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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 25, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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>> on the turkey-syria border. >> venezuela. >> beijing. >> kabul. >> hong kong. >> ukraine. >> the artic. real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america. >> good evening to you and welcome to al jazeera america can i'm morgan radford. these are the top stories. a candy king in ukraine declares victory. and the pope calls for mid east peace in the holy land. these are the very first since
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president mohamed morsi was ousted last july. we begin tonight in ukraine where 35 million people took to the polls to leect new president. veteran politician and candy tycoon, petrro poroshenko. jackie roland has the story. >> these are not official figures. all the same three suggest strongly that the billionaire may be poised to win this election outright. >> translator: you see that all exit polls without exception were held by the most
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incredible, the country has a new president. >> reporter: rarely have ukrainians gone to the polls with such enthusiasm. long queues waiting for the casting of votes. >> translator: i expect life to be better. i expect peace and unity in the country. >> petro poroshenko, presents himself as a unifying candidate who can reconcile the east and the west of the country. pro-russian separatists say they won't accept the result.
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only one quarter of polling stations were able to open here and separatists intimidated election officials. >> he's not our president. we didn't hold the election as far as i know. >> the problems of the east may not have been solved. they have likely realized that their territory has already shrunk. >> new president after a single round of voting. that would be a relief for people who feared that waiting four three weeks for a runoff would simply add to the insecurity and instability. >> right now poroshenko looks like a winning candidate. >> that was al jazeer al jazeere
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roland reporting. (f). >> the election of petro poroshenko, one person we spoke to said did he not interfere into the issues of the country. the man had little political experience and, quote, obama's man in kyiv. none of these saiments are surprising. they -- staples are surprising. very clear that no one here could vote, simply paws it would be like casting -- because it would be like casting the ballot in another country. now petro poroshenko says one of his challenges is to come, separatists leaders are not interested in negotiating at the moment. if we look at those who were
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willing to vote and got intimidated and couldn't find a polling station open in their district, they put the blame of much of the chaos on this part of the country. they said they should have reached out much earlier as the crisis in crimea was unfolding. so certainly it is a priority of the ne new leader to stabilize t certainly a difficult one. >> that's h oba hamid reporting. (f) president obama stopped by bagram air field, are exerl
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harkett reports. >> it's an unexpected visit. president obama touched down at bagram air base. closed door meeting with top commanders and advisors. the troops were entertained by a popular country music singer while they waited. the conflict has lafsed more than a decade. announced he would soon decide just how many u.s. soldiers will remain in a supporting roll, after the planned withdrawal at the end of the year of the bulk of u.s. and nato forces. >> for bulk of you this will be your last tour in afghanistan. and by the end of this year, the transition will be complete and
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afghans will take full responsibility l and our combat mission will be over. america's war in afghanistan will come to a responsible end. >> reporter: the pentagon has indicated it would like to see approximately 10,000 soldiers in afghanistan after 2015. afghan president hamid karzai has refused to sign such an agreement. >> america's commitment to the peace of afghanistan will endure. >> there are approximately 3 34,000 forces in afghanistan. it's a decision the white house promises will be made soon. kimberly halket trveg, al
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jazeera, washington. >> join obama at the air field and jim walsh, a research associate at the mit studies program says it's not a surprise that either president fell compelled. >> he isn't the first american president to find a lack of relationship here. there will be a new guy in office, the white house has responded saying, we don't want to get involved in the elections, we don't want to interfere in the domestic politics. if i had to guess i'd guess president obama is done with karzai. he's a lame duck and doesn't want to deal with him if he doesn't have to. >> very first election since the
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ousting of former president mohamed morsi last july and this time around, two competitors are in the race. let's back up a minute here and let's look at just what's happened in egypt in the past two years. february 2011, jeentian presidential hosne mubarak, are was why removed from office. military of any and all say in the legislation and even drafting the country an entirely new constitution. so by december of that very same year the constituent assembly approved that constitution and that was after the public approved it in a referendum. but following even more protest the military kicked morsi out in july 20hav 2013.
