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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> thank you for having me? >> it was terrific. thank you. >> hello, welcome to the news hourm doha. coming up, iraqi kurdish fighter finally join the battle to save kobane from isil. >> burkina faso chose a new head of state, this man drop the presidential guard. >> a a country in the dark as a major brackout leaves blank will derek without electricity.
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>> in argentina, huge tracts of forest are being cleared. >> kurdish peshmerga forces have joined the battle to free kobane. they're been firing rockets off the back of pickup trucks. peshmerga forces started crossing the border friday. they're helping the syrian kurds as well as other opposition fighters who are already there. aljazeera has this report from the turkey-syria border. >> we are a few kilometers away from kobane where the sound of sporadic fighting and shelling has persisted throughout saturday. behind me is one of the entrances to the town from turkey where the iraq kurdish peshmerga forces crossed over
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late friday and early saturday, bringing with them much-needed reinforcements for the syrian kurdish fighters who have been combating isil. the peshmerga forces when they entered the station themselves mainly in the western part of the city, they brought with them semi pickup trucks carrying anti aircraft guns and rocket launchers, bazookas and the like. these were weaponries that the syrian-kurdish fighters belonging to the ypg and their allies from the free syrian army had been quoting for several weeks to say that they needed in order to swing the battle in their favor away from the advancements of isil. as it stands now, both sides continue to hold the positions they held prior to the peshmerga forces entering with one side has is isil side controlling the eastern and southern parts of kobane and those who have been
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defending it against isil advance holding the southern and western side of the town. >> meanwhile in turkey, tens of thousands of kurds have been rallies in support of their fighters who are defending kobane. protestors marched through the occurred dominated southeast. similar demonstrations took place around the country. >> several european countries are celebrating part of a day of sal darty with kobane. 1,000 people took to the streets in turkey. burkina faso supports a newly transitional leader. the officer from the presidential guard replaces the president who resigned friday after days of violent protest. he's left the country to the
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neighboring ivory coast. we have the latest. >> in burkina faso's capitol, people sweep debris left behind after violent protests. >> we want to forget what happened and get back to normal. we hope the lesson will be learned from the fight. >> presidential guard's colonel is now head of state. >> while we wait for a consensus by the people and all political parties, i unfortunately will take responsibility for this transitional group. >> the army says he has its backing. >> the military hierarchy after consultation with with the army are in forming the nation and international community that the lt. col. has been elected unanimously to lead the transitional period after the
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departure of the president. >> so far, there's been no reaction to that statement from burkina faso's army chief. he had announced on friday he would lead the transitional government, but others have welcomed the news. >> the lt. col. has now the situation under control, because when the declaration of the general happened, the people continued to protest, particularly the youth. in the end, it was the lt. col. who declared himself and i think most will back him. >> it was the former president attempt to extend his 27 year rule that sparked days of protests. demonstrators stormed parliament and set it on fire. his resignation was welcomed by many. he's now in ivory coast but left behind a country that faces an uncertain future. >> the situation in burkina faso is being closely watched not
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only by its african neighbors, but by the united states and former colonial power, france. both of them have got military tie the with the country. it lice between mali and that's in the north and we have the, nigeria to the east. both countries have got serious al-qaeda linked insurgencies, the u.s. uses bases in burkina faso to get intelligence on these armed groups and in return washington gives financial aid. the former president positioned himself as a regional mediator. he hosted peace talks for mali, ivory coast and guinea. i've been speaking to a professor at the university of brussels who has written several books on burkina faso. he says a quick transition is still possible. >> first, they were explaining that they would try to
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reorganization an election in the next 60 days. i think it will be very difficult to organize that on the ground. i mean, they have to set up some committee and concretely make this possible, so for this, i don't know exactly how long it will take, but there are clearly some to make the process to go as fast as possible because nobody wants that the military keep the head of the state longer, so i assume that the political opposition, other people who have been in the streets in recent days and the civil society organization, human rights organization, trade union will be extremely vigilant in order to ensure that the military power will jest ensure the transition and not keep the power. >> now the nigerian armed group boko haram denied agreeing to a ceasefire with the government.
