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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 15, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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until next time, we'll see you online. >> defeating the islamic state of iraq and the l levant. diplomating meet to discuss what they call a global threat. you are watching al jazeera live from doha. i'm jane dutton. the u.n. takes over peace keeping in the central african republic. the final plea from british prime minister david cameron urging scots not to break up the united kingdom when they go to polls on friday.
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hundreds of pilots go on strike causing chaos for passengers. we begin with the international effort to fight islamic state of iraq and the levant. i.s.i.l. fighters have taken over large parts of iraq and syria including iraq's second biggest city mosul, diplomats have met to decide how to take care of this issue. nadim baba is in paris. >> an appeal for help in rescuing his nation. >> we continue to ask for airborne operations to be carried out regularly against terrorist sites. we must not allow i.s. to set up sanctuaries. we must pursue them wherever they are. we must cut off their financing. we must hem them in and must stop fighters from neighboring
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countries to join i.s. >> this conference was about one thing, fighting islamic state of iraq and the levant or i.s.i.l. hours after french planes began reconnaissance flights, the foreign minister said a concerted military defense was crucial. >> translator: when you're facing a terrorist group as dangerous as this one, a certain number of measures have to be taken of a military nature and these will vary according to the country. >> reporter: while some european countries like france and britain have hinted they'll take part in air strikes, united states will look to others for logicalogistical support. >> the international community has stood together more than 30 countries are on the side of iraq. and they're prepared to support iraq at all levels.
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they understand what's happening in the country. >> reporter: despite the talk of unity coming out of the talks here in paris one importance question remains unanswered: how to stop i.s.i.l. from operating over the iraqi border in syria. while the u.s. says it's prepared to go after the group there, there's little appetite among other countries to do the same. right now, exactly who will be doing what against i.s.i.l. in iraq, whether they can make a difference? nadin baba, al jazeera, paris. >> and more from baghdad. >> this has been welcomed by the iraqis. they are having a huge impact ton country. now the iraqis will be looking for three key things from this conference. they will be looking to update the iraqi army, help in intelligence gathering and also humanitarian assistance. now this conference didn't nows anannounce any concrete measure.
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that will be disappointing. that hasn't happened, indeed the french foreign minister says there are gaps, but the broad overarching concept, the i.s.i.l. needs to be defeated. there are concerns here from many different groups particularly the sunnis that by internationalizing the fight against the islamic state group what you're doing is not reaching out to the people that can help you, people like the sunni rebels who are currently involved in fighting with i.s. against iraqi army forces, about bringing those people back into the fold. also by reaching out to community leaders who so far have felt marginalized by this shia-led government here. also there is another issue here. one of the countries that was not mentioned was syria.
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what happens in syria has an impact here in iraq. according to many analysts and a lot of iraqi politicians would like to have heard a bit more about the political solution in yrtsdz which they say -- in syria which they say will have a big impact about defeating the islamic state in this country. a lot of people say that iran should have been part of this, that it has influence in iraq and syria. by freezing them out effectively what you have done is lost one of the main players in the region. >> dismissed u.s. efforts to bill a coalition against i.s.i.l. >> translator: in the last few days we've had some excitement and with that excitement we've been hearing from american officials making comments on forming a coalition which are blank hollow self-serving and lacking in any direction. >> the fight against i.s.i.l. was one of the most reasoned
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subjects discussed by rept erdogan. recep tayyip erdogan. last month, why i.s.i.l. is seen as such a threat to the region, by some estimates islamic state fighters control a third of both iraq and syria. the group has taken control of iraq's second biggest city mosul and is in part the heavily covered cityit city tikrit. the u.s. justice department has announced tougher measures targeting americans traveling to iraq and syria to join i.s.i.l. >> i'm announcing that the department of homeland security and the national counterterrorism center and the department of justice will lowmp
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launch a new program. public safety officials religious leaders and the united states attorneys to improve local engagement to counter violent extremism and ultimately to build a broad network of community partnerships to keep our nation safe. few threats are more urgent than the threat posed by violent extremism and with the emergence of groups like i.s.i.l. and the knowledge that some americans are attempting to travel to cungs likcountries like syria a, to take part in conflict, the justice department is responding appropriately. cutting off the supply of weapons to armed groups, fighting political turmoil in libya has been discussed at the u.n. security council meeting in new york. al jazeera's correspondent james bays is there for us.
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new u.n. representative has been in the job for just two weeks, told the security council that the country was on the brink of pro tracted conflict and civil strife. he is urging dialogue as a short window in which it may be possible to get all sides talking. but remember, libya has two rival parliaments and two rival governments. at the worst since the last three years since the death of gadhafi. they're trying oget the government going. >> a court sentenced mohamed badea, on charges of murder and insighting violence, in a protest near cairo last year. hundreds of members of the muslim brotherhood have been sentenced to death in mass trials that have drawn criticism from human rights groups.
