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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 19, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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pacific. every weekday. i'm david shuster in for ali velshi, have a are great weekend everybody. this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome to the news hour and i'm jane in doha and the top stories on al jazeera, the libya government remains in control despite heavy fighting in the capitol and second city. the taliban says it will keep fighting until islamic law is imposed across the whole pakistan. nato sees no sign of a reported russian troop withdraw from the ukrainian border.
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tearful south korean president apologizes to the nation once again for the world ferry tragedy and the big sport stories and world and this is one of the most celebrated with the actions of the former world champion coming up, later in the program. ♪ the libyan government is insisting that it remains in control of the country despite heavy fighting in two major cities. gunmen launch attack on parliament on tripoli on sunday and demanded its suspension, an airport in the eastern city of benghazi came under rocket attack early on monday. dozens have been injured in the violence, many of them are citizens and the man at the center of the unrest is a man vowed to end hard line malitia
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groups in benghazi and once a top leader for gaddafi and later fought to topple him in the 2011 u upz -- up raising and they say the actions relate to a coup and we are in tripoli and how is the government handling this, omar? >> reporter: the caretaker government remains very weak and incapable of reigning in the different malitia and rebel groups in libya. when it comes to events taking place for the last two or three days in benghazi and tripoli the government is putting on a brave face and controlling the situation and libya has a political problem as well as a security problem. the gnc is deeply divided along political and regional lines when it comes to security.
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the government is very week and it lacks a professional army that can enforce law an order but the government insists it's in yol of the situation and defending the capitol. >> translator: the government condemns the expression of political opinion from the use of armed force for the parties and calls for the end of the military arsenal. >> wondering why this is happening now? >> yes, the on set depends on who you speak to. let me give you context to this. back in february they cleared the gnc, the general national congress as an illegitimate body and the reasons they gave for the declaration is the mandate of gnc had expired. when you speak to politicians and members of the gnc and they say, no, we are still acting within the constitutional declaration of this country and
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that the gnc still has the mandate to run the country, prepare it, prepare a draft constitution, if it fails to prepare that constitution then it will go to early elections. nobody took general seriously then. now general came out and said the government is very weak. the gnc is backing extremists and terrorists and these are the words they have to use and that is why he had to act now. when you speak to analysts they will tell you all of that is related to foreign agenda and they are trying to drive libya something like towards egypt to try and stage a military coup so it really depends on you and who you speak to but the situation i would describe it in tripoli as well as benghazi as since and finally when you speak to libya, i went to a coffee shop early this morning and heard them and they are worried and some said this is the beginning of in fighting that could lead libya
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to a civil war. >> reporter: thank you for the update from tripoli and thanks so much. leader of the pakistan taliban released a statement telling the government his men will continue to fight until islamic law is imposed across the country and he made the comments in a video that shows him being welcomed by fighters and we are joined from islamabad and talk us through this video and why do you think it's emerged now and what the message is. well, the timing is critical. as far as this particular video is concerned, interestingly the last time we saw a video message from him was 2011 after his fighters were forced to cross the border into afghanistan when the pakistan military launch add military operation. however, last year in november, ultimately there was a drone
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strike and the leader was chosen of pakistan and he was very quiet in the last few months and this is the mires message coming from him after he was elected in pakistan and him saying again that the minimum demand was in position of the law and he asked his suicide bombers to be ready for another round of confrontation with forces. again, the timing is critical because the pakistan chief was in kabul. he will be raising the issue of cross border infiltrations by militant groups and pakistan who fought on the afghan side. so important timing as far as the message is concerned. >> reporter: thank you, defense has opened its case in the trial of former bosnia chief.
