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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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al jazeera. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> building a coalition against the islamic state group. egypt has a key role to play in the site says egypt. the world news on al jazeera. also on the programme - pakistan's military rescue flood survivors, thousands of others are trapped. teachers in gaza say children are traumatized by what they saw in the conflict.
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no fumes, less noise could be the electric car in the future for formula 1. secretary of state john kerry says egypt has a key role to play to combat the group islamic state group. abdul fatah al-sisi met with ke john kerry. kerry has been on a tour. i.s., controlling large parts of iraq and syria. 10 arab countries, including egypt, has given support. >> as an intellectual and cultural capital. muslim world, egypt has a critical role to play.
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this was an important feature of our discussions in jeddah, and again today in cairo, and is something that the egyptian religious establishments da understand. shia militia fighting against the islamic state group in iraq, have been accused of revenge attacks against sunnis. shia forces carried out reprisals against villages suspected of sheltering i.s. one militia denied the accusation saying all groups are under army control. >> sue turton has this report. >> reporter: at a checkpoint west of amerli, men of that group are looting and torturing
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residents here after allowing islamic state fighters to hide out. nine days over we were welcomed in the town. they fought alongside of the peshmerga, and the iraqi army break the siege. today the atmosphere is different. we are told to pull over. militia men aim rifles, ak-47s and other weapons at us. we have been trying to negotiate our way through the checkpoint. there are peshmerga fighters on the same checkpoint. it is clear that the shia militias have made their way here. we tried to get to film, a village flattered and torched, that used to have sunni arabs in it. >> eventually they let us through. the sunni mosque was shelled by the militia. we arrive in the village of
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sunnis. houses have been torched. the peshmerga are close by, but they are pulling out, leaving the militia in control. the commander said his men respect the area. >> translation: we are giving our life to unite iraq, protecting people's property. others are not doing this. this is not acceptable. >> the peshmerga has gone house to house dismantling improvised devices left by fighters. this had command wires buried under the road. and they found explosives under a toilet seat. fighters beheaded a sunni resident in one house. >> translation: when we witnessed it it made us angry, we cannot accept this, we told them if it happened again, we will fight you. it's not acceptable.
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>> the shia militia don't take orders from them. this man was filmed on the day amerli fell. he is giving orders. the commander witnessed many fighters alongside the shia. >> in a response to the accusations, a spokesman said there are no such revenge attacks on sunni. we liberated the towns, regardless of ethnic or sectarian background. forces are recognised on an official record. others are under the iraqi army command. as president obama announces an expansion of air strikes across northern iraq. he risks allowing the millisher to -- mimisha to gain control. it will do nothing to ease the hearts and mind in this area.
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more than 20 people are missing from a ferry that sunk off the central philippines. government officials says the ferry reported problems of steering amid heavy rains. 84 mr on board. >> despite a ceasefire, donetsk airport is under attack. the country is said to still be in a state of war. arseniy yatsenyuk warned na the russian president wants to take over his country, and recreate the soviet union, we have more from donetsk. >> there has been sporadic but intense shell and gun fire concentrated on and around the airport. a stronghold of ukranian armed
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forces, on the outskirts of the city of donetsk. a few kilometres away to the north-west. we wept and checked it out, getting as far as one of the last checkpoints. we could hear tank rounds and heavy arms fired on to the airport. the rebels said that they want to deslodge the ukrainians there, and accused them of using that position to shell donetsk. they wanted to rid the city of that danger. the ceasefire stands, it's looking tenuous. the prime minister saying in this country was in a state of war, and blaming the russian operation for that, raising that issue of a concerted strategy to create a land corridor all the way to ukraine's border where
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there is a breakaway region of transmysteria. others within the ukranian leadership talk of the need for a negotiated political settlement of de-valisation, ways to keep eastern ukraine within the country. here, a sense that the rebels want to have the city, and this part of the country for themselves. the military has been using boats and helicopter marooned by flooding. military engineers have been blowing up dykes in the rivers. it will protect more towns. kamal hyder reports. >> reporter: despite serious efforts by the government to plants explosives and blow aadykes to relieve the pressure eastern on the cities, water
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levels are rising and villages are submerged under water, forcing the people to flee to higher ground. this family is using two beds and a quilt for protect. close by they bring a few chickens, and further down you can see the fodder which will be essential to save their life force. those are the only valuable possessions that they could get out, and with the farm land under water. it's going to be a problem getting pressure water for the animals. you can see people's belongling back in a hurry, because there was no time to get out. they have brought fans for them, there's no electricity. these are valuable possessions. the government is doing everything, and taking the time for photo opportunities, the fact of the matter is that most of the relief effort under way is handled by the military or
