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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 24, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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more. this this... this is al jazeera. ♪ hello is there. and welcome to this newshour. i am laura kyle in doha. our top stories: the u.s. cancels joint exercises with the thai military following thursday's coup. meanwhile, protesters in bangkok demand the coup leaders step aside. counting continues on malawi's election. i am barbara sara in lopdon.
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from europe the: including shootout in brussels. three people killed by a gunman outside the jewish museum in the city center. and the flooded bosnian villages sealed off from the outside world in quarantine for fear of disease. >> hello. i will have the sports counting down to a historic championships league ahead of athlet co madrid's, kickoff in about 45 minutes timeico madrid's, kickoff in about 45 minutes time. ♪ the united states has pulled out of military exercises and planned official visits with thailand as a result of thursday's coup. the u.s. military has longstanding lends to thailand's armed forces dating back to the core ian and vietnam wars.
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life from washington, d.c. kimberly, what is actually being cancelled here? >> specific details from the top spokesperson for the u.s. pentagon just a short time ago. what he is telling us from the spokesman, rear admir i will john kirby is that these cancellations of these planned exercises are a direct result of this week's coup. this is something that really has kicked into effect as a result of u.s. law. and what this means is it's going to be a cancellation after joint military exercise as well. there is a cancellation of two very high-level exchanges that were to take place between senior military leaders, one that was expected to take place here in the united states as well as one in thailand. so that is what is being cancelled. >> that's what this means. what this doesn't mean, though, this is something that should be carefully considered. this is not a freeze of military
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relations between thailand and the united states. but what this signals is that the u.s. wants to send a message but there is also some reluctance on its part to harm what the u.s. has considered to be a very important relationship. >> absolutely. the u.s. is a key ally of thailands and has been. should we expect this vohave a significant impact on relations? >> the u.s. is hopeful that that won't be the case. but as i mentioned, this is something that is triggered by u.s. law. any time there is a military coup, automatically, the u.s. is required to review its relationship. it's required to scale back some military assistance, some military engagement. so that's what's taken place here but at the same time, what they are hoping is that it can make clear and the pentagon has a carefully worded statement out on this to the royal armed forces in thailand. the desire of the united states is to see that this coup comes to an end. >> that's the real goal here at the same time, the other thing is, is that the united states
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wants to see a democratic process as well as principles restored. so until that happens, the u.s. says it will continue to review its relationship with the military in thailand. >> okay. kimberly, many thanks indeed. in thailand, itself, it doesn't look like that's going to be happening any time soon because the army has dissolved the senate and assumed all law-making responsibilities. it has sum monday more leaders from the ousted government. more from this report from the capitol, bangkok: >> reporter: not everyone here is convinced the coup is in the best interest of the nation. protests against the military takeover were held in several parts of bangkok. these were barely organized with people holding makeshift signs shouting for the military to get out. remember: this is a country under martial law, where gatherings of more than five
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people are ostensibly banned. all radio and television stations were shut doubt at first. >> i am coming out today because i can't take it anymore. watching news every day before the coup and now, there is none. our rights are violated. we don't even know where they have gone. >> we are not scared. we can ask for rights and rhymeorhym righteousness. there is nothing to be afraid of. >> reporter: police and soldiers stood ready to manage the crowd. it seemed to be more a show of force, a photo opportunity than an actual exercise of power. >> . >> reporter: human rights' a activists say freedom of expression has been the first victim of marchcial law and the thailand's riot situation has been thrown into freefall. >> the former prime minister
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yingluk shinawatra, is 1 of 100 politicians activists and journalists who have been detained. another 155 have been summoned to report at army bases. the military says it's a kind of time-out for people to reflect. >> please do not worry. people asking about the duration of the detention. generally, it would not take longer than seven days or a week. . >> retired now, a former top general told us the risk of a backlash against military rule has to be considered. >> for the nation's interests. i think that that's the point, is a risk for them, a risk for the country. >> reporter: if the military fails to convince the people of thailand, the coupmakers won't be able to stay in the country. veronica petroza, al jazeera, bangkok. >> the grouarmed group al shaba
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launched an attack. a large, uncoordinated operation which made rescue from inside difficult. marchi marianna hahn has this report. >> it continued after the multi-pronged attack. a car bomb, suicide bomb blast and a stream of bombbombings. >>. >> i was wounded because i was inside the parliament building. i am lucky to have survived. >> parliament was sitting, the building packed with politicians. a soldier and at least some of the attackers were killed. >> our government's efforts to continue rebuilding somalia again. such attacks may continue until the government commits to areact
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responsibly to its citizens. >> al shaal shabaab. the group wants islamic law in somalia. foreign troops including kenyan forces out. they pushed al shabaab out in between but the group has attacked targets in the city since. this assault will cause even more concern because the group was able to get through parliament's defenses and reach somalia's top politicians. >> marchian maharna, al jazeera. >> more news from europe. we will join barbara. >> reporter: all right. thank you. let's start with ukraine where interim leaders have been urging the people of the country to take part in sunday's presidential election despite recent violence.
