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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> announcer: we now we join this program already in progress. >> a new generation of terrorists who have american and european citizenships. the iraqi armed forces, the peshmerga, and the volunteers were able to stop the progress of isis and their occupation of new areas. we also succeeded in liberating cities that have been occupied by the terri -- terrorists, we were also able to break the
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siege they had. the help we received from the united states, states of the european union, and other friendly states played a vital role in facing up to this tyrannical group. this support -- this support, which we shall never support, confirmed to our people that we are not fighting terror alone. here i would like to express the appreciation and gratitude of the people of iraq in all of their stripes, and the appreciation by its government to all of those who stood by us in our war against those enemies of humanity. we would also like to thank those who made efforts to bring to success the conferences. we would also like to thank
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those who made every fort to adopt a security council resolution, guaranteeing solidarity and partnership in facing terrorism and the challenges it poses to everyone. as we meet here, hundreds of thousands of displaced and refgies look to us. those who were forced to leave their homes without even taking with them some of the most simple possessions. millions of defenseless civilians who have been forced to live under the -- under the tehranny of the al jazeera america -- isil terrorists look to us. we call on the international community to stand by our efforts and those of
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international organizations and friendly countries in alleviating the suffering of the refugees who still look to return to their home and get rid of isil. we here confirm that eliminating this organization can only be achieved by forming a unified, global front to take measures to fight the approach and dry up its financial organization and military sources. we in iraq are determined to cleanse our land from isis. we would like to stress to you that eliminating terrorism in iraq will be an important step in the direction of protecting the world and ridding the world from this danger.
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we pay tribute to security council resolution 21-70 adopted in august that called on member states to -- to prevent supporting, financing, and arming isis terrorists, and those of other entities related to al-qaeda and to prevent their flow into iraq. we would also like to pay tribute to the resolution of the human rights council, which condemned isis and established a fact-finding committee to investigate crimes against humanity committed by the organization against all iraqis. in the context of this international position, vis-a-vis terrorism, and while we stress the importance of consolidating the value and culture of peace and coexistence
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in countries and multi-ethnic, multi-confessional societies, we in iraq call for the institutionalization of this responsible position against terrorism related to the united nations, and for such an institution to be tasked with developing and operationalizing international solidarity with all means available to fight terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and to rid the world from its evils. we also believe the time has come to work collectively in the country, in the region, so that all of the countries of the region would work to diffuse security pensions and to arrive internally at understanding that contribute and tightening the space available to terrorism, that's usually lives on conflict
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and strife. the meetings of paris as well as new york sent important messages to the iraqi people, including the statements declarations and resolutions adopted therein. we hope all of these declarations will be translated to practical measures. ladies and gentlemen, it pains us, really, to see the suffering of the fraternal palestinian people in gaza and other palestinian territories lately, we renew our call on the international community to honor its commitment to the palestinian people and honor its efforts to restore peace, end the conflict and achieve peace and security. we wish our brothers in yemen
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and libya stability and, we wish they would be able to get rid of the threats of terrorism and extremism then wish them success and progress in the democratic path chosen by the people. we hope that the fraternal syrian people would too be able to overcome its dilemma. we hope that syrians would unite their efforts to arrive at a political solution that ends the bloodshed and preserves life. we hope that such a solution would achieve democracy to syria and peace and security to our region. continued tension in these hot beds of tension in our region will always be supportive of -- of extremism and tehranic call obscurist ideology. this makes us all want to work together to expedite the search
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for solutions to the problems that would contribute in creating a humanitarian environment based on civilization, culture, and freedom. with regard to the situation in the ukraine, we express our concern, vis-a-vis the dangerous escalation of the situation. we believe the international community cannot allow an exacerbation of this conflict and its dire consequences on civilians whether those who have been displaced or those forced to live in the conflict zones. ladies and gentlemen, iraq is interested in the results arrived at by the working group on sustainable development goals. in the report its adopted. we believe that these results constitute an important step. they deserve appreciation. we truly value the efforts made by the group to arrive at its
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conclusions. however, the question of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations did not occupy the space it deserves in the report of the group. it could have behooved the report to address this challenge as an objective on its own, and to look into its core, its manifestations, causes, repercussions, and ways to address it. ladies and gentlemen, humanity was able to work throughout this era to promote human partnership and enhance the prospects for peace, freedom, human rights, prosperity and security. i stand here before you today as a representative of a country that was decimated by terror for over a decade on behalf of the
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millions of the families of martyrs, the orphans, and the bereaved, i stop here to tell you that we have no other option but to defeat isis everywhere. we look forward to the future with a vision and determination that would assist us to liberate our societies from these risks that continue to threaten us. thank you for your attention. [ applause ] >> on behalf of the general assembly -- and you have just been listening to iraq's president there, speaking to us from the u.n. general assembly there. very interesting. he spoke of the success of the political parties in iraq in establishing a unity go and that it was important for that government to represent all iraqis, so that all iraqis feel involved in the nation building.
