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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 14, 2014 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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>> life changing moments... >> shut the camera.... >> from oscar winning director, alex gibney, a hard hitting look at the real issues facing american teens. the incredible journey continues... on the edge of eighteen only on all jazeera america a british aid worker and father of two is beheaded by islamic state group. britain's prime minister promises to hunt done his killers. hello, i'm david foster. you are watching al jazeera. liberia's president sacks 10 government officials for refusing to come back to the country during the ebola crisis. a u.s. citizen is sentenced to six years hard labour in north korea. and still undefeated, floyd mayweather wins again and says he's now ready for manny
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pacquiao. the islamic state group is beheaded another hostage, this time 44-year-old aid worker david haines from the u.k. we'll have more on his killing in a moment. but let's bring you up to date with the political goings on in this. the secretary of state is in france where president francis hollande is holding a summit on monday. the aim is to coordinate 20 countries willing to fight islamic state. australia is sending fighter jets and 600 troops to the united arab emirates to help the international coalition. the islamic state has released a video, showing one of their men beheading the 44-year-old british father of two, david haines. he was kidnapped in syria last year, and the death follows the beheading of u.s. journalist steven sotloff this month. he was taken in 2013.
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and the death of another u.s. journalist james foley, kidnapped in 2012. the u.s. president barack obama has condemned what he described as a barbaric murder saying: appear >> we are off to erbil in iraq in a moment. first to emma haywood outside the british parliament. we can see off air pictures of downing street, where we expect the british prime minister to appear any moment to give a statement on the death of david haines. he has already made a couple of statements. tell us what he said, and what he is doing about it. >> well david, he's called it a despicable act, and he came back to doungt last night, issuing a
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statement saying we'll do everything in our power to hunt down murderers and ensure they face justice. those words have been echoed by all those in the political spectrum. leaders of muslim groups here in britain have deep concern about the second british hostage, apparently held by islamic state. cobra, an emergency meeting is taking place over the past couple of hours, and we are expecting cameron to come out and make a statement - we are not expecting a huge shift in policy. they will have been talking... >> we'll stop you there... >> today we express sympathy for david haines family. they have endured the last 18 months of his captivity with courage. now david has been murdered in the most callous and brutal way imaginable, by an organization,
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the embody. of evil. we will hunt down those responsible and bring them to justice, no matter how long it takes. david hans was an aid -- haines was an aid worker. he went into harm's way not to harm people, but to help fellow human beings in the hour of their need from the balkans to the middle east. his family spoke of the joy he felt when he learnt about his job in syria, his selflessness, decency and burning desire to help others cost him his life. the whole country, like his grieving family, can be proud of what he did and what he stood for in the humanitarian mission. david haines was a british here jo. the fact an aid worker assist taken, held and brutally murder by i.s.i.l. sums up what the organization stands for. they are killing and
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slaughtering thousands, christians, muslims, minorities. they boast of the brutality, claiming to do it in the name of islam. that is nonsense. islam is a religion of peace, they are not muslims, they are monsters. they make no secret of their desire to do as much harm, not just in the middle east, bit of countries or people that stand in their way, or dare to stand for values that they disagree with. it was an i.s.i.l. fen attic gunned down. the british people need to know that this is a fanatical organization called i.s.i.l. that has not only murdered a british hostage, but they have planned and continue to plan attacks across europe and in our country. we are a peaceful people. we do not seek out
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confrontation. we need to understand. we cannot ignore the threat to security or that of our allies. there's no option much keeping our heads down to make us safe. the problem will only get worse, not just for us, but for europe and the world. we cannot walk on buy if we are to keep the country safe. we have to confront this menace. step by step we must drive back, dismantle and ultimately destroy i.s.i.l. and what it stands for. we'll do to in a calm, deliberate way, but with an iron determination. we will not do so on our own, but by working with allies, not just the united states and in europe, but in the region. because this organization poses a massive threat to the middle east. we will defeat i.s.i.l. through a comprehensive and sustained
