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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 25, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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good morning to you and welcome back to al jazeera america, the oldest holocaust survivor dies at 110 and does not have the dark days defy the rest of her life and snow and rain across the country and we go to ebony. >> this is a look across the and snow and rain have come in like cases effecting kids may not be connected.
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two michigan women who want to adopt each err's chin. this case coming as federal judges in utah, oklahoma, and virginia, this struck down gay marriage bans. what did you hear in the opening statements today? >> i can tell you that both sides came out strong, the lawyers for the state, they basically came out saying that kids who are raised by hetero sexual parents are better off and basically saying that a 2004 law that bans gay marriage here in michigan supports that motion. now, this is a case that centers on a lesbian couple it was a couple of years ago when they tried to place their children up for dogger, jointly,
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but they were barned because of this law that was passed. now, their attorney in court today came out saying that there is no brave whatsoever, that shows that homosexual parents are not good parents. and a lot of emotions have been involved. i have the opportunity to talk to some of them take a low pressure. >> we believe it is clear in the bible, what this state of marriage is between one man and one woman. and we are just standing up for the lord. >> my point is simply that i love my life, i love her with all my being, and i want do have a family and all the tim things that everybody else has. it is a not i right i think should be taken away from me.
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the constitution was made for everybody, not just certain people. excluding us out of that it is just wrong, just wrong. >> so again, this is day one of the trial, and it is expected to last at least another two weeks. i am told that state attorney that if the jump handling this case overturns this gay ban on marriage, well that he plans to appeal. legal analyst i have talked to say there isn't any good chance. that's because mrs.n't any question as to whether this should be up to the voters to decide on. i am told that michigan isn't the only state in this. >> how long is this expected to last? >> it is expected to last at least two weeks. they are hearing from several witnesses. several sigh idealses
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talking about parenting. it has been more so than gay rights. >> a new report that it will veto a controversy bill allowing business owners to refuse service over reasonablous believes. he has until friday to make a decision. swell three republican state senators who initially voted in favor of the bill are urging brewer to now veto it. meanwhile, some arizona business leaders are worry that it could cost the state next year's super bowl, the arizona super bowl host committee take out against the legislation, they don't want a repeat of what happened. that's when the in fact moved the sewner bowl to california after arizona voters rejected a state holiday honoring zit rights leader and the bash lash to this legislation, is certainly
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growing and major companies are keeping a close eye on just what the governor does here. following the reaction on social media for us. >> yeah, tony, american airlines, the cardinals they are all asking them to veto it. does not represent the citizens of our state, in any way, i am so sorry, a few misguided people have run a ground in the name of religious freedom. also take a look at this, this is from seth mcfarland. he says dear arizona in case you missed it, we have already had this conferring, love america. and some facebook paiges were also starting to veto and also the facebook page to support the bill, only has 56
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people which are some of the organizations that are supporting it. center for arizona policy, on their page, they have put out this call for people to send a letter the governor. big businesses is small businessing are speaking out about this. veto arizona hayes. >> if you take a look at this one, this one is right outside a pizzeria in arizona, it says we reserve the right to refuse service to arizona legislatures. to the owner as well. >> yeah, we will. >> state attorneys general do not have to defend same-sex marriage bans in their states if they don't believe in them. in recent hospitals.
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what more did we hear today from errick howledder. >> that all are equal and entitled to equal opportunity. >> now attorney general holder did say this, choosing not to defend a law should be exceedingly rare. this is a decision that they should not be taken lightly and it should be
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exceptional circumstances. i'm getting a lot of push back from the state legislatures. when we talk to attorneys general, they basically said this, you have to look at the laws of the state. and the constitution of the state. and if they conflict the constitution is indeed the most important thing. others say you have to look at this as a civil rights issue. many of them see the constitution as holding civil rights as all important, so that say that may end up trumping a state law, or a state legislature banning gay marriage. >> libby casey in washington, d.c. for us. it is a contingency plan
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in case the government does not sign the security agreement with the united states. making more likely to get a security because the white house has opened the door for the successor. confusing and mike mckerr rah is here -- talks to afghan president today. according to the former defense secretary. they haven't even spoken since june of last year, and when you consider everything that is on the table, and everything that the united states has invested there, that is truly remarkable. but you are right, the possibility of leaving that over the horizon that residual force in afghanistan, post 14, more likely today than it was yesterday. and you have to have a little context here.
