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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 4, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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on al jazeera, sir kens >> leaders convene in whales for a crucial nato summit. ukraine's president say as cease fire could start on friday. >> eastern ukraine, an end to the hostilities still seem as long way off. also coming up, india on high alert. 250 days behind bars, called for the release of three al jazeera journalists detained in egypt.
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arrests across the u.s. protests for higher pay. >> you rain is dominating talks in whales can is being described as the most crucial meeting since the end of the cold war. leaders are expected to agree to create faster rapid reaction force in eastern europe. and the ukrainian president who is at the summit, says he will call a cease fire on friday, if planned talked go ahead. the leader of the pro russian separatist says they will also observatory's if an agreement is reached. first, reports on events at the nato summit in newport. >> on a gloom my day in south whales world leaders gather in the face of multiple crisis, from afghanistan to libya, the rise of the islamic state group in the middle east, and russia's activities in
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ukraine, nato hasn't faced this level of world disorder in decades. >> our nato summit, here in whales, will be bun of the most important summits in the history of our lives. we are faced with a dramatically changed environment. >> u.s. president barack obama spent the morning with british prime minister. both will be working hard on the sidelines to build a coalition, and a strategy. >> russian troops are illegally in ukraine. it has risen in a new form. these are just two of the threats. nato is the anchor of our security, and other the next two days we must reinvigorate and refocus this alliance to tackle new threats and to ensure it continues to foster
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stability around the world. >> outside, the summit boundary antiwar protestors gather the message here, that war begets war, the only way out of conflict, is dialog. >> i think most of the people here believe that note toe is an organization, that should have folded after the end of the cold war. and a lot of the people in nato now seem to be delighted about what is happening in russia and ukraine, and the chance to build up the cold war again. >> how do you talk to a group like isis? is. >> difficult. difficult. but not impossible. if there is a will, there is a way. the summit was originally supposed to be about the end of one war in afghanistan, where nato will bring combat operations to a close. instead it is about multiple fronts. it could be a lot more for antiwar protestors like these to shout about in the future.
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>> the summit is also about nato itself, thrust back into the limelight, a cold war alliance that has seemed to be losing it's relevance, but now must prove it's worth. al jazeera, newport, wales. >> straight newport, talking, no let's listen in. >> one single step to make peace possible. instead of deescalating the crisis, russia has only heightened it. what is happenin happeningn ukraine, has serious implications for the security and stability of the whole. your at lan tick area, we stand united in our ukrains integrity within it's reck nighed borders. we strongly condemn russia's repeated violations of international law.
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russia must stop it's aggressive actions against ukraine. withdraw it's we call on russia to reverse it's illegal and illegitimate self-declared and excessive of crimea, which we do not, and will not, recognize. of world war ii that one european country has tried to grab another's territory by force. europe must not turn away from the rule of law, to the rule of the strongest. this is vital for peace
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and security. ukraine has been an important and distinctive nato partner for many years. we highly value ukraine's contributions to our operations, and the nato response force. ukraine has stood by nato, now, in these difficult times, nato stands by ukraine. our support is concrete and tangible. we have established a comprehensive and tailored package, of measures so that ukraine can better provide for it's own security. we will focus on cyber defense, logistics and command control and communications. we will also help with rehabilitation for troops in the conflict. we will provide advice, to help ukraine with defense reforms, and
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allies will assist ukraine with around 15 million euro through nato, and in addition to that, we have heard several announcements of by lateral assistance, financially, and in other ways. and independent sovereign and stable ukraine firmly committed to democracy and the rule of law is key to europe's security. that is nato's goal, and i know that is your goal too, mr. president. thank you very much, indeed. ladies and gentlemen, i am really glad as you know, we have opened a very substantial discussion and maybe ukraine summit today. i never feel such a strong enormous support,
