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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 5, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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this is al jazeera america, with a look at today's top stories. a proposal just announced to fix the v.a.'s broken healthcare system. president obama and the g. seven draw another line in the sand. is the white house explains why it kept congress in the dark about sergeant burg doll's release. >> congress took a major
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step today toward trying to fix issues that have plagued the veterans affair health care system. announce add plan to help ease delays libby casey joins us now, and lib we, as you know, there has been sharp disagreement over how to fix the problems at the v.a., what has changed? >> that's right. and senator john mccain, who is of course himself a decorated war veteran. he said neither side gets everything they want, but they get enough to feel good about it, so now they have the task of trying to convince the rest of congress to get onboard. >> what exactly would this bill do? >> so, everyone got a little bit of something
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they wanted. democrats wanted to make sure there was more money put towards doctors. that would happen under this bill. not have to get in a van and ride for two or three hours for a routine medical care. republicans also wanted to make it easier to clean house at the v.a. but there are some protections in place, to make sure these are merit
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base. or for other agendas, so there would be a system of balancing that out. >> so libby, the acting secretary sloan gibson spoke today after he visited the facility in phoenix, that is at the heart of the scandal, what kind of action is he taking. >> that's right. and a step for him to go there. of going to phoenix, to heart of all these problems. he said there will be an ought kit that is being done, the results will come out on monday. >> i think in an environment like this, i have a natural bias for openness, i think in a situation like that, it dend mas everybody more, communication, openness, we also have to work to earn back the of our veterans.
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slope gibson even though i am the acting treasure, i am not acts as such. >> there is a new person in charge of overseeing the implication of the affordable care act. sylvia burr well at president obama's new health and human services secretary. she followed kathleen who led the rocky roll out of the president's health care plan. president obama and other world leaders set some new conditions today for russia to avoided more sanctions from the west, they include recognizing the election as ukraine's stoppingdent, stopping the flow of weapons from rosk the boarder and ending support for prorussian separatist, mike with more now. president obama is again warning his russian counter part. to back down, or face attentional sanctions. >> mr. putin has the chance to get back into a
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lane of international law. >> although some forces have moved away, mr. obama said russia still has trooped masked and has agents inside ukraine trying to destabilize the east where violence has intensified. if he does not change course in the coming weeks g. seven leaders say they are ready to act. but the status quo, the
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situation, is not acceptable and it needs to change. has a second meal with putin. mr. obama had no plans for a formal meeting be uh the two are likely to rub elbows on the commemoration of the anniversary of d day on friday, and if he does see putin the president says he will say in private what he has said in public. >> russian armed forces annexing pieces of a neighbor. is illegal, and violates law, and the kinds of destabilizing activities that we now see. funded and encouraged by russia. are illegal. and are not constructive. >> al jazeera, traveling with the president, in paris. >> as world leaders debate how to end the crisis in ukraine, the conflict drags on. hundreds were evacuated
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today. the ukrainian government said hungs of rebelled have been killed in the latest operation. david with more now. >> the train arriving at platform one was sent by moscow. a way out for the children as the war closes in on their city. president putin has given the separatist fighters here nearly $2 million to organize a safe way out through the front lines p the putin express has taken them on a 20 hour journey, and the port of adecember a. a cbs of excitement. mixed with fear, about what the future may hold. they are leaving behind the sound of machine guns and mortars the air raid sirens and jet fighters in the sky. out gunned, out numbered, and overwhelmed.
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is scene of yet another set back, for the ukrainian army. the good err guard base. the separateddest fighters were taking everything they left behind, but body armor and the latest night vision equipment. even the fuel left in the tank of a burned out truck, was being siphoned out. >> this is not just a humiliating defeat, it also means that they no longer have eyes or ears on a large section of the russian boarder. >> in the communications room, evidence of the fierceness of the fighting here, but the soviet era equipment was still humming and running. >> this map shows the boarder post that was controlled by this headquarters one by one, they are being deserted, they have lost contact with the change of command.