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they have all been saying that the president has to sign the agreement, that would allow those p toos that would sign the arrangement, all the legal documents to allow those american troops to stay in afghanistan. karzai said he wasn't going to sign it.
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>> against the clock here. in the sense that the longer we go without a bsa, the smaller in scale and ambition the mission would have to be. >> smaller in scale and ambition, but there may be a force there, nonetheless, that department look like that was going to happen, because of karzai. what would they be doing there. the government here in the white house says they would be training advising and going after the ream innocence of core al quaida, within afghanistan. >> i'm curious, does the white house have the backing -- i almost know the answer to this, from congress, to make what is being talked about here happen? >> i think he does. and especially from republican. republicans are very critical. about the situation in iraq. no u.s. forces in iraq at all, and we have seen what has happened there to -- because of it.
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they want to see that force of the numbers are somewhat unclear, 10,000 allied forces within afghanistan. they want to see that force right there to maintain the security situation after the combat troops "combat troops" leave at the end of this year. >> thank you. just one day after he is retiring sources say his wife plans to run for a seat. >> and the u.s. department of transportation penalizing ozian that airline, months after a jet crashed in photograph. that was in july of last year. the d.o.t. fined them $5,000 for failing to assist family members. three people were killed and dozens more were
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injured when the jet clip add sea wall while attempting to land, according to the department of transportation it took the airline up to five days to reach the family's of all 291 passengers. ukraine's interim mt. is expressing more fears. this as an interim government has been delayed until thursday. nick is in arkive for us. historically it has been pro russia, but is it a more divided city now? >> tony, it is absolutely a divided city. you know, this kind of town looks bike at kiev, which about a four hour train drive, or an hour and a half flight what they say is happening there is illegal. and they say they don't recognize the new government, and there's a lot of concern in this country, especially in this city about the
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separation, about the device. the acting president is worried about parts of the country breaking up or separating. so that is a big worry p they say no, we don't want that at all, it would be a disaster, we just want to be representative of kiev, and have all the people that have occupied this building behind me, and the people that are also protesting we want to be part of the government and the future. >> hey, nick, we mentioned that the interim government was supposed to announce be announced today, and we understand there are a lot of moving parts but do we know why this decision was put off until thursday? >> tony, this is difficult work even on a good day, to create a new government, so we had what a lot of the people here call a third revolution. and so clearly, given that, it is difficult.
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but here is the main point on that. there needs to be a unity government. and the reason is this country needs money. it needs to go to usual, the i.m.f., and the united states it needs a bail out. ukraine is about two or three months awaif from default, and in order to get all of those agreements and make sure that those organizations especially the imf are willing to give them the money, well, it need as unity government, and that means that yanukovych's party, and that means especially making this next government will be difficult. >> you mentioned the president, there is still no sign of him, but now we are hearing he could possibly face the international criminal court. what can you add to that? >> that is a court of last resort. that's what these activists say. and part of the reason, it is not clear if they can send him there.
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it's not clear whether the jurisdiction extends to the ukraine. it is figuring out where he is, where he has gone. two very reason we have a unity, or a next government, is because the parliament was able to say he abandoned his post, and that's why we have a yuhnke government. so that's still very much under the discussion. they would rather fry him here, as they said before, the i.c.c. is a court of last resort. >> nick, good to see you, appreciate it, thank you. while political uncertainty reigns ukraine also faces as you heard nick just mention, the possibility of financial collapse. but until parliament forms a government, reports no uh from kiev. in parliament, rapidly check away at the guard.
