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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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just real reporting. the new al jazeera america mobile app, available for your apple and android mobile device. download it now . >> the armed group has taken over syria and iraq. must be destroyed. >> no god condones this terror. no grievance justifies thi these actions. >> you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also ahead, on the run rebel groups in syria evacuate as
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u.s.-led airstrikes hit close to their bases. yemen government cuts fuel crisis in a bid to take control of the government. and a tiny million little plastic bricks. >> the u.s. president has told the u.n. general assembly in new york that the world needs to join together in fighting the group known as the islamic state in iraq and lavant otherwise known as isil. barack obama used his 40-minute speech at the u.n. to tackle a range of issues. he urged the world to counter russian aggression. he told iran to agree on a new deal on its nuclear program.
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he urged countries to make concrete commitments to fight the ebola outbreak across parts of africa, and used the speech to push for action on climate change saying every major power needs to join the effort. but his main focus was the u.s.-led airstrikes against isil. he said the group needs to be destroyed. >> i have made it clear that america will not base our entire foreign policies on reacting to terrorism. instead we wage a focus to al-qaeda and it's associated forces. taking out their leaders, denying them the safe havens they rely on. at the same time, we have reaffirmed again and again that the united states is not and will never be at war with islam. islam teaches peace. muslims the world over aspire to live with dignity and a sense of justice. when it comes to america and islam, there is no us and them. there is only us.
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because millions of muslim-americans are part of the fabric of our country. >> well, the emeasure of qatar qatar--the emir of qatar also address the u.n. he called to address the many conflicts the world is facing in a peaceful manner. >> this convenes at a time when the latest developments on the international arena for security and safety for humanity at large making it necessary for the united nations to assert its rule. it must activate means and explore all the means to prevent conflict. and work through peaceful means. >> al jazeera senior political analysts joins me from the united nations. we just heard two leaders there
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united in their call to the international community to unite against terrorism. >> reporter: yes, that's true. the problem with that, of course, the terrorists are not listening. and the questions here are not so much whether the actions are being justified and certainly president obama is right, that nothing justifies that. but they must be tackled. the various interpretation is what is leading to this. is th it leading to extremism. is there less al-qaeda affiliates or more? should the rights of assad, and be stabilized.
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certainly the international community has turned it's back on the peaceful revolution leading to the deterioration, escalation, oppression and more terror. really there is no question that no god justifies that, and terrorism is not inclusive, if you will, to islam, that this has been going on throughout history. there is a geopolitical and political reasons for all that, and those are the points of contention contentions among the various heads of state. how do you contend with that, what has led to that, and how do they work together? military alone has not proven efficient and sometimes counterproductive.
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>> thank you so much for your insight. speaking to us from the united nations. well, fighters were two opposition groups are evacuating their bases and hiding heavy weapons as u.s.-led airstrikes continue. al-qaeda linked al nusra has been fighting those strikes for months now. opposition groups in syria say that the u.s. coalition should be targeting the regime of bashar al-assad instead. >> reporter: god promised us victory. obama promised us defeat. this is what syrians of the northwest province of idlib want to tell the world. they took to the streets to protest the u.n. coalition military campaign against islamic state in iraq and the levant. it is not because they support
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isil. it is because they don't trust the u.s. and they want an islamic state is what they chanted. >> we condemn the airstrikes against the syrian islam people. they're not just targeting isil but al nusra as well. >> reporter: al nusra is syria's al-qaeda branch. the group along with the powerful movement ordered their fighters to leave their bases in anticipation of more attacks. the u.s. did say it targeted the al-qaeda affiliated group which is believed to operate under al nusra. taking the fight to syria was the most crucial part of obama's strategy to defeat the group. there were many who asked if the military campaign would help, but now many syrians, including rebel commanders say that is exactly what it will do.
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>> reporter: the movement was the first free syrian army to react. it few months ago it received anti-tank missiles from the u.s. they say it will make the government stronger. what the opposition fighters want are weapons and airstrikes to target opposition regime positions. >> the free syrian army is no not--if we talk about the organization, i don't know exactly if they're united, but there are many questions about their future if some of them, they may join isis. >> reporter: there is that possibility. already anti-american protests are spreading. these people don't necessarily support isil, but many do
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support al nusra. if the u.s. and the coalition do not expand their fight to include the assad regime they risk more enemies on the ground. >> earlier we heard from qatar, and they're calling on the international community to fight terrorism. qatar is one of the states involved in the asia coalition against isil. saudi arabia is another member of that coalition. let's get more on saudi arabia's role in the fight against isil. joining me now, editor at large at the saudi gazette. thank you for being with us. as we've seen arab nations have set aside their differences to unite against isil. explain to us how united, though, are these nations given there is underlying tensions amongst them? >> well, i think there has always been underlying tension, but they united this time on
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paper, and for this project to see that the fight in the enemy that is for biddable, and that's a very savage and deadly enemy. but i think as was said this is a fight, not a military means, but i think fighting is ideologues and people who believe in what they're doing. i think it is needed more reforms on the ground and the arab states talking to the young people because if you see most of the foot soldiers in these savage organizations are young men and women, who also don't know what they're doing, but they're led by ruthless killers. i think it's good to get to the hearts and minds of the people other than getting a flip plot policy like it's united states is having. >> it's interesting, though, from the outside many people will say that we're seeing five arab sunni states fighting a so-called sunni organization.