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let's bring in now our diplomatic editor, james bayes who is standing by at the united nations. james you have been listening in to that speech, interesting that he said that the establishment of a unity government in this iraq will help stop the danger of isil. >> absolutely. they have a unity government, but it's a very fragile structure there. there's still many, many problems in bagdad, and i think that's one of the reasons why, because iraq stands in this very difficult position with the threat of isil, both internal and externally they have problems. and that's why i think it was a somewhat non-controversial speech. how did you read the speech? >> as you said it is anything specific to instill, aside from
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isil and how they look over large territory within the state and declared their own state there. his emphasis on terrorism is of course understandable, considering the challenges that iraq faces. but he almost glossed over the issues of sectarian violence, of shiite militias, of the various problems iraq is facing, by simply saying we established a government of consensus and we're moving forward in good steps. we're continuing isil and working with the international community, but aside from that, you don't sense, first of all a sense of urgency in his conversation. you don't sense that the narrative leads to anything specific. it is just quite general, james. >> and no mention president obama every time he mentions this. he talks about my coalition. no mention of that coalition which in the last hour has been joined by the u.k. why no
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mention of the coalition? i think i know why, iran. >> that's right. because he tends to thank everybody but not what everybody come together to do, which is the coalition. now the coalition is [ inaudible ] because it doesn't include iran. there isn't thatting kind of coordination with iranians on this question, and that is not just something that has been voiced as a critique from the iraqis. other nations are saying the long-term stability of iraq is going to have to depend on some sort of dialogue with iran. because iran supports some of the bloody militias that have worked in iraq for a long time. so in the long term, dealing with isil cannot just be military and security. it has to take on the overall issues, and for that iraq and its clients in iraq are important. >> thank you very much.
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and while the iraqi president was speaking, we had a news conference from sergei lavrov who will be speaking here on saturday. he was asked about the coalition, and he said yes, we want to fight isil, by we're not part of any pop-up operation was his comment. >> and we will be covering that on saturday. james thank you for that. britain's parliament has voted to approve air strikes against isil in iraq. it paves the way for the royal air force to join military action with immediate effects. the prime recalled parliament from its summer recess to consider the iraqi government official request for military action. let's go to barnaby phillips who joins us live from london. barnaby, this result really was not unexpected. >> it wasn't unexpected, and it was an overwhelming majority,
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more than 500 members of parliament voted in favor. but some 40-odd voted against from different political parties, and there must have been a substantial number of abstentions as well. many of the members of parliament -- even the ones that said they would be voting for them, said they did so with heavy hearts and they looked on the situation in iraq with a great deal of trepidation and of course there is a profound awareness in this country of the disastrous legacy of the war in 2003 in iraq and how recent military adventures in afghanistan and libya have not produced the desired results. >> it was always made very clear
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that british troops would not be joining in. british troops would not be on the ground shall we say, and this attack will only be limited to iraq and not syria. >> yes, that's right. those were the terms under which the prime minister knew he could win this debate. he has been requested specifically by the iraqi government to come to its aid. that he argues gives britain's military involvement a cast iron legal backing, i think, and i think the opposition labor party agreed with him on that. but the role will be limited to iraq and limited at this point in time certainly to aerial bombardment. so when we talks about no combat troops, let's be honest, there will be some sort of reconnaissance directing
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britain's aerial attacks if you would like, but there is no public or political appetite in this country for british troops to be involved again on the ground in iraq, and indeed the question of the british air force being involved in syria against isil is much more complicated. at the moment the british government is saying if the british military were to be involved, it would have to have another vote here in parliament if it goes into syria. >> barnaby thank you for that. in yemen, houthi rebels have been celebrating their first friday in control of the capitol. they are calling it the friday of victory. houthi fighters have also taken over a number of mosques? sana'a. a peace deal was signed on sunday, but the rebels did not agree to leave the capitol.