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>> a pmulti-faith service was held in kiev at saint sophia cathedral. underlying the importance of the vote. >> translator: on may 25th, we are going to go to the polls to elect the head of our state. we will vote for the freedom, prosperitynd a european future for which ukrainians have paid the highest price: the price of their lives. the choice we will make on sunday is important, and so is the responsibility of each one of us. >> sop underlined there, an important vote on sunday. there is some doubt as to whether the election will actually take place at all in parts of eastern ukraine. an interior ministry official said half of the district election commissions until luhansk and donetsk were unable to operate because their offices had been seized by armed men. a report from donetsk. >> reporter: in the town of makifka, there will be no elections.
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the only polling station was sealed off a few days ago. it's on the orders of the to dodon donetsk's people's he to. >> in this that you are tory, there will be no presidential elections. they were cancelled by the government. how can people vote in a neighboring country. >> pro-russian separatists are determined not to let anyone reach a ballot box and have detained the head of this commission. >> just to make shire that the polling station couldn't be moved somewhere else in this town, they have burned all of the paperwork from posters on how to cast a ballot to copies of the electoral law, credential cards for monitors and even registration forms for voters. dozens of polling stations in the eastern regions of donetsk and luhansk have been taken over. there has been no campaigning. the few posters of presidential candidates that could be seen on the streets have now been removed. any show of support toward kiev was quickly silenced.
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we met natalia nedsky away from his workplace. he is one of the few people left still trying to save election day here >> translator: because of the moment, it's very important. usually, i speak russian, but now, i am speaking ukrainian as a matter of principle, to show our position, to show that there are people who want peace and unity for this country. >> unity is ever elusive. the run-up to the election has been marched by blood -- marred by blood and violence with an area of militias attacking each other. armed men were often seen on the streets in a show of force. to keep order in the new republic, they say. but for many, it felt more like intimidation. but perhaps one of the biggest threats to the election is a lack of enthusiasm among those who still regard the east as ukraine. >> vote where? there are no places to vote anymore. but even if i voted, it would be against all of the candidates. it's just the same people who caused this mess.
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>> frustration is common here people feel trapped in a game where it seems that every move that either side makes simply inches eastern ukraine closer to a stalemate. here, there will be no winner. donetsk. >> vladimir putin has criticized britain's prince charge comparing the russian president to adolph hitler. he was told that will peutin wa doing just about the same as hitler. speaking in saint petersburg putin said the remarks were part of an information war. >> translator: prince charles has been to our country many times. yes hear that expression. if so, it's of course unacceptable. i think that he understands that, himself. he is a well-brought up person. i met him and other members of the royal family.