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in the hague he is seen at the back of the room is facing 11 charges and include genicide and crimes against humanity. during the 1992-1995 bosnia war he specifically accused of killing thousands of muslim men and boys. europe's worst massacre since the second world war. nato has seen no reports of conducting exercises across ukraine border is back to their basis and they said that president putin ordered troops to withdraw following military drills and 40,000 troops are thought to be near the ukraine border and separatists declaring two regions independent following an official referendum. and so to rory live for us in moscow and nato says there is no
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sign yet of the troops are withdrawing, can you prove otherwise and what do you think this message means from putin? >> well, if it is true and if the troops do start pulling back then i think what it means is militarily at least tensions are easing somewhat and in the words of a defense analyst i have spoken to in moscow he said what it means is that the invasion of ukraine has been temporarily cancelled because although these troops were officially on exercise they were posed in three russian districts bordering eastern ukraine and ready to sweep in to the east of ukraine if that border came through. of course that was worrying for kiev and worrying for western governments too. nato is remaining skeptical about this announcement because it has heard this sort of thing before from the russian
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government first after the geneva talks and beginning of may as well and as far as nato is concerned the troops are still there, so a pinch of salt perhaps needed but if true it might go someplace toward deescalating the situation. >> the presence of troops is reduced and you wonder why putin would have taken that stand. >> there is an interesting practical element to this is that the russian army practices a conscription that happens yearly and they have come to the end of their deployment essentially and have to be demobilized when the new batch comes in. for the next two months russia army will be at a slightly lower ability than it will normally be and has an impact and putin
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might be feeling more optimistic that his goal of ukraine is starting to look more likely and those are the comments coming out of the kremlin today. western leaders of course would like to think that their sanctions are biting hard and that it has forced mr. putin to step back. >> interest and rory thank you. south korea's president announced the country's coast guard will be broken up and replaced with a new safety agency. in a tearful address to the nation the president says she took full responsibility for the government's handling of the ferry disaster. harry faucet reports. >> reporter: south korea's president cried openly addressing the nation and paying tribute for those who gave their lives for others as the ferry sank. >> translator: i apologize to the nation of the pain and suffering everyone felt and as the president i should be responsible for the safety of
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the people. >> reporter: this was also a speech designed to set out her plans promised to reform the nation and the first target was the coast guard, criticized for helping the captain and crew to safety and not doing enough to get to those trapped in their cabins and the service would be disbanded. >> translator: the coast guard continued to get bigger in size but did not have enough personnel and budget allocated for maritime safety and for rescue training. >> reporter: a new national safety agency will take over the coast guard's rescue role and the police is an investigative one. >> translator: all employees of the coast guard will humbly embrace the nation and president opinion and tell you once again as we promised the families we will do our best until we find the very last missing passenger. >> reporter: but for the relatives of those still missing it was all an unnecessary distraction from finding their loved ones. this man says the coast guard
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will being a -- agitated and will you find the last missing passenger or not. personal distress was bare in the speech and her approval rating has fallen from 60 to 40 and there are local elections coming up, on june the 4th. >> because of the significance of the issue and then the shock that ordinary people face and there is political momentum, that you can take advantage of. it's a crisis but i think this is an opportunity for her to take critical actions. >> reporter: another of those actions, a promise to end what the president called the bureaucratic move yeah promoting colusion and it's a longstanding, deep seeded problem from the disaster and the president is promising to set right, harry faucet, al
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jazeera, seoul. >> two flights arrived in southern china carrying injured workers from vietnam and thousands of chinese nationals have been evacuated in the past two days following anti-china rights across vietnam and some in vietnam are angry at china for place agree oil rig in disputed waters and our correspondent brown has more from beijing. >> reporter: evacuation of nationals from vietnam is now gathering pace and 16 of the more seriously injured arrived in chin-do and there are 3,000 chinese in total so far been evacuated but about 4,000 remain in the country which is why the chinese dispatched four vessels to the port in central vietnam so this evacuation process is going to go on for several days i imagine. now, this latest clash between vietnam and china is not just over china's decision to deploy an oil rig to islands which are
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claimed by vietnam, this is also, say analysts, about china wanting to test america's resolve to see how far america is going to go defending the allies in the region including japan and philippines and china says actions at the moment are in many ways in direct response to america's attempt to reengage with this part of the world and they say america's efforts to assert its influence once more in this part of the world is increasing tensions and that is a part of the united states and not china says beijing. thailand cuts its growth forecast as it continues to count the coast of the on going vertical crisis plus. the once thriving pakistan silk valley is coming to an end and the reasons why and the dire consequences for those out of work. coming up, in sport and find
