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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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of time on the pandacam, if you would let me have my refc on, which you won't, i will show you what bob bob is doing right now. >> very good. david, what a pleasure to talk to you. we wish you all the best in your new adventures. >> thanks a lot, ali. this is al jazeera. ♪ . >> welcome to the news hour. coming up in the next 60 minutes. u.s. resident barack obama tells the united nations the ebola outbreak has been growing threat to global security. more air strikes against targets in syria, and iraq, as the u.s. led coalition bombs oil facilities.
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the palestinian sanctions agree to a new deal to re-establish a unity government. and an apology from the tech giant apple after an i-phone update leaves some users unable to make calls. the u.s. resident says the outbreak is more than a health crisis. it is a growing threat to regional and global security. pram was speaking at a special meeting at the united nations in new york. >> this is also more than a health crisis, this is a growing threat to regional, and global security. in liberia, in guinea, in sierra leone. public health systems have collapsed. economic fourth is slowing dramatically.
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this disease could cause a humanitarian catastrophe across the region. and in an era where crisis can quickly become global threats, stopping ebola is in the interest of all of us. >> let's take a closer look on the toll since the latest outbreak was confirmed. liberia has been hardest hit. out of 3,280 people infected. guinea where the outbreak started has reported 635 deaths with 1,022 infected. sierra leone has reported 597 dead out of 1,940 cases. and nigeria has confirmed 20 cases resulting in eight deaths. well, sierra leone has sealed off three more districts as it tries to stop the spread of the
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ebola virus. that brings to five the total number of districts locked down, out of a total of 14. as many as 2 million people are now quarantined. the move follow add three day country wide lock down over the weekend as the government said, had been a success. al jazeera met survivors in the town in eastern sierra leyon, tara reports. >> erickson shows us the rout he took last month to get to the hospital. he was sick and could hardly walk, his friends tried to help him, but he refused fearing he would infect them. i said don't touch me, i will mr. able to walk to the hospital. because all of my family. i don't know if i have ebola so please don't touch me.
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erickson managed to fight off the virus and recover. when he came to be discharged he asked what happened to the rest of the family, who he knew had been admitted. >> he brought me the definite -- told me all of the families -- so i will discouraging. >> the virus kills 40 members of erickson's family, his father has promised him he would go to college, but now he is dead. the household effects along with documents and money were burned considered contaminated by the virus. >> edith also survived ebola, and counts herself lucky to be alive. >> all the same, it was last many of the family,
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i only lost my dad. >> erickson now stays at the house of a friend, also an ebola survivor from the same village. he says people are afraid of him, even though he has a certificate confirming he is no longer contagious. >> what happens when they are discharged from the treatment center? there's still a lot of zip ma, a lot of rumors and denial in the communities about the virus disease outbreak. rickson still has the family motor bike, and would like to get work as a driver but no one will hire him. he says soon he will have to park it because he doesn't have the money for petrol. >> secretary general of the international federation of the red cross and he joins us now from the united nations, thank you, sir, for being with us. as we have heard, u.s. p.m. urges the international community not to be complacent in the face of this outbreak, how would you
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like to see the international community react going forward. >> yeah, first of all, we very much welcome the call, and the way we would like to see the international community intervene, is to communicate a sense of urgency and translate very concretely and very rapidly, all these and good intentions in very concrete actions on the ground. because the situation as it is now, is quite dire. as you have just said in your element before. we see a number of people now falling sick, getting into current time, and with a high mortality rate of over 80%, so communities do not understand that we convince them to let their loved ones come to facilities and they know that it never return back, this is creating quite a love of tensions that we need to ease, by doing very concrete things, reaching out and informing prevention, setting up the treatment centers to take care of
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the sick. and putting those under observation, which are suspected cases and unfortunately, given the high mortality rate, make sure that we accompany the decreased people, in a dignified manner, in a safe manner, in a respectful manner in their places to rest. so capacities are being stretched to the max, and we really need now the involvement of everybody, not the least of government, because this burden cannot be shifted to the shoulder of international organizations alone. >> indeed, certainly true what you just said, let's talk about the medical part of this issue, as well. are we any closer to developing a vaccine available to those who have been effected by this virus. >> . >> the treatment to have experiment stall vaccines. but we have to communicate.