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meanwhile egyptian activist mohamed al baya, after previously being sentenced to 15 years in jail. he was the leading figure in 2011 revolt that toppled former president hosne mubarak. peter greste, mohamed fahmy and baher mohamed are sentenced to years in prison. (f) have been deployed to car none has brought lasting stability, 6500 african union troops have been in car since july of last year, but struggled to stop the violence. over fears of a genocide.
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2000 french soldiers will work alongside the new u.n. force. under the u.n. mission almost 2,000 peace keepers and military police will be deployed by the end of next year. nazmin bashiri is there. >> 10,500 soldiers in all have contributed to this mission and also there will be a force of military police of 1800 with special powers to arrest those who have committed human rights abuses. at the same time this peace keeping mission will be heading out to strategic locations in the country but there are still armed groups roaming and terrifying local civilian populations. also there are very little infrastructure in this country. roads hospitals or schools.
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and a political system that needs to be overhauled. there's been only one president elect in this country and many, many coups here. what the united nations will try to do is calm fears, bring about security. but a lot of the people i've spoken to are skeptical that this peace keeping mission will succeed while others have failed. >> nigeria's president is setting up a special task force to beef up security. the brigade will help boko haram who is making sweeping successes in the north. still to come on al jazeera we report from south korea and how hiv and aids patients face stigma and prejudice. that's why microsoft is paying $2 billion for a computer game.
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>> an astonishing america tonight investigative report >> why are you wearing gloves? >> ocd... taking over this woman's life... >> i don't wanna touch anything... >> now a controversial surgery can literally reprogram her mind >> we can modify emotional circuitry >> is this a miracle cure? or an ethical nightmare?
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>> there's a lot of mystery right now... >> rewiring the brain an america tonight investigative report only on al jazeera america >> hello again. the top stories are, top diplomats are meeting in paris, to draft an approach to islamic state of iraq and the levant. military aid to combat i.s.i.l. fighters who have taken over large areas of iraq and syria. the united nations have officially taken over peace keep efforts in central african republic, to try to bring peace and stability in the country. the african union has been in charge since last july.
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the united nations is setting up a special task force to beef up national security. to fight the radical armed group boko haram which is making gains in the north of the country. government air force he allegedly dropped barrel bombs. a woman and a child are among the dead and there's no water in the district after strike damaged the main water line there. the united nations says it has temporarily pulled its peace keepers out of the syrian side of the golan heights. after the syrian group captured fijian peace keeper workers.
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>> golan heights, rebels say they have captured motte of it after fighting syrian are forces. >> up to break the siege imposed on the villages. >> reporter: the fighters say lifting the siege in these areas have been difficult because of snipers and sharp shooters who were sent by the syrian military. al hamadea is strategic, syrian forces also realize that giving up more areas will mean losing complete chrome of the golan heights on the border with israel. that's why both sides are battling for zabadani. in its battles seem to have eunt fighters iunited fighters.
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>> we liberated the areas, we sent the factions for lifting the siege on the villages. >> reporter: in recent days, rebels who oppose i.s.i.l. have lost ground in areas. but they're hoping that gains in this area will give them access to southern dara and central damascus. >> afghanistan's two presidential candidates are said to have set up more talks. a spokesman forham i.d. karzai saying that abdalla abdalla and ashraf ghani are speaking again.
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david cameron is promising scotland that it will have more powers if it stays in the union. they are voting whether to become independent of the rest of bre britain. >> this is a decision that could rip scotland from the rest of united kingdom. we must be very clear: there's no going back from this. no rerun. this is a once and for all decision. if scotland votes yes, the u.k. will split. and we will go our separate ways forever. >> lawrence lee is in aberdeen where the prime minister has been making his speech. >> reporter: please don't go please don't tear the family apart. that was the central message from the prime minister in be aberdeen often his last visit to the nation.
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he didn't actually say it directly to them mind you, he said to it his own conservative party in a business center on the edge of aberdeen. but the message really was the same to all scots that on an emotional level it would be disastrous to mr. cameron personally and to many people across the rest of the union for the cots to break away. -- for scots to break away. but in a much more practical level, mr. cameron repeated over and over again through the weeks as have other western politicians that scots would be fundamentally worse off if they are to split away from the rest of the u.k. he mentioned yet again things to do with banks, standard of living that scots might need to get a new passport, all of these mithering practicalities. will it change scots viewpoints?
