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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 4, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> but until someone is able to reform the way this law is used many more innocent people are likely to suffer. >> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm michael yves. these are the stories that we're following at this hour. president obama follows to meeting with world leaders where ukraine is expected to dominate discussions. a scuffle and arrest in hong kong at a vigil to mark a 25-year anniversary of tienanmen square.
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>> there is new video of bowe bergdahl's handover. the taliban released a picture of the sergeant being given to u.s. special forces. this is part of the deal to get bergdahl back to america. >> reporter: the video was released on a taliban website. u.s. officials say it appears to be authentic. it's the first look at sgt. bowe bergdahl held captive for five years. a truck transported sgt. bergdahl to the board of pakistan. taliban fighters carrying automatic weapons and shoulder fired missiles conversed with bergdahl when it was handed over. he compared weak compared to other videos released by the taliban he had obviously lost weight.
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others-to-tolothers told bergdahl, don't come back, you won't make it out alive. they escorted sgt. bergdahl where he was frisked before boarding. one of the controversies surrounding his captivity is whether he deserted his post. secretary of defense chuck hagel said that issue will be investigated, but not now. >> let's get the facts, but first let's focus on getting sgt. bergdahl well. getting his health back, getting him reunified with his family. let's not forget that he is a member of the united states armed forces. the united states of america has and always will have responsibility for getting its soldiers back. other questions and facts regarding sgt. bergdahl will be
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dealt with at a later time. >> one of the other controversies surrounding bergdahl were whether soldiers were killed in the search for him five years ago. defense secretary chuck hagel said he has no confirmation of those allegations. >> randall pinkston reporting from new york. an american in egypt is asking president obama to help him. he was detained ten months ago during a protest. he is accused of using his cell phone in assaulting a protester. it was shorted shortly after he began a hunger strike. germany is investigating the alleged monitoring of angela merkel's cell phone conversation. the news that the u.s. may have spied on merkel came out last fall amyth edwar amid edward
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snowdon's leak leaks. the g-7 will be held in belgium. it's the first time in 17 years that the world's most industrialized nation will be meeting without russia. mike viqueira was in warsaw this morning. >> reporter: president obama can't say it enough in his trip to warsaw, poland. to poles and eastern europeans, the united states and n.a.t.o. are there for poland and the rest of the eastern european in the face of russian aggression in ukraine. people are very anxious, nervous, there is long and bloody history as pointed out yesterday by the polish president himself standing next to president obama. he came here to warsaw castle square to deliver the message in person to the polish company. >> i've come to warsaw today on behalf of the united states, on behalf of the n.a.t.o. alliance
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to reaffirm our unwearing commitment to poland's security. article five is clear. an attack on one is an attack on all. a solemn duty, a binding treaty obligation to defend your territorial integrity and we will. we stand together and forever. for your freedom is ours. poland will never stand alone. >> before his speech here in castle square president obama met with the ukrainian president-elect petro poroshenko. he promised to work on aid. the president leaves warsaw and leaves for the g-7. of course it's g-8 minus russia. he's going to be pressuring
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applies to continue sanctions on russia. and later in the week he goes to d-day for the commemoration there for the invasion of normandy in world war ii. 17 world leaders will be gathered. president obama has no plans to meet with them although undoubtedly they'll be rubbing elbows and sharing informal greetings. putin still has three bilaterals with the head of france, u.k. and germany. mike viqueira, warsaw. >> secretary of state john kerry is in lebanon where he has pledged more aid to help refugees there. lebanon is home to a million syrian refugees, 47% of them are living in substandard housing.
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nick schifrin is in beirut. they will talk about the current political crisis, but what did he have to say about syria's presidential election? >> reporter: this is all about syria, this visit. the reason why he's talking about politics, he comes and says there is a leadership vacuum. he wants this country to fill it because only then can this country get all of the humanitarian help that it desperately needs. he looked out across the border at syria. he looked at these elections and he really dismissed them. he said that they were meaningless. let's take a listen to what he says. >> with respect to the elections that took place the so-called elections. the elections are non-elections. the elections are a great big zero. they're meaningless. and they're meaningless because you can't have an election where millions of people don't have an ability to vote, contest the election.