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it will be available. so everybody is really working hard to recognize the danger of a spread beyond the region. and given now the global world in which we are living. may einvolve very quickly, but we cannot yet say that we are close to a vaccine. >> sir, i want to take you something that you spoke of earlier. you talked about misinformation, while aid is needed the real root of the problem of this outbreak is the lack of education. how do you intend to break through cultural norms or even ignorance to try to get through valuable information to those who are effected. >> indeed, this outbreak is happening against the background of a lot of fragilities. the health system, as we
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can see, which is near collapsing. the fragility of a social capitol, because these countries for many years can have come out of hardship where really some kind of a healing needs to be done on a community level. so finding the right entry points for communist leaders to provide the right information. minding the right relays of communication, which is like we do in the red cross movement. using our volunteers who are members of this communities. to talk in their own language. and also to use the same norms and values and then let them understand, that this is different from anything they have seen so far. so build also on the values of the communities of care, compassion. and respect among the different members so that we move from fear, to more acceptance, we move from the organization and the stick my tiization, and the caring of the sick.
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it will take time, of course, because of the fear factor, and the lie mortality rate. secretary general of the red cross and red crest. groups such as isil, are the creation of foreign powers. extreme similar a global issue uh. certain states have helped in creating it, and are now failing to with stand it. currently our people are paying the price. today's anti-westernism is the offspring of yesterday's colonialism.
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today's anti-westernism is a reaction to yesterday's racism. certain intelligence agencies have put blades in the hands of mad men. who now stair no one. all those who have play add role in founding and sup effort proking these terror groups must acknowledge their errors. which have led to extremism. they need to apologize not only to the past generations but also to the next generations. diplomatic editor has more from new york. >> one european diplomate told me they saw that the language on the nuclear talks in the speech by president rouhani was very positive. what has been going on here new york, while the general assembly has been taking place, just across the road, there has been the latest round of negotiations. going on at political director level between the p five plus one that's the international
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community, the permanent five members of the security council, and germany. and iran, these are on going talks which came to an interim deal in november. they are trying to come to a final deal by this november. we have heard that there is now going to be a meeting in the coming hours, between the iranian foreign minister, the u.s. secretary of state, and the e.u. foreign policy chief i am told that the secretary of state kerry wanted that meeting to test the waters because they are now considering the idea of having those negotiations the next meeting of the negotiators instead of political directors to have the foreign ministers there. so the foreign ministers of the p. five plus 1 and the irhinian foreign minister at the table. i am told that meeting can happen within a matter of hours. >> and the lavon, the
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attacks have been on isil positions in both syria and iraq. they targeted oil facilities the group controls as well as command posts and military equipment. well, france says that it's jets hit several targets in iraq, but didn't give exact details. paris also says it may get involved in coalition strikes on isil positions in h syria. and the u.s. and it's allies have also hit isil controlled oil refineries in syria, in the last 24 hours. the u.s. also hit isil positions around baghdad, in iraq. we are responsible for applying military pressure, but there's no way that this group is going to be defeated just solely through air power uh. or even military power alone. so owe are very cognizant here in the pentagon of our role and it's one piece of a larger strategy that has to be executed not just by a
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hold of government here in the united states, but by the international community. let's otake you now to the capitol where president mansor hadi is speaking. >> the nation is for everyone. the nation is not for a certain sect, or a certain party, the future of the citizens the future of the nation, is the responsibility of everyone of every partner, willing to be in partnership in all of the support this country. and in this moment, and in the near future, we need to commit ourselves to implement all the decisions related to our option related to our peace, related to our partnership, and related to our unity. our national responsibility is an important item, and we
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need to be up to our responsibility. my dear citizens of yemen, no one can deny or no one cannot say that you have been patient and you have seen a lot, that might led to frustration, but, i am urging now in all the political powers in to in their mind the interest of the people, the people have seen the results of such conflicts. and the people have seen how much they have sacrificed. and the people have seen those who stormed the houses and storms the homes, and almighty has orders us to respect houses and homes and not to get into these houses would permission from the owners of -- >> you just been listening to yemen's
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president holding a news conference speaking to the public, let's get some reaction now from our correspondent, who joins us on and telephone. now, this is a man who is under a lot of pressure there, we just heard him talking about the need for partnership to ensure national security. give us a background, and who is he sending this message to? >> yes, he has two main statements or two main messages tonight, according to we have just been listening to, the first message is to temper yemen these. try to assure the yemen these that the state has not fallen. yes, we have passed through terrible events. just the way it shocked us, but i assure you the stale have not fallen.