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the former advisor to yemen's government says despite the houthis signing a shared-agreement there is a power vacuum that is dangerous for yemen. >> allowing people to loot, allowing people to get into the hands -- into their hands the property of other citizens and so on, it will be counter productive for them. but obviously i don't think even the foreign powers which have sided with them, would be happy with the state of affairs sana'a is now in. these people have managed to reach power because of the logger head situation between the previous centers of power. obviously they have managed to tap into that, and there was a sudden collapse of power in sana'a and they managed to fill
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the vacuum. if things go on like that, i think they will be facing failure sooner than later. the taliban has killed at least 70 people in the east of afghanistan, the reports are at least 12 were beheaded. anti-government protests are taking place across egypt including in the north. tear gas has been fired south of cairo. there has also been fighting in cairo. u.s. president barack obama has asked egypt's president to release three al jazeera journal lists. mohammed fahmy, baher mohamed, and peter greste have now been detained in egypt for 272 days. they are falsely accused of aiding the outlawed muslim brotherhood, and as world leaders gather in new york, al jazeera repeats its call for their release.
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>> reporter: the international campaign for the release of al jazeera english journalists, mohammed fahmy, baher mohamed, and peter greste arrives in time square new york. the message is being displayed here and on the back page of the "new york times" as part of al jazeera's campaign to free our journalists who's only crime was to do their jobs. as the u.n. meets here in new york, the principle is clear, the freedom of the press must not be violated. peter greste's parents expressed the hope the australian prime minister would raise the issue with the egyptian prime minister. >> i think he has settled to the fact that he is going to be in prison until this process is over and that he's -- he's doing his utmost in all sorts of ways to make the best of it.
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>> reporter: the egyptian president is sticking to a well-rehearsed line. >> translator: regardless of their indictment or that they are guilty or next, the best thing was to get them out of the country, but at that time, when they were arrested, i was not responsible for the country at the time. i was only the minister of defense. >> abdullah was held without charge for ten months. he says the crackdown on journalists in egypt continues. >> we have dozens of journalists who have already imprisoned. we have others who have been forced to leave the country, and others who were killed. and [ inaudible ] who have been in jail for over eight months now. >> reporter: the white house says president obama called for their release when he met with president sisi, but it's clear for now, journalism remains a crime in egypt.
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indonesia's parliament has passed a bill to take the election out of local leader's hands -- of the election of local leaders out of the hands of the public. but the president elect says the change is a major step-back for democracy. >> reporter: passions run high in the parliament. a coalition lead by a former general who lost in july's presidential elections wanted regional leaders to be elected by legislative assemblies. his coalition won, after the president's ruling party walked out. despite his party's decision to leave, he insisted he is in favor of direct elections.