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reinstating a nationwide state of emergency. then fast forward to march of this year. that's when army chief abdul fatah al-sisi was elected. the on day 2 of the pope's visit to the holy land, he met with five palestinian families who say they have been harmed by israeli politics in bullpen mafia. he also held a mass outside the church of the 9 nativity. al jazeera's nick schifrin has
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more. >> morgan, pope francis says he has been astonished by things he has seen. not only at bullpen mafia with that unscheduled stop, but this evening historic leader with the are world leader of the palestinians. in the cradle of christianity, pope francis walks into the crowd of the faithful. seems to stop in shock. then walking past the palestinian flag he looks somber by what it sees. a 25 foot high wall separating israel and palestinians. >> my interpretation, let god bless the palestinians and
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israelis in order to destroy this wall. >> reporter: pope francis promised this trip would not be political, but recognition of the palestinian cause. he was the first pope to arrive in bullpen mafia without first arriving in israel. and his agenda repeatedly referred to the state of palestine over objections. >> he met with the children of palestinian refugees including 7-year-old raha. the west bank refugee camp. neighborhood that was supposed to be temporary. >> we struggle with the occupation. whenever it wants, you'll find them in any street. >> for raha this is the only
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life she has ever known. ♪ be. >> reporter: it's a song about peace. pope francis says he hears the refugees message. and then after all of those politics, pope francis came here to jerusalem to focus on the spiritual and to continue the reconciliation that began exactly 50 years ago behind these walls. in 1964, the heads of catholics and christians ended a rift. pope francis renewed that unity, francis and ba bartholomew prayd together. at christ tomb they lit candles together. >> what the pope wants to show
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people is there is will, there is interest, there is the spirit to foster unity, to foster a influence relationship among christians. >> reporter: foster new relationships across the nation by tearing down walls for christians and israelis. in fact israeli officials are exciteabout what is on francis' agenda. including mount herzel, an doarmt of their rights to the land, just like palestinians felt francis's trip was an doarmt to their state.
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intoarmendorsement to the state. the last three were the three that were stabbed to death in elliot rodger's apartment. 19 to 20 years old. >> bryan it appears that we lost you. but let's take a look at bryan's report from isla vista. >> near where three girls were shot and two of them killed. veronica and katy cooper who were supposed to graduate in a few weeks. >> it's kind of weird to think that a couple of days ago, she was here and then my life is going to continue and hers isn't. >> liked to smile and have fun. katy was one of the most loving people. >> the young women were two of
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the six people killed by 22-year-old elliot rodger who killed himself at the end of the shooting spree. whether they visited rodger april 30th to check on his mental health. told them he was having some social problems and some school issues and that he probably was not going to continue in school. and are told them it was all a misunderstanding, that his relative and this other person had taken things the wrong way and he really wasn't you know going to hurt anybody nor him severely. >> they left but rodger had three guns and 400 rounds of ammunition. why do girls hate me so much? his friends and neighbors knew he was troubled. >> he was really, really upset about why was the world so unfair to him. >> was it like a nice face, he didn't even say hello or
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anything. >> elliot rodger was a santa barbara student. his family revealed he had asperger's syndrome. he had plans for retribution. a lawyer spoke for the rodger family. >> the rodger family, their deep is sympathy and compassion to the families involved. we are experiencing the most inconceivable pain and our hearts go out to everybody involved. >> memorial service, among the pictures was the young man who died, who killed the others. >> rise above us and somehow find meaning through tragedy. that this doesn't mean the earned of your faith. it doesn't mean the end of happiness. >> morgan, we've mentioned earlier that rodger left a
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140-page document that's been described as a manifesto. i read the whole thing. it's more of an utah biography -- an autobiography. it's very intelligently written, very precisely written but it does reveal how disturbed he was towards the end of his life. morgan. >> thank you so much brian rooney live for us in isl isla vista. >> we'll tell you now why they have to go back for a do-over. and the elections don't stop. >> mandatory minimums are routinely used to coerce
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plea bargains >> mandatory minimums >> the whole goal is to reduce gun crime, now we've got people saying "this isn't fair"... >> does the punishment always fit the crime? >> had the person that murdered our daughter got the mandatory minimum, he wouldn't have been out. >> the system with joe burlinger only on al jazeera america
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>> every saturday join us for exclusive, revealing, and surprising talks with the most interesting people of our time. rosie perez >> i had to fight back, or else my ass was gonna get kicked... >> a tough childhood... >> there was a crying, there was a lot of laughter... >> finding her voice >> i was not a ham, i was ham & cheese... >> and turning it around... >> you don't have to let your circumstance dictate who you are as a person >> talk to al jazeera only on al jazeera america
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>> in colombia president juan manuel santos has been forced into a runoff election. nearly 30 million cast their vote for president but neither candidate got enough votes to win the election outright. quite the drama, with pretty serious mud slinging and accusations of corruptions. >> i'm outside juan manuel santos campaign headquarters. as his supporters gear up for another battle for the hearts and minds of colombians. president santos have appealed to the other three candidates who took part in the election to join him for the second round to support him in his peace
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process. he says quote i'm calling upon you to join my crusade for peace in colombia. that's not the only thing that concerns cloa colombians. the next round would be three weeks from now when it's going to to be a very tight race. >> the votes are also in, in europe where 28 countries have chosen a new european union parliament. the vote was open the eu crits s have made some major gains. simon mcgregor wood reports. >> france scratches the head liedges of course with the national front winning that by such a significant margin.