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it's not royal behavior. >> three people have been killed in a shooting in central brussels. the government opened fire outside the jewish museum in the sub lawn district. police say that two men and a woman were killed and one was seriously wounded with others treated for less severe injuries. ministers say it's too early to say whether it was an anti-semitic attack or not. we are waiting for a news conference given there by local authorities. you can see the live feed from brussels. we are waiting to find out more information about the shooting and, also, crucially whether it was of an antisem theittanti-se nature. three killed in central brussels. the gunmen opened fire outside. so far, we are hearing the jewish museum in the sub lawn district. the sub lawn district, an
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elegant, well-heeled district of brussels, quite wealthy. on a saturday afternoon, there would have been a lot of shoppers there, quite a busy district. obviously, this is a very shocking shooting that took place there. there is different reports as well outside the museum we are hearing other reports as well that it actually happened inside the actual museum. we are hoping to get more details from that news conference that we are waiting for in brussels and, also, of course, our correspondent, simon mcgregor, woo wood, bringing mo details as we get them here on al jazeera. several villagers in flood-hit areas of the balkans have been quarantined because of the threat of disease. the region's worst floeding on record caused extensive damage across large parts of bosnia,
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croatia, killing more than 50 people. in a minute, we are going to hear the latest from yemeni, serbia's oarer with croatia. first, a report from bosnia on the fear of infectious diseases. >> reporter: locals work with emergency teams to recover the rotting carb car cases of lives. >> for farmers, it can be hauling their livelihood away. >> everything is destroyed. all of my cattle are gone. i don't have a place to come back to anymore. it's sad.
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. >> with the scale of this disaster undeniable, it could be weeks before they are allowed to return to their homes. >> many residents are coming here to a local school turned emergency shelter. more people are arriving every day, but the school is running out of even the basics: drinking water is getting low, and many soap and antibacterial spray to keep people from getting sick. what about our future? all of this will finish. now, we have something to eat. but everything will be under water for a while. >> reporter: everyone speaks of humanitarian aid but we haven't seen it. after meeting with the school, she asked to show us her house. she said she and her husband had been working on their home for
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40 years. when the waters came, she only had time to take her hand bag. everything else, she says, is gone. heart break felt by this family is mirrored on the families of most here with all aware the real work is just beginning, kim vannel, al jazeera. >> terrible situation in bosnia and a similar picture in serbia. a report. >> this is village yamani between serbia and vo a shift and it's flooded seven days after the water broke barriers on river saba flooding all of this area. 60% of this village is under water and officials are saying that it will need time for water to return to the rivers. until then, police and military will allow only full-grown men to return in the village for a couple of hours to help in cleaning all of this area. the situation is the same in
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seventeen municipalities in serbia flooded 10 days ago even though the waters are decreasing and officials are cautious because new rain is announced for this weekend. >> still to come in this newshour, we are at the cannes film festival where the jury has announced the winner of the prestigious palm d 'or prize. find out who it is a little later. >> yemeni execute forces on high alert after al-qaeda fighters carry out attacks in the city of sayu, plus... >> i am lawrence lee, in the historic scottish town of saint andrews. do these people see themselves as scottish or british? members of the united kingdom or the european union? soon they will have to decide on these historic choices. >> in sport, minutes away from the all-spanish champions league finals. real madrid take on athletico. we will be here with all of the latest.
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>> libya's renegade general has used a televised address to say he will continue to fight terrorism. it comes a someday after mass protests in tripoli calling for stable institutions. [chanting.] >> crowds of people gathered on friday to urge the government to control fighting between armed groups but there were counter protests to show support for hafta who have engaged in an offensive against the government. this report. >> reporter: the retired general made a short appearance, a press conference on libyan television where he vowed to continue to fight terrorism and those who support it. this is an interesting time because on sunday, the newly elected controversially elected prime minister is expected to present his list of cabinet members to the national congress. the last time he tried to do
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that was sunday when we had two militias attack the g and c. we are hearing behind the scenes, he has actually managed to reach an unofficial deal with these militias that they will allow it to go ahead but we know that the former general is not happy with it. he says that this government is i will legitimate. he wants a judicialary counsel established to governor this country until elections which have been set for june 25th. >> the director of the center for africa research and joints us on the line now from benghazi. thanks very much for talking to us. we saw a large number of people coming out today in support of this renegade general hafta. ideal is he attracting such a following? >> reporter: it's simply because it's a war on terror. people, particularly in benghazi, they have been preparing for the last years, well over 500 soldiers and army officers have been killed in the
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streets of benghazi. none then the government of a congre congress, none came to their aid. here you are, a general who managed the forces who has somehow convinced people that his behavior is the one that can do it for them. >> but why is he succeeding to battle these militias that he has chosen to target where the government is failing? >> basically because he's got the guns. he's got the men. he's got the guns. he's got the grudge which is very important. the man, he did not swallow his tongue. he came out and he just stated exactly all of the enemies are and he just said in my opinion, it's a mistake by putting it all in one basket. he said the troops and i have the guns and i have the international community. by being silent so far, i am
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declaring war on them. he is winning support on the ground. >> how far do you think his ambitions run? he talked about dissolving parliament, compared to egypt, el sisi. do you think he wants to take ultimate control? >> he might try to, but i don't think he would succeed. libya is different. libyans are armed up to their eyeballs, and obviously there is a big section even amongst his supporters. i am not keen on the military to take over, but however, if he wants to fight the so-called terrorists, then he will have the support that he needs. but to take over the authorityians running of the country, i think he can do it. i don't think he will be allowed to do it. >> you say that he has got the guns. it's dividing the armed forces. he has got plenty of supporters. are you swaworried that this ma slip into a civil war?