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and the fowler -- into the hands of the rebels. and the second message, is indirectly addressed to th houthies. that have kept them, and the view is very clear, even though he didn't what is your name, and where are you calling from?s he said that no nation build canning be achieved by looting and by entering people's houses and taking their property. and he said that also the implementation of the peace deal with not be achieved by selective measures and it cannot be achieved by distraction. it is a very strong message to these new partners the hooty whose have just sign add peace deal with him, and it is very clear that the president is very angry, and he is trying to save the faith of the nation, and his own faith as president of the country. but if you look at the
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situation, in itself, it is a very very difficult situation from what the president is talking about. while he speaks the country is in the hands of the houthies, those people he has been addressing in this manner. that i have just explained. he is not in control of the country right now, and he is trying to be optimistic, and appeal to the people. >> our correspondent speaking to us from the capitol. a lot more to come on this news hour, including your smart phone could have roots in conflict, we will track the minerals that go from war zones to mobile phones. and the journey north's even more dangerous, as mexico cracks down on inlegal immigrants bound for the u.s. and in sport, the first matches have been announces for the rider cup with american phil mickelson taking on rory mcilroy.
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id comes after two days of talks with cairo, in cairo, it includes a partial understanding of when will govern gaza. >> during the last two days we have had detailed discussions about everything, we also discussed the importance the construction, for in the 2009-20/12/2014 israeli aggressions. we discussed the political situation as well within the political movement of the palestinian leadership, and also within the current talks of president abuse in the united nations. >> the founder of electronic and the author of the battle for justice in palestine, he joins us live now. thank you very much for being with us, now, what
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we have here in this situation is two political rivals with long standing tensions making this agreement, they weren't able to implement a previous agreement because of disputes, so just how strong is this unity government. >> well, it's not strong at all, because the tensions as you call them, have a very clear basis, which is that the palestinian authority in ramallah is backed by and allied with israel, and hamas is a -- one of the resistence factions that just engaged in a war with israel. and so unity between people who are cooperating with the israeli army on the one hand, and those who are resisting it on the other is very difficult. but what is driving them together is very similar. the egyptian military dictatorship, which is also closely allied with
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israel, insists that forces loyal to abass, that is to say forces allied with israel, control the border between egypt and gaza, as a condition for loosening the egyptian side of the israeli siege. so hamas has no choice, if it wants to see some kind of end to the israeli egyptian blockade. and that's true with israel's other allies like the european union, various regimes who insist that forces allied with israel, supervisor the gaza crossings as a condition for ending israel's illegal collective punishment of the civilian population. >> now, alley is ha ma's power base. now the cease fire that was negotiated in egypt stipulates that the p.a., the palestinian authority, should take
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over the administration of gaza. how willing will hamas be to seize gaza to the p.a.? well, ha maz has been very willing. it's most senior leader in gaza gave up the post of prime minister, the problem is that the palestinian authority of mac mood has been unwilling to govern gaza in the interests of the palestinian people, and of course, the crucial matter and that the authority has refused to pay the salaries of 45,000 public servants in gaza, which is adding to the catastrophic hardships faced by the population after the israeli massacre, and destruction, and also we still see no real commitment from mac mood abass and his authority to end the cooperation with the israeli army.
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and so i think -- what is being reported in the media now is under this latest agreement, mall state in iraqian authority forces will control the boarder crossing along the boarder with egypt, i think the palestinian resistence in gaza will be very reluctant to allow them to go any deeper into gaza, because they don't want to reproduce what is going on in the west bank, whether the palestinian authority working hand in hand with the israeli army against any form of resistence, let's remember, that he enoverwhelming popular support, and people will not want to see the israel allies forces come in and try to dismantle the basic defenses but i think people will want to
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see the siege lifts. >> we will have to leave it there, thank you for speaking with us. the founder of electronic. now dissenting politicians have formed yet another group cast out of the elected parliament. a second parliament was already vying for recognition, which fell to a coalition of armed groups called the dawn of libya. have become a graveyard for destroyed military hardware. it's not far from the capitol, and was once home to loyalist of the former libyan ruler. this says september 1st forever. in support of the former regime. now the area is under the control of dawn of libya, a coalition of conservative militias have controls large parts of libya, the fighting has left it's mark almost everywhere.