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an emotional educational minister, announced they were evacuating all the children left. >> first of all, i am a woman and a mother, i want with to see my children grow up in peace. i only want peace. >> this young couple are posing for their wedding album. despite the happiness of their day like everyone else here, they are asking one question. what sort of future will their children face? david al jazeera. >> the white house is trying to calm anger over the release of arm sergeant, the prisoner swapped that freed him has renewed questions about the remaining detainees.
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the five men exchanged were not cleared for release unlike 78 over remaining detainees still inside. with his release, what are attorneys of the detainees saying do they see this as a promising sign for these still behind bars? >> well, tony, people that i spoke to the attorneys as well as the advocates for the detainees say this could be a positive sign for the men waiting to be transfer misdemeanor have been waiting since president george w bush was with in office, one of them is a brettish resident.
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the british resident has been waited to be transfers. he has even spoken to president obama about releasing him. his toner says the delay is due to the fact that he wants to return to london, where his wife and four children live, and the u.s. governments want withs so send him back to saudi arabia. he will probably end up in the rehabilitation center, which is basically a detention center. for men released from guantanamo bay. there's no one that will hear his voice, there are a lot of people that will hear his voice from london have been cleared for a transfer. in order for that to happen, the government has to determine the detainees don't pose a significant security risk and it has to find a country willing to take them.
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somageists say their numbers show the government's number is inflated. armoires attorney says she is encouraged bety release of the five detainees in exchange for pow. she says amer's health continues to deteriorate, his legal team has asked a judge to release him, as he is sufficient erred from post traumatic stress disorder and other physical ailments. she says once released he needs to get treatment. and all he wants is to spend time with his family and help others. he wants to work for
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people that don't have a voice. >> after seven years of waiting for his freedom, amer's attorney says he is beginning to lose hope. >> the transfers has slowed, according to the haw moon rights group, from 2011 to the present, the number of transfers is three times less than what it was in 2009, and 2010. i asked him if these three actually pose a threat to the united states. there's a broader debate that touches on your point, which is how big of a threat is it that poses to the united states, because it is mainly an insurgent group, that does use terrorism, but you are right, this is not al
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quaida. >> right. >> whether they remember engage in terrorism, it doesn't dissegregate, in terms of the national city. the ateam against the military, or civilians would all be coded here is the point i am driving at, this is a president who has fairly consistently admit you have taken owl am ida leaders. i have a list of the leader ship here. high value targets here who have been taken out with drone strikes. and there's a whole controversial with drone strikes. you isn't be worried about these five, can you? >> it is ironic, because people ask what is the foreign policy legacy. and he has been called the drone president. >> sure. >> because under his stewardship, the rate of drone attacks has gone way up, and yet, he is also going tock
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responsible for the release of these five very high level taliban members. one of them is lower so there is a certain inconsistency about how does obama push the drone canal pain but at the same time, aggressively release detainees many of whom have blood on their hands. what exactly led to the change of the plan. a group boko haram is blamed for another brutal attack, fighters kilted at least 200 people and three villages. they also say the nigerian military did not intervene after being warned that an attack was eminent. >> what is being reported
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is that three different communities in the local government area, the local government area, were attacked by masks men, sometime on monday. sometime in the middle of the night, going into tuesday. and just as you were saying there, they were armed. we understand that they were dressed from witness accounts in military uniforms and military fatigues. that they fired upon villages, that they set churches and mosques alike, and other buildings and basically destroyed these communities. completely. now, this -- these attacks have been concerned by a senator for the area, who says he has spoken to resident who is have given him this description of what happened. however, at this stage, there's been no official confirmation from official sources. like the military who are operating in the area.
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a man hunt is underway right now for a suspect in canada. authorities say the officers were shot dead yesterday while responding to a call about an armed man in new brunswick. daniel with the latest. >> a state of siege, armed police on roadblocks normally busy streets silent, as the search for this mangos of police tweeted this photograph of 24-year-old justin burke, shortly after three other colleagues were shot dead, two others wounded. it is the worst attack on police in canada for nearly ten years. >> this morning, the suspect was spotted in an area near the gorge. and mountain road.
