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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 1, 2014 5:00am-6:01am EST

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ramalan yero > this is david foster welcoming you to the al jazeera news hour. and in the course of the next 60 minutes russia and the u.s. up the stakes in the battle for the future of ukraine. opposition leaders get ready to meet john kerry. >> a final push anti-government protesters gathering in bangkok on the eve of the general election. we are there for a live update. >> al jazeera reaches a remote
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village in nigeria where at least 47 were massacred in a church. plus... >> i will tell you why dozens of afghan refugees have returned to this camp in pakistan from their homes across the border. >> the international tug of war over ukraine is heating up. the president of the european council expressed concern over event in the country saying its future belongs with the e.u. much russia is accusing the e.u. of sanctioning protests and attacks on the police. another world player is getting involved - the united states. the opposition leaders are going to meet the american secretary of state john kerry some time in the next few hours in munich. they want ukraine's president to quit, elections to be held and arrested demonstrators to be released. >> in kiev supporters of the
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activist dmytro bulatov, who says he was tortured, they are protecting him from being arrested. it would appear that the hospital and dmytro bulatov are a symbol of oppression. what is happening at the site right now? >> that's right. of the case of dmytro bulatov has sent shockwaves through the protest camps here in kiev. we know, according to his act that he had been ak ducted and held for -- abducted and tortured. he says crucified. suspicion fell on the ukrainian police. the police say he should be arrested for inciting riots in the ukrainian capital. they sent police on friday
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evening to take him into custody. protesters were there, making sure that that wouldn't happen. there were members of the political opposition. here is what one had to say about the situation. >> translation: police said that they have an order to arrest dmytro bulatov. there are many police cars around the hospital. you'd think they want to arrest him. they confirm that he is in the worst condition. we ask the officers to leave and organise a 24 hour duty to not break the law. >> while dmytro bulatov is a totem of activism, if you like, we are seeing a bigger international dimension by the day. the head of nato, very concerned. the head of the european council. the future of the ukraine
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belonging with the european union. that has infuriated russia. >> the meetings taking place have called the talks a circus. the tussle between east and west publicly and behind the scenes over ukraine. also strong words coming from the european union and the white house about viktor yanukovych's treatment of the protest movement. here is what the white house had to say about the aggressive crackdown on protesters here in the ukrainian capital. >> we were appalled by obvious signs of torture, torture inflicted on protest leader dmytro bulatov. found after having been missing for a week. we are concerned by reports of protesters disappearing and being beaten and tortured, as well as by attacks on journalists.
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it is especially concerning that some reports suggest the involvement of security forces. it is urgent that the government use all available resources to investigate crimes and hold accountable those responsible. >> white house spokesman jay carney there. this is something of a diplomatic tussle between east and west, the former spheres of influence for russia and what the european union believes should be the future path of ukraine as a memer of its union, the feeling within kiev is that they want viktor yanukovych to be let down, and new elections. joining the european union is further along the line. in the absence of viktor yanukovych, because he is ill, it's clear exactly how the government will play this. still protesters are remaining here, demanding viktor yanukovych step aside soon.
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>> thank you very much. we'll follow this up in the program, talking to somebody who is an expert on ukraine about what the future might hold. >> opposition supporters in thailand are holding their final rally before sunday's election. the government is pushing ahead with a vote, despite protesters' threats to disrupt it all. the prime minister yingluck shinawatra's appeal for demonstrators to show restraint. let's go to veronica pedrosa. she's in the pro-government area. in a sense, while we focus on the protests, we have not seen much of the red shirts. they could be crucial in the next 24, 48 hours. >> they could. the red shirt far out number the yellow shirts. there has been changes in
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loyalties between the groups making up the loose coalitions of coloured shirts. they are not really relevant descriptions. people have been differentiating between pro-government and anti-government. at this point they are also differentiating between the two camps in terms of their support for the election to be held in a few hours from now. anti-election, those that want reform, before election protesters are or the red shirts, those that want elections to go ahead and exercise their right to vote. the election protest is being tested. 20km away a stapd -- standoff is developing between the anti-government protesters,
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trying to barricade the district election office. they are behind a rank of police. in front of them 100 of pro-government supporters armed with sticks. we are hearing that three people have been insecured in two explosions and by gunfire. around the area are said to be 600 military troops keep ag n eye on the situation. the military is an important political force. there are fears they may step in. i expect there will be update from the site at the evening wears on. the sun is coming down. the might before the snap elections could be tense. >> thank you indeed veronica pedrosa. keep us updated on the situation
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there in thailand. campaigning starts on sunday in afghanistan for the successor of hamid karzai. many afghan refugees that fled to neighbouring countries will not be able to vote. more than half a million are in pakistan. a number are living in refugee camps. the united nations helped to bring four million afghans home since 2002. we have this report. this man is from afghanistan. this is his current home. a refugee camp in the pakistani city. he's been living here for the last 35 years, but struggles to feed his family. >> my car earns me $1 or $2. many days i do not earn anything. this whole summer i earnt only $180.
