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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2014 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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this is al jazeera. >> hello, and welcome to the news hour. coming up in the program. crossing borders in iraqi security official meets syria's president to talk about confronting isil. >> first steps towards peace, ukraine's parliament grabs rebellious eastern regions great awe ton my. the u.n. says $1 billion
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is needed to fight ebola. he plans to live his plan of action. the latest from paris. >> we begin with some breaking news, the israeli army says a rocket has been fired from gaza, into israel. it's the first reported attack since the truce between hamas and israel was reached more than three weeks ago. hamas says it has no knowledge of the rocket attack and that the palestinians remain committed to the cease fire. within 2,000 palestinians were killed in israel's bombardment of the occupied strip during the conflict in july and august. an iraqi security official has met syria's president to address the grave threat of the islamic state of iraq. according to syrian state media, bashar al-asaad
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wants pressure put on states that support and finance opposition fighter groups. has held several important positions in iraq, most recently, he worked closely outgoing leader as national security adviser. now, the main focus is said to be the fight against the islamic state of iraq. the group is taking control of the second biggest city. mosul, is in part of the heavily contested city. let's get more from john, in baghdad. john, we haven't seen bashar al-asaad for a long time, what else was said? beare told this is a meeting about increasing cooperation in the fight of iraq and the levan, however, this is something of a debate, because iraqi officials tell us that no official meeting took place.
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now, the pictures we have suggest that there was a meeting, the question is whether this was official or not. and, of course, if it is, it means a number of things. iraq is reaching out to bashar al-asaad, or at least accepting his offer for talks. it means that this is being considered as one territory, in which isil is operating. that's been a matter of debate, because there's been an effort to atook them in two different areas. it also means that if iraq, in fact, is holding high level meetings with bashar al asaad, that they are not taking directions from the united states in the other allies who have asked that nobody include asaad and has been considered part of the problem, as far as the west is concerned. and this is, at least, in iraqi eyes would suggest that he is part of the solution. >> i imagine it is pretty significant that it is
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happening today, the same time that we hear more about the u.s. military strategy. is this seen as a slow rehabilitation ifky say that? of bashar al asaad. >> it mite be too early to call eight rehabilitation. but it is certainly a step in that direction. the fact that the iraqi government is backing off of this is an official meeting suggests that there is still some concern. how they are going to feel about this, after all the u.s. is said that bashar al asaad needs to go, and many other country have said that. they will hold their nose and just allow iraq to do this, if asked they are likely to say something along the lines that this is an hook rackky problem, that requires a solution. that means if iraq has
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meetings with bashar al asaad the u.s. will simply stand back and allow it to happen and not try to interfere. however, we have yet to hear from what the iraqi government has to say and whether there was in fact an official meeting and whether there is something less formal. this has been from syria media. they have a plan for fighting the group that calls itself the islamic state or isil. nearly 1200 u.s. military assessors inside iraq are now assisting and advising iraqi troops on fighting the group, and officials say there is a chance u.s. ground troops could be deployed.
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this coalition is the appropriate way for it. i believe that will prove true. but if it fails to be true, and if there are threats to the united states, then i of course would go back to the president and make a recommendation that may include, the use of the u.s. military ground forces. >> pentagon officials. our focus is on isil, and that is the threat. right now to our country and to our interest, and to the people of the region. what you are hearing us express is an isil first strategy that's a fundamental misunderstanding of the entire concept and motivation of the free syrian army. that it is bashar al asaad that has killed many more of them than isil. >> i agree. >> and for us to say that we are going to go in the and help and train and equip these people, and only to fight against isil, you won't get many recruited to do that, general.
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>> senators also criticized the recently formed international coalition for having no apparent mission. >> i have no idea based on the testimony, what our coalition partners are expected to do or even what we want them to do. >> it isn't persuaded this war is worth it. >> our past performance for 13 years in that region, hasn't given us the results. i am not supporting asaad, thinking he should be gone. but as long as he is able to reare main there, he is fighting the same people we are asking people to train to fight that we will spent $500 million makes no sense to me and i can't sell it. >> despite the centers for tough questions it is highly unlikely they will prevent the obama administration from taking on isil. but whether they will support a mission that can take years or require a u.s. ground troops something no one can predict.
