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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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>> thank you very much. >> the show may be over but the conversation continues. you can find us on twitter @ajconsiderthis. we'll see you next time. >> hi everyone. this is al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. we know where they are. the words of nigeria's top military man on the searched for the kidnapped school girls. our reporter is in the exal capl of abuja with the very latest. up to 200 feet wide.
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plus man on the wire, philippe petit, how the walk between the twin towers changed his life forever. >> it has been 42 days since more than 300 girls were an deducted from their school in nigeria. u.s. troops and drones have joined in the search. so far no signs of them. tonight that may have changed. nigeria's defense chief today said he knows where the girls are but that the military won't use force to rescue them. yvonne ndege has more. >> this information comes from nigeria's chief of defense staff. and he gave an interview to the state news agency in which he basically said, let me quote,
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the good news for the parents of the missing girls, we know where they are but he also added we cannot tell you, we can't go into the area where the girls are kept with any kind of military force. we can't kill our girls with the reason for getting them back. >> leave us alone. we are working, we will get the girls back. >> obviously this will comfort the parents of the missing girls and the millions of concerned people in nigeria and the world round. these girls have been missing since mid april. there is likely to be anxiety, there is no word where the girls are. raising the prospect of some kind of negotiation going on between those that are holding them captive and the nigerian authorities. so far, no arms of government like the presidency have made any statement on this new development which seems to be
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significant. >> yvonne ndege reporting. >> yesterday's massive mudslide in western colorado. happened in colbrun 200 miles from denver. using heat seeking equipment to search for a government worker his son and another. our meteorologist kevin corriveau is here with more on that story. kevin. >> john, it wasn't planned at all. i want to take you back about 24 hours. let's put this in motion, you can see the rain that was it through. much clearer now. digging into what the terrain would look like. colburn, denver about 200 miles to the east. the small town of are 700 people was about five miles over here towards the west. this is the area we're talking about. you notice this half moon type
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shape right there. as you stay a look a little bit closer on google earth you can see a few roads into this area and one main highway just there to the north. now here is an image that was taken after the mountain slipped. let me go over here towards the other area. you can see where the mountain slipped right here and then you can see the debris flow all the way down towards the main road. actually it was so powerful it actually pushed over another ridge. that's the force we're talking about. about 250 feet deep in some of these locations there. luckily not many people were killed. we'll know more in a couple of days. we'll stay fairly clear in terms of rain. tuesday is good, wednesday more rain into the forecast, in thursday we need to watch a little more heavier showers across the region.
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back to you. >> joining me is heather benjamin, the information communication officer for mesa county. tell us what the situation is tonight. >> our search and rescue folks ended their efforts to search today about 4:00 this afternoon our time. it is possible that they will resume again tomorrow. we did have is engineers and geologists and other special folks come in late this afternoon and take a look at the slide area to help us gauge stability and those kinds of things. >> is there concern there might be another slide? >> i personally haven't heard the results from those conversations and that review from those engineers and folks that came in but we've been saying for the last couple of days that it's certainly unstable. we thought the slide had moved at least 20 feet overnight and we would expect that it would continual to move in some form. >> i'm going otalk about the
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search in a second but give me a sense of how that has affected mesa county overall. >> we are spread out, but particularly colburn where these three men that are missing are from. it has a town of about 700 people, very small, no street lights, second, third, fourth generations that have grown up together so they're very close knit and tight. when he drove through the town today, the town had signs out, law enforcement, you can come in and use our bathroom, our showers for free. come in and rest. >> these pictures of the slide are unbelievable, it's the length of the slide that's so remarkable. can you tell us where does this search for these men stand
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tonight? sw request with aaaa. >> well, it's been called off since 4:00 this afternoon. it's difficult to say where to start and where to end. they went up originally to check the irrigation pipes that stopped flowing as they had expected likely from an earlier slide that affected their irrigation. they had a truck and they had an atv and we have yet to locate any of those items. obviously a truck is going to be pretty large. but in some places, where searchers can walk right up to the edge of the slide, they're looking up 30 feet up. of just dirt and mud. and then questioning the stability of that. so -- >> i was going to say have there been a lot of slides in mesa county before? >> no, it's not something we typically experience here. although perhaps rock slides in the spring, when we do get some rain on these ledges and stuff.