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we have witnessed fierce clashes during the very first phase, but later situation has been easier, as they were defeated. dawn of libya, has established it e's own parliament. who were voting out of power. >> they refuse to accept the house of representatives formed after elections in june. with two competes far limits is yet another disseptemberring group. at first, they supported elected politician based in the eastern city, but now their allegiance is unclear. >> we declare the formation of the national constance group. it prioritizes the following.
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february 17th revolution goals and gains. sovereignty and independent, nothing but the path and the peaceful transfer of power, dialog when differences arrive with those who share with us the nation's concerns, and the reduction of all cue coups or separatist movements. >> back in the western outskirts dawn of libya fighters are establishing control. they say it will take weeks to fully clear the area of fighters in tribe whose oppose them, and will take even longer for a government to take charge of the whole country. al jazeeran't co oz to demand the release of it's journalists. they have now been detained for 271 cases. they are falsely accused of oaiding the outlawed muslim brotherhood. they have each receive add seven year sentence, and mohamed got an
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additional three years for having a spent bullet in his possession, which he had picked up at a protest, all three are appealing their convictions. al jazeera is running a full page ad in the new york times and is using an electronic billboard in times square to draw attention to the plight of our jailed journalists. full coverage of the campaign is on our website at all al, and it includes an interview with the egyptian president. still ahead on al jazeera, we meet the good mosquitoes. a weapon against dengue fever. and the woman who made a last minute play to allow the basketball players to be allowed to compete at the asian games. flap lap
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>> oscar winner alex gibney's edge of eighteen. an intimate look... >> that a camera? >> at the real issues facing american teens >> whoa...code red.... >> dreaming big... >> i gotta make it happen... and i'm gonna make it happen... >> choices made.... >> i'm gonna lose anything left that i have of the mexican culture... >> fighting for their future... >> it is imperative that i get into college... it's my last chance to get out of here... >> the incredible journey continues... on the edge of eighteen only on al jazeera america welcome back. we have the symptom stories. the ebola outbreak in west africa is more than a health crisis. it is a crowing threat to
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regional and global security. he was speaking at a high level of meeting at the united nations, organized to discuss the problem. the u.s. has carried out more air strikes against the islamic state in iraq they have been targeting rebel controlled oil facilities. >> and the u.s. has ordered some dislo mates to leave after hooty fighters captured must of the capitol. the president has been speaking to the nation as the hooty rebels celebrate their gain made. rejoining me in the studio. a professor in modern and contemporary history of the middle east, welcome back to the show, great having you here again. >> thank you. >> now, yemen's president is warning currently of a civil war in his country. are we likely to see that happen? as all viewers know that yemen has entered the crisis from yesterday or
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last week, it is a cries that is started a few years ago, and the light of three main issues. one, the security of the state. which is the main reason should be looked at the second one is the regional players they have not done enough to keep this country together, and the third one is actually the lack of willingness of the community to help yemen. sew he appeased today to say to the names, we are still together as a state, you should not be worries of what you are watching on the news, that hougthi is controlling everything. our state can function. but those words -- i am not sure they can convince yemenis in the light of last week events. it is obvious that the military -- the institutions are not
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functioning as they should be. not very strong, are are they. >> yeah. lack of a trust of institutions. >> i want to move on oto include the as you say regional powers. who have acted in yemen interests as well. now, it has been said that yemen is the site of a proxy war between sunnies and shiite muslims. are we about to see foreign powers get involved? >> we are nod saying something strange or not -- new, when we say that iran is involved, involvement -- they tried previously so 12 the problems but it seems they are not -- they have not done enough to solve it, the united states is involved in this, let's not forget that the united states was involved in what so called war on terror
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attack, many many times. so basically there is involvement, and i think this involvement has weakened the state, not strengthened the state. because houthies now actually blame international community regional players for actually weakening the state, and not doing enough to help yemen. and for that reason, they are athiefinging what they are doing now. >> so this is a yemen problem. what needs to happen? is going forward? now we have the rebels who have taken over large parts of the capitol, going forward what needs to happen to ensure security. >> you know, there is an important fact in such a crisis. yemenis should know this country belongs to all of them, and no one will help them unless they help themselves. this is a fact. and theyed should learn the lessons from other countries and nations. if they are not getting
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together to solve their problems none of -- no one in the world will help them. and i think this is the lesson should be looked at and taken seriously. otherwise, the crisis will go on for a long time. >> on that point, we will have to leave it there, thank you again. >> my pleasure. >> professor in modern and contemporary history of the middle east at qatar university. we move on and ukraine and president petro says he wants his country to apply for e.u. membership six years from now. last week ukraine's parliament rad fied a landmark agreement. speaking in the capitol kiev, he also said a cease fire with pro russian separatist in the east of the country appears to be holding. >> it is the first day today, my friends, the first day in many many weeks and months, when ukrainians have not had a single person killed and not a single person wounded.