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i still owe the grocer, $200 for feeding my family. >> he is one of many living in pakistan. the government wants them to leave the 81 refugee camps. >> this refugee camp has grown in populations of hundreds and thousands. many who returned home came back. >> the growing number is making conditions desperate. >> almost three years ago a hundred or so families returned. refugees complain of limited opportunities. they say the government has abandoned them. dozens of seminaries are providing religious education. they want the federal government to find a solution. >> they are a burden on us. for the last 30 years, they have
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been limited. many are involved in crimes. there are no checks on the boarder. we ask for immigration checks. >> some refugees were afraid to say on camera that they are rounded up when there's a security issue. they accused forces of unlawful detention. this man has gone through difficult times all his life, and wants to go home. >> translation: in my home town there are other problems. foreigners are creating problems for the locals. people are migrating from that area. >> as their parents dream, another generation is growing up as refugees, waiting for peace in their homeland. >> in nig earia 47 are believed to have been killed boko haram
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set off explosionives after a 5-hour siege. very have this report from the vulage waga chakawa. >> this man survived when armed men raided st. paul's catholic church in waga chakawa and tells how the men got into church, killing 40 people. he have been sitting at the back in the corner and called out when the violence started. >> translation: they circled the church, came in and started firing. people started run. women and children. they kept firing. some of us went into the bushes and followed us with vehicles. they didn't say anything, they did not tell us who they were or why. they opened fire on us, and some of them were dressed like law enforcement agents.
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>> no one claimed responsibility, it looks like the work of michelle bachmann, the group that wants a strict form of islamic law imposed. there has been hundreds of similar attacks in the renaling job. after attacking the church, they raided villages and burnt homes. villages fled into the bush. some died, some survived. they are being treated in hospital. >> those that did escape the without injuries fled to nearby villages. they are homeless and living on handouts. like this man, this woman was in the church. her husband and son were killed. >> translation: i had to run and leave some of my children behind. the attackers got one of my kids. they hit him on the head. he died. they chased my husband into the bush. they killed him.
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for three days they looked for his body. they found him on the fourth and buried him. >> thousands attacked after president goodluck jonathan declared a state of emergency. the last few months have seen an increase. villagers told us that the soldiers don't come into the villages to protect them from boko haram. they controlle highways, making them vulnerable to violence. the defense staff promised the boko haram insurgency would end by april. if it doesn't happen, there may be more attacks on villages, and more killed, injured and displaced. >> coming up on this newshour - running prisons for profit. brazil turns to the private sector to improve living standards for inmates.
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>> inside lebanon, but outside the reach of the aid groups much syrian refugees forced to set up camp close to the border. >> ghana and libya fight for one of the biggest prizes in afghan football. >> egypt's deposed president mohamed morsi arrived at a court in cairo, where one of four trials is due to resume. supporters of the army mobbed mohamed morsi's lawyers as they entered. the former president and 14 other muslim brotherhood members are accused of inciting people to murder protesters. mohamed morsi was removed by the army in july after mass protests. >> syrian army helicopters have been dropping explosive-packed barrels one again on the biggest city aleppo.
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fighters are using tanks to try to stop bashar al-assad's forces advancing on rebel-held areas. the youtube pictures, which cannot be independently verified show areas completely destroyed. activists say 1800 people have been killed in the country in the last week. the lebanese border town has been swamped with syrian refugees and new arrivals forced to set up camp because they cannot afford to pay rent. >> we visit a remote community of refugees. >> far beyond the last lebanese checkpoint near the border with syria is a humanitarian tragedy. syrian refugees outnumber the towns peoples.
