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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 19, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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>> . >> at risk after a huge security breech we have new information today on how the thieves may have and samantha power, the u.s. ambassador in one of america's highest profile diplomates is bringing her prestige to the central african republic, as the obama administration tries to help end the violence.
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>> then you have the gods at the very top. and i think it has been a ceiling collapse or a balcony collapse, is something that could be very serious. >> all right, we will keep a large course. at the apollo heatner london, for more information, more numbers from police, again, they are reporting some fatalities we will bring you up to date on this developing story. now, turning back to the united states, a story effecting millions of american consumers the secret service confirmed today it has joined the federal investigation into the security breech at target. company executives now believe as many as 40 million americans shoppers may have had their credit and debit cards compromised. we will have the latest on how the hackers pulled this off. if you shopped at target since thanksgiving authorities are urging you to take a couple of steps. look for statements you don't recognize, second,
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call your credit card company and bank. that notification will help ensure that you are not charged for fraudulent purchases. and third, replace your card and change your pin. again, the key dates are november the 27th to december the 15th, if you swiped your credit or debit card at any terminal in a target store during this period, your card information may have been compromised. how did they hold this off, we have been working on for most of the day, how did they do this? >> it throws up so many questions, who are these people, are they amateurs, are they professionals, how did they do it, and who at the end of the day is hurt by it. are the customers hurt, is the store hurt, are the banks hurt, insurance companies are they hurt. we track down some of these entire life looking at just this very issue. to try to get some answers.
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for the past ten years they have been compromising one database after another, and this time of the year, holidays this is the best time for that to strike. >> he says don't believe the motion that hackers are computer geek whose live in their mom's basement, this is organized crime on a grand scale. designed to steal the numbers as many cards as possible. >> we have a data breach that effects 40 million people, this is the most professional organized criminal syndicate you can think of. these are people that their entire livelihood is structured around finding the vol they recollecteds, planting viruses and ultimately getting paid. >> the syndicates are organized web mobs and they cube functioning here at home in the u.s., or overseas. and he says data breeches like target, are not rare. >> this is probably one of the top 5, as far as credit card breeches go,
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but we have seen hundred million, 130 million credit card number breeches happen in the past. and this will not be the last one. >> he also says online security will never be 100%. >> there's always going to be some type ovule innocenter, whether it's in the technology, or with the human element, meaning that somebody on the inside of the organization at target, for example, could have done something wrong. clicked a link, that provided credentials to the fishing email, so there's a number of ways we can get hooked by the bad guys. >> that's right advising customers to check their statements carefully for risk paying for a hacker's christmas, in a written statement, the ceo says target's first priority is preserving the trust of our guests, and we have moved swiftly to address this issue. so guests can shop with confidence. we regret any inconvenience or concern this may have caused you.
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but these at a store in new jersey, were less than happy that so many cards had been hacked. >> it is a trust issue. people trust target when they go in to make a purchase. >> that's why we pay cash. >> while customers may pay a little if they overlook an item on their statement, target will pay millions in updating its security. beam financially, either the consumers, the retailers and then the banks and the credit card companies in the end, even the insurance companies to pay. department j. max was hacked back in the 2000's, and 2011 sony has repair work to do with its play station customers online after they were hacked. but 100 million were hacked and sony was fined by the u.k. authorities in this case, because the authorities there said that sony could have done something to avoided
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that. >> now to africa and the central african republic. the obad ma administration has just announced it will give the u.n. $15 million. samantha power, and you can see her there is making a visit to the country and ratcheting up global aid efforts. andrew simmons has the latest. >> military handover that's meant to make a difference to the traumatized people of the central african republic. the c.a.r. are now replaced by a much larger force. another military acronym troubles on the largest force of its kind in this country. it will fry to calm the c.a.r. which is on the brink of more killing and the threat of again side is ever present. it's twice the size of the existing force, and
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will double that number again. with the military build up more pressure is bearing down on the interim president. to calm the anger, and threaten full justice against anyone involved in the unknown number of atrocities. >> we have discussed to rally insist on what needs to be done to prevent further crimes. in other words, it is critical that a message comes from himself to make sure that nobody will be immune from any form of prosecution. >> here in boston, a city like the capitol the risk of more large scale killing hasn't diminished. it is clear, that all the military action is needed as a tax on villages by christian militia continues. >> the challenges replacement are profound, it isn't about peace keeping it is about
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enforcing some form of calm, and to have any hope of doing that, the new force needs to be fast, efficient, and well equipped. the outgoing peace keeping believes the force will work. >> we are intervening in specific locations depending on the threat. they will be able to go everywhere, and diminish the risks. >> but action is needed soon. if the fears of the minority muslim people don't lead to retaliation. the french army here wants to start disarming both sides but it is too tense right now, and sources have told al jazeera that more fire power is needed first. >> in thele cooing days it is expected there will be more political pressure on the country's interim government. to put ows positive messages. and alongside that, more robust action to disarm the killers. around drew simmons, al jazeera.