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but all of the leaders of the countries head of the government, and the representative of the people of the member states. as it was demonstrated today for ukraine. it is definitely a landmark event. of the highest level, during the 20 year history of the partnership between ukraine and nato. this partnership has always been an essential factor for al international and regional security and stability. the security and stability we shad undermine, by russian aggress, and every single head of state and head of the government. stress the importance of unique and solidarity of ukraine, in nato should demonstrate today. from the very beginning our alliance has been standing by ukraine supporting the political
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and practically the maximum extent possible. this term was reaofficialed today by head of states and government of nato, member states today. this highly valued, and we are grateful to make an individual alliance for the practical help and assistance provided to ukraine in the recent months. humanitarian assistance, declaration provided, advisory support, which is already worked for ukraine, medical treatment, of the injured ukrainian servicemen, etc. at the meeting many allies declared additional support to ukraine to be provided on the by lateral basis including commitments to contribute newly established buildings. and also which is very important, to rehabilitate the injured
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ukrainian servicemen, by lateral military technical cooperation, on nonhe that will and he that will items. a friend in need is a friend indeed, and that was a very strong demonstration of the solidarity with ukraine. completely new, security situation created by this aggression called for our joint action, to counter the emerging challenges including the warfare, threat, and strategic frame work of the nato ukraine corporation. future relation there this new security environment. we agreed that our further cooperation will be focused on achieving full ability between ukraine and nato, and developing capabilities in militaries defense and security sector.
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we will strength our cooperation in defense and security sector through the development and problems focused on reform of ukrainian armed forces and other security structures and elements. is ukraine's participation in partnership, and the ability. this will allow us to maintain a high level of the interpretive ability between ukraine and nato forces achieved through the continue yous participation of national contingent in the nato led mission and operative during the exercises nato response force. last but not least, flu frame work, further deepening of the partnership. we can see that this partnership to be a part
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of ukraine european integration calls. the main commitment, request implements of wide ranging integration related to form ukraine will further pursue the goal of any national partner cooperation, along with other systems to the mechanism. such an approach will create necessary synergy between ukraine, european integration, and the cooperation. thank you very much for your attention. touch any timeframe, and for secretary general, how can nato help ukraine. thank you.
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>> if you are looking for the annual problem, cooperation with nato. so most significant part of this reform, dedicated not only to the security sector, but to the anti corruption, and others. and i think that this is a key important factor for ukraine, to demonstrate the great achievement in this reform. that's why i said that the war on the country is not excuse. and that's why the next week the program of reform. which was developed in the strong cooperation, with the european union and nato. and i think that the new parliamentary election would help us a lot for accelerating the process. and when the country
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would be to the criteria to the membership,s the ukrainian people will decide, when and how to help. >> it is exactly for the ukrainian people to decide. and the ukrainian political leadership to decide, how to develop it's further future relationship with nato. what decision, is of just most important to improve our ability to work and operate together, and this is exactly the reason why we are focusing on reforming and organizing the ukrainian armed forces develop the security sector, raise standards to nato, and that will be a focal point. within the nato ukraine commission, and the annual national program, and the trust funds we have decided to
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establish. >> . >> day-to-day in the papers the military options supply for nato -- how can the ukrainian crisis how can be this russian forces getting back, or put back for the board tore russia, and crimea can be brought back to ukraine yeah, how can this be done without military option, without supplying equipment. >> honestly speaking i don't think anyone would like war or armed conflict to solve this issue. we do believe, that the best way forward would be
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to find a political solution. and to facilitate the solution. i firmly believe, that the international community, must respond determine innocently if russia were to intervene further. in ukraine, respond through deeper, broader, tougher, economic sanctions that would definitely be hurt, russian economy and isolate russia further. mr. president. >> watching a news conference there, with the secretary general, and ukraine's president.
