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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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♪ set for another seven years in office, syria's president votes in elections he is expected to win. ♪ but there are doubts over the credibility of the vote both with the international community and among the millions displaced by syria's several war and i'm barbara and you are watching al jazeera live from london and also coming up, pro-russian separatists continue to attack a border guard base in eastern ukraine. >> look forward to announcing additional steps later today.
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>> reporter: and u.s. president barack obama arrives in poland and spain's cabinet paves the way for the king to advocate what the monarch has regarding a future. ♪ voting is underway forcier yeah's war-time election which is expected to extend president bashar assad rule for seven years and broadcast pictures of assad and wife casting votes at a polling station in damascus and votes can be cast in government-controlled areas and opposition and western leaders and rebels in syria dismissed the election as a sham. but it is the first time in more than half a century syrians have been offered a voice of candidates and bashar assad is
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running against to unknown challengers and apparelment dominated by supporters, he is a former communist party member and supports the military campaign against opposition forces and the other candidate is someone who served in government's before and wants reconciliation and to rebuild the infrastructure and supports the fight against rebels. let's go live now to the border crossing in the beka valley and the border of course between lebanon and syria and we can see behind you ruler the cue of syrians trying to get back in the country so they can cast their vote. >> yes, over there you can see people who are trying to cross the border and over here you can see the syrians who have already voted. since the morning, since 8:00 in the morning there are lines of
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people and at least a few thousand, they told us there is a lot of people over there. it's a polling station on the syrian side of this border and it's one out of more than 9,000 polling stations all over syria. the government is trying to hammer that point that there are elections going on and most governments in the country except for one controlled by a linked group and even in aleppo that is partly controlled by rebels and part controlled by the government there is voting as well. the rebels as you said and opposition are trying to discredit this election and say it's an farse and no way you can have elections in the middle of civil war and being controlled by the president they are trying to over throw and yesterday there was escalation on mortar attacks on aleppo and capitol damascus and said some polling stations will be a target and discourage people going there to
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vote. >> you have not spoken to all of them and they may be will not tell you exactly who they will vote for but the people from lebanon trying to go to syria to cast their vote would you say they are mainly assad supporters or others that think the election one way or another will bring some stability if we can use that word without being too optimistic? >> reporter: well, we will have to remember there were electrically voting and tens of thousands showing up and the people are strong supporters and see the presidential elections as a sign that president assad prevailed over opponent after intense fighting and predictions he will call and his regime will crumble and now he is extending his for another seven year term. opposition boycotted election and say there is no way they would take part and you have regular syrians who come to the
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conclusion that president assad will not be over thrown any time soon and don't want to burn bridges with the regime and are showing up and voting, registering names and are voting because they feel they want to claim their lives back now at any price especially with no light at the end of the tunnel the conflict will be over soon and it's fragmented and in fighting and not showing signs they will be able to achieve their goal any time soon. we heard from syria's foreign minister today and he made it very clear, he was very defiant the recognition comes from the syrian people and that government is actually showing off our thousands and tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of people taking part and that is enough legitimacy and don't need it from the west. they have allies, the russian, chinese and iranians who have already blessed this election, supported president assad and today the foreign minister said
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today is the new path for them and they do not recognize the result and will not recognize them and they are still adamant to see president assad's rule. >> at the border corrosioning between lebanon and syria and thank you. well now let's go love to doha where syria council member joins us now and thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera, i'm assuming you don't believe this election should be taking place, that it doesn't have any vicinity and yet we are seeing thousands of people from lebanon trying to cross back into syria to cast their vote. >> yes, hello. i think there are a lot of things that can be said about this election. the bottom line it's i'll
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illigitimate and not representing anything and the large numbers and i spoke with a couple people in lebanon and told me if i don't go and vote for bashar i won't get my passport renewed, i can't get any official papers. so there is a threat from the government against many people if you don't do this, we are not going to give you pass parts, we are not going to -- a lot of things. earlier this morning i was talking to a lady inside syria, i will not mention the specific location, but she told me that at work the national i.d. was taken last week, all of them and this week nova cases and no sick leave and you have to go there and if you need to get your i.d. back you need to vote for the president. in fact, they are being coerced with all those, i think the true
