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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 21, 2014 11:00am-11:31am EST

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it's obama care the republican strategy to win midterm elections targeting the affordable care act. ♪ ♪
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in ukraine there has been a major step forward towards the path to peace. the president and opposition signing a deal negotiated by a multinational coalition of foreign ministers. it comes in the wake of bloody street battles the u.s. and e.u. imposing sanctions at least 77 people are dead. jennifer has been following and story and joins us from kiev. does this mean an end to the violence, jennifer? >> reporter: del, certainly that's what people are hoping for here in ukraine. now, just a few minutes ago they announced that the parliament passed the law here in the square and there was applause in the square. that certainly is a positive move for. the opposition leaders know it's the people behind me, the thousands of people in the square that they have to convince this is a good deal. it does mean that the president will step down early, but elections won't be held until
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before december 2014, december of this year. so the question is will that be soon enough? they are playing, if you can keep the beeping behind me that is the video of the vote in parliament earlier this evening. as the news spreads here that there is ideal, it is very peaceful on the streets, actually down in the square it's really interesting families are out there, small children, well, people taking pictures. there are shrines to those killed in the terrible violence this week, del. >> jennifer, if this is the end how does ukraine pick up the pieces after we saw so much bloodshed just 24 and 48 hours ago? >> reporter: i think that is the big question, del, how do you pick up the pieces. even after all of this is cleared, and it's not just here in kiev, of course, it's around the country we have zenon rest. there is still a lot of mistrust between the protesters and the government. many people here say they can't
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forget. a lot of people say they weren't open to any kind of truce and now of course there is ideal on the table. moving forward will be the real question. i think the first steps will be to get key end reopened again. the city has been shutdown for the last several days, the subways have not been running, schools are closed, businesses are closed around town. really until this week this demonstration had only affected a have you small area of the capital but now virtually all it have is shutdown and we have zenon rest around the rest of the country. it will be hard to convince the people that sacrificed so much that this deal is worth the paper it's written on. that the president will live up to his word and convincing them to finally end the protest will be the real test i think. >> you talk about the protests around the country, what can you tell us about what happened in earlier. >> reporter: well, we saw a number of police turning themselves in saying we give up, we are not going to back the
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government anymore. we are going to back the opposition. that happened here in independence square in morning as well. police officers coming in and pledging their allegiant to the opposition. and it's not just the police around the country, we are seeing it in parliament as well. at least a dozen members of the government's political party have switched sides, switched allegiance, that's going to be a very big deal in the coming days and weeks, because the parliament is going to play a big role. and the parliament is going to adopt in the next 48 hours a special law which makes it -- gives it more power, takes a lot of presidential powers away and there will be constitutional reforms, now, in the past, year or so, president yanukovych has enjoyed a majority in parliament and looks like it's changing now. >> jennifer glass live for us, thank you very much. you have been there since day one. whilal e.u. has been able to help get that deal. russia is calling it a an
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attempted coup. the even u. and russia are optimist tick thioptimistic thid the violence, is that the sense you are getting in brussels now? >> reporter: the sense i am getting in brussels is holding their breath. people watching to see whether or not the agreement really dozened the violence, there has been a lot of discussions going on between the capitals here in europe and certainly some liaising between the russians and europeans, as far as the opposition is concerned elements with close ties to the west notably the daughter of the jailed opposition leader who took some time out today to thank brussels for its support. >> we are thank. today that european union stands as one force against the violence of the regime that didn't stop before killing its own people.