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>> no. i just think we have al -- actually, he's got the overwhelming support of the so-called -- the army, the security operators because thy e have been pushed around by these terrorists. the only problem he has, the reporters are against him. but the infamous -- we must not forget that in the last election, he only gets 17%, so he has lots of people behind him. whether he would succeed or not, this is another question. >> okay. very good to speak to you. thank you very much for joining us from benghazi. a high court says vote counting in the recenteelex will continue despite an attempt by the president anul it. a new election to be held after suggesting there was serious ig regularities with this vote. a report from the commercial
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capit capitol. >>. >> reporter: the heat of the electoral commission tells his staff to ignore the president's order to nullify the elections. he said there were too many irregul irregular layer at this. she says she would not be participating. >> the electoral commission is an independent body. officials say the president does not have the constitutional power to counsel the elections. >> i am not exercising power. it has no effect. on an election like this where a lot of things are happening, i think they have reached a quarter, every competitor will try to look at the possibility. >> after going to court, the electoral commission was allowed to continue counting. he believes the elections were rigged by the opposition. official from the people's party have showed election observers what they say are examples of electoral fraud. >> if you compare the number already of the votes against the
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total ones, you will find that the total number of them are more than the orders. so the question we are asking: how has it happened? >> there were skirmishes after the president's announcement. soldiers had been deployed to stop more violence. business owners had been told to stay alert in case things get out of hand. malawians say they are surprised and shocked by the latest developments. >> in one word, symbolic. as a malawian, i am afronted. i am embarrassed. and indeed, i am deeply offended by the travesty that has gone on the name of an election. it is not the first election we have held. we have held elections since 1994, and by now, one would think that we would have at least got the management of the process right.
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>> opposition leaders deny allegations made by the president of vote rigging. according to preliminary results, peter mutidakan is leading. president banda is trailing. ordinary people say the country needs to move on, but that's unlikely to happen until this political crisis is resolved. al jazeera. in yemen, al-qaeda fighters have attacked the city of sayun, capitol of the southeastern province. the ministry of defense says 15 al-qaeda fighters and 12 soldiers were killed. a report. >> reporter: this is the aftermath of the attack. top army commanders inspected government buildings. an army post, a police station and bank branchs that were hit by al-qaeda fighters. this is the man who led the attack. the senior al-qaeda commander. here, he posted his picture near the presidential palace during
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the raid. they came in dozens of pick-up trucks under the cover of darkness and occupied many buildings for hours. thousands of troops were deployed, backed by fighter jets to repeal the attack. these are the bodies of what the government says al-qaeda fighters. before pulling out, the attackers wrote graffiti on the walls of the city. this one reads: today, we are here. tomorrow, we will be in sinaii. the province has seen several deadly attacks against government troops. the most recent raid coincides with a military offensive against al-qaeda in these provinces. here, in azan, a crucial battle is underway to regain control of an area still held by the militants. the al-qaeda attack is seen as a
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warning to yemen's government. the armed group remains strong despite the army's offensive against it. it also shows that al-qaeda can still launch a major attack at a time when the government is talking about its defeat. al jazeera. still to come here on this al jazeera newshour, south africa's jacob zuma is sworn in for a second term as president. ♪ in sport, italy's top cycling race hits the mountains, these riders have trouble with the roundabout. ♪ saying "this isn't fair"... >> does the punishment always fit the crime? >> had the person that murdered our daughter got the mandatory
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comcast business built for business. >> these protestors have decided that today they will be arrested >> these people have chased a president from power, they've torn down a state... >> what's clear is that people don't just need protection, they need assistance. >> every saturday join us for exclusive, revealing, and surprising talks with the most interesting
