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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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♪ separatists in east urn ukraine claim victory after referendum on autonomy. ♪ hello and welcome i'm in doha and this is al jazeera, the other top stories this hour, keeping up the pressure and antiprotesters in tie land talk about demonstrations the government has. killed seeking a better life, dozens of bot recovered off of tripoli after a boat carrying migrants sinks. the final stage on the biggest vote on earth, india's election
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comes to an end. but first pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine have a victory on self rule and the majority of people who voted are in favor of p move and final is coming in the next few hours and we are meeting in brussels to talk about the crisis and russia has talk about the preliminary results and they said should lead to new talks between the government and separatist leaders. >> translator: the official results will be announced soon but we treat with respect the decision of the voters and we believe a practical implementation of these results will lead to talks between kiev and eastern regional leaders and further discussions in security in western europe. >> reporter: we are live in
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kiev and we have been listening to what sergei fedorov is saying and what else did he have to say? >> he is talking about diplomacy but i think what is really crucial here is he believes that moscow or ukraine should implement the results of this referendum and as you heard in doing so without provocations from kiev he is talking about this antiterrorism operation in the east that would facilitate dialog between the regions. i think the question now is how willing to get involved will russia be and russia said it's not willing to launch a military encoursion not on the agenda and this is something he is not willing to do and sergei fedorov went on to say saying dialog in
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the east will be crucial to deescalating this crisis. ukraini ukrainians in parliament say ukraine is not willing to talk to those who have blood on their hands and the government is willing to negotiate with representatives from the east but not involved in taking over buildings and not those who are armed. i point out to say that we heard along the referendum in the east is illegal and i'llegitimate an 32% of the people in the dansk and other regions turned out to vote through the i lligitimacy. >> can you gave the response and pew tin asked it be postponed and we just heard from sergei fedorov talking about more
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diplomacy. are we getting public messages and is there a different agenda dehind the scenes? >> reporter: well, i think what everybody is trying to figure out exactly what russia's end game is and that is very difficult to tell. as you mentioned last week russian president putin asked to delay the referendum and what is the aim, is that to distance himself of what was going on in the east or was he publically saying one thing and to the separatists another and that is not clear and what we heard from sergei fedorov today is throeing something else in the mix and russia says it's legitimate and people should be listened to on it will be interesting to hear the response from kiev in the coming hours. >> in kiev, thanks, kim. and going to tie land and anti-government protesters moved
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rally to an area of bangkok and thousands of people have been camping out in the park since march and now moving it to the empty government house and are vowing down to bring down the caretaker government. and we are live from bangkok and why is the anti-government protest leader moving hq to where you are? does he see last week as sort of victory for his movement? >> he does, steven, that is because he has been removed from office because of a couple of court cases and that is one thing he and his followers have been following for six months and most protesters have moved here from the bark and the leader is on his way and it will take quite some time and nearly seven kilometers and take a couple hours for him to come here and he will take up an office in the government house that sat vacant for several
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months because the ruling party and government has been operating out of other buildings in bangkok maybe because of the leaders in bangkok and we saw a thousand protesters going from the government house here to parliament that is because the senate has been holding an informal meeting today, steven. >> there are several top government meetings today. so is everybody i nose -- suppose they will ask who is running thailand and the moment and how quickly that can change. >> absolutely and one of the meetings is the senate in formal meeting going on in parliament. the speaker of the senate quite frankly asked for more time and took up with protesters and leader and they want there to be the dissolution of the current cabinet and want any representation of the ruling party removed from it and want
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as they say impartial members to be in a cabinet and appointed to a cabinet and prime minister and they are out in parliament right now. the speaker said it will take time and they have to see how legally it can happen if i can happen and it will take some time. the acting prime minister held a press conference and he said he is willing to sit down with all parties back to the opposition, back to ruling party, that is these two support groups for those two party, the yellow and red shirts as they are known. he is willing to sit down but he believes that the ethic of protesters don't have the law behind them. what they are asking for is illegal and unconstitutional. steven. >> scoot is reporting from bangkok and thanks, scott, we will stay in thailand and rebels launched a series of attacks in the south of the country and one was killed and ten others injured in a series of shootings, bombing and arson attacks and blamed on separatist groups which have been demanding
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greater autonomy from the government in bank co -- bangko. state media reported 40 workers were inside the building in the eastern city of king jow and flooding and two people have been killed. they stormed a building in eastern afghanistan in attacks across the country and they surrounded the building and engaged gunfire with fighters and it's unknown how many people were in there and in kabul at the international airport this happened but didn't cause damage. dozens of bodies recovered out of libya tripoli and thought they are immigrants who drawn when the boat sank days ago and dozens more are still missing and they say 130 people were on board the vessel at the time. and we have this report from
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tripoli as some of the pictures are disturbing. >> reporter: another attempt to reach europe, another tragedy, followed by the bodying of illegal immigrants being retrieved from the open sea and police patrol searching for more bodies. the final death toll is unclear. the navy said it happened on friday when a boat carrying 130 illegal immigrants sank east of tripoli and 52 people were rescued then and 74 were missing. but the spokesman insists only 20 bodies were found. health officials say they need help. >> translator: we have 48 dead bodies in vans and no rehospital to receive them. i call to find a hospital morgue and murder si of justice to bury the bodies directly and they are
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causing pollution and environmental problems and disease. >> reporter: and they asked for help from the eu to curb the flow of illegal immigrants. the country is in chaos after the fall of gaddafi's regime and trying to bring in well armed powerf powerful malitia and it share as border of six countries and cost line of more than 1170 kilometers and it's transient for immigrants and some set free and the government says it's not only libya's problem and the european union needs to do more. >> we are reporting from tripoli. at least 15 people have been killed in a stampede at a football stadium in the democratic of congo and fans have been fighting in the stands during the match and people fired tear gas in the crowd and that triggered the stampede.