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>> reporter: now, of course there are those that criticize the way the e.u. handled this situation, there are even opposition leaders who said that they waited too long to act. but, again, there is a sense here in brussels and around western europe that they are hoping that, indeed, the violence is behind them, del. >> phil, two sides to every story two, sides to in this one, the talks were contentious russia saying they believe this was an attempted coup. what are they saying now about the deal? >> reporter: well, very strong words out the russia today. we heard russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov saying this he thinks this is an attempt to bring ukraine in to the sphere of influence of western europe. we also heard from the ambassador to the e.u., the rushing an ambassador to the e.u. speaking here on al jazerra america's air he says he believes all of this has been an attempt by the e.u. to change
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the ukrainian government. >> but what we are witnessing is, in fact, an attempted coupe day to you an attempt to overthrow a democratically elected government by force. that is obvious for any objective observer. >> reporter: so you can see there, del, very clearly some very divided opinions about what has happened in the last few days and weeks in ukraine. there always lingering question about the border area between russia and europe. >> phil in a rainy brussels, phil, thank you very much. loyalties in ukraine run deep, dividing the country along lines that date back centuries, the west backs the union. many in the east favor keeping
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ties for russia, as we report, the history with the kremlin overshadows its present. >> reporter: two neighbors, russia and ukraine, caught in the complicated relationship. 46 million ukrainians are now struggling with the choice. should they lean towards russia or the west? russia and ukraine trace the roots as nations back to the ninth century when a collection of trikes found in what is now kiev. after the break up of the soviet union in 1991, ukraine struggles to find a national identity the country sought more ties with the union but it was a move that russia did not support. after all the neighbors have their own economic ties, russia is ukraine's largest trading partner. ukrainian pipelines transport natural gas from russia to european markets. in turn russia sales natural gas to ukraine at reduced rates. but late last year, all signs were point to go ukraine
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brokering a trade deal with the e.u. the european union was prom inning an agreement that would lift barriers on ukraine and european markets. but russia was offering a $15 billion loan and continued discount on natural gas. at the 11th hour, president yanukovych sided with russian president vladimir paout spin pulled out of signing with the even u. criticcritics accuse the prem lg of arm twisting the result, the worst protests since the end of the steve yell union. the swung say len government is sending pair troopers where anti-government protesters continue to fight. the president was trying to squash 10 days of violent demonstrations that have left six people dead throughout the country. meanwhile the opposition is calling for a mass rally on saturday. and four people are dead after a formal tribal leader
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opened fire at a hearing in northern california. sherry lash has arrested on charges of murder. she shot people at the cedarville tribal office where her eviction hearing was taking place. an office employee held her in the parking lot as she tried to plea. the national weather service believe four tornadoes touched down in illinois, 150 miles from the state capitol of springfield. several buildings were destroyed. there were no injuries reported. and more severe weather is expected today. by this time it is the southeast that is a on letter. >> meteorologist: right, that whole weather system is moving east, that area was of concern yesterday today it's across the southeast. look at the radar. these are the individual storms about 12, 15 hours ago that came through illinois and the red dots there are tornado reports all the other dots are wind, hail or flood damage. these reports come in from storm spotters out in the field watching the storms move
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through. but a ton of them here and specifically the red dots these are the tornado reports and the areas hit by the tornadoes that came through yesterday. today the area of concern is the southeast the whole system pushing east, tornado watches thunderstorm warnings and the line of severe weather moving through virginia, north carolina, south carolina and georgia. specifically tornado warnings in georgia, these hooks here indicate some very powerful storms as these radar echos tend to bow out. this is where you see the most severe wind damage and possibly some rotation. the area of concern is out east now as this continues to push through. this line on the radar pushing through the coast if you are east of that expect some severe weather. temperatures are really warm and followed by a drop in temperatures for the weekend, but the storms contain gusty wind and hail. so continue to watch for updates about any severe weathers never your area. of course we'll look at the national forecast and see what's left for the rest of the weekend
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talking about a big temperature drop, that's coming up a little bit later, del. dave warren, thank you very much. coming al jazerra america, democrats in damage control mode after the roll out of the affordable care act. we'll tell you why some democrats are taking different courses. and dealing with the debt in detroit.
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al jazeera america. we open up your world. >> here on america tonight, an opportunity for all of america to be heard.
