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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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see you online. >> this is al jazeera. >> hello, welcome to the news hour. i'm folly bah thibault in doha. will this be his legacy? >> among the stories we're covering in europe? >> there are no corruption-free
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zones in europe. >> costing a staggering $160 billion a year. >> and i'll have all the sports including we look ahead to arguably the biggest gain in the english premier league so far. as manchester city hosts chelsea. >> an explosion has hit southern beirut. a suicide bomber blew himself up in a van. southeast area of the lebanese capital. at the site of the bombing joins us nazarene naz nezreen, what ig there? >> suicide bomber got in the van
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as a passenger. the driver of the van felt he was suspicious. he tried to turn him over to the lebanese army, a post in front of me next to the gas station, but the man decided to detonate himself. i'm going to show you what's going on behind me. obviously that mangled van is right in the middle of the street. the men dressed in white are forensic experts. they are collecting evidence for the investigation. the lebanese government has already ordered an investigation into this car bomb and collecting enough evidence to launch this investigation. earlier we saw body parts in bags on a stretcher. that was placed into an ambulance. those body parts belonged to the suicide bomber and you can see right here, as well, that's the car seat, one of the car seats that were inside the van. and as you see a very heavy
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deployment of army and policemen here to try to contain the situation and clear the street and collect the evidence. >> indeed, nezreen, what can you tell us about the area, not a hezbollah stronghold as has been the case in previous attacks in lebanon. >> it's not. a poor area in southeast beirut, it used to be a predominantly druze area. are shiites have started to move in. it is not really a target but close to south beirut where there is hezbollah stronghold. from the eyewitnesses that the suicide bomber was planning to get to south beirut from here on that bus. but as i mentioned, the driver felt he was suspicious, tried to hand him over to the nearby military post but then he
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detonated himself. >> nezreen al shamili, in beirut, thank you for that update. country's main terminals, armed, eastern libya since last july. they accused the government of corruption and want greater regional autonomy. in iraq at least 22 people have been killed in a series of attacks, nine people decide when two car bombs exploded in a predominantly shia neighborhood in baghdad. bombs exploded killing 13 people, at least 56 were injured. meanwhile the iraqi army says it has killed 57 fighters from the islamic state of iraq and the levant. trying to regain control of the city from sunni fighters who
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seized it last month. so far nouri al-maliki, wants to give the area a chance to oust the are insurgents itself. helped trrch th transfer ths from foreign banks, first installment of $4.2 billion in blocked funds that will be available to tehran under the nuclear deal signed in november. egyptian telephone video, showing our three are rming jou.
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two of our journalists were arrested in are their cairo hotel room. we would prefer to use screen grabs rather than run the video. a voice, thought to belong to a security officer, asked mohamed fahmy about his security accreditation. i was told the al jazeera english position is valid, otherwise i would not have accepted the job. the detail on the video, picks up laptops, microphones, a print are and other normal tools of the trade used by television news journalists the world over. condemned the video saying if this video was deliberately leaked it violates basic standards of justice. if it came out by mistake, the prosecution of process is called
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into question. they are also not operating in cairo secretly. the team openly filed several packages, this is not an issue of accreditation, them not having full paperwork from the authorities in no way justifies their ongoing incarceration and treatment. al jazeera english and our sister channel al jazeera arabic have frequently had their president hosne mo barac mob ras the bizarre dramatisation. pr producer baher mohamed have now been held for more than one
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month. imr immediate and unconditional release. are stephanie decker, al jazeera. >> a lot more coming. >> we speak exclusively to the country's president about corruption and elections. >> plus we look at why nigerian rice growers are losing out to smugglers. and in sports, find out how the fans went sleepless in seattle after the first-ever super bowl triumph. nelson mandela's estate was worth an estimated $4.1 million when when he died. according to a summary, of the south africa president. contents of the will was read nearly two months after he died. tension over mandela's family
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over who gets what. >> nelson mandela's last wishes were read out to the public and in that people got to see in his will that he went to great pains to see his family members got an equal share. saying thank you to all of them for helping them through the most difficult times of his life and for making his life more comfortable. educational institutions like schools and universities saying that he wants the money used to better education in south africa. especially for black south african students. the party he knows and loves, the being african national congress. south africas know there are some problems or there could be some problems. know that certain family members have been fighting over the estate so if anyone is not happy how the wealth is shared out within the family, they can take
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the matter to court. >> in south africa the merger of whoing parties have collapsed after less than a week. >> a marriage of convenience from the start but no one expected the divorce less than a week later. the opposition democratic alliance is besieged by many south africans to be too white to vote for. as its first black presidential candidate could have sofd that t but the deal between her party and the democratic alliance is off. >> many people have been parachuted, many people have rocketed up the ranks. many of them are risks but 90% of the risks have worked. not all risks turn up well. >> the parties control the biggest economy in africa for 20 years. but violent protests and strikes are hurting it.