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finally, that cease fire has begun to work. >> part of that deal was a prisoner exchange. now, russian are citizen has told al jazeera that he was tortured, when he was being held by ukraine. he was captured while fighting for pro-russian separatists. a free men at last, russian citizens they say they volunteered to fight for the separatists in eastern ukraine. they got caught. he says he was held by a right wing militia, and severely tortured. >> i had a russian passport, but without immigration card. after that, they put a plastic bag on my head, and brought me to the forrest. they started choking me, and shot close to my ear. i am deaf in this ear
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now. >> he said he suffers beatings and fractures ribs. >> several times they hung me with my arms belined my back, my legs not touching the ground, and used my body as a punch bag. >> prisoner exchanges are now helping to bring a step closer to peace. it is the most promising sign yet that the cease fire and pro-russian separatists can last. the negotiating teams have much more work to do, there is still around 2,000 prisoners being held. prisoner swap is not just an end itself, it is the start of a bigger peace process. >> there were instants of torture and killings on both sides. >> there was revenge torture, there were reprisals, prisoners were shot, but now everybody understands that hostage exchange is more profitable.
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he says he was treated adequately by the regular ukrainian army. >> would you consider coming back and fighting again? >> do you think that it was the right thing to do. >> it was the right thing to do, for example, to see this -- the truth is that there is no truth here. one nation is being divided and the fighting -- this is the truth of this war. >> it is still a fragile peace. but at least their war is over. >> mexico is deporting central and south american migrants in record numbers. now, it is part of a campaign to stop them from traveling further north to the united states. fewer people are attempting to journey, but the dangers they face are are even greater. >> there's no escaping this.
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sweltering heat for these migrants traveling through mexico. the dangerous freight train carries tens of thousands of people, mostly from central america, north to the united states, every year. but these days fewer and fewer are riding the rails. the mexican government is cracking down on migrants. jesus trie tries to comfort his pregnant wife, they finally cross the border. now they are worried they might get deported. >> it is getting hard tore go north. we heard that police raid last night, and arrests dozens. they fill 24 vans full of people, they even took some who are camped out in the courtyard of the church. >> a few hours later we saw meek can security forces descend on the very same spot where jesus and the aeremian't grays have been waiting to board the train. >> panic broke out, and some migrants tried to jump to the back of the
2:40 pm
train, to escape the police. migration office as well as federal police, have all come here and they are doing a raid and they are looking for migrants, now many of those migrants they believe have gotten off the train and now hiding in these bushes. >> it is the first time in nearly a decade such raids are happening. throughout the entire country. it is all part of a new federal program, aimed at p soing illegal migration to united states. but human rights groups say the government is putting the migrants at greater risk. >> when you toughen your immigration policy, you foursomen't grays to take more dangerous routs you make them more invisible to authorities and more vulnerable to organized crime. >> every day, more highn't grays are choosing to walk hundreds of kilometers instead of
2:41 pm
boarding. following the train tracks into the open fields and into an uncertain future. rachel al jazeera. mexico. >> columbian president says he will soon release details of how peace talks with the rebel group are going. the two sides are meeting in cuba for on going negotiations. fox delegates say the government should help the process by supporting an immediate cease fire. your phone and laptop could be fueling conflicts in some of the poorest parts of the world, and that's because may may contain so called conflict minerals. like conflict diamonds conflict minerals are mined in some of the most violent and corrupt places in the world. >> everywhere you go in your, life revolves around the mobile phone. in the netherlands alone, there are 14 million hand sets in the use. but few know where they
2:42 pm
are from, or how they are made. >> you have your mobile phone, do you know where the material comes from. >> no. >> china. >> these numbers of phones and many other electronic items rah are made with metals from places like this. the mines of the democratic republic of congo. the metals unearthed here, one of the vicious long runnings conflicts in africa. without the money made from mining gold, tungsten, there would be far fewer weapons and farless to fight about. >> in the united states, there's a law that says manufacturers have to prove where the materials come from. and so the fact that it
2:43 pm
is lagging behind, on an issue that is reputation of it's companies it is about ethical responsibility and transparent supply chains it is really disappointing. >> but there's a movement to change this situation. american computer maker intel is promising a conflict free supply chain by 20/00/16. and here in amsterdam, a company is working towards the first ethical mobile phone. fair phones started at a lobbying group, making people aware of where their gadgets are from, now it makes phones. >> i think it is very important, because it is something we use every day. everyone today has a phone. sometimes even two or three. and a lot of people don't know, is that at least 30 different kind of minerals are are used to produce that phone, that come from all other the world. but most importantly, they come from places where there is a high risk of conflict. >> europe is now a target for a worldwide movement of campaigners to stop