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civil organizations that came to assist the people. pakistan will need more help if they are going to cope with an emergency. now, so save the area, waters have been diverted. a lot of agricultural properties, villages, orchards, have to be compromised. the leader of a faction of the pakistani taliban announced that he will surrender to the military. it's believed that he has fallen out with the chief of the overall taliban. in a statement, it was said that the group will quit militant activities and day down arms. the yemen army launched air tribes targetting the shia rebels. meanwhile, efforts to strict a deal with the rebels condition. we have this report. >> here the capital sanaa has
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been beset by violence and ability and crippled by a desire as to what will happen next. the international community is trying to broker a deal between the government and the houthis. we know there's an agreement about forming a government with a techknow accurate p.m. and -- techknow accurate prime minister. we know at the same time there's disagreement about how to implement the deal. the president says ta he will sign the deal if the houthis dismantle protest camps and pull out the fighters. houthis say they'll continue with their protest movement, until the deal is fully implemented. >> yemen's fighters prepare to shell houthi areas in the prove
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yins. in this desert, the army has a preps, relying on battle hardened militias. >> translation: the houthis are criminals, invading our lands, killing people and destroying our homes. houthis are the same. tribes are trying to mediate a political deal. with a long history of mistrust, it is an obstacle both sides are unable to overcome. the intense fighting undermined all chances to secure a ceasefire, i'm working hard on a deal. >> reporter: civilians were caught up in the fighting, houses destroyed. hundreds had to flee from the area. this woman's son was killed, her house destroyed. >> my son was innocent. he was looking after the family.
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he had no political affiliation. the houthis arrested, tortured and killed him. >> reporter: this region is one of the poorest areas of yemen, fighting will come to an end br they come back. if the houthis control the northerb provinces, they can control neighbouring provinces. with more territory and financial resources some say it will be a matter of time before they control the capital. coming up, why 43 soldiers from an elite intelligence unit refuse to occupy in palestinian occupied territories. and health care systems struggling to accommodate pets. @
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hello again. the top stories - the u.s. secretary of state says egypt has a key role to play and countering the islamic state group in iraq and syria. john kerry meets abdul fatah al-sisi in cairo, trying to shore up support not the fight against the islamic state group. pro-russian separatists fired at the government-held airport in donetsk. ukraine's prime minister accused vladimir putin of trying to destroy ukraine as an independent country.
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thousands in pakistan and india administered cash mir are stranded -- kashmir are stranded by floods. they are trying to exor cries swollen rivers. a group of reserve soldiers from an intelligence unit says it will not operate in the occupied palestinian territories. 43 soldiers are from a unit tasked with code breaking and eavesdropping. some of their work approaching palestinians leading normal lives. according to the soldiers no distinctions are made twine palestinians involved in violence and those that weren't. a columnist at plus 972 magazine says the revelations confirm what a lot of people suspected.
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>> they have, you know, certainly exposed things that have been rumoured and by the way, it's important to mention that they cleared what they had written in the letter with attorneys. it was long rumour that israel had personal conversations and communication devices to find vulnerabilities to recruit them as collaborators, and that's one of the things they say in the letter that they confirm happened. trying to find out if people are homosexuals, which is sensitive in society, as in many societies, unfortunately, and use it against them as means recruit them, and using the fact or capitalizing on the fact that they were medical means. using that as incentive. these things have been understood or generally understood to be part of the
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intelligence system. they confirm and demystify some of these things and worse. so it's definitely going to - it's definitely bringing to light information that has been rumoured up until now. >> meanwhile, a new school year is about to begin in gaza. this year it will be different. 26 schools are being used as shelters for tens of thousands whose homes were destroyed. many children need first logical help after -- physiological help after witnessing violence. >> reporter: they sing patriotic songs about palestine. this is not a game. teachers say many children are traumatized by what they saw, heard and felt during military's campaign on gaza. this school is trying to take
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the minds off the wall before the new school year begins. children over gaza including the students suffered during the war. in a child's mind schools became shelters. we are trying to save the thinking. we are trying to give them a chance to play. >> translation: we are happy today, because children face terrible days during the war. we want to make the children happy. >> united nations schools in gaza became shelters for tens of thousands fleeing the violence during the war. al jazeera visited this school in jabalia minutes after it was hit. 20 people, including three children were killed in the attack. what is the situation now? >> at this school preparations are made for the students to return in a week or so. more than 1,000 people seeking shelter have been moved to another school down the road.