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and as more information becomes available, we will let you know. >> much of the city is locked down, as police search neighborhoods, buss aren't running, schools and many businesses are closed. the shooting happened in a quiet area in early evening. with many local residents nearby. my daughter said there was police in the area, and we noticed there was a lock down in the street, they wouldn't let anybody in or out. we notice there was a staff supervisor taking an injured officer away, the lady looks like she was hurt. >> while the motive for the shooting isn't clear, what appears fox justin's facebook page has hateful comments about police and praise for the right to bear arms not part of canada's constitution. the city and the country are in shock today, after an unthinkable act of violence that many believed simply couldn't happen here. daniel lack, al jazeera.
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>> and coming up, general motors had released it's report on the slow recalls that led to more than a dozen deaths. and their findings in the fall out, also, warren weinstein has been held captive for years now his family hopes the release of beau berghdal means he could also make it home could also make it home soon. if i told you that a free ten-second test
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tony, g.m.'s investigation shows what went wrong, and how many lines were on the line. it shows that general motors fostered a broken culture, where some avoidedded accountability. >> a pattern of incompetence, and neglect that's how general motors
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c.e.o. described the results of an internal investigation, into it's faulty ignition switch. the report, conducted by outside attorney antwon involved more than 350 interviews and 41 million documents. it concludes there's no evidence g.m. conspired to cover up the facts, however, there was a history of misjudgements, a broken workplace culture, riddled with failures. as a result, the auto maker has fired 15 employees, five others have been disciplined. >> i can tell you, this report is extremely thorough, brutally tough, and deeply troubling. >> for those of white house have dedicated our lives to this company, it is enormously pain. to see our shortcomings layed out so vividly. as i read the report, i was deeply saddened and disturbed. conclusions some in the
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company knew as early as 2001, that ignition switches in chevy co bats saturn ions and other small cars has the potential to suddenly shut off and disable air bags power steering and other features. so far, 13 deaths and multiple accidents have been linked to the defect. bar rah who claims she and oh top executives weren't made aware of the problem until december of last year, says the company will compensate crash victims and their families. i am guided by two clear principles. first we will do the right thing for those that are harmed is second, we'll accept responsibility for our mistakes, and commit to doing everything within our power to make sure this never happens again. >> during her 20 minute address, barra stressed the detroit auto makers renewed commitment to safety, g.m. recently hired a safety chief and
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implemented new protocol, mark fail inis a business writer for the detroit free press. >> the organization is shaken, but it appears they are taking all the right steps. >> last month, the national highway safety add anyone vagues fined g.m. $35 million for failing to act sooner, but the troubles may not end there. congress and the u.s. justice department, have launched investigations of their own. g.m. is expected to launch in august, right now it is unclear how much will be involved despite general motors issues, auto sales have not waiverred. >> yeah, that's for sure. in detroit, good to see you, real money is covering the g.m. story for us tonight. david chuter is in, and what's still ahead for america's largest auto maker? >> well, tony, you heard some of that, and that is that congress has it's own investigation, and congress does not tend to
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lie on a corporation that does it's own reports. even though this is a outside lawyer, the rother was still commissioned by g.m., and congress tends to be skeptical. well, congress is not necessarily so sure about that, so a separate investigation will focus on some of the higher ups at g.m. the other parts is the possibility of criminal liability because of the cover up at lower levels. there's still exposure at the justice department, which is also luking at potential charges. >> so here is the thing, despite the controversial, the company is still in pretty good shape, isn't it? is. >> that's right. since 2009, tony, since the bail out, the company has made something like $23 billion, it is one of the more profitable companies on the porch 500, it has made more money, and more profitable than men express, boeing, verizon, the issues with the ignition switche switches e money for the recall,
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have wiped out the first quarter earns uh be that is just the first quarter. g.m. is stimconsiderring one of the most profitable companies in america. >> david, what else are you working on? >> tony, we will look at a place i know you love, the kaman islands and places like bermudas where companies can hide their money. tax shelters as a new report that says by putting the property in subsidiaries in tax savings multinational cooperations are able to avoided an estimated 90 billion-dollars in federal income that would otherwise go to the u.s. government. we have a full report, you don't want to miss it. >> you can enjoy great features and hide some cash as welt. all right, see you then. >> thank you, tony. >> the head of the securities commission is the s.e.c. says it want as level playing field for all investors. the new rules are aimed at making the, mas more track patient to glitches.