2:44 pm
the trade in conflict metals. twenty-first part is letting the 500 million consumers know just how much suffering is gone on to make their gadgets. tim friend, al jazeera, amsterdam. still to come, mobile phone maker apple tries to restore confidence in it's flag ship i-phone after software glitches. and criticisms continues to reign down as it refuses to discuss a report on the 28 team, and 22 world cups. details, next. @j
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the government of brazil has launch add new initiative to fight dengue fever. there's a buzz in brazil, over some very special mosquitoes. tens of thousands of these test insects are being released into the wild. they have been infected with a bacteria, which makes them unable to transmit the dengue virus. >> i would say that in about two years we will see a reduction in the number of dengue cases. then with more concrete data and about five or ten years we will conduct an expansion of this project. >> the initiative is part of an international project in australia, similar releases have taken place in vietnam and indonesia, where
2:47 pm
dengue fiveser a problem. >> the active bacteria can spread itself into the mosquito population, and so by releasing some mottos through the process of making spreading to the rest of the mosquito population, at the time, and the mosquitoes will end up being resistant. the few uh churr uh generation will carry the bacteria that stops the spread of dengue, if only the female has the bacteria, her off spring will also have it. but if an infected male fertilizes the eggs of a female without it, the eggs don't hatch. and that helps reduce the spread. every minute of every day, someone in the world is admitted to hospital for dengue fever, the disease effected 100 million people each year. and kills around 20,000.
2:48 pm
many of them children. brazil's government says they will back the project a small investment for a possible long term solution and an attempt to bite back at den gi. >> al jazeera. >> time for sports news now. >> thank you very much. the opening pairings for these year's rider cup have been announced. world number one rory mcilroy, and sergio garcia, will face the american duo of phil mickelson and kerrigan bradley. richard reports. >> after the miracle who will get the glory at glen eagles? europe verses the united states in the 4th edition of the ryder cup. involving graham mcen donald and rory meikle roy, he will now face the world number one. >> representing the united states in the last
2:49 pm
and final match of the morning, kerrigan bradley and phil mickelson. >> representing europe will be sergio garcia and rory mcilroy. >> the decisive put go years ago, when europe came from 10-4 down to win 14 1/2 to 13 and a half. the german will play rickie fowler and jimmy walker. america hasn't won on european soil oin 21 years. >> you might say the next 72 hours are a date with destiny. for the 24 players before you. they have all worked hard to achieve their own level of destiny. in many ways this is their own crowning moment. this is the week every two years where these men seated before you come together to play not for themselves but as one. >> from england. >> ian has a 15-3 record
2:50 pm
for europe, and won all four of his matches in 2012, stephen gallagher will take on jordan speaks, and patrick reid. i am very proud of that, very proud of my record, and that i have put rah lot of flu on the board, i am passionate as a team player. >> his previous partner watson will hit the first tee of the event, when it starts at 8:30 gmt on friday. richard pare, al jazeera. >> now, the leaders of world football governing body have been meeting for the start of fifa's executive committee meeting. many big togethers, but uh it is the one that is missing that is causing most of the stir. fifa say they won't be discussing the report into alleged corruption during the bidding
2:51 pm
process for the 2018 and 2022 world cups. well, the man behind the report, new york lawyer michael garcia has called for the details to be published in full. lee wellings has been following the events. >> so often, fifa headquarters and the executive committee, the spotlight is firming turning. because one thing we know, is happening at this meeting is that the officially says i would like to stand for a fifth term as president. that would start next year if he was elected, go for four more years until the age of 83. but look at the problems he is facing, and he need es to clear up this issue of the 2018 and won't 22 world cups. will he say yes i would like transparency? because more and more people are doing that. people like jeffery web, the vice president. they want to see what is in mr. garcia's report
2:52 pm
published. remember, he was in charge of courting 2011 when they went through what was steen as a crisis, then it won't be any good for his reputation, the reputation of football, so it might still find it's way on to the aanyda. because sooner or later they will have to deal with it. whatever happens the select that will come out in november, and may drag on until spring. >> now the qatar women's basketball team were due to play in that pal in a group game on thursday. but that now won't happen, this after the team pulled out after being told they couldn't play. these are are the scenes on wednesday, when they were warmed up and ready to play their opening match. officials then told them they had to remove their head carved. international basketball federation rules prohibit any head ware on court, but the players say they had warned them previously in international competitions in end do nearby sha and chining.
