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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 12, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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this is al jazeera. hello from dhoo i' doha, i am kl santa maria. , boko haram, some of the kidnapped school girls. >> barbara serra from london. live in the eastern city of donetske, where a separatist leaders is rallying support for
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russia. >> war torn country with iconic images. >> and we report why biking in australia may not be riding so easily anymore. so nigeria's government has insisted it will not are negotiate with boko haram, after it offered to swipe prisoners for the modern 200 school girls it kid napped. kidnapped. does this change anything, this video, rawya? >> what it does certainly kamal is act to the distress of the families to the shock of the international community. it has to be said that up until
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now, the identity has not been verified yet. authorities in abuja say they have not been able to locate their relatives on the video yet. the educational commissioner has told the authorities in abuja that they have called in some of the school authorities and are family members to identify the girls on the video, if true, very shocking images. their kidnapping has shocked the world. and now the images of the girls are likely to cause further distress. in the 17 minute video the girls are heard speaking in arabic, reciting lines from the koran. three of the girls are also interviewed. two say they were christian, converted to islam, and the other said she was muslim.
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the leader makes a separate appearance. he says he will not let the girls go unless incarcerated girls from the -- incarcerated prisoners from the group were released from custody. undoubtedly another cause for ageanger grief and frustration . >> does it talk about what it might do or is everything still being played quite close to the chest? >> quite close to the chest indeed kamahl. the military says it has sent two divisions from the army thousands of soldiers in the ground engaging in that search and rescue operation he but what exactly they are doing is still not clear to us. there have been multiple attempts in the past at least twice to establish committees to try to reach out to boko haram. but this is a very reclusive and
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elusive group. the leader doesn't even maintain direct contact with some of his own members. it's not clear even what the group exactly wants, the demands to release some of their prisoners. also we don't know who exactlily the people that they -- exactly who they want released. certainly a very murky picture here but once again the government insisting it will not negotiate with what they consider terrorists, can kamahl. >> are boko haram has a longer record of violence and kidnappings. dominic hull has this story. >> the men are being showed how to use autis automatic weapons. their group has can existed more than ten years. the words boko haram loosely
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translated means western education is sinful. for the past five years they've led an armed campaign against the nigerian government mainly in the north of the country. attacking schools, police stations and other official buildings. thousands of people have been killed or wounded. the group's leader is this man, abu bakar shakal, a radical idealogue. an al jazeera team filmed these are pictures in march where four attacks killed more than 400 students in the past year. in one incident, 32 students were killed at the federal boarding school at the remote town of borni yadi. every building in the school was
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burned down. the international community has condemned boko haram with the u.s. community calling it a terrorist organization. >> let me be clearment t kidnapping of hundreds of children by boko haram is an unconscionable crime and we'll do everything possible to support the nigerian government to return these young girls to their homes. >> many moderate organizationers have called for boko haram to be disband he. dominic cane, al jazeera. >> amnesty international, said the government had prior warning of these kidnappings. steve in your opinion how does the government move forward? reclusive and elusive about boko haram. how do you even deal with a group like that under this very tense situation? >> clearly, it is very tough. as you say we had criticisms what happened in the leadup to the attack.
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we are where we are now. i don't believe it is up to a human rights organization to give strategic advice on how to engage further. but there's a bigger-picture problem here in which we've seen far too many human rights violations on clearly terrible, terrible crimes by boko haram but quite serious violations by the security forces. moving forward we do need a sense of the rule of law where negotiations have taken place. we're really hoping if there can be some peaceful resolution. it's a small sacrum, assuming these individual videos are rea. >> you talk about the rule of law being abated, dealing with a group like boko haram, where in some cases we don't know exactly what they want. the rule of law gets vague there. i'm interested on your views much how to move this forward.
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-- on how to move this port. >> i was part of a report launched that amnesty international did a few years ago in nigeria, trapped in the cycle of violence was the title of that report and a similar one earlier this year. what we were seeing was, it was very obviously the severity of the violence by boko haram was serious and although they were difficult to deal with what we have seen in nigeria and around the world you do not make things worse by extra judicial executions by civilians killed by desperation by authorities but nonetheless riding roughshod over the rule of law is not the way forward. that's what we've seen far too often and we haven't seen the world paying attention othat, just one -- >> sorry steve, do you think that option is being taken because the security forces saw no other way forward, to use a
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very crude phrase, fight fire with fire? >> wrong legally and morally if you like but also in practical terms, if you are dealing with the worst radical groups and i'm speaking to you from london, u.k, the irish are republican army, riding roughshod over the law, you had to engage on the official side in order to move forward. that's what we haven't seen it. we've seen it all over the world. if you use as you say use fire with fire that does not solve the problems. what solves the problems is when you get fps at the same time as thaat the same time not ofcoursr carelessness of civilian lives from the amnesty side.