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the release of beau berghdal is causing controversial in it his hometown. also, the world cup kicks off in one week's time. but many brazilians can't afford to go to the games so some are holding a colder one of their own.
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commerce says it was of innone dated with with complaints and threats. complaints and threats? the town has evening canceled a welcome home celebration it was planning. the controversy with some haley residents and more
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on the story for us. >> the chamber says some people say it was a disgrace for the city it would be a disgrace for the city to celebrate his return, and they even said they had candled plans to fish or camp in the area. we reached out to some businesses. one manager said she received quite a few complaints. these yellow ribbons were supposed to welcome beau back to his hometown. >> everywhere you go for the last five years yellow ribbons. >> he is coming home. >> but the jubilation has been tempered by controversy. >> i'm from educating he, haley idaho. >> with critics calling him a traitor. >> saturday everybody was so excited and happy, and monday all the negative press that came out, and accusations kind of put a damper on things. >> a damper that persuaded organizers to cancel a welcome home
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event. a small city already joan run by journalists they say the event would have drawn too many people, both protectors and supporters. in a statement they said in the interest of public safety, the event will be canceled. haley a town of 8,000 does not have the infrastructure to support an event the size it can come. the decision comes after emails and phone calls calling him a deserter, and said several travelers got in touch,ens caling plans to visit. they also received complaints saying the town shouldn't treat bergdahl as a hero. still, many people in haley say they are happy for his family. >> we have been standing with beau, we have been standing strong, and we can stand strong with beau for a while longer. >> we also spoke to a few hotel managers that said they had not received any complaints and other declined to tell me, that their parents were very relieved.
6:32 pm
>> i have to talk to the chief about this. joining me now on the phone is the police chief of haley idaho, chief, appreciate it, thank you for your time, what has been the local reaction that has reached your good offices? to the cancellation of this event? well, we started getting phone calls from veteran affiliates saying they were going to come up and protest the event. we got a phone call from an attorney, acting about our protest laws which is -- the right to lawful assembly. but he said we could expect about 2,000 people from california, got another phone call from texas where they said they are going to bring up more than 1,000. originally when we had -- they brought this special event to us, it was to bring back bo home event, they were expecting 4500 people, would about max out the park, since this national news, and bring home event, or welcome
6:33 pm
back bo event, we estimate we could have had three times that amount, and there's no way that park would hold that many, so we didn't have the infrastructure, the organizationers couldn't pay for the secure to be needed for the event, because of the protestors and the probeau people. >> i want to drill down on this a little bit, if you don't mind. that was a welcome back beau event. i want to know from you, a chief, why in the final analysis was this event canceled. >> it was canceled because there had been too many -- if the venue that was selected it was canceled because public safety reasons. one of the attorneys wanted to know if the protestors would be allowed in with their protest signs, base basically have the
6:34 pm
protest evers against pro bo people. it would have been difficult to maintain security. >> chief, could you have gotten assistance in the infrastructure area in the security area from surrounding communities, could you have petitions the even the federal government for assistance if you wanted to move forward with this event? could you do it even now? >> well, first of all, it isn't the city of haley's event, it was an organizers event, so they would have been the ones -- if they wanted help with another venue, we could have asked on their behalf, but based on the security risks and stuff, they just decided to cancel and they had the city support. >> but in that statement, the organizers rights, there was not enough infrastructure to handle the event, is that coming from the organizers is
6:35 pm