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the nato secretary general, saying that russia must stop it's aggressive action on ukraine, and withdraw it's forces and stop supporting the rebels. he also said they should reverse the annexation of crimea p extreme gratitude for the support that he was getting from nato leaders. in a moment we will be hearing from our correspondent in eastern ukraine, first, let's go to newport. james, i was interested by the tangible and concrete support that they were talking about, it turns out to be things like cyber support, logistics, and device and defense reform, and then when we heard from him, he said there was additional practical support, so is that because nato is -- because ukraine is not fully a member, so it can't be seem to be getting all sorts of
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proper military equipment. >> well, it certainly is limited support, it was described by the nato secretary general as a comprehensive and tailored package, and the ukrainian president with a frank exchange about all of this, and what they were going to get, and i am sure they would have liked more, but they are being very complete and supportive of one another. i think the other very interesting thing was the question on future nato membership. and that was dodged by both leaders as well. we know that ukraine has elections coming up, parliamentary elections in october, both president and nato secretary general rasmussen said it was up to the ukrainian people to decide the ukrainian president said they will continue their reform, process trying to reform the country trying to meet those nato criteria, but in the end, lit be for the people to decide. what is not clear, is whether he means the
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election campaign coming up in october, or something in a much later date. whether they have some sort of referendum. that wasn't clear from this news conference. >> okay, james, thank you very much indeed. let's take us over to ukraine, and paul brennen joins froes the eastern city, what do you think they will make there of events at the nato summit? >> they have been able to keep one the rapid pace of events. if you talk about two weeks ago, seeming completely in control. it seemed to have the elements surrounded although the border was ', and in the last forth night, ukraine and the western allies is that rush are sha mothered men and machinery across that border and propped up the
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fighter to the extent that they are pushing back the army and the prospect is of some sort of frozen conflict. now we are just hours away from the peace talks which will reconvene, having met. later on friday, but for the moment, the conflict on the ground seems very much to be on going. my colleague harry faucet reports. >> on the day nato said there is several thousand troops and dozens of tanks, this is what we saw heading down the road from the border. we counted 11 battle tanks two armored personnel carriers a multilaunch rocket system, and several mobile artillery pieces. all passing a town, which fell last week heading into ukrainian territory. this is the main road, towards the russian border, we have been all the way along it, we were stopped by a very professional group, who
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had three main battle tanks at that check point. one of them giving us instructions. and apart from the convoy, the military vehicles coming the other way, we have seen no kind of military installation, before getting to the russian border, now, we are being told that the travel back down this road, is simply too dangerous. >> it was soon clear what that danger was, this was the assault on the town. half way back towards. then the shells were coming down close to the main defenses already looking seriously outgunned. further advanced a direct fire, he has no doubt who his men are fighting. the most of them are regular sols. >> they are talking about
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a cease fire, and you are being hit. >> you can see what putin says and what he does. >> the extra unseen defenses that the ukrainian politician have talked of. >> we haven't seen them either. the man in the blue suit is the politician in question, the backed governor of donetsk now in excite. surely they want to crees this, but they don't have much chance of success. >> both sides are talking about a cease fire, starting on friday afternoon local time. the question is whether by then,s mario will still be in hands where ukrainian government poster in the main square, already looks like a historical relic. and an earlier soviet era is twitching back to life.