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out if the pacers could withstand the heat on the clash of the nba eastern conference finals. ♪ syrian monitoring group says the number of people killed in the war has now exceeded 162000. that includes 64 civilians, and other forces have been killed and the highest toll according to the u k-based observatory which collects from activists and says 4277 rebels died and nearly 3,000 people could not be identified. international observers stopped updating the dead and wounded saying it was difficult in finding credible sources and
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saying he survived a chemical attack that happened last year near damascus and the carrier escaped the u.s. and is raising aware of of the war and the story of his journey in his own words. >> i'm zachary and i'm 27 years old and made it to the united states almost two months ago and came from a town in the west of damascus and i got exposed by an syran attack on august 21st. my heart stopped for three minutes. i lost the ability to breathe. i felt like my chest was set on fire. my eyes was burning like hell. it was so, so painful and it felt like somebody was tearing my chest with a knife and i use the words judgment day to describe what it felt like with woman and children and men and
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falling on the ground suffocating without seeing a single drop of blood. i had to pull myself together five days later to escort the u.n. team when they entered to take advantage of my english skills and people felt hope again when we heard there would be consequences for using chemical weapons in syria. but when nothing happened people got so disappointed and disgust from international community. i managed to make it through the borders and then from beirut which was controlled by hezbollah and it was a pure miracle for me to make it here. i'm on a speaking tour across the u.s. and making events at universities and other public events, meeting with politicians. after three years of sacrificing
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a lot of lives to accomplish our goal in building a free syria, i think that we deserve respect and support from the united states. the regime wants us to give up even i think sometimes international community or some countries and one has to give up and just go back to be a loyal servant to the assad regime and we will not give up and we will continue sacrificing until we manage to accomplish our goal which is building a free syria and syria for a whole. the prime minister deployed troops to recapture the northern town of kadal and they are at war with what he called terrorists. dozens of people were killed in fighting between the army and the rebels on saturday. as he visited the region six government workers and two civilians are among the dead and
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meanwhile u.n. called for the immediate release of iran 30 civil servants taken hostage in the town. four people killed in a suicide car bombing in the northern nigerian city and it is on a street that is mostly christian and there has been no claim of responsibility. center from nigeria borno state says they are disappointed with how the government is dealing with the threats from boko-haram and there is growing frustration with the slow pace of efforts to rescue them and we have more from the capitol. >> the top of the born state, epicenter for attacks in resent years and unhappy with how the government is handling the crisis. >> i feel disgusted and i feel very, very bad. for a country like nigeria who
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has a lot of resources, a lot of man power, a lot of army, you know, and they cannot contain a small group. >> reporter: but for the security forces boko-haram has represented new challenges. and they are struggling. at times they are out gunned by boko-haram fighters and something that should not be happening given how well funded the nigerian army is. >> between 2012-2013 we gave them about $1.5 trillion. $1.5 trillion translates to about $10 billion. even if they were given just a quarter of that money, i am sure there would have been complaint of lack of equipment to fight.
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>> reporter: for know boko-haram continues violence unhindered and killed thousands of people but last month's abduction of 270 school girls from borno by the group that gripped global attention and now the war against boko-haram like attacks could take on original dimensions. at a summit in paris on saturday, chad and others agreed to share intelligence and coordinate their action against the group. >> boko-haram will find no safe haven in chad or nigere or camaroo and means that the pack creates allows the various nations to walk together and recognize that boko-haram is international that needs to be
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stopped. >> they also believe that boko-haram will only disappear when the dove reviews chronic pofty and unemployment in the country's north. i'm with al jazeera in nigeria. 44 killed in the balkins suffering the worst flooding on record. thousands of people have been forced from their homes in serbia and croatia. >> reporter: on the air and the ground they are getting to the old and the sick. this is 88-year-old woman and we meet her after she was rescued by the serbian army and tells us her house was submerged under a meter and a half of water and alone for days without food and drinking water. this is a massive operations and
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threatening to over well serbia services and they say it will cost the country billions of dollars. volunteers joined the operation here. this man is a personal trainer from bell grade. he is here to help rescue those left behind. >> how many people do you think there are there? >> we don't know. >> we are going to have to check. >> reporter: it's not clear how many people died here. every official we asked tells us they have to wait for the waters to recede to see the real damage that was done. and as you can see some of the water is actually coming back but there are still many houses completely submerged by the flooding and there are so many people who are waiting to be rescued. this man wouldn't give us his name and he says he has seen their bodies and he is angry at the authorities to not arriving
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earlier. >> translator: we cannot see light and no warning about what happens and the town is destroyed and we have no food and no where to live. >> in bosnia a man is hiding under the rebel and this is in the early 1990s and the fear is the floods are washing away river banks which will explode boobie traps and the country's biggest power station is now under threat and the capacity of the tesla power plant has already been cut. waters have reached the basement of the plant, a total shut down or blackout most of the country. for now it stopped raining. and the worry is there could be another flood serj from the river in bosnia. the ground is already saturated and people here are wondering where will all that water go. and i'm with al jazeera, serbia.