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percentage is much, much lower. you mentioned lebanon. let's reb remember there are 1.5 syrian refugees in lebanon so if you believe the numbers of the government and i don't of course, it's still a tiny percentage. >> sir, also, it does look likely that the president will win this election so he will win another seven years in office and certainly he has remained in power for the past three years since the start of the civil war, do you worry perhaps at some point the western powers will start to think perhaps it's time to negotiate with president bashar assad again? >> yes, it does worry me and to be honest with you, the west really failed us tremendously because at the beginning of the revolution they knew that we did not this conflict to escalate
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and to go that far. the west in rhetoric they supported us, that assad's days are numbered and that he lost his legitimacy and so on and he must go blah, blah, blah, all that but they did not materialistically help us not even diplomatically every time they make an excuse of the russian veto or the chinese veto so the west actually is participating indirectly in the crimes because they are watching what's going on for now three years of continuous killing and destruction by the assad regime and doing absolutely nothing about it. >> from the syrian national council thank you for joining us. u.s. president barack obama has arrived in poland for talks with the ukraine crisis that is likely top of the agenda.
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obama will spend four days in europe speaking after he landed in poland and emphasized the america's security commitment to the country as well as the rest of the region. >> given the situation in ukraine right now we have also increased our american presence. we have begun rotating additional ground troops and m-16 aircraft into poland and this is going to help our forces train together, it's going to help our forces support nato air missions, it's also part of nato's stepped up presence in central and eastern europe. >> that is pro-russian secretary attacked a border guard base in luhansk and the attack could have been a division to bring people over the russian border into ukraine. well obama's visit comes as nato defense minister meet in
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brussels and al jazeera editor james is there, james, what are we expecting to come out of this meeting? >> reporter: this is the first of a series of important meetings this week on the ukraine which are taking place here in brussels. today we are looking at the military part of things, nato looking for what else it can do to deter russia from taking further action in ukraine and also about the situation of crimea because nato along with many other countries around the world believe that that is a part of a ukraine that has been stolen. at the moment what you have is small deployments and exercises of nato and troops in eastern europe with planes and aircraft and ships there but they are also now talking about maybe sending slightly more on a slightly more permanent basis that is the sort of thing that is being discussed but a limit to what they can do because i think it's fair to say none of the nato countries want to get in a military confrontation with
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europe and in the coming days we move to g-7 which is meeting also here in brussels and president obama will be coming here with leaders in brussels and again the diplomatic track doesn't look like it's much further they really can go. there is talk of more sanctions, some in e.u. and reluctant about sanctions and japan not keen to upset the russians. >> and, james, and the head of nato is talking tablet crisis in syria and the current election. >> reporter: yeah, the discussion here at nato is about ukraine and then probably in the next 24 hours move on to the subject of afghanistan and nato's troop presence there after 2014 but behind the scenes everyone is talking about that election that is taking place today. the presidential election in syria and i talked to the secretary general about it.
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syrians are voting as we speak what is your idea of the election? >> it's an farse. it doesn't fulfill international standards for free and transparent elections and i'm sure that no ally will recognize the outcome of these so called elections. >> and i'm sure you're going to hear statements like that from other western leaders, other, some other regional leaders in the coming hours. important i think to listen to what the u.n. says about this because they were the sponsor of the geneva peace process, the envoy leading this resigned, finished his job a couple days ago because he said that election men he couldn't go on with the process. >> james is live for us in brussels, james, thank you. still ahead on al jazeera, 25 years on, china's security crack down on the eve of the anniversary of prodemocracy
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demonstrations in tienemon square and tackling the rising influence of radical terror. ♪ >> a shocking number of these eyewitnesses get it wrong >> how much would you remember? >> dark complected... medium height... you described most of the majority of the men in america >> sometimes witnesses get it right >> when you have an eyewitness to say i saw him do it, that is the best evidence. >> and sometimes sometimes they don't >> no one is listening to us... george is innocent... >> the system with joe burlinger only on al jazeera america >> these protestors have decided that today they will be arrested
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>> these people have chased a president from power, they've torn down a state... >> what's clear is that people don't just need protection, they need assistance.
