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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 2, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> a video posted online is claiming to show the beheading of the second u.s. journalist. u.s. has not confirmed the video, but they are investigating. this is aljazeera news hour live from london. a push, six fighters are killed in somalia. >> this is really the first epidemic of ebola that the world as ever known. >> ebola outbreak is causing challenges to health object to
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the form of the question -- workers. >> the u.n. is saying more than a million people are displayed in ukraine. >> celebrations in northern iraq as the islamic fighters are forced out of key towns. a video posted online claims to show the beheading of a second u.s. journalist by the islamic state group. he was last seen in 2013. this is following the beheading of james foley. the white house has not confirmed the video but offering condolences if found true. >> this is something that the administration has been watching very carefully since the threat against mr. sotloff's made a
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couple of weeks ago. our thoughts and prayers with mr. sotloff and his family. the united states, as you know, dedicated time and resources to trying and rescue mr. sotloff. i am not in the position to confirm the video or the reports at this point. but this, if a video is released it is going to be analyzed carefully. >> a short time ago the u.s. state department commented on the video. >> we have seen reports of a video that purports to be the murder of u.s. citizen steven sotloff and the u.s. is working to determine if it is genuine. and if it is true, we are
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sickened. our hearts go out to the sotloff family. >> we are joined live from washington, d.c. and no confirmation yet? >> no, this is breaking in the past hour and going along with the white house briefing and half an hour later a state department briefing and they haven't had a chance to fashion a proper response. look, we are trying to confirm the tape and condolences and hearts go out to the sotloff family. >> this is part of a bigger operation against islamic state and not to describe it as a war against the islamic state. >> there is a debate going on for months now what exactly the obama strategy is in iraq and in
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syria. at least officially the bombing campaigns are to protect the american interests, and for humane han tarn interesting. there was an interesting exchange and the reporter is saying that the killing of them is an act of war and we have to destroy the islamic state. that is what we are hearing on cable tv, we have to respond firmly and decisively and very violently when the american citizens are killed overseas. the obama administration is saying at least, and our reporting is saying, that the bombing campaign in iraq is about the humanitarian issues and protecting interests.
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>> okay, thank you very much indeed. just a few days ago, there was a video appeal for her son's release. >> my son steven is your hands and steven travelled to the middle east. steven is a loyal and generous son, brother and grandson. he's an honorable man and always tried to help the weak. we have not seen steven for over a year and want to see him very much and want him safe and sound and hug him. >> heart breaking comments there from the mother of steven sotloff that he may be coming home and now we are hearing that he was by headed. this is not confirmed in the
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states. this is had been a big problem, the kind of kidnapping and the killing of journalists in that area. >> it has. these two reporters both steven and james foley, both taken from northern syria. they have taken care of going out into that area. really abduction of journalists is becoming a national sport there. it is not just the worry that you might well be killed by the air strikes or captured by the forces, it is also the growing threat of abductions as going on since the summer of 2013, of course, when steven sotloff was taken. i was in the same town in
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northern syria on the same tiet and same day that james foley was taken. we managed to get through the town safely to the destination. that is not the case with a number of journalists. it is not just these two journalists, many are taken, and a media blackout there and surely sotloff called for a media blackout from the mother. we have this dread fall state of affairs when james foley being beheaded and you saw steven sotloff on the video and being threatened and if you don't stop the campaign against the islamic state sotloff will be the next one to be punished and that may be the case. in the video, another person was
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named, a british hostage. he's now being threated. so how long is this going to go on. as you say, the problem is we can't stop doing our jobs, we try to report as safely as we can. but the campaign is targeting the journalists in a very dreadful way. >> thank you indeed. >> join us living from skype is a fellow of the middle east forum and studied the islamic state group extensively and what to you make of the video reporting a beheading of the american journalist. >> it is the most predictable. they threatened to behead him. the first beheading there was a messaging to demoralize the u.s.
