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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 6, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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welcome to al jazeera america. these are the stories we are following for you. the united states senate debating extending long term unemployment benefit as vote could come soon. >> eaten from the things we can cook on the stove. >> waiting for relief, hundreds of thousands of people still don't have electricity after a winter storm knocked out their power. and stepping up security in sochi, after new warnings are issued by the united states.
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john, obviously a lot going on. >>ky tell that the vote has just got underway, is the vote is going on right now, and this was postponed from 11:00 o'clock eastern, to the 2:00 eastern hour, what you are voting on one of two things either the emergency compensation act, or the unemployment insurance extension bill. and then reuped every year, but last year's do
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inning progress, they didn't reup. so this bill is put together by jack reid of rhode island, and harry reid the majority leader, sponsoring it, and moving it through right now. and basically what it offered is three months extense, and also they will pay people who have not been getting the money retroactively back to the end of debts. now the republicans have said we will not vote. they say it doesn't, we have paid for it p which means thatly have more money in the bank, which is taxable by the government, that's how lit be paid for. now harry reid came to the floor, the majority leader and said that he hopes more than three republicans would rush on to the democrats this time around, this is the second amendment, by the way, and that was an indication that we thought he didn't have the vote. now there's a report
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suggesting he still doesn't have it, nonetheless, they are moving ahead with the vote at the moment. harry reid saying he felt in his heart of hearts this in their heart, republicans didn't really want to extend this long term unemployment act. any no vote on extending unemployment is a no vote, because they don't want to extend unemployment benefits. a among has gone by already, and it is only a three month extension. may know there are people out there really hurting. the senator from rhode island who has been responsible trying to draft this measure through, said that although it looks as if there's a lot of partisanship, actually behind the scenes there's been a lot of work, and in this couple of hours of delay, between the original scheduling of the vote, and now, there's been a lot of work going on behind the scenes take a look. >> this was not a my way
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or the highway. this was trying to find a bipartisan path way. and we are still searching. >> so, dell, let me tell you the time line. the vote is going on now, so whether the votes are there for harry reid and jack reid, this is a procedure vote. they are trying to a vinculo churr. then there will be two more votes. one to close it often, another to see final passage. cloture and then the whole issues moves over. >> as you listen to the debate, is there a sense they have moved ray way from the rhetoric who classify the people that need the benefits as being deadbeats? >> well, i mean, the issue, of course, is pretty much strictly down party lines. you have the democrats who are very very concerned about 1.7 million people, who are really suffering, they say, because they are not getting this long
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term unemployment benefit extended. and the republican whose are adamant that they will note vote for anything if it extended the deficit. they are so firm on that, and i think sometimes the rhetoric revolving around that spills over into this slightly offensive language that we have heard. at the moment is vote is on, and 1.7 americans have some home they will see more money, soon. john, thank you very much. today three more schools closed their doors after workers complains of smelling something strange. the same problem forced two other schools in the charleston area to do the same yesterday. the chemical spill four weeks ago, left three hung thousand people without water. the schools weren't taking any chances. workers say they smelling the odor of licorice coming from the pipes.
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more than half a million people remained in the dark. maria is reporting, that is about 17 miles west of philadelphia. >> i am standing in front of west chester university, this is where the red cross has set up it's main shelter, and this can hold up to 1300 people, the red cross expected people here throughout the day and this evening. 1078 people stayed in shelters last night, other hungers down in their homes with blankets, candles, this is one of the hardest hit areas. chester county, in this county alone, about 160,000 people are without power. the utility companies say it could take days before they get power back. one of the big challenges is not only the trees that are down, but also the ice that formed along the power lines. utility crews have been getting help from other crews from out of state, hundreds of utility workers from chicago have come here to help. the governor of pennsylvania has declared
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a state of emergency, that freed up federal funds to help. the opening ceremony for the winter games set for tomorrow. have the time is just after 11:00 p.m., earlier the torch making its way through the city, but security still a concern, al jazeera has more. some of the preparations leer have come down to the wire, with armies of volunteers put thing touches to the olympic dreams. but on the've of the games an unlucked security development, a warning for the u.s. government, that bomb making equipment could be smuggled on to planes in tooth paste tubes. >> this information is being checked. if confirmed this means our security services are on alert. and this nfl that we got today about threat and
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risks are allows us to say that the security of the olympic games and the city of sochi will be provided properly. to the city of sochi. and russia celebrated. but since then, there's been more bad news than good, with tails of construction delays, corruption, overspending, human rights abuses, and security concerns. olympic p.r. and pageantry have struggled. >> despite all this, there are still plenty of russian whose remain skeptical about these games. the study published this week by the independent center, just over half of the russians they asked said that all holding the games was a good idea, where 7% said that the games overspends will be to corruption. but once the sport begins the games to have a
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tendency to win over many of those hard hearts. in the beginning i wasn't as compiled as i am now, now you can see the changes. the infrastructure has improved the town is prettier. >> these events done happen every day. i want my children to be proud of our country, and to have something to remember. >> russia is well aware its time to shine has come, and these games have to be note perfect. al jazeera, sochi. >> there are reports evacuations are set to begin two governor confirming that -- to allow 200 to evacuate. that evacuation is expected to take several days thousands have been stuck there, without access to food or medicine.
