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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 1, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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♪ protestors in pakistan are embolden as they meet with the powerful army. ♪ the latest from islamabad in just a moment and this is al jazeera live from doha and also ahead palestinian activists accuse israel of the biggest land grab in 30 years of building a new settlement in the occupied west bank. police in hong kong useed pepper spray demanding free elections. the white flag of retreat and
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they pull back as separatists continue to make gains on the battlefield. ♪ pakistan's prime minister and the army chief are meeting to discuss a security situation in the capitol islamabad. pressure is mounting on him with thousands of occupying the streets calling for his resignation. earlier protesters managed to briefly over run the state broadcaster and they moved in and followed orders to leave the facility but many protesters are still intent on this after three days of clashing with police. we are live in islamabad for us with the very latest and let's begin with this important meeting with the prime minister and the army chief. what is likely to come out of it and any signs of the protesters backing down? >> well, no one knows what is going to come out of this meeting but it's a meeting
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because if you remember on sunday evening the top military commanders met and they asked the government this issue should be dissolved as soon as possible because this was a grave crisis, one that has security implications as well. however the meeting that is underway now everyone is focusing on it and hoping some sort of statement coming out because no one has heard from the prime minister for the past several days after the crisis started to become more serious. and also on another note the protesters are now sitting on day number one just at the entrance which means that access to the prime minister house and that is the only access is temporarily blocked. they had wanted to go there in the first place. so the situation very, very fluid indeed and no one knows how this will all end. >> tell us more about the protesters demands and how we
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got to this situation in the first place. >> well, first of all, when the protesters first came into islamabad there were two marches, one organized by the leader of pakistan and khan, the former kricketer and came in islamabad with different demands and same objective with the resignation of the prime minister and he was accused of massive rigging in the 2013 elections and the other came here because 14 of his suppor r supporters were killed in june. both having difficult agendas and today interestingly after that incident on state t.v.khan said no supporters were in this and it was the other side and means the other supporters and he is distancing himself from the protesters as far as the
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television station is concerned and also said this will do no good as far as his peaceful protest is concerned but everybody knows this is no longer a peaceful protest. >> okay, thank you very much, with the latest from islamabad. in other world news israel under intense criticism over what palestinians called the biggest land grab in 30 years. israel declared 14 hectors of land by beth la ham in the occupied west bank but say it's not a new settlement as it's designated a neighborhood of an existing one. last year the neighborhood invited building of a thousand homes on the site which is known as givart. >> translator: we were surprised in the early hours this morning when israeli civil administration and israeli military gave warnings and put signs in many areas. to the northern, southern and western ways of the village for the benefit and expansion of
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three settlements that surround the village. >> reporter: the united states asked israel to reverse the decision as state department official described it as counter productive to israel stated goal of negotiation two-state solution and palestinians have outrage. >> new declaration of expansion by the government is very significant. we don't remember such a big announcement in the last one or two decades. this is a stab in the back of fair and people in the palestinian and instead of strengthening this versus hamas israelis are showing its other side and actually in the unilateral move expense of activity and destroyed the renege yags with the palestinian authority. >> reporter: a seven-week war this gaza pushed up the unemployment rate to 50% and estimated 10,000 people are out