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counterterrorism strategy. first, we will work with the iraqi government to ensure it represents all of its people, and is able to tackle the threat. we will support the kurdish legal government, holding the front line against i.s.i.l. we'll help them protect its own people, and the minorities including christians that it helped through supplies of ammunition and training. second, we will work at the united nations to mobilize the broadest possible support to bear down on i.s.i.l. third, the united states is taking direct military action. we support that. british tornados and surveillance aircraft have been helping with intelligence gathering and logistics. this is not about british combat troops on the ground. it is about working with others to extinguish this terrorist threat. as the strategy intensifies, we are ready to take whatever steps are necessary to deal with the
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threat and keep our country safe. fourth, we will continue to support the enormous humanitarian efforts, including using the raf to do so, to help the literally millions of people who fled i.s.i.l., and are living in appalling conditions. and fifth, and perhaps most important, we will maintain and condition to reinforce our formidable counterterrorism effort at home, to prevent attacks and hunt down those planning them. people across the country will have been sickened by the fact that it could have been a british citizen, a british citizen would could have carried out this unspeakable act. it is the very opposite of everything your country stands for. it falls to the government and to each and every one of us to train this poison from our society, and to take on this warned ideology that is radicalizing some of our young
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people. the murder of david haines at the hands of i.s.i.l. will not lead britain to shirk our responsibility with our allies, to deal with a threat na the organization poses. it must strengthen our resolve. we must recognise that it will take time to eradicate a threat like this. it will require, as i described, action at home and abroad. this is not something we can do on our own. we have to work with the rest of the world. ultimate reply, our security as a nation, the way we go about our every day lives in this free and tolerant society that is britain depended on our readiness in act against those who stand for hate red and who sfand for destruction. -- stand for destruction. that is exactly what we will do. thank you. the british prime minister not waiting for any questions. in fact, not clear whether there
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were anybody able to ask questions in the room or whether it was a statement to camera. david cameron there describing the murder of david haines, who he thought, in his opinion was a british hero, as brutal and callous and the people who orchestrated his death are not muslims, he said. they are monsters. emma haywood, we were in the middle of talking to you when mr cameron came out to make his rocks. other than the emotional side of it in which mr cameron talked about what a hero he thought david haines was, and how brutal it was to kill an aid worker in this way, go over the point that david cameron made about u.k. involvement in trying to destroy what he called i.s.i.l., which calls itself the islamic state, and whether we have heard anything new from him? >> well, he reaffirmed britain's
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commitment to be part of the coalition set up by the u.s. to try to eradicate the islamic state. he didn't talk about air strikes, and didn't rule anything out either. what we say again is what we heard before, they'll be keen to help the peshmerga forces in the north of iraq, support the united nations and support the iraqi government in the next few months. we didn't hear air strikes, but he said we wouldn't rule anything out. this has changed things. it has to be said. the killing of a british hostage by the islamic state. obviously he paid tribute to david haines, calling him a hero, and was very, very critical of islamic state, calling it the embody. of evil, that david haines had been killed in a callous, brutal unimaginable way. >> thank you very much indeed.
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emma haywood in london. let go to john hendren, in northern iraq, in fact, in erbil. we saw david cameron there, and the rocks of those who appeared on the tape with haines before his death were directed to the british prime minister. >> that's right. that unequivocal statement of support that you heard there, it's that kind of pore that has so upset the islamic state. they are upset about the american air strikes, but are upset about the arming of the peshmerga troops in northern iraq. in the chilling video, the man who is apparently executing david haines directly addresses cameron. this man, this british man is paying the price for your promise to arm peshmerga troops in the battle against the islamic state. that makes it pretty clear what the concern is about british
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involvement. and those peshmerga troops have said that they really want all the help they can get from the global coalition, and they have been receiving the help from american air strikes, but they want other kinds of help. humanitarian assistance and others. we recently visited the spot in mosul, and we filed this report. [ gun fire ] >> reporter: from a strategic mountain above villages held by the islamic state group, kurdish peshmerga troops stand poised for a push towards mosul. islamic state fighters no longer fire back. any movement is punished by mortar vicstrakes like this in village -- strikes like this in the village of tar jan. they bombard the villages below, left empty by christians and yazidi, who fled before the fighters asked. >> this is tar jela, this is sheikh amir, this is shakkuala.