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those rocks tend to slide and come down on roads and things like that. generally those are cleaned up in a day or two, the roads are opened, and little damage, typically. this was huge by scale, approximately three to four miles long but in a very remote area. the top part of the slide was united states forest service land and the bottom portion was private property. while it was a big camping weekend for mesa county, it wasn't an area specifically where a lot of people would go to spend the holiday weekend. that's a big blessing for of us that we don't have more missing. >> thank you heather. friday's rampage in isla vista. the shooter elliot rodger e-mailed a 148 page manifesto
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dealing his motivations. parents tried to stop it but they were too late. brian rooney is in isla vista with the story. brian. >> they are trying to return to normal, people in restaurants across the street and bicyclists going by and yet people are still visiting these spontaneous memorials that are growing by the hour. people holding up signs, politely vitalling the press to leave. it's been three days now. they would kind of like to get back to normal. the students have hung out at the coffee shops, skate boarding down the street. death at an early age. >> you hear about this happening at another school, you never expect it to happen at your school until it does.
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>> the shooter identified as elliot rodger had set out to kill girls because they didn't like him. >> we can't go about our daily lives and act like nothing happened. we have to tell our community that that's not okay. ♪ amazing grace >> father john love led a memorial service on sunday, he's talked to many about why this happened and what's to do afterwards. >> these young people, have never experienced a brush with death and this is the first real trauma. the real work will begin in a couple of weeks or a week when it starts to sink in. >> most of the students we talked to don't know anyone who was injured or killed. for those who are there -- >> they need to tell their story of terror that happened that night because so many kids were
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present and watched this occur. >> there have about already been a couple of nearls here. there is another one here -- memorials here, there is another one planned tomorrow. they're going ohave to get back to it, finals are coming up and life has got to return to normal. john. >> brian, thank you. president obama visited arlington national cemetery, are after a surprise trip to afghanistan. he was there to honor the men and women who have died in military service. mike viqueria is at the white house. >> his second trip to afghanistan in two years, fourth overall. even the press wasn't permitted to are reveal his location until wheels down at kabul. quite some time for months as a matter of fact but it also comes at a critical time now in afghan
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politics and as far as the security situation there, the u.s. negotiating the status of forces agreement with the new government that's due to come in after the june 14th runoff aof hamid karzai exits office. and then today, after returning, very shortly, just two hours after returning to the white house, north lawn a very solemn ceremony on a brilliant day, at arlington national sell tears. president obama invoking the lives of all who died, world war ii, section 60 where the dead from both iraq and afghanistan wars lie at arlington, hallowed ground there. president obama made reference to the scandal of the va, and he
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talked and renewed his vow to keep with veterans. let's listen. >> here on these hallowed grounds we rededicate ourselves to our sacred obligations to those who wear the uniform and the families that stand by them always. that our troops will have the resources that they need to do the job, that our nation will never stop searching for those who have gone missing or held as prisoners of war. that as we have been requiremented in recent days we must do more to keep the faith with vet rabs and their families, to make sure they ernt what they deserve. >> the president is giving a major speech on foreign policy on wednesday, when he goes to deliver the commencement address at the u.s. military academy. >> the pope spoke to reporters today during his flight back to
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roam -- rome after a three day visit to the holy land. he will have his first meeting, at the vat cap. there won't be any special sex abuse. not everyone was happy with his visit. someone set a fire at the site of his last stop. nick schifrin reports. >> john, we have seen the pope trying to reach out, pointing out that he understands their suffering. we saw that in jordan, meeting with syrian refugees. right next to that church over my left shoulder. at the final event of his holy land pilgrimage, pope francis
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asked for understanding. shortly after he left just across this alley, a vandal responded to his appeal with arson. broke into a church and used a candle to set a fire. schooled the guest book and dozens of crosses. >> it's been an hour but you can still see how many are extinguisherextinguishers firefs needed to extinguish the fire. trying to demonstrate sympathy with the suffering across the region. that appeal started this morning. in a memorial dedicated to, in his words, an evil that's never been seen before. francis lit an eternal flame in the holocaust museum. never again he said.
