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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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trading and selling off the world's most endangered creatures... at will. ♪ the u.n. says a free market in place to allow building materials in the gaza strip to help with reconstruction. ♪ hello and welcome to al jazeera, i'm mar between in doha and coming up, in the program. [chanting] more demonstrations in egypt as university staff protest against the planned overhaul of the law. watching from affair and tears for the homeland we meet the syrian kurds who fled the fight
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with isil in kobane and removing barricades in hong kong to clear protest sites. ♪ but first u.n. secretary general bank -- banki-moon is thanking for the money to rebuild gaza and he spoke and said the palestinian government will play the lead role in managing the funds and 50 day conflict with israel and gaza led to 100,000 palestinians losing their homes. >> the palestinian government of consensus will talk about managing these funds and supervising gaza's construction, reconstruction with the support of the international community.
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we would like the see the unity government in assuming its right for responsibilities and functions in gaza. >> i have stressed to secretary general banki moon that the programs and aid will never achieve the goals unless the israeli blockade is lifted and liberate the palestinian national economy and get rid of the israeli domination on the movement of goods and people. >> reporter: we can go live to our correspondent who is actually in gaza and that of course is where the secretary general banki moon is due to visit pretty soon. >> that's right. banki moon will be arriving here on tuesday. he is expected to be part of the gaza strip which has been effectively reduced to rubble during israel's seven week bombardment of the gaza strip. he will of course be meeting
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with various members of the unity government here, with members of the u.n. which are based here as well. but this isn't the first time banki moon has come to gaza, the last time he was here was this 2009, he came following what was described by israel as operation cat led, that conflict was a very serious conflict, hundreds were killed in that and now he is coming back again after yet another conflict, this time a much more serious conflict as we have been saying nearly 2200 people were killed in that war. and it is perhaps why mr. ban used such strong language in the press briefing we heard from him saying the endless, mindless suffering of the people of gaza needs to end. and he went on to say that all sides need to work harder so
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that a two-state solution is effectively agreed. and the words he used was that both sides needed to act immediately for that. >> and as with all reconstruction building materials are critical and the u.s. secretary general thinking there is some sort of mechanism in place which will allow in building materials like concrete. now, this could be quite significant. >> that's right. one of the main reasons concrete is such a sticking point for the israelis and having the material to allow inside the gaza strip a tiny piece of land which they blockaded since 2007, by blockading they don't really let anything out let alone anything in. but the reason concrete is so controversial is they believe that hamas, which up until the unity government was formed a few months ago which has been in control of the gaza strip they
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use the concrete and material to build tunnels into israel and that is one of the reasons israel said that this war they engaged in that was one of their key objective was to destroy those tunnels so the fact the u.n. secretary general is saying construction materials and especially concrete there may be some sort of agreement to allow it in is very significant. it underscores the serious challenges here in the gaza strip particularly when it comes to reconstruction. although the money is now there, $5.4 billion and half going to construction, unless the blockade is lifted and unless israel allows materials to go in the reconstruction of the gaza strip won't happen. so again a very complicated situation but again as you have been saying hope now there appears to be some agreement to allow building materials in. >> and thank you very much, mts is a man in gaza keeping his eye on events there, of course
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especially as the u.s. secretary general arrives and people have been injured in jerusalem where they confronted palestinian demonstrated and tear gas by the mosque revered by muslims and jews and israeli soldiers tried to clear the holy site before a planned visit by israeli worshippers celebrating the festival of sukute and we are outside the mosque and bring us right up to date there mimi. >> reporter: well, it all started at 6:00 a.m. in the morning when muslim worshippers were not allowed to allowed to enter and pray. shortly after 6:00 a.m. in the morning the israeli police raided the compound and locked in the mosque palestinian young men who have been overnighting in the mosque in reaction to news that far right wing activists were planning to enter the site and pray and this is what happened alongside jewish
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tourists who arrived at the site, far right jewish member of parliament was allowed to enter the site by israeli police according to eyewitnesses he also prayed there in the compound and he publically called for the third holly shrine in islam to pray and they refuse of course. these clashes have been on the rise in some cases. >> okay, mimi, thank you very much indeed. now, university in egypt planning to protest on monday against a proposed overhaul of college laws, at least six students were arrested on sunday during illegal protest at the university of cairo and islamic al-izar and coincided with the start of the academic year and we report. >> reporter: students out in the thousands across university
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campuses and they say if the protests end then the world will think everything is fine in egypt and the campaign says students are back and demonstrating against the coup and what they say is a violation of basic rights. among the charged crowd were the supporters of the now out lawed muslim brotherhood and as many of other activists opposed to the active government. scanners and gates through a private security firm didn't help and students were angry at the arrangements and some say water bottles were being confiscated. >> we are trying as much as possible to avoid any clashes with security forces and they storm into campuses and they are haphazardly and trying as much as possible to be away from that and if they know the students are protesting they expend them right away so we cover our heads and cover our faces and trying to do very peaceful contact.