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in a new video, the group said it hasn't been negotiating with anyone and has no plans to start talks in the future. this is in responsibility to the government saying it reached a ceasefire. it says more than 200 school girls have been converted to islam and married off. >> today you claim we made a truce with you. in what way did we make a truce? what kind of negotiation and with whom? your envoy and in if he dill like you will not be spared and will be decapitate fed falls into our hands. what negotiation? we did not negotiate with anyone. this is a lie. it is a lie. we will not negotiate. what is our business with negotiation? allah said we should not. >> thousand have been killed
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since boko haram was established in 2002. the group's name loosely translates at western education is forbidden and opposes westernization of nigeria. they follow a strict version of islam. the group's been behind many attacks including a bombs at the u.n. headquarters three years ago. >> let's talk to an independent researcher and has an upcoming book on boko haram. what is going on in terms of these talks to the government trumpeted a couple of days ago, saying that there was significant process underway and even named a leader with whom they were negotiating, saying these talks of taking place in a chad and that the leader of chad was involved, as well. what is the status of these talks? >> if you remember from what i
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said about a couple of weeks ago when i appeared in one of your programs then, was we should be cautious in taking this claim by the government, and that the negotiation, remember with claims in the past -- >> so is the government lying? is the government saying that talks are underway and no talks are taking place? >> well, i wouldn't say the government is outrightly lying. no, that may not be the fact, but the fact is there's a possibility that the government have been dealing with some who claim to be speaking on behalf of the sect. i did mention the last time i talked that in the past we had one who claimed to be speaking on behalf of the group but it turned out to be untrue. after that, another person came out who said he was speaking on behalf of group. it turned out to be untrue, as well. this opportunity, claiming to
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speak on bea half is not true. because the government is not working with the right people, it gets misled all the time, but then i wonder why would someone in the capacity of would mislead in this manner. it's so appalling. >> indeed, it doesn't inspire confidence with the government if they're not sure with whom to negotiate. >> it doesn't. it doesn't. i mean, there are a number of people who are in this field, people about w. links to the group that they can bring into this discussion and get them to talk to the group. a direct link with leaders of the group, one went down to negotiate with them for release of the girls but it turned out not to happen. it's clear and he said in some reports that i read about his attempts to get the girls released web said because there are people in government who are not willing to work to make sure that the girls are released.
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there are other things happening. they don't just inspire government, they don't inspire confidence in the government. >> this whole issue of boko haram, the kidnapping are girls is not just these girls, there are several cases of kidnapping and other sorts of acts of mayhem having been committed by boko haram grooms in the northeast of the country. i'm just wandering how this all translates into the political process right now, given that we have elections, just had goodluck jonathan announcing that he's going to stand for election. he wasn't elected last time round. those elections are in february. how is this all going to feed into the political debate? >> well, the thing is it depends on whether the opposition will bring up this matter and make people realize that the government elected has not done its duty of protecting lives and
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property of citizens of nigeria. bring up this matter and let people realize they are not competent and willing to do what needs to be done. i remember that this rumor that the government might end up using this political conflict to assure there is no election next year. if there is a problem that would not election to hold, then that election could be postponed, so there is a possibility that the government might want to use that as some point from which probably is not going to happen, because it might not work out the way they want it to work out. it depends, also it would bring out that we have a government in place that promises to protect lives and properties but then the government is not doing that. >> thank you very much for your thoughts. talking to us live from
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birmingham in central england. thank you. >> in yemen, 10 soldiers have been killed fight, al-qaeda. they were engaged in battles in the western province. al-qaeda fighters now control the mountainous area. >> there were reports of egypt's military's using helicopters to bombard and clear areasen northern sinai to make way for a buffer zone with gaza. the campaign was prompted by the killing of the 33 soldiers in an attack last month. the military says the new measures will stop gun running from gaza through underground tunnels. >> eight egyptian men have been given prison terms over the posting of a video of a gay wedding on the internet. the men were sentenced to three years in jail after being found guilty of inciting debauchery and offending morality.