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>> two sudanese men held at the prison in cuba have returned to their homeland. they arrived in the capitol today, the u.s. says both men were members of al quaida, two men from saudi arabia were sent home early. as president obama ramps up efforts to close the controversial facility. just a day after the obama administration embarrassed russia by announcing that now the president obama nor vice president bide listen be attending the winter lick pims in sochi, and that the u.s. government delegation would be led by outspoken gays and lesbians. the president is now on something of a term offensive. he can never be accused of hiding from the press. this is another four hour media marathon, allowing the rug leader a golden opportunity.
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he has already spent minute than tell years in jail, it is a serious punishment. his mother is ill, and i think bearing in mind those circumstances, it's possible to make that decision. and i will soon sign an order about his pardon. >> and earlier, still more good news. just two days ago, putin offered $15 billion of state investment to it's troubled ukraine, a bail out to save victor's floundering economy from bankruptcy, and apparently, no strings attached apparently, no pressure on kiev to join the customs union, even some consolelatory words directed at the european union, once accused of wooing ukraine away from the russian embrace. >> are we against the association with europe? we aren't against the association at all, we simply say we have to protect our economy.
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we have a free trade agreement with ukraine, we cannot leave it unchanged if ukraine opens it's doors to the european union. >> and then there was the amnesty. for the so called obscene performance in the main cathedral were the poster girls of the ammonisty. and the arctic 30, rounded out by russian boarder police, and freezing northern boarders during a green peace demonstration, and a russian drilling rig will also seems be home for christmas. as for the fact they are covered by their amnesty, but if they are covered that's good. thursday's news conference is an annual event, but it comes at a perfect time.
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for the start of the olympics and the army of the army that will throw world spotlight on this country. al jazeera, in moscow. >> family members of a murdered british soldier -- the case involved lee rig by who was killed on a london street. a british jury took just 90 minutes to convict two men of murdering him in may. prosecutors say the men hit him with a scar and then stabbed him to death. the men are scheduled to be sentenced early next year. in washington, d.c. the obama administration is renewing its effort to reduce what is called undually harsh prison sentences. and to that end, the president commuted the sentences of eight sentences.aóaóaóaóaóaaaaaac
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racial discrimination within the sentencing system. three years ago, dong passed a law evening out or reducing the disparity between those two crimes. making itless of a distinction, if you were convicted of having a crack cocaine offense, you would serve up to 100 times longer then if the cocaine is in powder form. and that effecagagagagagage
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area. >> mike, the president had some administration had some strong wordsnnece. jake carney did have very strong words. let's listen. >> we don't believe this proposal is necessary. as i think we have made clear, and we have been
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discussing with members of congress for quite some time. we don't believe it will be enacted. we certainly know it's not necessary, if it were e white house, mike, thank you. and michigan there was a major pretrial ruling today in the case that has inflamed racial tensions and renewed claims of self-defense. a judge ruled that a white man who admitted shooting an unarmied black woman will be tried for second degree murder. al jazeera b.c. joins us live from dearborn heights. with more on today's ruling. >> during this course of
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this exam, people who really shed light on the turn of events that led to that shooting. now, initially, mcbride should have gotten into a one scar accident that evening and there was a woman who testified saying basically, that she reached out to her, she at that point had blood on her hands and she appeared to be very disoriented but mcbride, she walked away from this help. now what is unclear, is really what happened from the point of that shooting to the hours that passed when she found herself on his front steps. now wafer has long maintained that he thought someone was trying to break into his home, and when he went to answer his door, his shotgun accidentally went off. now the defense argued that wafer did not intend to shoot and kill mcbride. whose blood alcohol level at that point was three times the legal limit, she also had marijuana in her system. now the judge that spent
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the last day snap listening to testimony, and he made his case and said why he felt that wafer should stand trial. take a listen. >> the deft came to the door with a shotgun, the first thought was to bring the gun not call for help and not answer the door. as for the evidence in this preliminary examination, it suggests to this court, the defend made a bad choice. when -- when there were other reasonable opportunities that were available at the time. >> wafer is facing a number of charges including manslaughter as you mentioned. her family was here in court today and they said so far their please with how this case is going. david, back to you. >> d.c., thank you for the latest, when we come back, rudolph the red
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nosed reindeer, about just how red and shiny his nose really is.