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and at the same time there was a vested interest in se for example having u.s. air strikes on syria because the islamic state has taken a dent to their reputation. there was outrage even from the jihad community. on the other hand, now it is seeming like it is kind of desperation at work. the air strikes helped to hold the islamic state progress, in iraq in particular. even in syria, actually there's been defenses to capture northern border areas with turkey and that is stalled as well. so in a way it is a sense of trying to make obama feel guilty
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for the decision making and provoke the anger against him. i don't see this has changing the overall american approach in iraq and syria. >> it is not confirmed yet, this video. in the meantime, your opinion on the group itself and talk about how well funded they are, are there efforts to them getting ahoed of the money to continue to operate? >> unfortunately not. all though actually the u.s. air strikes could help in reducing the control over the oil fields and the advances in the province. the problem is, of course, one strength they have is to fund itself and the black markets, the oil smuggling, proves
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lucrative source of income for them both in iraq and syria. so pushing back in that regard is a key to hurting their financial well. so i mean there's a long way to go even if you refuse the control of the oil fields in iraq and also of course wider extortion going on throughout iraq and syria, isis is extorting the money from the locals and so on. so a ways to go. >> thank you very much indeed for your thoughts on the subject. >> thank you. >> joining me an iraq journalist from england. and how significant is this do you think in the grand scheme of things in terms of the islamic
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state operations and what they are trying to achieve? >> they are trying to achieve the defeat of their enemies, as they call them, which is the region of government of iraq and syria to establish their islamic state or to expand their islamic state, which they have established in mosul and this is their main aim. as i said, at the beginning they had some success. they had been joined by other forces from iraq, which facilitated their success. all members of the iraqi army who were shunned by the sectarian government, central government and other people thought they were really defending the rights of the other sects against the governing on the government in
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baghdad. now the situation is different. >> the focus in this country is journalists and you have mentioned their motives beheading the people in the past and the killings they have carried out, in some cases it could be war crimes and they have no qualms about what it is doing to people. >> they don't care about all these things. they want the country. they are threatening the citizens if they continue to join the forces of isis. they'll be imprisoneded and they'll be brought to justice and all the numbers of these groups bring the pasports and burn them in front of everybody and you are not ready to go to the country. we are stay with the jihadists and the islamic state and we don't care about the government
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not satisfied with us or not. these people are behaving almost independently now. they continue care about anything. they want to establish their islamic state. they don't care about religions, they continue care about the minorities, they have impose their lays and no qualms about anything. >> we know so far as you mentioned earlier more than 120 u.s. air strikes in iraq, clearly the problem with the islamic state it is across borders, and what should the international community be doing? >> at the moment, they can do something in iraq. i mean, now a split between the islamic state and the other
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sunni tribal fighters and they are really criminals and their reputations are not they were before. the other problem is that the central government is not approaching. they should be appreciated by the americans and iraqi government and new iraqi government in order to gain their expertise to fight isis. the second thing is to arm the iraqi army. the iraqi army doesn't have air force of equipment to fight. >> it was well equipped. then the isis fighters seized what was left. >> yes, i think even these were exaggerated. the iraqi army was short of arms and promised to send and not delivered to now. after 11 years of the agreement
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or the ouk pags of iraq. it's a tragedy to be the iraqi state without a proper army. >> one thing is the role of iran in all of this. we talked about the international coalitions helping, what is iran's role in all of this? >> i ran is supporting the central government. but unless you have a sort after on agreement, agreement to end this threat of isis, you won't have a real solution to the problem. >> and turkey's role being what? >> turkey's role is preventing them from going into iraq and syria and training taking place in turkey and preventing them
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from the access of money going through turkey and all these things and closing the borders in their face. >> is there a problem in the turkey, reluctant because of the kurds? >> no, because of the issues with the syrian government and allowing the infiltration before. >> and so now, is it your expectation it is going to accelerate? >> a the united states after this this incident, if it is genuine, the americans would be forced and the u.s. president forced to take more action. >> okay, thank you very much indeed for the analysis of the situation, thank you. >> well, just a reminder of the breaking story, a video posted on online claims to be a beheading of an american
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journalist. it follows the beheading of fellow american journalist james foley. the white house has not confirmed the video but offering condolences if it is true. >> o this is something that the administration has been watching very carefully sense the threat. our thoughts and prayer with mr. sotloff and his family and those that worked with him. the u.s., as you know, dedicated time and resources to trying to and rescue mr. sotloff. we -- i'm not in the position to confirm the video or the reports because i just walked out here. if a video that is released, it is something that we are analyzing carefully by the u.s.