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very hard to say. after all there are a lot of undecided voters whose votes in the end might count. of course scottish nationalists however, would say we have heard this before. devolution for scotland, an independent scotland of just 5 million people with all that oil gas and renewable energy, in particular, would be the source of their future wealth. >> more than 2300 migrants have been picked up from boats near the southeastern coast of italy over the weekends. the italian navy carried out several rescue operations off the coast of sicily and cla calabria. near the city of tahura, 26 have been rescued and many others are feared drown. as many as 500 migrants are
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feared drowned, off of malta, are fabio de alcomo says the situation may be considered one of europe's greatest humanitarian crises. >> so far we calculate, estimate that almost 3,000 migrants died at sea in 2014. so we investigated on this last ship recognize that occurred last wednesday, we discovered that 500 people, probably, went missing, there were people coming from egypt, but their national ats were syrian, sudanees and egyptians. apparently the traffickers themselves decided to sink the boat so it is not an incident but probably a homicide. the first thing to do is to carry out the rescue operation
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in the mediterranean. but this is just one solution. it is not the solution of the problem. you pay member states, together with the country of transit in africa, should seat probably on the same table and trying to find some long term solution that can be fo for example the establishment of entry, legal channels of entrance to europe for those peep who are in need of relocation, the majority of those migrants are coming from countries of war or from regimes. and so it is not possible to help them at home. like many people said. but it is necessary to provide them with adequate protection that they are entitled to in europe. >> air france is facing its most destructive pilot's strike in 15 years. it is forced to cancel half of its flights all week.
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workers are putting up opposition to strong changes. >> reporter: no people want to hear at the airport but thousands of passengers from air france will be told all week. some 60% of the carrier's pilots are on strike which has already disrupted more than half of the scheduled flights and caused travel chaos at charles de gaulle airport in pairs. >> i just hope i can get back to the center in time to be in work. >> translator: i understand but i'm bearing the brunt. especially with all these children. if i were alone there would be no problem. i understand throotio there is . they are right to do it but it's a shame it affects us. but it affects us. >> reporter: the pilots are against cost-cutting plans to shift jobs and prawrgse operatia
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budgets subsidiary. like a lot of flagship airlines across europe, is air france is facing competition. daily losses of up to $20 million as a result. >> translator: air france is very sorry for the impact this strike will have on our clients. air france is very conscious of the inconvenience this might cause. 7,000 employees will be mobilized to deal with the problem. >> another walkout its fourth in just three weeks. pilots there have announced an eight-hour strike on tuesday over retirement benefits. lufthansa and air france are in negotiations with their workers unions with results that could very well alter the face of
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european aviation. jerald tan, al jazeera. >> taiwan's king has been released from hospital after nearly a month of hospitalization due to stomach irritation. motorcade left the hospital in bangkok, the 86-year-old spent nearly four years in hospital from 2009 and 2013. longest rising monarch. rising number of people infected with hiv, aimed primarily at gay men and young people. nearly all are homosexual men. social stigma surrounding the young men have left young people exposed to the disease.
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only specialized aids center was stripped of its authority. a debate about attitudes over aids patients. >> in a wooded valley sits the nursing home, providing long term care for the sick. known by the patients and nonmedical staff 25 of its patients are suffering from aids. known to be more. south korea's single government approved center for long term aids care after allegations of physical and sexual abuse. some patients have been rehoused temporarily in general hospitals but the 25 remain in a facility officially deemed unfit to look after them, their care being paid for by government subsidy. >> if they don't upset us any more, the only option is to go back home.
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>> reporter: government association for exercising control, shared by a staff member who doesn't want to be identified. >> no matter what, after 9:00 p.m. they make everyone sleep. it's like a prid on. >> suzong admitted that on the basis that they too had aids. the government recommendation, designed to ease tensions. >> translator: all caregivers creating problems have been fired and replaced. so when there were problems we tried our best of to solve them through discussions with the cdv where the rumors game too exaggerated. >> the doctor said his was the only south korean centers to accept people with aids. that at least is a point of common ground with activists
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target him against persecution. >> it is true, the there are 1300 nursing hospitals yos the country prm the situation right safeco tsouth africa with its tr policy. >> their families can visit them without admitting to their illness. there's plenty of cause for concern in the allegations against this institution and some of the information it's given us about its own defense fp the prejudice at its heart. harry fawcett, are al jazeera, south korea. >> typhoon cutting power to homes and forcing thousands into evacuation centers.
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heavy rains brought by typhoon kalmagai. in mexico tens of thousands of tourists are being forced acknowledge after hurricane odile hit baja california. one of the worst-recorded storms to hit the region. microsoft has reportedly paid more than $2 billion, for the company who developed mine craft. third best selling computer game of all time. mine craft allows players to build structures with retrolego style blocks. the battle comes one year after the company bought the finnish mobile phone company nokia. >> all those ideas align very
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well with microsoft's it's sold well in the mobile space and it's sold welt in the pc space. >> to find business news special news, the 24 hours a day. the address is caltech this is "techknow", a show about innovations that saves lives. we explore hardware and humanity in a unique way. this is a show about scientists by scientists. let's check out the team of so-called nerves. lindsay moran, an analyst - new technology can make guns safer. does it work. we put it to the "techknow" test.