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breaking news.our where police say dozens of injuries after an apparent ceiling collapsed at a theater in central london. it happened at the apollo theater in the center of the city, which is the equivalent of new york's time square. this particular theater which was built in 1901, is showing the award winning play the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime. that play has been sold out for months. london was apparently hit by a very heavy thunderstorm shortly before this collapse. bub again, a theater collapse, there are dozens of injuries no fatalities reported but we will keep you posted as information comes to us from london. back in the united states, during this busy shopping season, with
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sales approaching $6 billion retailer retaile facing a lingers cost of doing business. that is what happens when shoppers use them, and then bring them back for a refund. this year, a new hi-tech way of fighting back. >> advertize the season to be parties but those celebrations where guests show off their best can bring out the worst in some. it is called wardrobing, the return of used but completely nondefective merchandise. then after it is worn once, that dress gets returned. retailers say the practice has grown. >> you know, it is part of the american lifestyle. shopping, and part of the culture, people enjoy spending money. and they spend more than what they can afford.
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>> you bought it your body was in the garment for a night of partying i don't think it's appropriate to return it. >> a cording to a national retail, the industry will lose 8.76 billion u.s. dollars this year to refund fraud. including practices such as wardrobing. they put a very prominent tag on the garment, and specific instructions on how to remove this tasker and if you remove the tasker the very clear that you can't return the garment. >> other stores say they are going to remain more flexible about refunds it shows how tough the problem can be for retailer whose depend on the goodwill of customers to ring up sales particularly during the holiday season. >> are you going to
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potentially be appealing customers. often time as customer wants to go to a store, who they understand and know, and trust, and believe that if something happens the store will back them up. >> those who have never wardrobes but may have been tempted may have some creative options. including this business. she rents out bride maid dresses for those who want to walk the walk, for a few hours. >> i think women are warming up to the idea of renting. even since we launched at that time it was pretty much consumer reas were -- they had never rented they hadn't heard of the concept of renting. >> until the concept sweeps the nation, some may continue to wardrobe away. al jazeera, new york.