that the organizers assessment, or is that the organizer's acsisment after a consultation with your office? is. >> that was their original assessment, because they didn't have to have enough money for the event, to bring in for example extra porta potties, or items like that. plows plus, pay for extra security. >> did you just agree by the organizers in. >> based on the phone calls, based on -- yeah. we have a folk festival in the park where they are going to have it, and we usually have 3500 people in that park, so 4500, 5,000 people would have maxed it out to capacity. and we were here and we with could have two to three times that amount. so we wouldn't have been able to fit everybody in. >> you agree with with that, that you didn't have the infrastructure the security in place to handle that kind of event of that size, do you believe, the controversial,
6:36 pm
surrounding his disappearance, and capture had anything to do with the cancellation of the event? >> it definitely brought attention to the event. and it increased the size potential side of the event, yes. >> do you feel feel that the community has been bulletlied? >bulletly bullied? >> not really. you know, it's national news, it's out there. people have formed their own opinions before mr. berghdal has been given his due process. so public opinion is out there. it is what it is. i am asking you this question, because my understanding is that you have known this family for over 20 years, do you have anything to say about the fact that this man's military service and the deal that was made for his release, has been so dissected by the
6:37 pm
media, and members of his own platoon, again, you have known this family for years are you in any way personally annoyed by what you are hearing and what has led to the cancellation of this welcome home event? >> i'm not annoyed by what had happened to the welcome home event, i'm annoyed by what is being said. i do understand everybody's innocent until proven guilty, and there is also constitutional rights of due process and they haven't done the investigation, and even talked to him. so i'm reserving my judgement and waiting until the facts come out. >> jeff gunter the police chief of haley idaho. chief, i can't tell you how much i appreciate your time. >> you bet. >> with with the release of sergeant berghdal, a number of families are now wondering what about our loved ones at least seven americans remain
6:38 pm
hostage overseas one of them is warren weinstein. who was seized in pakistan nearly two years ago. lisa stark has more. >> even before bo berghdal's release was announced the u.s. government phoned one maryland family, to let them know, it was the family of warn weinstein, himself a hostage. held captive in pakistan. >> did they say anything, did you ask them? >> i asked them, they said they had no news. i was very happy that this sergeant was released. and very happy for his parents. and after that went by, it was well how come my husband wasn't release today. >> warn weinstein is a husband, a dad, a grandfather, he was kidnapped from his home in pakistan nearly three years ago. just days before he was to leave the country, he loved. weinstein work there had for a u.s. government contractor. helping pakistani small
6:39 pm
businesses. >> he just thrived on helping people. >> been more than two years since i was taken prisoner by al quaida. >> this is now the haunting image of the once lively family man. a tape released last december by his captors. weinstein who suffered from a heart condition and asthma, will turn 73 next month. now i feed my government. it seems it has been totally abandoned. >> an official told al jazeera we continue to actively work with pakistani authorities to try to secure his release. but weinstein's wife and daughter wonder why he and another american kidnapped in the region couldn't have been part of the recent exchange. when you leave american citizen there is when you have an opportunity to
6:40 pm
maybe make a difference deal. >> berg doll was military, and seized in afghanistan by the taliban. weinstein a civilian taken in pakistan by al quaida. a big difference to the u.s. government. but not to weinstein's family. >> he deserves to come home. >> the yellow ribbons can soon come down, but not here, not yet. >> lisa stark, al jazeera, rockville maryland. there response to the newly unified government, and the israeli housing minister says the community insulted israel by recognizing a government that include has mas. the government says 500 al quaida linked fighters have been killed since it began an offensive. the army has been frying
6:41 pm
to drive the group out of the strong holds. the government says 40 soldiers have been killed and saying nearly 40 fighters arrested and in the united kingdom, sol schools could be shut down because allegations that they are exposing the students to radical islam. the school is a hot bed of radicalism. the children 99.6% muslim are claimed to have been staat to last after christianity, girls and boyed separated. never mind the fact that educational standard has been classes outstanded it's reputation is mud. trying to fight what they see as a slur on their
6:42 pm
