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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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davis's book to be directed by george clooney shooting is scheduled to start next year. there may well not be a screenplay yet. but there is clearly one come can. and in that respect, the truth, the whole truth has just caught up with nick davis. we will see you next time here at "the listening post." ♪cally . >> shia rebels take control of the yemeni government headquarters and other strategic sites from the capitol sanaa. ♪ hello there. i am laura kyle. you are watching al jazeera live from doha. also head, ending months of dispute, afghanistan's rival presidential candidates sign a power sharing deal. turkishbish security forces fire
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tear gas as thousands of kurds flee isil. one year on kenyan's remember the victims of the west gait shopping mall siege houthi rebel fighters have seized government buildings and a major army base in the yemeni capitol, sanaa. these major gangs have come as a peace deal brokered by the united nations was due to be signed a few hours ago. here is our correspondent mohammed vall on the line from sanaa. some pretty rapid developments over the past hour. update us on the latest you are seeing there in the capitol. >> yes. no, it's dark now in the camtol but with we hear explosions every now and then, but still going on. and we understand that the houthi delegation has arrived and that's just why their
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fighters are marching on building after building on headquarters after headquarters including their general army headquarters. the government's headquarters, the national radio station, some of the universities, some of the hospitals, the central bank. you name it. while this is happening, we don't see any report like yesterday, like the morning about immediate signing of a deal, but you had the delegation from the north. it is here where the same deal that they agreed on principle yesterday need or whether they did something different totally different because of this huge changing the rules of the game and the situation on the ground. it's not clear. the prime minister has had a fall out with the president.
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are they going to hand them what remains in the hands of power? sdreblth appointed now without signing a deal? it's flooupd and unclear and would have to rate for a declaration. what we have been told yesterday and today was that the houthis are trying to use this time margin which they have for their delegation from the north.
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on the points in that deal. the speculation is that they want to gain more ground so they can have a better deal, better for them. there are even reports we had a minute ago the minister of not to enter it with the houthis. the government or the president is trying to what kind of transition happened today is unclear. a lot much people live there. they work there. where are the people? are they saying that home -- staying home as the city
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shutdown? from people and cars, from the time you enter when you enter you see in the late hours of the afternoon, it was clear the sys was tension. you can see it on the faces of people. it's tension situation. here, absolutely. we will follow it closely. mohammed vall thank you for the update from sanaa. nor from kabul. >> ashraf ghani will be the
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country's next president. in announcing these long awaited results, the election commission did not give out any numbers. of course, ashrafghani will prove with his unity government. >> the two rivals now partners side-by-side they signed the deal to give afghanistan a unity government soo you can be in the service of the afghan service and complete the jobs we couldn't fulfill so we can continue with a happy and steady life in our country. two men's party will share the ministry in the new admission stration that by news and bad news. the good news is it is an end to
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a long time for some, the unity government isn't the answer they were looking for. we are disappointed it was not our vote that decided this. they could have made the deal six months ago. >> politic stalemate has hurt the economy and inflamed a del indicate security situation. one of the newer president's first tasks will be signing a security agreement to allow u.s. and security forces to remain in afghanistan to train and support afghan strootroops. >> afghanistan is dependent upon international aid corruption is widespread dlept a government which will unite them and put the economy on its feet. jennifer class, al jazeera, cable. >> united nations says 70,000 syrian kurds have crossed into
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turkney 24 hours then forced to run for their lives seizing kurdish in northern syria. more. walking with a few possessions they could carry, thousands left their homes since turkey opened its borders on friday. they were fleeing the islamic state of iraq in northeastern syria. men women, women and children struggled to make the journal to safety? >> we left hour homes. we were close to the fighting. the situation isn't close. we feared for our safety. we came here. isil has seized dozens of villages close to the border with turkey in recent days and has been pushing into the predominantly kurdish town in the far north of aleppo prove incident. the unhco is stepping you up evidence to help turkey cope with a sudden surge of people escaping the fighting between
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kurdish forces and isil in the past 24 hours. a crowd gathered to show their support for kurdish fighters. some waited to see what was had aking while others prepared to cross over and join thousands already displaced. a few were lucky they they remain anxious about their future. >> even though we managed to escape, we can't stay here forever. the did you everedstan party has recalled its call for arms. supporting this is not just a debt ofhon but for the middle east people. just giving support is not enough. isil must drown in the blood it
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spills: . >> until recently action the turkish government and the kurdish might be orty fought a civil war that killed thousands of people. the apparent show of solidairty could be see seen how isil is shifting allege anceancy. >> relatives of victims of the kenya shopping center siege have marked one year since the attack. 67 people were killed when an al shabaab gunmen stormed the mall in nairobi. he said troops will keep fighting islamist until peace and civility has been restored. catherine soi has more from nairobi. >> four people are said to have at some point communicated or helped the gunmen. the leader of al shabaab who authorized the attack was recently killed by a u.s. drone but a lot of questions about what really happened in these
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walls of westgate remain unanswered. people want to know why intelligence reports that an attack was imminent were not acted on, while it took four days and with why the military blooup-up. since the siege there have been several others. i spoke to the police spokesman who acknowledged this problems are being faced by the police. he said they are working on their coordination, not just between government institutions but, also, with the public because it's now clear that these groups are in the country and kennians are being used to carry out the attacks. >> sierra leo trying to stop the spread of ebola. some are is describing the shutdown supposed to end later as a publicblicity stunt.