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here we are lord shamed in what man created in your own image and likeness was capable of doing. responding to drail requests, francis visited the pillars of the state. >> pope francis is a friend of the jewish people. >> then outnumbered by security almost 5 to 1. netanyahu are scheduled this visit in direct opposite to the separation wall. the prime minister used it to defend a barrier. >> we don't teach our church to plant bombs. we teach them peace. but we have to build a wall against those who teach the other side.
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>> francis strongly are, old city. he took his shoes off before entering the mosque, islam's third most important site. francis went off script to call muslims brothers. may no one abuse the name of god through violence. and at the holiest site for je jews, francis called for unity. in israel over the last few weeks that interfaith dialogue has not been harmonious. extremists have vandalized churches and threatened christian leaders. for three days, pope francis called for and tried to demonstrate understanding. at least one person wasn't listening. before the pope arrived he emphasized he would only come
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here as opilgrim. but john, when you try to focus on prayer it often ends in politician. >> coming up, after a show of force, ukraine launches air strikes and ground assaults. race against time, a pregnant woman sentenced to death in sudan.
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>> just a day after winning ukraine's presidential election, the country's new leader is hitting back hard at pro-russian rebels in the east. ukraine's military launched air strikes and ground offenses in donetske today. trying to take back control of the international airport there. dana lewis has this story from
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ukraine. >> well john, mr. poroshenko said at his new conference today, that he intends to deal with violence in the ukraine. but no civilized country will deal with terrorists, athat's what he calls separatists in ukraine, and it sets the stage for a very long and drawn out conflict in ukraine. if there's any doubt that a war is being fought in eastern ukraine, that evaporated today. add dawn separatists had shut down flights. and the ukrainian army brought out its heavy guns in attempt to retake it. strafing, explosions and dpun fair rocked -- gun fire rocked the area. separatists fought back. in kyiv, there was angry response from the president elect, billionaire petro
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poroshenko. >> the same why like somalian -- way like somalian pirates. they want to control the situation there, calle so-called bandit state. >> for those he called murderers bandits and killers, poroshenko vowed no respite. in moscow, russian foreign minister sergey lavrov says, ukraine's new president will be recognized. >> but what to do with the tents camps in the center of kyiv, the new president said the camps
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will be cleared. but they're not to go anywhere until they can see some progress. with demonstrators on the square and russian separatists in the east, poroshenko has won a presidency but he inherits a country being torn apardon. when will the negotiations come up with the cost of gas supplies coming up, the crimea, difficulties in eastern ukraine, where they feel the russians continue to be behind some of the interference there. mr. poroshenko is saying they could meet as early as mid june but is not going to be a meeting that they sit down and shake hands. he wants a very detailed agenda worked out for the two sides before they actually get together and he is expecting that the european union and the united states will be at the table. sergey lavrov the russian
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foreign minister head a conference in moscow, but it would appear that mr. poroshenko would hope that those talks would be brokered and the united states would be at the table, john. >> dana lewis in ukraine. colombia, citizens go to the polls to decide a new president. lucia newman reports. >> greatly many colombians wary. oscar ivan soulada, will appeal to farc rebels the very day he's elected. >> there needs to be a
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commitment, those who have committed crimes against humanity have to be jailed even if it's a limited sentence. >> unlikely to trust a president whose mentor is their archenemy. alvaro irrube. and solada have succeeded in instilling fear in the residents. >> they have transmitted the message that president santos would name pooh gued a guerilla. all of this is false, totally false. >> but in this still very conservative country many people say they want peace but not
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atfully price. >> when we ask specifics to the population in terms of forgiving crimes committed by the guerillas, reinserting demobilized guerillas in the workplace, then the opposition. >> concessions, oscar ivan suelaga, in the foreseeable future. colombians will have to decide which is worth the risk. >> a pregnant woman in sudan is said to be whipped and handing. marrying a christian and refusing to denounce christianity. she's days away from giving birth, shackled to her other child who is just 20 months old.