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♪ hello, here is a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera, state tv shows bashar assad voting in elections expected to deliver him a seventh term in office and the votes are criticized as an farse by nato secretary general,
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the president is in poland to shore support for allies over the ukraine crisis. more violence in eastern ukraine and david has the latest. >> this is the scene in the center of luhansk what they are calling a war crime and attacked by a jet fighter using canons against the building which has been occupied by the pro-russian separatist fighters and the building was filled at the time with ordinary office workers and five people were killed and many more injured. this whole area has been covered in a deadly cloud of shrapnel and glass. air raid shelters are now opening in the city in case air raids continue. they just started distributing this leaflet to the people of the city to advise them what to do when the air raid sirens go over the city and will head to the nearest shelters and get the
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information on a website put out by the local administration and switch off all the gas and electricity and take food and water with them to the shelters. so a real tense situation in this city at the moment. the fighting is far from over and the ukrainian government forces are pushing in from the north towards the south, towards donsk at the moment and fighting is continuing in and around the luhansk region. libya prime minister is vowed to tackle what he says is extremism in his country and he made the comments following clashes in benghazi on monday and at least 19 people were killed in battles between malitia groups and forces led by the general and we have the first cabinet meeting although successor is refusing to leave office. >> translator: as the new government started duties, we are committed to protect our people or take responsibility to
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implement security all over the country and fight terror and extremists. extremism is not accepted from any party and fighting and not government involvement will be difficult to fix later and we won't allow anyone to threaten neighboring countries. >> 120 people have been killed in the latest clashes between the fighters and government forces in yemen and launched attack on a military post of the capitol on monday. they sent reenforcement backed up by jets who pounded rebel positions from the air for the first time. al jazeera continues to demand release of its journalists detained in egypt, peter greste, fahmy and mohamed have been in jail 157 jail and accused of aiding the muslim brotherhood and al jazeera denies charges and asking for their immediate
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relief and a fourth al jazeera journalist has been held in a cairo prison without charge for nine months and also requested a medical report to document his poor health. tensions have increased between iraqi, kurdistan and baghdad and says the region's decision to independently sell oil is illegal. the first tanker of iraq crude oil is on route to maracco but threatened legal action against anyone who buys the oil. the u.s. has led an international operation against a cyber crime group intent on stealing user's banking details, a russian man is charged with hacking, fraud and money laundering, all computer users have been advised to update their antivirus software to combat the bug that is called game of zeus and 100 computers
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have been effected worldwide. >> this is the most sophisticated bot-net we encountered and frequently targeting the businesses and it intercepts passwords and other private information that can be used to conduct wire transfers and initiates and redistricts wire transfers from victim's bank accounts to foreign bank accounts controlled by the criminals. >> china launched a security crack down a day before the 25th anniversary of the tiananmen student protests and from beijing al jazeera adrian brown reports. >> reporter: 25 years ago students in china were having political chies and defiance against the country's communist rulers but prodemocracy movement survived 7 weeks before being suppressed by military force on june the 4th.
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now a quarter of a century on the events of that time still remain a taboo subject for many students. >> translator: it's inconvenient for me to talk about this he says. generally i'm neutral says this man, i'm not on the side of the government or the students. >> reporter: today's young people are in the throes of another revolution, one of rising expectations. she was born a month after the blood shed and she has come to the korean fair hoping to find a white color job with a salary of at least $700 a month. >> translator: i know very little about this part of history. one reason is that i'm not interested in politics. the second reason is this event was not mentioned in the history books i read. >> reporter: and he was born three months before the 1989 protests and today she manages a shop specializing in skate boarding, clothing and
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accessories, she is aware of the events of 25 years ago but says they have no relevance to her generation. >> translator: 25 years ago the young people cared about was having enough food and keeping warm whereas today we want to become stylists and show off our personality. >> reporter: today's students lived through an era of rapid economic growth and have grievances but know they cannot change the political system. >> they are aware of politics for the sake of protecting their own interest and their own life because they know the risks attached to getting involved in politics. >> reporter: china has ten times as many graduates as 1989 but a third of them are unemployed because the economy simply is not producing enough white collar jobs and a few want to engage in political activism that could change as the unemployment rate continues to rise.