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the u.k. independence party repeating the act, but all across europe, small radical parties mostly of the right with being an agenda fiercely antieuropean union, if you recall, the poster child of bailouts, and austerity, that party again aggressively 18th european union, topping the polls there. what it means is so many european voters have had enough of the european union, as far as they see it because they blame it for the ongoing economic tribulations and trials. the center level and center right will remain the dominant part in the government, but to plifn tlisten to the discordant,
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trying to do something bit. i think the big challenge for those pro-european parties, to push the european agenda forward, to create real growth and real jobs, unemployment unprecedented highs throughout the european union, to prevent a like vote happening in the next five years, that will be the challenge for the center. >> thailand the king is expected to endorse the leader of the military coup. last remaining democratic institution. hundreds taken to the streets of bangkok facing soldiers for the second straight day. the military is cracking down on those criticizing the coup including members of the press.
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president obama right at home is dealing with a growing scandal with the department of veterans affairs. a vai va official filed a complt with the inspector general. then in 2013, sam foot retired in his position and said records were being manipulated. then in february of this year the phoenix va was officially accused of misconduct. earlier this month as congress placed subpoena on veterans air force secretary eric shinseki now there are calls for him to resign. but obama has defended him
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throughout and shinseki says he has no plans to resign. now the head of the agency says the department is enhancing its clinic capacity so it can help vets get care sooner. richard allen smith served in the afghanistan war and worked for the veterans affairs administration and despite those conditions, he says care has improved under general shinseki. >> i also work for the department of veterans affairs until legs than a year ago. and from what i saw in there there's sort of a cowl clash that creates problems like this. and it's between folks who are used to doing things the old way when va was mishandled over a decade ago. under shinseki the quality of veteran care has improved greatly and received higher marks on paste satisfaction
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reports. some outliers where like i said for decades this department was mismanaged. it's going to take a while to turn the ship around. almost 2 million new veterans are enrolled in va care that weren't enrolled when general shinseki'shinseki's leadership. that have been really amped up over the last five years from president obama's request. >> coming up on al jazeera america our sunday segment, the week ahead. plus we have rebecca. >> we've had a lot of flash flood aring in places. wind so strong. and that's coming up next.
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to al jazeera america. live from new york city i'm morgan radford with a look at tonight's stories. more than 35 million ukrainians went to the polls to vote for a new president. petro poroshenko ahead in the vote. the official count is due tomorrow. troops in afghanistan. bringing along country music singer brad past paisley one ofy favorites. telling the troops the war in afghanistan will end responsibly at the end of next year. pope francis made a surprise visit to the wall that separates bullpen mafia.
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separates bethlehem. >> in is as many look for new leadership, questions still remain as to whether these elections will in fact be free and fair. so we begin with this report from al jazeera's courtney keely. >> for abd fatah al-sisi, victory is a near certainty. security concerns kept the defense minister from making personal campaign appearances around the country. but he gave an address urging people to vote. >> the mood is rather jubilant. they are happy to go to the polling stations and cast their ballot for s sisi. there is a collective spirit of mass conformity around sisi.
