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tv   Fault Lines  Al Jazeera  February 15, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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volcano erupted in indonesia. seven airports were closed to prevent ash from being sucked into engines. inside story is up next. day, benghazi, the city the size of charlotte,. >> two years ago, fault lines traveled to libya, as forces fought to overthrow moammar gadhafi, in the unrest that was sweeping the arab world. now, benghazi is a by-word for political scandal, after the murder of an american ambassador in 2012. >> i cannot imagine sending folks out to benghazi, after
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what we saw, from the security cameras and the drones. >> mistakes were made. >> and i said that what benghazi is worse than watergate. >> meanwhile on the ground, a country is unraveling, torn apardon by the militia the u.s. helps to support. fault lines is here to find out what went wrong. >> on november the 16th after friday prayers, a peaceful demonstration formed in a neighborhood, in west tripoli. local proteste protesters were met by machine gun fire. when the shooting stopped, dozens lay dead, many others were injured.
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the last kerr took place the day we arrived in libya. by the time we reached the scene, the men there told us the killers had left. the militiamen who took over the area were from the libya shield, the shield that was set up by the libyan government last year but largely decommissioned in june 2013, killing more than 30 people. some of the libya shield fighters said they had been present when the shooting here happened. all that we spoke with were supportive of their brothers in arms. saying moammar gadhafi is still here, saying there's a lot of support for the former regime and they're
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blaming both supporters on the voifnlings. in another part of the city, the family of one of those killed held a mourning ceremony. when abdul razak went to the morgue to identify the body of his nephew, he was horrified of what he saw. >> half the body is missing. >> my nephew, half the body is out , the other half, that they would bury 44 bodies, the bullets still in his body. big bullets. >> like that? >> yes, to ask them, please
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leave tripoli alone. people waving white flags. >> black white and olive branches. the whole libya. doesn't matter from where he come from. from the desert, from sea, from east, west, it got to be like before. >> in libya right now, assassinations, bombings and kid naptio kidnappings take place almost daily. security is in the hands of heavily armed, mostly unregulated militias, with
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various regional and political enemies. ab du razak's can belief in a strong residential government is rejected by separatists around the country, that claimed gad fi gadhafi favored some cities while leaving others impoverished. while this is yet another burial taking place, coffin after coffin carried into the cemetery, there were more than 30 people killed in yesterday's violence and the scenes here are just remarkable. sphwrution frustration is boiling over. mourners say the militia here is worse than gadhafi.
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>> and his future... >> i wanna make movies and tv shows that reflect the new america. >> russell simmons up close and personal... talk to al jazeera only on al jazeera al jazeera america. we understand that every news story begins and ends with people. >> the efforts are focused on rescuing stranded residents. >> we pursue that story beyond the headline, pass the spokesperson, to the streets. >> thousands of riot police deployed across the capital. >> we put all of our global resources behind every story. >> it is a scene of utter devastation. >> and follow it no matter where it leads - all the way to you. al jazeera america, take a new look at news.
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>> the men who carried out the massacre was from misrata, a port city about two hours east of tripoli. when they entered tripoli during the war, they were hailed by many as liberators. but libya's prime minister, ali zeydan, has called for all capital. it is not the first time that he has made that demand. >> i think we're on the stage of on the brink of anarchy, if you will, in some of the situations we have seen border on that. there is a complete lawlessness. these groups and these individuals have been operating under near impunity over these past years. >> hannah ansalla is a civil
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rights worker, she says the violence is just part of a much larger crisis that the u.s. and international community should have anticipated. >> the force statement of around 40,000 people really showcases everything that went wrong in this revolution. this is a very, very serious issue. because the crimes that have been committed against the people, of tawaza, meaning the combination of crimes forced displacement of around 40,000 people, the ongoing detention of around 1,000 people that are held without charges, the cases of tortured that's in custody the harassment that we see the combination of these crimes really amount to a crime against humanity. >> hannah told us about a refugee camp on the outskirts of tripoli. for the residents of the entire city of central libya all of whom had been displaced.
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these families have been here for about two years now and they are still here. they're from a town called towerga near misratha, haven't been able to go back since the revolution. since the war ended, they have been pursued and regularly attacked by the militias. the situation might not be perfect in libya but at least they have their freedom.
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>> how many of these women know somebody who's been detained? she has had two or three relatives that have been detained? >> three. >> she's had her son detained? so everybody has had their relative detained since the revolution? what happened to her son that's missing? when did he go missing? >> says they don't know the exact day. he was missing in -- >> like how long ago, a year ago? >> like the beginning of -- >> the beginning of the revolution? [ crying ] >> i don't know why anyone
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stands aside i think in the endorphin, the endorphin period of the revolution i call it, that somehow gadhafi would be overthrown and out of his head would spring a dubai. >> debra smith is the new ambassador to libya, the death of her predecessor, chris stevens and three others. >> we go out protecting people is very important to us. it's also let me be honest. we can't afford to political backlash again in the united states. you know, this is where. you want to talk about what causes particles sis? >> she did tell us that libya's security was a major priority for the u.s. but the plans to help demobilize the former rebels and start training a new libyan army hadn't even got off the ground yet. >> we undertake to train 6 to 8,000.
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>> 6 to 8,000? >> u.s. trainees. >> is there any time line that you can give on when that might be completed? >> obviously you can't just line up you know 500 or 2,000 people and take them off and then the training itself, the size, to have a significant force is not going to be on the ground until 2015. >> why do you think it's gotten so long to get the to this point? someone would say that's actually needed now. >> that's a good question, i can't answer that because i wasn't here before. because everyone was so excited about the overthrow and the vision and the promise and the future that i think there was maybe -- maybe there was not enough focus on libyans and others on the hard work of we need to reintegrate this and oh by the way, not everyone's intentions are good and oh by the way we're a small wealthy country. people are going to take
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>> heavily armed, combat tactics >> every little podunk wants their tank and their bazooka... >> with s.w.a.t. raids on the rise... >> when it goes wrong, it goes extremely wrong... >> what's the price
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for militarizing our police >> they killed evan dead >> faul lines, al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> there blocking the door... >> ground breaking... >> we have to get out of here... >> truth seeking... break though investigative documentary series... new episode, deadly force only on al jazeera america
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strove if you are watching this over . at a time number 1 and number 2 cable providers in the u.s. are merging to create a new giant. you are watching this program over a cable. is this bad news, good news, or to be determined? >> "the inside story." hello. i am ray