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>> reporter: so what kerry urged lebanon to do is come together olympicly. he said that can help the war. that can help stabilize this country. that can help alleviate the suffering for the 1 million refugees in this country. nonetheless, there is a great fear for kerry's officials that are traveling with them that assad will use the victory yesterday as an excuse or reason to continue to crush the opposition and not compromise politically. >> nick, john kerry and other western leaders criticized the elections prior to, during, and now after. but what weight if any does kerry's criticisms carry today? >> reporter: i think that's a very good question, michael, and if you ask the opposition, they say, well, not much. it's too little, too late. what the opposition will say is that assad is more entrenched in power than two years ago. more powerful than he was 48 hours ago. the u.s. has been calling for
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assad to step down for two years. clearly he is not doing that. the u.s. said it was a red light line. if asaad used chemical weapons, they have backed off. the u.s. is in frustration, they're saying that assad is stronger because of iran and russia, and these elections will continue to make him stronger. what the critics of the united states would say, including the former u.s. ambassador said that the u.s. continues to be behind the curve on syria, and ultimately whatever the u.s. says, assad, russia and iran his allies are ignoring it. >> nick schifrin reporting live from beirut. reports in luhansk of six dead in the latest fighting in the eastern ukraine. >> reporter: after another night of intense clashes in the city, some girls and boys ended up on the school bus without their mothers. who is going to look after them,
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one woman demand: they're being driven across the russian border where they will find a safe haven in crimea. anxiety etched on their faces, not knowing the dangers they will face on the road ahead, but leaving a city now engulfed in a war. the bright sunshine belied the somber mood. it was a day filled with funerals. the people of the city and it's leaders came to pay their respects to the separatist fighters who died this week defending their self-declared republic. nobody knows how many more candles will be have to be lit in memory of the dead here. the ukrainian government are calling the military offensive an anti-terrorist operation. the people hearsay the real terrorists are the ones in power in kiev. the base behind me is still refusing to surrender.
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they're heavily outnumbered and they're being attacked each night. this is the national guard base that was overrun by the separa separatist fighters. surrounded by high-rise apartment blocks, the residents here were still shocked and afraid. the streets where they take their dogs for a walk. >> yesterday at half past 9:00 the shooting began. we were very squared. the fighting did not stop. we turned off 9 lights because the windows overlook the base. we could see trace around. >> the troops must be running short of ammunition and food. despite promises by kiev to break the siege, there have been no army to rescue them. fighters have been shot dead around the base. a paratroop veteran in afghanistan he survived four years of bitter fighting there only to be killed in him
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hometown by ukrainian sniper's bullets. his brother wept bitterly as h cursed the americans and vowing revenge. >> do you hear me for my brother hundreds will die. we will never forget our fighters. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: as a final honor a volume of shots were fired over his brother's grave. the bitterest war is always a civil war. this will not be the last time the bullets will fly above the pines and boxes of this graveyard. >> david chater reporting. massive floods in china have caused five deaths and thousands have had to evacuate. emergency workers demolished the damaged building to keep it from falling into a nearby river. the flooding has caused an $80 million in damage, rain is still falling in that region.
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coming up on al jazeera america its been 25 years since tienanmen square massacre. the changes and restrictions that are in place now.
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>> the fda has approved a if you battle against the super drug mrsa. it's delivered inter convenientously. and according to the cdc one in 25 hospital patients will get anti-resistant infections such as mrsa. >> another teenage girl was found dead in india, she was found hanging from a tree. this comes after to other girls were gang raped and killed. many say the officials are not
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doing enough to protect it's women. >> they are mourning the death of two young girls who were allegedly gang raped and murdered after leaving their homes at night. the attack had shocked the nation. the family said local police had refused to acted because they are considered a low caste or the untouchables. >> if the authorities wanted my daughter would have been found alive. they told me to wait an hour half and then my daughter would return home. how often does this have to happen? >> reporter: her 12-year-old daughter and 14-year-old cousin were found hanging from this mango tree at dawn after walking in fields to go to the toilet. he said the neighbor heard their screams. but instead of stopping them, the police abused and slapped him for making a complaint.
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>> there is no doubt that the incident is very unfortunate. the government has taken steps and all five involved have been arrested, and the government has started a probe in the case. >> but in the village people are angry at the state government and the police for failing to protect women. >> they think the government is theirs. they can take anyone's daughter and do anything. they can get away with shooting someone. >> reporter: a steady stream of politicians have paid $8,000 in compensation. but they have refused to accept saying their daughter's.
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they want protection from crime against their women. >> in hong kong where a pro beijing group began a vigil. adrian brown has more on how china has changed since that historic demonstration. >> reporter: tienanmen square today just another day in china. the heavy security is the reflection of the event.