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al jazeera, capitol hill. >> the defense analyst at the independent institute, he joins us from washington, d.c., thank you for joining us. what do you make of those exchanges that we witnessed today? and what it suggests now about u.s. military strategy. >> the last sentence in your report is what is going to happen, and that is that congress doesn't know -- doesn't want to vote before an election. & that violates the suction constitution because congress is supposed to approve wars. so the congressman are running from the this. they are going to let obama do what he wants but i think obama's strategy will probably fail because he doesn't have reliable forces on the ground, and i think there's a -- you know with the syrian free syrian army, or with the iraqi military, over in
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iraq, none of those forces are reliable. and you can train them up, it will take a long time, but of course we spend eight years training the military, and they ran in front of isil. so i think it's very difficult. i don't think the free syrian army is in very good shape at this point. and also difficult to distinguish who you are giving weapons to, because they are all mixed in. what you are fighting here is a hybrid force. even if you hit the tanks that they have and the infrastructure, they can still blend back into the population. and that's where you need the local ground forces. >> sure. they admitted that would go into syria if need be, today, we also saw bashar al asaad speaking to an iraqi politician, what do
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you think the significance of that is, what sort of message. they have no other options really. and there's -- afghanistan ban stan and iraq, there's a real trepidation among the people in congress, for us to put ground troops in. now that's not to say it could be another vietnam situation rah you get dragged into it. that's going to be in effect, because believe it or not, local forces are the best to use against gorillas because they can get intelligence, they know who is in the guerillas and who is not. and they also -- they also have the local culture, so sending u.s.
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ground forces is not really a good option either. i think the only thing they have is cooperating with the regional countries including syria, the governments of syrian and iran. >> interesting getting your thoughts. thank you. >> the iraqi parliament has adjourned until thursday without selecting the crucial posts of minister of interior. has chosen his nominees for the past two vacant posts in the cabinet, but they have yet to be approved by parliament. the positions are seen as crucial, inclusive government and political stability. children of course are paying a heavy price for the war in syria, fighters didn't hide the fact that they used children as soldiers even suicide bombers. and now a vaccination has killed at least 15 children. the vaccinations are being carried out by a
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medical aid organization. the vaccines lad come from the world health organization, it's thought they might have been out of date. syrian military helicopters crashed. the de facto capitol of the islamic state. the jet went down just outside the city. it is unclear whether the plane was hit by antiaircraft fire or experienced a technical failure. at least eight people were killed. let's get more now on the report of rockets being fired from gaza. he is on the phone in gaza, what are you hearing about this. >> we are getting confirmation now from the army that apparently earlier today, a single shell was fired from the gaza strip. there is no damage and no reports of any injuries. it is significant, it is
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the first attack from gaza since the troops hamas has come out and denied any role as have the other factions. but they are worrying development there, because obviously israel has said that in past it will react swiftly to any transgression, any kind of aggression out of gaza. we are chasing more details as we get it. certainly quite a significant development there as this cease fire is the talks of standing to be resumed. in september remediated by the egyptians. quite a worry here in gaza, but as they say, hamas and the other major factions which said that they were not part of it, and condemn the attack. >> keep an eye on this for us, thank you.
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>> egyptians security forces have killed at least six suspected rebels in raid targets their homes and vehicles. in another incident, six policeman have been killed by roadside blasts in the north, the bomb hit a police car which is traveling between the provincial capitol, and the town of roof fall. al jazeera continues to demand the release of it's three journalists imprisoned in egypt. they have been detained now for 262 days. they are falsely accused of aiding the outlawed muslim brotherhood. they are appealing against their convictions. still to come in al jazeera, how an independent scotland would effect britain's nuclear death. how a, toic mix of poverty and political instability feeding the problem of hunger, and malnutrition in yemen. and in sport, this season
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champions league kicks off in the next hour, but the hold is already facing a crisis, all the details. the u.n. is warning. fearing cases could double every three weeks. the 2 1/2 thousand people have died from the virus, close to half of all those infected. the world health organization says there have been more than 2,000 new cases in the last three weeks. it is now warning of an unparalleled crisis. james because is life now from the u.n. what else is being said there, james. >> well, jane, we are hearing some dire warnings of how this could progress in the coming weeks and months. this has gone on months already, and this is an epidemic which is not respecting national borders in the coming hours we are going to hear more about the u.s.