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the u.s. is trying to solve -- arriving in kiev this morning. she met with the president and with opposition leaders. the visit coming after a ukrainian activists claiming that he was tortured and force to confess that he was a u.s. spy. our story from lithuania. arriving to tell his story and answer the doubters. activists flew on sunday, saying tortured for eight days. >> they cut my ear off, it was very painful. i couldn't feel how much they had cut, but then they played the cut piece of ear on my forehead, it was very scary. >> he said he told his captors his activism was funded by the american ambassador, but only because he couldn't bear the pain. >> they pinned me to the wood for something like
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nails i was kneeling down, and they took sticks and started to beat me. it was very painful and i couldn't move. at that time, i was in so much pain, that i was asking them to kill me. because i couldn't stand it any more. >> when asked who they were, he hinted at foreign involvement. these people were speaking only russian. they were speaking in the third pen. i had an impression they were from the special service, because they were speaking russian with an accent. also by the way they are beating me i knew they were professionals. they were skimmed in doing such things. >> ukraine's government has cast doubt on his story, but doctors here backed him up, and the foreign minister is calling for an investigation. >> we can make some assumptions. belisten to the story, i talked to him myself for two hours. we see how he looks like. that he be able to talk, and these issues should be checked at least. i cannot prove who did
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that, and that torture, but there's symptoms. there are really well information which cannot be neglected that's my point. should be investigated. it is now four days since he as arrived here. in the meantime, hi case has galvanized support. the navy hasn't released their nationalities. every year thousands of migrants pack unstable boats. last october you may recall more than 200 people drowned near the island. an israeli farmer who harvests dates not only
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worried about his p cos he also has to worry about borders. especially in a valley that is sandwiched between the west bank and jordan. every day he goes to work, he passes through this security. and yes, it's a handgun tucked into his pants. >> he isn't a sol or security guard, he is a farmer, and this is his date farm. he grows 6,000 trees on 125 acres, it is one of the regions most prized plots. >> we make sure that -- so they get all the benefit from the compost. >> it separates the populated areas from the rest of the arab neighbors. israel floods this area with farms and military to create a buffer. which means it may be the world's most secure, mines are planted in the entire valley, and that sound of jets, the air force uses this as a
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training souther. dream has created this a a mile wide security zone. and high on the hill right above his farm, the local mayor show abandoned military outmosts. for israel, this point provides strategic depth. >> we are what really now stops anything vicious coming from the east. >> in any peace deal, the u.s. is pushes a special status for the jordan valley. the u.s. want as mix troops possibly american to transition the valley from israeli to palestinian control, but israel insists on keeping security in its ownnd has. >> i don't believe that any prime minister will give up the jordan -- for any agreement. because of the security. >> israel doesn't even let palestinians in here. the farmers are from thailand. >> it is a bit silly to say you will have a palestinian you remember
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familiesing the army, and asking permission to go down to the border. i mean it sounds siltly. >> who is it silly? >> it's my land. >> even israel's council admits it is privately owned by palestinians and here in the west bank, the settlements and their farms are illegal. >> israel's settlement policy has now led eto european boycotts. his dates can no longer be sold in london super markets. last year, israeli farmers have lost 30,000-dollars in sales. >> the war is always carries on the simple soldiers. it's like -- i'm a farmer, i am here, the boycott doesn't effect no one in the government, and it effects only the farmers. >> but so far, yak cover and israel are more willing to give up profits. so he will sell to other
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markets and continue to grow his dates inside the security zone. al jazeera, outpost, the occupied west bank. >> coming up on al jazeera america, it is being compared to the trayvon martin case, opening arguments in a florida courtroom over the death of a black teenager shot by a white suspect.
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so you don't just stay on top of the news, go deeper and get more perspectives on every issue. al jazeera america. where a high profile murder trial is underway. opening arguments started in the case. charged with first degree murder in the death of jordan davis. the black teenager was unarmed when he was killed and dunn is white. the profess tors are saying they want justice
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for. killed nine months apart in the same -- that stand your ground allowed people to shoot and kill without facing consequences. >> what are the differences in this case from the george zimmerman trial. >> we are obviously having difficulty with natasha's audio, we apologize for that. once again the case taking place in florida right now, being compared to the trayvon martin case. try to re-establish contact with her shortly. the bulls are returning to wall street, the dow right now is up sharply, it has been up throughout the day. right now up 160 points
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but that is not the high for the hour. the blue chips being boosted by disney, shares up almost 5% after the company reported a 33% jump in profits. also helping stocks today, a better than expected unemployment report. first time job legislation claims dropping 20,000 last week. and a programming note, will have live coverage of the key january jobs report tomorrow at 8:30, a.m. eastern time right here on al jazeera america. also a strong january for costco, the nation's largest warehouse retailer saying sales there jumped 4% last month, topping analyst expectations the gain coming despite falling gas prices according to costco. coming up on al jazeera america, hollywood is known for making blockbuster movies but did you know, that about 50 major film festivals are held each year in europe, we take you to belynn to find out why. and bees able to feel again, the bionic hand shows promise for amputees.