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>> translator: i'm disappointed with the result of the vote. i want to tell the people i will file an appeal against this decision. >> reporter: but many feel the president has betrayed them. >> sorry so say, sorry so say -- >> translator: the president is only trying to save his image. he has several possibilities to stop this law. as a president he can reject the result of the vote, but he didn't do it. >> reporter: in indonesians are shocked and angry. and several organizations have announced they will file an appeal with the constitutional court. many have been eventing disapproval on social media. and on the street people were defiant. >> translator: i don't agree with this law because it is against democracy. >> translator: in the era of the previous president we also could not vote for our local leaders,
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then all of the positions were divide along the elite. and that's not good. >> reporter: the former presidential candidate celebrated his legislative victory with his coalition partners. they promised to continue to fight against the new government. let's take you now to the pentagon, where we're expecting the secretary of defense, chuck hague toll be speaking alongside the joint chiefs of staff, general martin dempsey. let's listen in. >> as i said this week has been an important week for the u.s. and our coalition forces as we began air strikes in syria. along with france, we have conducted over 200 air strikes
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in iraq against isil in this support of iraqi forces. with our arab partners we have conducted 43 air strikes in syria. combined with our ongoing efforts in this iraq these strikes will continue to deny isil freedom of movement and challenge its ability to plan direct and sustain its operations. we also took action in syria against a network of al-qaeda veterans known as the khorasan group. we are still assessing the operational impact of these strikes. this is a critical operation. members of this group were actively plotting attacks against the united states and our friends and allies. in syria there has been no coordination nor will there be with the assad regime. nothing has changed about our
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position that has shifted our approach to assad and his regime because this regime president assad has lost all lidge massey to govern. i also want to emphasize that no one is under any illusions that air strikes alone will destroy isil. they are one element of our broader campaign against isil. the campaign that has broader military components, working with military partners in iraq. this week we moved forward on each of these fronts. in new york the president chaired a u.n. security council meeting focused on stopping the flow of fighters into and out of the region. we united states and our coalition partners are also intensifying efforts to cut off
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isil's financing, and we continue to support the new iraqi government in its program of reform and reconciliation because that is the only long-term solution to the sectarian tensions that enabled isil's rise in iraq. on wednesday, president obama met with prime minister abadi, the president affirmed america's support for him, his new government, and iraqi people. yesterday secretary kerry met with members of the gulf countries to strengthen our coalition's cooperation against isil. senior military officials continue to coordinate with our coalition partners. the other dimensions of our military strategy are also seeing progress. now that we have the support of congress we are moving forward with our plan to train and quip
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the military opposition. we have begun detailed military planning for this mission. in iraq, isil's strong hold continues to pose a major challenge. but our support is enabling iraqi forces to move forward. as the president emphasized on wednesday this brood diplomatic and military campaign is being underwritten by a broad multinational coalition of more than 40 nations, including five regional partners, and the coalition continues to expand. over the last two days, the governments of belgium, denmark, and the netherlands have announced their intention to participate in coalition air strikes in iraq. a few minutes ago, i spoke with
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britain's defense minister. he called me as he left the chambers of the parliament to inform me that the british parliament had just voted 524-43 to join the air campaign in iraq with the united states and our coalition partners. this will continue to be a brood cornerstone against isil. and we appreciate the commitment of our allies, sustaining our brad democratic economic and military campaign will require a long-term commitment from the united states and all of our partners and allies. this will not be an easy or brief effort. we are at the beginning not the end. we are at the beginning not the end of our effort to degrade and
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destroy isil. i know americans have confidence in the skill of our men and women in uniforms. when i had the opportunity to visit cent com last week, we made a point of expressing our deep appreciation for the hard work, and planning and commitment to this country is keeping america secure. i'm proud of them. the president is proud of them. we're all proud of them. we're proud of these men and women who do so much for our country and the men and women down range who are carrying out this mission every day. thank you. >> thanks mr. secretary. i would like to also reiterate that the campaign against isil will be a persistent and sustained campaign and will take