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bernard smith reports. >> as these catholics celebrate mass at a church in khartoum, one of the prisoners is are locked in her cell, eight and a half months pregnant. miriam has been sentenced to death, for abandoning law and marrying a christian. her 20 month old son is with her. miriam's lawyer says there's no evidence she was ever a muslim. >> even in article 38, it's always been in the sudan constitution. in the african church on human rights. so actually the the judge ignored these principles and this prinl shoul principle shoun favor of miriam. >> miriam's husband, daniel
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wane, is allowed in the prison once a week for just 15 minutes to see his wife and son. >> complaining about the baby, the baby has two days. that's not any movement. >> the judge's sentence shocked many people in sudan. >> supporting my family, i love them. i don't think this is an issue of christianityity and islam. >> miriam's lawyers have launched an appeal. miriam's fellow parishioners are praying for her. when the case is appealed, there is many hopes that she will be
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released. but she will have given birth in a prison cell. >> american hero on this memorial day, we talked to the nation's oldest living veteran. an.
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>> this is al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler. a lot more to cover this half hour. california murder spree. frantic efforts to try to stop the killings. carry the load. heavy weight on their backs, walking as long as they can to honor service members who have died. plus man on a wire. high wire artist philippe petit. talks to me about his illegal walk between the twin towers.
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elliot rodger was able to purchase several rounds of ammunition and guns. despite his mental health condition. his father, after the sandy hook mack kerr, melissa chan has more on the missed red flags. >> with the benefit of hindsight, the clues were everywhere. >> you denied me a happy life. >> concerning enough his own family, asked police to check on him a month ago. they did, after finding him polite and lucid, they left. rodger apparently wrote about that visit. quote, i had the striking and devastating fear that someone had somehow discovered what i was about to do and discovered me for it. along with my writings about what i planned to do with them."
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we now know rodger had legally purchased three handguns. >> if a person is not put on a hold that information is not put in a database and not disqualifying information for someone purchasing a firearm. >> under california law mental illness is itself not a reason to detain someone or prevent the puncpurchase of a weapon. >> the diagnosis of a mental illness is cpts. >> brought to us because we are able to see what happens in connecticut. and through virginia tech and so many different places. but the truth of the matter is as sad as it may sound these are rare occurrences. even though they are
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catastrophic occurrences. and there's no way to study them and to predict them with any accuracy. >> ever since the 2012 sandy hook shooting the national rifle association has mairchted the me position. >> how can we possibly even guess how many, given our nation's refusal to create an active national database of the mentally ill. >> gun control proponents including the most impassioned advocate at the moment, the father of christopher martins, . >> because i'm emotional doesn't mean i'm irrational. nobody needs to own three
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semi-automatic handguns. it doesn't make sense. >> the debate over what could have prevented the tragedy is unlikely to be resolved any time. melissa chan, isla vista, near santa barbara, california. >> worlmeteorological associati, higher co2 levels increase the risk of drought, extreme heat and rising sea levels. this memorial day, communities all over the country are honoring those who have given their lives in military service. president obama visited arlington national cemetery, he laid a wreath at the tomb of the
11:35 pm
unknowns, praised troops still overseas and those soldiers who have died. >> here today at arlington we pay tribute to the nearly 2200 american patriots who have made the ultimate sacrifice in afghanistan. and we will honor them always. >> thousands in texas celebrated memorial day by taking part in a symbolic walk for loved ones who died in wars. the tradition is called carry the load. participants spend hours walking for as long as they can while carrying heavy back packs to honor the fallen. mike schneider has that story. >> it's a physical grind and emotionally wrenching but for those who come to this trail in dallas it's also deeply satisfying. walking miles at a time, carrying heavy loads. weighted back packs and vests, american flags, even a 45-pound fire hose.