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>> reporter: al-sisi and another candidate, it is an indication that al-sisi doesn't have the nationwide support that many assume. >> among the revolutionaries around tahrir square, some will go and vote for sabahi but many will stay home. in. >> reporter: it's been almost a year since memo morsi was ousted in a coup. more than 1,000 people have died in protest and clashes. the muslim brotherhood has been declared a terrorist organization. hundreds of its followers have been killed and thousands have been arrested. foreign observers remain doubtful had a a fair election is possible. the european union will have
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advisors at polling places. carter said in a recent statement that he is gravely concerned that egypt's democratic process has fall terd. >> the democratic process is pretty nonexistent. especially since we declare that the leaders have compiled the muslim brotherhood and allied islamists who were even a part of political life under hosne mubarak. >> eight airports and 20,000 new schools along with investments in health care and agriculture. he has made it clear that there will be no muslim brotherhood during his tenure. courtney keely al jazeera new
11:34 pm
york. >> met with egyptian prime minister nabil fahmi. muslim brotherhood band in egypt even designated as a terrorist organization. to discuss the upcoming election, i talked to azra gahli, and if the election will in fact be free and fair. >> i think you have to look in two directions. the first direction is what's going to take place at the polls. and i don't think that there is going to be a lot of fraud that will take place at the polls. i think the fraud has taken place way before the elections by the banning for example of muslim brotherhood by the elimination of all political demonstrations by the way in which the media has been
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manipulated, et cetera. in those terms this is certainly not going to be a free and fair election. >> ashraf do you agree with this? did this happen before the elections? >> technically the election will be a free and fair process. but the problem is the environment in which the election is taking place is certainly not a free and fair one. there's very little opposition that is being allowed to take place, very little campaigning by opposition that is allowed to take place. and i think the majority of people who oppose the front runner al-sisi is planning to boycott because they feel their voices won't count. >> gentlemen we have already seen two presidents toppled and now six elections and that's just since 2011. how will these elections be really any different than the six that have already come before it? >> well you know, i think abdel
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fatah al-sisi has a different view for the government than did mubarak or morsi did. he hasn't told us and that's on purpose, he does have a lot of interest in how religion tracks with governance. he has written pieces before about how you cannot separate religion from politics in muz lynn lim -- mu muslim countries. he is not a mubarak holdover. >> why is that? >> because he doesn't really have a plan. the important thing here is the fact that nobody can succeed as president of egypt. the elephant in the room that nobody is talking about is the economy. the economy is in a state of total collapse at the present time. so what we are seeing now is these vague plans of energy saving lightbulbs and things
11:37 pm
like that. while at the same time for example, sisi cannot get rid of the subsidies of food and petroleum products that take plactheplace of 50% of the budg. >> both men has promised that this is something they will deliver on. is that really a promise they can really keep? >> not at the level that people expect. the reality is no outside help is going to be sustainable for egyptian economy. the egyptian economy has to start, we have to see new jobs and new programs and unfortunately until there is a much stronger sense of stability and security in the country, the economy is not going to rebound. >> and james, we know that sisi is the front runner here. but really backing up a minute, which candidate has the best profile to really attract international investment?
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>> i don't think either of them have a pro trial that will attract international investment. i don't think international investment follows an international candidate. i think that there are real structural problems with the egyptian economy that have to be seriously addressed, i'm not sure they can be addressed. so therefore both of these guys who have very, very similar programs actually, state intervention, things like that, they're not going to be able to do very much to turn things around at all. >> speaking on selling an sisi presidency, i want to take a moment about what a sisi presidency would look for americans. lets look at correspondent mike viqueria. >> the past year has seen a foreign policy dilemma, to support ideals and punish, put
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regional stability above all else. the obama administration has been on both sides of that line. they never cms annual military aid to egypt, even so, last month half of that was restored. the u.s. has stopped the transfer of abrams tanks and delivery of some fighter jets but green lighted the sale of 10 apache helicopters and missiles. civil rights while at the same time holding out the position that, if the coming elections go well. why the mixed message? officials have openly admitted it is mostly about regional stability. security along the suez canal, and the sinai, the sinai also shares a border with israel. the 35-year-old peace treaty between israel and egypt is