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people of our time. abe foxman >> we'll fight for your right to be a bigot. if you are a bigot, you're gonna pay a price... >> holocaust survivor and head of the ant-defamation league. >> there's an awful lot of hatred floating out there... >> and ending discrimination >> long as the children aren't educated, it's gonna maintain... >> talk to al jazeera only on al jazeera america hello again. a reminder of our top stories here on al jazeera. the u.s. has pulled out of exercises with thailand as a result of thursday's coup. the thai army holds all law making responsibilities in the hands of the army chief. a high court judge in malawi says vote counting will
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continue. t serious irregularities are cited. three people have been killed in a shooting in central brussels. the gunman opened fire outside the jewish museum in the sablon district. more on this story with barbara in london. . >> reporter: yes. police say that two men and one woman were killed and another person seriously wounded as well as others being treated for less severe injuries. now, we just heard over the past few minutes from the belgian prime minister, he said how many people had died, and one person fighting for their life. he condemned this attack? what he called a symbolic place. he mentioned the support from the government to the jewish community in belgium. he said communities across the country stood united against what he termed a hateful crime.
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he said police are trying hard to identify and the rest, the perpetrator or perpetrators, he said both, so that is what belg said. we can speak to a correspondant, simon mcgregor wood. simon, i guess the question now is: was this -- was the nature of this attack anti-semitic? and the prime minister there not really revealing many details about the investigation. >> reporter: no. there are very few concrete details. the police are being tight-lipped to say the least. i think a number of people including a person called joe joel miki, the belgian minister, suggesting that the motivation is probably anti-semitic leading
2:34 pm
members of the screw issue community are talking in the same direction. but the police are not characterizing this incident in any way at all. and we are left piecing together the details that we have mostly from eyewitnesses. it seems that about 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon -- and this is a very busy touristy part of the center of the old quarter of brucels. a car -- broi/* brussels. a car, there may have been two people in it. whatever the number, one person got out, went into the building and started shooting. we spoke to the foreign minister coincidently who was in the area and he was one of the first people to arrive at the scene and he spoke to us in some detail about how he saw a man and a woman lying covered in blood just inside the entrancen the musek. he took them to be already dead and he understood from other people at the scene that a
2:35 pm
further victim lying dead further inside the museum beyond and another seriously wounded person also in another part of the museum. i witnesses also say that the gunman then essentially got back into the car and drove away. there is some speculation emerging in the local media, barbara, that the eyewitnesses present at the scene got the registration number of the car and obviously that will be providing the police with a very solid lead, but as far as we understand from the police, no question that anybody has been appear prehened so far. >> simon, is there a history in belgi belgium, a recent history of anti-semitic attack. >> no. not really, not as far as i am aware, not as far as people here are telling me. it is interesting to note that in the aftermath of this, again from the interior minister, that extra security precautions are taking place at other jewish sites, synagogues and places of
2:36 pm
worship throughout belgium. no chance is being taken but we are not aware from the information that the police are making public so far that there was any threat. in fact, i do remember that one person associated with the museum is quoted here locally as say that they had no suggestion of an imminent threat. but there is no -- that's all we know so far about the nature, the background, the possible background and motivation for this attack. >> i know you will be following developments for us. for the movement, simon macgregor wood. live thank you. millions people across the european union are taking place for the european parliament. voters in ireland and the czechoslavakia republic present when went on thursday. it's the voters in scotland that arguably have the biggest choices to make. polls show the population are more pro-european union than england and wales but scotland
2:37 pm