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adrian brown, al jazeera, beijing. china's crack down on tiananmen square anniversary is relaxed in hong kong and they chart the 1989 crack down on prodemocracy activists and souvenirs sold are containing photos and other evidence of the protest for visitors to take home and share. the museum welcomes 500 visitors a day, half of which are said to be from mainland china. >> china regime is more suppr s suppressed on human rights than the past regime and they are so afraid for the people to have freedom and there is really suppressing human regression and human rights, no mention at all on political reform. but we don't think this will last and we believe one day we will win and that this museum can one day be in beijing.
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>> reporter: the head of singapore navy has been afforded a guard of honor on his visit to new deli. the visit to india comes as part of the annual joint exercises in their 21st year. the welcome the admiral received is a mark of the strengthening relationship between india and singapore and exercises first started as antisubmarine war far and expanded to war craft and surface simulations. sprain prime minister called an emergency cabinet meeting to discuss the country's monarch and asked their king advocated and will draw up a law to clear the throne for phillipe to be king and says he represents stability for the country and monday tens of thousands of people took to streets and
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calling for referendum if it should be a republic. they are trying a new curriculum in schools trying to stop its people becoming radical and the faces blamed on al-shabab. >> reporter: young minds land at one of many informal islam schools in this neighborhood. but a series of grenade and bomb attacks across the country caused tension here. community leaders accuse the police of targeting muslims in an on going security crack down. >> they were killing, the police. and you can see the anger towards the police because one of them was only 16 years. and i can tell you some of those guys will end up with
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radicalization and go across the border to somalia. >> reporter: when you speak to them they will tell you the fear is real and harassed by police, many have been killed and very weary of the media. one wrong word they say could have devastating consequences. so the government has been looking closely at what children are being taught and islamic studies curriculum is piloted in parts of the country including mombasi with lessons of tolerance and importance of pa -- patriotism. >> if they do it once it's at high liberty.
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>> reporter: the problem is not with classes but messages coming out of the mosques. this is identified by the government as one mosque being used to radicalize the youth and people have been killed in the last few years. she is known as a person who openly praised al-shabab who stood outside of a courthouse in april. >> translator: i see my son everyday. he was victimized. i've been victimized but i leave it all to god. >> reporter: the government has denied the killing them but many do not believe that and see the police as the enemy. catherine with al jazeera, mombasi. >> reporter: let's go back to spain and regarding the king that happened only monday and we are live from the palace outside
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madrid. so there is an emergency meeting taking place today of the cabinet to discuss handing the crown on but there are people who do not want to keep the monarchy at all. >> that is why it's so important because it's extremely important to the spanish monarchy, prince philip the second, the 16th century spanish king and this is a ceremony where we see the king and son and prince phillipe for the first time together in a military ceremony and what the monarch has to do and the prince has to do is to win back public opinion. there were massive protests and tens of thousands of people took to the streets across spain to call for the referendum for the monarch and people can decide on their own and expecting more
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today and the government has a big headache on its hands and needs to draft a law to be able for the hand over to happen in the coming weeks. >> and we are outside the spanish palace and thank you. this is towards the presidency, i'm not sleeping, i'm working hard day and not. >> not backing down, a presidential candidate and war torn syria defiant and some are calling a lock for the current leader. >> to 12-year-old girls eye accused of murder and saying a creature made them do it. >> that is the actual base on fire. >> caught in the cross fire one