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government. >> we are going straight to the pentagon and admiral is giving a briefing. >> i won't speak for the intelligence issues that are raised to the white house. wait a minute, but to your larger issue here, we have talked about isil more months now and we have been monitoring and tracking the growth and development well before they rolled into mosul. this is not an organization we have not been watching. the speed to which they have taken control of the north in iraq, that got a lot of people's attention and i said that, nobody expected four dwiks divisions of the iraqi army would fold so quickly. this is an organization we have
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long been watching. and i think it is helpful to go back and just look at the last couple of months. we are all fix yated on the targeted air strikes, which we are conducting, but long before that started, we upped the presence in the gulf, and we added more security assistance personnel in and around baghdad and put up two operation centers and operating now in terms of advising and assisting and sharing information with iraqi and kurdish forces and we have done a number of air drops to alleviate suffering. so the military is very active here. the other thing we have said, there's not going to be just a military solution hire. the long term answer has to be inclusive and responsible
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governing in iraq. does that answer the question? >> to follow up on the question, as you may know the majority of the foreign fighters that are joining isil are going to syria through turkey, how do you alleviate turkey's role? >> that is not for me to evaluate their role. >> is turkey cooperating? >> i am not answering questions that go to the turkey government. they are an important partner in the region. a nataally.
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this is a topic of discussion. >> are they doing a helpful role? >> a helpful role? >> yes. >> turkey because they have concerns like the partners in the region, are expending their efforts and energies to address this as best as they can. >> can you give us a picture of the situation on the ground at the mosul dam, and why the united states keep launching air strikes at that location? >> because isil is trying to take that back. as long as they continue to pose threat we are continuing to hit them and we are. >> on the subject -- >> you are watching a briefing at the pentagon and talking
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about the news of this video that has been posted online and showing the beheading of a second american journalist and he's not confirming that, but the speed and the progress of the islamic state and it had taken a pause in the progress. it couldn't be just a military response against the it lammic state group. >> well, just a few days ago the mother of steven sotloff made a video appeal for the release. >> i'm shirley sotloff and my son steven is in your hands. steven is a loyal and generous son, brother and grandson. he's an honorable man and always tried to help the weak.
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we have not seen steven for over a year and we miss him very much. we want to see him home safe and sound and to hug him. >> we are joined live from washington, d.c., and so what we are hearing within the last hour or so in the position of not confirming that it is a real video and that this is true. >> right, the intelligence community is working to confirm the video. this video came out just as the hours of, the two hour window of briefings is beginning, that we were just watching, all three saying they are not confirming it right now. the state department and the white house is saying their hearts are going out to family of steven sotloff and that is it on the alleged execution. >> thank you very much indeed.
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>> now, the international come pain against the group in somalia is intensifying and targeting the leader. it is still not confirmed where the drone strike killed the leader. it happened 240 kilometers south of the capital and six members were killed in the strike. >> we have been given access to the ground offensive. we have a report in a moment. first to the latest on the drone attack and at the group's leader. >> the air strikes happened in a forrest not far away from the town that is the headquarters. they have said to target the leaders who are just finished taking the town in the middle part of the region. sources close confirmed that the air strikes happened and some of
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the leaders are affected but not confirming weather their leader was among those targeted. now, across somalia, the government forces and peace keepers are on the moh and trying to get as much territory as possible back from the militias and until now controlling huge parts of southern somalia. we have been to the front lines and this is what we found. on the march against the fighters, the thickets of southern somalia with the troops and the peace keepers and the government forces are going against the militias. this is a fight like no other before in somalia. even the american drones are deployed in the final onslaught against the group. >> we will not repeat the past mistakes, we are won't stop
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fighting until we have full control ifr where. >> these men know they can be ambushed everywhere and thir going on foot. they stop and wait. moments later they move on. we are informed that the militias controlling the town have fled. it is the same story in the town. on the border of a village. the peace keepers and the troops are saying it is a good day for them. this is the second town they have taken without a fight. they have ordered the town residents to leave. offensive is aimed at denying them access to the sea. of particular interest to the somalia government is a seaside town. the headquarters and official port. >> we know they cannot survive
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without the port. they have been using that for the imports and traders. >> they are saying it is an operation to help the areas. >> people are isolated. they cannot receive aid or normal trade. food is a problem. that created the people to get hungry and short of food and in many place the food is destroyed. >> the soldiers mount their defenses in strategic locations and know the militants are not far away and don't want to be caught unprepared. the forces ready again. they understand too well that the fight is far from over.