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two men were in the video kissing and exchanging rings. >> aljazeera continues to demand the immediate release of its three journalists now detained in egypt for 308 days. the three are wrongly accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood. aljazeera rejects the charges against them. >> november 2 marks the u.n.'s first international data and impunity for crimes against journalists. human rights understand and press freedom groups have met in doha to talk about press safety and made a renewed call for the release of our staff. >> it's unfortunate that the aljazeera journalists, like others are paying the price for their work. they are professional journalists that should be allowed to work. the governments and other it ologies should sort these problems outside of taking it out on these journalists. don't let in your country or let them go home, but don't put them
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in prison and use kangaroo courts and totally unjustifiable reasons to put them in jail. >> pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine that prepare to elect a leader and government. it's a vote condemned by kiev and the west. >> north and south waziristan is famous for pine nuts. because of the ongoing conflict, they are lose ago lot of money. >> staying in pakistan for sport, can they stay in control against the second test match against australia. >> millions and millions of people in bangladesh have been left in the dark after a blackout cut electricity to many parts of the country. it happened after a transmission
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line which brings power from neighboring india failed. it snapped, apparently. now electricity supply is slowly being restored in some places, but many hospitals and factories are still having to rely on backup generators. we are in the capitol. >> he works at the hospital on a mission to bring some diesel back to hospital so that it can continue to treat patients. the thing is the hospital has been functioning on a power generator since 11:00 a.m. a technical failure resulted in the entire national grid of bangladesh, shutting down. the problem now is that everyone is running out of fuel. the entire country of 150 million people have been affected by this blackout, and while many of the neighborhoods, especially the ones that are industrial centers or home to upper middle class and upper class households have been throbbing with the loud hum of
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generators. they are starting to run out of fuel. this gas station doesn't ever fuel left. all the people have been coming to them to keep the lights on. the fear in the back of everyone's head is that with what happens if the nap grid problem is not rediscovered in the next hours and the generators die. >> a long military campaign along the afghan border in pakistan has made things difficult for growers and traders of pine nuts. >> this is pakistan's northern region near the border with north waziristan. it's the time of the year when farmers bring pine nuts to this market. everyone here's busy. this man is filling sacks full of pine nuts. they are sorted by hand in what can take several hours each day,
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but nearby, some are using basic machines to save time and labor. pakistan that one of the largest pine nut growing forests in the mountain range along the afghan border. although pine nuts grow in other parts of the country, the once from north and south waziristan are known for their unique taste. >> in good times, pine nuts can fetch a lot of money, but because of the conflict in north waziristan, the tribes are losing a lot of money at a time when they need it most. >> a large mull tear operation against foreign fighters in the area has forced over 800,000 people out of waziristan. >> we are poor people, transportation costs ever risen to 8,000, affecting the economy of the people and the country.
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the government should open the routes and help us with our problems. >> in 2012, the price of pine nuts were about $10 a kilo. because of the military operations in the area, it is proving difficult to transport the commodity to the market. >> a timely delivery is several. pine nuts go bad quickly. the time of transportation and unpredictable weather, they are rotting. we are losing money locally and business within the international market. >> although trailedders may have their own problems, the locals complain that it is the middlemen who make the most money. pakistan can increase production with more modern technology and creating new ways of preserving its pine nuts. >> beijing is hosting the apec
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summit, a major cleanup is underway beforehand. >> in beijing, motorists are only allowed to use their cars on alternate days. government office workers are being given a week long holiday. out of town, heavy trucks are banned from the highways, while in heavily polluting provinces, building sites and factories are shut. quarry owner got the phone call on the morning we visited him telling him to stop work. one less source of dust. he views it as his national duty. >> yes, it causes some loss of business, but we are happy to do it. we have to support authorities in their effort. >> the whole community it seems has been mobilized for the
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cause. >> there hasn't ban clean up effort like this since the 2008 beijing olympics. then as now, china is determined to showcase to the world its remarkable economic transformation, but one free from the clouds of pollution that have been created in get go there. >> the city has the unenviable reputation of being the most polluted in the whole of china. residents here can be thankful for the breath of fresh air the apec dell allegations promise to bring with them. >> i don't think it will sox the pollution problem. it's only a temporary measure. >> this only deems with the symptoms, not the cause of the pollution. >> the long-suffering residents of northeast china know he the departure have the v.i.p.'s will likely be followed by a swift return to a mag-laden existence. rob mcbride, aljazeera, beijing.