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>> to begin the rebuilding of the country. >> andre turner has spent many days and calling for the fall of victor. now that the former president is gone, he hopes that the transitional government will manage to steer the country out of the crisis. >> that removing the president was just a first step. >> people here have different ideas and aspirations. the transitional government will have to reflect all these competing dend mas. but what everyone agrees on is that the economy
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isn't a priority. >> the rating agency downgraded the country to a c.c.c. which is just a notch above default. they needed $35 billion just to stay afloat. >> the task is monumental for lawmakers this is a country that needs a complete overhaul. >> the economy starts working -- no investor will enter the down without insurance that his access can be protected. so the properties accusation, economic reyou remember toes, education, i mean everything. >> ukraine has been trapped for decades between russia and eu. both using the economic leverage to influence politics. but it seems that europe is winning the race.
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are we in danger of pricing average americans out. how much, how much legal marijuana sales are bringing in in tax revenue for colorado. ♪
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good morning to you and welcome back to al jazeera america, the oldest holocaust survivor dies listen to this, for soda and chocolate bars. to propose new rules to ban ads for junk food entirely at schools. wow. this is going to be controversial. roxanne that. >> i think the food involved a lot more than when i was at a kid. >> and healthier for you than even for me. >> we won't go into details there, but thank you that was a compliment. >> kids still see too many ads for food that is sweet, salty, or fatty, these are the kinds of signs she wants to do away with, but it is also poster and menu boards and they would also say
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ads on most scoreboards. that eventually would mean no ads for regular soda. but ads for mineral water would be okay. no ads for chocolate bars but light popcorn is pipe. marking the fourth anniversary of her let's move campaign to improve kids health. >> the fact is today the average child watching thousands of food advertisements each year. and 86% of these are for products loaded for sugar, fat, or salt. by contrast, our kids see an average of one ad a week for healthy products like water, fruits and vegetables. >> almost all public schools and about half of america's private schools would have to follow the rules, people have 60 days to comment on the proposal at this website, federal and companies like coca-cola say they are onboard with the move,
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ahead of the american beverage association. here is my question. n't it true that these tags food and soft drink companies end up paying a lot of money to these schools that are cash strapped right now, to put those machines and to put those ads up. >> a lot of money is being spent, in 2009, nearly $150 million was spend on advertising in schools and most of that was spent on drinks, but only about a third of schools say they made money and nearly all of them said that there would be no changes to school programs or activities if this ban on ads goes ahead. >> all right, let's see what happens. a big rally. the dowaling today. stocks move between gabes and losses all day. the head of alabama
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security commission, is issuing a warning about bit coin. here we go, another bit coin story. he says the risk of using the virtual currentsy may be off the charts. the excepts come as the website for one of the largest bit coin exchanges in tokyo shut down. for more on some of these stories, let's bring in mike. i love having her on the program, she is partner with seven capitol in new york, that is an investment firm. so there's this new case, and for jeff watching us, what is that the case schiller report measures? >> so case shimmer gives us an indication of existing home sales to the homes not new homes but the homes that are already out there, and what kay schiller is telling us. almost 12%, and the other big indication that is coming out is that even though home prices are up
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year-over-year, that trend seems to be coming down a little bit. so they are not rising as quickly as they have been in the past. what was that number 11%? >> 11.9%. >> what explains that rise that's a year to year rise? >> right. so over the course of 12 months and really what we are seeing is that when you have a very low interest rate environment, this is what we had. when you combine that with markets that saw declines of 70, 30,% in the home values. the combination makes it very affordable to buy the house. and so over the last two years you have been seeing people move into the market, take
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advantage, and buy homes so there's a natural end to that. we saw rates mortgage rates rise. from the a low of 3.3% over the last six months so we have seen them taper from there. so as it becomes more expensive, there aren't as many values. >> so who has been in the marketplace? are we talk about americans making for their first home. when the market seems really good for them to do? >> well, there's definitely been money pouring in from foreign buyers. and that include a lot of canadians. so the canadians are buying, anyone else? >> canadians, the chinese have been coming in, mexicans as well, again, one thing that is left out of is conversation is currency exchange rates.