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>> that is one of the several armed groups being discussed in a summit held in kenyan capital. >> the leaders in this summit affected by the terrorism and battling, doiscussing the need o work together and recognizing the dangers of the huge population of young people who are vulnerable targets of recruitment and talk about committing the resources. they talked about setting up a stand to fight terrorism. but analysts are saying this is coming to nothing if the bad leadership practices continue as masking the challenges, including corruption, bad
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government. they are making the fight against terrorism harder and those are some of the issues that need to be addressed. >> well, earlier we spoke to who has written about the group, how important it is to the organization? >> i think it could be rather hivy blow. they have gathered a lot of power around himself. for some time he neglected the public institutions. hi built up a more leadership style and gathered the people around himself. the second factor is there is no, it is not easy to spot the crown prince in the organization. there are a lot of sub command irs. there is not really a particular individual that stands out so a lot of different people that
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will attempt to gain pow ir within the organization. these two factors make the organization vulnerable for the strikes. >> how strong an organization or how weak is it now? >> cannot challenge the african forces in open combat and thus they can probably not prevent them from advancing on the cities they control. that's one of the weaknesses. we shouldn't forget they were exposed in 2007 and 2008. they melted away at that stage and had a campaign. we shouldn't forget that. it is possible they can re-organize and do the things they were conducting.
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so i don't think it's probab probably -- it is not something that will defeat them. one of the weaknesses is the build up as a person and em pow irment as a person. it is weak because of him. and the power allocated to him. >> stay with us. we have much more on our breaking story. the fears of a second american journalists is beheaded by the islamic group. vé
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android mobile device. download it now >> reminding of our breaking story this hour, a video posted online claims to show the beheading of a second american journalist by the islamic state group.
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it follows the beheading of fellow american journalist james foley. the white house offered condolences if it is found true. >> o this is something that the administration has been watching very very carefully sense the threat was made a few weeks ago. our thoughts and prayers are with mr. sotloff and his family. the united states dedicated time and resorries in trying to and rescue mr. sotloff. i'm not in the position to confirm the authenticity of the video. this is -- if a video is released that is something we are analyzing carefully by the u.s. government and our intelligence o if i recalls to determine the authenticity. >> we are joined by the former
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assistant secretary of state. thank you for taking the time to talk to us. what is your impression of the video that has come out? >> like everybody, if in fact it is proven to be true, the first thing is horror and absolute sympathy on behalf of the familiar and friends of the journalist. for the organization like isis that is media savvy, this is a mistake on their part. >> why is that? >> well, while in many countries the taking of hostages and the negotiation for the hostages are routine and seen as something as a weakness on the part of the people of the countries where the hostages are taken from, it
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stiffens the resolve of the united states of america. if in fact this group isis or the islamic state is trying to get the americans to retreat, in fact, this has a counter prot k protuckiprotuck duck ty effect of reacting fur thir. >> the state department spokesperson talked about the more than one air strikes so far and on the ground that has helped the coalitions of the fighters pushing back in the heirs in iraq. what more needs to be done? >> well, first of all, we understand that the military solution in and of itself is necessary but not sufficient. more military action to provide support the the kurds and the iraqi security forces on the ground is helpful to push back and knowing you have f-16's and f-18 ease over your shoulder is
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a moral boost for the iraqi forces. that is only on the military side. we have to continue to help the iraqi government f continue the process of appointing and seeding a new government and we must be part of taking away the root causes of why isis is finding success inside of iraq, which is of unreconciled challenges between the sunnis and shiites in the country. they have felt incident enfranchised and maybe not working with isis, they are doing nothing to push back isis. >> what about syria, this is clearly operating across the borders and the training in syria, and at the moment we don't have a plan dealing on the syria end, is that fair? >> that is fair.