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a drone strike killed at least four suspected al-qaeda fighters in the northern providence and the first time they used drones in the defensive against al-qaeda that started two weeks ago and we have more from yemen capitol. >> the drone targeted an off-road vehicle traveling in a desert area in the province. witnesses say four people were killed in the attack and we don't know if they were al-qaeda operatives or nothing but this is an ex escalation in the fight against al-qaeda where the army has a massive operation and an operation that could backlash in the past yemen and other groups like and necessity international were critical of drone attacks saying they killed civilians at random. people here in the capitol say
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that the yemen government should never compromise on sovereignty and the issue of plan and lead the fight against al-qaeda and shows also the limitation of the yemen army and doesn't have the capabilities to launch special operations against al-qaeda and exactly why you have americans using drones against high targets. >> reporter: to egypt and corresponde correspondent who has been on hunger strike in a prison for 112 days and his lawyer told al jazeera he asked egypt to transfer him to hospital in 48 hours and says his client could die if not given immediate help. >> translator: during a visit it said he was incoherent and the things he said didn't make sense. he also fainted and was unconscious. his mother called the lawyer to confirm people saw him in that
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state and of course i felt his life was at risk especially after i saw him in court and the pictures after he lost weight. >> still to come on this program prayers for the missing school girls and national anger brings people together in nigeria. and we remember the victims of the genicide after the general suspected being responsible had his conviction overturned. ♪ >> i'm joe berlinger this is the system people want to believe that the justice system works. people wanna believe that prosecutors and police do the right thing. i think every american needs to be concerned about that.
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we do have the best justice system in the world, in theory... the problem is, it's run by human beings... human beings make mistakes... i'd like to think of this show as a watch dog about the system... to make sure justice is being served. wrongful convictions happen, we need to be vigilant. with our personal liberties taken away from us, it better be done the right way.
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welcome back, reminder of the
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top stories on al jazeera, pro-russian separatists in ukraine are claiming victory after a referendum of self rule and are you specifics autonomy and the results expected in a new hours. anti-government protesters moved their rally to a new area in the center of bangkok and moving to the vacated government bringing in an effort to bring down the caretaker government. drone strike killed suspected four al-qaeda fighters and thought to be the first time government forces used drones in the current offensive against al-qaeda. france is offering to hold a summit with nigeria and others to talk about bow -- boca haran and triggered criticism and lack of response from the nigeria government and from the capitol.
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>> reporter: after a month after the capture they are still praying for their safe release and the catholic church called on the congregation to hold special prayers and many responded to the call at the church in abuja. >> we have to pray for the girls because after exploring all options and trying to meet attempts to rescue the girls we have to do this. >> reporter: the church urged all people to pray instead of trading blame and accusations. at this mosque in abuja worshippers have been praying for the girls after every scripture of class. and where the girls were kidnapped called for three days of fasting. >> a sense of unity and solidarity and togetherness and regardless of people's faith,
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people's tribe and geographic location. it's our concern, all of us. >> reporter: many people asked people from the united states and britain to assist nigeria authorities. protesters say they need to keep the pressure going. >> i have the right for a peaceful gathering. nobody is going to violate that right. i am not going anywhere. i have the right in my society. this is a democracy, military rule, i protest not to cutoff democracy, i'm not going anywhere again agagentlemen. >> and i'm with al jazeera abuja. >> the continuing violence in south sudan is a reminder the civil war between the north and south during the 80s and 90s and
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thousands of children were orphaned and others homeless are known as the lost boys and girls and many brought to the united states including a group of girls adopted by a community in colorado and we report now from bolder. >> i ran from south sudan from the civil war and i was a refugee in nairobi and one of the lost girls. >> reporter: memories of blood shed and loss are over shadowed by the chatter in the home in colorado, this is the first time relatives and friends have been together since they fled more than 20 years ago. some have traveled thousands of miles for this reunion. >> we have mountains and humans will always meet even if it's like 100 years. >> reporter: over a decade of civil war tens of thousands of sudan children fled ending up as out casts in refugee camps.