collective character. >> do you think it is right, that there should be a muslim focus. >> that's the issue, there isn't a muslim efocus. there needs to be taken into consideration. >> they make them sit on the floor, boy girl, boy, girl. >> the kids have gone to the local catholic school for christmas, people used to complain about canoll similar being tout, now it is islam. it is clear the 3086s believe if they are living in britain, they have to adopt a different set of standards when they send their children. >> so much of the language in birmingham has been increase bly a motive. fundamentally is an
6:43 pm
ex-peoplism, plotting a grand conspiracy, and yet almost none of the complaints have been about educational standards they have all been about culture. and yet if the point of the system is to serve the needs of the demographic, then many of the parent whose live in places like this would say the school's work very well for them. more have been in favor of conservative islam. several will be stripped of their status on the grounds that they have failed children. culturally. this local member says the schools didn't understand their secular responsibilities. >> all the time -- the girls in the back, and boys in the front, what that leads to, just respective of the school of thought that you follow, is the whole idea of undermining the values and the principles to those young girls who will then be always in a different mind set that they are not good enough to sit in the front. >> so back to the school which we were shown
6:44 pm
around, we saw evidence of various religion i don't knows being caught, of boys and girls sitting together with nonmuslim staff, of a library, full of standard children's literature. amido all the noise, the victim of a witch hunt, which simply doesn't exist. >> a lot of injuries connected to a fire in new york city today. that story and other headlines making news. >> yeah, tony, some 200 firefighters responded to the blaze in statton island, 34 people were injured when the fire broke out overnight, at a townhouse, that includes 23 firefighters, the flames engulfed three homes investigators are looking into what sparked the fire. in ohio, a man was found guilty of intending to use ricen as a weapon. pros it cooers say he had hundreds of doses of ricen inside a coffee can in his freezer. the biological toxin was found after he was hospitalized and told a friend not to open the
6:45 pm
coffee can. delaware's transportation secretary wants all the major bridges in the state inspected. they want to see if they are at risk at similar problems of a bridge no, sirred to shut down. engineer believe a large mound of dirt shifted the ground underneath it. the safety device that failed to stop the b.p. oil spill in 2010 had multiple problems. they say it still poses a risk for other rigs. the u.s. chemical safety board blamed bad management for what went wrong. they say they led to the dumping of 122 million gallons into the gulf of mexico. a high school principle gets a serenade. >> a mar catch hi one no
6:46 pm
less, the group greeted the principal and followed him around for an hour, it was part of this year's santa barbara senior class prank. >> you know what they says they really like this guy. >> yeah. >> right, and throw point all over the place, they like this guy, and they paid money. >> they paid money to serenade him. >> 70 years after they stormed the beaches of normandy, some veterans are returning to mark the anniversary, we will check in with three of them as they get a heros welcome. that is the best evidence. >> and sometimes sometimes they don't >> no one is listening to us... george is innocent... >> the system with joe burlinger only on al jazeera america
6:47 pm
6:48 pm
fault lines the school to prison pipeline only on al jazeera america the military is trying to figure out why a marine corps jet went with down yesterday. the plain hit at least one house and set two many or on fire.
6:49 pm
the marine corps says it is working on a plan to help people with that crash. early today, the d.o.d. held a pride ceremony, deputy secretary of defense, bob work, said he believe the military is stronger now that don't ask don't tell has been repealed. throws of world war ii veterans are converging on normandy beach. yesterday we introduced you to three colorado veterans who served in the war, today, we are of caking up with them in normandy. howe old are you. >> 91. >> rio beat, i am 92.
6:50 pm
>> honors at liberators they say they are blessed to survived their first visit 70 years ago. joe says he came to relive his memories but on the 8th time back it has gotten more difficult. >> june 6th he was part of the largest landing in military history. americans along with canadians to free europe from nazi rule. he had a front row seat. and took back the wounded. people laying on the beach, and tanks shot up. yeah, common says tell you yeah, something is wrong, this is going to be a piece of cake, it wasn't.