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in fact, the president admitted he doesn't have a strategy that includes syria as well. we cannot allow syria to be a safe haven and training ground for isis. you can't defeat isis without recognizing that is operating outside of syria. the grand strategy for taking on isis has to include a solution, not only inside of iraq, but inside of syria as well. >> in the end does that mean the international community engaging better and very clear -- >> no, the solution inside of syria necessarily has to include, in fact, many cases it shouldn't include him. he's a pie rye ya in the region and supporting him only allows him to stay in place. we have to understand that isis
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is a threat in and of itself and going against isis may have benefit to him in the short run. in the long run isis is step win and he's step two. >> thank you indeed for the analysis of the situation. thank you. >> sure. >> a short time ago the u.s. state department commented on the video. >> we have seen reports of a video that purports to be the murder of u.s. citizen steven sotloff by isil and we are working on the authenticity. if it is in fact true we are sickened by taking the life of an american citizen and oir hearts are going out to the family. >> the family is aware of the video and grieving. shirley sotloff recorded this
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appeal just days ago. >> my son steven is in your hands and steven is a journalist that traled to the middle east. steven is a loyal son and brother and grandson. he's an honorable man. we miss him very much and want him home safe and sound and hug him. >> moving on the iraq now, hundreds of relatives of missing iraqi soldiers have broken into the green zone. they are demanding information about the fate of their relatives that surrendered in june. there is a spishl session on the fate of the soldiers on wednesday. well the battle in iraq is
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gaining momentum. on monday, alliance of the iraqi forces pushed the fighters out to the south. the source is saying it is ending three months of the group's control in the area. a nearby village were captured and ended the 80 day siege. the u.s. is accelerating the treatment for the ebola virus. they are warning they can't prevent the disease spreading until the western nations intervene. the cdc a saying that ebola is on the rise. >> despite tremendous efforts from the u.s. government, from cdc, from within countries, the number of cases continues to increase and is now increasing rapidly. and i'm afraid over the next few
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weeks those numbers are likely to increase fur thir and significantly. there is a window of opportunity to tamp this down, but that window is closing. we need action now to scale up the response. we know how to stop ebola. the challenge is to scale it up to the massive levels needed to stop this outbreak. >> well, the number of medical workers are on strike and protesting because of the lack of the proper equipment to deal the ebola patients. >> a protest against the trying conditions in a medical center and the health workers are on the front line to the response of ebola and risking their lives daily to treat the patients and
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saying they don't have the right equipment and not paid enough and no insurance if they get sick. >> before we return to work, we need win, higher salary, we need proper equipment and insurance benefit. we >> the ebola outbreak putting the pressures on the systems. where the first cases were detected in march 10th doctors per one thousand people. the population is 11 and a half million. around a 120 doctors care for a population of six million. in liberia, it is worst, one doctor per hundred thousand and few ir than 50 doctors in total
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of a country of 4 million people. the outbreaks are putting the harvests at risk and panic buying food shortages and price hikes. many of the airlines are refusing to fly to the region in the efforts to stop the spread of the virus. >> this is a tremendous blow on the country because now we feel very isolated internationally. it is like we are being gaur teened. >> they are instilled screening procedur procedur procedures. there is a health trials on a vaccine in the u.s. the workers are focussed on how
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to make the supplies list where a growing number of cases. >> to the conflict in ukraine now and a million people are displaced because of the fighting in the east. 814,000 ukrainians fled to russia and 260,000 in other parts of the country. the number doubled in the past three weeks as the fighting intensified. prorussian separatists making gains in the last few days. the kiev government is accused of protecting the forces. 15 servicemen killed in battles against separatists fighters in the past 24 hours, including a
2:48 pm
coastal town. ukraine troops were ambushed by the pro russian fighters and leading to heavy losses. here are pictures of the attacks. >> the figures are stark but the truth is they could be underist mating the truth on the situation and in the month just to september 6, 260,000 extra people displaced within ukraine and the total is around a million now as a result of fiting here. the reality is that many of the people are not registering with the authorities when they move to another part of the ukraine or across the border into russia, they are simply going to stay to relatives. what we are hearing in relation to statistics is 15 # more