could find itself outside of the eu if the rest of the u.k. voice for withdrawal in a referendum in 2017. even before that, the scotts face another vote. they will decide in september whether to stay or leave the united kingdom. lawrence lee reports from the east coast of scotland starting in aberdeen. >> reporter: here is a picture which champions the dream. salmon prepared by polish workers in eastern scotland to be sold to france's biggest supermarkets. in england, the pro-europe movement looks dead in the water. it isn't here. they thank europe for free trade and thank these people for doing jobs british workers won't. >> if the u.k. left the european union and a lot of these people got out of the country action your business would be stopped? wouldn't it? >> along with probably most
2:38 pm
other food processors in the u.k. >> that's how important the european union is? >> absolutely important for us. >> reporter: an hour down the road is saint andrew's, the world's home of golf. you can see here, too, how much freedom of movement matters to scotland's tourist economy. if the u.k. leaves europe, would some of these wealthy visitors need a visa to come here? niquely the people of scotland have the most complex and historic decisions to make over the next very short period of time. first of all, whether to take the plunge into independence or stay inside what might feel like the relative safety of the united kingdom. but what happens then if the rest of the united kingdom decides to withdraw from the european union, which most scots want to stay inside? suddenly all of these questions of identity and economics are mixed up together with no easy answers. >> because of that promising
2:39 pm
scotland a definite european future has become a key theme for the ruling scottish nationalists. they launched their european campaign at a laboratory funded by europe, which creates vaccines for cattle, yet another example, they say, of the eu being helpful rather than humbly. >> there are all sorts of ways in whicharmful. >> there are all sorts of ways in which these positive examples that people who actually believe in europe should be arguing as opposed to getting dragged into a negative talk. >> many scots using the u.k. for independence is a voyage into the unknown. staying in it may mean the english vote scottish out of europe. in this rob on theics they have decided. >> as long as we are within the european single market, whether we are part of the u.k. or not really doesn't make any
2:40 pm
difference: an increasingly antieuropean europe, scotland flies the flag for the union. the more right-wing england gets, the better that will make their case for independence. lawrence lee, al jazeera, in scotland. >> the turkish film "winter sleep" has been awarded the palm d 'or at the cannes film fe festival. this was a surprise. >> absolutely. a critic yesterday said the thing about the festival is it is impossible to call a winner. it's not like the oscars where you can have an indication. it's difficult here and yet i have been here 10 days. day after day, we have heard "wichitaer sleep" mentioned by critics hard to pin down. they were confident that this film would do extremely well. the director is a bit of a
2:41 pm
veteran. he has five appearances at cannes and had prizes here it's dark, about a former actor, a man who dreams of playing god. he has a domineering presence. he controls the lives of people around him. and it is a very bleak fem. 3 and a quarter hours long. it's a rather long but the critics thought this would do incredibly well. when this announcement came through, it wasn't that much of a surprise. some other announcements that came through, timothy spalls took best actor. audiences may know him from the harry potter movies. it is a comical moment when he took his prize. he had written it on his phone which he pulled out of his pocket and couldn't actually figure out how to work. so of course it caused interference with the microphones. julian moore in "maps to the stars" a hollywood film, a parody of a dysfunctional hollywood family and how their lives work and the jury's prize
2:42 pm
was shared. that was quite a unique sharing. this went to a 25-year-old director who has been here several times before. he is very much regarded as the one to watch. his movie "mommy" is about a mother with a child who suffers adhd and he shared that with a man at the regarded as the -- who is regarded as the godfather. it takes 3d cinema in a new direction. it's very, very well regarded here so they shared their prize. it was very much the young and the old on stage together. >> phil, that's first and third prize. the second place went top a film with a female director, an italian director. people must be disappointed. there had been hopes that a woman would win the best director prize or have her movie be the best film. >> reporter: >> in 67 years of the film festival, there has only ben one
2:43 pm
female director and she had to share that with a man. she had been quite vocal all along. she said there should be a female best directo winner at the palm d 'or. there were two entries, though. "still the water and one ordinary" who were tipped to do well. but two films out of 18 and in the film end, that came second. >> the turkish film "winter sleep." live for us. thank you. >> that's it from europe. now, let's go to doha. . >> pakistan's prime minister has confirmed he will attend the elected indian counterpart. modi will be sworn in on monday. it's the first time a leader from either country will be attending such a ceremony.