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5km away we find a school they've been moved to. 800 were here, before 1,200 arrived. the israeli military destroyed people's homes and there's nowhere to go. there's no plan for students to return here soon. >> we don't know where the children are, they are not where they'll be. we have to do a soft roll out of the school. we can't have the school and the teachers show up and though this is normal. we need a soft roll out. psychosocial turn outs, to do a soft landing. >> the right for the children to have an education free of fear and uncertainty. a right to improve their lives and the lives of generations to come has been lost again. there has been protests in the libyan capital, calling for the newly elected parliament to
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be resolved. demonstrators are angry about air strikes targetting fighters. egypt and the ua were responsible for the attacks. rival militias have been fighting for control. >> the al-shabab group established a schel and americans reason -- cell, and the americans have been warned to stay home from somalia. they have been planning an eminent attack. >> hostel workers say the trike will condition, working at the government hospital, treating 80 patients. a number of doctors and nurses died, and staff complain that they have not been paid for two weeks. >> saudi authorities introduced a programme, and pilgrims will have to fill out a form to confirm they are not suffering
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symptoms of the virus. pilgrims have been barred due to concerns over ebola. a group of journalists are on hunger strikes to call attention to protest laws and have been used to arrest hundreds of people. they continue the strike until monday. al jazeera demands the release of three journalists, peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed have been detained for 259 days, accused of aiding the muslim brotherhood. charges that appear to be politically motivated. they are appealing their conviction. the latest opinion polls shows supporters in the u.k. have received a light lead in the opinion poll. the referendum is too close to
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call. scotland's first minister, amex sal monday hit back at -- salmon hit back at business leaders saying they'll move to businesses to england if the referendum goes forward. a wildfire in california has spread to the cleveland national forest. the flames are moving up mountain slopes and evacuation orders have been issued. cuban pets are reported to have some of the better health. when the economy falters pets suffer shortages. first thing on monday morning in the state-run veteran clinic, this area is bustling. cuba trained vets to provide animal care across the country and sends many abroad. the problems are elsewhere.
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>> translation: you can go and ask the pet openers, and they -- pet owners, they'll tell you a shame. they get a great service. it can get better because of the shortages. >> reporter: there are many reasons for the shortages - mostly of medicines. cubans love their pets as much as anyone else. animals enjoy the same benefits and suffer the same problems as the rest of society - overly centralized and inefficient control and a series of shortages. cubans blame corruption, and the 50-year longest trade embargo, called a blockade. >> translation: there are problems the government has to solve. maybe the vets could be self-employed. they'd have the opportunity to better practice their profession. that would be great. cuban authorities have been
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opening up the tightly state-run economy. many vets operate privately, unregulated, without a government licence. that means the animals have no protection. they are pushing for a law to put that right. >> not having an animal right law means we don't have the tools with which to work. it's difficult to help an animal when the abuse is not specified by law. >> when there's no law, people move to protect the animals this is a scheme labelling stray dogs, to inform authorities that they are being cared for and should not be rounded up. >> these fellow have not been labelled and face an unnerb fate, excluded from a system stretched to its limits. now, a new era of environmentally friendly car
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racing as kicked off in a polluted city. >> beijing hosted the first electric funeral u la grand prix. but critics say it's not motor racing without the fumes. >> reporter: in the race to protect the environment, china's been in the slow lane, this event showing a change of gear as battery powered cars made a debut on saturday. >> racing in the capital is the biggest market, china. beijing is a place we can make the change happen. they are fighting pollution and promoting electric cars. we felt it was the right place for us. >> reporter: these cars don't hit the same top speeds of formula 1, travelling nor more than 225 k/hr. it's a lot quieter as well.
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this person is one of the two female drivers. >> it is something that can be complimentary to formula 1. it is something taking care of the environment. we are talking about motor sport, but in a different way. >> there are other differences with formula 1. all teams race identical cars, each having to change vehicles, halfway flow the race, when the battery runs out. they are trying to develop one that lasts honour. it's glycerine, safe, i'm assured. the chemical, a by-product, fuels generators that charge the batteries, ensuring the cars produce zero emissions. organizers say they are not trying to compete with formula 1, but are rewriting the rule book of motor racing. everything to do with the event is new. the event was staged at the
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olympic part where the 2008 games were held. most of the people were from the chinese middle class. some are not won over by the green technology. >> translation: i'm considering buying an electric car, but there's not enough charming stations. >> translation: i will consider it in the future, but it's too expensive now. petrol cars are less. >> reporter: exhaust fumes from the cars are responsible for much pollution. skies were clearer than usual, but it was unhealthy to be out, according to official and unofficial air quality indicis. much of the technology is expensive. >> much needs to be improved. price, quality, distance. with competition like farmual --
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formula-e, the improvements can be made. >> the hope is it will filter down. >> keep up to date with the latest news on the website. there assist. there it is. >> i'm in africa where a project is set