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servicemen killed in the past 24 hours. that is a briefing they have given in kiev. if you want more stats, the imf is giving the latest disbursement of the bail out fund $17 billion, but say unless the fighting subsides here in the east, then there's a very grave and very real prospects that ukrainian economy will fall short and that puts in doubt the next disbursement of $2.7 billion around the december time. there is a human cost and grave economic cost as the conflict in the east continues. >> europe union is bringing new sanctions. and making it difficult for the
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russian companies to get the financing. the new sanctions coming by friday. >> we speak about aggression and i think that we need to respond in the strongest possible way to that. in order to make sure as said pressure is put in order to define the solution. sanctions are part of a political strategy. >> syrian rebel group holding 45 peace keepers holds hostages have set out their demands. they are demanding compensation tr for the kills of their fighters. they have seized the peace keepers on thursday. el that is where the u.n. monitors the zone. >> most of the peace keeping forces are with drawn to the
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u.n. base in the northern part of the heights an complicating the attempts to release the u.n. hostages are kwi questions about the command and the control. the news of the demands did not come from the u.n. command irs but the chief of staff. >> our troops are there and the ri bells are not telling us where the troops are, but continue to assure us thir being looked after and they have been kept safe. >> a large group of peace keepers managed to leave the zone safely. but only after disobeying a direct order from the commander to sur rirender to the rebel fighters. >> that is unacceptable, because you know, should not make the
2:52 pm
soldiers a sacrificial in order to be freed by the takers or the kidnappers or the rebels. >> the government is considering in making a formal complaint. >> what we were instructed by the president during a meeting together with the secretary of national defense was to document the blow by blow events that occurred and it will be up to the higher authorities to decide whether there will be a process. >> the issue will only speed up the -- and i think, why should i send forces if i know they might
2:53 pm
be taken by al qaeda basically. you already heard a force, the irish force that asked for answers from the u.n. because they want to be sure, but if sending troops we want to be sure they are safe. >> the government demanding a full review as a precondition of keeping the irish peace keepers in place and the question at whether the 40-year-old u.n. mission is about to end. >> the prime minister won't resign. the antigovernment demonstrators protesting for a number of weeks and demanding he step down. >> what began as peaceful
2:54 pm
protests. tear gas on the streets. and now there appears to be opposition leader party and in turn conspiring with the military. >> told me they said to take them along. we can't move without the army. >> the military denies that as backing the opposition. so far stepped in when asked by the government. as was the case on monday when the protestor stormed a tv channel. they have continued to challenge the police with force and resulting in scuffles.
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>> i never saw taxpayer gas in my life. this is a painful gas. i can't breathe. i was just there and the police are firing the tear gas. i am here with my friends. >> the protesters are rallying against the prime minister. they believe it was electoral fraud. they are demanding the resignation. >> your ending is over. why not going back and why are you showing stubbornness. >> he's insisting he's not going any way and not going to yield to the pressure. >> behind the scenes the army general has been holding crisis talks with the embattle prime
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minister. >> we have a breaking story this hour, a video posted online claims to show a beheading of a second u.s. journalist by the islamic state group. steven sotloff was last seen in 2013 until last month in a video. this is following the beheading of james foley. the u.s. department had this to say earlier. >> we have seen reports of the mird of steven sotloff and the u.s. intelligence officials are working to work on the confirming of the video. our hearts are going out to family. >> the pentagon is saying it is
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too early to confirm whether the video is authentic. >> we have all sign the press reporting about the potential murder of mr. sotloff. i don't have anything to confirm that today. we are monitoring that as best as we can. our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the sotloff family that endured the pain and suffering from his capture. >> stay with us, much more on the breaking story. the fears of a second journalist has been beheaded. keep up to date on watch us by clicking on the watch icon. stay with us, back in just a couple of minutes. bye for now. now.
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>> [gunshot]. >> there's a lot of very brave