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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 29, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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even though i can't see. >> tech know. >> we're here in the vortex. only on al jazeera america. >> more than a million people on the run. we focus on the humanitarian crisis looming in iraq. russian made jets arrived in baghdad as the army and sunni fighters battle for control of tikrit. you're watching al jazeera, live from doha. ahead - a libyan man tells a u.s. court he had nothing to do with the death of american ambassador in benghazi. plus... >> i'm in india, where an ancient community is fighting
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for survival. [ ♪ music ] first, the turmoil in iraq, and the aftermath of the largest military offensive yet by government forces. the army is report toed be on the out -- reported to be on the outskirts of tikrit. the army is in control. the people inside tuck rit have enjoyed days of government bombardment. residents say part of the city has become a ghost town. mosul has been under bombardment. a nearby camp of deplaced people is nearby. half a million have been forced to leave mosul. it takes the total number of people displaced to 1.2 million. as a result the u.n. tripled the
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aid field to $312 million. let's go live to al jazeera's imran khan, who joins us from baghdad. iraq facing an humanitarian crisis. hundreds of thousands on the move. what assistance are these people getting. where are they heading to? >> well, firstly, like you say, there's a massive shortfall of funding. not just for the u.n., but the other aid agencies that are struggling to get fund to help people. they have about 15% of what they've been - they've got about 15% of the $312 million that they need. they've been pledged another 5%. so they are short by 80%. it means people are fending for themselves. we somewhere seen people from mosul who fled much some of them, the more fortunate one, if
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i can call them that, have been able to rent houses. because of the sheer amount of people on the move, rental prices have gone through the roof. people can't afford to represent there. they've had to leave. they've tried to get space in the camps, there are not enough built. some people have gone back to mosul to try to live back there. but they are very worried about a military operation. so people are now in mosul and any other territories that i.s.i.l. control, and looking at what is going on in tikrit. people are fleeing their homes. they are in a position now where, forget about the money this is taking or the help required. you have people, not only once, twirks but three times displaced. they are moving around, and they are in utterly desperate situations. >> what is the latest from the battlefields, both sides claiming to be in control of tikrit. >> that is right. what we do know, what we can confirm is the iraqi army is on
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the outskirts of tikrit. they have taken over villages and neighbourhood suburbs much the iraqi army is split into two factions. they have the regular infantry that they are using, and shia militia backing them up, and are using helicopter fire. they will be making the push, it's likely, towards some point to go into the city. and they'll use helicopter fire, which will be bombing the islamic state of iraq and levant hideout in tikrit. pro-i.s.i.l. social media says they are ready to rappell invasion, and have the iraqi army on the run. >> thank you imran khan, live from baghdad. some iraqis have been forced to leave the country, particularly if they require medical help. we met some in neighbouring jordan, and we have this report.
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>> reporter: families like these are risking a journey from western iraq to jordan, this man says they had to take the risk, because his daughter needs medical help. >> translation: we are going to take her to jordan for medical treatment. in baghdad they don't have doctors that can help her. they took the back roads from baghdad on to ramadi. they have suffered a loss on route. in the car behind them is a woman in mourning. >> translation: i have come from iraq to see a psychiatrist because my son died 21 days ago, a victim of the fighting. he died in dhuluiya, in a car bomb. >> in imam here they receive some victims of the wars.