6:51 pm
it is believed 2500 americans were killed. there were with so many casualties here, that american commanders believe that operation overlord was a terrible catastrophe. the battle plan doomed but slowly soldiers one by one, and then in groups broke away from frightened comrades and scaled the cliffs to take out german gunners. is that cleared the way for thousands more. >> on this 70th anniversary commemoration, paratrooper helped lead veterans down memory lane. they were celebrated by locals eager for a moment with a real life american remember ray tor. >> last word i heard, when i went out the door, just before, look to your left, look to your right, one of you will not see daylight. he had lied his way into the military, he was only
6:52 pm
16 when he came face to face with the enemy. it happened hours after he landed. >> if you pull the trigger first, your survive, if you don't, you are gone. as he went on the ground he looked at me and tried to say something. and that freaked me out. >> this week, colwell, cita, and almost two dozen more received the french he john of honor, what could be the last chance france has to thank them for helping to free europe. how celebrities and authors are taking on the internet giant, and david chuter is in for alley shell i have. >> an american country stashing cash, to avoided taxes and than it is all perfectly legal. we are look at the companies and how they full it off. plus, the city that finds
6:53 pm
some of it's porches riding on a horse in the belt month stakes all of that and more.
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6:55 pm
left out, daniel has the story. >> the brazilian authority is adamant the world cup will be good for them. $14 billion spent on new stadiums and infrastructure. but little if any of that will reach the shanty towns that reach the major cities. i think it is very clear that the world cup is not for all. it has brought us projects that only benefit the upper classes. but everyone else, pays the price. one of the organizers of
6:56 pm
an alternative. this one overlooking the city. it concludes team of men, women, and children. this is another form of political protest against the national and local government. our main goal is to strength. community, and bring attention to those that are evicted and suffered police violence. >> football is thought of the people's game, and the world cup is the tournament that's bringing nations together. burgdal it has not reached whether they are organizing their own popular cup to protest their exclusion. but they are not part of the national celebrations. >> we are going to watch it here at home. we love to see the game in the busch stadium. but the tickets are way
6:57 pm
too expensive. >> this is football being brought back to it's roots. a pointent contrast say the organizers to the grits and glamour of the world cup. and a long way they say being spent to the detriment of housing, healthcare, and education. >> so we are getting breaking news. a confirmed shooting now on the campus of seattle pacific university, if you know the area, it is on the queen ann hill area in seattle. unconfirmed reports at this point of 7 people shot, at this university, and one person we understand is actually in custody right now. a second suspect is being sought by seattle police. an investigation obviously is underway. the campus is on lock down. a notice of the shooting was b.p. oil spilled to the website, so once again, unconfirmed
6:58 pm
reports of seven people being shot. the shooting takes place, the entire campus is on lock down. s that a christian university in queen ann hill. we will continue to get more information and update that story as we get it. amazon has locked in a bitter contract dispute with a book publisher, the major sticking point is the price of it's e books. accusing to even accept a preorders for any of the publishers upcoming books. some big name authors are weighing in, how do i pronounce the name of this? >> you pronounced it correctly. knew a.k. recalling took
6:59 pm
a jab at amazon, and she wrote, there are a lot of ways to order the silk worm in the u.s., as amazon kindly suggested, now comedian is also going up against amazon, his book publisher, he spoke with author sherman alexi, about amazon on the report, take a listen. they control 40 to 50% of the book market, and they want more, and the only way to do that is to force them lower and lower and making it impossible to publish their books. >> is this a giant? is this a giant creating monopoly trying to crush the little guy? >> no, it is two giants fighting each other. >> okay. >> it is a giant corporation. >> who do i root for. >> for the authors. >> that's me. >> that's you. >> that's me. >> we root for each other. >> because i was on my side, but i wanted to make sure. >> now some authors don't agree with boycotting amazon, i speak to one novelist, she said why hurt other authors with i
7:00 pm
didn't buy it on amazon campaign. but that's what you are doing. >> all right, thank you. real money with david chuter in for ali velshi is next with al jazeera america. >> general motors is taking action and firing mangers and the company's investigation didn't find. man versus machine on wall street and here come the regulators and cracking down on the flash traders. a personal robot and human emotions. and this is "real money."