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>> thank you very much for your time sir. the u.n. security council could hold down the hunt for joseph kony, wanted for war crimes and crimes against humanity. tens of thousands were killed and over a million displaced as he waged war against the ugandan government for a decade. 5,000 forces backed by 100 u.s. special forces v have been trying to find him for years. the operation is based out of uganda, to the north central african republic as well as the democratic republic ever congo. all this is inhospital builtable area that kony and his men know well. >> my government also shares the
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secretary-generalable concern that lra leaders again have sought a safe haven, we call on the government in khartoum to work cooivelg with th cooperatiu and deny them any rest or support. any government should be embarrassed to be supporting the lord's resistance army. the lra should not be tolerated let alone helped by anyone, not to mention a member state of the united nations. i can assure this council the united states will remain steadfast in providing civilian protection and measures aimed at providing civilian defections. the time will come when removing all lra from the battle field.
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>> fans in ci kinshassa, trigged stampede. at least four people have been killed in south africa as mine workers reported for duty. works at that mine have been on strike for last four months demanding higher wages. one of the biggest strikes since 2012, when four workers were shot dead. tanya paige. >> being natural unionational ue workers, and construction union, has been complaining of intimidation of its workers to take part in the can strike, umco, has been asking for a
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raise in wages. latest offer by the platinum producers of about $1200 that's spread over the next three years. the platinum producers tried to go around the union and directly to the workers by text messaging or smsing them. it was as the sharps that have been closed were being prepared for people to start coming back to work, but these killings have occurred. one of the platinum producers involved has warned that it will start looking at restructuring and job losses if the strike goes on for too much longer. this is all very bad timing for the african national congress. it needs to create jobs so anything like this which adds to uncertainty, tension and unrest, and a key employer in south
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africa is bad news for the anc and its promises of growth and job creation. >> still ahead, india still in line to complete its pleks. manchester city center english premier league champions show offer their silverware. now in ukraine a separatist readers is about to it's, call on moscow to absorb the region. more on that now our london news center with barbara serra.
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>> kamahl. kyiv has denounced the vote as a farce and the european union foreign mirnts, goin ministers. first of all, jonah hull reports. >> the are press conference was supposed the to be about self rule. then it turned into annexation instead. >> based on the will of the donetske people's republic and noshein order to redisor historc justice we can the question many joining the russian federation. [applause] >> reporter: the surprise announcement was relaid by video replay to a small crowd outside. it went down well.
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>> tell the whole world we are happy and we move putin. >> this woman told me she could hardly imagine anyone object be approximately. >> we will fight for our journey into russia as long as we can. but we don't want to be with ukraine now. we will never forgive them, why victims in odessa. >> a huge turn outin sunday's referendum, got a mandate to self-govern but they seem to have other ideas all along. i met dennis in his office earlier in the day. on his wall, a crude hint of things to come. the word russia scrawled across the map. the people's republic of donetske has moved with dizzying
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speed. absolute majority ever referendum on self rule then declaring state sovereignty. then asking moscow to take their newly established republic into the federation. others will surely wonder how a referendum on self-rule has turned so quickly into a formal request to join another country. >> i just warrant this to end. i don't want to go anywhere. i like it here. i've liked it for 21 years. >> as part of this region reach out to russia now, the forces against have been drowned out. jonah hull, al jazeera, donetske. >> the white house has said it will not recognize the results of the referendum and also the president of the european council has condemned it in the eastern city of donetske as illegal and not credible. herman von rumpoy made the
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statements after ukrainian president yatsenyuk. kim vanel reports. >> as the votes were counted in the east, authorities in kyiv said the outcome was irrelevant. forged ballot papers, no international observers and low voter turnout. peeking in parliament, are interim president said that organizers of the referendum will be held criminally responsible. >> that fast, the terrorists call a referendum is nothing else than a propaganda ition killing and other grave crimes. >> the west echoes the course of condemnation. in brussels for an eu foreign