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these people say the party of nelson mandela is failing them. but without an option the anc is ensured victory. the anc described the party as renter black. feeling that first black presidential candidates feel that the color of someone's skin still matters. >> to be an active citizens -- >> rampilla is a former world bank chief and a doctor. she says the merger fell apart because she didn't want to become a da member. >> i saw an opportunity for a break through of identity-based politics and leaders are there to take risky decisions. that's what i did. and when you do, you win some, and you lose some. but it doesn't make it wrong to have taken the decision of a
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leader. >> the anc's main option may be in disarray but the party's biggest challenges remain. reduce poverty and create jobs for the many who are out of work and vote for change at the ballot box. tanya page, al jazeer al al jaz, johannesburg. >> some of the findings of the eu's first report on corruption. not enough to stop it. kim vernell explains. >> explaining that there are no corruption-free zones in europe but rather a scale and the complexity of challenges each faces. the survey of europeans themselves, more than three quarters of the people across the state says that corruption was widespread. that number was much higher in
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spain, italy and greece with a numbering of people who believed the same, 95 to a staggering 99%. the european commission says every country in the eu can do more. eu home affairs commissioner cecilia nelstrom says, that 2008 financial crisis pushed governments to put anticorruption legislation in place but that implementation is lacking. corruption erodes trust in public institutions and democracy. it undermines our internal market. it hampers foreign investment. it costs taxi pairs millions and in many cases it is tooled for organized crime networks to wash their money. >> public procurement says that when public bodies buy goods and services it's particularly vulnerable to corruption.
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so-called younger democracies in eastern europe face special challenges. >> why are some countries worse than others? there are transition arguments for that. state institutions tend to perform better on corruption indices, the judiciary in rowe m romania do worse than others. >> transparency and openness are a model for the countries lagging behind. as for proposed solutions, they vary from country to country, but include improving frameworks around accountability, conflicts of interest and protectin proteg whistle blowers.
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>> once of the worst affected countries is greece. al jazeera john seropolous has more. >> greece is trying to recover from a four-point recession last year. it's a problem in europe because the european union must feel troubled by the fact that its institutions have failed to apply transparency rules and eu directives, reform efforts, liberalization of industries here in greece particularly badly. greece ask now faring more poorly, in soming reports, corruption, effectiveness of government surveys than either many or all of its partners in eastern europe, its neighbors to the north who have been democracies and marked economies for far less long than greece has been. so it's troubling for both the
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greeks in finding how they'll recover and for brussels, finding why the european union hasn'tehasn't been more effecti. >> let's go back to folly in doha. >> determined to clean out the crooks, with or without the help of international being donors, accused of stealing over $100 million. mike hannah joined the president, in the central malawi town of selena. >> corruption in the capital and maize shortages, the singers in full voice. as the people in this rural district celebrate the visit of the president. joyce bander is accompanied by her lye we'rian counterpart who is here to inaugurate.
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political rally as a state visit. the suspension of foreign corruption investigation has skipped the country hard. subsidies have been frozen as president banda's government has been ignored. >> corruption action committee yet all are aware of the political ramifications of the decision to resume aid payments or not. >> it's not a political decision that we will take on the level of march. we will take a judgment based on factual progress. and it is an art and of course to keep that out of the political debate because anybody will i mean who has a stake in the election will use it for political purposes.
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>> and president banda insists she had a clear choice. to cover up and win elections or to fight corruption. >> i chose to fight corruption and i intend to fight it with or without the support of donors. but as you can see, the ruling people this malawi have responded. they see exactly what i'm trying to do. i go for this opportunity to are save my people. and if i go because of the are fight against corruption, i will go very soon, i might decide the first move and i know that anybody who comes after me shall not -- shall start from here and move forward. >> pondering the options the corruption courts will make their rulings but ultimately the most important and lasting judgment will be that exercised by the people at the polls. mike hannah, al jazeera, saleema, mallawi.