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component of this, president obama visiting the center for disease control, that's the u.s. body that deals with medical masses. offing u.s. assistance, including 3,000 u.s. troops that will be involved. but, of course, this is something not only involves the u.s., it involves those countries directly effected in west africa, and the whole global community. the u.n. secretary general is been given a news conference. and they told me that the u.n. is now taking the lead. this has gone beyond the health issues. to the areas of effecting soldiers in the economic situations. even it may effect the ability -- if for this is is not properly contained and properly treated. and so it is first of all
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contained for the spread of this. and take the effected people. and provide the necessary logistics and support humanitarian support. >> the u.n. secretary general made a direct appeal to aviation companies to airline, and to shipping companies. saying whatever they do, please keep their services going. he said suspended flights in some flights have been suspended was not helpful, he said that that wasn't going to stop the disease, in fact, they needed to get the international medical support or medical personnel into the effecting countries closing borders was not going to help in any way. president obama is said to unveil new measures to attack the disease in the next two hours. monrovia to coordinate international relief
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efforts and help overwhelmed hospitals. help to train thousands of healthcare workers. china has announced it is sending more medics to sierra leone. that brings a number of chinese exports there 274. $194 million to fight ebola. liberia has been worst hit by that outbreak, and is having a devastated effect on the economy. really moving like
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before. >> liberians have been advised to stay at home and the schools are closed. prior to the ebola outbreak, the government spent just over $100 per person each year on healthcare. the severity of this is shown that amount to be inadequate. despite the recent foreign aid and resources that have come in. >>ageists say the last thing liberia need is an economy in recession. the country has a population of 4 million, but fewer than 50 doctors and healthcare facilities are overwhelmed. the u.s. is pledged more money and resources. >> the trend lies in this crisis are grave. and without immediate international action, we are facing the potential for public health crisis that can claim lives on a scale far greater than current estimates and set the countries of west
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africa back a generation. >> the president of liberia recently sacked ten government firs for leaving the country and failing to assist in the crisis. a crisis that al jazeera. for the first time, people in parts of eastern ukraine, will be able to decide their own future. just one of three big. which has been in place for nearly two weeks. special status to the separatist eastern regions. that means they will be allowed to gone themselveses for three years. they have offered amnesty, in recent fighting in those areas. it is also proved an agreement that links ukraine politically and economically. robin has more. >> two historic votes in one day. backens compromise with the east.
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a law with significant powers over to rebel held areas. and cooperation with the west. by the ratification of the association agreement with europe. ukraine is europe, that's what the ukrainian people said and did. the signature of the whole of ukraine is under this agreement. this crowd uh with the former regime, symbolically dumped where they thought it belonged. the past few days have seen more civilians killed and injured in eastern ukraine. the cease fire is often flouted but both sides put away their weapons the government promises an amnesty for competence. regions of the rebel control would manage their own affairs.
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but would remain very much part of ukraine. this is something the rebel leadership says is unacceptable. >> you understand that neither the people's republic nor the people's republic has the intention of forming any political constructions with ukraine. we have won the right to freedom, we are part of the russian world, and we have won the right to develop in the way we see necessary. >> the lawmakers may seem out of step with the reality here. but on another level, they are promising what vladimir putin has wanted all along, special status for eastern ukraine. so if moscow likes the idea of this awe ton my deal, the rebels may be more willing to listen. >> al jazeera donetsk. and he joins us from kiev, thank you very much for joining us. how important do you think this is for
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ukraine. >> you mean the association agreement or law and special status? is. >> well, both. talk about the development. >> the association is extremely easy, because -- it means that ukraine is coming back to europe, and it will become a part of your, and it means that european -- huge european market will be open to ukrainian goods. goods. so this is what actually people stood in midan during this winter, and they died under the e.u. flag. don't forget about it, people were dying under the e.u. flag, so they wanted this association agreement. and i believe that we have today
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simultaneously -- in european parliament, and in ukrainian parliament is very very symbolic. as to the law on special status of some of the districts, please know that this is just a small part of ukrainian territory, in the east, it is not the whole east just a small part of the territory in the east. this is more controversy, and we should understand that this so called pro russian rebels actually inspired from moscow, and they are regular russian troops which are fighting in ukraine. >> this doesn't show that russia has a long term status? >> which we are -- which we are -- pardon me, i didn't finish my sentence. okay. now i hear you, what is the question? >> i was just asking if you think this insured that russia now has a long term state in the eastern part of the country? that's pretty much enterrificked now. >> the strategy is the
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following. they would like to have a so called frozen territory. a frozen conflict on the territory of the ukraine and by having the enclave, they would like to manipulate with ukrainian policies. they have this difficult compromise. but we ukrainians preserve control over the whole of ukraine. with the exception of this -- of this areas and exception of occupied crimea. so it means basically that the long fight would continue. maybe in peaceful, by peaceful means. there would be a long negotiation process, but we are also suspicious that rush are sha would continue it's attacks using pro-russian separatists in the east. so we are prepares for
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the the next round of aggression from russia. i hope -- it will not happen. i am sure it is, alexi, thank you very much for talking to us. plenty more still ahead on al jazeera. heartbreaking and desperate journey, could the migrant ship wreck have been prevented. the report on the mystery illness that is killing healthy young ladies. and coming up in sport, are the nfl is trying to improve it's image after a string of highway proo file controversies. we will have the latest on that.