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what we saw there, was kind of echoed here in donetsk, there was a shelling in mid afternoon, of a civilian area, we visited it and saw one body, we are told two people have been killed. and those talks that will take place, although the cease fires have been offed by both president and by the separatist, frankly, those offers are highly contingent on agreements being reached. frankly, there is no guarantee that an agreement can be reached. the two sides seem a long long way apart even now. >> thank you very much, let's go to moscow now and talk to peter sharp. we have heard from the ukrainian president, he is cautiously optimistic, what kind of noise are you getting from there about those talks? >> well, sergey, russian sha's foreign minister has been working the phones all day. he has been the cheerleader here, trying
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to divert the criticism and condemnation that russia has suffered over the last day from member states, he has been talking to the germans and the french, basically discussing with them how he sees the discussions the political discussions will be handling on friday. now, he is also pointing out, that this is a road map, drafted by the president himself. on a flight to mongolia, and he now says that he has the agreement of both sides of the rebels, and of the ukraine government, that if they can agree together, then they will both sign tomorrow. and i think rush are sha will think that it's sort of job done, there is something to play for. what they would have been particularly upset about, is any talk which you heard from the ukrainian
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president that the reforms take place within the country, lit be left to the people of ukraine, to determine whether they will go for nato membership. this would be unacceptable. they regard a ukraine, as a member of nato as a mass i threat to national discusser, and quite honestly, i can't see how they would accept it. i think the job today, was to try and keep this talk alive, push it up, and really they will be hoping for a settlement tomorrow around lunchtime. thank you for bringing us the latest live there. >> another major concern is the rising influence of the islamic state. a truckloaded with explosives is blown up at the gate of an iraqi army base. the attack happened as
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forces launch add three pronged offensive to retake the city. the islamic state group has held the town since june. the iraqi air force is also carried out air strikes on i.s. positions in moss soul. meanwhile, fighters have kidnapped at least 50 men from a sunni village. >> killing and injurying seven people. more on the day's events. >> the air strikes are effective in blocking troops from moving from one area to another, they can keep troops contain which is what they are trying to do. here in northern iraq. trying to cut the islamic state off from their supply lines in syria. but what air strikes cannot do, is fight the kind of urban battle that
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you have. we have seen leaflets apparently dropped, warning people to leaf, that is likely before air strikes and possibly a larger ground operation. there in mosul, but again you cannot do that, strictly with air strikes, and just to give you the latest on that car bomb i referenced, it sounds like a truck filled with explosives, exploded at the gate of camp spiker, that is north just the latest example of a very bloody war going on here. >> coming up this news hour, a warm welcome home for opposition leader back out of hiding to compete in the elections. international football as two former world champions face each other.
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pledged 28 nationral has alliance will stand by ukraine. meanwhile, as pro russian separatist continue to advance towards the area. india has put several areas on high alert. the groups leader promised to spread rule to mirimar and bangladesh. influencing the state, expands in the middle east. more from new delhi. hi says he represents a community that wants to li peacefully, in a modern multiculture india, he tells me that the vision of groups like al quaida, is not representative of the beliefs of more than 200 million muslims across the country. these groups want to make
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us very conservative. but they won't be successful, because indian muslims are totally different. it is the misrepresentation of previous trouble between hindus and muslims in states like asam, that some community leaders are trying to stop. the latest al quaida video talks about the creation of a new wing to fight for the rights of india's minority. i have been focused. disnothing new about that they have -- they have been training people, in fact, the video claims that, that since two years they have been training people to launch operations on us. the government is well aware of the attraction of groups among al quaida. but on servers say it is important to understand that it is not just the communities fault that are reacting to just calls to action, the rich
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and the educated are also listening. what is best is meeting with them, and try to have a system. where we can cut across the dangers of the political action. unfortunately, even though the concern is there, big steps have been taken. >> the most pop list muslim country in the world, and why the prime minister government can try to deal with home grown trouble, india's vast borders make it vulnerable to threats from abroad. india is in a region that has long struggled with extremism, and the government here will be counting on it's neighbors to been just as committed to controlling any potential threat, to regional security and stability. al jazeera, new delhi.
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the federation of arab journalists has met to press for the release of three staff, for 250 days. the legal process must be allowed to conclude before looking at new avenues. they received long sentences after a trial seen by many as politically motivatedded. case has been raced by a u.n. secretary general. he was on hunger strike in six months in prison. he has always called the the r for the release of his three colleagues. >> peter guest, were taken away, it's been over three weeks nor them now in jail. they have to be let go. egypt, the world is watching. we a.j. staff journalism is not a crime.