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still in force. on all those fronts, cooperation is essential and would be threatened by a full cut off of aid. american are foils insist egypt must move towards a democratic transition. but even though egypt has moved away from democracy, american aid has continued to flow. >> james, how will the united states respond to an al-sisi presidency? >> one month after the military cocoup d'etat, to declare that egypt is on its way for too democratic transition despite the horror show, i think
11:41 pm
security interests of the united states are placed well above and have been during this entire arab spring period, have been placed well above the interest of human rights and spreading democracy. i think your listeners should understand the entire region is in a state of number. the united states has made overtures into iran, to bring into understanding, which means the united states is beginning to distance itself with the gulf countries, and with the gulf countries, bringing about some new post-cold war order that would allow major players that have been secluded from the participation in the diplomacy such as iran a voice at the table. and what this is going to do is, this is going to have a major effect on american alliances in the future. >> the post-cold war order, that is a really interesting point
11:42 pm
james. ashraf do you consider this a horror show what's happening inside egypt now? >> one thing that successive administrations have never accepted is that the region is religious. it is a excessive region. >> right. >> you can -- it is a conservative region. >> right. >> you can't impose a secular idea on governments that are primary religious. the separation of religion and state, that's just not going to fly in the middle east. >> james gal van and ashraf agazi, gentlemen i cannot thank you enough for being with us this evening. three al jazeera joinlts remain locked up in -- journalists remain locked up,
11:43 pm
mohamed fahmy can, peter greste and baher mohamed. their trial has been adjourned one more time, until june 1st. we had the pleasure of speaking with peter greste's brother. >> they're all in the same cell. spending 23 hours a day there together. that's conditions they're kept in. and here, they're all obviously supporting one another. it is difficult living in such a close and confined space. with two other people for that length of time. but they're managing and they're again coping remarkably well. so they've all been, i guess, you know, nowrnlg encouraged byn what we saw on thursday's court
11:44 pm
session. that there was nothing incriminating and it's just a matter of toughing it out getting to the end. >> now let's take a look at some other events coming up this week. on tuesday the nba board of governors considered terminating donald sterling's nba ownership about then thursday, cancelled a g-8 meeting in russia. the law isn't all foregiving for children in bangladesh. his story of survival coming up next. with joe berlinger >> mandatory minimums are routinely used to coerce plea bargains >> mandatory minimums >> the whole goal is to reduce gun crime, now we've got people saying "this isn't fair"...
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>> does the punishment always fit the crime? >> had the person that murdered our daughter got the mandatory minimum, he wouldn't have been out. >> the system with joe burlinger only on al jazeera america
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>> we're following the stories of people who have died in the desert >> the borderland memorial day marathon >> no ones prepared for this journey >> experience al jazeera america's critically acclaimed original series from the beginning >> experiencing it has changed me completely >> follow the journey as six americans face the immigration debate up close and personal. >> it's heartbreaking... >> i'm the enemy... >> i'm really pissed off... >> all of these people shouldn't be dead... >> it's insane... >> the borderland memorial day marathon only at al jazeera america
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>> the nationwide man hunt is underway in belgium where police are searching for a man who opened fire at a jewish museum in brussels. authorities released this surveillance footage today, they believe this shooter acted alone. took him less than a minute to carry out the attack. a crowd of 2,000 people gathered to pay tribute to the victims. still aren't sure whether antisemitism was in fact a motive for those shootings. save return for more than 200 nigerian school girls. gathering to pray for those girls vowing to continue until
11:48 pm
they are returned. >> this prayer is for peace, harmony, tranquility, understanding, to live in one community as human beings, as a suffering country, to live with love and affection and to pray to allah to return those girls. >> nigerian president goodluck jonathan has come under intense criticism, many believe he and the government were too slow to react to the abduction. in even receiving cruel treatment while in juvenile detention centers. al jazeera's mahir satar has more. >> children's shelter. he doesn't have fond memories of his treatment at the detention center. >> translator: first they set us up. they set up our hands and our
11:49 pm
feet then they beat us with big sticks, it was really hard. >> this is called a child improvement center, children accused of crimes are brought here to certain their time. there is outside a badminton court and a school but children are complaining of being beaten. >> children say they're abused and not fed properly. a growing number of them have been trying to escape. posen ali is the social welfare minister. he is in charge of the social welfare program. >> giving money, 10,000 for burning a bus. >> reporter: and estimated 4 million children live on the streets of bangladesh.