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it's places like this where patients can get the attention they need. some of the injuries includes pushes on the skin and broken bones. medecins sans frontieres, or doctors without borders are treating 230 patients at the moment. >> reporter: patients are treated in iran, before being transported by air or road across the border. >> the situation in iraq - it's good, but recently with the war, i am sure everything has changed. in case if they need any help or if we can do something to them, they can come do our hospital and we can see if they are matching our criteria for administration. >> the nor weegean refugee committ committ committee... >> we have responded to the
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crisis in anbar. it is difficult to move resources. there's huge demands in the region. while there are people out there trying to help iraqis, the humanitarian situation is not getting better. the refugee agencies have only received half of the funding they need iraq's government received its first batch of russian fighter jets. five planes are in baghdad, ready to be deployed as part of an arms' deal, reportedly worth up to $500 million. commanders say more jets are needed. >> translation: we are in need of this aircraft during the difficult time. these jets will come into service to support the grand units and fight the terrorist
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organization i.s.i.l. fighting continues in a syrian town. according to the london based syrian observatory for human rights, there's fighting between i.s.i.l. and al nusra front fighters. the video online shows al nusra front reinforcements sent to the area. 12 have been reportedly killed in the border town. >> voting is underway in honk dong in -- hong kong in an unofficial referendum on democratic reforms. 800,000 people have participated, exceeding expectations. it's part of a civil campaign angering the chinese government. a look at other stories making headlines. in chennai 130 are feared trapped under the rubble of a tower which collapsed, which was being built. five are confirmed dead. most of the trapped are construction workers. north korea has test-fired
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two short range missiles into eastern waters. south korea says the missiles were launched days after pyongyang tested what it calls new precision-guided missiles. japan's foreign minister says the missile tests will not affect plans to hold talk with north korea over the kidnapping of its citizens in the 19 '70s and '80s. they'll meet in the chinese capital on july the 1st. north korea's late leader kim jong-il admitted that 13 japanese from abducted to be trained as spies. five from returned but eight are missing. there was protesters marching to maracana stadium. police detained a number of protesters. they were upset about the amount of money brazil has spent on the
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world cup. now, a libyan man accused of planning an awe tack on the u.s. -- an attack on the u.s. consulate pleaded not guilty. the raid left the ambassador to libya and three others dead. ahmed abu chattalah has been charged with murder and appeared in a washington court after beeps captured by -- being captured by u.s. special forces in libya. his name is ahmed abu chattalah, the main suspect in an attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi, libya, on september 11th, 2012. that attack killed u.s. ambassador kris stevens and three of his staff. early on saturday ahmed abu chattalah was flown to washington by helicopter by a u.s. navy ship. he'd been held on boar since his capture two weeks ago by libyan special forces. on seat he appeared before a special judge.
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he pled not guilty insisting he is innocent and did not direct the assault on the u.s. consulate. the u.s. justice department charged ahmed abu chattalah on three counts, including murder and providing material support to terrorists. security analysts jj green was in the courtroom and says the appearance in federal court was the first opportunity to determine if ahmed abu chattalah was fit to stand trial. >> people were trying to get an idea what kind of state of mind he was in, and the state of health. a number of people wanted to make sure that he would, indeed, clear and pren. >> the attack it controversial. in the united states, days before it occurred an anti-islam video splashed protests at u.s. emyaus in the muslim world. the obama administration blamed the benghazi attack on what it
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said was spontaneous protests against the video. later it emerged that it was planned and coordinated. republicans allege the administration was covering up important details about the case. to protect president obama's channelses for re-election -- chances for re-election two months lair. >> the fact is we have four dead americans, was it because of a protest or guys out for a walk one night who decided they would do kill some americans. >> it's also said that secretary of state hillary clinton's report was also suspect as she had aspirations for the white house. republicans charged that the attack failed white house policies. still, the trial of ahmed abu chattalah is expected to be watched closely by politicians on both sides. still ahead on al jazeera -
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i.s.i.l. might be grabbing all the headlines, but there are many other sunni group rebelling in iraq. we look at the uneasy alliances. plus, working out how to slow down a speeding spacecraft - n.a.s.a.'s future mission to mars. stop and frisk >> some say these laws help serve and protect... >> we created the atmosphere that the policeman's the bad guy... >> others say these tactics are racist >> discrimination is wrong >> 99 percent of those arrested in drug free school zones... we're not near a school at all! >> are they working? >> this time i'm gonna fight it. >> the system with joe burlinger only on al jazeera america
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welcome back. you're watching al jazeera. a reminder of our top stories, iraqi government forces say they
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are on the outskirts of tikrit and are preparing for a push into the city. more than one million people have been displaced due to the ongoing fighting across the country. hong kong has been voting in an unofficial referendum on reforms. 800,000 people have participated exceeding overnighters expectations. a lubian man pleaded -- libyan man pleaded not guilty to planning a 2012 attack in libya. james weddick is a former special agent with the federal bureau of investigation, and explained why it took so long to arrest ahmed abu chattalah despite knowing where he was. >> they needed to affect the rest and make sure that those that were making the arrest could return to the u.s. safely, as well as kat articlea.