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canadians saw their dollar appreciate quite a bit in the last couple of years so that made everything down hoar look to cheap. so here is the question, are we getting to a place now with the price of homes going up, and the rates going up, and the need for a big down payment, are we looking at average americans being squeezed out of the home buying market? >> 65% own their home, and so the rising tide has been lifting all shifts. if you own your home, pricing are coming up. and in other areas so that has been one of the reasons why people have been spending a little bit more, feeling better over the last couple of years and the fact that that is slowing down is why many economists are getting concerned that hey, maybe the economy in general will be suffering more.
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one day after uganda's president signed a trick antigay law, the tabloid names the countries top 200 homo sexuals deepening concerns. health officials say now 35 cases of the polio like illness are not linked.
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good morning to you and welcome back to al jazeera america, the oldest holocaust survivor dies at 110 and does not have the dark days defy the rest of her life and snow and rain across the country and we go to ebony. >> this is a look across the country and a few areas we will hone in on where we are finding
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the rain and snow and starting off in the northwest. where we see the same pattern as the poppet gone today, to make plans to withdraw all troops from afghanistan by the end of the year, in case the two countries can't agree to a security deal. afghan president has refused to sign a deal so far, but today's move now leaves the door open for his successor to sign it. after elections in april. ukraine's currency has tumbled toen a all time low over uncertainty about his political and financial future. >> it is raising fears of violence against people on that list, this comes amido increasing pressure on uganda over the law, including a warning from the united states that it could cut hundreds of millions of dollars
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insends in aid, to uganda each year. jonathan best is here with that story. >> a lot of attention across the united states, and across the world per. anger is certainly growing over the new antigay law. the u.n. said today it is seriously concerned. now the president expanded laws against gays yesterday. but that has now sparked fears of a witch hunt. because of this a tabloid today listed on its front page names and photos of what it called "the country's top 200 homo sexuals." some are openly gay, but others are hip-hop stars and even catholic priests. soon after a gay activist was beaten to death. just a hand full of countries either allow same sex relationships or haven't done inning about them. south africa is the only
4:33 pm
country that recognizes gay marriage. most of the countries, 38 of 54 outlaw homo sexuality, beaten, tortured and they can be sent to prison for life. four countries in africa have the death penalty for being gay, including sudan, and parts of nigeria. uganda originally wanted the death penalty, but backed off partly from international pressure. uganda gets more money from the united states than any other country. the white house has called for the law to be repealed. some european nations have already pulled back their aid. it is unclear if the united states will do the same because keep in mind, uganda is a key western ally in fighting al quaida linked groups in africa. a new twist in the medical mystery. dozens of children have come down with a polio like illness, but health officials now say the
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cases don't seem to be connected. following this story closely, you know. tony, you have a situation where it is playing it very cautiously p so i know it is a very subtle difference, and it is confusing was i do think it does underscore the fact that we know very little about what is going on. whether it's a mystery illness, or mystery illnesses. >> do we know then how doctors are treating this. >> welt that's the tough thing.
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if you can't diagnose it how can you treat it. we saw the jarvis family that has been immaterial packeted on monday evening and described just what happened and it is absolutely terrible, they called it polio like illness, well, indeed it happened quickly, within 48 hours a child's limbs could go into paralysis, and that is what is so concerning but i think it is also important to emphasize, that doctors have said over and over again that this is a very very rare phenomenon, we aren't looking at a outbreak. >> have there been any cases outside of california? >> we have california research doctors looking at this p p it doesn't preclude the possibility, but we don't know of any outside of the state. now there's so much awareness to the public and the medical community, it is the hope that if there are like this, we will now find out about them.