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they say they will be prepared to go after isil. the joint chiefs of staff are speaking before a senate committee. u.n. is warning 1 billion-dollars is needed to fight the ebola outbreak, fearing cases could double every three weeks. 2 1/2 thousand people have died from the virus close to half of all those infected. the w.h.o. is now warning of an unparalleled crisis. 265 lawmakers voted for the government, while they voted against, the vote was prompted in part by increasing frustration. the prime minister has called for the vote following an emergency cabinet reshuffle. >> in the end, the number of socialists deputies
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abstaining was as predicted around 30. refusing to back socialist prime minister manual. he was though able to claim a clear victory. the difference between the fors and against, 25. though we must remember, that this confidence vote came about from that cabinet reshuffle in august, when three ministers were fired from criticizing the plans of president frontal system somewhat along. was very clear to make sure his message was we are not pushing posterity, we are trying to make france more competitive, but not trying to touch the things can are sacred for things oen the left. things like the 35 hour working week, and the minimum wage. he also said there would be more households which would see a reduction in income tax next year. these were all things can will likely go down well with the people that have disconcerted who are
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unhappy about a perceived shift to the right. so for now, the government stands emanuel himself has said this was a mandate the vote in parliament, was a demand for him to continue and lead the country in the same direction for the rest of the term which end in 2015. but, if he doesn't start to produce results on the economy, performed such as trying to create more jobs it is unlikely he will win greater support. or among the general population. more details are emerging on the deadliest ship wreck. a boat full of migrants was allegedly capsized by people smugglers. at least 500 are said to have been killed off the coast.
2:33 pm
up to 100 children are among the dead. they believe to be too small to carry them. earlier in the town -- tell us more about what is happening where you are and more details about what went down. >> jane, we expect an navy shape to arrive here in the port in the next half an hour, of course, there will be the latest of an increasing record breaking number of migrants who had reached since the start of the year. that is now 125,000. twice as much in 20 think teen, but of course many have died trying. as you said, the latest weekend with as many as 800 of are believed to have lost their lives when four different boats overcrowded migrants sank. now, if that --
2:34 pm
witness -- that testimony by the survivor is true and confirmed by the authorities that will become deadliest ship wreck ever recorded in the mediterranean. off the coast, which triggered a mass i search and rescue. >> this is getting worse, the numbers are growing by the day. how is the rescue operation going? >> they say they just can't continue, to increase their presence by adding vessels and helicopters, but it will keep saying that it is just not enough. as you can sigh, from the navy from the ship arriving tonight many others are arriving of
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course sicily. but unfortunately, many others as we have seen in the last weekend, keep dying trying. just two days now whether they vote to lead the united kingdom, and it seems like an internal message. an independent scotland could also worry british allies. as lawrence lee reports that's because scotland is home to britain nuclear arsenal. >> if it is a yes vote in the independent referendum, we are joined by dr. colin fleming who is a defense expert. how long do you think it would take the u.k. can to move the fleet from here? >> well, there is a range of different time lines and the technical sense, it can be moved very quickly. and political sense, we need to take much longer.