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>> our shows explore the issues that shape our lives. >> new questions are raised about the american intervention. >> from unexpected viewpoints to live changing innovations, dollars and cents to powerful storytelling. >> we are at a tipping point in america's history! >> al jazeera america. there's more to it. president obama scheduled to meet later today with the dahle lama but china is urging him to cancel the meeting the china warning that the meeting would damage ties between the u.s. and china. white house officials say the president will meet face-to-face with the dahle lama in the white house over a show of concern over china's hugh ran rights record. china views the hal californi da disdent. candidates are gearing up for the midterm elections
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meaning months of political attack ads, many focusing outta fordable care act or obama care. libby casey with more on how both sides are taking aim. >> reporter: the affordable care act or obama care has taken steady hits from republicans. 47 repeal attempts and now with the midterm elections approaching attack ads. >> call congressman peters and tell him obama care isn't working. >> it has been a liability for the democrats and i think it's something that they struggled with since it was passed. >> reporter: political science professor says obama care is still the main challenge for democrats. is it the issue for democrats? >> it's not the issue they choose certainly but it is the issue they have to contend with. >> reporter: polls so the american public is down on the law. half see it unfavorably. only a third feel good about it. 16% are on the fence. but ignoring owe bomb care is a bad strategy. she says the election results of
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2010 are proof. >> they took huge losses in 2010 as president obama says it was a shellacking. 60% took over in the house. >> reporter: now democrats are trying to take control of the conversation. >> ann kirkpatrick listens and learns and why she blew the whistle on the disas dress health care sight. >> reporter: they are spending 10s of millions to get more democrats elected to congress. >> the purpose of the ad is to underscore all of the options available. but pointing out the problems with the roll out of the website which are universal recognized. >> reporter: democrats have to defend obama care while admit to go the law's shortcomings, she says that's their only option. >> they want to say look, we wanted to change the system the way it was, we didn't like everything that happened with obama care, but we think it's better to move forward and fix this thing than it is to repeal
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it. >> reporter: is that a complicated message? are they trying to have it both ways some. >> it's a very tough message to deliver for a politician. it takes a talented kind of word smith to make this case. and it takes voters who are really keyed in and listening. >> reporter: and poll data seems to support that rational. a majority saying they would rather improve the law than throw it out. so the key is convincing americans to give democrats more time to improve it. >> joe garcia is work to go fix obama care. >> reporter: the fight for control over congress may depend on just how patient voters are willing to be. libby casey, al jazerra. detroit is set to unveil a blueprint today for how to structure the city after bankruptcy of the plan will be filed in federal court after no, months of negotiations on where to cut the $18 billion debt. an appeals court saying they are going to hear from a group of seven petitioners, what does that mean going forward? >> reporter: well, the u.s. court of appeals decision to
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take this up is a huge victory for the retirees who have challenged this bankruptcy, however, i am told this action won't have any immediate impact on the course of the bankruptcy here in detroit. and i just received word, del, that the emergency manager here in the city has just filed that plan of adjustment and hopefully we'll get a chance to look at it very, very soon. now, once we see this plan, it should be able to layout how the emergency manager plans to eliminate $18 billion in debt. and drive the city out of bankruptcy, now, a lot of people are waiting to see this report among them retirees who will learn just how much they stand to lose. and we should also get an idea on what could happen to the detroit institute of arts as well as the city's water department. again the emergency manager's goal is to shed the massive debt and improving central services like police and fire. now, this bankruptcy case has been going on now for about
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seven months. and a lot has happened, but i am told today's historic -- today's decision or plan of appeal being filed is a very hospital tour i can moment in this case, however a bankruptcy expert told me that there is still a lot of work ahead, take a listen. >> it will give everybody a concrete idea of what the city is thinking and this is more of a trial balloon than the initial proposal that the city floated several months ago. and this will tell the creditors that the city means business. now what they submit and what ultimately may get confirmed by the bankruptcy court probably two different things. >> reporter: a draft of this report was released a couple of weeks ago and it gave pensioners more favor over the banks. so it will be interesting to see if that sticks to this plan. regardless everyone is trying to
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get a piece of the pie. and i am told no one is going to walk away from this happy. and that this will likely be challenged in court, again the manage manager here in detroit. we have received word that he has filed his plan of adjustment. back to you. >> joining us live from detroit. thank you very much. ♪ ♪ ♪ on wall street stocks making modest gains trying to end the week on a positive note. the dow is up 34 points. shrugging out disappointing news of housing market. a group says sales of existing homes fell 5% in january, blaming cold weather and rising prices, home resells have fallen in five of the last six months as interest rates begin to rise. six years after a $170 billion bail out mortgage giant fannie
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mae is about to make its last loan repayment to the federal government. saying it will soon send the government $7.2 billion paying back tax payers for the entire 2008 bail out. unlike other companies restless cured during the crisis the firm will remain under government control until congress winds it down or replaces it altogether. now, despite a rather large olympic flap, under armor is renewing and extending sponsorship of the u.s. speed skating team. they will now provide suits for olympic competitors through the end of 2022. ceo kevin plank telling cnbc under armor became the scapegoat to the disappointing of the american team in sochi saying there is nothing wrong with its suit. coming up. they may have had paved over a prehistoric site and now want to you want putt up a parking site, sort. do you wonder what your dog thinks of you, they might be
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able to understand.
