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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 5, 2014 11:00am-11:31am EST

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welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters, these are the stories we're following for you. the hits just keep on coming snfl much of the country slammed by yet another winter storm. cvs kicking the habit, pulling cigarettes off of its shelves. and a new report condemning the catholic church for allowing priests to abuse children. ♪
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another winter storm blasting the u.s. this morning. the second in more than two weeks in two dozen states. more than a hundred million americans feeling the brunt of triple-threat weather, ice, snow, and rain. and expected to dump yet another foot of snow in the northeast. it is causing a nightmare in the skies. thousands of flights have already been canceled, so check ahead. visibility outside on the roads is poor. icy roads turning deadly. making it dangerous for anyone who decides to venture out. thomas brayton reports. that all too familiar sound and sight is back again. >> i can't remember it being so cold or so much snow for one season. >> reporter: another blast of snow slamming over two dozen states with kansas and missouri
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taking the brunt tuesday. blizzard-likes and near zero visibility on the great plains, had ever plow and snow truck out on the road trying to stay ahead of a constant snowfall, and now there are concerns things could get worse on the highways. kansas ci kansas city ime -- kansas city's mayor is warning not to top paying attention. today more than 118 million americans in 32 states are under some form of winter weather alert. that's more warnings than any single storm last year. in ohio a winter storm warning has been issued with 6 to 14 inches of snow possible, and ice
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warning in other parts of the state. >> this is a kid-friendly neighborhood, and we have a middle school right down the street. so we would hate to see someone get in an accident. >> reporter: in texas the second winter storm this week caused this deadly accident. icy roads are being blamed for this truck which went careens into a group killing one. a tractor trailer toppled during rush hour, and trees took a topple as well. and now all of that snow, ice, and the freezing temperatures are hitting the northeast. from nebraska to new york, the bad weather is promising a potentially dangerous commute this morning. new yorkers could get a mix of snow and sleet that could pack
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nearly half an inch of ice by wednesday. unwelcome news to a region still digging out from monday's post super bowl snow. thomas draton, al jazeera. there are scattered power outages all over the country. in pennsylvania over a half of million people now sitting in the dark. pepco, says it is working to restore power in the region. so if it feels like we are getting hit over and over again, you are right, and it could happen one more time. >> one more time. that will be the weekend, and we have a few days before that happens. ice the big problem. this storm brought up a lot of warm ire, but it went up over the cold air. that cold air on top of the snow we already had. the pink area is the freezing rain.
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a quarter to a half inch of that accumulation has really downed a lot of power lines and caused slippery roadways there. low-pressure brought up the warm up, that kept the cold air at the surface. huge area of sleet and freezing rain, but the temperatures are climbing above the freezing mark in philadelphia to 34 degrees. but now you are getting rain on top of ice on top of snow. right at the freezing mark in new york, but here is all of that freezing rain and snow. over the next few hours, the storm will slowly begin to clear out, by about 3:00 or 4:00, the sleet and freezing rain is ending, but cold air comes in behind it. quitting for good that's what cvs is hoping for. the nation's second-largest drug chain eye announcing it will
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stop selling all tobacco products by october 1st. >> sometimes one story crosses your phone and you get stopped dead in your tracks, and you think wow this is a moment in history. cvs is absolutely huge. they are in 43 states. they have 7,600 stores nationwide, so when they say they are stopping selling all tobacco products later this year, it is a big deal. the ceo for the umbrella company of cvs, says we want to promote a healthy image.