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is thank you, pot, pot, has been legally sold in colorado for just about two months now. today we are getting the first numbers on how much they are making. already, two shops are boasting over $1 million in sales for january alone. is that means tax dollars. and paul, take a moment here and break down these numbers, this is astounding. >> tony, yeah, so far so good, when voters here first went to the polls and legalized recreational pot, the talk has been what a cash crop this could be. comingbers are coming from from pueblo county, where two shops just two pot shops did about $1 million in sales in january alone. that is in turn kicks off about $56,000 in sales tax revenue.
4:37 pm
local sales tax revenue. that's just one county, there are about 160 legal pot shots in the state, most of them here in denver, those numbers yet to come in. be uh the projections seem to be getting better and better, the number on the table there was $70 million that now is about $115 million up more than 50%, so the projects looking good, opponents of legalization, don't have much to say when the numbers look this good. there are still concerns, of course, about people driving high, the long term effects but so far so good. black hole didn't open up and swallow colorado. >> you can imagine, there are a number of states around the country watching those numbers. very closely.
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nearly eight weeks after a toxic chemical spill in charleston, some residents stimdon't drink the water. having a huge economic impact, kimberly has our report. >> when kayli learned that the drinking water was con tom nateed she acted quickly. she knew she could no longer rely on tap water for her three restaurants. >> they are all cooking with bottled water, we have bout commercial water pumps. so that our coffee makers can run on bottles water. >> but zeal is now spending about $5,000 extra a month, so their customers have bottle water with their meals. she says she is paying the price of mismanagement. on the 9th of january, one of those tanks the freedom industries facility, sprung a leak. and 38,000 litters of a cold cleaning chemical known as crude mchm,
4:39 pm
parenties the nearby river, and into the water supply of 300,000 residents. >> charleston mayor is furious they have filed for bankruptcy protection. now almost impossible to sue for compensation, that would begin to prepare the city's now tarnished reputation. >> the damage to our brand is something that will be carried on for years probably for the rest of my life. >> in the past two years charleston has spent $50,000 revitalizing it's economy. now it is fear that it will drive away any hope of future investment, and tourism dollars. west virginia economic fate has long been tied the the coal industry. it needs jobs. steel expects littler happen to those responsibility for the spill, though, because she says state
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politicians turn a behind eye to safety regulations to attract jobs. >> all we have is big special interest in the state, i feel like to some extent, they must have the idea that they have bought a certain amount of reprieve. and i am not nigh neve enough to doubt that that is the case. >> so for now, thousands of people are left to absorb the cost of the spill. and reflect on their relationship with big business. al jazeera, charleston, west virginia. >> dozenings of students are dead at a school in nigeria. officials say members seen here attacked the school. it happened in the northeast region, right now the death toll stands at four. although they have not claimed responsibility, the group has attacked schools in the past. several refugees from the
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conflict in central africa republic are living at an airport, that's because they have nowhere else to go. the people calling it home say they are closer to foreign aid workers. today the frenching parliament voted to keep the presence in the country, but as al jazeera reports for us now, civilians say the french troops don't make much of a difference. it's turf for people to earn a living here, will you are selling wood, or bread, there are few customers. but business goes on under the watchful eye of french and african peace keepers. this is pk 12 district. hungs are packed ready to leave and protect themselves. many people here don't trust the french. some feel they were left at the mercy of the
4:42 pm
christian fighters trust is so fragile, even the local red cross is sent away. but some would accept the help. even the devil. come to help us, welcome, let them come. enjoy. i have only 50 meters. he says inch with the french here, people are being kimed but is cash about accepting help from anyone. >> if they come and exterminate everyone, who benefits. we need the international community to protect us. >> christian fighters are getting organized. a spokesman says they want stability, after liberating the country but on their own terms.