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>> virgin galactic promised to move forward with its plan to take tourists to space despite a crash during a test flight. the company's spaceship came down in the california desert friday, killing one pilot, injuring another. richard branson, the founder said lessons will be learned from the tragedy. >> we've always known that commercial space travel is an incredibly hard project. we've been undertaking a comprehensive testing program for many years and safety has always been our number one priority. this is the biggest test program ever carried out in commercial aviation history, precisely to ensure that this never hams to the. >> there's an investigation underway being carried out by the u.s. national transportation safety board. >> this was a test flight and they are typically very well documented in terms of data and
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we may get some video feed. we may have lots of evidence that will help us with the investigative pros. we appreciate that. that will make our jobs simpler and make us able to find out not only what happened, but also more importantly why it happened so we can make recommendation to say try to prevent it from happening again. >> pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine are preparing to elect a leader and a government. in a vote that's condemned by kiev and by the west, separatist leaders say votes in donetsk will promote legitimacy. >> the first wrestling gold medalist of the donetsk people's republic. it included athletes from the breakaway region. less than a year ago, they were regional teams of a united ukraine. >> times are hard right now.
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there are changes. i dream of the olympics. we hope we will bam recognized republic and it will be possible. >> it was a carefully choreographed campaign meant to signal that donetsk is on its way to statehood. >> there is a more pressing reality near the front line where people have nothing left but fear and misery. they live hidden away in these dark, damp underground shelters. it's cold and there's no sanitation. >> this is where we sleep and here there is a sick man. go in, don't be scared. he hasn't come out of there for three months. >> this man had a streak recently. he asked for medicine and said all the aid is going to the fighters. 22 people have lived here for months. they haven't received pensions.
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others come and go dependion on the fighting. the sound are war is ever-present here. hopes of ceasefire dwindle with each bullet and shell fired. there is also fatigue among the fighters. >> maybe after the election, they will be intelligent enough to end this fight. six months ago, it was one country. we didn't hate each other. now people who live 100 kilometers away hate us. i hope our government will find a compromise, but i doubt it. >> the front runner for the leader ship promises to build a new state and expand its borders. >> i suppose a political and peaceful solution, but we are ready for military action and are not afraid. this is our land. our compatriots and brothers are living in land occupancy by ukraine. we need to live in a single state with them. >> for those living these dark days, the question of ukraine or a new donetsk people's republic
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doesn't matter that much anymore. as long as they return living above ground, she says. >> still to come on this news hour, the growing frustration with the united states, two major political parties, so why are the independent candidates still way behind? a special coverage of the u.s. mid term election covering continues. >> in brazil, sao paulo experimenting with battery powered buses. it could change transportation here. >> why the united states rugby team is guaranteed to be part of a record-breaking performance.
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>> it's a chilling and draconian sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> this trial was a sham... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation... >> the government is prepared to carry out mass array...
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>> if you want free press in the new democracy, let the journalists live. >> america votes 2014 midterms it's all come down to this... >> you are going to determine whether i'm going to be the next senator from iowa >> the candidates last chance to convince voters they're the one... they will stop at nothing to get your vote >> david young, how are you? >> run for congress >> it's important to be out here talking to voters >> director aj schnack's unprecedented series concludes >> it's certainly something that doesn't exist in politics on television >> america votes 2014 midterms only on al jazeera america >> these are the top stories here at aljazeera. kurdish peshmerga forces from iraq have now joined the battle to help free kobane. they've fired rockets off the back of pickup trucks towards isil positions in the east.