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this is the i.s., armed is outside the village there, they bombarded here. they no longer have the capability. peshmerga on the front line, feeling great. >> a city of 2 million, 2 hours drive from the border. mosul is the capital. as mosul goes, commanders say so goes the war in iraq. it's the forward inform most point. that is a down of bartela. a christian town. and beyond it is mosul itself. commanders say they are waiting on an order to push on the bastion. the kurdish troops want the backing of kurdish forces, they want more american air strikes and more arms. mented >> translation: we need weapons, support, outside help, every
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kind of help. we are poor people. telethem. >> translation: the lating inin islamic state is a cancer. they'll destroying everything. it's better to destroy them as on as possible. >> the islamic state could be ready for the decisive battle against the islamic state, or to use the arabic acronym, dash. >> it's a matter of time before we throw dash out of iraq. >> reporter: with mosul nearly in their sites. time is one commodity the peshmerga have in short supply. john hendren reporting there from northern iraq. the atrocities committed by the islamic state fighters have been condemned. coming up we report from the philippines, how some armed groups there pledge allegiance to the caliphate.
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>> a new episode of the ground breaking series, edge of eighteen >> just because your pregnant don't mean your life's ended. >> intense pressure... >> i don't know if this whole dance thing will work out. >> tough realities... >> we chicago ch-iraq, because we have more killings... >> life changing moments... >> shut the camera.... >> from oscar winning director, alex gibney, a hard hitting look at the real issues facing american teens. the incredible journey continues... on the edge of eighteen only on all jazeera america
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these are the top stories on al jazeera. britain's prime minister says the apparent beheading of the aid worker david haines will strengthen britain's resolve to destroy the self-styled islamic state. hays was kidnapped in syria last year. two other hostages were killed by the group last month. australia's prime minister says the country will send 600 military personnel to help the fight against the i.s.i.s. australia is the first country to confirm how it will contribute to the military
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coalition. the group has been focussed on iraq and syria. there are crops aligning themselves with the self-styled i.s. several are in the philippines. we have this report. >> reporter: several armed groups from the southern philippines pledged allegiance to the islamic state. a commander of this group, blamed for some of the deadliest attacks in the philippines vowed allegiance in a video clip uploaded on the internet. another movement called for an alliance. vowing to continue the pursuit of an islamic state. >> there are reports that about 100 filipinos were recruited for training in syria and iraq, something the military denied. the most powerful rebel group in south-east asia have condemned the fighters in syria and iraq, vowing to stop a spread of the islamic state fighters.
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the islamic liberation front is seen as vital to stop the influence of the islamic state in the southern philippines. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: many believe as long as there's no cross training between the islamic state and members of the group, not much is expected to change in terms of influence, and how they operate in the region. if there are people who are feeling marginalised and feel that their grievances are not addressed in the normal politics in a peaceful way, they could be radicalized. that's why the moro islamic
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liberation front said the peaceful process of theirs is the best inoculation against islamic state. >> reporter: min din ou has been plagued by armed rebellion. filipinos have a history of taking part in conflict in the middle east. >> there's no known evidence of any interaction between the islamic state and armed troops. authorities admit they need to be vigilant. one never nose what sort of seeds should be planted. liberia's president sacked 10 government officials for not returning to the country during the ebola virus. more than 1200 decide, and infection cases are rising. in a statement it was said that they showed insensitivity and a disregard for authority.
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they were given a one-week ultimatum to return more than a month ago. pakistani military have been using helicopter and boats to rescue people marooned by floodwaters. 280 are known to have lost their lives so far. military engineers have been blowing up dykes. the skies they are trying to protect include jang, and from there kamal hyder reports. >> reporter: this is a village on the outskirts of jang. as you can see, for the last several days 30 families from 30 homes are now seeking refuge on dry land. they have been able to bring out essential supplies with them. but most of the stock laying at their home has washed away. the biggest challenge will be how will the people sustain themselves through the crisis. even though some of the farmers bring out the livestock, and
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bring in supplies that they could carry with them. most of the food stocks are gone. what you find is the women and children are waiting for someone to help them, saying that they cannot go back to the veil iments, because there is water standing there, and the fact that the foundations of the houses is now the people are not able to return. the most important thing will be after the flood swept through the region, there has to be rehabilitation and reschedule the people back into their villages. an american man has been sentenced to six years hard labour for what are known as hostile acts. matthew miller was rescued in april. the 24-year-old believed to have torn up his visa and asked for asylum. he appealed to the u.s.