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>> two people have been killed after a police raid on a mosque in be. shot dead by police and an officer was fatally stabbed. katherine spawr was outside the court in mombasa. >> you can see this truck, this is the largest group like i said about 100 of them who are arrested yesterday and they are going to be arraigned today here at the shangu low court. they were all arrested at the mosque and what happened is that the police went to the mosque because they were told that there was this jihadi convention going on. but they had intelligence it was also a recruitment for al shabaab, the group that was fighting in somalia. they went to the mosque to sort of break up that meeting and they were also told there were
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flags, black flags with jihadi messages, flags that are associated with al shabaab as well. there is the highest alert there is, intelligence reports from the government of kenya from the u.s. that al shabaab are planning a major attack on installations, on government installations and public places as well. so the police are saying that these are some of the things they do not want to hatch and such convention he and such movements like this jihadi convention that was going on cannot be allowed to continue especially at this time. >> farmingers in nigeria say they are suffering huge losses due to cheaper rice being brought in illegally. high tariffs have led to a high rise of smuggling. >> planting the next crop of rice and hopes for a good
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harvest. he's one of millions of nigerian farms trying to cash in on a government scheme, are taxes on imported rice. small farms like his will now be supported with seed and fertilize tore produce enough ricen of their own but he is worried. >> translator: after all the toil we hardly make any profits. we just don't get good price for our commodity. there used to be commodity boards, now we are left at the mercy of middle men and smugglers. >> after 60% of agriculture land here is untouched, as farmers like the skills access to fertilizer and money to cultivate crops. the minister for agriculture says the government is determined to force out rm in four years. >> when we started four years
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ago, there were only ten seed companies in the country. today we have 70 seed companies. look add it in terms of what has happened to our fertilizer manufacturing in the country, we have 5 billion u.s. dollars of private sector investment. >> dozens of rice mills are being set up across the country, as output increases. but the challenges are huge for a country of 165 million people, that generate only 4,000 megawatts of electricity. >> you see how big this factory is, on generator, we spend quite a huge sum of money. >> while the high cost of production and raw material remain a challenge there is a bigger problem. flooding the nigerian market with cheap rice like this, there are no reliable statistics regarding the amount of rice
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coming into the country but local producers say more than 70% of it is smuggled through the country's poorest borders. , high cost of production and especially the smuggling of cheap rice is addressed, the effort may fail. mohamed idris, al jazeera, nigeria. >> an elderly farmer in canada is attracting international attention for resisting the government's plan to take over his land. >> tractor wheels crunching through icy snow, frank meyers drives through his land. >> what his an says torres fled what was now the united states, during the american war for
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independence. the meyers family has farmed here ever vins. canada has are exercised its leel rights to buy the land and force frank off. he says he won't go. >> i'm working for the people of this country so they have food for generations to come. but the bullies and bureaucrats of this country want to destroy everything. >> 35,000 "likes" on facebook page. >> his supporters gathered at the site say they won't leave until the government gives back the farm. >> frank probably knows every inch of this farmland in and out. he's worked it so hard, so long. and it's an emotional tie to the land. you've got olove the land. >> silence is a terrible thing and you know, be construct of, speak up, stand together, you know, unite for a good cause and have each other's backs. >> for now they've delayed demolition of farm buildings. on a nearby hilltop heavy
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equipment is ready to roll in again when orders are given. in canada the government can ex appropriate land so long as they give fair exception -- compensation. >> this is king george the third of great brit april. >> a land title granted by the british monarch is defended combining social media with protest. farming on land given to them being before this nation ever even existed. david and goliath, it's a compelling story but the government says it's determined to proceed with what they say ask a done deal. regardless what daniel and his supporters say. >> he was a star of stage and screen. we look back at the life and
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work of oscar winning actor, philip seymour hoffman. and sports coming up. >> working longer hours, for less pay. >> people are struggling everywhere. >> school loans... morgages... inflation... taking it's toll... >> we live paycheck to paycheck... >> now in a continuing series, join ali velshi as we follow families, just like yours, as they try to get by... >> we're all struggling financially... >> america's middle class: rebuilding the dream only on al jazeera america!