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burkina faso's army has backed lt. col. as the interim president. the former leader resigned friday after days of protests and now arrived in the ivory coast. >> nigeria's armed group boko haram denied the government's claim it's agreed to a ceasefire. the goop said more than 200 kidnapped that school girls have been converted to islam and married off. >> now the body of zambia's president has arrived back home. he died undergoing treatment as a london hospital. the homecoming has caused some controversy. we have a report. >> a hero's home come forego a leader who championed the poor. he is remembered at a man of action. he was nicknamed king cobra for his sharp tongue. it was his straight talking that
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zambians loved. they called him their father. >> we follow his teachings. >> the defense minister is with zambia's first president. a group of young supporters of other presidential hope was disrupted the otherwise solemn event. some want his son to replace him. others back a former minister. >> i appeal to to take it easy. >> guy scott is interim
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president until the election. he is not eligible to run. >> while some politicians are campaigning to be the next president, the public is focused an their grief and are saying goodbye. his body will lie in state before the funeral. >> we viewed this excuse to bring development, roads and education. >> because he was only president for three years, he still bought roads and improved electricity. it's sad he didn't finish his work. >> did he say fight the copper riches, many here are poor and desperately need the development his government is praised for. they hope his vision is continued. aljazeera, zambia. >> the world health organization issued new guidelines on how health workers should protect
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themselves from ebola. the virus continues to take lives in west africa. neighboring countries are are preparing for the possibility it may spread, from ghana, we have a report. >> these health workers preparing for a scenario they hope not to face. they're learning to treat an ebola patient. it's the third time such training that taken place at the ebola treatment center just outside ghana's capitol. the personal protecti equipment is hot and uncomfortable but necessary to protect health workers. >> this treatment center can take up to 10 patients. two others are being built. the government wants to reassure people that it is making preparations in the event of a possible ebola outbreak. >> the organization that represents doctors says the preparations are not moving fast enough. >> by now, we should have all things in place to ensure that
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treatments are in place, the people who are supposed to monitor them are in place and every single health worker should have at least an idea of how they would manage it. >> the man in charge of the training rejects the accusation. >> you do not go training everyone. you focus on the response team to give training and then you focus on the second level of team to let them know how to identify a case. of course it will take a long time to get thanks to done, but it is one step at a time. if not, you get careless. at least what we have done is prioritize our receivers. >> ghana is in the spotlight. the u.n. emergency mission has headquarters here. supplies are constantly being sent and u.n. officials move between the countries. it's led to the debate about whether the country is exposing
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itself to further risk. workers say it's more reason for health care workers to be prepared. >> it's the final weekend of campaigns in the u.s. mid term elections. the republicans are favored to take control of both houses of congress, which would make life rather difficult for president obama, but the polls show poor ratings for both major parties. other groups and independents have really struggled to capitalize. we explain why. >> americans say they are fed up with the duopoly of the republicans and democrats. >> i feel disenfranchised.
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i feel i don't know which represents me and my concerns. >> i'm in line with most of america, frustrated in the gridlock. >> voters want more choices. a gallup survey showed 60% say america needs a third party. >> i think that there should always be other parties to choose from. it's a democratic society. >> i think maybe couple more parties in the mix would go a long way. >> this politician going door to door proves there is another group. green party candidate michael feinstein is running for city council in santa monica, a city he once served at mayor. >> the media covers us as a feature story or spoiler to a system that is already spoiled. when trapped into a choice of the lesser of two evils, you end
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up with the evil of lesses. many serve in local government, yet when it comes to congress and the white house, they can't get a foot in the door. >> money is the mother's milk of politics and in today's political environment, with the cost of campaigning being what it is, with an overwhelming disgust with institutions, not only the major parties, but political parties as an institution, it's a long, hard, futile climb for third parties in this country. >> indications are both major political parties are losing clout. 42% of voters now describe themselves as independents. more than either republicans or democrats. yet, because of money, tradition and organization, the two main