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of our al jazeera correspondents is there when a wave of violence eru erupts. >> president obama will speak as the growing crisis in ukraine takes center stage. >> this is al jazeera america. >> and freeing prisoner of war bowe bergdahl is recovering at a military hospital in germany but the deal that got him out of the hands of taliban is criticized and a few soldiers are saying he is not a war hero. >> we are in bowe bergdahl's hometown of haley, idaho and good morning and some soldiers who served with bowe bergdahl are speaking out, what are they saying? >> well, stephanie, they are saying that bowe bergdahl was indeed a deserter, a man who simply walked away from his unit in afghanistan and when that lapped it was a massive search underway by some leaders going
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out to look for bowe bergdahl and at that time other americans were killed and had to take a lot of time to look for him and describe it as a massive search and they are pointing the finger at him saying while they were out americans were killed and they say now it is his fault, those soldiers call him a deserter, that is not going over well in the hometown here of haley, idaho this morning, stephanie. >> i can imagine why and occur those are only allegations right now, jim. meanwhile the prisoners that freed sergeant bowe bergdahl are under fire and what are critics saying about the deal? >> you don't hear much about that here in haley, idaho and people are keeping spirits up waiting for bowe but say the deal wasn't worth it, five leaders released from guantanamo and return to afghanistan and some of the people in washington, some of our political leaders are saying they have been allowed to return to the front lines of fighting to once again kill americans and
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say those five leaders of the taliban were responsible for killing thousands of americans before their capture and again they are calling this deal something that is definitely not worth the while but you do not hear that in haley, idaho this morning, the balloons and yellow balloons and waiting for bowe bergdahl's return her. >> jim is here for us in his hometown of haley, idaho and thanks jim. a hunt for a man wanted for possession of explosives ended and san francisco took ryan in custody monday and ended a three-day manhunt that reached far beyond the bay area and explosive materials were found in his san francisco apartment and his friends say they were shocked by the investigation. >> it was hard when it came out, what is going on, are friends under investigation, what did he do. and to find out like a lot of the press reports are way over blown and you get that.
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>> chamberlain sent a suicide note to friends saying he was depressed over a lost job and failed romance. >> i would not pull up and never throw i know my country is a great country and strong contender. >> challenging the president of syria, syrians are heading to the polls today to elect a president. >> but the voting is taking place in the middle of a civil war. >> and president bashar assad is guaranteed to win because it will take place in places controlled by his government and western countries are calling the election a fraud and let's go to al jazeera's nick who is live in beirut and neighboring lebanon and good morning, the images we see coming out of syria today are a contrast to what we see in the war, people lining up to vote and crowds holding up and posters of assad and cheering and what should we make of this? >> good morning, if you talk to
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people in syria or aniest with earn officials they would say the images are stage managed and many people inside syria who are being forced to vote otherwise they fear their fate will be the same as some 160,000 people killed in three years of war and many people feel if they don't vote and come out and display their support for asaid publically and waiving the flags and voting publically they or their families will be killed. you know when you walk in a polling station in the united states you may see a cup of pencils, in one station there is a cup of pins so people can prick their fingers and vote in blood and it's different and say it's the political solution of the war and if they win the war should end and if they lose assad will gracefully step asaid but that is not reality because he is not going to lose and once he wins that will strengthen determination to crush