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of work after israeli attacks on 450 factories and businesses in gaza and andrew simmons reports. >> reporter: gaza is coming to terms with another tat -- catastrophe, attacks on businesses and it wasn't making rockets, it produced chicken meals and it is worse than originally feared. >> translator: these factories are owned by people known by israelis and had permission to come and go across the border so they shouldn't have any political problem with them, israel has benatar getting gaza's economy. >> reporter: this factory used to be gaza's biggest. it is still smoldering after repeated attacks by tanks and they made biscuit, ice cream, juice and sweets. and here in better times it employed more than 450 people, now it had to sack more than 400 workers, only 30 keeping their
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jobs on one production line. the company says the ashes spread all over this floor alone amount to $8 million going up in smoke and raw materials stockpiled simply because it's so hard to import any goods into the gaza strip. the owner and his stock managers say gaza's small economy has been designated and have no faith in any political solution. >> we have relation with the israeli and those people in the security on israeli side not in the factory because we get many every month for the materials to return to gaza so they know exactly what they did. >> building this factory, now it's five days and it's everything, it's finished. >> reporter: mohamed said his total losses could be up to $30 million and now he is faced with
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ruin along with workers he had to sack, right now they have little hope. andrew simmons, al jazeera, gaza. in iraq there has been more advances by iraqi forces against islamic state group, the town here which is situated south of the city has now been retaken. and jane is in baghdad for us. jane, what more can you tell us about these advances and not just in the last few hours how are they able to make these gains and how significant is this? >> reporter: it's pretty significant on quite a few fronts and one it's a huge and much-needed victory for iraq and security forces and it failed miserably with the take over of mosul and other territory in the north and west by the islamic state group and brought together surprising allies and militia
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some who had been in the streets fighting u.s. forces a few years ago along with u.s. fighter jets and international aid operation and the kurds had some involvement so all in all it is hailed as a victory but not over yet, as we speak troops are there trying to tackle explosives and clearing remaining areas and they will doing that for sometime. >> it's not over yet because there are still elements of is fighters in other areas of iraq, what is the strategy to dislodge them and what sort of help will they be getting from the international community? >> reporter: i iraqi government and ministry of defense in baghdad they say it's on west the province and that is extremely significant because its capital is dekrete and town of sadam hussein and iraqi forces and security forces
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suffered quite heavy losses taking back dekrete and now they have the surrounding village's they can try to push through and seems they will have more help. the united states in what appears to be a widening campaign along with more international help, military aid coming from other countries to the iraqi government and kurdish forces and iraq is hoping for nato involvement in not too long a time. >> thank you so much for the update and we are live in baghdad for us. on sunday kurdish fighters and shi malitias reached a besieged town and state fighters surrounded the town for three months and leading to food and water shortages. reports from libya say that an armed malitia group is moving towards the benina air base in benghazi and this is the second
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largest airport and fighters from the benghazi revolutionarys and are wrestling for this and made deadlock in tripoli. yemen, the leader of rebels called for a campaign of civil disobedience until they meet demands and defied a u.n. security council to end hostilities against the government and tens of thousands are on the outskirts of the capitol and the group of north of the country has been fighting for years for more power. there has been heavy fighting between syria and army forces and rebels on the golden heights, fighters from al-qaeda linked group are fighting and earlier gained control of the crossing which is operated by the u.n., the group is holding 45 u.n. peace keepers on the syrian side of the golden heights. meanwhile the number of refugees fleeing from syria's war reached
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3 million, few however made it to the united states and many of those who have are facing uncertainty about getting asylum despite a pledge by president obama to ease the rules for syrians and we have the story from new jersey. >> reporter: safe, secure and thousands of kilometers away from the civil war in syria and their future seems bright and they hoped to gain asylum and calls to the office appear to be falling on deaf ears. >> translator: nobody help us, nobody help syria and i think we are coming to lack of future but i don't know what is coming. >> do you have any hope at all? >> i don't have any hope, no.