4:43 pm
we do it when we're ready, but there's none. a patrol can be a lucked site, by the end of the week, these soldiers will be at home in france. many more may follow. >> this is a relatively new operation, the french leading a patrol that includes police from the central african republic, is to show cooperation and a presence on the streets. >> being seen together may help, but many people want food not more guns regardless of who is carrying them. it seems little doubt french keepers have saved lives. tonya paige, al jazeera, ban guy, central african republic. >> in britain, the former news of the world editor said she was shocked to
4:44 pm
learn -- today as rebecca brooks third day on the witness stand, in the phone hacking trial. the paper shut down, amido public outrage of the hacking of billy doweller's phone, she was abducted and murdered the former editor and six others are on trial facing charges including phone hacking and bribery. all seven have pleaded not guilty. more than 2 million people are displaced because of the civil war, and after being denied entry, many are threing to yemen, mo hamed following one family trying to survive in the capitol city. fixed on tragic memories he can hardly talk. his long suffering from diabeteses was compounded by disastrous years in syria and abroad. a simple laborer, he
4:45 pm
sweated for 35 years to raise four children and build a home in damascus. but in just a few months an air raid turned the three story house into rubble. the eldest son went missing the family fled for safety among the palestinian refugees. but the fighting soon follows them there. >> we used to live in peace, suddenly trouble began. our hearts came down, my son went missing. the elder daughter is peg that pant from a failed marriage who refuses to register the expected baby as his child. the second daughter is married to a yemen, also an old man, who is not going to take his wife young. and with a young son unemployed the family depends on hand outs.
4:46 pm
up to 6,000 syrians live in similar conditions. they spent three time fund raising and distributing. >> the distribute 40 relieve from the refugees but priority for families and widows we also help them with cash and try to solve as many problems as we can. >> but those problems are multiple. they are denied residency, most of them are put in joint schools because they are lost. they also can't find joel and the few that can get very meager samurais. >> was to fill the application forms as asylum seekers. they have paid for yemen visa extensions every
4:47 pm
three months. of course they can ill afford to bear. al jazeera. >> a controversy around an execution scheduled for tonight, maria is back with details from that, and other storying making headlines across the country today. >> tony, missouri authorities are getting ready to execute michael taylor, just after midnight tonight, his attorneys filed several appeals trying to save him, including one that says the execution drugs risk causing a slow and painful death. but a federal appeals court panel denies four separate requests. taylor was convicted in the 1989 rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl. in new york today, a state trooper testified that he was worried kerry kennedy may have suffered a seizure or stroke when her car swerved into a truck. the trooper said kennedy passed several sobriety tests at the police station, the daughter of senator robert kennedy and the ex-wife of new york governor andrew cuomo is accused of driving under the influence of sleeping
4:48 pm
pills. the defense says kennedy accidentally took a sleeping pill instead of thyroid medication. in denver colorado new marijuana lueed mean new training for state troopers. they are learning how to spot stoned drivers. some of the tests are the same as oned used to detect alcohol use, others are specific to marijuana look liking for red eyes. another effective new marijuana law in colorado the state's girl scout group says its members are not allowed to sell cookies outside pot shops. that's right. the announcement came after girl scout sold more than one with hundred boxes of cookies in just two hours after san francisco medical marijuana dispensary. it is just not appropriate to sell outside adult oriented businesses they don't allow sales outside bars strip clubs or gun shows. >> right. >> and they say pot shops they are no different than that. well, i guess it could be
4:49 pm
a slippery slope. >> when people are hungry. >> right. [laughter] >> had to say it. >> that was good. >> gossip in the elevators at goldman sachs went viral, now the man behind it and his big secret reveals and 50 years ago today, a young fighter named cassius clay shocked the world by defeating a man who at that point was thought to be unbeatable. we are talking about sun nelies toone, the start of mohammed ali's legendary career.