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>> on wall street this has not been a repeat of yesterday's huge rally. as you can see the dow is up about 11 points so that is enough for the blue chips to set, yet another record high. knew from washington to talk about b market continues to set new records a lot of indications that the economy is strong, and yet we saw the labor department today report that job less claims have tile, the big report that the fed was looking at, still standing they are expecting a brighter picture in 2014. >> and that's the reason they continued most of the bond purchasing
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program but 75 billion-dollar as month that's still a lot, and suggested the fed believes it still need as smaller stimulus program. >> and the reason the fed might pull back is because of fears of start o mount. >> elan, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> as gun violence in
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school continues to grab headlines across america, coming up we will tell you about one school district in georgia that is now allowing authorities to store rifles at schools. what one board member says it is just a bad idea. that's ahead. tñ
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eflynn who shopped at target scores. authorities are telling people to check their cards for any unusual activity. a british court has convicted two men of killing an off duty soldier. a recap of breaking news, london ambulance says there is at least 30 injuries after a partial collapse at the popular apollo theater in central london. it is not entirely clear if it was the roof or the
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balcony, some pretty dramatic -- from the london and
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they ushered people out of the building. a kind of makeshift triage was set up in a nearby theater, but it does look as though this -- the theater is now secure and it does not look as though anybody is missing. never the less, the pictures are quite dramatic, as you mentioned this is the theater district, where on a thursday night in london, lots of people come out. this is a huge draw to
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london, especially during the holiday period. so a lot of unintended drama. >> there was in fact a rain tonight in london, when you combine that, perhapses with the heat tear is 113 years old, any possibility that first of all, how heavy was the storm? >> we had some very strong fits of wayne and there's been a driesful. obviously an investigation, and the
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fact is these buildings some of them are indeed very old, and you do have instances like this in london where some of these buildings have been around for so long. that certainly the weaker parts of the infrastructure, can be effected by the weather, and that may play a part tonight. >> fill ittner from london. there was something like a ceiling collapse, the london ambulance which is their equivalent of fire and ems is reported that everybody was trapped under what sort of debris has been cleared. there are no reports of fatalities but officials are suggesting the number of people injured is at least 30, and again, this comes in a very old theater on a night where there were heavy thunderstorms. monitoring social media on this story, what are you seeing?
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we just want to show you a little play-by-play, so they say police have been called to the apollo theater. later they tweet on london service on scene. we have had reports of multiple casualties and then they tweet it is thought there are around 700 people in the theater. noters on scene, we want to show you what simon has tweeted out, he wrote -- was watching curious incident at the apollo theater when ceiling collapsed on audience ten minutes ago chaos, he says i am fine, but serious injury i fear thin he tweeted this out, lobby filled with head injuries. later francisco tweeted this. he was at a nearby restaurant when he heard the chaos, he went outside, he took this picture, balcony collapse. he also tweeted this
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picture earlier, that you can see emergency crews on scene, and he also tweeted this one as well. and we also have this one from tony mcmahon, he was outside the apollo theater as well. mariah we should point out the police, and sometimes the european tiesnition of casualties is a bit dimpling. by casualties that may be referring to injuries. police, and firebreak guyed reporting perhaps 30 injuries no actual fatalities being reported. maria will be monitors this as well, thank you for that update. >> thank you. >> supporters of a pennsylvania minister who was just defraught for proofficiating at a son's gay wed willing now speaking out. they criticized the church for stripping reverend frank schafer of his credentials. the church also removed him as pastor in lebanon pennsylvania. supporters say it is wrongful for the church to punish him for
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standing by his son's gay relationship. schafer is appealing the church's decision. >> you know, it took me many years for this evolution of becoming a supporter of lgbt issues. i was not always in support, so i cannot judge anybody, and that's what i'm seeing going on right now within our church, as well. there are people that feel strongly on the other side of the issue, but i'm hoping and praying that they also will go through this evolution, and come to the same place that i have come to, mainly to accept all lgbt members of our church, and their rights. >> the pass tor says he has already been invited to join several other churches. a georgia school board is taking an aggressive stance in an effort to protect students from gun violence. board mens just voted to