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>> the weather with stef and i have to say the weather has gotten better in the balkins. what is it like in the rest of europe there? >> it is all changing, the weather across europe at the moment and down in the southeast at the balkins and we saw there is blue skies there at the moment and nothing more than a little bit of cloud coming in just the occasional shower, certainly nothing like what we have seen. towards the west it's different and here it is glorious and warm with plenty of sunshine around. here it's changing as well. you can see the area of cloud here making its way and anybodingly away at the sunshine, making things rather gray and for some f us a lot cooler as well. so for today then we are looking at quite good conditions but the low pressure is edging its way towards us. for the remainder of the day it's 23 degrees for the maximum in london and 73 fahrenheit and 24 paris which is 75 not bad at all but you can see the clouds
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and rain and as it works eastward it's going to really dampen it down significantly and by tuesday the temperatures in london will top at 18 degrees and a lot of cloud and a lot of rain around as well and the wet weather also spreads a long way further south. look there, 18 degrees is the maximum we are expecting tomorrow and as we head through to wednesday this time we will be just getting to 60, jane. >> thank you, stef. thailand has sharply cut the forecast because of drop in tourist numbers and xh e will grow 1.5-2.5 better than the first of the year and contracted by .6% from the same period last year and if there is negative growth thailand will be in recession. hotel shrunk 3% because of the
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decline in the tourist numbers and consumer confidence has fallen from the 13th straight month in april and the figures are impacting on tyland's economy and we report. the buses should be full of tourists but they are sitting, gathering dust outside of bangkok. it has put a cost on the industry. estimates of $3 billion lost this year with a drop of one million tourist arrivals and most from the fastest growing market china and has pinched this tour company and those are their buses sittel idle. >> translator: the drop has been more than 50% and on average we have 1,000 tourists per month but in the past two months we had 2-500. >> put off buying buses and
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getting a bank loan is tougher than before the crisis. but the impact of the political crisis is more than a downturn in the number of tourists here and it is landing the biggest economies and threatening the long-term economic outlook. the largest mobile operator ais is losing money and people are worried about the future and buying new phones and spending lesson services and their confidence in the future is down and some predict the country will fall in a technical recession later in the year once it marks two consecutive quarters of negative growth. >> it will get worse and not better and flow on in the stock marks and more and this year's political crisis and effect on the economy could well carry over until next year. >> and the reason for that since the government is not operating normally the board of investment has not met in months holding up nearly $20 billion economic
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dollars and the ones what are feeling the pinch are those living off consumer spending confidence. >> translator: i can survive but what about drivers and massage people, i don't know because it never has been this bad. >> reporter: there is no clear path out of thailand's dim, economic future and i'm in bangkok. calls in the west for help in the fight against al-qaeda. enchanted and discourage, we look at the up coming election in columbia and why young voters may be staying away. in sport celebrations on the streets of buenos ares as they ground a champion and robin has those details.