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the senate now considering a bill to extend long term unemployment benefits. the outcome is not clear, majority leader saying he doesn't think the democrats have enough votes to prevent a filibuster by republicans. west virginia's water worries aren't over today, three more schools were forced to shut after workers reported a strange smell coming from the pipes. that same problem forced two nearby schools to close their doors yesterday. u.s. department of homeland security issuing a warning ahead of tomorrow's opening ceremonies. the concern that tooth paste tubes could be filled with explosives. russia has banned liquids on flights coming into sochi. and the bulls are returning to wall street checking the big board at this hour. the dow right now up. the bleu chips being boosted by disney, disney shares up almost 5% after the company reported a
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33% jump in profits. the stars of international films are in berlin. for the annual festival there. phil lavell take as look at what is the center of the cinema world. >> forget hollywood, who needs bolllywood, they give us the big movies but it is the festivals that give many movie makers their exposure. events which is now underway, 64 years old, this year, 64 years strong. there are hundreding of film festivals held all over the world every year. everybody it seems wants in. but when it comes to the larger international festivals that number is nearer to 100, and nearly half of those are held here. in europe, the question is, what has this part of the world got to offer the international movie making industry? >> if anybody knows lit be mr. bell nardi himself.
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peter runs the show here, he has been for years heavies that's the point. europe has posted film festivals for so long, it is automatically now a movie makers top destination. >> i don't think it's a new attraction, it is a very old attraction, and people like to go to film festival to celebrate the art of the films. so we are the old oning but the good thing is in berlin, we have the young people coming here. >> venice two of europe's other big film festivals they are held in the summer, so they have the draw of the hotter weather to match, and even though berlin is cold right now, it is winter, remember. >> movies like this are expecting a very warm reception. the director of test said when he was offered berlin, there was no choice, he had to say yes. >> european countries put your movie in theaters to a much larger degree than america does, so you get more exposure, we will be
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in theaters in poland, and england, and france. so it's and all that comes out of the festival like berlin. >> this movie, the grand budapest hotel opens the show, and is one of the favorites to win the top prize, and even when it is other, the star the directors the critics will all surely be back, maybe not to germany, but they have a lot of other options in this part of the world. phil la spell, al jazeera, berlin. >> a rare $5 million vatto various has been found inside a home in milwaukee. the three people arrested one of them a suspect confessing to where the violin was located. it was taken after almond was stun gunned while leaving a performance.
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now the temperatures have dropped, they have stayed below third, all day today, in washington, up to 36 degrees but even colder air will move in. as long as the power is out, can't really heat things un, and the weather not really helping. here is the storm. a big shape here. getting a little light snow, and maybe mix of ice there in louisiana. not the wide scale storm like we saw. the cold air will continue to pull south. across the northern plains. we head out west where it is a welcome sign to see another storm coming in, and this has more moisture. the timing of this,
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thursday through friday. look at this long stream of moisture, through the pacific, rain in the lower elevations snow in the higher elevations. hitting northern california, oregon, washington, just the northern part of the state, and it isn't a series of storms but one will take here, and it is causing problems here along the columbia river gorge, with blizzard like conditions. heavy snow and wind picking up there. but the storm really starting to take shape here, a lot of rain in the forecast, and a will the of snow extending as far east as wyoming and utah there. so we welcome a sign of the storms in the west. not a lucked sign of the storms in the northeast, but this track, the latest information looks to keep the track just off north carolina and intensify the storm, but out over the ocean, so there will be some rain and snow coming down saturday evening through sunday, and it looks like a lot of that is just off the coast. here is a specific look at the timing, rain will
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develop saturday morning across north carolina, and moving into virginia where it is colder, we will see light snow, but an intense storm here, just off the coast, so maybe some heavy snow and rain, right through the del mar peninsula, and up through southern virginia but it looks like the storm is too pharr off the coast to see intense snow storm from this. of course we look at the latest information, because if the track goes further west, then we are talking about a big storm. and new information coming in all the time, as of right now that's what it looks like. >> all right, a couple of notes before we go, a harry may not be the first thing when you think of pope francis, but the star attraction in the auction in paris today, b an unknown buyer purchasing the motorcycle for $284,000. the proceeds are going to a roman catholic hostile and soup kitchen. and a break through giving amputees the sense of touch. scientists attaching a bionic hand to the nebraskas to allow our
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hands. they can now feel things like cotton and wood, the way a real hand would do so. i'm dale walters in new york, 101 east is next, and a reminder, full coverage of the key january jobs report tomorrow morning at 8:00. >> slavery in nepal has been abolished, by law. but behind the high walls of many city homes here, young girls continue to serve as slaves. known as kamlari, they are the daughters of indebted farmers, sold to landlords for little to no money.


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