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insurgency and reduce willingness to compromise politically. >> more than one name has appeared on the ballot beside a member of the assad family and who are the candidates and does it even matter? >> stephanie, it's the first time in 40 years that assad or father faced anyone but they believe the only difference is on paper and facing two candidates a legislator fre eor aleppo and he gave an interview the other day and he called assad a very strong leader and you have to, quote, respect what he has been doing and so most people are looking at these opposition figures who do not have very many political shots and calling both of them rather characters in a theatre. >> nick is in beirut, lebanon
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and thank you. in the past three years estimated 150,000 people died and millions more have been displaced during syria's civil war. and bowe bergdahl's family is under additional scrutiny this morning on the released p.o.w.'s father bob bergdahl saying he sent this, i am still working to free all guantanamo prisoners, god will repay the death of every afghan child, amen, the tweet has since been deleted. >> the day marks the single biggest day of primary voting this year however most eyes are censored on the senate race in mississippi, after a string of early primary defeats mississippi is one of the last opportunities for the tea party to unseat an incumbent republican and the race is dominated by a scandal involving the exploitation of the senator's wife, in all eight
6:38 am
states head to the polls this morning including heated contests in iowa and montana and david is here and lots at stake here today. >> the picture is control of the u.s. senate, the democrats have a net, ahead of republicans by six, in other words, republicans need a gain of six to take control of the u.s. senate in november, if they do that of course president obama's agenda for the final two years on capitol hill will be dead if democrats maintain control and get some things done. that is why a lot of people pay attention to the primary races particularly the one in mississippi because it has an incumbent senator thad cochran and been there since 78 and looking for a third term and facing mcdaniel and supporters of mcdaniel were arrested in recents weeks for breaking in a nursing home and trying to get
6:39 am
pictures of his ailing wife to be used in an attack ad and because of some of the inflammatory statements he made as a talk show host and some racist he is probably unelectable in a general election, in other words, the democrats may have a chance of picking up the state if mcdaniel the tea party challenger beats cochrane and if democrats can do that they can maintain this in the fall. this is in iowa, this is the democratic senate seat that has been vacated by tom, retiring senator, on the republican side there is a former u.s. army veteran and leading the pack and endorsed by mitt romney and republicans and business groups and featured an ad which showed her talk about her castrating pigs and challenged by a guy named mark jacobs who is a ceo at reliant energy and hurt and
6:40 am
spent five times more money in the race but made $35 million and ceo at reliant when the company was losing money and the republican will face bruce a long-time democratic repetitive and a couple interesting races to look at, a tea party in montana race by the name of matt rosendale and an ad with shooting down a drone with a gun and federal overage and going against a navy seal and there is a race in governor for the governor and jerry brown is the incumbent and will face the winner against tim donely and tim donely has a spotty record because he was arrested a few years ago for bringing a loaded gun in an airport, lots of races
6:41 am
and interesting characters out there today in these eight primary states. >> reporting on today's important primaries, thank you so much. obama administration is taking steps to combat climate change and there is a plan to reduce american's carbon emissions by 2030 to cut down on dangerous pollutants to 30% of 2005 levels and it's a move the epa says it could save thousands of lives each year. >> it will make a huge difference and we have an opportunity now to get a handle on emissions that have been not regulated up to now and causing serious damage to public health as well as to the environment. >> reporter: similar to mr. obama either healthcare rollout it gives states flexibility to make changes and could lead to patch work rules across the country that will frustrate businesses and business groups say the proposal could raise energy and cut jobs and cost the economy $50 billion a year. it's time for a check on the national forecast.
