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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 19, 2013 11:00am-11:31am EST

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>> welcome back to aljazeera america, i'm del walters. these are the stories we are following for you. security breach at target. credit card users are affected. >> a growing and disturbing trend in public schools, armed security officers with military style assault weapons on campus. >> europe launching this powerful satellite, its mission, mapping out the galaxy. >> the secret service now
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looking into that security breach at target. target saying that over the last month, thieves broke in and toll the debit and credit card information of as many as 40 million of its customers. the retailer saying it all began november 27, the day before thanksgiving. they say it continued until this past sunday, hackers lifting data from cards as they were swiped at cash registers. >> that's a huge breach. who's going to pay for it all? >> it makes me not trust the company. >> i had my identity stolen last christmas. it was a pain. they had a great christmas on me. >> target's c.e.o. said: still unclear how often money may have been stolen, no arrests have been made. there is new information at this hour concerning the n.s.a. the president of russia coming out in support of the
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surveillance program, saying it is necessary to fight terrorism. his words come a day after the white house released a report that recommends sharp programs. mike viqueira join us live. the white house is walking a tight rope between national security and pri whack and the f privacy are unnecessarily impinged upon. they came out with recommendations. the only question is will the penalty
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billions of records of calls stored for five years. the commission recommends they stop doing that, that the private companies, the telephone companies, the communications companies start to keep their own data and if the government wants it, they come to them on a case by case basis.
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privacy. that committee report came to the white house last friday. they released it publicly what e president is going to adopt and ignore. >> privately, administration officials going all the way back to the bush administration ever wanted this dialogue to begin at some time and yet days and weeks after the september 11 attacks was impossible to argue the sido
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satisfactory a lot of people. >> mike viqueira at the white house. 1978 as you pointed out, no cell phones. thank you. >> the president is expected to sign the bipartisan budget deal, the senate passing the bill yesterday, the house last week. that sets spending limits for the next two years and prevents another government shutdown and eases some of the across the board cuts brought about by quester. ukraine's president is calling for the west to stop interfering
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in its countries affairs after the president signing the deal with russia. russia will invest $15 billion in ukraine and cut natural gas prices. they want closer ties with the u. the deal doesn't go against any plans to integrate with europe. >> officials say the government has lost control in zoo dan. the president of africas young evident nation blaming the vice president for the violence saying it began as an attempted coup. the vice president is denying those charges. both men are from different tribes and there is concern the fighting could be turning into ethnic battles. a plane crash is also causing concern. >> a plane was coming from uganda trying to land at juba gnat. it was going to evacuate people drop the airport back to uganda. as it tried to land, it crashed. government officials have rushed to the airport to investigate.
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the airport has been shut down until the source of the crash can be found. government officials are telling people not to panic. understandably, they are, it's been a tense few days. there are rom mothers and speculation that it has perhaps been shut down. the government is telling people to stay calm until it investigates to find out why the plane crashed. people are trying to get food. those in the u.n. compound are still too afraid to go home. the big concern is the fighting going on. they are hearing that things are getting worse, the army has sent in reinforcements and people are concerned that the violence will spread elsewhere in the country. >> jousted egyptian president mohamed morsi could face the death penalty as he stands trial on charges connected to the deaths of protestors while in
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office. the egyptian military deposed morsi back in july. >> u.s. ambassador to the united nations is now in the south african republic. she says if there is to be stability, rebel groups must be disarmed. >> it took a jury 20 minutes, 90 minutes to reach a verdict in a crime that shocked great britain, two men found guilty there. we are going to go to the united kingdom in a short moment, but first want to tell you about a decision coming out of georgia. a school board there is taking a bold step to protect students, members voting to lowrie source officers to bring military style weapons on school property. what caused the schoo and
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city officials got together and put together a vote. it turns out only one person voted against that. we'll hear from that person a little later, but inside the police department earlier this morning, we wanted to find out more as to why this occurred, so we talked you to corporal kevin holbrook. apparently we don't have that. i apologize, del, but basically what he said this morning to us is that what they have is the a.r.15 assault rifle that they will use inside of middle schools and high schools. they'llen locked up when the resource agent, a police officer is not around. they feel that this is a precaution that they needed to take basically because of the fact that in newtown andsed weag
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distance range of 300 yards so that. just let me know guys. we do, here it is. >> we didn't do anything to say ok, lets look at this problem and see if there's other solutions, because the whole idea to me is to stop it before it happens, try to prevent it from happening. how can you prevent it from
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happening by bringing more guns in school, bringing more attention to the situation, plus that's just not the solution. it is a day nevada the other ni,
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del. robert, thank you very much. >> the world's most powerful telescope now in orbit. next, we'll tell you about a mission to map out the universe.
