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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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has >> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm richelle carey. here are the stories we're following for you. a final farewell for the greatest leader of all time. nelson mandela. changes in the u.s. farm bill could have drastic effects on farmers across the u.s. >> the final farewell to a man seen as an icon, a hero and a father it will nelson mandela has been laid to rest in his
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ancestral village. the bureau integral marks the end of burial marks the end of. >> jonah hall has more. >> the final moments of a sad farewell, as nelson mandela's remains lowered into the ground out of public view. >> the being roar of a military fly-past, south africa that mandela did so much to create. in the issue hills of his birth and boyhood, it had been a funeral immaculately planned, executed with precision. beings beneath a giantsen dome, in a dome he called home,
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dignitaries, celebrities and the south african governmental joined the mandela family, some looking drawn and exhausted with grief. [♪ singing ] south africa's jacob zuma, led in a song reminiscent of years of struggle. [♪ singing ] >> we, the nation, are crying, the words go, from the song sung at being the feet of heroes, perhaps the greatest hero of them all. >> we wish today to express, two simple wordsment the than words. thank you for being everybody we wanted. and needed. in a leader. during a difficult period in our
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lives. your long walk to freedom of has ended. in the physical since. -- physical sense our own journey continues. >> in a blend of the formal with the traditional there were deeply personal tributes as well, from one of his 18 grandchildren. >> we shall miss your standing by us when you were not pleased with our behavior. we shall miss your voice as you told us stories of your childhood. we shall miss your laughter. >> and from long time friend and fellow prisoner, addressing the man he called madala. >> what do we say to you, madala, in these days? the last, final momentsing to. fest before you address the public stage.
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when walter died, i lost a father. and now, i've lost a brother. my life is in a void. and i don't know who to turn to. >> many south africans will also wonder where to turn now with the passing of the man whose every life breath was reassurance. perhaps the country's greatest son, the man many knew as tata, or grandfather, the tribal chief they called simply madiba. >> mandela was buried in his home town of qunu. that is where our nick schiff rischiffrinis. nick, it will take a day to really absorb what the loss of nelson mandela is. even though he has been sick, even though he is 95 years old, it is still a loss really like
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no other. how are people there reacting? >> i think you heard lifelong friendomeone who spent about 25 years with mandela on robben island, say it so well. there is a void in whorve liveso lives here. how touched they were by what he did in his life. but the people here feel as if he's a home town hero. they feel they own him to a certain extent because he always said that he was proud to be from here. he always called mims him himsa country boy. lessons learned he took to robin island and this person emerged from this area a very rural, very poor area into the prominence that he had. people here saying we will never have anyone like this again and
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this area will never be the same without nelson mandela alive. >> so what next and i know that it will probably take a while to know what the next steps are. because what's next can mean so many things. what's next in personal lives, what's next for a country like south africa. i guess what i mean by something next, some people think they really have something to live up to because of the legacy of nelson mandela. >> yes, absolutely. i think he set the bar very high, immortally high, perhaps, and the mere mortals that are runging the country are having a hard time dealing with that. we saw the rebuke of president jacob zuma, where he was booed by the crowd. that's never happened before. wife never seen people in south africa to say to the ruling party, to the african national
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congress, you need to do better. you need to take his legacy and run with it. i was speaking to a young gentleman in a town where mandela was born, he pointed out look, we're not sure whether the future is safe with these leaders. let's take a listen to what he has to say. >> a lot of people were scared of doing wrong things because of the old man. and he was expected everywhere. so now it's a question of will the nation unite again. >> and there's that thought. the worry that now that mandela is dead people will forget his legacy. won't act like he would have. and that means lot of questions for next year's election and olot of questions for the political leaders currently being questioned by many south africans richelle. >> there is only one nelson mandela, that is the reality of
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it. we'll have to see what happens. nick schiffrin reporting. a special on nelson mandela. the remembering mandela special begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. the european union has suspended talks, in a show of solidarity, senators john mccain and chris murphy, joins thousands of protestors in kiev. more from the capitol. >> tens of thousands of people responded. filling independence square in central kiev. the message of us support came with senators john mccain and chris murphy. >> the destiny you seek lies in urine. [ translatinlating [ disprks in europe.