2:44 pm
india and pakistan have a strange relationship, fought three wars mostly over disputed region of cashmere. >> three main rebel groups in northern mali have agreed to a ceasefire deal with the government reached with the help of the u.n. and the african union. recent fighting has threatened to descend into all-out war. in the past week, the army launched an offensive to retake the rebel stock hold of kadal. egypt's presidential election campaign has officially ended. friday was the final day of campaigning for next week's vote which former military chief el sisi is expected to win. in cairo, his supporters cheered on their candidate. sisi turned for a -- called for a strong turnout in the election on monday and tuesday. >> translator: i ask all e job descriptions, especially women who can prove their deep sense of patriotism by going to vote.
2:45 pm
i want to ask the young people to participate regardless of who you want to vote for. i want all egyptian men and women to know, irrespective of their religion or ideology, there is something we should share, and that is our love for egypt and our protection for egypt. >> the trial of three al jazeera journalists in egypt has been adjourned until june the 1st. they have been held in prison for 147 days. they are falsely accused of conspiring with the outlawed muslim brotherhood. al jazeera is appealing to world leaders to help procure the release of elshamy. al jazeera rejects the charges against all of its staff and continues to demand their immediate release. >> south africa's president jacob zuma has been sworn into office for a second five-year term. he says he will focus on economic growth.
2:46 pm
tanya page reports from pretty pretoria. >> reporter: south africa was on show for jacob zuma's inauguration. people left in the early hours of the morning to insure they cleared security in time. the lack of sleep didn't tamper anyone's enthusiasm. >> get everything in south africa for everybody. all. >> although some want more. >> the housing program. >> reporter: some of the heads of state gathered for the ceremony have been in power for decades or are facing crisis at home. but they came from across the continent and the world to witness the president's oath and one of africa's youngest but strongest democracies. >> today marks the beginning of
2:47 pm
the second phase of fate to a national democratic society. this second phase will involve the implementation of radical social economic transformation. >> that transformation is needed because 20 years after the end of apartheid in south africa, it's still blighted by inequality. most of the economic and land is controlled by whites who are about 10% of the population. >> these crowds are south africa. a quarter of the working age people here are unemployed. >> has to change to keep the congress from continuing the slide in popularity. >> the anc won the election but zuma won't want to preside over any more of its declaine. >> it has failed at the point of
2:48 pm
implementation for most of those. at the back of his mind, he will be very much mindful of the many con troversies and allegations of corruption around him or around his associates. >> he has proven he can win an election. now, he must prove that support was well-placed. tanya page, al jazeera, pretoria, south africa. >> do stay with us. still ahead: >> i am wayne hay reporting from new zealand where mawali tribe is trying to safeguard its future by investing in one of asia's favorite products. >> in sport, the rivalry is heating up. we will be there with all of the details.
2:49 pm
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straight over to rajul with sport. >> one place to start in lisbon where real madrid kicked off with athletico in lisbon, the first time two teams from the same city have faced each other in the final round going for a record 10th european cup athletico going for the first title. the last was way back in 1974, about three and a half minutes gone and the final still goalless. england, queens park rangers will play in the premier park next season. they beat with a $200 million payday for the west london club.
2:51 pm
most of the second half was played with second men. boyd zarora scored. . . >> niko rossbin has been cleared after a controversial situation where he we want off of the track denying lewis hamilton first place. richard parr reports. >> reporter: the simmering rivalry between lewis hamilton and nicco rossberg is starting to boil over. the mercedes pair have dominated winning all five races between them. they were a class apart again in qualifying for the monaco grand prix. rosberg was quicker than hamilton. with less than a minute left, the german lost control of the miravo corner. with the yellow flags out, it meant hamilton couldn't complete his run for the chance. he wasn't happy with second.