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minister conference. >> the sphrum referendums have o credibility. they are illegal by anybody's standards. they don't meet a standard, not a single standard of fairness or being properly conducted as a public referendum and indeed the people organize them didn't even pretend to meet any of those standards. >> kyiv and the west, presidential election, that election is said to take place in less than two weeks and is seen as crucial, the stability of the country. the oace is offering a road map to resolve the crisis gripping ukraine and said the referendum in the east could make the work ahead more difficult. >> translator: it is a provocation for some. it's what increases the gap between different actors for others. but the fact remains that the
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presidential elections are an essentially element of stabilization. so we have to take into account these latest developments but we have to do whatever possible to are for may 25th election. >> reporter: russia attitude towards the presidential election is being closely monitored by the european union. support where the government is high said russia shouldn't get involved. >> why should we listen to russia? it's madness pure madness, that's all i can say. >> translator: i'm very worried we had to go through such horrible events in maidan and it's very scary now. >> translator: we have a constitution and we can't have a referendum in the regions of ukraine. our country is united and independent and what moscow says means nothing. >> reporter: protests in the east emboldened bithe referendum. progress will be difficult with
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authorities offering to talk to representatives from the east but refusing to control those who they say have blood on their hands. kim vanel, al jazeera, donetske. >> i understand dennis proshilin is addressing the rally just behind you. >> i'm sorry, deppist kushilin is on the stage here. you can see over my shoulder. and to loud cheers, i'll probably say there's no more than two or 300 here, but they are the hard core of the pro-russian movement and very vocal in their support ever what mr. kuchirin has announced today. i don't know if this announcement is going to be shared, donetske and luhansk, we
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were hearing at the polling stations on sunday very many people were voting not to separate to ukraine but simply spit in the eye if you like of kyiv, a very anti-kyiv vote as opposed to a vote for spraiption separation. programs mr. puchillin, wasn't taking the direction, people seemed especially happy even at the prospect of departing from ukraine and joining russia. >> paul brennan life for us in donetske. paul, thank you. more from europe a little later in the program. now let's go back to kamahl in doha. >> robin thank you for that. the taliban has launched a wave
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of attacks against afghanistan. in a separate attack around seven people were killed on an assault on a police check point. a second boat carrying migrants has sunk off the coast of libya. rescued 200 people and recovered bodies, can tripoli and a warning some viewers may find some of the pictures in his report disturbing. >> another attempts to reach europe, another tragedy, bodies being retrieved from the open sea. coast guard and police patrol searching for more bodies. final death toll is unclear. the libyan feaf said th navy sa2
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people were rescued then and over 74 were missing. but a spokesman insists only 20 bodies were found. health officials say they need help. >> translator: we have 48 dead bodies in coroner coroners vanso authorities to receive them. call on the ministry of defense to allow us to bury the bodies. they cause environmental problems and disease. >> libya has appealed to help from the european union. the country is in kay office os after the why fall of moammar gadhafi's regime. attacks the resources the border they share with six countries. this country is a transit point for migrants. once caught some will be
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detained and others set free. the interim government says it is not only libya's problem and the european union needs to do more. >> amal asally with that report. ruling cog party in india is battling the bjp party for pow power. nearnnarendra modi is running fr president. >> a lot of territory in what is the largest democratic vote in the world. up to 814 million people were eligible to vote in phases over five weeks. there are 100 million first time voters and political activists did everything they could to attract their support. >> the democracy in india so far or over time has become or seemed to have become a prisoner
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of the political parties. it seems to be breaking out of that. and people seem to be taking politics or democracy back from the political parties into their own hands. >> reporter: voting began on the 7th of april in the northeast and from the start, turnout was high. over a million security personnel were deployed to safeguard the vote. there was violence in asam and central india but that didn't discourage voters. once again turnout was high. people's needs and wants varied across india but the underlying demand most expressed was to rid india of improper government. >> people are tired of political parties who play politics. my class is your class,
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linguistic differences et cetera, et cetera. the world over, there is a move amongst people that we want the governments to deliver what they promised. >> narendra modi has promised he can deliver this. gagandhi his opponents his clai. having enough seats to form the next administration or whether they're they'll look for help from other parties to form india's next government. sahil raman, al jazeera, india. take part in a popular right of passage. and in sports, $1.8 million
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players championship at about 10 to the hour.