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>> ukraine will make europe better and europe will make ukraine better. >> visits from western diplomats don't sit well with russia. into it the challenges of state hostility and the ukrain ukrainian winter, what has kept this show on the road has been a mixture of political party money and then grass roots volunteering and activism. this stage show is sponsored by the main opposition party but down there on the square things seem to be more destraddle deced for example. >> take vladimir, one of 1100
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security volunteers here. >> we are looking for people who look like drunk look like strange, second, we keep eye on police. >> but look at this for a real military style operation, huge quantities of food for crowds outside are processed by an army of helpers. >> translator: our first source of supplies is people's charity. the contributions of those in parliament and regional communities. also key eefnghts, and then our civic society and businesses that help us. >> ample money and manpower have kept this protest movement fed, largely entertained since late november. >> and the hope of these ukrainians who are shaping their country's fecountry's future. >> the appointment is responding
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to conservative criticism of his stance on capitalism. on an interview with an italian newspaper, the pope says he is not a marxist. the poach says that marxism is wrong but he has known many marxists who he describes as about people. actor peter o'toole has dried. his debut as lawrence of arabia. he died at age of 81. next on al jazeera america: flooding in gaza, in desperate, desperate need of aid. so many money stories sound complicated. but don't worry. i'm here to take the fear out of
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finance. every night on my show i break down confusing financial speak and make it real. is
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says the reents execution of the north korean president's uncle, underscores the danger in the region. >> tells us a lot about first of all how ruthless and reckless he is and also tells us a lot about how insecure he is to a certain degree. it tells us a significant amount about the instability internally of the regime with the number of executions. this is not the first execution. there have been a significant number of executions taking place over the last months, which we're aware of. and most importantly, it underscores the importance for all of us of finding a way forward with north korea in order to denuclearize the peninsula. >> kim's uncle by marriage was considered the second most
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powerful person in north korea. israel allowed 120,000 gallons of diesel into gaza. it provides a third of the electricity to the gaza strip. the fuel was allowed in, after winter damaged storms and crops. >> they have to use fishing boats to get to the stranded people. the water is two meters deep in some places. the government in gaz is putting flood -- gaza is putting people up in school buildings and any other areas they can find. >> we've had to evacuate our homes and stay in shelter. we are without food blankets or anything. where is the islam icic world? >> gaza is without power which lasts only 12 hours a day. with the feeling of gaza under
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an israeli, jeepian blockade, they and the government can't do enough. >> humanitarian disaster in gaza strip. this is a collective punishment in all the people in gaza, lack of electricity, a chronic lack of oil, needs and goods, more than 4040 people were under real bad conditions and big disaster, humanitarian disaster, and be there is a crisis that we cannot forgive. >> in gaza the hope that improving weather will allow the people to return to their homes if a few days, the situation is expected to remain serious for several days if not weeks. nick spicer, al jazeera. meeting with christian militia, muslim rebels overthrew
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the former president in a coup in march. for weeks sectarian has swept the capitol bangui. the african union has authorized the allotment of more peace keeping troops 6,000. chilians are posting their votes in an election today. bltion being bechelet came out of the first round of voting this month with just over 50% of the voting, that's forcing the runoff. >> i'm in santiago's national soccer stadium which in 1973 became infamous as a torture center today, though, it is the country's largest polling station. unlike the first round of elections four weeks ago there were very short lines. there were no longer the long queues we saw last time. one explanation is that many
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chilians believe the outcome is already a given. even some of the campaign managers of the currents conservative government's evelyn mate, center left coalition which includes the communist party. but the fact that there are so few people voting here, in this country's first election in which voting is not mandatory has a lot of people worried. >> translator: we had to sacrifice a lot to recover our democracy. so we all have to participate. >> translator: i think that voting should be mandatory. again not voluntary. because somebody has to lead the country. and it should be someone elected by the majority of citizens. >> at this hour all the political parties are urging chilians to cast their ballots. a low turnout certainly would mean a political liability for the winner particularly for michelle bachelet.