6:42 am
>> and here with that forecast is our metrologist nicole mitchell, i meant to say our outstanding metrologist. >> i love the adjectives and thank you so much. heading out this morning kind of an outstanding forecast that will change later in the day, not too active and you see showers moving through the great lakes so chances in the east coast but later in the day everything is really going to come together so all the areas in green are chances for thunderstorms. today so far this week and for really the last week or so are most significant chance for severe weather and places along interstate 80 and iowa. watch for that and this is brewing and chances for heavy rain and flood watches and warnings are up through the course of today and back to you guys. >> nicole mitchell thank you so much. a sand storm in iran killed four people and left tens of thousands without electricity in their homes. the capitol city of tehran was plunged in darkness in rush hour and the storm had winds 70 miles per hour and forcing residents
6:43 am
to seek cover and knocked down trees and swept debris across the streets and forecasters warn of more bad weather lasting into wednesday. f.b.i. says hackers managed to steal $100 million from businesses an and individuals around the world and the u.s. and they charged a 30-year-old russian man as the master mind of the opposition which was based in russia, ukraine and uk and the hackers used computer viruses to obtain banking information from their victims. >> gaem over zeus diverted money to criminals across the globe and cripto locker shut out hundreds of thousands of people from users and data and demanded victims get paid to get access back to their own machines and their own information. >> reporter: prosecutors say between 500,000 and one million computers worldwide are infected
6:44 am
with the virus and 25% of infected computers are here in the united states. >> a stark reminder of how dangerous it is to work in a war zone. >> if you can make out that is the actual base on fire. >> get down >> that is our al jazeera correspondent david caught in the cross fire in eastern ukraine and that was calm compared to the fighting that took place in downtown. dispute over oil that has an entire region of iraq threatening to break away. >> in favor and none opposed. [cheers and applause] the new minimum wage is the highest in the land and why a surprising number of people objected to it. ♪
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♪ you're looking live at war saw, poland where he is speaking with tusk and ukraine topping the agenda and welcome back to al jazeera america, president obama arrived in poland this morning to begin four days of talks with european nations. >> and the on going situation between ukraine and russia is talked about and tracey pots is in washington d.c. for us, good morning, the president is scheduled to meet ukraine president elect tomorrow and that will be significant, what else is the president doing? >> well, he is also meeting with poland's president today and holding a news conference as we
6:47 am
speak and he will meet with some eastern ukraine leaders just this morning or eastern european leaders and the president wants a billion dollars to beef up our military presence in the region to make sure our allies are reassured to be there if russia goes too far. president obama arrives in warsaw this morning to commemorate the 25th anniversary of free elections in poland but the trip is urging allies to keep the pressure on russia, to back off in ukraine. >> we began rotating additional aircraft and m-16 aircraft into poland and this will help forces train together. >> reporter: obama and russian president putin will commemorate d-day but no one on one planned between them and putin will sit down with france's president and
6:48 am
prime minister but not mr. obama and they call it hypocritical sending in troops. >> doing nothing to stop the activities. >> reporter: president obama goes to europe leaving big issues behind and v.a. under scrutiny and needs new leadership and scrutiny over release of p.o.w. in exchange for top five taliban leaders. the president will be meeting with ukraine's new president while he is overseas and the president announced the billion he asked for is not only to beef up the military training and the exercises we are doing with poland but the navy and the black sea and baltic sea and increase the military presence within some of those countries that border russia. their own military to assist with that, stephanie. >> tracey pots program
6:49 am
washington and thank you. >> if you can make it out that is the actual base on fire. bullets are coming over our heads so we had to take cover but the camera is still rolling so you can see exactly what is happening. >> that is al jazeera correspondent david shader in ukraine and he got caught in the cross fire of a gun battle and had to duck from in coming bullets and government soldiers are increasing facing off with pro-russian malitia in eastern ukraine and fighting in the region is some of the worst since they launched the offensive against separatists last month. ukraine i don't know border guard post under attack in a raid by separatist fighters and the troops inside thought to number around 70 have been surrounded by a force estimated up to 500 strong. ukrainian jet fighters were
6:50 am
scrambled flying missions over the city of luhansk where they claim the attack was coordinated and with surface to ground missiles and heavy smoke is rising above the skyline and local authorities here claim five people were killed when the jets targeted a local administration headquarters in the city, one of many sites take end over by separatist forces. mayor ordered air raid shelters open for civilians as the fighting escalates. the region by the border and near donsk shows volunteer fighters coming in with supplies of ammunition and new weapons. they have sworn to defend the self-declared people's republics against kiev forces and the president election is about to press against them and labeling them as terrorist and enemies of the state. it is attacks like these that
6:51 am
could endanger the mission with each day that passes and more and more volunteers are coming in and many of them battle hardened vets with military skills and weapons that could really challenge the ukraine army. close by civilians started to flee the area. we came across a mother speaking on a mobile phone to her son, trapped inside the border guard base. she and her husband are desperate as they heard the bombs and mortars falling. >> translator: when will they stop? i've been waiting. they are not just shooting they are flattening us. now we are running away. >> reporter: the last stand is being fought by the border guards trapped, surrounded and heavily out numbered. air support alone is not enough to save them. they have refused to surrender. it's a stinging military humiliation in the making for the new president elect in kiev only days before his
6:52 am
inauguration. that is david shader reporting and the government says the large explosion you say was caused by antiaircraft fire by separatist and not ukraine air strike and white house confirms vice president joe biden will be there for the new president porto-shenko. >> the government in the north sold oil for the first time. a week ago sold oil from a tu turkish revenue and kept the money and kurds living there sought to carve out a state and it's one of the main oil-producing areas of iraq. >> two preteen girls charged with adults as attempted murder. >> repeatedly stabbing their friend and saying a mythical creature in the woods made them do it.