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♪ headlines on al jazeera, two people killed after rebels loyal to an army general stormed libya's parliament and they have been conducting a campaign in benghazi and say the actions amount to a coup. leaders of pakistan taliban says the men will continue to fight until islamic law is imposed across the country. nato says it sees no sign of reports that russian troops conducting military exercises close to ukraine border has been ordered back to the basis and
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they say that the president putin ordered troops to withdraw following military skills. yemen has the largest military offense for al-qaeda fighters but struggling to pay for the operation and now the foreign minister is asking for help from western governments and we spoke to him in the capitol. >> reporter: yemen southern provinces are now battle grounds. a large military operation against al-qaeda is underway. the army is making gains and recaptured some areas where these fighters establish a state of their own with a leader, judiciary and an army. the government will not let al-qaeda destabilize the nation's political transition. >> al-qaeda created a fight for
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the transition itself and second there has been a threat to the stability of the rights from a view of economic view and the government could not just stand and watch. >> reporter: these soldiers are celebrating resent victories but yemen's army has been divided and we can by years of stability and conflicts and it's now under pressure to win the latest battle but that requires huge resources which impoverished yemen cannot afford >> looking at the budget and military, that is beyond one's abilities. yet we are continuing with these actions in order to preserve the safety of the citizens and security of the country and we
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hope that knowing the magnitude of the challenge we face that we will get more support. >> reporter: the fight is by the fighters but neighboring saudi arabia and u.s. are stepping in one way or another to help defeed one of al-qaeda's affiliates in afghanistan and pakistan. the country is in an open war with al-qaeda, a war that may turn very costly if the fighting continues for a long period. officials here are very frustrated. they have been expecting the international community to deliver suspension, financial and military support of this very critical moment. for the country and i'm with al jazeera. gunmen shot dead two egypt policemen heading home and happened in the city of minya and riding on a motor bike when they were attacked.
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al jazeera's demanding immediate release of journalists in prison for 142 days and the trial of the men was adjourned again on thursday. they are falsely accused of conspireing with the muslim brotherhood and al jazeera rejects charges against them and they are due in court on the 22nd of may and the fourth detained al jazeera journalists says they will continue to refuse food and held without trial since last august and he has been on a hunger strike for nearly four months. and he confirmed he is put in solitary confinement where attempts have been made to force feed him. campaigning in columbia's presidential election has ended but the last few weeks have been marred skewing the issues and we report on the young voter whose say they are not convinced by any of the candidates. >> reporter: there are dirty
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negative campaigns and then there is columbia's politics. spying and allegations of payoffs from dug lords painted a presidential election seen on the referendum on the government's peace process with rebel group farc and first the campaign chief resigned and allegedly received $12 million to act as a broker for drug lords fighting extradition to the u.s. and later it was the rival of the campaign chief who is in a computer hacking scandal. >> translator: trying to spy on the peace process and getting e-mails of negotiators and senators. >> reporter: and finally the president entered the contest saying he had evidence that the 2010 campaign used drug money to pay off debts. but offered no proof. >> i think this is not typical of a columbia presidential campaign.
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and it is the lack of salient issues being discussed or being contested about. and it's making a dirty campaign. >> reporter: it shattered crucial issues in the campaign like health or education reform of the bad state of the infrastructure in the country, that is why most people believe that the accusation will most likely leave already disenchanted voters away from the ballot boxes. these voters are calling for a presidential debate. something current president santos avoided so far. >> translator: young voters are seeing dirty tricks, false accusations and slander of a way to run a campaign. that is unacceptable and that is why we created this movement asking for real debates and stability. >> reporter: in this environment no candidate has been able to whip up enthusiasm in the run up
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to the vote on may 25th and while he is the frontrunner he has been shrinking in the polls and making a runoff almost certain. technology is making things easier for the up coming election and for the first time they can check if they are registered by sending a text message on their mobile phone and we report. >> reporter: he doesn't need the latest mobile phone to send an important message, his old model has some life in it and takes his number to a designated code and in a few seconds he received confirmation he is registered to vote on the election on may 20. it's the first time the short message services and voting registration system is used here by election. >> it's easy for the people because they are not going to make a bad job.
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>> reporter: he comes here, the center where his request is protested and people are told which polling station to use on voting day >> we are running this for technology and here this is our traffic using the network and we receive the request and we send it to the mission and the mission processes it. and we send it back to the subscriber to see the results. >> reporter: it has been a turbulent few years. in 2012 the president died of a heart attack while in office. the then vice president was sworn in as president but her opponents don't want her to win tuesday's election and the voter verification system is taking some hassle out of the election and means people don't have to walk to government office to check the voter's role.
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>> there are three from there and the system is not depending how tar away but if you are able to access it with your cell phone. >> reporter: he can check if he is eligible to vote, at which polling station to use on tuesday without having to use his wheels. i'm with al jazeera malowii. >> reporter: pakistan once controlled by the taliban are asking the employment to do more and we report from the swamp valley and jobless young men could be recruited by the armed group. >> reporter: it is describe as pakistan and switzerland and the swat valley but the spin off of tourism did not end there. by the time the army drove the taliban out in 2009 another traditional injury lay in ruins.
