost 20 years since bob plefn song and siefn have
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none. being he be and his wife posted a film many. >> i am running out of diebts medicine, i arm being treated -- i need the help of the u.s. government. >> over the past few years there is nothing to confirm that he is alive. now associated press bass reporting the that levinson was on an intelligence mission for the cia. when asked, saict john kerry -- secretary of state john kerry wonder confirm he was spying. >> i don't have any comment whatsoever on the -- the -- condition with respect to employment or any other issue, except to say to you that we have raised the i've of his
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whereabouts on a continuous basis, i have raised it during the course of our discussion he and we will continue to try to seek his release and return to the united states. >> the associated press say the government paid the levinson family $2.5 million. >> the u.s. government has failed to make saving this good man's life the priority it should be. there are those in the u.s. imoflt who have done their duty in their efforts to if find job but there are others who do not. it's time to step up and take care of one ever its own. after seven years, our family should not be struggling each day without this loving, caring man we love so much. the rawrnian government excess they don't know where bob
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levinson is, the video was sent from a pakistani internet cafe but then the investigation goes cold. randall pinkston, al jazeera. >> trueman national security project and a former marine corps intelligence officer. andrew let's start with what we heard from the government, which has saidfffff are. the fundamental most important aspect is that there's an elderly man with some chronic medical conditions being detained against his will and held as af he be reunited with
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his family as quickly as possible. >> do i understand that. i was just surprised to hear the family complain that the u.s. hasn't.done enough. >> i don't know if i would categorize its askings is explaining. the united states government certainly has made this a priority. secretary of state cloin clinton raised this issue, as recently as last week president obama had raised this issue with presidens
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taken the wrtf likelihood that mr. lerchson is still aliefd? >> it reports that it's been several years since that last proof of life video. i guess the real challenge here is that associated press was not the only media outlet that had some relation about a possible relationship again cia and mr. levinson. new york times, numerous other media outfits had that informationfeeffffefeeffe
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iranian government as well. >> martin morgan is here,. >> the attorney for woman who accused florida state quarterback jameis winston of
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assault, now claims, patricia carroll shows inconsistencies, and things left out of documents that were released publicly. >> information regarding prescription for pain, it does not include a circle which says follow up with the family. it does not include clinical impression which says sexual assault. muscle strain, lumbar, muscle strain, lower extremities. alt of those notations are absent, from the medical document, the identically medical document, except for the emissions, the same medical document. >> her client is not going to file a civil suit, she feels the attorney general should conduct
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an independent investigation into this case and how it was handled by the being tallahassee police department. winston is expected to win the heisman trophy, and he has this reaction. >> i don't know what went on down there. i'm enjoying new york, my family is here, i'm going to walk down here and have a smile on my face and i'm just glad the whole thing is over. >> earlier tonight, college analyst graham watson weighed in on the accuser's attorney's news conference. >> she made several compelling points. the chain of custody of the rape kit. it took 39 days for it to actually get to the lab. who knows what could have happened at that point? there were a lot of points she maid in this report and in this press conference that raised some eyebrows and definitely
11:46 pm
made you question how thorough the investigation really was. >> graham, in your mind, how, those being documents that you held up, medication for the accuser as well and the signature of the person who prepared the document? >> her holding up an 11 page document which is what this family initially obtained, versus the four page document that most of the media got is a pretty glaring deal there. we didn't hear anything about her head trauma, anything about any bruising or any other injuries she faced, any pain medication, stuff that were consistent with maybe her being drugged which is what the attorney for the accuser is claimed all along. we didn't hear any of that. until today. >> so a lot of new questions raised, it will be interesting what this goes from here. >> interesting mark. a photographer talks about nelson mandela.
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and kinky boots and the controversy on broadway. joaquim river, freeze warnings in effect. never seen too much in terms of rain. los angeles, you are going to be seeing some beautiful weather all the way to sunday even into the low 70 did or high 60s, partly cloudy conditions, overnight, about 44 degrees. texas also dry for you as well. we saw rain showers and a mix of precip just a little bit up here towards the north. temperatures for dallas at about 42. san antonio at 55. for houston, well, you are going to be seeing rain by the time we end the week. 59 degrees there. that will will last one day. your weekend should look better with a high of 63. over here towards the southeast, some rain showers pushing through orlando right now. atlanta is going to be about 56. an american auto maker making history. the newer ground general motor
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is making as it names its latest ceo. >> a chilly start against if the northeast. a little bit of moisture to get a good amount of 90. in fact, looking at snow that's been coming down the last 24 hours. sandy creek, new york. you can see folks have been clearing off the cars, they've been trying to shovel the sidewalks and now just as they've gotten rid of this 90 or made some pathways, here comes some more. we've got our radar and clouds showing you that we've got a large storm working its way towards the northeast. dumping its way across missouri, ilnoaa, indianapolis into ohio. as we get into the day on sat, eventually even bringing a couple of inches from manhattan to boston, but the heavier is in
11:49 pm
new england, pennsylvania, upstate new york. so lake effect snow has been going on the last 24 hours and then we're going to add another storm on top of that. here we've got some cities that are a little behind for the snow that they normally get but researchers will be out watching the snow fall on top of some places already two feet of snow in place.