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if she wins with allow turnout, the opposition would say she has a weak mandate. sweeping political economic and social reforms in this country with the broad support of the people. >> being vice president joe biden says congress needs to offer the millions of immigrants living in this country illegally citizenship. he was making a speech on saturday. this is the second comments in a week biden has made on immigration reform. he added, many of these already feel like americans and want decent life for themselves. end of subsidies for farmers, global market it could hurt smaller farmers here at home. andy gallagher reports from mississippi. >> brown was born on his parents farm in mississippi. his parents have been here since
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1957. but the history in african americans in cotton production has a belong history. enormous profits were made on the backs of slaves and even in good times, many blacks feel persecuted. settlement with the department of agriculture which is accused of denying black farmers loans based on their race. >> didn't expect to be treated like that. we wanted to be equal. we wanted to be competitive with the other farmers. and not only that just make a living, just make a decent living. >> but life for roy and many other cotton farmers could be about to get harder. government subs addition could be cut for roy that's a loss of $50,000 a year. >> it's going to be bad if the government takes the subsidies away from the famplers. a lot of farmers aren't going to be able to keep farms. >> the problem is billions of dollars of subsidies distort the
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global cotton market. price he are pushed down making it marredder for developing downs compete or make a living. it is something that countries like brazil have fought begins for years, claiming the situation is unfair. another u.s. farm bill will be passed and it is widely expected the days of subsidies will soon be gone. at the historic cotton museum in memphis, experts like bill griffin says there's little choice but to change the policy. >> most growers don't need them anyway and also they are against world trade organization agreements. which means if we violate wto rules and regulations we can be fined big time. >> but for roy and many other small cotton farmers, the future is bleak. he wants to pass his farm on to his children but without help that may be a lot harder. andy gallagher, al jazeera,
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mississippi. >> coming up. on al jazeera, how to safely recycle high tech trash. >> al jazeera's investigative unit has tonight's exclusive report. >> stories that have impact... that make a difference... that open your world... >> this is what we do... >> america tonight weeknights 9et / 6pt only on al jazeera america .
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm ricialg. herrichelle carey, here is your. nelson mandela was laid to rest in his ancestral village. he died on december 5th, he was 95 years old. ukraine trade agreement citing a lack of agreement from the ukraine president. tens of thousands fathered at independence square, below test in their fourth week. gaza's only power plant is back online for the first time since november. diesel was allowed into gaza to restart the plant that ran out
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of fuel six weeks ago. the garbage made up of computers and electronics called e-waste contains toxic materials. hazard to the environment and also to the people who handle it. >> year after year we buy more electronic gadgets, toys, computers and appliances. but when those consumer electronics break or become obsolete they end up being thrown out. is they -- they frequently contain gold silver and copper and also lead. recycling like it's done in india is a dangerous and toxic job. >> it contains a lot of hazardous and scair scarce meta. it's importantly that appropriate recycling is taking place and if these valuables are wasted it's a lot of resources as well. >> some countries are moving towards safe recycling and reuse of e-waste.
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but it's feared the increasing demand for electronics will overwhelm existing facilities and this could see millions of tons of waste dumped into landfills. the u.n. report says 48.9 tons much e-waste was developed last year and expected to raise to 2017. the largest producers are china and the u.s., they produced 11.1 million and 10 million tons respectively last year. high tech trash this compares to the average american that produced almost six times this, 29.8 kilograms. an o.j. interactive map looks at 149 countries and compares how much e-waste it gates and how much it disposes. >> developing and transitional countries but also the developed
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world. even in the developed world we have to issue that we are facing here, low collection rate, despite having very good e-waste management systems into place. so the consumer also has to play a certain role here and he has to be aware and take action. >> let's hope the map will give governments and companies dealing with e-waste a better sense of the problem. then perhaps they can move this mountain and ensure it is recycled safely. tarik baseley, al jazeera. >> well, high pressure is building across the central plains, but right now only 3° in minneapolis. tonight they're going odrop to a low of minus 3 but luckily, no snow to contend with here. snow bottled up over new england. all the way to chicago the windyity looking at gusty winds
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this afternoon and also very chilly tall way back into new york city. temperatures are around the 20° mark. minneapolis that cold air reaching on in to you as well. it's going ocontinue to feel that way as we track into the next couple of days. we have a bit of footage into chicago where the snow fell along i-80, causing multiple accidents, we'll have to deal with that as we track into new england 10 to 18 inches of snow across portions of new england tonight and then conditions clear out just a bit. we pay see a little bit of lake effect snow, up into new york state freeway, 90, we're looking at snow around lake erie and pennsylvania, lingering showers across the southeast, areas right around jacksonville, and
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southwest 73° in los angeles and they're under red flag warnings to 6:00 p.m, gusty winds in excess of 45 to 50 with santa ana winds, and high pressure returns to the area across the southeast as well, sunshine and quite a bit warmer as well, richelle back to you. >> jelelah, thank you very much. a company plans to send its falcon and dragon rockets from pad 39a kennedy space center, the same pad used by the apollo moon expeditions in the 1970s.
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i'm richelle carey, thank you for watching. check out the latest on coming up on "real money," if you're considering a new job, we'll explain why now is the time to make your move. wall street bonuses and the new rules meant to protect the rest of us on main street. what you don't know about social security could cost you. there are hidden benefits worth tens of thousands of dollars that you probably didn't even know about until now. i'm david shuster in for ali vels velshi, and this is "real money." this is "real money," and you're the most important part of the show. join our live conversation the nextf-


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