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and for every participant in this four year dallas tradition it's personal. >> it's the least we can do is try and feel some of the things that they feel every day. >> for the shubsda family, everything changed in 2002 where two f-18s collided. matt shubsda was one that was killed. drew carries a 20 pound vest with a picture of matt. when he's done he will have walked 38 miles from sunday through monday. his family right beside him. >> we think about carrying our burden alone but if you carry it together, it's a lot better. >> drew's younger brother is in the naval reserve and in the last few months of duty in africa.
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>> it is the right thing to do, it's highly emotional, it is a cathartic experience. you see these guys out there maybe missing a limb, carrying heavy packs, walking all night long, just carrying their load along, it's something we have to do. >> carrying the load for nearly 40 miles like the shubsda family is doing is painful but nothing like the sacrifice of the folks being honored today. >> i can't even repay that enough. so just nok that a little bit -- nothing that a little bit of pain for a few moments for one day is the least i can do. you know i stopped last night about midnight after a lap and mandy asked, do you want to go again at 2:00 a.m., i'm available again at 2:00 a.m., i said i'll see how i feel. i texted her at 2:00 a.m. and i said we only do this once a
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year. did another seven mile loop. >> the shubsda tradition, remembering men and women who served our country and didn't make it home and thinking about another family member who could be home by thanksgiving. >> rolling thunder draws attention to veterans missing in wamiss lostin war or missing in. >> i ride in this event for all the men and women lost in war. riding with all my brothers. >> the thunder, to me, is power in united.
11:39 pm
in unite. unity. >> it's a pleasure to come up here, i enjoy it. there's a bunch of patriots here. it makes you have a good feeling when people stand on the side of the road and wave at you and salute you when you're going by. >> i just hope people take time to realize how much sacrifice veterans have made for the country and not just foresight m when the war is over. >> my grandfather is my inspires and i ride for him. no matter what you ride it's about getting out there and feeling free. >> richard overton was 36 years agyearsold when he deployed in . now he is the oldest living american vette.
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brandon trutling talked to him. >> if you are looking for richard overton, this is where you will likely find him. on his front porch, with a cigar in his hand. >> i don't smoke them. >> every morning, the anchors are done. >> that's my exercise. got to keep your muscles going. >> last week he turned 108 years young. >> cutting limbs off the top of your head and around yu side but never got hit. >> overton doesn't like to spend a lot of time talking about his time in service. >> the more you tell the more it come to yah. >> as for what he believes kept him a live as other soldiers perished. >> that's god's business. god wasn't shooting at you.
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>> that's richard overton. >> president obama hopped mr. overton -- honored mr. overton last memorial day. >> i want you to know about mr. overton. he was there when the battle ships stopped smoldering and at okinawa. >> he's in a hurry. >> overton has witnessed a great deal of change in his lifetime. including those times when he says white people were hesitant to interact with blacks. >> white people want to be my friend as black. they'll drive out there right now, make theirself at home. >> as to what he credits his longevity. staying off of medications. >> when that pill get in your system, it will weaken your body. >> overton never had children. he's been married twice but his
11:42 pm
wife passed 20 years ago. and although he comes from a big family -- >> six sisters and four brothers. and they're all dead. >> overton spends most days enjoying his own company. he says he's not opposed to getting married again but she must be age-appropriate. >> if i can find a woman old enough and wants to be married. >> she must be around 90, but finding her that age and able to keep up with him might be too great of a challenge. brandon trutling, al jazeera, austin. >> richelle carey, is here. with tonight's briefing. >> in the case of the missing nigerian school girls, the military has said, it has discovered the location of the missing girls. they don't want to use force to rescue them, because they don't
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want to put the girls at further risk. they have been kidnapped for six weeks now. yesterday's mudslide in western colorado, hit the town of colbrun. larger chunk of the mountain ridge just came down. ukraine has carried out air strikes on pro-russian rebels in the east. they have been battling for the control of the international airport in donetske. after creung elected a new president, petro poroshenko. he has are refused to negotiate with armed rebels there, john. >> it's been years since philippe petit walked between world trade centers.