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how does that sit with their own citizens? >> well, i don't think so. the sunni-shia problem is more large in the past few years. it is not a sunni versus shia. i think it is states against terrorism that has been going on, and will continue. i personally, and many other people in the streets, in the arab world do not believe that these tribes are going to get to the people. >> thank you so much for being with us. the editor at large at the saudi gazette speaking to us. well, you let's now take you back to the u.n. general assembly now where we are expecting the next speaker to come to the podium. there we are.
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we can see him. that is, of course, egypt's president abdel fattah al sisi, who pledged his support in the war against the islamic state militants, but he also called on president barack obama to widen his campaign against extremism well beyond iraq and syria. let's listen in now on what he has to say. >> in the name of th of god, the compassionate and the merciful. it gives me pleasure to congratulate you and your friendly country for assuming the presidency of the general assembly at its current session. we're confident that you will lead its work wisely and lend you our support as you undertake your duties. i take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to predecessor for his entiring
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efforts as president of the previous session. i reiterate our support to the secretary general as he strifes to realize the purpose of the charter of the united nations. your majesties, highnesses, and excellencies. ladies and gentlemen, i stand before you today one of the sons of egypt, the creator of human civilization. from this podium i salute the great people of egypt. let mesa lieutenant the thousands of egyptians who came from egypt, who came from the united states, who are present here to say that the new egypt is coming. [applause] from this podium i first salute the great people of egypt. that made history twice over the
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past two years. first when they r revolted against corruption and deposition. then when they held onto their identity and infused by patriotism they rose up against exclusion, refusing to succumb to tyranny with a faction in who put it's own interest before the people. these were simply snapshots of the defining moments that egypt recently witnessed. they are only milestones of a longer journey, which egyptians fueled by their dreams and aspirations have embarked on towards a better day and more prosperous future. the word i world is starting to grasp the reality in egypt and understand the circumstances that drove egyptians to
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intuitively take to the streets and rebel against darkness which once in power undermined the foundation of the democratic process and sought to inpose a state of polarization to break the will of the people. the upsurge of extremism and violence that the region is currently witnessing is evidence of the two objectives. we have warned over and over again. they have transformed the values of justice, compassion and mercy treasured by judaism, christianity, and islam into grim sectarianism, and destructive regional war which continues to destroy the lives. the egyptian people realize and i do, too, give the responsibility that i shoulder since my election as president that achieving our goals began by building a democratic state in light of the principles we
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sought to you the road map of the future agreed upon by egyptian national powers, which would be completed with the holding of parliament try elections following the presidential election and the constitutional referendum during which egyptians expressed their free will. our aim is to build a new agent, respect rights and freedoms, and assures the coexistence of citizens without the exclusion of discrimination, insures freedom to believe and worship of its people. the state that is determined to achieve growth, prosperity and a promising future that meets the aspirations of its people. to attain that egypt began
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ambitious program with the start of 2013 with the aim of laying the foundation of free market economy that is capable of attracting investment in a secure and stable advisement. the new suez canal project, the gift from the egyptians to the world to forge a better tomorrow for its children. this is why i invite you, to participate in the economic conference that will be held in egypt next february, to achieve development and building a future not only for egypt, but for the whole region. these steps briefly reflect the gist of the social conflict by egyptians in their new constitution to build a better today and brighter tomorrow for our youth and establish a state that is governed by the rule of law. a state that respects the
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judiciary, ensures its independence, and applies the principle of separation of powers. a state that is not upheld by become terrorism but conquers. egyptian has suffered from the courage of terrorism from the 90's of the last century when it would reach the caliphate state and relying on violence to achieve it's own objectives. here i stress that we should not allow them to abuse islam and offend 1.5 billion muslims that share its noble values. religion by virtue of its sankty cannot be put to test by humans to judge whether it has succeeded or failed. terrorism is a prague that does
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not differentiate when it spreads between developing and developed societies. terrorists come from the societies. they are not bound together by any true religious faith. this is why it is imperative that we all intensify our corporation coordination efforts to end the support provided to terrorist organizations that enable them to continue pepper tating crimes pursu pursuant to the charter of the united nations. mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, the problems that our region faces emanating from the forces of extremism as well as the state of polarization that often turns into division becomes a danger that threatens the very existence of the state and exposes it's identify. it has produced a third round of terrorism to grow influence. in a sense the crisis facing
