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tv   Listening Post  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2014 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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stores, thanks so much for watching al jazerra, am morgan radford live from new york city. "listening post" is up next. remember you can always get the latest news online at hello, you are at the listening post. this week huhgo is gone and they continue to go at with the media over the venezuela story. first glen greenwalled's partner and now edward snowden's lawyer held. the
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owner of the washington in business with the c.i.a. and putting the paper in a conflict of interest. high end photography, a couple of russians snapping away above the clouds. ever since the protestor hit the streets in venezuela we have been tracking the media coverage of a that story. what began as the demonstrations is now being characterized by their president and the media that back him. the media outside of the country is seeing the story differently. a 24 hour news channel has the path block dz on the orders of the president. he threatened to kickcnn out of the country. for all of the issues that the predez or had this is the first time of reigning outside of the borders. they are taking to twitter to
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rage the battle. most of the media is exposed as fakes or old. the opponents accuse the president of muzzling the media and this isn't the first them that the government has accused opposition news out lets . venezuela state run channel had the president looking presidential and working a crowd of supporters. >> some people died and a lot of people injured in the cities. the coverage was timid and no explanations for this. i know that the journalists and
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the news channels have to verify in real time before reporting it. journalism is about keeping people informed. >> the only channel foreign cable channel broadcasting live this protest was taking over the air, and really this is a problem because it affected the right of venezuelians to be informed, to access to important information and i think obviously affected the climate, the environment in which journalists and the media are doing their work. >> o here is the government's response in venezuela. >> the president of the country is not objective or impartial. the international community should know that venezuela is experiencing a self-coo and supported by the u.s. and the
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national and international media are manipulating the information and saying that the government is lashing out on the demonstrators. >> those are the kinds of arguments that the governments make chen when they clamp down on the media. however, supporters of the government also argue that it is not paranoia if they are really out to get you. >> it is different to defend the freedom of the press when you have neutral media out lets and certainly not the case in venezuela, most of the media is profoundly antigovernment and there is a clear precedent. >> that precedent came in
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2002. he inherited a media landscape controlled by the right wing opponents and including tv channels openly backed the coo against chavez and leading to the overthrow. the coo leaders then going on the channels and thanked them and said that the coo couldn't have succeeded without them. he never forget what happened and the government redrew the venezuelian media landscape. >> this has been in the making when the events of april 2002 happened the government of chavez realized that the state media was very weak to challenge the influence of private media and
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they have build an immediate that doesn't contradict the government. only one, only one critical broadcaster remaining there. >> now even global has changed sides. after years of clashes with the government and crippling fines for alleged violations of the media laws sold off last year to a businessman tied to the government. an editor but quit the day after the protests began over the blockout issue, and says she relied on the columbian challenge. and then that channel going to black. >> that happened on the 12th of february, i remember, i left the office and going home to watch 24 and all of a sudden the
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signal was cut. >> the president made that decision against 24 as it was encouraging violence protests and the government can't alow that behavior and we are monitoring the international channels. some of the big print media around the world that are trying to influence the public opinion. >> the government claims that 24 is causing havoc. they were not. i tell you they were keeping people informed about what is going on and showing images that were not shown by the local channels. >> so opposition leader's campaign moved online and
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activist have too and providing news images not all proving to be real and some going main stream. >> some of the images proven to have been taken from greece or egypt. some were shown to have been doctored. the effect of these images is to mislead or decontextual ize. >> people want to be informed. however, most of these people believer everything they read, which is not true. they don't realize they need a source. >> a decade ago chavez ran the president and today the media playing field is still lopsided and
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government. the revolution transformed the country, but things that have not changed is turning on the television, they are not getting the full story and not knowing what the believe. the global village voices now coming from venezuela. >> for me, tv is hard to fine. people are not informed. people are turning to social informed. the problems are not receiving the attention they deserve in the media. they give meaning to the protests. >> censorship doubled in the past 12 years and less reliable information. some people tend to share the information. the economic situation has been ignored since the protesting began and while protestor maintain media focus and becoming clueless about the
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central government economic decisions and actions.