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parties rule. >> i don't care for either one of them. i believe in our country, but i can't stand the government. >> the voters just as guilty as the media, as are politicians in allowing two monoliths to control the political debate. >> as much as americans say they disdain their politicians and their parties, they appear for the time being at least to be stuck with the system they've got. rob reynolds, aljazeera, los angeles. >> now to bill snyder in washington, d.c. >> united states operates by a first past the post system, whoever gets the most votes wins. if you vote for an independent or third party candidate, what you're doing away is taking votes away from your second choice and helping your least favorite candidate win. in florida in 2000, ralph raider
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was running on the green party ticket. he got 97,000 votes. george bush carried he florida by 537 votes. if ralph nader had not been on the ballot, most of his votes would volunteering to al gore. by videoing for nader, they were help together elect george w. bush. >> to real estate, even a square inch of space in the united states can be valuable especially in a big city. in new york, the sky is quite literally the limit in the hunt for prime real estate. mary snow reports now on a race to buy air. >> on an island home to 1.6 million people, squeezed for space and vying for a view, the only way to build is up. demand is high, leaving developers jockeying for a slice
2:41 pm
of the skyline. the more the view, the more money can be fetched. launching a balloon equipped with cameras, this man's job is to photograph the view from skyscrapers that haven't yet been built. >> we're at 99. 99.5. >> mere inks can mean the difference of millions. >> you can advertise an apartment with views of times square or without, just those inches back and forth. that's really cool to find that out. you discovered wow, you can see it, or i got a sliver of river. oh, shoot, there's an air conditioner. >> with an intense competition for views, it is a hot commodity. >> the right to develop in transferred to a very tangible asset. >> a tangible asset, but a complicated one. frank fish worked on a deal with
2:42 pm
this catholic high school sold its air rights for $13 million to a company building condominiums next door. upper level amounts won't have their views obstructed, with some listed at $12 million. >> say it's five stories and let's say you can go seven or eight stories, that unbuilt portion is called air rights. >> the average price per square foot of manhattan property by some estimates is ruffly a jump of 52% since 2011. the appetite for air has become an appeal side dish for a new york institution famous for pastrami. the owner of the deli, he sold the air rights. the deli stays put. they can't build higher than the one story.
2:43 pm
he won't disclose the amount he's getting but says it is enough to keep his business going for many years to come. >> there are rights to air rights, the last frontier that exists in business. >> when the soaring costs for undeveloped air comes back to earth is anybody's guess. >> coming up in sport, many of the world's top golfers are in shanghai, finding their range with one more day left to play at the $9 million event. event.
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>> environmental groups are protesting about massive deforestation in northern argentina, saying the provincial government is colluding with landowners to manipulate the law. wwe have a report. >> the damage on the ground is brutal, huge areas of forest ripped up by chains dragged between two bulldozers. the method is simple and effective. the extend of the devastation is starker from the air. 100,000 hectors of forest ripped up every year to make up way for sugar crops. >> in the end, we will see the disappearance of the forest. at the current rate, it will be gone in 50 years. there will be nothing left. >> with advanced technology and
2:46 pm
more resilient feeds, agriculture is moving into previously unproductive area. this is a new frontier, but the rate of defor evidentation has been the highest in latin america. >> this is known as the thick forest that thrive over much of the dry barren soil in the north of argentina. some of these trees take hundreds of years to grow but takes just one day to destroy 120 hectors of forest to leave the land looking like this. >> green peace erected this blockade to stop fuel deliveries to the bulldozers. they say the provincial government working with land owners is flatting the law. >> the for effort is the same, but they say there are no indigenous people here or it's badly conserved and then the province authorized the
2:47 pm
deforestation. >> it's a charge the government denies. >> we are always ready to listen to objections by the environmental groups. >> the indigenous community now number a few thousand, making a living hunting and gathering, doing odd jobs deep in the for efforts. it's being whittled away, cut down to make way for agriculture. >> why don't they respect us? with he he need our space. if they don't leave us some land, then there's nothing for our youngsters. >> thousands of the original settlers were killed or wiped out by disease with the arrival of european colonists.