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>> it took a jury less than 90 minutes to reach a verdict in a crime that shocked britain. two men were found guilty of hacking a british soldier to death on the streets of london last may. it didn't take long for the jury to come back with its verdict. >> no, they certainly did no the. this was a very high-profile case, caught on that film from the day back in may when the two men, michael and michael hacked to death that soldier, lee rig by in broad daylight on the streets of london.
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they were found guilty of that murder. what they were not found guilty of was attempting to kill a police officer. forensic experts say while they did have a fire article in their possession, this was non-functioning and could not have taken anybody's life. the intention it was heard during the court case of these two men was to die in this incident, and be considered martyrs. that obviously didn't happen, and now they are facing a very long prison sentence. >> what is now next for both men? >> they will be sentenced. we are looking at that phase now. the court will reconvene in the early part of january to deliver that sentence. they need to go back now and talk amongst various different courts, figure out what is a proper and a sustainable sentence, but certainly, they are facing a very long time in
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prison, a mandatory life sentence, although there is some wiggle room in terms of parole possibilities. >> you mentioned that these two men wanted to be martyrs, one of them describing himself as a soldier in a war against the west. is there a concern that this may be part of a larger movement in britain? >> yes and no. from certain sectors, we are hearing that people were not surprised at an act of this nature was carried out on that it is streets of london and some, even a relative of one of the convicted say they expect there could be the possibility for more. on the other end of the spectrum, what it is shown today, and shown through this incident was a mass outcry against what happened, including some sectors that previously would have perhaps been supportive of at least some anti
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british sentiment. there was just a huge shock, and surprise from this incident, and instead of dividing communities, it's been said that this actually unified them, so there's both sides of the spectrum on this, whether or not it will happen again, but there is a special investigation within the metropolitan police looking into that and just what lessons can be learned from that incident back in may. >> phil, thank you very much. >> on wall street, there seems to be no continuation of the huge rally following the news from the fed, the dow now down 19 points. disappointing on home sales disappointing investors. >> 40 million customers may have had credit card data stolen from
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hackers at target. stock down a dollar. it could be worse. tarts has just six shopping days left until christmas, so time to rebound, but not much time. >> honda taking top honors for safety in 2013. only 39 making the list because of those tougher standards. >> mark duckerburg cashing in facebook stock to pay his taxes, he says, selling more than 41 million shares. that comes out to about $2.3 billion and pact change for zuckerberg. facebook saying it expects him to use the money to satisfactory tax requirements from another stock sale. >> imagine mapping out space, the final frontier. that is the mission for the most powerful telescope in the world that was launched this morning from french guiuan in a.
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scientists plan to park the telescope in its shadow, about 1.5 million kilometers away. from here without the sun's glare, it will be able to survey surrounding stars. >> we don't know however away many stars are, we know the nearby ones. it will refine positions to in many cases, the 1% or better, so for the first time, we'll have an accurate 3-d map of a large chunk of the galaxy. >> it uses two identical telescopes to track the movement of distant stars. each has five mirrors focusing the light on to effectively what is a camera the most powerful ever put in space. this technique will pinpoint the position of 2 million stars an hour, that data around 50 gig gay bites each day will be transmitted back to earth for
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analysis. >> we can look at more distant galaxies, those same types of stars and see how bright they are there. it gives us a wonderful map of the large part of the universe as a recall. >> over the next five years, it's hoped it will map and remap the position of around a billion stars. it will also be able to measure their brightness, temperature, composition and motion through space. >> a thousand million stars that are going to be observed by this very powerful spacecraft to map the way the galaxy is moving. we will know how the galaxy force, how it is developing and together with all the galaxies. up until now, we see the light of the star, we don't see the star, but it will see it. if a planet is around the star like we haven't detected by other techniques, it may be able
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to find it, as well. >> scientists expect to discover no asteroids, tens of thousands of failed stars or brown dwarves and the content of our galaxy, how it came into being and why it is the way it is. >> it will send back data about our galaxy, the milky way, about 100 billion tars rotating every 100 million years, just in case you missed it. >> getting cards in the mail normal this time of year. these cards are special, helping children capture a dream. tough questions and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story next only on al jazeera america
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night with the combatants in their training base.