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>> welcome back. you're watching the news hour on al jazeera. a reminder of our top stories. a an explosion has hilt beirut in the -- hit beirut in the area of suefa. the suicide bomber blew himself up, inside a van. estimates that corruption cost the economy $162 billion every year.and nelson mandela's estate will be divided among his wife, family members, staff, schools and the african national congress. according to the summary of the milwill it was worth about $4.1
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million when he died. the italian prime minister says the international foreign community has largely failed when it comes to syria. more than 3 million people are struggling to survive in syria. talks failed to produce a comprehensive plan to get aid to families in homs and aleppo. there are many obstacles to getting aid into syria. >> we've got the security situation, geeft the areas in -- we've got the areas in syria which are besieged either by government forces or by opposition forces. we've got border points we can't cross. we've got a situation on the border between iraq and syria to try to get splice into all the
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people who need help. >> well, many syrian children who have fled the fighting in their country to neighboring lebanon have not seen the inside of a classroom for more than two years. the lebanese government cannot accommodate such a big influx of students. one small school is making a big difference. >> reporter: in many parts of the world access to education is almost taken for granted. for syrian refugees in lebanon, mohamed amma from homs had to drop out of school for a year because of the war. his father who was a cameraman was tortured to death in syria. but mohamed is eager to become a pilot because that's what he promised his father.
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>> translator: it's the best i can be ever blessed with, is the gift of learning so i become educated. i don't want to be illiterate. >> reporter: most of the children here are orphans, their fathers either killed or detained in syria. the classrooms are freezing but it's where these children want to be. >> translator: the school is more fun than the camp because it teaches us and makes us smarter so we can go up to the second grade. >> the syrian curriculum is taught here but the students don't receive recognized sophisticates because this is an unrecognized school. for them it is fruitful time spent in compile. >> although this is not a formal school the teachers say any education the kids get here is just to make sure this
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generation does not turn out to bively literature. this man has spent 30 years teaching in homs. >> we find it difficult to teach them because they left the school three years ago and they didn't know how to write, how to read. we expect catastrophe, it's in fact tragedy. >> unheated classrooms and the shortage of books and stationery are a daily issue the teachers cope with. >> these orphans have been severely traumatized. some feel their losses so immense they have no desire to learn. life has to go on. >> reporter: the school runs a double shift, whatever they can take from this school helps them pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. al jazeera, asad.
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>> while the humanitarian crisis in syria, the crisis continues on the ground. neighborhoods in aleppo on sun, government apparently used barrel bombs fueled with scraps of metal designed to cause massive damage on impact. saudi arabia says around 1200 ofists citizens have traveled to syria to fight against the assad regime. the government will jairl any citizen who fights in conflicts abroad for up to 20 years. let's go back to lauren in london for more news from europe, lauren. >> thanks folly. ukraine's president viktor yanukovych has returned to work after days off for sick leave.
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neil barker is live for us in kiev. demonstrators are saying they are not going anywhere until their demands are met. how close are we to any kind of constructive solution? >> it seems like we are quite away off as yet because of the leadership is fundamentally divided. they have offered as many concessions as they can for the time being. resignation of the former prime minister with repeal of the popular antiprotest law with the offer of amnesty to release over 100 prisoners, also the offer much making two minister and prime minister. they feel the only way of making a real difference is for president yanukovych to step aside.