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allowed train security officers to have military style assault rifles, they claim this will make their students safer. d robert, why the major are safe, but this isl why. the past year and a half we have seen multiple mass shootings, one of them being in aurora, colorado, at the movie theater, of course the other one in newtown connecticut where this particular piece of firearm was used. now, they decided the school board here on monday when they voted to allow the a.r. 15 into the school, with trained security officers to use it, that this would be the best weapon they could use in self-defense of any person that comes into a school, and tries
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to create another massacre. but a hand gun simply will not do it, they need to fight the fire power with the same fire power. now of course there are people here that are very much opposed to it, there was one that voted no, his name is willey mitchell, here is what he had to say. >> we didn't do anything to say okay, let's look at this problem, and see if there's other solutions because the whole idea to me, is to stop it before it happens. try to prevent it, and how can you prevent it from happening by bringing more guns in schools, bringing more attention to the situation, plus that's just not the solution. our kids today are very hi-tech, they could find
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ever ocurbed. >> dennis rodman has returned to north korea for his third visit this year. he is organizing an exhibition game between the north korean basketball team and former nba players set for january. rodman says he has no political agenda. he is being sponsored by an irish online betting website. meantime human rights activists has written to dennis rodman asking him to be mindful of the human rights abused in his dealing with kim john-un. joining us to talk about rights
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is asian advocacy director, john, what do you make of his visit? does it give you reason for hope, or do you think this adds to the infamous he is and frankly ridiculous he is. it risks turning the whole thing into a joke. >> isn't it better to
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have at least one america, as crazy as he is, at least to have one american that has contact than none? >> it is important to remember there are foreigners going into north korea, pretty regularly. and it doesn't get much attention. the problem again, is that this become as joke, a late night comedy routine, and people aren't thinking well, what are the real solutions. the real solutions are not to have dennis rodman be an envoy for human rights butons human rights council in geneva, everywhere it can be raised. >> john, thank you for
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coming on we appreciate it. >> there is a lot of other news we are following today. fidel castro was pass -- for that story and more, we are joined by rah chel kerry. >> cuba's former president broke his silence two weeks after the death of his dear friend nelson mandela. castro and mandela, forged a friendship in the 1980's. this is castro's first column since september. for the first time in 15 years someone has set themes on fire, in st. peters square president. a 15-year-old italian cleaner covered himself in fuel and left a note to contact his daughter. the man is being treated for burns across half his body, police are investigating why he did this. doctors in china say a man is recovering well
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after having his left hand attached. listen to this, doctors attached his severs mind to his ankle to keep it from rotting. he had two surgeries within a week to have his hand restored. >> that is incredible what they will do, it looks funny but it is amazing. >> it works. >> i know. >> coming up on al jazeera america, one young woman is using poetry to express frustration about her women of color are treated by society, and why she says people of her own race perpetuate stereotypes. and how a group of self-proclaimed nerd fighters are bringing a little bit of awesomeness to the world. plus. >> education... gun control... the gap between rich and poor... job creation... climate change... tax policy... the economy... iran... healthcare... ad guests on all sides of the debate. >> this is a right we should all have... >> it's just the way it is...
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>> there's something seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story next only on al jazeera america
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young women of color find
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their visions. >> you know like j. lo is the main image, and you have to have a curb i have butt, or have the big lips and you have to cook, and you have to -- they set a standard and it isn't really true. >> they even sell bleaching creams in my country, and i remember when i was six she bought one for me, and it was considered like a good thing, that she bought one for me, like this constant need to conform to a white standard. >> ashley felt pressure to conform growing up in brooklyn new york. poetry she says helped her deal with issues that millions of girls face. >> i started writing poetry in the third grade because i was getting bullied and picked on because i was being -- i was overweight, and didn't look like anybody else, so i started writing because it helped me cope be emotions she
4:51 pm
kept writing poems like this one. >> so the only rows you could see is the one on the table, can't be seen with a girl with a body like a house, you'd rather foreclose. >> her mother an immigrant couldn't understand why she dreamed of being a poet. >> i said the other two children they do like conventional jobs, they have and for her to be a poet, come on. >> ashley's mother changed her mind in 2010 when she came here to harlem's apollo theodore watch her daughter compete in a poetry contest. for the first time, she heard the power of ashley's voice. [applause] >> 50% of american women look like me, and you cannot accept the one in front of you. [applause] >> last year this poem