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welcome back to al jazerra america. i am del walters, these are your headlines at this hour. both the president and opposition now sign the deal negotiated by the european union. it comes in the wake of the bloody battles in ukraine on the streets. at least 77 people there are now dead. venezuela's president is taking special stems to row tore order after grogan at this government december station there. president nicholas maduro sending added security to caracas and border towns. following a week of demonstrations protesting rising crime and unemployment. the national weather service believes four tornadoes hit illinois on thursday, all of them touching down in central parts of the state. one of them hitting 50 miles from the state capital of springfield. no injuries have been reported. and more rain. >> meteorologist: yeah, more rain and those storms are pushing east. if you are caught in the storms
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you look outside and see storms coming through it's only for a brief period of time. they will be clearing out but they are very intense and severe. this was yesterday. the storms, the individual cells produced all of the tornado reports right through illinois and that line eventually moved through. but these are strong, severe storms spoe potentially able to rotate and now that area is across the southeast, severe thunderstorm warnings indicating wind and hail, tornado watches through north carolina and that watch area goes up through virginia a line pushing from west to east. individual cells are severe, the radar line starting to bow out indicating very powerful winds as the storm move through. this area across the southeast had tornado warnings issued that means the storms could be rotating. nothing confirmed yet but watching the line move through. pulling up moisture, moving behind cold arizona line of severe weather continue to his push from west to east, not as
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severe across the northeast here, but still some rain coming down. mild temperatures, and that will be followed by the cold air. you'll see that radar mixing with some snow. low pressures up over the great lakes now, the warm air trying to be pulled up to the northeast, trying to get that temperature up before the front moves through, because that will be the end of the warm up. also the end of the rain clearing behind this. but the line moves through and it's done by about 6:00, 7:00 it's off the coast. not much in the way behind it but wind is picking up and temperatures dropping, it will be going down, testimony tuesday dropping this weekend as the cold air returns. highs on saturday. 53 in new york, 60 in washington but look at this bitter cold air here across the northern plains moving south and pushing east. so the temperatures are mild today. but the cold air returns it's dry over the weekends but windy and cold as we go back down to where we should be this time of year. just a brief warm up here across the east. but, again, watch for the severe storms moving through, powerful wind and hail as this line moves
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across the mid-atlantic and northeast out to sea, del. >> thank you very much, dave. the a construction site in miami a piece of america's past has been uncovered but archeologists in a fight with the land overs, now the story. >> reporter: beneath these layers of soil in downtown miami, there are many eras of history. a u.s. army fort, a plantation, an iconic hotel. archeologists have now unearthed the oldest era yet on this plot. they found several thousand post holes like this. forming eight circles, part of what they say is the foundation of a native american town dating back at least 2,000 years. the tribe was called [inaudible] they are south florida's distinct innin indigenous peopl. >> they are not here to speak. >> reporter: overseeing the construction i've billion dollars residential and commercial complex. the city of miami requires their
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presence for certain projects. and other sites have been documented in the vicinity. >> we would like to see some balance between preservation and development. obviously as much of the site preserved and interpreted as feasible. >> reporter: the developer mdm group as offered to preserve and build a knew see up on a corner with 450 post holes forming one circle. but the group wants to continue to build on the remainder of the site. their attorney says considering what they believe archeologists discovered, the offer is more than generous. >> the archeological work that's been announced here is e embarrassing bereft of any fundamental science it's just fiction. >> reporter: this isn't the first battle in miami. in 1998 as developers were building these high rises they found this, it's the foundation of a ceremonial structure. it's been preserved and is now called the miami circle. but many press indicationists criticize the way the ancient
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site happen been displayed. they say the developer should use this as an opportunity not to repeat the mistake of the miami circle. >> i hope that we don't have that sort of same disappointment or failure to preserve the site like we have with the meijer circle. >> reporter: the miami historical preservation board is planning to designate the ancient plot a local historical and archeological site. next month the city commission expected to determine how best to balance the interests of preservation and urban growth. natasha, al jazerra, miami. if you have a dog, you are a dog owner this study probably won't surprise you. researchers from the hungarian academy of sciences have now discovered evidence that a dog's brain can react to emotions. using neuroimaging scientists were able to see canine brains process voices, sounds and social interaction just like us, the first time the study has successfully compared brains to
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an animal that isn't a primate and first time they talked to a dog without bacon, "inside story" is next. check us out 24 hours a day at we're borrowing again to buy stuff. didn't we get into big trouble from too much borrowing just a few years ago? this time it's good news, or might be. that's the inside story. ♪ hello, i'm ray suarez. we have just come through some years in which


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