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>> a state funeral for nelson mandela will be held on sunday but two years ago, mandela agreed to pose for photos to raise money for south africa's hospital. a photographer remembers the day. >> he was the drive for us.
11:51 pm
for the 21 orphans project. for me had been i guess an inspiration for me since my teens. since i sat there in australia and watched him released, with my parents. coming to south africa six years ago and understanding what he's done, we shot a project for 21 eye continues project and again it was an absolutely unforgettable experience. for nelson mandela it's just another day in the life of nelson mandela. he is meeting people that are so inspired by him and so taken by what he's achieved. all he does is making you feel comfortable. makes you feel like you're the important one. >> that's good, tilt it down please. >> the reflection, the portrait of the man in the mirror was very much a metaphor for people of south africa because his spirit, what he represents is in
11:52 pm
every single one of the people here. for that portrait he was very strong for me. that feel that we needed to reflect upon ourselves about what mandela had achieved, and nelson mandela's life. and i think given access to shoot that portrait was a life-changing experience for whole crew. we were all very nervous. obviously i photographed him quite a few times before but not a proper portrait sitting. there's a real intimacy of that. i looked up and all the crew was crying, very emotional, the 2012 birthday shoot, was a very special shoot. getting that time with the family, madiba, the family adore him, they cherish him, for many of the family they lost him for 27 years. to have him there now, meant everything to him. to watch nelson mandela's face light up, when a child comes
11:53 pm
over, that was extraordinary, to watch a grade grandchild, to him to that little child, he is tata granddad. to the rest of the world i the world's most significant states main, most significant freedom fighter in the 21st century. but that child he is the old man between him and the birthday cake. that's the most enduring memory i'll have of nelson mandela, his love of youth, his love of the innocence, his love of the absolute massive potential of children. you know at that age and what heefs achieved and what -- he's achieved and what he's been through, he didn't need the energy to sit with us to look at the projects and to give us feedback and to share his joy and his memories with us. i am just eternally grateful that i was able to spend intimate moments with him.
11:54 pm
that's what madiba's legacy came to mean to me. these generations of men and women, making this world a better place. >> we'll have more coverage of nelsonelson mandela's funeral 20 a.m. sunday morning.
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the stream is uniquely
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>> a popular broadway music am has some critics, some say the show is inappropriate and don't want their family members to see it. >> tony award winner for best music article, about a young man's shoe factory is saved by a drag queen who needs stirredy pinkie boots. >> i think it's a story about two unlikely people, finding the human connection. >> but this holiday season, the broadway musical pinkie boots kicked up controversy. the cast performed at the macy's
11:57 pm
thanksgiving parade and the tweets picked up, kinky boots may be popular but is not appropriate family viewing and may lose you lifetime parade viewers. like a gay flash mob on my kids in my living room. >> it's hard to not fire back, when people say hateful thing. stand up for the message on the show. >> and they called me rue paul, which is doubly racist because all drag queens do not look alike. >> the cast had a response next day. >> we went shopping in full drag,. >> on friday. >> i call it the solidarity shopping spree with macy's. >> broadway shows are made to
11:58 pm
entertain. business gets a boost. >> there's been a significant bump in ticket sales after thanks. so in that way-- thanksgiving. that way the ticket sales boomeranged in the other direction. >> this month, pinkie boots many many grossed $2 million in a week. it also shows how social media can bring in a whole new audience. >> the conversation can happen in a way that's relatively safe to all involved, irrespective of their political views or their religious views or their gender views. >> kinky boots stars says this season is a good reason to keep their message alive. >> learn something new. >> respect others and you're
11:59 pm
respect each others too. >> let love shine. let pride be your guide. you change your world when you change your mind. >> everyone say yeah yeah ♪ >> the very same lyrics they sang on national television. emily drew, al jazeera, new york. knowledge. >> well, britain's pris harry has arrived at the south pole. he joined service men and women, some of them amputees. they walked for two weeks, organizers decided to remove the competitive edge. tonight's top stories are next.
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>> be welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york and here are the top stories. colorado authorities say a high school senior apparently holding a grudge was behind the latest school shooting. 18-year-old carl pearson was looking for his teacher after a disagreement. a 15-year-old student was shot


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