2:53 pm
support staff tried to argue their case, but officials stood firm, the results well the team forfeited that match, and they have also since withdrawn from the competition as a whole. they are powerless to change the rules. >> as people are aware of sports will no, the rules from the federation cannot be changed by the organizing committee. the sports federation, whether it is from the asian basketball federation, or the international sports federation, would have clearly pointed out the issue and because it was against the rules they had to forfeit. so far, qatar has not given a official response or complaint on this to our organizing committee. >> the head of the women's sports committee, she is urging the basketball federation to follow their path of other sports which allow uh women to compete internationally, wearing head carves.
2:54 pm
>> this issue in the region, 22 countries. 22 countries they cannot -- in the international event. and this is a big issuer for the commissioner. and i think it is not on the objective of the i.o.t. to play in the sport. the games have seen more goals on the row uhing. defended his title in the men's single. the finish by the iranians cross the line, comfortably ahead of his nearest rival, it is around the first victory in the rowing event. >> and from the small boat to the big ones where china cruised to victory in the men's eight, it was one of five
2:55 pm
successes for the country, and seven finals on thursday. >> china appeared confident as he began his quest for gold in the first round of the badminton. a quick look at the metals table. china has amassed 155 medals in just six days. seth nine of them golds. and iran also on the rise with iranians picking up a couple of goals on thursday. a lot more sport on our web side, check out, on how to get in touch with our tact, using social media, including twitter. that is all your sport for now. >> raul, thank you. well, apple is scrambling to fix a software program that left many of it's i-phone users unable to make phone calls. now, the company discontinued it's latest update after consumers said they lost service and had probables using the fingerprint sensor.
2:56 pm
effected devices included apple's latest release the i-phone six, and six plus. apple says that around 10 million units have been distributed since they were released on friday. well, the company has apologized for the inconvenient, experienced by the customers but apple hasn't commented on reports that the i-phone plus can bend and break because of it's light weight aluminum shell. timothy is a technology reporter and he explains how these problems could have happened. >> i think a lot of senior executives are asking this same question, how uh did this happen, real, will hours this was released, people started reporting issues with their fingerprint scanners and with cellular service. and apple yanked it, this is a rare move. they apologized and said they are working around the clock to ofix it. i do expect they will
2:57 pm
have another update in the next couple of days. it is definitely embarrassing, but beyond being a huge p.r. headache, i don't think there's a lot of risk. i do think the bending i-phones are isolated. you know, these phones are thinner than they have ever been, and they are made of aluminum. they are computers and yes, they are phones but we do need to treat them like computers. so if you do apply force, just like if you apply force to other electronics they will bend. but again, this is more of a p. r. headache, apple would much wrath very people focus on how many i-phones it sold, or how great the new i-phone is, or the lines people lining up, or especially tomorrow when the i-phone is released in more countries, that kind of news, rather than these issues that they have been dealing with the last 48 hours. >> well, that's a wrap of the news hour for now, but do stay with us here on al jazeera with another fur bulletin of news, of course, you can
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always keep up to date with all our top news including those air strikes on syria. on our website at
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