6:41 am
the silk trade. there have been efforts to revive it but talk of government subsidies have not materialized. it is one of the few factories left. most of its workers used to operate free speech have been laid off. those left are each having to operate 12 of the machines. the owner is holding on to stock because he cannot sell at a profit. >> translator: i'm only carrying on now for the sake of the poor labors and i already shut down one factory and if the situation goes on like this i will also have to close this one. >> in better times he smuggled from afghanistan and gave swamp valley cheap, raw materials, with labor cost low business grew but cross border supply stopped, and higher heads of costly raw materials, this is what is in store now. what was an industry providing 70,000 jobs handed down through generations, now reduced to
6:42 am
scrap. this, one of 500 factories closed down and about to be sold. with no jobs available in swamp valley there are warnings that those falling in poverty can be attracted to the taliban for money, not police. a union worker who is about to lose his job say it may be unthinkable but some feel there is no alternative. >> translator: thousands of people used to work in the silk industry. now it's so bad some of the unemployed who joined the taliban resorting to wearing suicide vests to bring money in to feed their families. >> translator: what other option do i have? i can commit suicide on my own or put a gun in my hand and join the taliban just for the money. security may have improved business owners in the valley say the economic gloom and its consequences is an enemy spak stand's government is under
6:43 am
estimating. andrew simmons, al jazeera swamp valley, pakistan. more to come on the al jazeera news hour, this is one of the most beautiful but dangerous active volcanos in the world and this is southern chile where a warning system could save hundreds of thousands of lives. and another server has thrown in the final of the masters and more coming up. ♪
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chile is home to scores of active volcanos and there is no way to stop them from occurring they hope they can predict the eruptions. >> reporter: chile's long landscape has volcanos, thousands of them. like this one which in 2011 spewed ash clouds that circled the southern hemisphere at least five times and now to predict and prepare for eruptions the government has the state of the art network that monitors volcanos in real time like this one that has been on yellow alert since april. >> translator: we are monitoring 43 of the most active volcanos with cameras and sensors and other devices so chile can have first-rate information to put an early
6:47 am
warning system in motion. >> reporter: of all the active volcanos one has potential danger and so accompanied by a top volcano expert we go to southern chile. and he tells us it's long over due for a major eruption. a reason for concern because just a few kilometers away popular tourist cities are there. i'm on the northern slope of the volcano and everyday people hike to the crater and ski off the slope behind me but in the case of a major eruption in the worst case scenario everything within 30 kilometers and in summer means 100,000 people would be destroyed within 15 minutes and they say it's not lava but earth slides which pose the threat. >> translator: when it erupts it can melt the glaser in the
6:48 am
snow and free huge quantities of water and millions of cubic meters at 100 miles per hour and dragging volcano sand and everything in its path. >> reporter: we find a boulder from the last big eruption in 1971. 77-year-old who raises sheep on the foothills of the volcano was just a child at the time. >> translator: the earth slides killed people like flies. the animals too. the volcano took everything. houses were tossed in the air. >> reporter: and yet like so many mrs. king believes that since it happened long ago there is nothing to worry about now. a false sense of security say experts who insist it's not a matter of if but when it will show its fury again. which is why this time these modern monitoring devices could
6:49 am
make all the difference. i'm with al jazeera, chile. >> dramatic events and look at pictures that come to us from the international space station and show the dragon capsule leaving iss and deporting for the pacific ocean and it belongs to the california based private space company, space x and it has been docked with the international space station for a month and delivered supplies to the scientists on board and returned to earth with some of their samples and returning to earth, robin. >> i'm not from space by the way. thank you very much. in fact, on the basketball court for the indiana pacers and the heat in the opening game of the nba conference finals and the pacers to control early and george hill hitting three triples and finished six points ahead and the best efforts of lebron james and nine rebounds and 19 points and georgia stole
6:50 am
the show with 24 points and pacers won and on tuesday is game two. >> i thought we just did a great job of moving the ball. you know, we didn't let the ball sit in one person's hand all night or all afternoon. the ball constantly was in rotation. guys were coming in, stepping into shots, with a rhythm. and that is the reason why we were able to get off to a hot start and shoot the ball to start this game off. >> we had some break downs, you know, throughout the game and that is resulting in us losing the game and as a veteran club we will break it down and be better prepared in game two. >> world champion died at the age of 88. the australian legend was a pioneer in the sport and the only driver to win the title in a car he actually built himself