2:36 pm
it can move very quickly, and scotland has seen this in two years. i don't think there's much appetite for it to go anywhere else. >> can we think of then't graying that the establishments in london is dedicated to the defense. i think that's why the government would be to talk about this. other the next -- and that's not going to come out for an annual bud jedd. so that is changed slightly. that is money that could
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be spent on welfare, for conventional ways that other people may think can do better. >> thank you very much, thank you for joining us, wednesday the last day of campaigning before the big decision. stay with al jazeera. the number of people growing hungry in the world according to the latest research from three u.s. food agencies but the news isn't as good as it sounds. despite the around 805 million people were chronically undernourished. although that is down 100 million in a decade, one in every nine people still has insufficient food for an active healthy lifestyle. the problem is particularly wad in sub scuderia where one in every four people is undernourished. progress to cut hinger is also. one quarter of the population doesn't have enough food.
2:38 pm
where there's been fighting she has severe malnutrition, her family's journey to this hospital in the capitol costs them $200. she needs therapeutic feeding and a stay here for at least three weeks. she was sick at burst, we took her to a local hospital, but doctors couldn't do anything, we are told this hospital is her last chance to survive. because of war, we had to pay a lot of money to taxi drivers. >> treating an increasing number of children admitted at this hospital. she is worried about that declining health. >> coming overloaded with children. especially with the recent conflict. they are fleeing for the lives of the children, they don't have any place to get treated there.
2:39 pm
the financial cost of treating a child is something the father has to consider. the conflict and instability are hurting the economy. so millions of impoofierished rely on food donations. the price of bread keeping climbing. now income has been frozen for years the living standards are on the rise. look at the bread we eat. it's smaller in size and more expensive.
2:40 pm
political chaos. we can -- we as w.f.p. can only operate under conditions that are relatively stable. >> for the time being, it is children mostly underfive who are the most vulnerable. almost two years old. her stunted growth is the result of a severe case of malnutrition, she may never fully recover, and may have caused her pain damage. >> this is the only hospital treating malnutrition in the capitol, and one of the very few across the country. thousands of families don't have the financial means to travel long distances to treat their children. and the political instabilities making the situation worse. which means that millions of children are at risk of malnutrition. al jazeera.
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two many people who are ited pi rising floodwaters. the waters are expecting to reach pakistan's province in the next 48 hours. boats are being used to rescue villages in parts of the province. while baggings of supplies are being dropped from the air by helicopters. chinese president is in p sri lanka for the first visit in almost 30 years. china is building a $1.4 billion port project. dubbed the maritime road beijing, has ever taken india to become the largest investor in the country. the most politically stable african nation, but it is batting an ailing economy. the leaders are in talks with the fund to stop the slide of it's currentsy, which is effecting local businesses.
2:42 pm
but he has to pay for his goods in u.s. dollars. the city depreciated by about 40% against the dollar in the first eight months of this year. and it's had a urge hoo impact on the business. they have even taken to the streets in protest. everywhere you go people are talking about the rising cost of living. few have come up more than 50% so far this year. the market is down. the market say people just aren't spreading. >> it is really --
2:43 pm
because the plan maybe one or two -- when it comes to the price. >> the country imports far more than it exports. so it is a massive demand for u.s. dollars. the government also has a huge public sector wage bill. the country was initially reluctant to seek help from international monetary fund, but one economists say it is the right decision. >> well, we have a situation where we have the structure. that is consuming 70% of government fighters. so we don't have much for the government. and then somehow the government of substance.
2:44 pm
and grow the sector to boost earnings from ebbs ports. in the short term the government also needs to cut spending. and that's likely to be unpopular. people just want things to get better. previous studies have identified around 85 genes which if present in our dna greatly increase the chances of developing the disease. now, a new study has narrowed down and identify how these work. it analyzed the d.n. to.
2:45 pm
after almost 8,000 people. looking specifically at 700,000 areas. they then matched the symptoms of suffering with particular clusters of genes. 95% had schizophrenia, another set of genes was associated with disorganized speech or behavior. the neuroscience department, at the university college of london, she says this is a small victory in the scientific community. >> the biologist of the disease, we are get in a much better position to develop new treatment, i think it is important to say, that there are already very good medication and therapy treatments. that are very effortive and that help the majority of patients to
2:46 pm
have a already large degree. so i think it is important to be clear that treatment is already available. throughout the world. but by having clear genetic risk factors and they offer targets. it makes us feel more attractive to do further research, and develop new drugs targeted those particular genes identified by studies like this. in the past decade a mir tees your kidney disease has killed 20,000 people. some communities it is now the second leading cause of death among working age men. most of those are laborerring from sugar cane fields.