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>> reporter: exercising the right to disagree comes at a risk. egypt has ban demonstrations and security forces have the right to bar any public gathering of more than ten people. student leaders say more than 1800 people have been jailed so far for stating their opinion. the arrests are seen as part of a wider crack down against supporters of the former government. human rights watch accuse egypt security forces of silencing decent and brute use of force. and it's not just aggravated students. university staff are also concerned over the government's at attempts university policies and they are trying to talk about faculty members, president sisi government has stricter laws and arrests and tighter security does not appear to be curbing all of this, the government may need another plan to deal with 2 million higher education students, thousands of
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whom are determined to express their opinions on the streets and i'm with al jazeera. al jazeera is continuing to demand the release of its three journalists who are in prison in egypt, fahme and greste and mohamed detained 298 days and wrongly accused of aiding the out lawed muslim brotherhood and are appealing against their convictions, u.s. secretary of state john kerry admitted saving kobane or isil is not part of the strategy to defeat the group and they are struggling to defend the border town and fears for the safety of thousands of civilians trapped there. speaking in cairo mr. kerry said the focus should instead be on defeating isil in iraq. >> kobane does not define the strategy of the coalition with
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respect to dash. kobane is one community and it's a tragedy of what is happening there. and we don't diminish that. but we have said from day one it is going to take a period of time to bring the coalition thoroughly to the table, to rebuild some of the morale and capacity of the iraqi army, and to begin to focus where we ought to be focusing first, which is in iraq, . it is iraqis who will have to take back iraq. it is iraqis and ambar who will have to fight for ambar and we are confident just as that happened before that can and will happen again though it will take sometime to build that capacity in order for it to be able to be effective. so no one should anticipate as president obama said from day one, no one has been guilty of
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any exaggerated expectation here, certainly not from the administration. the military leaders, the civilian leaders from day one have said this will be difficult, this will take time, we have to rebuild, we have to constitute the coalition, responsibilities have to be divided up, people to have get to their place of responsibility and that is taking place now. and we also continued our conversations to help define the specific role that egypt will play in the coalition against isil, we are very grateful for president sisi's and prime minister eastern gaugement -- engagement from the word go and have been involved and as president obama made clear the united states is committed to degreating and ultimately
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defeating isil. >> reporter: well, hundreds of kurdish fighters have been injured in the battle for kobane and our correspondent jamal has been to one hospital in turkey where they are being treated. >> reporter: on a hospital bed lays this young kurdish fighter wounded from battle yet all he can think about is returning to defend his hometown of kobane. and he is 23 years old and he and his sister are fighters for the pyd a syrian based rebel group linked to pkk and at the forefront to save kobane from falling to isil. >> translator: we were manning our post when four isil fighters attacked in the middle of the night and we managed to kill three of them but i got injured during the fight. >> reporter: with the injury he considers himself lucky to still be alive and as isil has become there are conflicting reports about the numbers and weapons and where the fighters come from and he described to me who and
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what they were up against. >> translator: isil has so many fighters from different countries and most north africa like nigeria and one was moroccan and have heavy weapons like tanks and artillery. >> reporter: in this private hospital there are several other fighters being treated, they refuse to tell us who is paying for their treatment but local sources told us it was most likely the pkk. barely old enough to graduate from high school 17-year-old is another one of those injured in the battle for kobane. >> translator: isil fighters were ten meters away from us and suddenly i got shot at that moment, i was alone, my friends were not near me, i promised not to let them capture me, as they got closer to me i was ready to blow myself up. >> reporter: i asked him if he was scared. >> translator: yes, to be honest i was scared when i was shot but my belief in the resistance and solidarity with