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>> united nations is warning of a food crisis in somalia, according to the u.n. food and agricultural organization, more than 1 million people are facing starvation. means if nothing changes somalia is heading toward as second famine in three years. up to 20% compared to six months ago. this brings the total number of people in need, of assistance support, to over 3 million people. after accusing the government back on the terms the ever the peace
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deal. coming out of hiding after nearly a year met by joy by his supporters and relief across the rest of the country. in recent times the capability of winning on the field, however, they claim to have won at the negotiating table having managed to get the core demands including a promise to integrate fighters into the national army, and also winning the promise of international election on servers to be here on the ground, ahead of that crucial october 15 poll. claiming that the government had re-negged on many of it's promises, how, hitting into this election, from a slightly weaker position, polls suggesting that it could
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be overtaken by the ndm, as this country's main opposition party, so the leader will be wanting to hit into the next few days this reemergence, and the signature alongside the president, pushing this image of him as a winner someone who has won at the negotiating table, they claim in order to project the image of a winner ahead of that election. >> at least 18 people are dead in the 130 wounded after a major taliban attack. car bombs went off after a police building and an intelligence office. most of the victims were police and intelligence officers. two government says all 19 taliban fighters involved were also killed.
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heavy rain will continue for the next two days. european central bank has cut interest rates to a new record low, to try to fend off another economic downturn. the e.c.b. reduced the main interest bank at which banks borrow money from it. the president mario also announced a number of measures to try to stimlate economies in the euro zone. nick is in berlin. >> the rate drop means that money for banks in europe is cheaper than ever. and the idea is that
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would more lend that money on wards to the small and medium sized enterprises that can create jobs. in the strickenned european economy. another measure of the european bank took, was to penalize banked that want to park their money with the european central bank, it raised the negative interest rate it charges from .1 to punt 2%, which means if you move your money to the central bank, you are losing a part of it. so another reason not to do that, to put the money out into the real economy, a final measure, a very significant one. was the announcement that it will begin buying in october. which are things like credit card debt, mortgages the bonds that companies put out nonfinancial companies and that is one way for them to lighten the balance sheets. from the banks so they have more money they can lend to the real economy, in hopes of getting it going again.
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so they can make ends meet. david chuter in new york, attorney general eric holdser about to announce a broad civil rights investigation into the ferguson missouri police department, which follows the police shooting last month, of an armed teenager michael brown, so we will take you to the j. justice department when the attorney general steps forward, this will mark the most aggressive action so far, that the obama administration has taken since the august 9th shooting of michael brown, you will recall he was the 18-year-old unarmed teenager who was shotted and killed. she was shot six timed according to autopsy reports and again, while there's an active grand
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jury investigation, what is happening here is the obama administration justice department, led by the civil rights division is going to launch a broader review of the excessive use of force that has been alleged against the ferguson missouri police department, so this is operating on a separate track from the grand jury from the criminal investigation that is home run underway, and again, this is a similar process to what the justice department has taken with others let's listen to the attorney general. good afternoon. for the civil rights division. and the director of the community oriented police services or the p cos office. we are are here today to announce the latest justice departments on going efforts to address the situation. as we know the civil rights investigation into the august 9th shooting, death of michael brown remains open, and remains very active. as i made clear during my
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visit to ferguson two weeks ago, this investigation will take time. the american people, can have confidence that it will be fair, it will be thorough, and it will be independent. other the course of that visit i had a chance to speak with a number of local residents. i heard with them directly about the deepness trust that has taken hold between law enforcement officials, and members of that community. the meetings as well as in listening sessions as well as in formal conversations people consistently expressed concerns stemming from specific alleged incidents from general policing practices, and from the lack of diversity on the ferguson police force. these anecdotal accounts underscore the mistrust of law enforcement that has received good word of attention. in following extensive review in documented allegations and other available data, we have determined that there is
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cause for the justice department to open an investigation, to determine whether ferguson police officials have engaged in a pattern of practice of violations of united states constitution, or federal law. special litigation section, some of the same dedicated professionals who have achieved really historic results in ensuring policing from coast to coast. over the past five years the civil rights group has investigated for misconduct. we have opened went pattern practice investigations into police departments across the country. that's more than twice as many as were opened in the previous five years. both large and small. request these agreements, we have seen dramatic decreases in excessive uses of force.