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>> by early this morning parts of the city were still echoing to the sound of gunfire. an indication that the fighting is still far from over. >> reporter: meanwhile the men who controlled the army and perhaps now the government have issued another ominous warning, stay off the streets or face the consequences. for a time it was hard to tell who was in control. there was also bloodshed in other cities. what we also didn't know then and still don't today is how many were killed. and whether they included the man who defied a line of tanks. >> this woman last saw her 19-year-old student son on the night of the 23rd. she is a member of the tienanmen
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square. >> before i used to cry and cry. now i have no more tears but i have become stronger. my determination to fight has become stronger. >> reporter: dozens of other dissidents who attempted to commemorate this anniversary has been arrested. hong kong, an autonomous region of china is the only part of the country where the event can be openly discussed. it would go on to be the second largest economy.
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but, warn analysts 25 years ago the rifle of the communist country seemed in doubt. today the party has never been stronger. despite a relentless campaign to erase all public memory of what happened on june 4, 1989. adrian brown, al jazeera, beijing. >> in brazil hundreds of teac teachers marched in a rally protesting the world cup. they're demanding better pay and they want the government to invest more in education. the government has invested $1,100,000,000 in the world cup. coming up this week marks the 70s anniversary of d-day. we'll ask world war ii veterans to recall that historical to recall that historical moment.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm michael yves. here are the headlines at this hour. criticism is mounting over the deal between the u.s. government and the taliban trading five high-ranking taliban leaders held in guantanamo for pow bowe bergdahl. this morning his captors filmed a video of his handover to u.s. special forces. allegations that u.s. spied on cell phone of angela merkel and 35 other world leaders. president obama arrived in belgium for the g-7 submit where they are expected to focus on the 'e embattled nation of ukraine. >> meteorologist dave warren. this was from yesterday, and these are now very intense lines
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of areas of severe weather. they begin to bow out. you can see how they bow out. that's an indication of very powerful wind and large hail. this was the last 24 hours that area of rain causing flooding, wind damage and hail damage and continuing to push to the east. a large of wind and hail damage reports. a path there with all these reports combine that one area. that was yesterday, the last 24 hours. the area today will be around west virginia, eastern kentucky and tennessee. this is some strong storms developing. now there is the potential for these to become severe so, a watch is possible. nothing issued yet, but it's moving into areas where there is a favorable force. a watch could likely be issued from the storm prediction area over that area for the remainder of the afternoon and early this
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evening. temperatures are continuing to climb in the upper 80s close to 90 degrees. head to that rain. still very warm with temperatures closing in on 90 degrees today. heat building up across the southwest 37 again the southern plains and the panhandle of texas and oklahoma temperatures could climb to triple digit today. there goes that rain, but it's not where it is needed in that drought area it will continue. no relief there. the temperatures heating up across the southwest and texas and oklahoma. now this is the remnants of the tropical storm. it could lead to flooding with a lot of rain coming down that could lead to landslides and flash flooding. >> hundreds of thousands of people are flocking to normandy ahead of d-day second anniversary. cemeteries there honor the soldiers with rows of unmarked crosses as many bodies were never recovered.
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over the 16 million americans served in the arm forced in world war ii. they've been called the greatest generation. some veterans are heading to france to take part in what could be their last reunion. paul beban has more from denver. >> reporter: good morning, bill. >> bill caldwell is 86. but the united states army thinks he's 86 o 88 or 89 because on august 7, 1943 when he was 15 years old caldwell lied about his age "t" an army recruiter. he was hoping to be a pilot. >> i was a pai paratrooper. he said, we train you and drop you behind the lines about 20 miles. if you survive you get to go home after the war. that was his answer. i said, well, i'll take it. after 2:00 a.m. june 6, 1944 at
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th1944, at the tender age of 16 he landed in normandy. the first wave of 156,000 allied troops would land in glance on d-day. 73,000 of those troops were american. many wouldn't live to see the end of the day much less the end of the war, and time has further thinned the ranks of survivors. estimated that more than a thousand american world war ii vets die every day. combat engineer alfonso is 92. he was wounded, returned to combat and made it to the outskirts of berlin. >> they would sit back and shoot rockets at us. >> reporter: albert mcguinty known as lucky as he flew, and
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then would train the men who would fly on that fateful day. elmer alfonso and bill met up at the airport going back to where they helped to make history. at the ticket counter gina rawson got a little choked up checking them in. >> it's great to meet them. they are a part of history. >> reporter: as this small "band of brothers" made their way to the gate thei, they're calling this d-day reunion, and what they accomplished will soon fade from memory as they say their last goodbyes. paul beban, al jazeera, denver thank you for watching this
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edition of al jazeera america. i'm michael yves. fault lines is up next. for news updates throughout the day go to our website at >> let us bow our heads for a word of prayer. our father and our most gracious god. as this family, the murdough family and their friends, as they gather, we ask that you send your comforter, your holy spirit, your guide, to be with them. >> queens, new york. jerome murdough's family is laying him to rest. four months ago, 56-year-old jerome was arrested for