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
good morning to you and welcome so the man that tweeted about elevator gossip has been outed. his name is john lefevour. the former bond executive
4:52 pm
who lived in texas who never actually worked for goldman sachs, maria is back, with more on the story. >> well, tony, on twitter he called himself g.s. elevator. his account has more than 635,000 followers. that isn't his picture by the way that's the chairman of goldman sachs. for three years he wrote sparkky remarked supposedly things heard in gold map sax elevators. he wrote tattoos aren't my thing that would be like putting a bumper sticker on a lampur ginny. it says group on, food statutes for the middle class. >> hey. >> or suit them burr one, was that really an earthquake, suit number two says no i just dropped my wallet. so what are the reactions, what's more surprising fact that g.s. elevator author didn't work there, or that people thought they were real quotes. and not satire, well played john, you are the reason i joined twitter
4:53 pm
to begin with. only cool thing i heard on the elevator was a guy blabbing to me he knew harrison ford. i all thought g.s. elevator was a parody account, nobody talks in the elevator. we did reach out the the author, he didn't reply. he has a book deal. >> no he does not. >> oh, yes he does. >> six figure book deal? all right. maria, appreciate it, 50 years ago today, a young man named cassius clay, entered the ring and shook up the whole world. he knocked out sunny liston and claimed the first of what would become three career heavy weight champions. mark morgan has this. one of the most iconic champions in history. he was cast as a mere mortal before his 1964 show down against seemingly invincible world heavy weight champion.
4:54 pm
>> everyone assumed that when he got in there with someone who is a lot of grit and might, he would just be a blip in history of the sport. >> entering their february 1964 title fight, liston was 35 and one, and won of the most intimidating boxers of his era. despite boasting a gold medal, the brash clay was still a 7-1 underdog. >> i gave him zero chance. i believed that the 7-1 odds were an absolutely underlay. but then so did the rest of the world, except for him. he frequently referred to him as a big ugly bear, even wearing a denim jacket with the words bear hunting. >> he drove up in his bus. which is marked mo hamed ali.
4:55 pm
up to surf side. big ugly bear,ly tame the bear,ly give him to a zoo. he is too ugly to be champion. and we didn't know it but this was really getting inside his head. round one, he comes out he is challenging across the ripping like a bull, and the matador is to bees him with a jab, and another jab, and then moves away. he is half matador, half ba rich no cover. it is something to see. >> clay utilized his remarkable speed, agile footwork, and fastnd has to upset liston in a stunning technical knock out after six rounds. of the 46 sports writers at ring side, 43 had picked liston to win in a knock out. >> he said at the end of the fight, i shocked the word, i shocked the world. >> his bold talent was not confirmed to the ring, after converting to
4:56 pm
islam, he formally announced his new name, mo hamed ali within a week after beating liston. three years later he began a different kind of fight. in 1967, he was found guilty of refused to be inducted into the military. >> i will go to jail, but i'm not going. >> he has built one of the strongest legacies in the history of the sport. a look at the days top stories when we come back, this is al jazeera.
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>> start with one issue education... gun control... the gap between rich and poor... job creation... climate change... tax policy... the economy... iran... healthcare... ad guests on all sides of the debate. >> this is a right we should all have... >> it's just the way it is... >> there's something seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story next only on al jazeera america president obama told the pent gone today to prepare to bring all u.s. troops by the end of the year. if the two countries can't agree to a security
4:59 pm
arrangement. afghan president mo hamed karzai is unlikely to sign that deal, but today's room opens the move for the successor to sign. ukraine's parliament was supposed to come up with an interim government today, but that has been delayed until at least thursday, it is an important move, because the country cannot receive any international aid, until the government is in place. the debate over gay marriage is taking center stage today. some say the case will end up at the u.s. supreme court. high and home builders told brothers report, the average price f oit's homes increased by 22% last year. the increase helped the profits rise by more than 900%. home prices increase nationally by 11% in the best in eight years.
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the magazine says the car has exceptional acceleration, handling. those are the headlines inside story is next. [♪ music ] >> hello, i'm ray


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