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hecht workers say it's been a success. a report. of all of the people more than half have died. medical staff take no chances. in hot these isolation units are important because at the moment, there are a lot of cases or suspected cases in the community who if they aren't isolated could potentially affect those around them. the medics are working about an hour. it has space for four patients and is at full capacity. patients, they feel very uncomfortable we try to console them. >> patients who test positive are transferred to free town's
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only treatment center before it opened two days ago. the closest facility was five hours away. >> it is important to have a center like this because as you know, we only have two treatment centers in the country. one in palo and one in panam a: need to move the patient from freetown to those areas one rights group has called the shutdown a publicblicity stunt. >> they are reddish like. >> health workers have been going door to dor say it's been a successful. houses. they listen to us and say there is ebola. they promise us the ebola outbreak has killed more than 2,600 people in west africa even when it is contained the u.s. says the effect on countries
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like sierra leone will be if we can't for years to come. is it i will to come, turning the heat up on tax dodgers in mexico. the government is on their trail with enticing offers. ♪today on the stream, american veterans are dying at alarming rates of accidental overdoses of prescription drugs given to them by the military. >> the stream at 12:30 eastern on al jazeera america.
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♪ ♪ hello again. i am laura kyle. these are our top stories. residents of the yemeni capitol have been fleeing as houthi rebels sees strategic sites across sanaa, now in control of the government building
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headquarters. >> after months of arguing over who won the afghan presidential election, rival politicians have signed a power sharing agreement. ashraf ghani will replace karzi and abdullah abdullah will get the new place of keefe execution. >> 70,000 syrian kurds have crossed the border fleeing fighters from the islamic state of iraq in the lavant seizing kurdish visibles in northern syria military commanders in ukraine are assing proceed russian separatists and russian troops of firing at government forces. government leaders in kiev say they won't set up a a proposed battle zone until all sides abide by the terms of a new peace deal. the latest from donetsk in eastern ukraine. >> the ukrainian military is claiming that it lost two soldiers and eight of them were wounded in the past 24 hours as
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a result of firing from the separatist positions, but the separatists also saying that the ukrainians have breached the cease-fire agreement on six occasions including yesterday, they said that the ukrainians were responsible for blowing up an industrial explosives factory in separatist-held territory. all of this not looking good for the memorandum signed in min earlyied in which both sides had agreed to create a buffer zone of 30 kilometers between the fighting areas where heavy artat pieces would be removed and also the intention to withdraw foreign fighters andphon military equipment from the conflict area. a reference to the russian forces. it's alleged fighting in ukraine that moscow has admitted are here but only here in a voluntary capacity and they say that the ukrainians also have some foreign fighters in their
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midst. the situation has best summed up by by nato military commander who said that the cease-fire in ukraine was a cease-fire in name only. russia's conflict has had further repercussions. the u.s. and europe added more sanctions against the kremlin over a week ago but russia is determined to fight back. peter sharp reports from the capitol, moss co. >> russia is fighting the sanctions war with fruit and vegetables, counter sanctions have banned the import of all food from the united states and fresh fruit from roche where russia was by far the biggest importer. at the agricultural exhibition, they are seeking overseas markets to fill the gap. this belgian fruit exporter found himself frozen out of the lucrative russian market. >> we blame a little bit our own european politicians which intervene in russian politics where they shouldn't do that, to our personal opinion at least. >> so what counter sanctions
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could russia call on? it could close russian air sacrifice western airlines that could bankrupt some smaller carriers. russia would lose out on over fly fees of $300 million a year. it could cut off gas supplies to europe. t the eu gets a third of its gas from russia but shutting it down would be costly. gas prom sold gas worth sent billion dollars to europe last year. they could ban car imports from the west. russia is europe's biggest car market after germany but car manage evers could supply cars made in other countries unaffected by sanctions. new moscow is the financial had you been. this is where the money men confront the challenges day by day and the future is not looking good. >> i believe the medium and long-term, the rubal will faw. the shashl currency doesn't look strong. the economy is not developing with the rates the government and business wants. >> all of the indicatods are
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predicting a retired ahead. now running at 7.5%. the battle against the dollar has dropped 14% sinceian and then there is the dip in the oil prices and oil makes up more than half of russia's export revenues. the finance ministry, don't panic. no signs of high anxiety among the citizens of moscow. >> i don't feel any panic. i won't lose much. i like if the food prices don't increase but i think it's very hard to surprise us. >> but for peopled around the country, the effects of a falling kurns cease are beginning to hit home. these russian tourrists stranded in turkey. the collapse of three of the country biggest tire operate due to the down turn of the rubal left more than 1 of the,000,000 holiday makers affected. russians are being usuallied to take the new year vacation at home.