2:47 pm
david reports in nicaragua. the disease is so deadly, and common, that a nearby community is now known as the island of widows. it is sad when you lose loved ones. >> more than 20,000 laborers have died from chronic kissny disease. the illness of courses over people with high blood pressure here in nicaragua, it is young worker whose are hit the hardest. dee hydration, and exposure to path agains
2:48 pm
are some of the causes they are investigating. the mention who work there are are dieing and now the women who have started working there, also have chronic kidney disease. >> protests have not been successful. but after police opened fire, killing one ex-worker, the protests stopped. >> many say the intimidation continues. juan says he was put on an industry wide blacklist, for leading a three day sit in protesting against working conditions.
2:49 pm
while the san antonio mill didn't respond, they denied the link between sugar work and chronic kidney disease, leading thousands still hoping for an answer. nicaragua. >> still to come, why there's good news for indian boxes coming up in sports. @
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athletic madrid going -- and also in that group, italian champions hosting mall for, madrid hosting basil. also liverpool back in the champions league after five years. tortman, you can seeo early on, all of this has a long way to go though. >> the highlight of wednesday's matches sees the 2013 winners take on the champions of england. manchester city is the third time in four seasons. in this competition. and with moscow also in the group behind the coach know as good start against the city.
2:52 pm
[what you have to do to win to beat them. to play as soon as possible. still able to call on the considerable talents. >> i am not 1% more nervous than i was, to me this is a rifle to beat.
2:53 pm
in fact, the players on the other side speak another language. it is a different tournament, and this is the group stage. with the opener after 59 minutes but just a few minutes later from the penalty spot after a hand full in the area. the tournament they won 1-1. he wanted to step out of
2:54 pm
the limelight. he had previously managed the national team and he will now focus on developing young players. he was cut by his team and twoed indefinitely by the nfl. but the players union is expected to appeal the decision. >> the vikings have also been under the spotlight over the behavior of one of their players can resulted in the radson hotel chain dropping their sponsorship of the team. running back adrian peterson was charged with child abuse after hitting his son with a tree branch. but despite the charge, the vikings reinstated the player for sunday's game.
2:55 pm
petersen who is mvp back in 2012, could face up to two years in prison if found guilty. >> we are trying to do the right thing. this is a difficult path to navigate. regarding the judgement of how a parent disciplines his child. based on the extensive information that we have right now, and what we know about adrian, not only as a person, but what he has also done for this community, we believe he deserves to play while the league will process plays out. under the national flag in south korea, the new boxing indian board got the green light from the world gov sovereigning body after the predecessor was suspended under alleged corruption. boxing was a major contributor four years ago, with nine goal medals. nine medals i'm sorry, including two golds.
2:56 pm
>> every boxer goes to win. they don't expect him to perform well, but ultimately what happens in the ring, how the situation developed that only time will tell. 9-4, getting his 30th test century, with home side declared on 269, 488 runs. they look to avoided a 2-0 series defeat. tiger woods says he is planning to return stronger than ever in the new season, despite not having hit a golf ball in four weeks. he hasn't played since missing the country, but he is building up his strength for a return in december, and he brushed off comments by the current world number one, that he and phil macle
2:57 pm
son were in the back nine of their careers. i thought it was funny. i mean -- he has less holes to play than i do though. >> yeah, it's reality. you know. we are all older. i am nearing my 20th season on tour. i remember seeing these kids that -- the fellow players and they are kids. and now i am playing against their kids. it is just how time goes on, as long as you are still part of that conversation, you cross generations in this game of golf. he has already had a goal in europe, they have taken a lead against ben -- 1-nil there, still goalless in all the other games. back to jen. >> thank you for that, so that update and just to let you know that bashar
2:58 pm
al asaad has been back in the news. in the next couple of minutes to tell you why. lap
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>> if i don't get into the programs that i want, it would really make me second-guess my pursuing a career in dance. it would definitely mean i'm not ready for a professional career. my future is in my hands right now. >> i live on the west side of chicago. it's a good chance you get shot here, but you never know when it can happen.