11:44 pm
petit talks about breaking the rules and his pursuit of art. >> it was on august 7th, 1974, when a young frenchman staged what he called the coup. on that morning, philippe petit did something unthinkable. stepping out between new york's trade center towers on a cable just one inch thick, 1300 feet above the ground. an astonishing breathtaking feat and one plaind in detail. -- planned in detail. petit and his friend evaded security the night before and using an arrow to connect the cable. while new yorkers gazed from below and the police watched from both sides, petit continued his performance. he was on that wire for 45 minutes, crossing it eight
11:45 pm
times. when he finally stepped off, he was arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct. charges were dropped when he agreed to do a performance for children closer to the ground. by then, his story had made headlines in the new york times and around the world. >> philippe it's good to have you on the program. great to see you here. >> thank you. >> i don't think a lot of people know how much -- how much time it took for you to plan the walk. can you describe how long it took and what you had to do? >> i can tell you it took me six and a half years. but not of daily work. from the moment i start dreaming about the towers and they were not even built then to the moment i set foot between them six and a half years of dreaming and of crazy work. >> you brought a piece of the cable that you used to walk across from the two world trade center towers. ubl that's heavy stuff right? >> -- obviously that's heavy
11:46 pm
stuff right? >> i'm going to lend it to you but be careful. it will break at 60 tons. >> 60 tons? and you shot it with a bow and arrow? >> what did i was pass a fishing line with bow and arrow, with complete ill legality and invisibility, then we rope then a heavy rope then a very heavy cable. so it took us all night of rigging. >> when you are watching, this is happening. what are you doing? >> i'm doing more than watching it. i'm the engineer and rigging master behind all my high wire work. so i was very concerned about, am i going to get caught in the middle of the rigging between twin towers, would i have enough time before the workers come and finish the work the next morning. all of that was part of the
11:47 pm
illegal walk. >> one thing you talk about it is practice. in regards to juggling actually. >> i reveal it's a secret to the reader how i do something almost impossible. the jug lers call it a blind trick. it's the most difficult thing you juggle and you have one ball that you catch blind hi in your back. and the reason i link this juggling trick to creativity is to be able to focus and feel the ball and focus, you have to know before you throw it that you are going to be successful. in other words, the first step is a point of no return. this moments of point of no return happened in my life in all lef level of creativity. i don't have to be -- level of creativity. i don't have to share that with the people. >> you are a spiritual person? >> i believe gods are everywhere
11:48 pm
to help us achieve the impossible. >> you walked back and forth eight times? >> the police who were waiting for me to give myself up, said he's not walking, he's dancing. >> you laid down on the wire? >> yes, yes, to rest to salute the sky and also to dialogue with a se seagull because i was trespassing, pun intended, of course, i was trespassing in the territory of the bird. i started a friendly dialogue, i didn't want them to come back and eat my liver, you know. >> you are thinking all these things wile concentrating on staying on this little wire. >> yes, it's a big wire, for me. it is a boulevard. >> it doesn't look that big to me. when you talk about being on top of the world trade center can you talk about what 9/11 meant to you? >> no, i cannot because it will
11:49 pm
be wrong for me to talk about a personal loss of two magnificent towers that i love like human beings when actually the day they fell they took with them thousands of human lives. how can you talk about the loss of an architecture marvel and a loss of human lives. since i spent six and a half years in getting to know those towers and i married them with my wire, you can imagine how i felt when they disappeared. that cannot be compared with the human tragedy of that day. >> in fact philippe petit has walked the world on a wire. coming up what's on his bucket list. list.