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this man does his best to care pore -- this woman does her best to care for her family. her worry is her elderly mother, who is spending her last years as a destitute refugee. >> we have everything we wanted. security and a life line. i feel nothing but fear, panic, hunger cold and thirst. we get no water here. all i can say there's nothing worse than life here. >> out of site out of mind could not apply more to these turkman refugees. aid agencies do not reach them. they feel forgotten and neglected because they vice-president forced to find shelter in an area beyond the last lebanese checkpoint. little aid reaches them and they feel they have almost no contact with the outside world.
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to receive aid they have to walk through the checkpoint. every passing day is a struggle for survival. >> translation: we are not receiving aid. we were promised water tanks and fuel to stay warm. we were promised help with paying the landowner rent and got nothing. we paid for everything you see. we had to supply the blankets. >> the syrian army shelled the area to destroy a smuggling route for weapons into syria, that's why international aid agencies do not access the refugees here. >> we are unable to go to areas behind military checkpoints where the situation is insecure and the staff could be harmed. we encourage people to come forward. for those who can't, while working with local groups in the areas, trying to help them to help the refugees. >> the people say struggling for
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survival is something they can get used to. losing dignity is harder to accept. >> a political scandal is deepening for a man tipped as a front runner in the next presidential race. earlier this month new jersey's governor chris christie fired some top aides after it emerged they orchestrated a traffic jam. it was a vendetta against a local mayor. an official that oversaw the closures said there's evidence that chris christie knew who was happening. john terrett is near the bridge that is the center of it all. >> this is a burgeoning political scandal in the united states, involving the governor of the most popular state in the union, new jersey, and revolves around the brim, the george washington bridge, spanning the hudson river in new jersey to
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manhattan. there were lane closures clogging people on the jersey side for about four days. governor chris christie maintained he knew nothing about it. but the accusation was that he ordered the lane closures because the local mayor failed to support his re-election bid. since then several others have come out and said they too have been distanced from the chris christie administration after failing to support his re-election bid. the latest bit of the puzzle. the man that ordered the lane closures, through a top interesting lawyer came out in a -- lawyers came out in a letter saying that chris christie did know about the lane closures at the time it took place, something he denied. >> governor chris christie's staff and the team in the capital of new jersey have been subpoenaed to come up with all the information they know about and it's to be happened in on monday.
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if the evidence exists, we should know more op monday. if there is a link between chris christie, and knowing about the lane closures, it could be a resigning matter. it would crimp his ambitions to be the president of the united states, because governor chris christie, until this broke out, was the front runner to be at the top of the republican party ticket in 2015, in a straight fight with hillary clinton, thought to run on behalf of the democratic party. it's super bowl weekend and new jersey is holding the super bowl here. governor chris christie must be hoping the headlines will come from the football and not his own political scandal. >> more than 200 inmates have been murdered in brazilian gaols last year. government officials are trying to reform a crumbling system. one way to do it is using public private partnerships. we travel to visit a privately
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run prison with high standards. some of the pictures in the report may be a bit disturbing. >> a disturbing glimpse into this prison. this video snuggled out earlier this month is proof of the violence feuding prisoners are able to inflict upon each other. the images are too gruesome to put on area. prisoners mutilated. >> three beheaded with the heads placed on the stomachs for all to see. the fallout putting pressure on brazil's government to build new, more modern, less crowded prisons like this one here. we are allowed a limited look in brazil's first ppp a private public partnership, a prison operated as a joint venture between the government and the private sector. compared to others in brazil, this is a 5-star accommodation.