6:53 am
>> are hurricanes named after women deadlier than those named by men and we will look at some unbelievable numbers.
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> this, is what we do. >> al jazeera america. nine in favor, none opposed. [cheers and applause] cheers in seattle as the first to approve a $15 minimum wage. the city council voted unanimously for the hike on monday for pay that is twice the national minimum. >> most of what we hear in terms of hyper inflation, and this is
6:56 am
not why minimum wage was increased significantly like here and jobs were lost in a big way or prices up in a big way. >> president obama has been pushing $10.10 federally mandated wage and california and connecticut increased the wages to $10 or more in coming years. attempted murder case involving two girls and a creepy internet character known as slender man. but first we have a look at the forecast, good morning nicole. >> the temperatures this morning from 70 southward to 50s northward but the core of that heat has been in the southwest so heat advisories for arizona outside the area in red and kansas and the fire danger because of the heat and wind and the highs today easily in the
6:57 am
hundreds in the region once again. rooes -- the arest of the country in the 80s up the coastline and chance of severe weather but coming up, in a bit we will talk about a system in the east pacific that could develop, if it does that would be the name of boris and more on that coming up. >> you tee'd it upper -- perfectly, the study from the university of illinois found hurricanes with female names killed more people than those with male names, researchers say that is apparently because people view storms with a feminine nameless threatening and masculine killed less and females killed three times the amount and looked tat 94 hurricanes that hit the u.s. from 1950-2012. two 12-year-old girls are in jail this morning, 12 years old, charged with attempted murder. >> the wisconsin children
6:58 am
allegedly stabbed a classmate multiple times leaving her to die and erica joins is now and said they did it because of something they saw on line. >> yes, they said all three girls had an obsignificants about death and horror including stories of a character that kills children and they had a sleep over and the next morning they went in the woods for a game of hide and go seek and one girl held down the victim while the other girl stabbed her 19 times. investigators say the girls told them they planned to murder their friend for months. they believed the killing would please slender man, a myth logical creature with no face and he is in a black suit and they were walking on the highway wearing bloody clothes and a 5" knife in one of their backpacks. >> it's extremely disturbing as a parent and chief of police that these especially at the age
6:59 am
of our suspects, we told you they are all 12 years old and the age of suspects and being female lead to and obviously the details of what happened in the investigation, it's a very disturbing investigation. one of the stab wounds came within a millimeter from the main artery to the heart and she survived and we will tell you in the next half hour and the girls are charged as adults facing 60 years in prison if convicted. >> incredibly disturbing story and thank you so much. there is a new unified p palestinian government. >> reunites the west bank after years of division and what that means for peace talks in israel and we will talk to a doctor whose father was a founding member of the p.l.o. plus some are saying he is a war hero and others calling him a deserter and we will ask a retir retired general what to make of bowe bergdahl's release. election in syria and
7:00 am
observers around the world say it's not an election at all. president obama is speaking along prime minister donald tusk and we will have more in just a minute. ♪ >> syrians heading to the polls today in the middle of a civil war. why many world leaders call the presidential election a fraud. >> he deserted us in the middle of afghanistan to go and find the taliban. >> soldiers who served with bowe bergdahl lash out by him getting his freedom after setting free taliban