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they were dubbed the lost boys and girls and alone at six years of age she seemed bound for slavery. >> if you don't have parents, it's so hard for you to go to school because these people want you to do stuff like cleaning because you don't have parents. and they can give you away for marriage because they can get bride price. >> reporter: but she was not sold as a bride. today she is an independent young woman with a college degree thanks to rabbi debra bronstein and ten years gooing she road of the lost girls and she convinced her congregation to accept cecelia and others. >> there is a commandment who said if someone is captive in one way or another you have to
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rescue them. >> reporter: today three of her other lost girls are receiving their degrees at the university of colorado. and she has her on family now with her husband who was a lost boy and a brand-new master's degree in education. >> wow, you made it. >> reporter: and she hopes to start a girls' school in sudan, the ground is already bought and waiting for the lost girl to come home. i'm with al jazeera, boulder. >> reporter: supreme court said the far right party can take part in elections later this month after being investigated to links to organized crime and 6 mps and the leader are awaiting trial and under the law
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they are only prevented from raining if they are convicted of a crime. people in the city in iraq of fallujah said they are using barrel bombs and they are in the midst of an operation to drive out anti-government fighters and if true the use of these weapons in heavy populated areas could lead to war crimes. >> reporter: these pictures could well be the first time we seen the use of barrel bombs in iraq and they are, in fact, homemade heavy explosives and the names are accurate and the bombs are not. explosive material is in a barrel and dropped from a helicopter. military experts say the government was improvising explosives due to a shortage of conventional weapons and the u.n. security council condemned the use. one man who lives here has spoken to witnesses seeing the barrel bombs being dropped by helicopters. >> at this time they are in the
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city and barrel bombs on parts of the city and the armed men were targeting civil places. they dropped many barrels and they are targeting the markets. >> reporter: hospital sources say they had to treat civilian casualties and the situation is desperate for those trapped. ministry of defense spokesman told al jazeera we are fighting terrorism with our military machine and we are doing it in a humane way, done be fooled of propaganda and we are not using
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barrel bombs. >> the army has fired barrel bombs on residential neighborhoods. >> reporter: this operation in fallujah is the final action against anti-government tribal malitias but have been fighting since january and both sides experienced heavy losses. if the use of barrel bombs is confirmed in civilian areas that constitutes a war crime and also constitutes a new and traveling tactic by the iraqi army, i'm in baghdad. >> we remember the 2000 people massacred during the civil war from 1960-1996, last year the former president was found guilty of genicide of his role but his conviction was later overturned and david mercer has more from guatemala city.
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>> reporter: marking a landmark for music they talk about the conviction of the former dictator that was sentenced to 80 years in prison for genicide and crimes against humanity but the festivities are bitter sweet. ten days after the victim guatemala court overturned the conviction sending the trial back to a private us vain and legal actions have many here worried. in fed attorney general, one of the genicide case architect was told to step down seven months before she thought her term was set to end and passed up for reelection inspied of being the second most qualified candidate. in april they tried to suspend the year the judge who presided over the trial. massacre survivors says it's clear what is going on. >> translator: there have been changes in favor of impunity and
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responsible for genicide and empowered to do what they want to guatemala but we are keep working for peace. >> reporter: international groups met to discuss the trial and resent developments show guatemala post conflict justice system. >> i think what we have seen over the past year has been a backlash in response to the trial where conservative sectors of both the business, military and conservative politicians have come together in an effort to block this trial and future trials. >> some supporters say the trial has been split -- political and have much of the blame. >> translator: we have to apply
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justice and no countries can tell us how to do things. >> reporter: with the genicide trial set to restart in early 2015 guatemala will likely return to the international spotlight but that is still search months off and bringing the dictator back to court may prove elusive goal, david in guatemala city. >> reporter: 20 million of cocaine seized in a resent drug raid and it was found off shore of the dominican republic and a coast guard helicopter and boat crew intercepted the boat and two people were arrested. a popular landmark in the u.s. has been reopened to the public, an earthquake damaged the washington monument three years ago and the worst of the damage is at the top and has views of the city and cost $7.5 million to repair. voting has started in the final
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phase of india's five week long general election. three states are casting their final votes. neither opposition bjp is contesting a seat and there is serious competition, leader of the anti corruption man party, the ruling congress party is battling corruption allegations and likely to suffer losses. and so we have more from new deli. >> reporter: the final phase of the indian general election. we have seen over five weeks a patennel 814 million eligible voters go to the ballot box in 29 states and 7 union territories. on monday they see their final constituencies go to the polls, as many as 60 million people heading to the ballot box and the attention is there where the
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ministerial candidate is fighting for the seat against the common man parties and both men are hoping to try and win the seat and also project an image that they can represent the whole of the country. and it comes from deli and by fighting for a seat in a different state they are sending the message across and violence in the east of the country and left wing violence on sunday, in fact, in the east. the votes will be counted on friday and it's expected that when that vote count starts postal votes counted first and electronic voting machines will then be able to tell us who is going to form the next government of india in the
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parliamentary elections, the trends should come out 3-4 hours after the votes are counted on friday. >> and that is our website and you will get results as they come in on the website, al is the address but ukraine is the lead story at the moment. a good job. a home for your family. a. >> greg: better future for owners -- a better future for your kids. within the middle class. it's part of our in-depth coverage. i'm ali velshi and this is "real money." all year long we're continuing a