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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 16, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EST

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>> anexplosive attack in aleppo leaves three dozen dead, including children. helicopters drop so-called barrel bombs on the city. >>? chile, a landslide victory for michelle bachelet, back in power for the first time since 2010. talk of offering amnesty for n.s.a. leaker edward snowden. in exchange the government would want the rest of the documents he took. >> the world says goodbye to iconic apartheid leader nelson mandela. he was buried in his childhood village in a traditional state
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funeral. >> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm stephanie sy. south america's wealthiest country has a new leader. left-wing candidate michelle bachelet has been elected president for a second time. al jazeera's correspondent has the latest on the victory. >> she's back. chillie's most popular former president michelle bachelet elected again on the promise of reforms, so make south america's stable economy more equal. >> it is time for a new constitution, for a democracy this ensures rights for people, guaranteeing the future voice of the poor majority will not be silenced in the minority. >> michelle bachelet's personal appeal is unquestionable.
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>> i'm thrilled. michelle bachelet is an amazing woman whose thoughts will guarantee my son will study for free. >> rob matheson math. >> eu was clearly -- mathieu was clearly no match. >> the current government is making the point that it matters how you vote, if not a lot vote you don't have a mandate. if you don't have a mandate, you can't do the reforms you want to do. >> this will not be michelle bachelet's biggest challenge. over the last few weeks michelle bachelet told crowds that people have high expectations that they believe she can fix marr tall problems. this is an indication that she is afraid the expectations may be unrealistically high.
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free education, a better distribution of wealth. voters expect results. >> the economy will slow down. fulfilling the promises will be difficult. we are likely to see student protests and people in the streets protesting next year, than to see free education at the end of next year. >> michelle bachelet may feel she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. on this night it was time to saviour her victory. >> michelle bachelet is at the first leader to serve two terms since augusto pinochet. >> an israeli soldier has been shot to death on the israel-lebanon border. the gunman was a sniper from the lebanese military. it's unclear what prompted a
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shooting. in 2006 israel fought a war against lebanese. >> the gaza strip's om power plant is up and running after receiving its first fuel shipment in 50 days. israel allowed 120,000 gal scrons into the blockaded -- gallons into the blockaded area. four water pumps was allowed, and the transfer of gas for indoor heating. the palestine territories in israel have been hit hard by the heaviest snow storm in decades. hundreds of thousands have been without electricity. >> days of heavy rain has custody heavy flooding. one person is dead and 5,000 evacuated from the region, in some areas water rose 6 foot. poor infrastructure and poorly built zones has made it worse. >> gaza has become a disaster zone with water as far as the
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eye can see in certain areas, 2 metres high stranding tens of thousand workers. workers are working around the clock, distributing 5,000 litres of fuel so the pumping stations can work. this is disaster relief under blockade and occupation. it's problematic. >> the gaza strip is a densely populated place. it's home mostly to refugees. >> at least 16 children are among the dead after syrian army forces carried out a raid on aleppo. barrels of explosives were dropped on the city. some of these images are graphic. >> this is being described by activists as one of the worst days of the syrian war in a long
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time. opposition groups say syrian forces used helicopters to drop barrel bombs on to at least 10 neighbourhoods in aleppo. volunteers are begging for help. >> translation: we have not rested since morning. more than 10 different areas in aleppo were shelled with barrels and missiles. this is the only equipment the civil defense team has. >> it's not the first time government forces used barrel bombs. they are made of large cylinders or oil drums packed with explosives, rolled out the back of helicopters. they may be aimed at rebel fighters. they are not terribly accurate, as the pictures show. children were among the victims in these attacks on eastern
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aleppo. the victims of these assaults are struggling through a fiercest winter that people in the middle east have seen in decade. some international aid is arriving, but it's unlikely to about enough for the millions forced from their homes. >> here in aleppo, all the people want is help to find survivors. >> aleppo has been a main battle ground in the syrian civil war since rebels launched an offensive. 18 months of fighting destroyed much of the city, which has been split to rebel-held areas. >> egyptian leaders are asking the public to vote yes on a new constitution in january. they are reaching out to supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. his protesters have been demonstrating since he was