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>> i'm joe berlinger this is the system people want to believe that the justice system works. people wanna believe that prosecutors and police do the right thing. i think every american needs to be concerned about that. we do have the best justice system in the world, in theory... the problem is, it's run by human beings... human beings make mistakes... i'd like to think of this show as a watch dog about the system... to make sure justice is being served. wrongful convictions happen, we need to be vigilant. with our personal liberties taken away from us, it better be done the right way. is justice really for all?
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you. >> you're on the news hour here on al jazeera. welcome back to you joining us on al jazeera america. nigeria's government insists it will not negotiate with boko haram after the opposition offered to credit trade for being prisoners. >> joseph kony wanted for crimes against humanity. separatists from the eastern city of donetske are appealing to become part of russia. organizers of an unofficial referendum say 90% of people have voted for self-rule. the rebel group revolutionary armed forces of
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colombia, farc, say the negotiations could collapse if he is not reelected. a popular overthrowing of the government, grew to insurgency. began to hold talks with the current government in 2012 to end this nearly 50-year conflict but the sticking point has been the illegal drugs trade. negotiations have yet to result in a natural cease fire between the two sides. want to bring in mark chernick, georgetown university, can author of the farc, credit credit why is the drugs trade the sticking point here? >> i actually wouldn't say that it's the sticking point. >> okay. >> it's the third item on the agenda. they've been negotiating on this point for the last few months
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and the farc announced just this morning they are paragraphs away from a final agreement on drug trafficking and the word some in the next two weeks they will announce they have come to agreement on this issue. >> just for our viewers what are the other two things that have already been resolved if you like? >> the other are on land reform which is the very first issue and they have come to a preagreement and the other is participation and they have come to an agreement on that. on this third point i just came from bogota last night. the government will announce there is an agreement in hand, they will suspend the talks for elections because presidential elections are coming up in two weeks and then they will resume in a month after it's clear the outcome of the presidential election. >> this is perhaps where the sense of urgency comes. he reckons it all comes apart if you don't reelect him. that could be a bit of
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electioneering there. >> that's right. anything is possible. there are four viable candidates. it is unlikely that any candidate and not president himself will get more than 50% so we'll go to a second round. three of the four candidates support the peace talks and say they will continue. one of the candidates and he could very well get into the second round clearly opposes these talks. >> coming to an end of a nearly 50 year conflict, what's different now to get to what you say possibly paragraphs away from finalizing the deal? >> well, finalizing the deal on drugs. >> sure. >> still two issues to come. and then cease fire which will be part of the last round of talks. but what's happened is 50 years of war is not that common anywhere in the world and frankly, the country is exhausted with war. they are tired. and there's something new which has occurred in the last i'd say
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ten years or less and that is victims. colombia has more victims that almost any armed conflict anywhere. that's not dead, that's internally displaced, forcefully recruited, those are victims. they say we are tired of this war, want an end to this war, both sides are hearing and there's pressure for this to go forward. >> what about the farc activity? we have talked about the governments, the people affected the group itself wanting to end a very long conflict. how does it get to that point? again what's changed for them do you think? >> well, there's several things. for one i think it's very clear to the farc they're not going to reach power through amortization. and that there isn't a future in arms struggle. they need to look for another way. and the other is there have been changes. there have been changes in columbia and throughout the area, throughout can latin america. they see credit leftist groups
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reaching power through the ballot box and now those groups are saying, those other countries are saying you should come in, there is a possibility of democracy, we will try ensure that and this current president who's up for reelection, he has said i will do everything i can to ensure the incorporation of former groups who have taken up arms and groups who have been excluded back in the are system. it takes us 50 years to get here but looks like we're here. >> it's been interesting talking to you, thank you for that. now the dispute over islands in the south china sea is intensifying fm the vietnamese boats and chinese water canons exchanged fires. a rig in chinese are territorial waters. >> report from beijing. >> the fact it has has perhaps a
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measure of the deepening official anger that china's maritime ambitions in the south china sea. china not only violates vietnam's territory but shows its ambitions to invade the entire sea. shaky video shows a recent confrontation in these troubled waters. a chinese ship rams a vietnamese coast guard vessel. there have been skirmishes going on for more than a week. they began after china parked a deep water oil rig close to the paiparparasol islands. >> we have no choice but to increase our security. this extremely restrain. our only aim is to guarantee our reasonable legal, normal drilling operations.