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>> tuesday, do we expect that parliamentary session to bear any fruit? the one to focus on really at that parliamentary session, the parliament has been away for a few days, will be on the future of the country. and exactly how the constitution here in ukraine needs to be altered to make sure that that future is positive and suits everybody's needs. the nation is somewhat divided between east and wets, between the eastern heart lands that look traditionally towards russia and those to the west that hark closer to the european union. more dialogue is needed, earlier on in the day we met with the ukrainian foreign minister who promised to keep talking with the opposition. this is how the plans in kiev panned out over the course of
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the day. >> four demonstrators have bell killed and hundreds missing. after four days recovering from a high fever and ris pri tri rey problems, president yanukovych is back at work. some feel he's planning an assault on the square. >> there's still a risk of a state of emergency being declared. he was waiting in the shadows, waiting for the protest to be queld. >> almost made some concessions by way of a new amnesty law that will see the release of more than 100 prisoners provided
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these protesterrors give up independence square. back in kiev after global talks in munich, ukraine's foreign minister promised more dialogue. but he warned that many violent groups could jeopardize the talks. >> implemented most of demands by the opposition. we are open and willing to continue negotiations with them. what point concerns us that for the first time in ukraine we have an experience of different externallistic groups. >> for now the barricades are getting higher and the defenses more elaborate. on the front line, the protest protesters have erected catapults. president yanukovych knows the
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world is watching. neave barker, al jazeera, kiev. 20 children's at the school taken hostage. gunman wasn't detained. some of slovenia's coldest weather in decades have left quarter of a million people shivering without electricity. >> reporter: residents of slovenia haven't experienced this bad a weather for years. has been without power for four days, she cannot do her job without her computer or telephone. >> i'm trying hard. my husband is gone. land line telephones aren't
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functioning. in fact we are cut off from the rest of the world until we get our power back. >> large teams of engineers are working to repair broken power lines. 65% of schools in slovenia are closed. >> we were told yesterday there would be no classes. universities will be closed for one week. >> the same information is posted on the doors of the city's cafes, banks and businesses, closed, the sign says, only a few stores that are lucky enough to own generators, have the luxury of opening. >> generators cannot be placed indoors due to poisonous gases. >> the cold has carried away any potential customers.
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>> nobody caimed, nobody called. telephone appliance are dead. weather forecast for thursday is slightly better. hope the temperatures will be higher. if it gets warmer the ice will melt in a week. >> 250,000 people in slovenia still don't have electricity. with that is many in every neighborhood. >> the u.c. has banned a controversial french comedian from entering britain. performing an 18th-semitic gesture. he claims it was an anti-establishment gesture not antisemitic. cocaine in backpacks,
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investigators added they recovered a boat, jewelry and $97,000 in cash. latest from the team here in europe, let's go back to folly in doha. >> lauren, thank you very much. some people were unable to vote because of antigovernment protest roors, descrurpted in up to 18% of constituency. now, due to the destruction, a core mdmp can be reached, 97% is required and they won't have enough. protestors can't hold any other election. >> when will the conflict and
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unrest end? after those things are over then we can organize a new election within seven days. >> scott hideler has more from the thai capitol, bangkok. >> few answers who will lead the government or how it will be governed. 46% are voter turnout, far less than previous elections. one in 4 apolog polling places e closed. 26% turned out to vote. thousands of wok voters filed police complaints say they were imloctd from voting by the protestors. we spoke to a protestor as he was about to set out. >> also the same principles, not
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to disrupt the voters. we are peaceful and we held a protest on election day and did not disrupt anyone. >> but they will maintain their protest on the streets of bangkok. he says he is going to is disrupt the current government, shut down bangkok campaign last month. postpleks some see the protestors still seeing a role moving forward but only a supporting one. >> they have been very important limit before february 2nd onward. they need to be there to create a similar atmosphere for solutionto come. they are not direct solution either. >> the government says when the polls closed on sunday it did not end the crisis.
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>> we asked the power of the people, who legitimize it by giving us -- you know by participating without violence. but we knew the next step is, has to be a -- by election. >> a quorum cannot be established until a election is completed. that means no governmental can be established. so until this happens, the government and the people of thailand remain in inscrurpt. scott hideler, al jazeera, bangkok. conservationists say they want to stop hunting 1,000 wails each year. 1986 ban on whaling. are.
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>> such an act of obstruction cannot be tolerated. another area where the ship is registered to take proper measures. >> tributes are pouring in from all over the world for oscar winning actor philip seymour hoffman. found dead in his new york apartment by an apparent drug overdose. >> the cause of death still under investigation but officials suspect philip seymour hoffman may have died from a drug overdose. he was fount by a screen writer friend who had not heard from him and was concerned. hoffman had many critically acclaimed roles. hollywood decided to honor him with an oscar. >> in cold blood.
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>> he won the academy award in 2006 for his performance. he also received supporting actor awards for his are roles in the master, doubt and charlie wilson's war. >> i've spent three years learning finish, which would come in handy here in virginia. i'm not sick at sea. i want to know why i'm not one of your helsinki chiefs. >> he admitted to being treated for druk addiction in the past, spoke openly about a reported relapse after being drug-free for 23 years. last year it was widely reported hoffman went through a treatment program which included snorting heroin. >> he had struggled with addiction and was also beating it. he was tremendously talented,
1:48 pm
one of the most talented acialghts working. >> hoffman's family are released a statement. philip seymour hoffman was just 46 years old. >> kimberly hellcut, al jazeera. >> the head of the ioc gives his outlook on sochi security plans. stay with us.