11:50 pm
>> now, before the break high wire artist philippe petit talked about walking on a wire between the twin towers in new york. but how did he prepare?
11:51 pm
i asked him about his other stints that led him to the day 40 years ago. >> i don't leave anything to chance. that's why i reject the title, daredevil in the sky. i spent a lot of practice to become the artist in the art of walking. to make the people forget that the wire exifts, when actually each time my feet hit the wire the wire respond with free movement, it sways, it goes up and down, and it turns on itself because of the torque and tension. it takes a lifetime to learn how to breathe and make it look like this man is walking in thin air. >> right but some of the rehearse ams included the towers at notre dame, right? >> my first illegal walk, the
11:52 pm
one i was saluted all over the world was notre dame in 1970, i was a baby, that prepared me for my other wire walk, sydney harbor bridge in 1973 which was a rehearsal i for the walk on te world trade center towers in 1974. >> and you are 65? >> i am 18 years old, but i will still stay a few weeks on that beard and then i will probably say okay. it's not an athletic, not like somebody preparing for the olympics. breathe, the simplest thing in life yet the most difficult thing. >> how is it differently or the aim as the walle-ndas who
11:53 pm
crossed the niagra falls? >> i have a chance to not be born, although i love the circus, i would have worked like my father and grandfather and the same style of making it sometimes dangerous or looking dangerous to get the people to ooh and ah and applause, and the luck to be born in painting and opera and movie making and art and therefore i'm an artist on the wire, my title is high wire artist, very high from circus wire walker. it's two different conincidents. we don't speak the same language. >> i understand the grand canyon is a dream for you. >> it could happen in the future i don't think it's happening right now. >> do you see yourself making a
11:54 pm
big walk like the one -- >> please don't tell anybody, in 1973, when i put my wire illegally in the background, there was the opera house just finished to be built and there i went to the jail and i went to a press conference, i would love to put a wire one day between the opera house and one of the pylon of the bridge. >> you have an inspirational story. philippe, thank you. now for our freeze frame photo. a flag unfurld during a memorial day -- event. there, mayor bill deblasio.
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honored are those who died in service. there's the empire state building, outlined in red, white and blue. richelle carey has the headlines right after this. g
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>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm richelle carey. here are tonight's top stories. the nigerian military says it knows where the armed group boko haram is keeping the 257 missing school girls, the government says nothing more but they will not use force to rescue them about this is the first time they have had an idea of why the girls have been taken. pro-russian separatists took control of the international airport in donetske earlier today. russia has warned the government in kyiv to stop all military action today. that violence came after the are country voted in a new
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president, petro poroshenko is refusing to hold talks with armed rebilities r rebel rebili. >> a landslide in colorado. three people are missing. tomorrow classes will be cancelled at the university of california santa barbara, instead another memorial service has been scheduled in memory of the six students killed in a rampage friday. police have identified elliot rodger as the shooter, killed six students before turning the gun on himself. pope francis says he has zero tolerance for anyone in the catholic church who would abuse children. he made that statement in his flight home from the holy land. he will have a conference first time in the vatican. inviting leaders from israel and
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palestinian territories, that meeting is expected to happen june 6th. those are the headlines. "america tonight" with joie chen is up next. you can always get the latest news on our website. check out >> you know people are just dropping like flies. all those people that live closest to the plant, they went one after the other. >> we are paying with our lives. >> whenever you have lots of men and lots of money you are going to find prostitution and trafficking. >> you can't produce the most toxic thing on earth and also, protect the public. >> "america tonight" investigates. dirty power in america.