2:48 pm
this woman talked to us through a translator. there's fear in her heart for her children and grandchildren. they don't know what they will do. >> in brazil, they are looking for solution to the pollution problem. one of the methods tried is a battery powered bus. we have a report. >> it's another typical busy morning at the main bus determine national in the sao paulo suburbs. some commuters he will be riding to work on an all electric battery powered public bus. it is one of several going through a trial run. it is the first of its kind to
2:49 pm
be put suh into service. more than 100,000 passenger's used the buses the first month of operation. >> it doesn't make pollution. it's faster and doesn't make noise. >> it runs entirely on rechargeable light yum eye i don't know batteries. four times a day, the busy quickly fuel up on electricity at this charging dock. >> there are more than 20,000 regular diesel powered buses like this. less than 2% of now battery powered. if it gross, it will ever economic and environmental benefits. >> sao paulo is losing more than 10% of the city g.d.p. because of congestion. providing better solutions and designing that from the beginning on in a better way is
2:50 pm
certainly something where lots of cities can learn. >> city officials remain optimistic on the prospects but first have to prove it can work on a small scale. >> this is a bus that is perfect from an environmental and performance point of view. we are collecting financial data to see if it will permit this with even more buses. >> for now, it's just a small step, but perhaps with big ramifications for the environment. aljazeera, sao paulo. >> cruising to victory to take the lead at the top of the spanish league. a scoring streak extended to 12 straight games. rodriguez added a pair of goals. also scored from a pass with a
2:51 pm
4-0 win, now two points ahead of barcelona. barcelona will have the chance to reclaim the top spot. the match, which kicks off in a few minutes time will mark louie suarez's game since returning from his ban. >> they're into the second half of the leg at the champions league final. trying overturn a one-goal deficit, the score there is still 0-0. the wanderers have a 1-0 advantage from the first leg. >> eight wins from 10 premier league gales, the leaders battled back. vargas tripped a hazard to give the side the three points.
2:52 pm
>> doesn't play well or well enough. also well during long periods of the game. periods, periods of good football, not consistently. i was expecting more. obviously i'm unhappy with the points. one thing is deserved and another thing is deserved and play very, very well, which we didn't. >> continuing their third straight league win came scoring late in the second half to secure a 1-0 win at st. james park. >> the one thing was new, and i kept saying in the press was that we had a good spirit and good talent and it needed to be strong. we just needed to get that result. i'm not saying i could see the wins come in like they have if
2:53 pm
i'm honest, but i knew there was talent in that dressing room. we've got to give it time. >> confirmation of those two results, kenyan international victor kept up the great start to the season. they have won seven out of 10 matches. arsenal picked up three points. >> tens of thousands have attended the funeral of south african football captain. the service took place at the stadium in his hometown of durbin. the orlando pirate goalkeeper was shot on sunday. a suspect has been charged with his murder. south africa will play there as a further mark of respect.
2:54 pm
>> the contribution he has made, he had courage and determination. >> defending champion djokovic easily beat japan in the finals. >> pakistan in good shape move up to third in contradict's test world rankings. day three of the second tests against australia, pakistan extend their lead and closer to a whitewash in the series. >> chasing a first inning pakistan total of 570, what
2:55 pm
australia needed was a strong start to the day. warner out for 19. his team 34-2 and a tough saturday was on the cards. glenn maxwell decided the best offense was attack. a great six, but it was an inning best 37, taking the wicket 75-3. pakistan on top now. seven runs short of 200, the aussies were seven down. a 34 run average, but a below par saw him ousted for just 10. australia all out for 261. pakistan with a first inning lead of 309. the team who found a home from home went back into bat in abu
2:56 pm
dhabi. the second man out, pakistan 21-2. at the crease, scoring a double century in the previous innings and two hundreds in the first test. it's looking ominous for australia. aljazeera. >> qualifying for the formula one u.s. grand prix has begun in austin, texas. meanwhile, 3f.1 teams are contemplating a walkout, claiming too much of the money is going tort bigger teams. they did take part in the practice sessions. only 18 cars are set to be on the starting grid. >> levy a four shot lead in the
2:57 pm
masters. holing for an eagle at the 16th, starting his round with three consecutive birdies, is in control on 22 under par. >> new zealand about to play a test match in the united states for the first time in more than 30 years. the u.s. team will be at next year's world cup, but ranked in 18th place. the all blacks attracted a 61,000 sellout crowd for the game at soldier field, a record for a rugby match in the u.s. >> for all the latest check out >> you can keep up to date and get background on the aljazeera website,
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[ ♪ music ] >> trying to make phone calls out before election day. we are calling to see whether or not you are planning on voting on tuesday. they don't want to face us in november. they know we'll defeat kay hagan and send her home. >> let make them squeal. >> i need your help. the united states needs your help. [ cheering and applause ]