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removed. the muslim brotherhood is expected to boycott the constitution. >> john mccain and chris murphy told protesters in ukraine that their future lies in the west, not the east. congress would consider sanctions if violence is used against the protesters. demonstrations began when a trade agreement was refused. the e.u. is taking the offer off the table. an e.u. official tweeted that words and actions are far apart. the ukraine president viktor yanukovych will visit moscow on tuesday to talk about trade agreements with russia. . plenty of snow in the north-east. wrapping up, but the snow showers continuing around the great lakes. it will be a cold start to the north-east, ending the cold air in the areas that have melting
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snow or shower activity. that is where we'll have black ice and slippery spots. otherwise, the folks are really enjoying the snow, that's the ski resorts. we have a range of forecasts up to a foot or more snow. that and what happened. vermont or new hampshire, this is where we saw 14 inches of snow. powder, a great day on the slopes. as we look at the forecast. we'll have the area of arctic air, creating more lake-effect snow. it will keep going around the great laucks. we'll be chilly, we are looking for the next round of snow. making its move around minneapolis. snow on monday night. tuesday it will work towards new york city. the rest of the country, on the drier side, for the pacific
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north-west, we'll have rain showers off and on. the snow located around the great lakes until we get into tuesday, when a lot of areas. they'll get a little powder. >> low temperatures starting the day. cold up to the north, getting through the course of afternoon, temperatures getting warmer again for denver, down houston. a lot more comfortable to be outside. avering temperatures. outside the u.s. all that snowed was talked about. now we see several days of flooding. 5,000 people evacuated on the gaza strip. keep it here, we'll keep you updated. >> secretary of state john kerry focussing on north korea. over the weekend he discussed the execution of jang song-thaek, the uncle of leader kim jong un, calling the death a sign of danger and instability
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in the region. >> tells us about how ruthless and reckless he is, and a lot about how insecure he is to a certain degree and a significant amount about the instability of the regime, with the numbers of executions. this is not the first. >> kim jong un's uncle was considered the second-most powerful figure in north korea. state media reported his wife was promoted in the wake of his death. she has not lost influence in the country that may indicate. >> the message from protesters following a supreme court decision over gay rights. >> making a deal with edward snowden. the move that washington is weighing to put a stop to leaks. saying a final farewell to a celebrated leader. a look at nelson mandela's journey to his final resting place.
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>> protests in india are intensifying after a supreme court decision to outlaw gay sex again. >> equality. equality. >> the band was put in place under british colonial rule after 150 years ago. it was repealed in 2009. the supreme court's reinstatement means homosexual act are punishable by 10 years in prison. it's been called a major blow to human rights. >> the remarkable journey of an iconic statesman ended. mcdonald's was laid to left in a small south african village. the ceremony in qunu was a solemn one. >> the remote village where he grew up, nelson mandela's long walk to freedom ended. they called him south africa's
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greatest son and thanked him for defeating apart height. they buried him in the soil he loved. >> i have lost a brother. my life is in a void. i don't know who to turn to. >> fountain of wisdom. a pillar of strength. and a beacon of hope. to all those fighting for just and equitable world order. >> it was a christian ceremony and a tribal ceremony. away from cameras the family slaughtered an ox and draped the coffin with an animal skin. behind 95 candles, one for each year of life. >> tollerance and forgiveness.
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>> screens televised the burial, nelson mandela called himself a country boy. this man is walking in his footsteps. he's a member of the african national congress and hopes to implement his vision. >> our parents struggled a lot. us, the generation that came after that, it was up to us to have unity and reconciliation. >> nelson mandela dreamed of a country united in its diversity. we met melanie walking through on a pilgrimage. >> he always said, "i can make a difference with one thing, this thing. pick up the sphere." >> nelson mandela used to greet his neighbours. no one from qunu was invited.
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this family, who lived 1,000 feet from nelson mandela's compound was disappointed to watch it from tv. >> i would have liked to be there >> he wouldn't have liked it. >> definitely, he was a man of the people. >> after everything was over the skies opened. in local tradition rain signals the gods unlocked the gates to heaven. nelson mandela's long walk is over. >> the state funeral was attended by 4500 invited guests, including prince charles, opera winfrey and the reverend jesse jackson. >> in central african republic, fighting has left hundreds dead, forcing hundreds of thousands of flee. those in the country are struggling to cope without food or basic medicine supplies.