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i don't have any. i don't have nothing. >> reporter: the family has little in syria either, their hometown has been almost destroyed and he will never the return but they are in a bureaucratic limbo complicated by strict security measures and weeding outer ris. >> until now we don't have work payment. we don't have insurance. my son until now he didn't go to scho school. all this i feel worried. >> reporter: this is the largest office in the northeastern united states but despite the u.s. has given more aid to syria than anyone else and the largest resettlement program, so far only 121 syrians have been offered a new home here, something critics say is inadequate. and the scale of syria's humanitarian crisis is putting a strain on the entire region and
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refugees pouring to neighboring countries and it stands at six million and those in syria it's a serious issue. immigration lawyers say that is why many of his clients need help now. >> most of the applicants here have part of their families staying in syria. it's life or death situation for them because the most this application would delay, they may lose their family. >> reporter: the u.s. state department told us they are expecting to receive more cases in the following months and say they are committed to helping the people of syria and all the family now can do is wait, like many syrians their immediate fate remains unclear, i'm with al jazeera, new jersey. >> the u.n. secretary general says he will raise the issue of three detained al jazeera journalists with the president of egypt and they have now spent 247 days in an egyptian prison. all three received long
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sentences after a charge as they saw politically motivated and they are being appeared and the al jazeera network continues to demand their immediate release and moon is talking about freedom of speech and the security of journalists. still ahead on al jazeera protests in hong kong after beijing decides against a free election for the next leadership. plus the ebola backlash and migrants are struggling to do business. stay with us. ♪
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♪ welcome back, reminder of top stories on al jazeera, pakistan's prime minister and the army chief are meeting to discuss a security situation in islamabad. pressure is mounding on him with thousands occupying the streets calling for his resignation. israel has come under intense criticism over what palestinians have called the biggest land grab in three decades and 900 hectors of the west bank are islamic state group and the town situated south of kikook city has been taken and they reached the northern besieged town. now to hong kong with prodemocracy activists disrepresentdis
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represented and shouted shame and dishonesty and announced on sunday it would hand pick candidates allowed to stand in elections in 2017. seeing a chinese official had come to hong kong to explain what the new reforms will mean for the city. the prodemocracy groups wanted him to listen to why they were rejecting them. and move which on them ejection from the venue. it's a taste of the district action that is to come. >> translator: but we will do it in a peaceful an orderly way and do it with dignity and determination. >> reporter: outside the shouts from the prodemocracy protesters were often drowned out by a larger counter demonstration of pro-beijing supporters. >> translator: what they want is a kind of democracy we just can't have. these people are just scum and
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running dogs. >> reporter: others were camera shy. can we ask you a question? even scuffling with news media as they left and seeming to be very well organized. are you from hong kong? many refused to say the they were from hong kong or mainland china or say anything at all. do you know why you are here today? what is clear is they are out in numbers. with both sides so deeply entrenched hong kong is in an order of discontent and demonstrations by the prodemocratic group also be marked by more civil disobedience but they will be matched protest for protest by louder groups loyal to beijing and i'm rob mcbride in hong kong. russia foreign minister called on them to leave the east which they are firing on civilians and accused them of providing arms to men and able
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them to turn the course of the war. dozens of rebels are seen preparing their weapons on the outside of donsk and heading to the city's airport which was shut down at the end of may due to heavy fighting. russia is sending a convow to eastern ukraine with what it calls humanitarian supplies and we have more. >> reporter: i'm in a small rail way town of haminsk and this is the first look, i will step out of the shot here, this is the first look at russia second so called humanitarian aid convoy and i counted 150 trucks and are loaded with humanitarian aid going to donetsk and you remember two weeks ago the first russian convoy provoked fury in kiev when it passed with without the trucks being inspected as was the deal prompted by kiev and
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prompted outrage in kiev and this looks like it's almost ready to go. >> advancing in the east reversing gains by the ukrainian army and we report from the rebel held town. >> reporter: going back to safety and flying the white flag and the trucks are parts of a ukrainian force of several hundred men which is trapped and shelled continuously in the town. and on the battlefield have dramatically changed in resent days. >> translator: there is no way the separatists can come back for themselves and they were weakened and we had several brigades forced with tanks from russia and never had this success. the russian invasion has been going on for sometime already. >> reporter: and this is another area where last week the ukrainian army was here and now the malitia are back in charge here and saw two separate units of fighters operating unhindered in the town. >> translator: the fighting
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wasn't very heavy and most cases they left without a fight, now we push them in all directions and trying hard. >> reporter: in the back of an ambulance we saw three captured ukrainian people be rated and almost whispering they asked we do not show their faces and then described the experience of being under artillery attack and 80% people died in the first ten minutes they told me and friends were torn apart in front of my eyes. 200 meters behind me we saw two tanks with the separatist fighters and a large number of fighters and they are not friendly and we retreated to a safer distance but there is no sign of the ukraine army in this part of the country. the town malitia caught up with us and forced us to delete video of the tapes and one said he was from moscow. what are you fighting for and what motivates you?