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government for help to get him released. the case serves as a warning to other tourists. >> you would have thought the man could be used for positive propa gapped after purposes having -- propaganda purposes having sought asylum. nooe ae will -- north korea will say to anyone else that comes in on a tour package, that you have to stick to the line or these are the consequences you face. that is a message to the christian missionaries. that's true in this case where we don't know the motivations. now, we have three prominent detainees, so washington is clearly a big factor here. >> al jazeera continues to demand the release of its fully journalist imprisoned in egypt. peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed have now
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been behind bars for 260 days, accused of aiding the muslim brotherhood. charges which are seen by many as politically motivated. they are appealing against their conviction. scottish voters have four days left to decide whether they will choose independence or to stay part of the u.k. the story of the birth of that union is one of warfare, and national wounds which some believe have never properly heeled. lawrence lee reports from the high lnds of scotland. >> now, 16 april, 1746 will find the two armies deployed, facing each other. the tortured relationship between the english and the scots may go back hundreds of years. this is 40 years after the acts
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of unions, between the two countries, where they were signed. the english army destroyed communities to break the will of the rebels. into this is the beginning of the policy. it was a systematic dismantling of the hyland way of life. >> the crushing defeat of the forces of the scottish prince charles was the beginning of the end of the centring: whatever people say now, it's clear that the union was by no means a marriage of mines and against english rule. the union was, however in the interests of the english arist okay rahsy, who wanted to protect the culture against a stake over by europe. over the centuries, the people
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and economies of england and scotland merged. now it is the english, not they that betrayed the principles of the union. >> there's a sentiment behind the union, i wouldn't deny it. there has been a feeling that the unions are no longer delivering, and when they don't deliver, it's seen as an agreement which can be, you know, renegotiated, changed or ended. whereabouts the rest of the u.k. see it as the state of things. >> fancy signing here, here we go. thank you. >> reporter: down south in england many are horrified that many scots want to turn their back on campaigners. these campaigners have been getting people to sane a petition imploring the scottish not to go away. >> when you live op an sild isn't it better to join with each other and make decisions or is it better to rean mate an
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arbitrary line placed across an island, and suddenly people from different sides of the island are part of different bodies politics. >> reporter: whether the scottish see themselves as scottish or british is part of the question of the the old enemy, the british, are never far away. ar all the scottish -- afterawe all, the scottish anthem knows the words and reflects the battle. now for the sports news. rory mcilroy could become $10 million richer on sunday. the northern irishman holds a share of the lead, heading into the final round of the tour championship of the last leg of the fed ex cup. the highlight of the third round of 67, 3-under par - he's lel at 9-under with the overnight
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leader billy hore shell in contention with a 1-under round. he has to wins, but could walk away with a prize purse of $11.4 million. the boxer nicknamed "money" floyd mayweather has extended his lead to 47 fights undefeated. in a second rematch against marcos maidana, floyd mayweather came out on top, collecting $32 million. the fight left a sour taste after floyd mayweather claimed he was bitten on the hand by his opponent. the 37-year-old retains a ba and wbe welterweight crown. a showdown with manny pacquiao could be next. >> it's a possibility. we can't say what the future hold. as of now, i want to go home, take a break, spend time with my
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children and she who is next. hopefully -- see who is next. hopefully it's manny pacquiao. that and sport and news from around the world on the website. go to that's for the latest. . >> the fact that an aid worker was tape, held and brutally -- taken, held and brutally murdered at the hands of i.s. sums up what the organization stands for. an act of pure evil. a stern reaction as the islamic state group releases video that appears to show the beheading of a british aid worker. secretary of state john kerry arriving in paris after spending the weekend in the middle east, trying to build a coalition to