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take a look. >> every day we are helping millions of patients manage chronic conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, and all of these conditions are made worse by smoking. tobacco products have no place in a setting where healthcare is delivered. >> it will cost them $2 billion to roll back all of those products, but it brings in $125 billion every year in revenue, so that's pretty small beer. the president of cvs fapharmacy division, and she says they thought very, very long and hard about this but at the end of the day the health issues outweighed the cash issues. the president of the united states came out almost
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immediately with a reaction, and we have a graphic to put on screen so you can see what president obama had to say . . . which as you know is very big in his administration, central to his policy. michelle was quick on the tweeting this morning. she said now we can all breathe a little easier. and kathleen sebelius said today's announcement brings our country closer to a tobacco free nation. but around the world smoking is as popular as effort. and the tobacco companies devote all of their promotions on third world countries. thank you very much. the un is demanding that the
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catholic church remove known child abusers. al jazeera's simon mcgregor wood has our details. >> reporter: the report is a devastating critic of the vatican's performance in dealing with child sex abuse. it says it is still not willing to deal with the sdal of the problem, or take responsibility for it. >> the [ inaudible ] has consistently placed the preservation of the reputation of the church and protection of the perpetrators above children's best interests. >> reporter:er this report lists many failings and has many recommendations. the church is still moving abusers from parish to parish. there is still a code of silence when it comes to reporting abuse. all known and suspected abusers
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must be removed and reported to the police. this ongoing crisis continues to playing the credibility of the catholic church and its new pope. francis has set up a new commission to deal with it. the committee says he must call on outside help, and everything must be made public. >> the credibility of the church will always be at stake, unless there's a possibility of having total zero tolerance, protecting childr children. >> reporter: the tough stance will be welcomed by victims of abuse worldwide. >> for so long we have been disbelieved, for so long we have been criticized because they -- the church said that that were only after money or we -- we are anti-catholic. >> reporter: this is a real clash of cultures between the un
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determined to uphold the rights of the child, and the vatican. it is also a challenge to pope francis, can he turn the new language and atmosphere of his papacy into a change of the secretive culture of the catholic church? syrian missing today's deadline to hand over its toxic chemicals. the assad government has until june 1st to get rid of all of its chemical weapons. the u.s. and un say damascus has everything it needs to carry out the operation. after 40,000 miles, 123 days, and lots of nail biting, the olympic torch finally aliving in sochi. stopped in 2900 cities and yes, even space.
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the celebration comes just two days before the official start of the winter games. and sport is not the only thing on show in sochi, far from it. until the first ski is clipped on, russian security has the stage pretty much to it's a. so policemen are on the streets and military boats patrol the coastline. threats from armed separate advertises groups added to already jittery feelings about the russian games. >> translator: most probableably attacks on olympic athletes or guests would be impossible, and i think the terrorists would prefer to carry out an attack on less-protected places, and they are unfortunately based in the south of russia.
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>> reporter: two suicide attacks last december suggest this is indeed achievable. then there are threats of a different nature. on tuesday the austrian olympic committee said it received a letter saying that two of their athletes would be kidnapped. there is a huge multi-layered security operation here involving drones, robots, sonar systems, and some 100,000 personnel. it will make sochi very hard to attack, though nothing can ever be 100% safe. and until all of the athletes and spectators are back home safe and sound, russia won't be able to boast it has put on a trouble-free games. but if that happens, there will
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be a very sense of relief. in new york four people are under arrest on drug charges today. a "new york times" report says the investigation into hoffman's death lead police to make those arrests. autopsy results are expected next week on the actor. lots of red on the big board this morning. boeing is down the most. a bright spot is merck & company. coming up on al jazeera america, he is known as a soccer star, but now david beckham is moving up to the title of owner. the market is starting to show some signs of life, especially here in new york.
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real reporting that brings you the world. >> this is a pretty dangerous trip. >> security in beirut is tight. >> more reporters. >> they don't have the resources to take the fight to al shabaab. >> more bureaus, more stories. >> this is where the typhoon came ashore. giving you a real global perspective like no other can. >> al jazeera, nairobi. >> on the turkey-syria border. >> venezuela. >> beijing. >> kabul. >> hong kong. >> ukraine. >> the artic. real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america. this is the 900 page document we call obama care. and my staff has read the entire thing. can congress say the same? there's more to it.
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how did we get here? it's the age old question. two experts now face-to-face on the issue of evolution versus creation. jonathan martin traveled all the way to kentucky to hear it unfold. >> reporter: bill nigh the sooings guy faced off with christian ham. >> what keeps the united states ahead, what makes the united states a world leader is our technology, our new ideas, our inwoe vaguses. >> the battle is about authority, it's more than just science or evolution or creation. >> reporter: the bebait came about because of a video nigh posted. the video racked up nearly 6
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million views prompts ken ham to challenge bill nigh to this public debate. >> there's a famous tree in sweden, is 9,550 years old. how could these trees be there if there was an enormous flood just 4,000 years ago. >> reporter: but ham to a distinction between different types of science. >> you can't observe the age of the earth. you don't see that. you see a gain. there is a big difference between historical science and observational signs. >> if we continue askew science, and twice them into observation science and historic science, we will not move forward and make discoveries.