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the only prisoner we are allowed to speak to runs the storeroom that distribute clean uniforms and personnel hygiene kits to inmates. >> translation: they have psychoolss and a lot of things that help the prisoners. there's no comparison. this prison unit is one of a kind. >> the food looks adequate and is distributed to each cell and individual in disposable containers. we would not allow to view the cell. photographs were provided. we are told there's only four prisoners per cell, one per bed. it's a novelty where some prisons hold up to four times normal capacity. >> we only receive prisoners who have been sentenced. the law states each prisoner has to have a spot so there's no overcrowding. >> we are told the penitentiary only accepts prisoners willing
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to study and work for three-quarters of the minimum wage, both of which shave time off their sentences. police and disciplinary action is the state's responsibility. the private company running the project is in charge of living conditions, education and security, which by the brazilian standards is state of the art. >> on this pemp is a metal detector. it scans any metal produced into the body. all of this is expensive and some question why the private sector should be allowed to make a profit with public funds. >> why does the government allow this. because it's tied to the private sector. brazil treats prisoners as merchandise. critics concede the first private system is setting a new
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standard, presumably protecting as well as punishing the prisoners in its care. >> thousands of bikers in venezuela have been venting their anger at a government ban on night-time riding. they protested outside a government office in caracas. the ban was imposed after it emerged that motorbikes were used in crimes, such as robberies and kidnappings. they have one of the highest murder rates in the world. >> translation: we are calling out for all citizens. we are ready to work together with the state and different authorities to create a conscientious city. to respect the traffic laws. >> we are going to bangkok, one of our lead stories, elections tomorrow. there has been gunfire and explosions in the north of the
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capital. bangkok - let's go to wayne hay who can tell us what is happening. wayne? >> yes, the situation in lack si, a suburb has become violence, it's a place that military and police warned could become violent and here we are on the eve and that is what has happened. in the past couple of days anti-government protesters camped at a government building, which housed ball papers to be used. they wanted to prevent them from being distributed from the government facility up to the polling booths. they are there. reinforcements have been called from other parts of city to come here and help in their bid to prevent their distribution. at the same time a pro government group turned up to the area with the aim of confronting anti-government
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protesters. we are going to zoom in and see the group now, the truck that you can see there is one of the vehicles that carried them from other parts of bangkok. there's a lot of gun fire exchanging between the two explosions. that group is standing off, looking towards where the confrontations took place. i have to say that there is very little security in place, even though there had been the warnings that this was a danger area. there are some unarmed soldiers here. for a place they warned there could be a danger zone. >> that's wayne hay in bangkok bringing the latest. more coverage of that here on al jazeera over the next 24-48 hours. >> it's time to get the weather. richard, i think you are off to russia. >> yes, where it is desperately cold.
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here in doha temperatures drop below 20 degrees. in russia it's been severely cold. the shots come from the moscow river, where the residents have been enduring daytime temperatures of minus 13. it will be about minus nine. night-time temperatures, nine us 16, have been down around minus 26 degrees. cold weather there. the different weather affecting parts of italy. torrential rain, i mean torrential. it's more than double a months rainfall in rome in the last 24 hours. this is the upshot of it. we had severe flooding across many parts of italy. tuscany has been badly affected. rome, florence, and the situation led to landslides and forth to the dollar mites there has been a lot of snowfall, look at the snow on the top of that vehicle. the situation here is not going to get better in the short term. as we move through in the next few days there'll be an
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improved. in the shorter term there's a lot of rain, heavy snowfall and a risk of afa lamps. cold weather in the east is set to continue. >> thank you very much. still to come on the newshour, putting a lid on spiralling rent. senegal tries to make living in the capital more affordable. >> a battle over spap's abortion la. protests against a new law. athletic haven. can cannia's running track promote tourism. stay with us if you can.
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>> into good to have you with us on the newshour. i'm david foster, and these are the top stories - the secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. and european union are supporting the ukrainian people. anti-government protesters have been demonstrating for two months. ukraine's opposition leaders are set to meet john kerry, u.s. secretary of state on the sidelines of a security conference in germany. >> at least three people have been wounded in northern bangkok as gunfire and explosions have been heard. thai demonstrators have been holding a final rally before the general election. >> al jazeera has been to the village where 47 lost their lives on an attack in nearby
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nigeria. the attackers are suspected to be boko haram fighters. during a rally at a church. >> the u.s. secretary of state john kerry - he is in germany and will meet ukrainian opposition leaders for the first time. people like vitaly klitschko, the former world heavy weight boxing champion. also the person offered the role of the prime minister, and turned it down. the meeting will put pressure on president viktor yanukovych, who, despite the project, is steering the country away from europe and closer to russia and president vladimir putin. it's a classic east-west tug of war. this man dmytro bulatov say they are paying the price. he was attacked, wounded,
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kidnapped and tortured. let's hear from a ukraine analyst and senior economist is the ils global insight. the pictures of dmytro bulatov were shocking. in your opinion, do you think it could prove a turning point in what is happening in ukraine? >> well, the protesters have seen this and other signs of torture. there has been - as we have been following in the past couple of days, a report of people kidnapped and found in forests. there's allegations that the government has been reportedly paying the so-called sports club members, young people who were willing to attack protesters, or kidnap them. this has contributed to aggravation of the situation, and increasing the anger levels among the protesters. >> the president says he has flu, but it's convenient that he's able to keep his head down and out of the situation.