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>> time for listening post news bites, remember the store identify david miranda, detained in london because of carrying hard drives and carrying some of the data leaked by edward snowden and now his lawyer is going through the same thing. the government accountability project is saying last week detained and questioned at the london airport in an intrusive and hostile way and questioned about the trips to moscow. on the way to london to meet with wiki leaks founder and detained. i feel like lawyers and
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journalists are targeted at the borders. david miranda saying he was held for nine hours and this week rule thad the detention was lawful. last week we looked at the media story coming out of turkey and saying enough is enough. on february 16, 200 journalists coming out to protest against the government pressure and censorship and called for the easing of restrictions and ending the government interference and one of the participants is saying that the censorship is squeezing the journalists and the prime minister is interfereing with the reports. and referring to last year's protests when calling turkey tv demand that the channel change
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the headlines. audio files leaked online revealed a newspaper editor colluding with the government. and deportization of the journalist supposedly over an expired visa. the internet bill, passed by the parliament and controlling the information online. gunman in libya attacked a television station twice in a week and part of the trend of targeting the media there. the tripoli headquarters stormed. the gunman forced journalists out before firing the engineer nayeds into the building and shots fired at the same office a week later. >> a private network that say is a target because of the critical
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stance on the general national conference. and for opposing the influence of islam in the politics . >> these people must have a message they want to deliver but this is not our way and we are continuing and delivering the message and the people's message and similar in benghazi and recently attacked. earlier in the month four journalists were kidnapped. washington, d.c. is a city of conflict, special interests, and for the journalist e s working there a conflict of interest. two months later
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a.m.son won a $600 contract and that set off the alarm bells and how can the post write a piece op the c.i.a. before disclosing that their company is paid to safeguard the data. what if the post, the only newspaper to take down an american president, it was losing money, $150 million a year and is the potential conflict of interest that a price that the money losing publication has to pay after being bailed out by a tech billionaire and now on the post, the amazon deal and the possible implications for the paper's journalist. >> acknowledge the media out let
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owner has a relationship with the subject of coverage. so begins the petition to the washington post and requesting that the paper's owner secured a half billion dollar deal between his old company amazon and the c.i.a.. >> on the one hand amazon is paid all this money by the c.i.a. to keep the secrets as an agency, on the other hand, the washington post is reporting on all sorts of aspect of the c.i.a. >> the big issue is surveillance and what the nsa is doing and what the c.i.a. and fbi are doing legally or illegally and if you have the owner of the post writing about looking forward to a successful relationship with the c.i.a. through amazon. >> and you provide a cloud that
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the c.i.a. using for the data? >> i don't think so. >> journalism requires that the people know what they are getting and be candid with the readers when there is coverage of the c.i.a. and that is not happening. >> the petition signed by more than 33,000 americans was taken in person by norman to the most's editor and requesting full disclosure about the conflict of interest when the paper reports on the c.i.a. they refused. no journalist here have links to the c.i.a. and we reported aggressively on the c.i.a. and other agencies, much to their consternation. >> the post is reporting on nsa abuses and that is not the
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point, it is disclosure and let the public decides for themselves. would i say you shouldn't trust anything, absolutely not but you should have the information about the built-in conflict. >> the poster reporter much of the work over a the past 28 works focussed on intelligence and counter terrorism. >> it is correct they say that we need to talk about our conflicts of interest, we don't need to do it in every story. we have done it before. jeff owns the post now and amazon has the relationship. we are mindful of the public perception. if any one at the washington post, editor, owner, publisher ever, every said to me don't write about that because we have corporate interests, i would be
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out of a there in a second. >> the relationship between main stream media out a lets and the c.i.a. is not ewe nobodying to the postor new. one half of the reporting team that captain pulted the post into the spotlight with water gate exposed previously classified relationships and dating back to the 50s, between the c.i.a. and some of the most influential media outlets in america. >> more than 400 journalists carried out assignments for the c.i.a. during the cold war and reporters shared their notebooks and editors shared their staff, including the new york times and send a dozen or so under cover reporters to provide assistance to the agency.