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>> reporter: the same level of certainty doesn't exist in the american public. a poll conducted in december shows 60% of americans believe in evolution, and 30% support creationism. the poll found white evangelical conservatives were most likely to support that belief. >> i think it will compel many more people to explore science and what they really believe and why we are here on earth. >> reporter: both say they did not expect to change each other's view during the debate, but felt the discussion was important. jonathan martin, al jazeera. from "american idol" to congress? clay akin announcing he will run for congress in his home state of indiana. in addition to singing he is an outspoken critic of a number of things including education for the poor and gay rights.
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now he can add politics to his list. ♪ >> and up and down day on wall street today. mostly down. the dow down right now 50 points, the payroll firm reporting that 175,000 jobs were created by private jobs in january, but that is lower than expected. that report coming out ahead of the monthly jobs report due out on friday. companies are adding jobs at the fastest rate in more than three years. google reaching a deal with european anti-trust regulators. google is used in about 90% of the web searches in europe. the company now offering to display results from rival search engines. tesla's popularity is
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growing fast. toyota, holding on to the top spot ahead of ford, honda, and chevrolet. one segment of the economy that is growing strong is commercial real estate. take a look at new york. >> reporter: these skyscrapers are more than just feets of modern engineering. >> office buildings are the economico system in which american business lives. >> reporter: it's a $12 trillion chunk of the u.s. company. the market suffered greatly, shrinking by about 25%, but recently it has been seeing a comeback. in 2013 non-residential construction was estimated to have hit 10ed billion dollars that is up 16% from 2012.
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at the forefront, high profile projects such as the world trade center towers, and hudson yards. that's nearly 8 million square foot of space or the equivalent of three empire state buildings. another pop is the leap in rental price. >> we have a great deal more li liquidity in the market. so if you can buy a great office building and collect good rents it's driving prices. >> reporter: likes of this building are now able to sell those properties and make 20% or more on their investments. despite these big deals, commercial real estate is facing an uncertain future because of
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the federal reserve. policy makers are now pulling back on buying long-term bonds. >> clearly the low interest rates have facilitated the rise in values. and if you see an increase in interest rates it's likely to have a strong impact on values. >> reporter: the fed is likely to cut its stimulus slowly, that should give the market more breathing room to adjust to reality. david beckham is talking about bringing major league soccer to miami. and talking to miami-dade officials about building a new stadium. he wants his team to be the best in america and one day the world. natasha ghoneim has full coverage coming up later today. alexander bradley was shot
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in the leg over the weekend. he filed a lawsuit in florida last year, claiming that hernandez shot him in the face. there will be a super bowl party in seattle. it will be the first in history. some 300,000 fans are expected to play hooky today and show up for the parade. coming up on al jazeera america, we have had two snow storms in about three days and another one is headed our way. your national forecast and headlines straight ahead. ♪
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welcome back to al jazeera america, i'm del walters. here are your headlines at this hour. the united nations says the vatican must act now to get rid of sexual abusers. the un sharply critical of vatican positions. cvs is fazing out the sale of all tobacco products. president obama applauding the move, cvs saying they are focusing on health. another day, another winter blast, millions of americans feeling that brunt of triple-threat weather, ice, rain, and snow. the storm already pounds parts of the plains in the west, and we could be looking at even more. >> maybe another storm this weekend. we want this track to get out of
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here, because it is causing a lot of problems with snow, ice, sleet, and rain. each with a little bit of problems here. the snow makes it slippery, the ice coat surface brings down power lines, and the rain on top of the ice could bring flooding. snow still coming down heavy at times. it has changed to rain in delaware and south jersey. it will continue to clear out by about 2:00 or 3:00 across new england it will be done. here is the snow, heaviest snow today across new england, that mix continuing a quarter to a half inch of ice, when you see numbers like that, you start
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seeing trim limbsment coming down and power outages. it's a still below freezing in this area, getting snow and rain which is freezing before it hits or when it hits. chicago is at 24, but below zero in denver and billings. at zero in minneapolis. here is this winter storm warning mainly for the snow plus the ice. green area is a flood advisory. you get the ice blocking up the drains and flooding on top of that. the storm will clear out, waiting for a little more rain in california, could see just a little bit of rain with this next storm, but overall the pattern is changing, and we need the pattern to change across the northeast. upper low, and surface low developing this weekend. but the heaviest snow and rain to the south and east of the
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coast. heavy snow again over areas getting it today. so this will be sunday into monday. del? >> thank you, dave. and thank you for watching al jazeera america. i'm del walters in new york. "inside story" is next. ♪ disappearing lakes, bare mountaintons, emptying reservoirs, it's not just dry in the west, california's worst drought in centuries is the inside story. ♪ hello, i'm ray suarez. in


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