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>> the right to determine the way to live and language they speak and the way they see the history. >> reporter: but it is the civilians who suffer, the young and the elderly in particular. >> translator: there is no power, there is no gas, we don't have anything. they promised to switch them back on tomorrow. our condition here is really bad. >> reporter: families hide in their cellars and in the basement a woman sleeps among the grave stones and it's a grim existence and with the fighting intensifying it is getting worse. talks set to resume in south africa to resolve the political crisis and they are confused who is in power after the prime minister left late lateral week and accused the military of stage agree coup against them and the deputy minister appears to have taken control. africa and doctors say the man
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who is believed to be the first person to contract ebola is from guinea where 430 people died from ebola since an out break earlier this year and there are signs of a back last against guinea migrants in here. >> reporter: for 40 years he has been selling fruits and vegetables in the market and says he never felt so worried. the market is strangely quiet, even his regular customers are not coming to shop anymore. >> translator: they won't say it to my face but i know they are scared of ebola and most of what we sell we bring from guinea. >> reporter: more than 400 people have died of the ebola virus in neighboring guinea and they seal off the 300 kilometer border hoping to prevent it from entering the country. but on friday the health
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minister announced the first case of ebola and he is 20 years old living in dakar. doctors at this hospital are treating him in isolation, 20 others makes family members and health workers under medical supervision. authorities fear others may be infected with the deadly virus and tracing people that come into contact with the young guinea man. these traders are under close scrutiny and many go across the border and make it the largest migrant population here but the out break effected how people perceive them. >> there are risks shopping here and when i get home what i buy i wash carefully. >> reporter: it's difficult to store certain fruits and run out of avacados and pineapples and this is the least of his worries, there is more immediate concern is to win back the trust
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of his customers. that may not happen until this ebola outbreak is under control. nicholas hawk, al jazeera, dakar. now to the venice festival where the conflict is unfolding off screen. israel says a movie it funded should not be called palestinian and phil explains. >> reporter: what makes a movie is israeli and the answer is in this one, and it's set in ramala with a palestinian cast about palestinian life from a palestinian director. but israel is claiming ownership and it's making some people very upset in west jerusalem and here is why. the israeli government is furious that the director listed this film as palestinian here at the venice film festival and after all israel gave her hundreds of thousands of dollars
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in the cost of making it and they say it's unfair and unacceptable and using words like serious, cynical, misrepresentation and israeli film fund is shouting fraud. those are strong words and this is not just a battle of dialog and could head to the course because the government wants its money back. >> paying taxes to israel like every citizen and basic to get the funds and they do not belong to funds and not belong to countries, it's belonging to the artists. >> reporter: the movie tells the tale of three unmarried sisters, christians from a family locked away in their villa. it's an meledrama that talks about the obvious subject about this but the drama about the film and not in it that is getting most attention in
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venice. >> i love to go to the port of israel because there is nothing in my contract mentioned that if i take money from israel i need to present it in the film. >> you won't get the money back. >> of course not, it's my right, i fight for three things, i fight for my own identity as palestinian and fight for my rights as a palestinian group paying tax for the basic right and i fight for the freedom of art. >> reporter: this is a conflict that lasted many years. hers is a conflict that could last many months. this is a movie caught in an metaphoracle cross fire and it's getting worse by the day, i'm at the venice film festival. >> 20,000 runners took part in the marathon on sunday cheered on by fans and he was the first to cross the line for the second
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year in a row and finishing 2 hours 18 minutes and the two-time champion gets over $34,000 in prize money. and reminder there is plenty more news and features on our website, al the latest on our top stories and demonstrations in pakistan of course. ♪ burger king is accused of quitting america and moving to canada, it's not the first brand to pull this tax trick. i tell you who else has done it and it's legal. making assistance. racial disparity in ferguson, missouri, two two-thirds of the residence are black, but one member of the city council is, i take you to the louisiana bayou to a small town at the center of a gas revolution. i'm ali velshi, and this is "real money".