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equity in the delivery of police services including important measures to address bias, and most significantly, the confidence by communities in their law enforcement agencies. now, as the brother of a retired police officer, i know that the overwhelming majority of our brave men and women in uniform do their jobs honorably. they do them with integrity, and often at great personal risk. the civil rights division are certainly meant to ensure that law enforcement officers in every part of the united states lives up to those same high standards of professionalism. in ferguson, our investigation will assess the police department's use of force, including deadly force. we will analyze stops, searches, and arrests. and it will exam the treatment of individuals detained at ferguson's city jail. and tactics that have been brought to light. we have met with the
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mayor, the city manager and the police chief in ferguson. the complete cooperation. the investigation will be conducted rigorously, and in a timely manner. so trust, to build understanding, and to poster cooperation between law enforcement, and community members. at the same time, i want to make very clear, that as this investigation unfolds and as it evolves, we will follow the facts and the law, wherever they may lead. and if that at any point, we find reason are to expand our inquiry, and neighboring jurisdictions we will not hesitate to do so. in fact, i can also announce today that above and beyond our investigation, into ferguson, we are taking proactive steps to engage the st. louis police department, in what is known as a collaborative
2:46 pm
reform effort. this partnership is being led by the p cos office. cos cops office, to assess a comprehensive assessment. they have voluntarily accepted the collaborative reform process. and has also asked that the cops office an after action report. already with the cooperation of the county leaders we have identified priority areas for intensive review and technical assistance, including racial profiling, stops, searches and frisking, the handling of mass demonstrations by police officials. and law enforcement training both at the police academy and at the continuing professional level. the st. louis county ministers training programs for officers throughout the area, including members of the ferguson police department, it makes sense to include the county police department, as part of our
2:47 pm
comprehensive approach to confronting the challenges that we have seen, in that region. now, i want to be clear. this is not a stop gap or a short term solution. it's a long term strategy, founded on community policing, that will provide a really detailed road map to build trust, to bolster public safety, to ensure accountability, but to change the way that law enforcement leaders make decisions and commit policies and forge community partnership. and our track record proves that such efforts to reform policing practices can be tremendously successful. for example, in 2012, the p cos office and the las vegas metropolitan police department, completed an eight month review similar to the collaboration that we are launching today, with the st. louis county police department. the las vegas review resulted in 75 findings and concrete recommendations recording officer involved shootings and other use of force issues. to date, fully 95% of
2:48 pm
these recommendations have been adopted. and two ore jurisdictions are going through similar processes as we speak. i promised that the united states department of justice will continue to stand with the people there. to stay with our investigation, into the ferguson police department. as these efforts unfold. are a fair thorough investigation occurred to ski that the dialog can be put into concrete action into lasting positive change that brings together public officials civil rights leader and members of the public to bridge gaps and also to build understanding.
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they will meet this challenge, before we move to questions there have been court decisions announced today in two separate but very important cases on what i would like to read for comment. is held fully accountable for it's recklessness. the case which was vigorously pursued is i think stelar of legal team, marks another significant forward. before this disaster, and we are confident that this decision will serve as a strong deterrent, to anyone who is determined to sacrifice safety and the environment, and pursue of the profit. has held the plaintiffs
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challenging the state of ohio to the in person early voting rules likely will be able to prove that those changes are in fact unconstitutional. >> i am pleased to know that today's decision, and the judge's analysis wrestle on the same legallen aring that underlies the departments challenges to voting measures in texas, as well as in north carolina. under section two. of the voting rights act. and as we move forward, the colleague and i will continue to do everything in our power to aggressively defend access to the ballot box, and to ensure that every american can exercise his or her right to participate in the democratic process, unincomberred by unnecessary restrictions that discouraging,
2:51 pm
discriminate, or disenfranchise. with that we will be more than happy to take your questions. >> we looked at a number of things in our initial and preliminary assessment of whether or not to open the investigation. >> and.