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what is your verdict on why he been taken ill? >> well, we don't really know. you may as well be sick and needing medical help. at the same time it could give him time to consult with his circle, political and business elite, to really come up with an exit plan. so far they have been trying to muddle through. they have been trying to really drag their feet and hoping that the protesters will eventually give up and go home and the current president or whoever the current person appointed as a candidate in the 2015 elections, then they will go - you know, business as usual. i don't think this is possible now. i think the president and his supporters, especially in big business, they really have to
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come up with an exit strategy. this standoff is dangerous. >> we highlighted the names of two opposition leaders, if you like. there are three principal characters. there's no one pead are -- opposition leader. is that going be a problem. something that the current president viktor yanukovych can play on. >> absolutely. the opposition leader has been asked who would be their candidate in the early 2015 elections or snap election. this clearly indicates that they haven't really come up with a single candidate, which they should do if they want to challenge the current authorities, whether it's the current president who will run for the elections or someone else. the opposition has to look closely and come up with a single faith, a single leader rather than three or four.
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>> i'll advise our viewers, i'll keep our conversation with you going, not only because it's fascinating, but also because we are expecting the ukrainian foreign minister dato join us fm germany where he's at the security conference. i want to ask you about the role of the army. is it likely to become involved, and if it does, rather than just using words, what would that say about the conflict. it will be a suicidal move by the president. of course he can involve the army. it would be highly controversy. the ukrainian army is representative of people. of course the president has control of the army and law enforcement, but involving army
5:37 am
is the last resort. to be honest, i don't think that even if the army is involved and if the protests are soup revved, that it will be a sustained strategy. i don't think ukraine, it's not a country where a dictatorial methods can be implemented and sustained. i would emphasise sustaining it. i am sure that the president thought about it, but probably it is - him and his advisors under that that could be controversial move, which would really backfire. if it does, whoever made the decision, including the president will be held answerable for that period. >> is it there a possibility that the russians who are saying, "look, the european union, you are stoking the
5:38 am
problems in the ukraine, you are encouraging the opposition, there are violent protests which you are not denouncing, and we hear sergei lavrov saying don't meddle." are the russians feeling to threatened that they may get involved militarily? >> that would be against their principle of not interfering in affairs in other countries. i think they'll have to justify their actions. to be honest, since russia has become independent. it has been he's tent to get involved in internal affairs of other states. i have to say directly or openly. of course, they have been supporting the current government, but i have to underscore that russia is also hesitant about supporting viktor
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yanukovych's government. >> i'm going to stop you there. you know why, and you might like to listen to this. we have the foreign minister of ukraine joining me from munich where that security conference is being held. foreign minister good to have you with us on in newshour. what is happening in your country? >> yes, hello. so today the situation in ukraine is stable, but it is stable at the lowest point. there is a big misunderstanding between the government and the opposition in of the last days. the government did a big step forward in fulfilling the demands from the opposition, but, unfortunately, the opposition is not taking responsibility of what is happening in ukraine and unfortunately today is facing a
5:40 am
new phenomenon. for the first time in our country, we can see extremist groups, people who are not controlled by anyone. they are seizing governmental buildings. today we call the opposition in ukraine if they really want to control also their part of the people's movement. so please distance from the opposition extremist group who are making riots on the streets of kiev. >> where is your country's president. there are a lot of people that don't believe him when he says he has the flu and can't run the country. >> yes, today president viktor yanukovych is ill of influenza, and he is at his residents. he is in kiev.