6:51 am
and we report from sidney >> he was the first ever champion in the grand prix in 1959 and securing the over all title that year by pushing his car over the finish line of the united states' race. he run out of fuel on the financial straight and fourth place there was enough. >> i'm very, very pleased and i certainly have a lot with john cooper and the keebler car company and my messics helped me get as far as i had. >> reporter: before racing cars he was a mechanic in the airforce and moved in the 50s to race he kept up his engineering skills and is the only person who has won a championship he helped design and build and bore his name. >> he is a man that changed formula one forever. and first putting the engine in the rear and to construct the championship and driver's championship with a car with his
6:52 am
name and no one will do that, unique achievement and leg end. >> formula one champion three times, in 1959, 1960 and in 1966. along the way he won 14 grand prix races. and based in britain for his racing career he retired to australia and dies in genes land, age 88, andrew thomas sidney. >> reporter: they will play in the opening match of the football world cup and the venue to host the game held its first feshl test game on sunday and went to use it in an effort to test various facilities and the 450 million stadium is at the full capacity and we report now from south palo. >> a little over three weeks time the first match in the 2014 world cup between the host brazil and crotia will kickoff
6:53 am
at 5:00 p.m. local time and what is going on now is a test match between the two sides to test many aspects of the first game and public transport is one and communications, crowd control, how telecommunications work and other aspects to see how it won't fit into play on june the 12. and it is glorious and lovely arena but not everything is finished and thousands of seats not fitted and building materials liter the site and the closeable roof will not be finished in time and many of the people we have spoken to here do not know what is going on and don't know where anything is and we have a big problem in three weeks and everybody has told us since we have been here is we must have faith and they don't have faith in authorities but they are saying they have faith in god. >> i'm in south america and
6:54 am
let's stay there talking about the argentine championship for the 8th straight victory and 30 foot league title captain scoring two goals and the season is divided in two sections and this is the championship and finished five ahead. and also tied for second place. the victory on home ground monument sparked massive celebrations on the streets of buenos aires and this was the third time at the club. interestingly the last time they won the league was this 2000 # and a man named degas and led
6:55 am
them and thousands of fans lined the streets to claim the first league title in 18 years and he was a player with the club and won the league in 1996, the coach and players will focus their minds on next week's championship league and facing madrid with a chance to compete and started double. and he has beaten one nadal to claim the rome masters and nadal looking for his 8th title in the italian capitol and this is 6-4. and he fought back to take the next two sets, 6-3-6-3 in two hours and 20 minutes to claim this and put pressure on nadal's top ranking. >> to be able to win some tough matches against great players this week and be against nadal
6:56 am
in the challenge in a very good fashion is something using confidence and this is the best possible lead up to it and hopefully i can carry this in. >> reporter: chicago in the. in hs and the blackhawks are the stanley cup champions and 1-0 league in the best of 7 series, for the 3-1 winners over the kings. and game two takes place on wednesday. >> i thought we had a good first five minutes or so and it came back and it is even most of the way and had stretches in the second where they had a plan. but they got balance on their for lines and energy and active d so it's every shift going forward will be i'm in the series. >> major league baseball and the kansas royals beat the oriols
6:57 am
with three homers with an 8-6 victory. the royals second win in a row and sit number two in the american league central division. that is your sport for now and thanks for watching and plenty more later. scientists in argentina say they found the remains of one of the largest dinosaurs that walked the earth and tests show they date back to around 90 million years ago. scientists say the giant creature would have measured 40 meters from head to tail. if you want to find out more about that story and what is happening in sport and what is happening around the world log on to our website, the address is there at the bottom of your screen. elizabeth will be here with the next bulletin with an update on the dramatic events unfolding in libya at the moment and thanks
6:58 am
very much for watching. ♪
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>> massive flooding triggers thousands of landslides in the balkans, unearthing danger, land mines buried during the bosnian war. >> at&t's deal to buy direct t.v., what could stand in the way of the megamerger and how it could affect customers. >> i lost my ability to breathe. i felt like my chest was set on fire. my eyes was burning like hell. >> he said it's a