2:52 pm
in, we are extremely open to this investigation. so we will have cooperation from our local residents. there are any number of pieces of information that we looked at which would have included demographics, and public records related to cases that may have been filed by private litigants. >> to move forward with this investigation, and then secondly, who do you say to police supporters that are fair. >> well, i would say that as molly said, the assistance attorney general said. not only what i heard, while i was out there, which is fairly compelling. and there was a certain
2:53 pm
continuity, in similarities in the kinds of things i was hearing the traffic stops. on the basis of traffic stops. parts of the area. in addition to that, in response to the earlier question, there has been a review of the documentary. evidence indicating that there are problems. i don't think there's any question that there is a basis to begin a pattern of practice, investigation. so that with regards to those that may be concerns that we are somehow being premature, all we are saying is that we are opening an investigation. to see whether or not there is problems. i think the fact that we have pledging of local cooperation, is an indication that there are issues fell even there. indicating a need to make it better.
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the vast majority of people that serve the american people, in a law enforcement capacity, do so honorably, do so quite well. the vast majority of policen't cans i think do so quite well. given our responsibility oz to use federal law, to make sure that that in fact occurs. >> attorney general eric holder speaking at the u.s. justice department, announcing that the department has begun a formal investigation, known as a pattern and practice investigation. civil rights of people that live there, this comes after a series of lawsuits have been filed alleging police misconduct, and brutality, there was the shooting of michael brown in august, the 18-year-old african-american teenager that was shot and killed who one unarmed. in addition to making this announcement, though, the attorney general rerevealed there was now a collaborative effort to try to work
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with the larger county, st. louis county to try to work on some of the police iraqi shoes with them, but again, the headline today is a formal justice department civil rights investigation, into the ferguson missouri police department, you heard the attorney general talk about how city officials there have agreed to cooperate, and in fact, earlier this afternoon, the ferguson police department reare leased a formal statement, and here is what it says. we have hosted in several meetings with the department of justice, and feel our collaborative efforts are another step forward in showing our willingness to be transparent and forth right. as we continue the process of earning back the trust of our residents and neighbors in the st. louis region. let's brick in al jazeera's mike mckerr rah who covers all things washington. what do you make of the justice department announcement today. >> these sorts of civil rights investigations to a degree not seen in several years. certainly not under george w bush, 20 such
2:56 pm
investigations have been launched be i the civil rights division. resulting in 14 consent agreements. with police departments around the cub, you know, the interesting thing about this law, is that it arose, that looks into practices of discrimination, it arose in the wake of the rodney king beating and the unrest there, it's been used several times over the years. but ultimately, happens in these 14 agreements and others, is no party admits guilty. they come together, to institute reforms within the police department, and you heard eric holder talk about the things they are going to be looking into, searches and seizures, how beam are treated once they are in custody, and finally, and perhaps the most relevant, the way in which public officials and law enforcement react to mass public demonstrations. they would not, they were careful to not, not to have embarked on this if
2:57 pm
an initial search did not reveal that there are reason are to go forward, they look through public records and other complaints that you just mentioned. so the attorney general, that is known to be very passionate, he and president obama both vacationing in martha's vineyard, they met there, and again here at the white house, eric holder was dispatched and after that, it could have been -- you know, likely a coincidence, david, and yet he did perform that role from washington, going and calming the waters somewhat reassuring people, that the investigations the separate investigation that was already underway, by the civil rights division into that incident itself, the killing of michael brown was going forward, this is sort of the second shoe to draw, and this is a tool in the tool box, that eric are holdser taking advantage of. again, if you are just joining us, the
2:58 pm
department of justice has announce add civil rates investigation into the ferguson, missouri police department, this is part of a pattern in practice, into alleged excessive use of force. the end result is usually a consent decree, in which the department of justice agree on certain changes that will be made, this will have no impact whatsoever on the separate criminal grand jury investigation, into officer darren wilson over the shooting of michael brown, it will also have is no impact on the separate individual lawsuits that people in ferguson missouri may be bringing or having already brought, against the ferguson missouri police department. we will have a full ran, starting at 4:00, we will take you again through. to this announcement fir the department of justice, but in the meantime that's the headline, a federal civil rights investigation, into the ferguson police department, coming a month after michael brown the unarmed black teenager was shot and killed. i'm david chuter new
2:59 pm
york, thank you for watching the documentary gag and the world brain, is next.
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