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some countries in the region can be the result of the two-prong approach. one, the application of the principles of equality over all citizens, and respect for the rule of law based on a social credit on a national consensus while enjoying the rights of development, safeguard societies from exploitation and pre-they want from succumbing to extrem extremism. two decisive confrontation with extremism and terrorism, and faith-imposed intimidation and violent egypt in agreement with libya's making countries look forward initiative that have taken specific steps we can
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reach a political solution and ensure that the bloodshed is put to an end, and the integrity of libya is preserved. we must stop smuggling arms in libya and deal relentlessly with extremist movements that result in weapons and violence, and does not--that do not recognize the democratic process. despite the heart-ending humanitarian situation, destruction resulting from the crisis, i am he confident that it is possible to put into place a political framework that insures the aspirations of the syrian people are met without compromising with terrorism and without replicating the circumstances which the syrians rebelled against. i give egypt support to ensure
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the safety of its people, establishment of a new government approved by in iraq offers improvement in the situation there and in the success of internal and external attempts to restore the area under the control of the terrorist organizations isis maintain the territory, and end the bloodshed and realize the aspirations and hopes of the iraqis as well as efforts to bring back security and stability in their country despite the multiple of crisis in the region, some of which i alluded to, it remains a priority for egypt. they still aspire to its independent state under a peace process that is well established
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under an egyptian initiative since the 1970's. these principles are not up for negotiation. otherwise the peace in the region would erode and the values for justice and humanity would vanish. the continued deprivation of the palestinian people and their rights are exploited to inflame other crisis, achieve different goals, and patrol. all of the above with a special responsibility on egypt i am incumbent that we can achieve our visions for our people and
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democracy and human dignity and attaching importance to our youth and their aspirations for a brighter future. our success is a guarantee to the future of our people. i call on everybody to address the pandemic in ranch. fighting this disease is an important responsibility and provide protection to our people. the distances have become shorter give the advantages of our era. egypt confronted terrorism in the 1990's, and i'm confident
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that egypt will succeed by virtue of its national identity, egypt will always be a beacon of civilization and egyptians will never hesitate in assuming their role to that affec effect. and we long for a stability to the region. egypt's vision on international relations is founded on the respect for the principles of international law and conventions based on respect and mutual interests and benefits. as you know, egypt is a founding member of the united nations, and has ever since strongly contributed to the realization of its roles especially in the areas of peacekeeping, peace building.
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from its standpoint in the years 2016-2017, sense from its desire to make use of its membership to achieve the purposes of the organization and protect the interests of developing countries, particularly in africa as well as to accelerate the u.n. on the principles of equality for all nations. i support, i have conveyed to you the message of the egyptian people. the women before their men. their youth before their elderly. this is a message of hope and will and determination to work. and a message of openness to overcome all obstacles and difficulties. to be sure egyptian people after two revolutions have become the sole source of internal and
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external policies for civility and development. egypt to date has regained its self confidence. egypt is upholding the principles of law. egypt with its arab identity and african roots, the creator of civilization and the beacon of islam, and the region o in today's word i am confident that the capacity to give to egyptians, we have received this gift from our ancestors, it will will forever, god willing. long live egypt. long live egypt. long live egypt. long live the peace-loving peoples of the world.
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[applause] >> long live the people, the peace-loving people of the world. long live the humanity, and tolerance of coexistence. peace be upon you god's mercy as well. >> you've been living to president abdel fattah al sisi. let's go to james bays our diplomatic editor, who joins us outside of the building itself. you've been listening in to that speech, james. it's very interesting that al sisi there spoke about the new egypt that is coming, or the new constitution. he also said the world is starting to grasp what happened in egypt and understand the
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events that led to egyptian's rebelling against dark forces. what do you think he meant by that? >> well, i think there is a mention that there is violent extremism in the region and he's trying to imply that it's the same fight against isil as against the muslim brotherhood. i think his opponents would point out that the executions carried out by isil, whereas in egypt the excuses are carried out by his government, the egyptian state. >> he got the u.s. to say that they would give ten more apache helicopters if he pro to speak
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to human rights, and i didn't hear them in that speech. we have the president, or the acting president of the assembly calling each of the speakers. the next one on the list is an important one for us to listen to. because it's françois hollande of france. he is a key player in this. in the fight against isil he is involved militarily. he has used his warplanes to bomb iraq. what does he think about the attacks, the airstrikes on syria? i think that's going to be the big question to listen to when we hear from--and i'm toll it's not--this sometimes happens at the general assembly. they have a last-minute change of order. you'll see it's another very important figure in terms of the fight against isil. it's king abdullah of jordan who will speak next. when the strikes were carried out onyr