5:41 am
>> is he aware of what is going on in his country. is he still running ukraine? >> yes, yes, of course. in the last days the president was leading negotiations with the opposition and looks like we have found common interests and everything is dependent from the government is implemented. today we called the opposition to implement our agreements. firstly just recently the ukrainian parliament passed a law on amnesty, and the law may come into force on the condition that all governmental buildings would be released. so we can do our part... >> i want to put this to you, the statement from the defence ministry, "onbehalf of all
5:42 am
troops, servicemen and employees called on the commander in chief to take urgent steps to stablilize the situation." the army clearly doesn't believe he is in charge properly. first of all, the army is not involved in this situation. and the protest and the place where the protests take place is quite localized. it's a small place but in the various center of the city, of the capital city. what we want now, we won't know that the government has fulfilled all its obligations and today it's for the opposition to implement their part of the obligations taken. tell me a little about your reaction when you saw the photographs of a man who, if you like, became the full crumb of opposition protests, dmytro
5:43 am
bulatov, the man who says he was kidnapped, the man who said his kidnappers attempted to crucify him, they cut off part of one ear, and who is now underguard in a ukrainian hospital. what did you think when you saw those pictures. >> so i saw those pictures on the internet. but i called back to clarify the situation about this man. now it looks like the alleged story that he was kidnapped and tortured is not absolutely true. the investigation is going an physically this man in good condition, the only thing he has is a scratch on a check. so let's wait for the investigation which will reveal actual facts, what happened to
5:44 am
this specific person. >> you're saying that his story is made up. what do you say actually happened to him? >> i'm not in a position to comment on the investigation. sorry. let's wait for the officials to tell us the story, who are direct directly involved foo the investigation. >> i'll ask you about a couple of events, one is a meeting with the german foreign minister, in which he asks you to allow dmytro bulatov to leave the country if he wanted medical treatment abroad. is he free to leave ukraine? >> yes, i called this morning to respective appearance, and they told me that today he is in the hospital he is not detained. the only thing left - this is
5:45 am
actually an interview with the police investigator, and after this interview, interrogation, he will be free to go anywhere he wants. >> let me ask you about john kerry. he has said ukraine should be free to choose as a partner whom ever it wants, and ukraine's future has been said to be with europe. where do you see your country's future? >> yes, i absolutely agree. firstly, the total territory of ukraine is in europe. we are linked with the european union, with many economic, cultural, historical ties. the european union is an important trade in the economic partner. on the other hand we have
5:46 am
similar strategic relationship with russia. from the geopolitical point of view, ukraine holds a strategic position. so i believe that one day this hour geopolitical advantage will benefit the people. today it looks like east and west are competing to each other regarding ukraine. we don't want to be a playing card in this game. we want to identify our future, to be affiliated with the european union, and keep the strategic relationship with russia. >> a final question to you as foreign minister of ukraine. what will you say to the foreign minister of the united states john kerry, when you meet him? >> so, firstly i will inform mr kerry about the current situation in ukraine, and i have
5:47 am
a couple of proposals how the united states can be helpful in regulating this difficult situation. >> know doulent we'll here what they are. the foreign minister of you grain talking to us there. >> you are welcome, thank you al jazeera. thank you. >> thank you. >> the first time an african country is introducing a bill to regulate rent. they want 20% to rein in a property boom, hoping it will cut down on corruption and money laundering. we have this report. >> the property agent, this is where the money is. the car is the place to be. in the last 20 years rents have gone up by 250%, turning the
5:48 am
capital into one of the most expensive cities to live. limited housing options and demand for high-end residences is fuelling a property boom. >> translation: the car is a stable and peaceful cap fall in a renalan rife with political instability. a lot of rich ex-pats and businessmen from afa are migrating here. >> money made abroad is used to buy properties here, inflating prices. >> the cash comes through banks. there is effective regulation. >> housing prices are close to those in the french riviera, for up to $4,000 a square metre.
5:49 am
this woman sees most of her hard-earned cash going tore rent. >> the electricity bill is $400. the trend has to stop. by popular demand, the president pushes a bill in parliament. he says it will boost the purchasing power and regulate the property market. >> after hours of heated debate the law was passed. the landlords have to reduce their rent by 20%, depending on the size of the property. if they don't comply they face three months in prison and a $4,000 fine. >> here is the catch. tenants are affecting the local governmentslation. wealth is here to grow, no matter where it comes from. >> we'll pick up the sport with andy. >> in the last hour it's been announced that one of european footballers celebrated managers
5:50 am
died. the spanish coach led them to trophies in 44 years. aragonis was in charge of his country and managed top clubs, including barcelona and atletico. he dried in a hospital at the age of 75. >> the english premier league broke another spending record. this time for cash paid out during the january transfer window. when the window closed on friday more than $210 million was spent, 16 million up on last season. the transfer was chelsea's move. fulham spent $19 million on constantinos mitraglu. others heading out on loan. arsenal signed kim calstrom on loan from moscow.