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>> welcome back to aljazeera america. i'm del walters. here are today's top stories. target saying hackers have stole debit and credit card information that 40 million
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customers. it began on november 27, the day before thanksgiving and continued until this past sunday. >> the president of russia saying the nsa surveillance program is needed and necessary to fight terrorism. just yesterday, the white house release in a report that recommends cutting back on that program, scaling it down considerably. >> it took 90 minutes for a jury to convict two men of killing soldier rigs by last may. they hit him with a car, then hacked him to death with a machete. >> they say christmas is best seen through the eyes of our children. one group trying to make those dreams come true with special holiday greeting cars. >> she homes for world peace. she hopes to be in a band. he wants everyone to have clothes and shoes. these are some of the dreams of america's homeless children. no video games or bicycles, just a chance to be normal. >> they're so innocent in what
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they see. michaela's dream was i want to room of high own. in society, we have many things we want, but for those children, it's the simple things of life. >> 5-year-old michaela has a simple dream. >> i want my own room so i can have my own puppy and kind of throw a party, but i got to ask my mommy and get a puppy, probably have it some friends for a sleepover. >> her wish is feet you haved on these pictures of hope greeting cards. >> what can you capture right here today? >> it is a project started by photo foe journalist linda sal man, matching photographers with homeless kids to help them realize their dreams. >> the kids listed what they want to be when they grow up and what they hope for. they were each paired with a photographer. they just wanted to take
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pictures to capture, you know, what their hopes and dreams were, so. >> i captured mine, i captured a lot of mine. >> she did. >> in society, we don't quite think of children being homeless, but we have children here at the mission that range in age from newborns all the way up to 17, and there seems to be a trend that moms and children are the fastest growing population in the mission world. last christmas, we set a record that we're not really proud of, but we had 52 children here in the mission. >> for kids like michaela picture of hope is a special gift. >> to see her get so excited, because her picture was on a card, and for her to put that together with the fact that she knows this is a, you know, this isn't forever, this is just temporary, it means a will the, you know, that she can hope and dream and she doesn't get down on that.
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she's my encouragement, my little inspiration. >> pictures of hope cards are sold by 12 homeless shelters across the country, which keep all the money they earn. aljazeera, nashville. >> today's weather is one big set up to see extreme temperature differences to the north and to the south and then getting big storms in over the weekend. right now, we've got a storm system developing over california bringing rain showers in and gusty winds to the southwest. it's bringing a lot of mountain snow for the four corners. now as we see that snow developing across north dakota, minnesota, these are places that have wind chill factors dropping down below zero. very chilly outside here. the forecast today will continue to see that snow band across the u.s. and see that snow building in the mountains. ski resorts are going to love that. we'll keep it active for parts
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of the pacific northwest. fargo is already five below zero. that's just the temperature. imagine adding in a 20-mile per hour wind gust, making it feel like 14 below zero. down right cold, you can see the distinct line of temperatures to the north of rapid city and omaha. omaha one, tulsa 50 above that. that's going to be the differences that continue to get more extreme. that's where we are now, temperatures comfortable farther in the southeast but chilly to the north. a good blast of arctic area continue friday will keep the storm system developing for the midwest friday. it's really going to get going as it tracks over into texas, arkansas, louisiana, even stretching up toward illinois. saturday's the day we will see the greatest temperature difference in tornado valley. we're going to see powerful
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thunderstorms bringing hail and gusty winds, a lot of rainfall and look at how warm it gets on the east coast. it's going to feel balmy. our main focus for severe weather on the weekend is going to be a bully over northern louisiana, over into parts of mississippi. but really, any of these highlighted areas can get a strong thunderstormle that could cause power outages and blustery winds. we're going to be watching out for flash flooding. in the meantime, we're enjoying pleasant weather in the northeast, still on the chilly side. we'll keep you updated on the flash nude potential. >> we've all been guilty of leaving money in our pockets doing the laundry. britain has come up with cash that survives your laundry, it plans to produce plastic bank notes in 2015, saying they will
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be cleaner and more did you recall. >> thanks for watching aljazeera america. "inside story" is next. >> an ease or not to ease. what that means for the economy in 2014. decoding the just concluded federal reserve meeting is the inside story. >> hello, i'm ra ray suarez. what the federal reserve decides has a direct impact on the economy, and your pocketbook and effects felt around the world. since the great recession the


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