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>> china claims sovereignty over almost all of the south china sea, putting it in conflict with not only vietnam but the fill philippines as well. the spot is are said to be rich in oil and gas deposits and the shipping lanes. the worry now is high sea brinksmanship could get out of control. >> there is a possibility of miscalculation, things getting out of hand, a rogue general or mistakes being made by someone who is trigger happy. >> the issue has overchad owed a group of southeastern why asian groups in myanmar, nothing matters month to southeast why asia. it is noarp nowhere near a war but not peace either.
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adrian brown, al jazeera, southeast asia. >> abdullah al shami has been on hunger strike and taken to a different location. his lawyer asked to have him transferred to hospital in the flex 48 hours. word is his health is failing. 135 days to peter greste, are mohamed fahmy and baher mohamed. group has been declared a trort terrorist organization and al jazeera is demanding their immediate release. a british firm that helped recreereveal the possible wheres of the malaysia plane 370.
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>> take a look at exactly what kind of difference this would make. well, as a reminder, flight mh 370 vanished on the 8th of march with 239 people on board during a flight from can kuala a lumpur to beijing. it was the pings of the plane that led investigators to the fine flight path and the search for the wreckage in the southern indian ocean. will offer the same tracking service with 11,000 commercial planes. other data such as speed and altitude. inmarsat said it will be of no further expense because it is administrator on most jets.
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the case of the missing malaysia airlines plane has played the entire airline industry rethink its philosophy. >> we should wake up to the thought that we thought everyone knew everything was. the airlines were tightly condrained, to be able to lose that airplane and those people i think brought us face to face to the fact that modern technology doesn't answer all our questions. the basic system will tell you every minute every five minutes every 30 minutes exactly where the airplane is. you will know now where it is all the time and if it disappeared at least would know where to look. >> in other news. toirk has beeturkey has been ory for its invasion of cypress. 20 years after the being
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cypriots took the credit case to them. the turkz have already said they will -- the turkz have not said they will recognize the ruling. the veteran photographer steve mccurry has been capturing views of landscapes and people, and his most recognizable credit photo, that of an afghan girl. he spoke to al jazeera with an excisioexhibition of his work. >> my name is steve mccurry. i have been going to afghanistan every year. by first went there i -- when i first went there i could walk anywhere in the hills, alone, without an escort, without a
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guide. today that's absolutely out of the question. there's many occasions in afghanistan where i thought maybe this was my last day. i've been stopped at gunpoint several times on the street. my hotel room was robbed while i was in it. and under fire numerous times throughout various incarnations of this ongoing conflict. when i took that picture and it ended up on the cover of national geographic in june of 1985, we have sort of got be letters, thousands of letters from people all over the world wanting to send her money, send her can clothes, men wanted to marry her, outpouring of concern and interest. what's so compelling about did afghan girl photograph is that it's a mixture of emotions, speaks in some ways to the fact that she was not only a refugee but also an orphan.
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they have an incredible sense of humor, wit with witty and gows. generous. they think of afghan as disgruntled and trying to do terrible things but in fact they are a very wonderful people. >> steve mccurry, talking about his images from afghanistan. those are the stories from europe. back to kamahl. >> bikie gangs, report from andrew thomas. >> riding as a group they can seem intimidating and australia's police say people have a right to be scared of bikie gangs.
2:45 pm
part of criminal enterprises. not criminals merely motor bike enthusiasts, they say. >> we are very selective who we talk to and who we let into our club. >> bikies are fighting new laws infringing on their rights, including 15 years in prison for any crime which in the eyes of the police is gang related. taking place in the state of new south wales, in the area of convenesland it will -- queensland it will be illegal, banning go bike enthusiasts to be in the same place at the same
2:46 pm
time. >> condemning for human rights abuses but what they're doing isn't much different at all. if we haven't committed a crime why can't we say so? >> the lawyer leading the high court challenge won but legal cases take months. >> the government indicated very early on in the piece that even if these laws were unconstitutional, they don't care. they'll do enough damage in the meantime, before these laws get knocked out by the high courts. >> police are unapologetic. bikies they say are criminals. loorchg consequence gulf coast the violence is getting worse. >> the intimidation, the extortions the harassment that these bike gangs put on the community, they're a menace, to the community. >> but bikies say they are not amenace, descra conan laws are.