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my friends made we stronger. i wanted to keep fighting to protect my home land from foreigners and take revenge because many of our people have been killed. >> reporter: on another bed sits a young kurd from northern iraq, he had traveled to kobane because he says it's his duty to defend the kurdish nation. >> translator: isil is abusing and hijacking islam for actions and this is not islam, we are muslim too and they captured our friends and beheaded them but our faith remains strong. >> reporter: he refused to send in ground troops to cobrain and some kurd continue to demand it does these fighters say they don't want the kurdish army to intervene, what they lack in weapons they makeup in conviction. i'm with al jazeera. we've got a lot more to come here at al jazeera including more protests against the killings in the u.s. state of
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missouri. ♪ they don't help us... >> but who is fueling the violence? >> if they had the chance to kill each other, to make more territory, they would do it >> fault lines, al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> today they will be arrested... >> ground breaking... they're firing canisters of gas at us... emmy award winning investigative series... new episode iraq divided: the battle against isil only on al jazeera america >> it's a chilling and draconian sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> this trial was a sham... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation... >> the government is prepared to carry out mass array...
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>> if you want free press in the new democracy,
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♪ ♪ hello again and let's have a look at the top stories in al jazeera, the u.n. secretary general is in the occupied west bank where he thanked the international community for pledging nearly $5 1/2 billion to help rebuild gaza. egyptian university protest on monday against a proposed overhaul of college laws. at least six students were arrested on sunday during illegal protests. the u.s. secretary of state says
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saving kobane from the islamic state of iraq or isil is not part of the long-term strategy to defeat the group and kurdish forces are struggling to defend the town and fears for civilians who are trapped there. now an angry crowd in hong kong tried to charge barricades used by people to block the financial district and hundreds of people chanted open the road and police have been reducing the size of the protest zone that paralyzed traffic for more than two weeks and demonstrators are rallying against beijing position to screen candidates for the 2014 elections. and the south african athlete oscar pistorious is due to be sentenced and found guilty of killing his girlfriend and cleared of murder. he could though face up to 15 years in jail.
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this is a landmark third term as president of bolivia and the exit poll said he got 60% of the vote and al jazeera's latin america lucy has this report. >> reporter: it was historic, bolivians giving a third term to an elected president after a court decision that allowed morales to run yet again. from the presidential balcony morales savored his victory. >> translator: on behalf of those of us who fought for the liberation of all bolivia we thank you for your great support. >> reporter: bolivia's first president is still the same fiery socialist who opponents tried to depose just five years ago but that is all in the past now. under morales south america's poorest nation has been transformed and social programs
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balanced by mainstream economics to help rich and poor benefit from unprecedented growth and spurred by high commodity prices. and to the indigenous majority he symbolizes the end of the marginzation. >> the inclusion process the feeling of everyone this country is for everyone, not just for a few people and everyone has the same opportunities in the country. >> reporter: well supporting his policies some bolivians are concerned that morales is accumulating too much power and may want a fourth term and on the eve of the vote i asked him if it was true he planned to open a restaurant when this term end. >> translator: i would make lots more than i do as president and restaurants are great and i would double up as a waiter and who would not want a picture with me, a former president and i would charge for that too.