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>> sports this is raul. >> manchester city will host chelsea, many people's favorites to win the title, mainly because of their incredible goal-scoring record. they've scored 115 so far this season in all competitions. that's prompted even chelsea's manager, insists chelsea who currently lie third, won'ting looking for a draw. >> every game chelsea plays, chelsea doesn't go to lose. chelsea always go to try to win. always till death. we are not favorites to win any competition. in speech will change completely -- this speech will change next preseason, normally the speech is adapted or related
1:51 pm
to the feelings, to the knowledge to the experience. so next preseason they, i will say we are candidates to win. >> it is very important, for both english it's a game of six points, we are involved in the fight of the title. and also, liverpool, every game we play against all those teams, it is a game for six points. >> just one league game in spain on monday, villa real, meantime athletica madrid, lost to valencia, with a 4-nil loss. >> an emotional many play, had
1:52 pm
played for the league for a decade. it was only fitting that athletico would make this a night to remember. david villa opened the scoring after 38 minutes but the real damage was done in the second half. diegga costa making it 2-nil. the third goal of the night came just two minutes later, it eventually finished 4-nil to athletico who now sit alone at the time top of the table. cross-city and titles around madrid, against athletic bilbao. took them six minutes to open scoring. the joy was short livid as bilbao leveled the score at 1-1.
1:53 pm
real is seeing red all around as christian reynaldo, he is likely to cop a 3-game ban, 1-1 the final score, two points dropped and the missed opportunity for real madrid. three game ban following that incident. athletica had a three game lead. athletic bilbao, reel madrid will play a little bit later. the seattle seahawks celebrate their first-ever super bowl victory. after 12 seconds a safety, ma marshawn lynch, 22-point lead by
1:54 pm
half time. percy harvin returned the second-half kickoff for another touchdown. third highest victory margin in super bowl history. >> we believe in our talent, that if we did this right things and stayed on schedule and made the plays that we could win and do the right things and we did that tonight. and that's the best thing, clicking on all cylinders. >> it is a difficult pill to swallow. you have to find a way to deal with it and process it. like i said, if you can, to try to fuel it to make you a better team next year, obviously, it's a spoi disappointing locker roo. guise ar -- guys are disappoint. >> the 37-year-old broncos quarterback says he may not retire as many had suspected.
1:55 pm
john henry smith reports from new jersey. >> the indications are that manning wants to come back. he is going to go see the doctor after the season is over. he had neck surgery and it's thought that his career was in jeopardy. he's played two years sings the then. assuming he gets a positive report from his doctor. peyton manning will try to come back and give it one last hurrah. >> thousands of seattle fans took to the street and partied through the night to celebrate the city's first major sports championship in 30 years. the first time they won a championship was way back in 19 design when the supersonics took the nba title. now just four days to go until the winter olympics in sochi. the president of the international olympic committee,
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thomas barr arrived in sochi, big events like the winter olympics would always be a target for terrorists, but he was confident that the russians will deliver a safe and successful games. >> we have to address this, because anything else, the alternative would be to surrender to terrorists. and this is i think the last thing we all want to do. there, a reorganizer has to make sure that the games are as safe and secure as possible. >> meanwhile the united states bobsledder, "i love ya, ohio" bobsledder,lolo jones. >> from the first week they
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accepted me, they embraced me, they lifted me up and i think i.t. was what i needed to not only be a bobsled athlete but to return to track with my head held high and like be proud of the things i had achieved in that sport. so just really am grateful for them. >> and finally, five-time olympic gold medalist, ian tho thorp, found are on a street disoriented. he has admitted to being depressed in his autobiography. >> that is the news, from doha, and me, folly bah thibault.
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please do stay with us on al jazeera.
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>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories we're following for you. lawmakers say they want answers about security breaches at big retailers. >> it goes down on the ground and comes up with something. they thought it was a -- >> the state of florida back in the spotlight, after another controversial shooting death involving a teenager. a ruling that could shut down all of louisiana's aio


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