5:51 am
southampton's signing has moved on loan out to juventus. >> dortmund is back to winning ways, getting their first win in five games. scoring twice in 2-1 win, they are a point behind second place. >> now, libya's footballers are in with a chance of winning their first major international title, playing ghana in the final of a championship on saturday. robin adams reports from cape town. >> ghana's players in a jovial mood ahead of the chang 2014 final. libya are the opponents, writing now chapters in their against all odds story have been keeping a low profile. ghana and libya playing each other, ending in a 1-1 draw.
5:52 am
the libyans say it gives them more motivation to win. >> translation: the libyan people are not used to winning. we want to give them happiness and this gift. the libyan people love their football. >> libya drove to the mass demonstrations. it's these teams that the team is hoping to create by winning their first major title. the gardenations are intent on spoiling the party. we'll do our best. >> ghana's youngsters have an incentive to win the battle. they are fighting for a world cup place. they'll be aware of libya's hopes of a fairytale ending. >> the biggest events of the u.s. sporting calendar is a day away. super bowl 48 between the denver
5:53 am
broncos. they'll be held in 200 countries and have an audience of 100 million. despite the scarce stories the weather will not ruin the n.f.l.'s big day out. >> all the preparation are for the super bowl are down. both the seattle seahawks and the denver broncos will have walk throughs on saturday inside of that live stadium on the same field. they'll battle on for a championship on sunday. now, much has been made about this being the first cold-weather super bowl. if forecasts for sunday in east rutherford it won't be the coldest super bowl ever played. that belongs to super bowl six in new orleans. the whether is so not an issue at this point that roger grudell the commissioner was in the mood to joke about it on friday. >> of course, we cannot control
5:54 am
the weather. [ clapping ] >> i told you we'd embrace the weather. here we go. we appreciate the magnificent job done by york and new jersey. the forecast, despite what you see behind me is terrific, is football ready. >> by the way both teams will have their family present during the walk-throughs. in the secretive world of the n.f.l. it's an indication that the intense game planning is done for sunday adds super bowl 48. >> the first round of ten us davis cup , eight ties taking place great britain may be about to win. a win for andy murray. world 175 james ward beating world 45 in five sets putting
5:55 am
britain two up. matt jones is tied for the lead at the halfway stage of the phoenix open. jones lives in the area. he shot is a 6-under 65 moving to 12 under. the 16th hold at the course, notoriously rowdy. fans showing appreciation here. the oklahoma city thunder won their 10th straight game beating the brooklyn nets. kevin durant denied the chance of getting 30 points. he had 36 and seven assists when oklahoma coach scott brooks rested him for the final quarter. >> the kenyan town has built up a global reputation as bean a hub for distant running. it attracts runners from all over the world. modern track facilities are expected to attract more
5:56 am
athletes. >> this is an athletes haven. a tiny farming town in western kenya is known for its high altitude training, at 200,000 metre above sea level, and attracts thousands of runners worldwide. >> this is the chinas national middle and long distance athletics team. the first time they train here. >> we need the roads, we need the possibility of a rough road. we need to see an ambience that is important. >> so the idea of promoting the town as a sports tourism destination and making money out of it is gaining moment up, but slowly. >> in kenya it is a new concept and potential here in uten has not been fully harnessed.
5:57 am
benefits to the community have been minimal. >> established kenyan athletes want to change that. there's a new running track in town, the only one out there. former marathon runner is the brains behind it, believing the track will bring in more guests. >> probably now people will see the reason, and that it's not only about going to the beach or about going to the parks. many people who like to spend a lot of time and a lot of money in keeping fit. >> the track will help in the rainy season, but the lure will be dirt tracks, high alt tuds and the history of producing champions. >> more sport later. that's it for now. >> they keep on running and running. from me, david foster, bye for
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> more trouble nor new jersey governor chris christie, claims that he did know traffic lanes were being closed down as political payback. plus the seedy side of the super bowl, federal authorities saying the sex trade follows the sporting event wherever it goes >> deadly dose - a tapted batch of heroism hit the streets. >> i'm looking at


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