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>> reporter: president morales is questionable if he will use it to consolidate a revolution and he promised for bolivia. protesters demanding land rights fought with riot police, police in the capitol santiago used water canyon and dropped after firebombs thrown at them and call for an end that is the criminalzation of the people and the release of political prisoners. the protest also coincided with the anniversary of christopher columbus in 1492. nationalist candidates in the lead for the presidential election. the process jointly held by three people. now, this election is dominated
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for fierce for the economy and ethnic tensions, nearly 20 years after the end of boznia civil war and we report. . >> reporter: they suggest that bosnia decision are deep as ever and ethnic nationalist ahead for the race for the shared presidency which is between a few communities and although this could change as more results come in. some 54% of bosnia electorate voted and not the increase in turn out they hoped for following corruption and unemployment earlier in the year. the sdp was one of the biggest parties in the previous election. at their headquarters activist analyze the early results. but given the complexity of bosnia's political system it may be some time before clear trends
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emerge. these elections may produce new political leaders who will work in the parliament building behind me but that doesn't mean we should necessarilying specific dramatic new policies. bosnia's post war constitution was designed to share power between competing ethnic groups, not to produce strong and decisive government. the man responsible for overseeing the peace accords says bosnia needs more time to build a stable political system. >> he wants us to open and they are being opened every few months and funerals taking pl e place. so it's not so easy to consolidate the country but i think with some patience we can succeed. >> reporter: this is the republican and region of bosnia controlled by serbs and some political leaders say they want
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to leave bosnia altogether and have their fully independent state. so almost 20 years since the guns about serevio fell silent this is a fractured country and the elections won't change that even though people are desperate for a hopeful future, al jazeera. north korea warning of military action if leaflets continue and they released balloons carrying leaflets on friday and they say they were shot down because they contained provocative propaganda. and this follows the fatal shooting of the unarmed black teenager in august and we have more. >> reporter: the ferguson october weekend of resistance
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reaches sunday and the united church of christ the pastor is asking why so many young black men are being killed by the police. >> shall we just call it us? for having settled into a racist status quo for so long that we became accepting of how its hatred has infected everything. >> reporter: one of the goals of the weekend's organizers is to build a broad coalition against police violence and the members of this congregation are on board. >> they are using tanks and tear gas and things that don't make us feel safer or feel that they are there to protect us. >> the fact is we pretend everything is fine, it's not, but now we are getting conversations from those people and reactions from those people who have experienced suffering, you know. it's breaking open some things
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that have been under the surface. >> reporter: as the surface end he here, across town the hip-hop and resistance concert is getting underway and the message being expressed is the same, this is an organizer after the weekend of resistance and said the diversity of those outraged by michael brown's killing is often ignored. >> they like to paint the narrative it's a bunch of young, angry black kids but when you touchdown on the ground you quickly learn it's kind of different. >> reporter: what has been happening here in st. louis this weekend involved thousands of people from around the country and gained international attention. but it began as people began to gather outside ferguson police station after michael brown was killed. >> we stepped in the middle of the street and a lot of people looked at us like that was a
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really radical thing to do but at that time we said look this is not going to be a situation like it was in the past where we come and sing we sing and pray and go home. we are going to resist. >> reporter: there is anger here after the killing of michael brown and the investigation that followed, but the events this weekend this st. louis are not just about short-term justice but long-term change, i'm in st. louis. the north and south of shrelanka are ringed by rail again and the capitol was cut during the civil war and the 450 kilometers long link is being rebuild and $800 million loan from india as we report. >> reporter: a historic day for transport here as a whole as the queen and this train begins to fly between north and south. historic route that linked the north and south of the country
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since the early 1900s, however, it has come under repeated attack during the war between government troops. essentially with the attack in 1990 on the 30 of june they pulled in the station, however, attack on the tracks which destroyed the tracks meant it couldn't go back and that essentially was the last of the train to run up there. now, the government putting in a lot of resources, a line of credit from the indians that has helped to build and restore this rail way station and the governments are hailing this very much of one of its key developments, sort of projects for them and bringing very much development to this northern region. for the people who this train is all about over many, many decades this used to be a key route of transport for people as well as goods and things like that and it is very much
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considered an important part of bringing back normalcy of helping this region, you know, pick up the pieces after the war and head to development and prosperity and share it. >> don't forget there is a lot of extra information on the website. ♪ the price of oil is falling thanks in part to the u.s. fracking boom, helping americans pay less to fill up at the pump. an expert says the good times will not last, predicting $200 plus a barrel plus, russia's president vladimir putin speaks out. 10 years in gaol, will it quieten mikhail khodorkovsky. childrenpo