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this prorp from bangui. >> it's a big news story from the day. the president is in negotiations with the christian militia group. there's questions over who he's talking to. we have not found clear evidence that anti-balaka is one united group. it's not clear whether it's ordinary villagers taking part in the uprising or whether they are backed by the president who wants to come back and grab power. at the same time we are hearing reports from a french newspaper that there was an altercation between seleka forces and french special forces on the star mack. there are question marks about the authority of the president, and how much control he has not only over his own force, but the power he has in any negotiations with his enemies. at the same time the
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humanitarian crisis is getting worse. we are hearing reports that food distributions are not happening in the camp at the airport where there are 50,000 people because of insecurity, and people wielding machine eties and trying to grab the food. women are sleeping in the baking heat at the moment. when it reins they are holding their babies. there's no shelter. disease is rife, malaria and other diseases. doctors who operate in the conditions are overwhelmed. >> al jazeera's norbert darab darabos -- nazanine moshiri reporting from bangui. >> many americans are worried about rising insurance costs and are blaming it on the affordable care act. many fear policies will change for the worst. 59% expect annual deductibility
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to go up. 59% expect premiums to rise and four out of five blamed the changes on barack obama's health care law. >> an n.s.a. investigator says the u.s. should think about granting amnesty to edward snowden. it's unclear how much classified government information the former n.s.a. contractor accessed. to get a deal he would be expected to hand over the remaining material: >> we now know if you are anywhere in the world the n.s.a. can find out who you are calling. who you are emailing, where you go on the web or the planet. in some cases they can listen to everything you say - whether you are a powerful politician or a regular person. when it comes to the person who made sure we know that, edward snowden turns out the n.s.a. can't figure out what information he has. the office he worked at in hawaii didn't have the
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technology to keep track. >> will we know what he has? >> i don't think we will. >> what are the repercussions. >> he seems to have a negotiating edge on huhs, he can hold the overhang on us. >> that's the big question in washington, should the u.s. government negotiate with snowden, offer amnesty for 1.5 million documents. the man leading the investigation says yes. >> my personal view is, yes, it's worth having a conversation about. i would need assurances that the reminding of the data can be assured. it would be more than an association. the barack obama administration doesn't agree. they want him returned from russia and prosecuted. some changes will be made to some spies programs. the ones we know about. we have seen 1% of what snowden has. the other 99%, not even the u.s.
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government knows what that will reveal. >> edward snowden is currently in russia, where he was granted asylum for a year. tech companies deal are the trash dilemma. >> pope francis firing back at critics that say he's a marxist. and a look at the life of actor peter o'toole.
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>> pope francis is pushing back against critics, insisting to an italian newspaper that he's not a marxist. he criticised capitalism calling it a new tyranny. critics said it sounded like he was in favour of communism. >> companies are struggling with tech trash - cell phones, electronics choking landfills and producing toxins. we have more. >> year after year we buy more
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electronic gadgets, toys, computers and appliances. when they break or become obsolete they are thrown out. they contain gold, silver and copper. recycling them is a dangerous and toxic job. >> it contains a lot of hazardous metals, for example, and they are not easy to treat. this is why it's needed appropriate recycling, that it is taking place, and if the valuals are wasted it's a loss of resources as well. >> some countries are moving to safe recycling. the increase demand in electronics is feared to overwhelm existing facilities, and could see millions of tonnes of waste tumped into landfill.
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millions of tonnes of waste was produced last year. the largest producers are china and the u.s. they produced 11.1 million tonnes and 10 million tonnes respectively last year. each chinese person produced on average 5.4 kilograms of high-tech trash, compared to the average american producing six times this, 29.8 kilograms. an uninitiative created an online map, looking at 184 countries, comparing how much ewaist is generated. >> each in the developed world we have the issue that we are facing here, low collection rates despite having very good e-waste management systems in the place. so the consumer has to play a certain role here, and he has to
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be aware and take action. let's hope the map will give companies dealing in e-waste a better sense. let's hope you can move the mountain or dispose of it safely. >> the u.n. reports that by 2017 global economic waste will weigh as much as two empire state buildings. >> actor peter o'toole has died. he passed away saturday following a long illness. we have more on his life. >> do you think i'm just anybody? do you? >> "lawrence of arabia" made him a star. over the next half century he became a legend, acting in more than 40 films. he played a young king henry ii. >> i warn you there can be only one justice and that is the king >> and on older henry ii
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four years later. >> born in 1932, peter o'toole was the son of a british bookmaker and scottish nurse. he left school to become a journalist and joined the evening news. his editor told him he'd never make it as a reporter. he turned to acting. he made a debut in the 1959 "the savage sentence." it was his role in "lawrence of arabia" that made him famous. o'toole's roles were diverse. a tutor to china's "the last emporer." >> maybe they are ordinary men who for a split second do something out of the ordinary. >> o'toole was nominated six times for academy awards.
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he never won - the largest number of nominations without a win. 10 years ago he accepted an honorary oscar for life-time achievements. >> always a bridesmaid, never a bride. >> when peter o'toole joined hollywood stars leaving his hands and footprints in front of the chinese theatre, he acknowledged his reputation as a long-time ladies man and drinking. >> it's many years sips i had an intimate relationship with cement. >> and through it all he painted a positive attitude. >> with the greatest respect i'm still at it. i'll tell you i'm looking forward to the next one. that's what i do, my favourite film, the next. >> peter o'toole leaves behind an ex-wife and three children. he was 81. >> i hope with never die. >> so do i. >> do you think there's any
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chance of it. >> immortality achieved through a life on the silver screen. maduro,. >> hello, i'm richard gisburg and you're at the listening post. the venezuelan president. two tech giants amazon and ebay ride to the news media. the tightening grip on the news media in russia. and the


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