2:47 pm
-- are draconian laws are. whether the laws are legal, andrew thomas, al jazeera, sydney. >> sports is coming up where robin wmg clip rs produce an astonishing come back against the oklahoma city thunder. all that and more in just a moment.
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>> robert adams -- robin adams is here to talk sport.
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you're a manchester eunt supporter aren'unitedsupporter ? >> a win against witham. west ham. won the league cup. the title is second in three seasons. reclaiming it from man united, charge of the itcart stadium. exactly a month away from the world cup in brazil. many are announcing their squads. michael essian and kevin botan. revealed young names in his 23-man squad. sterling, the 18-year-old, and luke sha shaw was included. chelchelsea player, will be
2:50 pm
captained by steven jedart. >> 50 caps, cahill, baines, hart, gerard, moony, plenty of caps between them, it would be wrong to focus on some out there young and less experienced. because everyone's inexperienced until the time he gets the chance to show he can do the josh. >> lee wells, wasn't a complete surprise but the gracious manner in which the chelsea player accepted the decision, was. >> someone in his experience at over 100 caps. i agree with roy, it should be about young players. i think it's best i retire now. that's taken some of the controversy about it.
2:51 pm
because a lot of people feel you need to take your best players to the cup. why mooney hasn't done it at an international tournament in years. shaw is of course that man coming in the left back slot it's going to be really difficult for them out in brazil. >> from football to basketball. the los angeles clippers produced an amazing come back against the oklahoma city thunder. in l.a. the clippers were trailing 2-1 in the series got off to a bad to th start here. this year's mvp kevin durant ended up in the losing side.
2:52 pm
83 seconds left. the thunder did have a chance to snatch it in the end but the clippers held on to the win, 10009-99. >> it's one of the best wins yet. and you know we got off to a very slow start. even then, the fourth quarter, we could have relaxed and you know gave in at any point but i just think we really willed this one. it's a really good team, we found a way. >> the naicia nhl winners, it wn emotion day with the new york rangers, their game against pittsburgh penguins, three days after his mother's death, the rangers scored the first for new
2:53 pm
york. the decider is in piks on pittsn tuesday. tennis, the 22-year-old loss the first set of the italian open 4-6, managed to recover well, managed to set up a next round march geneti against croan ivor grayson. world number 2, novak djokovic is in failing to compete in the madrid open, because of a wrist injury. >> at the moment it's fine. it's very close to 100% and it's much better than it was one week ago. not an easy decision not to go to madrid, big tournament, playing there, i had to listen to the medical staff and of
2:54 pm
course to the experts that have splaingd to me that i -- explained to me i have a certain amount, quite high in the wrist. >> germany martin kaymer, 20-year-old who finished second in the masters in april could not keep his bogey 3 tournament going. final round score of 74 with first place level 1 kaymer held together enough, to finish one shot offer jim furyk. >> we have worked so lard and went through up and downs the last few years. it's very tough. you always want it now, you always want the success now. but in golf you just cannot force it.
2:55 pm
if you win one of those tournaments, it is a big relief that you have done something well. >> do you collect stickers by chance? >> i don't. >> the reason i asked is that apparently collect stickers is a big part of football world cubs. are we have a story about argd, argentina and the world cub. >> the world cup must be close because all over the world mostly boys are huddling. why can't they provide the same dedication to their homework? it's also infectious, dragging in the whole family. >> i do it for my grandson. it's a passion for my grandson. for that reason i come with him as his grandmother. >> and in gland, costa rica,
2:56 pm
spain. if collectors don't get the sticksers they're after during the week they come here sunday mornings to this park in buenos caaires. a truly international exercise, not just in the 32 countries participating in the world cup. i've got the irish national team and one to spare. it's a tradition going back to the mexico world cup in 1970. heavily laced with nostalgia and for italian based sticker makers panini, a multimillion dollar worth request industry.
2:57 pm
i remember that earlier tournament where we land they'd guana defender. it's great for society and these difficult times that we're living through, there's all securities where parents fear leaving the house with the kids. this is a perfect meeting place, perfect. >> and whoever said collecting stickers was the hobby for 11-year-old boys? these collectors with all 639 stickers in place willen experts. only meeting of fill in the name are the eventually users. don schweiner al jazeera. >> returning to local programming now but we do thank you for joining us.
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felicity barr coming up. credit stick around. stick around.fp
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>> i've said yes to a few opportunities that have come my way that could be taken as being rather risky.