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>> back in 1967 the post disclosed that the c.i.a. had been paying a million dollars over five years to the newspaper, the union of the reporters editors and others then in the 70s, the karl bernsteen piece and the top reporter at the times wrote a book about the times and c.i.a. connections and so things don't change over time. i hate to beat jill up, she's now the executive editor of the new york times and where was shee in the early 2000s and bureau chief in washington where judy miller was working for her and weapons of mass destruction, and mushroom clouds and everything else and promoted for that. they continue to bubble to the top and then you have conflicts of interest, well, hello, not
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much hope that the press, the main stream press is giving us the right time of day. >> given the main stream media's track record over the past decade, many americans are dubious when it comes to reporting on intelligence matters. a law was passed in 1996 prohibiting the use of journalists or assets by the intelligence agencies and congress couldn't have seen a world of a tech barren and the c.i.a. contract hanging over them like a cloud. >> i have to be frank when i read the petition, have been reading the washington post, we have been second to nobody in the world reporting on critical stories having to do with the c.i.a. just last month i wrote a very large story called c.i.a. covert
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action in columbia and post out on front in wry writing about the national security agency and the documents that edward snowden released and we have continued to be very aggressive in that, despite the critical nature of the politics around that. >> the revelations from snowden and the nsa show how deep and wide that the surveillance is going and our petition urging full disclosure about the ties, this begins to pull on the threads. an if a little bit of ink in the printed article, then the people know more about the conflicts of a tra that exist. >> four decades ago the post made history by taking down a president. today it is just another
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newspaper struggling to survive the economic landscape, that begs the question, can the post or any paper, really afford to look a gift horse in the mouth. >> more global village voices now on the post and the c.i.a.. >> there is a particular reason for the post owner doing business with the c.i.a. through amazon. the post of course is doing a lot of great reports on national security issues and i'm not sure what the post can do other than disclose when ever it is appropriate and the executive editor said he's going to do exactly that. i have no reason not to take him at his word and that is the best that the post can do. >> the post management and jeff have to have a conversation about the business contacts and make proper decisions about
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which of those required disclosure in context of the owner of the newspaper. beggars can be choosers, all though, i believe that people involved in politics or religion or social affairs are absolutely entitled to be owners of the publications and the proof is in the performance. >> al jazeera america gives you the total news experience anytime, anywhere. more on every screen. digital, mobile, social. visit follow @ajam on twitter. and like aljazeera america on facebook for more stories, more access, more conversations. so you don't just stay on top of the news, go deeper and get more perspectives on every issue. al jazeera america.
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>> every morning from 5 to 9am al jazeera america brings you more us and global news than any other american news channel. find out what happened and what to expect. >> start every morning, every day, 5am to 9 eastern with al jazeera america.
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>> finally, here are the key attributes of the movie makers, clearly no fear of heights. the photographers have made a name for themselves with their daredevil camera work. they scaled the tallest building in china. they were wabl to photograph, film and block about the entire process. while the assent left the openers a little red faced over the lack of the security, the video has got more than 23 million hits online and some of the pictures are amazing. see you next time at the listening post. >> aging america...
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the sacrifice growing children endure, to care for their parents >> i left my job as a lawyer... >> best ways to cope... my husband was like a single father... >> my mother said: "take care of dad" on al jazeera america good afternoon, and welcome to al jaa america. i am morgan radford live in new york city. we go first to kiev. thousands of supporters remain in the street. a criminal investigation has been launched in to a leak at a north carolina coal plant and cancer, a canadian food show breaks new ground. ♪ ♪


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