2:52 pm
>> it's niko's mistake. the subsequent flags meant you couldn't improve on your lap. your feelings? >> it is ironic, but, you know, that's okay. it's okay. >> it would be a second poll of the season for monaco based rosberg? >> i thought it was over. once that happens because i thought, you know, the track would ramp up and somebody else could beat the time. no, of course, in the end, i am really happy that it worked out. it was fantastic. at home, it couldn't be better. >> daniel ricardo finished against sebastian. he the australian could sense the tension in mercedes. >> all three of us don't seem to be too pleased with ourselves. left a bit on the table. we fought the car pretty hard and in qualifying and try to find a bit more from it. >> we will see after sunday
2:53 pm
which driver is smiling. richard parr, al jazeera. >> french rugby team tulong have won back to back european cups, english side sarason at the millennium stadium in cardifcar wilkerson kicked 13 points in the pen ultimate game of his illustrious career. >> a fourteenth stage of the geod 'italia. a roundabout caused many riders a problem after four tough climbs. the italian keeps the pink jersey. over all lead 32 seconds. meanwhile, a train going through a level crossing halted the first stage of the world port classic from rotterdam
2:54 pm
eventually won by dreifel. the second and final stage will be a shorter route back to rotting ham. pacer star paul george has been cleared to play in game 3 of the eastern conference final series against the miami heat on saturday after he suffered a concussion in game 2. george was on the courts for his team's final training run, confident he is 100% fit with a series tied at a game apiece, the trip to miami will be no beach holiday. >> the thing about winning games, our only focus, you know, we know we are going to have to win one game down there and, you know, armond says one down on winning game 3. >> rise to the occasion. my back was against the wall, and going down was not an option. we came out with that mindset. obviously we have been going with that mindset. it doesn't always result in a win. i think our mindset on that game
2:55 pm
was very aggressive and understand we had to come out of there with a win, you know. so that's the type of feeling we have. >> still a champions league final. >> love those train picks. thanks, raoul. now, a merry tribe in new zealand. it may have found a way to generate much needed income for its people. in king country, the tribe is trialing one of the world's most popular herbal medicines from the north island of new zealand, wayne hay has the story. >> reporter: in this remote wind-swept part of new zealand, the pine trees are hiding the potential for positive change. the owners of the land in the central north island believe they may have found a lucrative new income stream hidden beneath the canopy and soil is a trial crop of ginseng. they are highly sought after in asia and china and core e a for mid is natural qualities. it could be of the highest
2:56 pm
standards. >> these here are seven years old, which is about the age where a wild simulated version seems to be salable. so here we have a lot of -- we are quite confident these are good specimens. >> it is being grown by a mali tribe from an area known as king country. at the moment, the income is derived mainly from forestry and tourism but at around $2,000 a kilogram action it's hoped ginseng could take over. >> over the years, governments have settled historic land disputes with many mali drives. this particular tripe hasn't entered into the negotiation phase yet. in the meantime, it's trying to look after its self and its people. >> there is little opportunity for young people in this area. the biggest settlement, benidale seems largely closed for business. it's a situation the tribe wants to change. >> if the business grows as we think it will, we think it will
2:57 pm
make it a lot easier for us to sale and to stay and forge a career. >> the idea initially came from a visiting south korean who suspected the conditions here would be perfect for growing ginseng. it appears he was right. the crops are growing faster than in asia. the climate's soil and uv levels are combining for a product high in anti-oxidants. >> it was a challenge us to get over the lionel in terms of being accepted as a genuine, good quality ginseng grower. we are doing all we can that it is banned up by research. >> it has acres to utilize, meaning big potential for income and much needed employment. wayne hay, new zealand. >> stay with us here on al jazeera. barbara has another full bullet of news from london for you right ahead.
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>> neil fairhall is leaving his west sussex, england station to fight fires in the amazon. >> you don't get that down my high street, driving to a call. >> he'll be joining a small and dedicated team, battling massive fires that threaten the rainforest... >> it's absolutely brutal. >> and training the local warriors to fight fire. >> i've seen nothing like this be i