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i've done a wide number of arrests, and sometimes the perhaps go on for longer than moment people think. when you have something with international waters and territories, you can imagine it would take a long time. we prosecuted a number of terrorists, they'll be given their lights and afforded a lawyer. it will be chaired by a judge. i don't expect you'll have a problem presenting the evidence or that the defense team will have a problem defending him. it will be a difficult job for the defense team and prosecutors. it will be up to the judge to maintain a decorum in the courtroom, and make sure that everybody gets their fair shab, if you will, at either making their case or defending the case. more on iran. the sunni rebellion against the shia-led nouri al-maliki government has thrown several
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factions into an uneasy alliance. fighters from islamic state of iraq and levant attracted the most attention. the fighting involves army officers and sunni tribal factions that have their own agenda. we have this report from erbil. >> the sudden appearance of fighters from the islamic state of iraq and levant, or i.s.i.l. sent a shockwave to washington. they are flying over the war poundy. u.s.-made military vehicleses and equipment, even though it comes months after widespread protests against the policies of nouri al-maliki, perceived as sectarian. the government crackdown was brutal - like here in this town. it happened last april. this is a farmer officer of saddam hussein's republican guards. he doesn't want to be identified or give clues of his
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whereabouts. >> translation: the protest started because of the marginalization of our areas. it reached a point in anbar that whenever someone was detained, you knew they'd be killed. families make plans for the funerals. >> many fighters were pushed to protect their areas. they deny that i.s.i.l. is taking over iran. >> this is an extension of an existence in 2003. i.s.i.l. is irrelevant. it is directed by members of the former army. professional people with military experience. now is the tomb of reckoning -- time of reckoning. in sunni areas, i.s.i.l. fighters have waged a heart and mind campaign. it also has a brutal side. this is a video showing iraqi soldiers all of them shi'a. still sunni leaders say i.s.i.l.
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does not pose a long-term threat to iraq. the tribes in iraq won't accept the i.s.i.l. it's not to our advantage to might them. it will come later. the priority is to fight nouri al-maliki. the world will help us in our scpaus we will -- cause, and as long as sunnis are depressed, we'll continue. >> government forces are also carrying out mass killings. amnesty international says there appears to have been a pattern of extrajudicial killings much every day that passes brings a share of death and destruction. the risk is as the conflict widens, a risk of moderation will be drowned out. >> rockets launched from the gaza strip on seat night hit a
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factory in israel. six rockets were fired in total. six hit a paint factory. there was no serious injuries. israel says it responded by destroying three terror activity sites and other tarts in gaza strip. protesters in canada held a rally calling for the release of mohamed fadel fahmy. he's one of three al jazeera members in prison. he holds canadian and egyptian citizenship. they are also pd demanding the release of a canadian worker who was an aide to mohamed mursi. the al jazeera journalists were sentenced on monday and have been in prison for 183 days. grest where are and farm -- peter greste and mohamed fadel fahmy were sentenced to seven years, baher mohamed
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10 years because he had a spent bullet in his pocket. al jazeera demonstrates of release of their journalists. there has been attacks by pro-russian gunmen in the east. separatists released a second group of international observers who had been held captive for nearly a month. other monitors from the organization for security and cooperation this new york, the o.s.c.e. were released on friday. >> we welcome the return of our team-mates after a month away. we request our friends and colleagues in the press to allow them the peace, quiet and time with the families that they need and deserve. many inside and outside have worked tirelessly to secure the release, and we take the opportunity to publicly thank them. the monitors detention constrained the operations in the ukraine, at a time when a