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peter sharp, al jazeera, in moscow. >> in egypt, an explosion in the capitol has killed two police men. state t.v. says six soldiers were also wounded, five blasts near the foreign any industry. mohammed mosi was deposed last year. in egypt, six crew have been killed when their military surveillance aircraft crashed. am near fayoum. the army is naming technical failure for the accident. unable report flu inside egypt because our journalists have been jailed. they have been detained for 267 days. they are accused of aiding the outlawed muslim borrowerhood n our first interview with foreign media since taking office, the egyptian president had this to say about -- talked about their continued imprisonment.
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a massive mopping up operation is underways across pakistan. floods killed hundreds of pakistanis and forced tens of thousands from their homes. the city of multan in the punjab prove incident. food prices are rising because crops are under water. >> first came the rain heavy and out of season, it knocked the plants around and damaged the quality of the cotton. then the floods hit watching away a third of the crop and taking with it 40% of this business's profits. >> because of the damage, we are getting less raw material. this flood is costing us a fortunate. the fact occurs barely running 12 hours a day because we don't have enough cotton. >> from the air, you can see the extent of the damage. farms, factories and villages
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flooded when the government diverted water to rule areas to protect major cities. >> around 7,000 square kilometers offing a cut structural land is under water. everything from foot and vegetables to rice and sugar. already food prices are going up. the worry is that there won't be enough basic supplies left to feed people. >> this farmer who is also a lawyer and politician says the cost of some food items has already doubled and even troubled. from the farms to the market. the crops are destroyed this will have a demand and supply impact. in the shortrun, about 3 to 6 months. >> for tenant farmers, it's a c catastrop catastrophe. no crops, no home. they are living on irrigation
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dikes waiting for the water to recede. that you landlord said it's the worst flood he has ever seen. >> poor laborers are in crisis. their families are in crisis. we need a huge compensation package from the government. then we can rebuild the houses and infrastructure. if the government doesn't help, we will be live can hand to mouth. >> all across the proof incident the flood turned farms into lakes. for many, there is nothing they can do except see if there is anything worth catching. >> nicole johnston al jazeera in southern punjab. millions of mexican workers are paid what they call under the table. >> that's without telling the tax man. now, the government is trying to change that by offering tax bonuses and breaks.
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they are finding out whether the enticements are working. >> javier sanchez and his family have run this sushi stand. it's cash only, invisible to the tax man. business is good but being in the inform a.m. market they can't get loans, social security or other benefits. they are planning to go above board. >> it's about getting support. we want to stop being informal because we have been in the business for many years and the goal is to grow. he is convinced by a new government scheme, let's grow together. it offers tax breaks and social security to people who sign up. part of a packet of reforms meant to modernize the economy aimed at the 28 million people or 60% of workers who get their wages an don't tell the government. also known as being paid under the table.
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mexico's finance is he terri says it is good for the economy and workers. >> on average, they have three.times higher than those in the economy. in the informal economy, wages and benefits are lower than those in the formal market. >> the golf is looking to spend millions of dollars, in the long run, they hope it pays off. if they can convince all of these people who work in the informal sector to get on to an official payroll and, in the end, they will be able to collect millions of dollars in taxes. >> as it stands, mexico has one of the worst tax collection rates in the world. it relies on poverties from the state oil company that pay for a third of all government programs. under the new energy reform, the government woeshts be able to easily raid those profits to pay for tax shortfalls. most informal workers are wary of declaring what they earn based upon government promises. >> we don't believe the
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government. we don't trust them because we have seen that is not true. they promise but they don't deliver. >> it's a slick campaign aimed at such skeptics. in this ad the pregnant work says they can save better and buy a new house if they become formal workers. but the stress runs high among mexicans who see their government as corrupt to the core. it will take more than a pr campaign and promises to get millions of workers to come clean on what they earn. adam rainey, al jazeera, mexico city. >> palestinian artist is fusing her art with politics. trying to highlight the plight of her people by using themes of destruction from israel's destruction in gaza. here is her story. >> my name is bushashanan. i am a 25-year-old graphics designer. as a palestinian and human and
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an arab, i cannot be an observer to the desconstruction of a country 3 and the mass killing of the people especially if it's my homeland and my people. the resistance is not only done by training. we do this by our culture and art. before working on the pieces, i felt helpless. i couldn't do anything for gaza. but when i started, i felt that there is something speaking to me. anything who stairs at the sky sees shapes in the clouds. look at the smoke resulting from air strikes and spot shapes as well. this isn't about me. this is the story of those killed. each piece takes time. i contemplate a lot. i always have to think of something new and tell a different story. i think about it for a day sometimes. it also takes me awhile to gatherer pictures before executing the idea. the piece i like most is mortars
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ascending. it was my first. it affected me a lot. the scenes on t.v. at the time were those of killed children. the smoke in the pictures where 100% were identical. you won't believe it. at that keep up-to-date with the latest news on our website. there it is, hi, i aim lisa fletcher and you are in "the stream." suicides and accidental precipitation overdoses are alarmingly high in the u.s. military. is indies cell natural dispensing of painkillers and psychiatric drugs to blame? ♪ ♪