11:50 pm
ministry has a difficult task ahead. back at the shelter bijoy is nearing the end of his own journey. he is getting training to become a carpenter and hopes to begin soon, one that is sadly elusive for children going through bangladesh's juvenile just system. balkan peninsula, flooding has stopped but the damage may still get worse. al jazeera's kim vanil reports. >> when the cliffs behind the village told the worst is yet to come. after last week's record rainfall, experts say the entire hill will at some point come sliding down. they say that could dam the
11:51 pm
river which is also the border between bosnia and serbia. >> this is a danger for the people who pass through here. >> it could happen, the ground up the hill could slide into the river and the river could flood the whole city. it would be a catastrophe. >> reporter: leaders from both zwarnik and bosnia are working on evacuation plan. this road which cuts into the quarry is one of them. >> basically our county will be cut into two parts. so in one part we have bakeries, gas stations and shops and the other side industrial buildings. basic h necessities will be able to get in. >> as a result of recent flooding. in some parts of the bal kansas,
11:52 pm
this gives you an idea of the sheer force of the water. just over a week ago, this was a road. now it's a sea of boulders which have been churned up and forced down from the hills above. no one was killed by the boulders but locals believe that was just luck. more rainfall is predicted for the coming days. residents are making sure they have a plan, hoping to remove luck from the equation when this hill coxtion crashing down. kim vanel, al jazeera. >> strong storms, al jazeera's rebecca stevenson is here. >> so many places have great weather then the rain came in or the afternoon heating came in. in florida it was impressive. we had somewhat of a convergence
11:53 pm
happening. they fired up some very strong storms. we've had so many reports of wind gusts causing all kinds of trees down and power lines. gainesville is reporting a lot of trees down. and in florida reporting trees down and then these storms are moving up into georgia where we're getting hail reports which are quite impressive over an inch in size in the diameter of them. storm damage started really popping up in the afternoon with that daytime heating and line of converging winds coming in at the same time. if you look further to the right you could see, your left my right, you can see texas central, a lot of rain here, that rain coming down so quickly because it's so humid, all it needs is a little bit of lift to get good soaking rain. still have flash flood warnings in place and a severe storm warning will continue into tonight and tomorrow.
11:54 pm
san angelo, there's no wonder there's flash flood warnings in parts of the state. junction got two and a quarter of inches of rainfall. san antonio just 1/100ths of an inch. rolling also into the upper midwest, parts of iowa and dakotas. daytime heating comes in. western washington, soggy, seata crrveg airporseatac airport rep. warmup on the way, it's going to get to the 80s tomorrow.
11:55 pm
summertime feels hotter than this, not as much humidity, mid to upper 80s, hot memorial day there with sunshine but a lot of folks in around mexico are watching because of hurricane amanda. >> so soon. >> yes, this soon. >> all right, thanks so much rebecca, appreciate it. and as rebecca mentioned the soggy weather out west where firefighters in arizona say the slide fire is now 10% contained. a big improvement over this morning when it was only 5% contained. the fire covers 21 square miles near sedona, and they were hoping to get an assist yesterday from rain but there wasn't enough. >> next, rolling thunder in washington, d.c.
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>> i hope americans will understand. how much sacrifice around the country. >> the very memorial day tradition. r
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
>> the rumble of motorcycles could be heard throughout d.c. today and it was all part of the rolling thunder ride. to remember prisoners of war or missing in action. they say there's no other way they would rather remember this memorial day. >> i ride at this event to honor all the men and women who have died protecting our tree dom. i come back every year because there's no better way to be here with the american flag on my bike and riding with all my brothers. >> the thunder, to me, is power in unity. and coming together for one cause. to praise our services. >> i had 20 years and two days in the united states air force,
11:59 pm
i served in vietnam in '69 and '70. it's really a pleasure to come up here. i enjoy it. there's a bunch of patriots here. it makes you have a good feeling when people stand on the side of the road and wave at you and salute you when you go by. >> i just hope people take time out to realize how much sacrifice veterans have made for country and to not just forget them when the war is over. >> my grandfather he was ovietnam veteran. he was my inspiration for joining the military in the first place. that's why i ride. no matter why you ride, it's all about getting out there and feeling free. >> and finally, tonight, less than 1 second. that was the difference between first and second place in toda today's indy 500. beat out five time champ helio
12:00 am
castroneves. hunter ray is now the first american to win since 2006. thanks for joining us. i'm morgan radford. stay tuned, the system is up next. >> what took place that night? >> my eldest daughter runs along here and she gets her father and says, the young man is attacking sarah. my husband is holding the pistol down at the floor and he says to him, "you have 4 seconds to leave this house."instead of leaving the house, the young man decides to come forward. >> if the state of florida requires the rest of my life in