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flow of objective information has never been more important. we consider the continued work of the mission essential in helping to restore peace and stability. india's government is planning to build thousands of toilets along the gangies river in an attempt to stop people polluting the water. the river is considered psych red by hindus. the ministry in charge will consult religious leaders and scientists among others. details will be announced next month. a community in india is trying to stop the population bming extinct. leaders are using different ways from speed dating to cheap houses to help people start families. >> reporter: ever since she was 16, this woman has dreamed of being an orthodon'tist and since
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then she's had little time for anything else - between marathon examines and earning her masters, she had no social life, let alone a boyfriend. >> the competition that you have, and the amount of money you pump in, you have to give full attention to it to reach somewhere. >> reporter: while these are the pressures many face, marriage and children are crucial. the community is literally dying out. their population has been reduced to around 60,000 here because career-driven professionals are having children late or not at all. mumbai has the largest concern trigs, but they have -- concentration, but they have harfeed. community leader are doing
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everything to encourage people to marry young and have lots of children. the parties have made contributions to india's economy and culture. the tatar and gotridge families built empires, others are scientists and entertainments. organizations are offering a reign of incentives to -- range of incentives to marriage couples - free fertilitiy treatment. marriage within their population is essential. conversion is not allowed. >> until their careers are established they will not move forward to a marriage. this is what we are facing. we have been given flats on priority basis to people that come with a marriage certificate. they are funding a youth group. to help others meet each other and hopefully full in love. they've started a match-making
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service. >> we have numerous activities with speed dating. to get the youngsters toot to meet each other. >> reporter: still, some parties will admit they will only have children if and when they are ready. many for the older generation fear their rich traditions are dying with them. now, a huge bones belonging to what may be the largest dipo saur ever found have -- dinosaur found has gone on display in argentina. it's believed to be from a species titanataur, and weighs more than 14 african elephants, and 40 metres tall. the fossils were found in argentinas patta gownia region.
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n.a.s.a. performed a high-altitude test of new technology it hopes will allow it to land a spacecraft on mars. 150 million experimental flight was not successful. getting a spacecraft to an alien world is one thing. when it arrives, trailing at 16,000 k/hr, you'll need to slow it down if the atmosphere is slim like that on mars. >> we want to land humans on mars. we'll need larger desell raters to slow them down. >> reporter: n.a.s.a. used a pair of rocket thrusters and a plane to land rover on the marr shan surface two years ago. the technology is the same used for 40 years, and is considered to be at its limits.
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it's testing a new airbag black and parachute high in the sky above hawaii. >> a rocket will fire, to launch it higher to 60km altitude, the edge of the stratosphere. it's similar to the atmosphere of mars. >> then they'll have an inflatable structure and para chute at high speed and low density air. >> reporter: successful tests of the airbag brake have been done on earth. n.a.s.a. needs to see if they are done as as well in the atmosphere. the same goes for a massive 33 meter wide parachute, too big to test in a wind tunnel. >> if we want to land bigger capable rovers, we need new technologies to do that. it's not just for the science, but the long-term vision of being able to put humans and
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people on the surface of mars. >> n.a.s.a. planned three more tests over the next year, and hopes to have the technology ready for a mars-rover mission planned for 2020. >> officials in the u.s. have approved a suicide barrier for the gold ep gate bridge in san francisco. it will come at the cost of $76 million. 1400 plunged to their death since 1937, including 46 last year. now, brazilian football fans in soo paul area celebrated their dramatic win over chile with songs, samba and festivities. the world cup host nation defeated chile, 3-2 on penalties, and made it to the quarter fume. brazil came close to making an
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unexpected exit from football's biggest state. it will turp its taeption -- turn its attention to the next game against columbia. you can keep up to date with all the news all the time on the website with spectacular landscapes- new zealand is a pristine paradise- ranked the freest country on earth. but this south pacific nation has the second highest imprisonment rate in the western world.