4:52 pm
won ashley the title of new york's youth poet lawyer yet in a contest held by the city. as a poet she has helped women like these express themselves through poetry. >> maybe it is easier to be black when you aren't really, and that's the name of the game, and you win by being white, disney, southern bell, ms. american pie, the american dream, one girl representing integration on your t.v. screen, is this it. >> can my black be proudly accepted will this poem be a gold medal. we have let these voices deep fry us into our own color of skin. this you call an authentic battlefield, fighting just so we can continue to fight. good job. >> i think poetry has the ability to change people. and to inspire. >> it makes me feel like what i have gone through is helping others heal. >> ashley says the life
4:53 pm
of an artist may not make her rich, but she will be happy as long as she is a voice for the voice less. >> that's a different kind of richness, it is a different kind of wealth. >> a richness that will feet her hard and her soul. al jazeera, new york. >> here is a project that reminds all of us to be kind, some self-proclaimed nerds spent the last 48 hours online collecting more than $700,000. joins us now with more on that, maria. >> well, it is called the project for awesome, a yearly fund raising event on youtube started by two brothers, here is one of them right here, and they believe that nerd fighters do awesome acts of kindness in the world. so for the last two days regular folks all over the globe, have been making videos about their favorite charities and posting them online. now, they are supporting all sorts of causes from finding a cure to canner to fighting human
4:54 pm
trafficking just take a look at a few of them. hey nerd fighters you know it is cool to increase the awesome, and great to decrease the sex, but it is great to do both at the same time. i can't think of a better wayi to do that -- >> retweet it, reblog it, because if this video gets in the top 10 videos for the projected for awesome campaign, libya north korea will get thousands of dollars for their cause. >> now the online community votes on all of these videos and the foundation to decrease world -- that's what they are called they will decide how to divvy up the money among the selected charities the foundation also adds a penny for every comment posted or every # on twitter and it's been trending all day. the video upload ended at noon today, but you can still donate up until saturday by going to project for
4:55 pm
>> incredible creativity, and i like the foundation to keep the world from what was that name? >> oh, to decrease sock in the world. >> i guess it appeals to younger folks. >> what is your favorite? >> definitely the favorite was the guy that was talking about well human trafficking in peru and he comes out with this mask and basically zoomed in on the map of peru, and it talks all act this foundation that his friend start. some of these are very grass roots and some are big ones. >> is it difficult for people that lebanese these, do they do it right there? >> they can do it through the foundation, or they can go directly to the foundation to do this. so they can go to project for, or directly to the foundation. >> and any particular charities that jump out to you? >> oh, the smaller ones i think that jump out to me, but you also have the big ones you have operation smile, you have make a wish foundation, all of those.
4:56 pm
>> it sounds a lot like kick starter which is of course how people try to raise money for new projects and whatnot. but fascinating stuff, thank you for bringing it to us, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> remers believe they may have found the answer to a long standing christmas mystery, why did rudolph the reindeer have a red and shiny nose? well, zoology say it is all about heat. indicating a high blood flow to the area. that keep keeps the nose fm freezing even as the animal sniffs around for food in cold places like the north pole for instance. when we come back, rebecca stevenson is here with your advanced forecast, stay with us. tñ
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down in utah today, weg have totals ranging from three to ten inches. w 3.7-inches at the salt
4:59 pm
lake city international airport, snow and ice causing delays in departures and arrivals. now the snow will continue to come down as we have a great picture here from higher up in the hills where we are getting closer to the ten-inch fresh snow totals. when city of freezing rain is moving in overnight tonight, as warmer air is developing into the south, and it is going to ride up over that freezing cold air. so we are looking for freezing rain advisories to develop south dakota, north dakota, over into minnesota, going to impact chicago, here are the bright areas of pink that's your freezing rain advisory. again, starting at midnight, that's where your icy roads will be. so temperatures a huge difference from north to south. where the low to mid 60's further south, and that weather moving to the northeast this weekend. >> this is al jazeera
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america, with a look at today's top story. it has been a night of drama in london's theater district, and it doesn't have anything to do with the performances. dozenings of people have apparently been hurt after some plaster fell from the ceiling at the apollo theater. the theater which was built was showing the curious incident of the dog at nighttime. phil ittner joins us now, what is latest? is. >> well, david, the latest we are hearing from the london authorities is that they have accounted for people inside the building everybody who was drapped under any debris has been freed. they are upping the numbers of


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